********** Please send roster updates to masterroster@gmail.com - Submissions sent to any other email will not be honored. Thanks! **********

UPDATED 9/29/11

The master roster is a record of skater names, numbers, league name and team names, regardless of track type or WFTDA affiliation. It is put together on a volunteer basis and we hope that your league will appreciate the spirit of this roster and make sure that none of your skaters appropriate the names of the hard-working skaters who are trying their best to make roller derby a success.

Although the master roster is primarily filled with skater names, we also accept submissions for refs, statisticians, score keepers, etc. Please be reasonable and only register staff members if they will be traveling on a national scale.
Due to the overwhelming amount of names on the master roster PLEASE delete skaters who are no longer with your league. We will cap league rosters at 140 names and will not register new names until you delete old names that are no longer in use. 
The latest roster can only be found here:

When registering names, please keep the following in mind:

  1. Make sure that your skater(s) are really committed to your league before putting their names on the roster.
  2. Have one person in your league send in master roster updates.
  3. Check all of your league names and skater names against the CURRENT version of the master roster before submitting them.
  4. Team names are listed for tracking purposes only. However, it is strongly discouraged for skaters to select names that duplicate existing team or league names, team names to duplicate existing skater names, and all variations of these situations.
  5. Team themes/colors will no longer be tracked. It will be up to each league to be respectful and mindful of their neighbor leagues individuality and identity. It's OK to have a common team theme, as everyone understands that there are only so many appropriate themes to go around. But, try to avoid the more common team themes (hotrods/mechanics, cops, pirates, etc.) And, if you do decide to use a team theme that's already in use, please try to put a new spin on it and make sure that your uniform is VERY different than the other teams using that theme, or you'll catch hell about it from that existing team!
  6. Please send your FULL LEAGUE name (not abbreviated and not your team name) in the subject of your email.
  7. Please do not send in full rosters. It’s much too time consuming to go through and pick out the changes. We will send it back to you and have you reformat to match the below headings.
  8. Please list your updates under the following headings:
  9. Please list the above titles in the body of your email. No attachments please.
  10. Updates are processed on a first-come-first-serve basis. That means that a name that wasn't on the master roster when you submitted it to us might be rejected because somebody sent the same name in a day earlier.
  11. Please archive the emails that you send in. This will help in the case of possible name disputes.
  12. Independent and retired status will only be granted to those skaters/staff who were active members of their league. The skater will be listed as such for one year from the date we receive the request. ***It is up to the skater and/or league to notify us at the end of that year of their status. If we are not notified, the name will be deleted***
  13. If you leave your league, your league can request that your name be deleted. If you are moving/searching for a new league/taking a break/whatever and don’t want your name deleted, it is **YOUR** responsibility to notify us of your new affiliation whether it be with another league, independent or retired.

Above all, please remember we are human. We can and will make mistakes. We are volunteers who take time out of our lives because we love and bleed derby just like you!
Thanks for your help!
Elaina B.

Soylent Mean #2022

Brandi J.