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Skater NameSkater NumberDate AddedLeague
!(EDREF2012-02-20Santiago Roller Derby
!Wolfespit162011-02-01Chilli Padi Derby Grrrls
"A" Cup Annihilator36A2010-10-13Billings Roller Derby
"Bobby" Val Halen19842011-02-24Roller Derby Quebec
"Chupa'clark'bra"3332012-01-09Killa Hurtz Roller Girls
"Hawii"102012-03-19Cen-Tex RollerGirls
"MANTRACKER"62012-02-29Red Rock 'N Roller Derby
"Mush"inator 72011-11-23Rockin Rural Roller Girls
"Release the Kraken" ClattenburgCOACH2012-04-11Balsam Mountain Roller Girls
"Shock"Ira92012-01-13Mac Town Rebel Rollers
#1 Psycho 2010-10-04Walla Walla Sweets Roller Girls
#N.R.G.452012-03-05River City Rollergirls
#Pirate Killings52012-03-05River City Rollergirls
$2 Pistol 2011-06-17North Texas Derby Revolution
$3 billSTAFF2007-09-26Carolina Rollergirls
$Hockaholic372011-05-03Bay Rollers
$Hot 2011-02-01Harbor City RollerDames
$LOT MA SHEEN 2011-02-02Burning River Roller Girls
$Trawbury $hotcake9692012-02-12South Okanagan Roller Derby Association
'Bouta HurtYaLCKY72012-06-11Tokyo Roller Girls
'Kaneage!'E612011-11-03Brisbane City Rollers
'Lil Diablo722006-04-01Hammer City Roller Girls
'NYA232012-03-05Scenic City Roller Psychos
(Expletive Deleted)800852010-12-11Dead Girl Derby
*Glitter*Split'her*Barbie*>3>3>35/7/12San Angelo Roller Girls League
*Pinky* The *Glitterator*19232012-04-21Brewcity Bruisers
*RockerCat*10-4!2012-02-20Hot Wheel Roller Derby
*Turbol Girl*82012-02-20Hot Wheel Roller Derby
.357 MADAME52011-05-12Northshore Roller Derby
.357 Maggie60402011-10-04Charlotte Roller Girls
.38 SpeShell382010-07-05Lava City Roller Dolls
.50 Cal.502011-07-09Magic City Rollers
.50 Caliber Killer550 rpm2011-10-27Rolling Hills Derby Dames
.50 Kal Kitten7482012-01-13Med City Mafia
.CC Rip Jaw 2012-03-06Mad Wreckin' Dolls
.Vicious Vinifera14%2011-04-03Ithaca League of Women Rollers
1 Hit Wonder12010-09-13Appalachian Rollergirls
1 UP1012009-09-07Queen City Roller Girls
1,000 Hurts13132008-11-01Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
1/2 Blood Princess3942012-06-10Fierce Valley Roller Girls
1/2 Eve.L3332010-09-22Sintral Florida Derby Demons
1/2 Nelson Nellie132011-08-09Crossroads City Derby
1/2 Pint Destroy Her2952010-12-21Enchanted Mountain Roller Derby
1/2 Pint Jack772009-10-26Tulsa Derby League
1/2 Pint Painbuster182011-04-03Hermiston Roller Divas
1/2 pint mayhem 2012-02-15Rock Island Rollers
1/2 pt. Smack282008-06-19Central Oklahoma Roller Derby Assoc.
1/2Xican1/22010-11-30Illinois Valley Vixens
1/4 Pound-Her25 cents2009-08-14New River Valley Rollergirls
10 Cent102009-03-19Central Coast Roller Derby
10 Guage Rage1432011-02-08Mid Iowa Rollers
1080'sKaty1232011-09-20Varsity Derby
10Acious-D102012-04-21Brewcity Bruisers
12 Gage (cleared)30.62011-08-08Durham Region Roller Derby
12 Gauge882008-01-31Jacksonville Roller Girls
12 Guage Tinkerbell482009-12-30Bakersfield Diamond Divas
12 Volt  LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
12Gauge Paige 2011-08-31North Texas Derby Revolution
13th Floor Hellevator6662011-01-12DuPage Derby Dames
15X 2011-08-31Rebelles Roller Derby
16th.note.slicer32012-06-11Tokyo Roller Girls
18 Wheel'HerHH62008-10-15Rogue Rollergirls
18-Hour Broad36D Atlanta Rollergirls
1PACCoach2011-02-11Choice City Rebels
1st ClassAzz2242011-04-14Cherry City Derby Girls
1st Degree Marie1212006-10-16Cape Fear Roller Girls
2 Buck Chuck $222008-01-11Atomic City Roller Girls
2 C.A.S.T. 2008-09-28North Star Roller Girls
2 Faced25/82009-06-17South Side Roller Derby
2 Pack ShockHerREF2011-04-15Jet City Rollergirls
2 Quik3602007-05-05Port City Roller Girls
2 Sweet92009-06-09Riverside Riptides
2 Tone Maude 2010-09-09Southern Illinois Roller Girls
2-Stroke150cc2012-03-06Mad Wreckin' Dolls
21 Gunsm602010-10-16Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
24 Karat Cake99.9%Au2010-02-18TBD (delete 6/27/13)
24K Solid Cold.999fine2011-09-08Pikes Peak Derby Dames
2Fun4U242010-09-17NorCal Rollergirls
2Katty 2011-02-03Bunbury Roller Derby
2Pacalypse1872011-04-10Prairieland Punishers
2TimesQuick112008-04-29Sioux City Roller Dames
2Tough4U77772011-02-18Bakersfield Junior Roller Derby
2nadi4u842009-05-22Ventura County Derby Darlins
2nd Skin50502011-09-08Rotterdam Death Row Honeys
2tiers1/2 pt2012-03-08Seaway Roller Derby Girls
2xForce 2011-02-05Houston Roller Derby
3 beersREF2011-12-19Peterborough Roller Derby League
3 on the TreeR-32011-07-25Reno Roller Girls
30 Sec RefREF2011-05-18Sault Roller Derby
30 corestaff2009-09-22Radioactive City Rollergirls
3D3D2011-01-06Soul City Sirens
3X FELANCDC-82011-09-07Central California Area Derby
3rd Degree Burns 2010-05-27CoMo Derby Dames
4 Alarm Blaze42010-11-09Monterey Bay Derby Dames
4 Closer, The442009-05-05Sacred City Derby Girls
4 Leaf Cleaver7772006-12-18Naptown Roller Girls
4-Alarm Gilly162010-04-02Thunder Bay Roller Derby
4-Stroke Fanny35%2010-02-27Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
41 Dash4232010-02-20Maui Roller Girls
42 Ref422008-07-07Light City Derby
44 Magnum442010-01-31Taranaki Roller Corps
4ft. Fury4'11"2011-10-03Floral City Roller Girls
5 Scar Jeneral52006-09-10Dixie Derby Girls
5 ft feisty52011-10-07One World Roller Derby
5 lb. Fall.4542010-04-17WI River Valley Rollergirls
5 pound servings 2011-06-10Fort Lewis Bettie Brigade
5' of Fury60in2010-01-15Pacific Roller Derby
50 VinCentREF5-17-12Kouvola Rock n Rollers
50ft QueenieREF2010-03-05Nashville Rollergirls
59 Inch Nail4112011-02-28Rock Coast Rollers
5FootMama992009-03-24TBD (delete 6/27/13)
5WOUNDS10002011-07-14Tri-Valley Roller Girls
5ft Assassin225/6/12City of Fists Rollergirls
5ft Feral5ft2011-05-11Hellmilton Roller Ghouls
5th Wheel (The)Coach2011-07-07Thunder Bay Roller Derby
5uhnami52011-08-29Alachua County Rollers
60 Grit602011-08-09Hellgate Rollergirls
66KatillacV82010-01-15Pearl River Roller Derby
6FT Under 2006-03-13Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
6ft Fortress#U2009-12-17Dallas Derby Devils
6ft Hussy5112010-07-14Victorian Roller Derby
6ft one-der0062011-01-02Umpqua Valley Roller Vixens
7 Deadly AliSins6192012-02-28Tri Valley Roller Girls
7 Deadly Spins1ra2011-09-08Pikes Peak Derby Dames
7 Nation Army 2012-03-06Mad Wreckin' Dolls
7% Solution (The) 2011-07-07Northside Rollers
7mm Maggie17012012-02-07Carson Victory Rollers
8 BallRetired 2/28/132006-08-15Chippewa Valley Roller Girls
8 Mean Wheeler182007-04-03Terminal City Rollergirls
8 Track08 Texas Rollergirls
8-bit Betty4092011-11-19Greenville Derby Dames
80 Atch D3642011-04-17Taranaki Roller Corps
80 Grit962011-05-26Antihero Derby Alliance
86'N'Vixen9312010-08-04Farm Fresh Roller Girls
8Wheel Ambush10542011-05-30Black Diamond Roller Derby
8th Deadly Sin8082011-04-11Northland Nightmares
9 Lives Isis92009-01-05Geelong Roller Derby League
9 lb Hammer1/22008-09-29Burn City Rollers
9.mmel192011-02-12Reef City Roller Girls
90 Degree Johnson90¡2009-04-23Queen City Roller Girls
99 Problems2152010-05-12Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
9Milly86'd2010-08-13McLean County MissFits
9mm Migraine92012-04-22Northern Rivers Roller Derby
A B Old Tricksee 2011-07-26Bundaberg City Rollers
A Blonde with No Name 2011-03-07Burn City Rollers
A Bomb235 U NJ Hellrazors
A Bout To Snap132012-01-17Riptide Rollers
A Boy Named Rob 2008-07-14Connecticut Death Quads
A Boy Named Sue 2011-10-30Jet City Rollergirls
A Boy Named TsunamiSTAFF2007-06-29Palmetto State Rollergirls
A Cage N Scrapper66682011-08-26Capital City Rollers
A Cute Fury 2011-05-06Winnipeg Roller Derby
A Cute M I22010-12-16Rocky Mountain Rollerpunks
A Cute TraumaCode 32010-01-21Dirty Verde Roller Derby
A Danger Devil2102009-02-07Mamas Bad Derby Girls
A Devil Named Dalyla3M TA32010-11-12Dallas Derby Devils
A Few Screws Lucy51502009-06-08Eastern Iowa Outlaws
A Fist Called Wanda492011-04-29Stockholm Roller Derby
A Grue 2011-11-26Mad Wreckin' Dolls
A Hart WreckHer24/72011-09-26Derby Revolution of Bakersfield
A Jax332009-01-18Sun State Roller Girls
A Jent0702010-08-11Quad City Rollers
A Kate 47 2009-08-25Tri-County Rolling Militia
A La Missicana 2011-05-09Alamo City Rollergirls
A Latte Chaostripleshot2010-01-15Pacific Roller Derby
A Lethal Weapon10 TBD (delete 6/12/13)
A Lil' Catty9 Lives2011-10-11Athens Ohio Roller Derby
A Little WitchySTAFF2012-01-27Oz Roller Girls
A Nuffsaid192012-03-24Ottawa Roller Derby
A Piece of Merry12252011-10-12Central Michigan Roller Derby
A Precious Mess132011-07-08North Pole Babes in Toyland
A Pretty Big Deal8082011-05-06Rodeo City Rollergirls
A Price2-pay2009-05-22Fort Myers Derby Girls
A Quads 47 2012-03-22Mambas Negras Roller Derby
A SASSY LIL FANCY3232009-01-02Castle Bombers Roller Girls
A Whacks Queen25:172007-02-07Arizona Roller Derby
A'Doll Essence142012-04-03Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
A'Maiming Grace52011-09-23Blue Ridge Rollergirls
A'Sassin Spitfire0062012-04-16Halifax Roller Derby
A'blazin'Grace1432011-10-15Lansing Derby Vixens
A'deelya Punchez7772009-05-15Dirty Verde Roller Derby
A'fric A. Nature192009-08-23Dominion Derby Girls
A-BOMBinationREF2011-01-27Harmonic Violence RollerGirls
A-Block20122006-07-12Maine Roller Derby
A-Bomb Knockers472011-06-20Eindhoven Rollers
A-Bombinatrix142010-08-17Pacific Roller Derby
A-CUTE Injury9112012-01-23Big Bucks High Rollers
A-Cup Cake34A2010-10-15Tahoe Derby Dames
A-Damn RefREF2007-09-06River City Rollergirls
A-Ken Bones9112010-11-27W.A. Roller Derby
A-Leah-nation312010-11-13Hulls Angels Roller Dames
A-Liannearea 512011-01-27Harmonic Violence RollerGirls
A-Lotta Backside3-212010-09-30Angel City Derby Girls
A-No OFFlimits9262011-06-07City of Fists Rollergirls
A-Rizzy McFisty 2010-08-13McLean County MissFits
A-Skate from New York 2011-11-16Rose City Rollers
A-Train552007-02-26NorCal Rollergirls
A. Crusher4142012-01-23Gothenburg Roller Derby
A. Cup Killer32-29-362007-02-24Slaughter County Roller Vixens
A. Handful122010-10-04709 Derby Girls
A. Jiffy172011-06-30Quadfathers, The
A. Kay472010-08-30San Antonio Roller Derby
A. Lee Thal Vixen912009-07-08Central New York Roller Derby
A. Moral422011-06-13Pottstown Roller Derby Rockstars
A. NiLe8HeR7892007-04-01South Side Roller Derby
A. NobodyStaff2010-07-29Oklahoma Victory Dolls
A. Scare. Agus 2010-03-19Rose City Rosebuds
A. Shotta BrandyPC2011-10-20Bakersfield Rollergirls
A. Whiskey ChaseHerK92011-12-20Pacific Roller Derby
A.C. SleighedHer19932011-01-02Big Easy Rollergirls
A.C.E.7322011-02-02Savannah Derby Devils
A.D. Sixer862007-07-12River City Rollergirls
A.D.H.Diva2222010-09-18Arizona Rollergirls
A.G.G.R.O. Gal682012-03-05Gray City Rebels
A.K. Annie472008-06-20Green Mountain Derby Dames
A.K.A. Dollface6662012-03-17Space Coast Rocket Jockeys
A.K.K.472010-06-30Madison Junior Derby Divas
A.M. WoodREF2011-10-04Charlotte Roller Girls
A.Nightmare77.72011-05-10Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
A.O. Lesgo272009-12-16Detroit Derby Girls
A.T. Hellion4042006-10-31Atlanta Rollergirls
A.T. Sixit862010-03-30Camel City Thrashers
A.V.O.0002010-09-08Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby
A.W.O.L.30 Foot Fall2008-01-14Suburbia Roller Derby
A.lice Murder22010-12-01Cannibales Dolls
A.riel Humdinger3572010-07-16Monterey Bay Derby Dames
A10 Shun SeekerCoach2011-07-12Valleys Roller Dolls
AABWS912012-03-05River City Rollergirls
AC Skater132007-06-29Jersey Shore Roller Girls
AC Slaughter42011-07-11Angel City Derby Girls
AC Teasy212011-10-17Oslo Roller Derby
ACUTE Discomfort102008-04-03Rose City Rollers
ADsinthe80%2011-12-03Tyne and Fear Roller Derby
AERIS THROTTLE 2012-04-13Blacksnake Roller Girls
AFRO DIE T5466642009-03-05RockTown Rollers
AGGRO CultureStaff2010-09-17No Coast Derby Girls
AHSATAN2132011-07-06Perth Roller Derby
AJ 2PR3TI5232011-11-20Des Moines Derby Dames
AJ Dropavich14 Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
AJ Panther11172012-03-12Eastern Carolina Brawling Betties
AJ Renegade22011-12-12Iowa Rollin' Aces
AJ Tizzy 2011-01-05Sun State Roller Girls
AJent Mayhem782012-01-27Oz Roller Girls
AK AssazzinAK472011-03-07Eastside Derby Girls
AK Cupquake19642011-02-02Rage City Rollergirls
AK Dre472012-02-01Hel'z Belles
AK Rolling 77625/15/12Lake City Roller Dolls
AK SK8 TrooperRef2010-11-29Fairbanks Rollergirls
AK V!ckey Verky52012-01-24Snake Pit Derby Dames
AK-40Devin600 rpm2011-03-17Southern Illinois Roller Girls
AKA Mimi6252011-05-16Garden State Rollergirls
AKA RANDYREF2012-04-07Tri-County Rolling Militia
AKA StayceeL72011-05-16Garden State Rollergirls
AKAHavoc222006-04-21Penn Jersey Roller Derby
AL B. BACHREF2008-12-08NEO Roller Derby
AL B. Nasty0102009-03-05Lonestar Rollergirls
AL- Driver- mad132008-10-03Lincolnshire Bombers
AL.B.Mangles 2009-11-24Van Diemen Rollers
ALKAZAR 2010-10-25Terminal City Rollergirls
ALLY AZ STONED5-02011-05-24Independent Ref
ALLgore Morguen1872010-09-21Lakeland Derby Dames
ALotaASSetsA552011-07-03E-Ville Roller Derby
AM I Mental772009-04-14Denver Roller Dolls
AMMO 2009-09-12Mountain Derby Girls
ANG-ry Kitty7212011-06-13Pottstown Roller Derby Rockstars
ANGEL KILLher6192009-05-02Shore Points Roller Derby
ANTI-SYL-CLONE112012-04-10Kent Roller Girls
AR IvanREF2011-08-28Oakland Derby Diamonds
ARM'd 'n' scandaLass9x23mm2011-11-19Greenville Derby Dames
ARSENIXX332012-01-16B.M.O. Roller Derby Girls
ASBO Amber22011-04-28Imposters Rollergirls
ASHTRIX2252011-08-02Royal Windsor Roller Girls
ASS-TEX- WARRIOR15242012-01-20Alamo City Rollergirls
ASSASSINistaAK-472009-02-03Rideau Valley Roller Girls
ASSault ShakerAK-472008-11-12Jerzey Derby Brigade
ASSaulty Cracker782009-03-10San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
ATG 2010-10-08Jet City Rollergirls
ATTACKACARDIC9112012-02-02Long Island Roller Rebels
AUdTOPSY>U2007-01-04KC Roller Warriors
AWeSoMe WellesREF2009-11-06Romsey Town Rollerbillies
AXcess denied 2011-09-29Salisbury Rollergirls
AZ Riot132008-12-12NOVA Roller Derby
Aaron Grievances 2011-01-12Dead Girl Derby
Ab-Salute Attitude1012008-03-19Rushmore Rollerz
AbNormal BatesREF2010-11-25Central Michigan Roller Derby
AbSinthia ChaseHerAA XXX2008-07-10Man's Ruin Roller Derby
Abacus6192009-07-16Greenville Derby Dames
Abad Don2662008-10-30Mens UK Roller Derby Association
Abadabadoo14D2010-11-23Cardiff Roller Collective
Abandon All Hope4132011-05-31Lowcountry Highrollers
Abandon Whips052011-09-18Bedfordshire Rollergirls
Abattre19692011-08-23Monterey Bay Derby Dames
Abb-literate-her82012-03-13Rum City Derby
Abba StabYa222012-01-30Hammer City Roller Gilrs
Abba Zabba86 TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Abba den snabba5552011-03-18Ume Radical Rollers
Abbetite for Destruction872011-03-10Twin State Derby
Abbey Roadkill19695/2/12LA Derby Dolls
Abbey Roadrage5/282010-02-26Mid Iowa Rollers
Abbey Rogue0-2-602008-04-29Denver Roller Dolls
Abbie Cadaver (cleared) 2011-08-02Oz Roller Girls
Abbie Mischief3182006-10-09Minnesota Roller Girls
Abbie Slaps9982012-02-11Low Down and Derby
Abbra Veda D'Asalt372008-08-27Magnolia Roller Vixens
Abbs of Steel82009-03-31Demolition City Roller Derby
Abbsolute182011-04-29Mountain Mauler's Roller Derby
Abby Arsenic19392010-04-01AZ Derby Dames
Abby Cadabra142007-11-14Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Abby McStabby132010-02-28Acadiana Good Times Rollers
Abby Negative102009-11-01Mad Rollin' Dolls
Abby Normal503 Renegade Rollergirls (AZ)
Abby NoxiousN2042007-05-17Disaster City Roller Girls
Abby Road Rash 2009-05-02Montana Derby Girls
Abby Ruthless842011-03-21TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Abby Sciu to Kill4N65-18-12Abilene Derby Dames
Abby Sessive132011-03-24Southland Slashers Roller Derby
Abby Thuggin'8882011-11-10Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Abby Toir 2007-12-14Honolulu Derby Girls
Abe Drinkinstats/mgr2008-04-09Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Abe Froman0102010-10-19The Regulators
Abel RefwelRef2011-01-08Oly Rollers
Abercrombie & Fists992012-02-27Queen City Roller Girls
Abi Fury1922011-05-24Haunted City Rollers
Abigator Death RollG8R2010-04-09Rollergirls of Central Kentucky (ROCK)
Abina Badgirl262008-01-30DV8 Derby Skaterz
Abita! Down 2011-12-07Windy City Rollers
Able C-ManREF2010-06-17Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
Abnorma Jean912010-11-14Red Deer Roller Derby Association
Abnorman0452010-12-23Low Down and Derby
Abra Kadabra 2009-03-05Lonestar Rollergirls
Abra Macabre132011-03-12Furness Firecrackers
AbraKadaver!10552010-12-08Bellingham Roller Betties
AbraSHELdabra122011-02-25Billings Roller Derby
AbracaBam342011-06-07Battle Creek Cereal Killers
Abracastabya4012007-01-04Palmetto State Rollergirls
Abraham Drinkin4 score and 72007-10-25New York Shock Exchange
Abrasion Hussy455 c.i.2007-07-03Nashville Rollergirls Revolutionaries Rec League
Abrasion Ivy135 decibels2010-09-22Sintral Florida Derby Demons
Abrazion Perzwaysion69682011-02-14Pensacola Roller Gurlz
Abs-Solution9992010-11-23Cardiff Roller Collective
Absinthe Minded 2008-01-25Cape Fear Roller Girls
Absinthe O'Malice6662011-12-18Aloha City Rollers
Absinthe of Conscience11342011-02-25Billings Roller Derby
Absolut Khaos120 proof2011-01-29Assassination City Roller Derby
Absolut Stella5122009-01-15ManchVegas Rollergirls
Absolut Tearher80 Proof2012-04-22Wreckin Roller Rebels
Absolut Viking3 crowns2010-08-03Renegade Rebels
Absolute Orkan152011-12-27Zombitches
Absolutely Daft 2011-11-30Seattle Derby Brats
Absolutely Scabulous.08 BAC2009-11-30Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Absolutely Stabulous90%2011-01-21Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Abusement Park6'2" to ride2011-08-07Northshore Roller Derby
Abusement Ride3215-20-12River City Rollers
Aby Rightbehindya32012-02-19York Minxters Roller Derby
Ac slayed-herREF2010-01-04Molly Roger Rollergirls
Ac!d Drop352012-02-13Bristol Roller Derby
Acacia Finest2s32009-12-21Rideau Valley Roller Girls
Acadian Axel Broad 2012-03-03Capital City Rollers
AcciDent Plan112009-03-19Naughty Pines Derby Dames
AccostHer Wilde18542008-07-13Acadiana Good Times Rollers
Accountabilabuddy1+12011-03-09Chocolate City Cherry Bombers
Accute Crippler24/72011-02-18Bakersfield Junior Roller Derby
Ace Bandage16212008-03-15Queen City Roller Girls
Ace Benedict42009-04-20TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Ace Bondagen/a2008-04-09Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Ace Defective11672012-02-13Albany All Stars
Ace HellcatF6F2010-06-07Charm City Roller Girls
Ace Kicker222011-01-11Lafayette Brawlin' Dolls
Ace Laveaux 2011-04-13Swansea City Slayers
Ace O'Breaks3692011-07-07TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Ace S. Wild132007-07-23Mad Rollin' Dolls
Ace Skatetura4112011-12-05Towns Villains Roller Derby
Ace Vegas4442012-02-02Brisbane City Rollers
Ace VenClawher83842010-07-06Wakey Wheeled Cats
Ace Wench-TuraK92010-08-07Imposters Roller Girls
Ace Wenchura3332010-08-17Santa Cruz Derby Girls
Ace Wheeley 2010-11-01Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Ace of Blades 2006-06-21Tragic City Rollers
Ace of Grace 2011-09-18Derby Lite
Ace of Hearts822008-09-19Geelong Roller Derby League
Ace of Payne4 of a Kind2010-08-02Sun City Roller Girls
Ace of Skates (cleared)22011-02-08New York Shock Exchange
Ace of Space 2008-06-03Seattle Derby Brats
Ace to Your Face 2009-09-08Mission City Brawlin Betties
Aces Dragon422011-03-02Mountain Derby Girls
Aces HeidiREF2011-12-15Burn City Rollers
Aces HiJaq'd9-232011-02-22Oxford Wheels of Gory
Aces N Sk8s 2010-03-09Seattle Derby Brats
Aceta Menacin'500mg2012-02-21Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls
Acey D. Cee302010-03-01Chicago Outfit
Acheron Styx26BC2011-04-05Victorian Roller Derby
Achilles Squeal332011-07-26Rainy City Roller Dolls
Achilles' FoolsBcubed2009-11-05San Diego Roller Derby
Acid Amy162011-07-31Pink Peril Roller Derby
Acid Angel232010-05-06Voodoo Derby Dollz Roller Derby Association
Acid Assassin3.142007-11-21New River Valley Rollergirls
Acid BarrettREF2010-09-14Kallio Rolling Rainbow
Acid Bath 2011-08-18Brighton Roller Dollz
Acid Blondie2132011-06-02Terrorz of Tiny Towns Roller Derby
Acid Burn142011-06-24Happy Valley Derby Darlins
Acid Dollbuck052011-01-05Tournament City Derby
Acid Frankie375-20-12River City Rollers
Acid Pain11162011-01-06Hot Wheel Roller Derby
Acid Pest 2010-06-02Rose City Rosebuds
Acid Reflex732012-06-01Wichita Falls Derby Dames
Acid ReignC-42009-03-04South Jersey Derby Girls
Acid Vicious232011-02-22Roller Derby Toulouse
Acourta Pain1q.t.2011-02-22Salisbury Rollergirls
Acrid Apeham792009-06-15Bremen Rollergirls
Acromankillah882011-04-07Alachua County Rollers
Action ElvisA362011-03-13Severn Roller Torrent
Action Girl72010-11-29Wasatch Roller Derby
Action Jackson 2012-01-16Burning River Roller Girls
Action Jaxson72006-12-30Wilkes Barre Roller Radicals
Action NutzREF2011-07-31Naughty Pines Derby Dames
AcuPunch'erKi 12011-09-06Royal Windsor Rollergirls
Acute Angel<90°2008-04-11Texas Rollergirls
Acute Exposure239 (Pu)2010-02-16Alachua County Rollers
Acute Pain10/102006-02-28Tragic City Rollers
Acute Toxicity1512011-03-21Dutchland Rollers
Acute Weapon942011-01-12Dead End Derby
AdRock46N22012-03-15Derby Lite
Ada BabyM16 Philly Rollergirls
Ada Bloodlace01012011-06-24Steel City Derby Demons
Ada Hatelace13372007-01-19Windy City Rollers
Ada Loveless18152010-06-02London Rollergirls
Adairya To!Triple Dog Dare2009-04-01Lowcountry Highrollers
Adam Antichrist6662010-03-29New York Shock Exchange
Adam Collider 2011-10-19Ventura County Derby Darlins
Adam MidWestRef2012-03-26Demolition City Roller Girls
Adam Rant 2007-04-26Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Adam Splitter942010-11-24Pensacola Roller Gurlz
Adamant Eve 2008-01-14Lonestar Rollergirls
Adamantium1192012-04-30B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Adamn Good CallREF2008-03-21Providence Roller Derby
AdamphetamineSTAFF2011-11-07Confluence Crush Derby
Adderoller862007-05-24CoMo Derby Dames
Addie CountantREF2010-07-13Tall City Roller Betties
Addie Finitum862011-04-03Charlotte Roller Girls
Addie Kedavra 2011-11-29Red Stick Roller Derby
Addie Mortem932010-05-02Lansing Derby Vixens
Addios Bichitosd0ce2012-01-06Humboldt Roller Derby
Addy Rawl5252009-09-07Queen City Roller Girls
Addy Tude5-512009-09-23Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Adelaide U. OutTKO2009-01-21Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Adele Linquent0o2010-09-01Bristol Roller Derby
AdiNa SciZorHanDz7142008-09-08Roc City Roller Derby
Adjudicator422011-12-18Aloha City Rollers
Adkins Riot (The)1192011-03-05Fort Wayne Derby Girls
Administrator of Pain77mg2011-11-07Confluence Crush Derby
Admiral Crunch4 stars2011-06-16Jacksonville Roller Girls
Admiral Dejenerate3112011-11-20Undead Bettys
Admiral JackbarAnnouncer2009-08-13Radioactive City Rollergirls
Admiral Mayhem5 gold stars2010-06-07Charm City Roller Girls
Admiral Smackbar832010-05-27Long Beach Roller Derby
Admiral ToddREF2011-12-09Okaloosa Rollers
Admiral snackbar 2008-07-22Windy City Rollers
Adolf Glitter 2010-06-04Mississippi Brawl Stars
Adolf Hits Her19332009-10-19Long Beach Roller Derby
Adolf Whistler 2008-10-20Rated PG Rollergirls
Adoll Hitter<32011-04-07Valdosta Venom Roller Derby
Adolla Doom002011-10-11Athens Ohio Roller Derby
Adora Brawl<35-29-12Worcester Roller Derby
Adora Diamond 2008-04-30Rushmore Rollerz
Adora-Bull122011-12-11Columbia QuadSquad Minis
Adorabullet9mm2012-03-15Omaha JR Rollergirls
Adrena Chrome2472011-11-13Calgary Roller Derby Association
Adrena-Jen Rush82011-03-27Devil Dog Derby Dames
Adrenaline Junkie 2011-01-30Charm City Roller Girls
Adrenalyn Crush 2010-10-25Terminal City Rollergirls
Adrenna LynneHigh Five2007-07-09Denver Roller Dolls
Adrian's RevengeV112012-04-08Santa Cruz Derby Girls
Adrienne Balboa 2012-04-21Loco Roller Derby
Adverse Ariel782010-05-21Dockyard Derby Dames
Advillain800mg2010-05-20Undead Bettys
Aenemy of Daylight46&22010-05-02Long Island Roller Rebels
Aeon Flex24152010-01-20Atlanta Rollergirls
Aeon FluxYouUp682010-09-01Jacksonville Roller Girls
Aeon Trux 2011-04-20Emerald City Roller Girls
Aerial Force12010-12-08San Antonio Roller Derby
Aerial Spectreac1302012-02-09Fabulous Sin City Roller Girls
Aerial Strike12122007-04-14Emerald City Roller Girls
AeroDIEpaniC20972011-12-17Plymouth City Roller Girls
Aerosmash152011-04-19Limestone CrusHers Roller Derby
Aeroswift1332012-02-22Wicked Island Roller Derby
Aeryn Stun 2011-11-03Terminal City Rollergirls
Aff Ro 2008-03-16Duke City Derby
Affirmative Smacktion40 acres2008-09-02Naptown Roller Girls
Affliction52010-02-01Central Oklahoma Roller Derby Assoc.
Affliction Addiction332009-02-04MO-KAN Roller Girlz
Afithyated6B2012-01-05Tulare Roller Derby
Afreakin blond-e262011-01-18Wasatch Roller Derby
African Anarchy 2011-11-03Terminal City Rollergirls
Afrika Slambaataa 2011-05-20Mississippi Brawl Stars
Afro Disiacsexty-six2010-07-11South Bend Roller Girls
Afro Dotty7732012-02-04DuPage Derby Dames
Afro Dykee2132012-02-03Ottawa Roller Derby
Afro Jamurai 2011-03-01Seattle Derby Brats
Afro-Dizzi-JaxUB405/8/12Swamp City Roller Rats
Afronaut2011-07-13Dolly Rockit Rollers
After Party 2011-05-16Brighton Roller Dollz
After School Special3:052012-03-02Cedar Valley Derby Divas
AfterDoom DeLight1382011-09-21ToadSuck Derby Dames
AfterShock992010-03-13Taranaki Roller Corps
Afterburner14772010-03-01Central Michigan Roller Derby
Aftermath4092011-03-22Northern Arizona Roller Derby
Afternoon D-Lightning2562012-06-11Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Afternoon DD-Lite34DD2008-03-25Ventura County Derby Darlins
Agata Beastie722010-05-19Bear City Roller Derby
Agata Ch_kabitchski192008-07-16LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Agatha Crushtie662010-11-14Nidaros Roller Derby
Agatha Frisky802006-12-18Texas Rollergirls
AgendaREF2011-05-31Lowcountry Highrollers
Agent 86REF2007-10-23Philly Rollergirls
Agent Anger72010-11-23Copenhagen Roller Derby
Agent AutomaticSTAFF2007-09-10Detroit Derby Girls
Agent BOO72012-03-14Red River Roller Derby
Agent B. Fatal 2011-10-20Bear City Roller Derby
Agent Carnage86'd2012-03-29Shore Points Roller Derby
Agent Cherry Maim'her0032011-10-04Charlotte Roller Girls
Agent Cody Spanks0072012-04-01Birmingham Blitz Dames
Agent Dana Scurry422010-06-16Central City Rollergirls
Agent Dreadpool 2011-03-31Coastal Plains Derby Dames
Agent Gale Cooper2272010-03-01Chicago Outfit
Agent H00H2011-09-18Radioactive City Rollergirls
Agent MaulderX132007-11-30Atlanta Rollergirls
Agent Orange 2008-07-13Emerald City Roller Girls
Agent ProvacatHer 2012-03-13Coastal Assassins Roller Derby
Agent Scar-letCOACH2012-02-03Dub City Derby Girls
Agent Skullie1872006-12-10Rubber City Demolition Dolls
Agent Sparling782012-01-24Big Bucks High Rollers
Agent Sully222010-10-03Northern Rivers Roller Derby
Agent T. Bagher102006-08-01Duke City Derby
Aggie Battery 2007-01-15Tallahassee Rollergirls
Aggievator44cal2011-02-16Brazos Valley Derby Girls
Aggress Shan812010-06-28Otautahi Roller Derby
Aggressica712011-08-11Haunted City Rollers
Aggro Alice892011-03-03Haunted City Rollers
Aggro Amazon252007-09-14Rideau Valley Roller Girls
Aggro Vader222006-11-12LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
AggroAnnie392009-10-02Triple Sword Roller Girls
Aggy Agro2652011-06-28Hulls Angels Roller Dames
Agnes Khan7472011-08-13Vette City Roller Derby
Agnus DieRIP2009-05-15LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Agony1872009-12-30Bakersfield Diamond Divas
Agony Andy7082010-07-09Champaine-Urbana Rollers
Agony Annt72010-07-23Dublin Roller Girls
Agony Jane222011-06-20Eindhoven Rollers
Agora Phobia 2012-04-01Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
Agreta Garbo1472011-10-312x4 Roller Derby
Agrippa S'Mass192011-01-25Rockford Rage
AgroPelter07222011-11-12Wirral Whipiteres Roller Derby
Agrodite_2011-10-14Hartford Area Roller Derby
Agusta Wind592008-05-06Slaughterhouse Derby Girls
Agyness MeanT3552012-02-13Bristol Roller Derby
Ahkin Ixu272010-12-01Cannibales Dolls
Aida Brain87492012-03-26Greensboro Roller Derby
Aidan AbetTitle 182008-04-08Jet City Rollergirls
Aidee Dee 2008-02-11Charm City Roller Girls
Aiiight 2012-01-08CT Rollergirls
Ailers the Impalher822010-03-11TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Aim 'n Halle Lewya133:12008-12-19Resurrection Roller Girls
Aim DeKill32008-02-14Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Aim N Buster77342006-08-04Denver Roller Dolls
Aim N8 Her342009-09-16South Florida Rollergirls
Aim-N-8r7362011-09-07Tulsa Derby Brigade
Aimed & Dangerousf672010-01-18Humboldt Roller Derby
Aimee ArmaLiteAR152009-07-29FoCo Girls Gone Derby
Aimee T. VilHorror132007-02-24Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Aimin 4 U6232011-06-08Midnight Sun Roller Girlz
Aimless0132011-02-17Clarence Valley Roller Derby
Aimz 4 You222012-04-26Jacksonville Roller Girls
Aimzz 2 Kill2020 Atlanta Rollergirls
Ain't Miss Behavin'Retired 1/12/132011-02-08Girls Rollin in the South (GRITS)
Ain't My First Rodeo8Sec2011-03-30High City Derby Divas
Aine Ass122007-08-02Black-n-Bluegrass Rollergirls
AiniaAC-212012-03-27Cordoba Roller Derby
Airea512012-04-25Sintral Florida Derby Demons
Airy Skate Olson 2012-01-02Bay State Brawlers
Aj La Kaos 2012-04-23Glasgow South Side Slayers
Ak-40oz 2006-04-15Detroit Derby Girls
Akata472011-07-02Metropolitan Roller Derby
Akes N Panes 2011-10-08Dundee Roller Girls
Akilla Accalia002011-03-27Spoon River Speed Demons
Akilla Da Hunni4342011-11-25Gold Coast Roller Derby
Akilla' the Honey6602012-04-16Revelstoke Roller Derby Association
Akilles Wheel3 Memphis Roller Derby
Akin Keister 2007-04-10Texas Rollergirls
Akka Armoff8012011-07-21Murder City Roller Girls
Al Anilhate'ya7722011-08-12Arizona Derby Dames
Al B Sore 2010-08-17Morgantown Roller Vixens
Al B. ItupREF2010-07-11San Diego Roller Derby
Al Capwn3dREF2009-02-24LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Al Carbonne662011-09-06Nantes Derby Girls
Al Cohaulin1515-18-12Abilene Derby Dames
Al Diablo\m/2011-05-04E-Ville Roller Derby
Al EjectchaREF2010-03-03West Coast Derby Knockouts
Al Exicutioner05122010-02-15Jerzey Derby Brigade
Al Killya862006-07-11South Texas Rolleristas
Al NaturAL5.562009-03-22Rogue Rollergirls
Al O'Fear-Herph62012-02-10Norfolk Brawds Roller Derby
Al Strapone 2011-03-14MTL Roller Derby
Al Yank-a-chik5082012-03-14River Regions RollerGirls
Al-Lix-Her652009-08-25Cherry City Derby Girls
Al-pocalypse422011-11-01Preston Roller Girls
Ala Big Bella99PRBLMS2012-03-17Desert Dolls Roller Derby
AlaBAMison2052010-11-28Greensboro Roller Derby
Alabama Gamma13062011-05-04Glasgow Roller Girls
Alabama Hotpocket4202011-11-14Chocolate City Cherry Bombers
Alabama Hurley132010-06-18South Island Sirens Roller Derby
Alabama Slammer (The)2052009-12-10Rocky Mountain Riot
Alabama Succotash882011-08-25Alberni Valley Roller Girls
Alabama Whirley882008-11-11Jersey Shore Roller Girls
Alabama whipman 2008-10-03Lincolnshire Bombers
Alabaster Disaster1122012-04-22Wreckin Roller Rebels
Alablaster2162009-09-07Queen City Roller Girls
Alaia the Slaya72012-04-11Balsam Mountain Roller Girls
Alaska Massacre 2012-04-15Diamond State Roller Girls
Alaska Now Hit Later9072012-03-18JBLM Bettie Brigade
Alaskan Assassin 2010-03-01Magnolia Roller Vixens
Alassin Sane19732008-01-14Atlanta Rollergirls
Alayna Bobbit51505/2/12Tall City Roller Betties
AlbaToss742010-09-30Angel City Derby Girls
Albert the Scoreboard GuySTAFF2007-09-10Detroit Derby Girls
Alberta PooholesP002012-01-26COMO Derby Dames
Albino WookieREF2007-08-28Charm City Roller Girls
Albrecht3192010-12-07Eastern Iowa Outlaws
Alby CHOass 2006-10-14Northwest Skate Club
Alcalina232011-07-02Metropolitan Roller Derby
Alcatraz BabeNM82011-12-12Oklahoma City Roller Derby
Alchemist (The)792011-05-03Bay Rollers
Alchemy AliceP1LL2011-08-01W.A. Roller Derby
AlcohRollic695/8/12Helsingborg Roller Derby Club
Alcoholly0.08 Suburbia Roller Derby
Alcoholocaust0.40%2011-08-02Unforgiven Roller Girls
Alda Sudden152009-09-22San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Alda Wayupta112010-09-23Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Alde PantzueSize 52011-01-14Missile Mountain Roller Derby
Aleatcha Heart Out452010-12-03Route 66 Derby Chix
Alec Brawlwin242011-01-23Redding Rollergirls
Alecia Ecstasy392011-03-09Elm City Derby Damez
Alecto1062012-01-09Wheat City Roller Derby
Alecto Fury575-29-12Worcester Roller Derby
Alehya Bruised192011-05-27Killamazoo Derby Darlins
Alejandroll262010-09-26Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Alesha Kick-some8472011-01-05TBD (delete 8/29/13)
Alessa Evil$9,1042008-05-27Philly Rollergirls
Alevia Bleeding.252008-09-16Tri-County Rolling Militia
Alevya Suffrin 2011-11-22Salt City Derby Girls
Alex Calibur19032012-04-12Les Quads de Paris
Alex Mode032012-03-22Mambas Negras Roller Derby
Alex P. Beatin'Chanel 32008-10-28Assassination City Roller Derby
Alex Smack92010-01-15TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Alex Terminateu272008-06-07Denver Roller Dolls
Alex Tricity2-22012-03-07Bayou Outlaw Roller Girls
AlexAngryA3412011-12-14Cherry City Derby Girls
Alexa DeLarge7172011-12-15Burn City Rollers
Alexa Limbs 2011-06-13Roe City Rollers
Alexa Rough 2007-05-31Salt City Derby Girls
Alexa Skarshard32012-01-24Nickel City Roller Derby
Alexa Vendetta112012-03-05Hartford Area Roller Derby
Alexa-Cute-Her2000 Voltz2008-03-28Seattle Derby Brats
Alexacuted202012-03-15A'Salt Creek Roller Girls
Alexi Lawless 2011-05-27Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls
Alexis Bleedel212012-01-09Tri City Rolling Thunder
Alexis Wrexas7892011-04-07Harrisburg Area Roller Derby
Alexorcist, The6662007-08-02Fort Myers Derby Girls
Alexplosion800M2011-08-22Birmingham Blitz Dames
Alfred Bitchblock422008-09-04Mens UK Roller Derby Association
AlgolM452012-03-27Cordoba Roller Derby
Alhurta Einschwine3142010-08-08Perth Roller Derby
Ali Allways692010-05-02Lansing Derby Vixens
Ali AssAssinateHerCUZ2008-11-24Eastern Iowa Outlaws
Ali Kaida1752007-01-02Charm City Roller Girls
Ali Mae12s2010-12-12Belle City Roller Girls
Ali McBrawl172007-07-30GTA Rollergirls
Ali Mony$10,000 a month2006-11-17Lonestar Rollergirls
Ali Pocolypse152011-06-02Sheffield Steel Rollergirls
Ali Skator9272009-04-08Fort Myers Derby Girls
Ali Von Damage122011-01-21Oxford Roller Derby
Ali-Gato1112011-06-21El Paso Roller Derby
Ali-Tude1012011-07-07TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Ali3 Kitt3n9762010-11-29Wasatch Roller Derby
AliJ212010-04-19Gent GO-GO Roller Girls
AliSin Chains* 2009-09-25Windy City Rollers
AliSkater6662010-11-29Seaside Siren Roller Girls
Alias Graceless18432010-07-11South Bend Roller Girls
Alibi (The)772010-11-24Monadnock Region Roller Derby
Alice Affliction892009-04-26Gold Coast Roller Derby
Alice Cull'em19012010-08-04Cardiff Dragon Dolls
Alice En'Rage22009-10-06Dublin Roller Girls
Alice Inferno882007-12-07Halifax Hellcats Roller Derby
Alice Insane812011-10-17Kouvola Rock n Rollers
Alice Loop-her332010-11-13Kamloops Roller Derby Association
Alice N Pain 2007-09-23South Side Roller Derby
Alice N'Skates432011-09-07MoKan Rollergirls
Alice Rumbledore 2009-01-05Providence Roller Derby
Alice Saltya2402010-03-05Maine Roller Derby
Alice Sin Thunderslam1152009-09-25Pile O'Bones Derby Club
Alice Skullen222010-11-06Cape Girardeau Roller Girls
Alice Stupor42010-07-11South Bend Roller Girls
Alice Undead132012-03-09Omaha Rollergirls
Alice Verboten1182011-03-28Eves of Destruction Roller Derby
Alice Whup-Her555/12/12Spartanburg Deadly Dolls
Alice in Malaceland10/92010-04-08Hidden City Derby Girls
Alice in Pounderland92011-03-21Bakersfield Diamond Divas
Alice in Rumbleland 2012-01-30Rock Island Rollers
Alice in Woundherland42010-12-16Rocky Mountain Rollerpunks
Alicia Slaughterstone162007-11-08Randall County Roller Dames
Alicia Teaze5202008-03-10No Coast Derby Girls
Alida boutit 2008-02-08Duke City Derby
Alien Assassin0072010-11-30Sac City Rollers
Alien Invade-Her9972011-10-16Pensacola Roller Gurlz
Alien Mind 2011-10-20Bear City Roller Derby
Alien Psyx FiendA512011-04-28Undead Bettys
Alien She52011-01-02Fog City Rollers
Alien Skate Fiend17932011-02-13Middlesbrough Milk Rollers
Alioop162010-06-28Otautahi Roller Derby
AlisDog72012-03-27Cordoba Roller Derby
Alise T'kill0072011-11-12Dieppe Roller Derby
Alisin Derbyland212010-11-09Brewcity Bruisers
Alisin Underwear82010-07-03Sunshine Coast Roller Girls
Alisin Wonderbra80D2008-06-06Cedar Rapids Rollergirls
Alison Chains3.14 Lonestar Rollergirls
Alison Thunderland182009-09-10Dundee Roller Girls
Alisyn Hell333 only half evil2009-04-10Central Alberta Roller Derby Association
AlixiRREF5-23-12Canberra Roller Derby
Aliyah Steel Hurtain882009-06-01West Coast Derby Knockouts
Alka MissAu 792008-11-17Derby City Roller Girls
Alkali MettlePS12012-01-12Angel City Derby Girls
Alkaline Trina6122011-09-30El Paso Roller Derby
AlkoHOOLSTAFF2011-10-27S'Kthchen Roller Derby
All Beef Ambie192011-03-01Kingsford Krush
All Beef Patty100%2008-12-22Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
All Bets Off212011-03-05Sis-Q Rollerz
All Confidential832010-03-01SinCal Derby Vixens
All Hollows Eve312006-10-02Mad Rollin' Dolls
All I amREF2012-04-30Methow Valley Roller Girls
All Nate Long 2011-02-04B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
All Night Dinah24/72006-06-17Assassination City Roller Derby
All On Ya252008-12-19Sonoma County Roller Derby
All Systems Go 2009-03-29Slaughterhouse Derby Girls
All That Jaz34DD2010-04-15Crossroads City Derby
All TorqueREF2010-02-23Adelaide Roller Derby
All Ways Maxxxi8 hrs2008-08-21Star City Rollergirls
All You Can Eat A.Y.C.E.4'7"2012-03-23Five 40 Roller Girls
All about TaterREF2010-02-04Charm City Roller Girls
All that Chaz00072010-01-17Hellfire Harlots
All-In Apocalypse142011-04-26East Coast Devastation
All-Jack'd-up.472008-07-13Star City Rollergirls
All-in0312011-08-25Gothenburg Roller Derby
AllUpInYa Pepper100 degrees2010-12-30V Town Derby Dames
Allagasher922009-04-17Maine Roller Derby
Allah Inyahbiz1332011-02-08Missile Mountain Roller Derby
Allan Alpha6662010-12-09Cowtown Butchers Mens Roller Derby
Allbie Dayum'd 2011-10-16DC Rollergirls
Allegra Castrata42012-04-11Bedfordshire Rollergirls
Allen Wench52010-04-26South Jersey Derby Girls
Alles Klar712011-08-22Birmingham Blitz Dames
Alley Banger 2010-11-03Nanaimo Nemesis Roller Girls
Alley Capone750ml2009-11-29Charlotte Roller Girls
Alley Catastrophic 2008-11-05Montana Derby Girls
Alley Kat 2006-04-21Renegade Rollergirls (OR)
Alley Oops422006-08-04Queen City Roller Girls
Alli Catraz
(okay given by Val Catraz)
10-982006-03-17Ohio Roller Girls
Alli N. Abduction512010-11-27TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Alli Snatcher9722011-04-11Queen City Roller Girls
Alli-Gator Pi3.142011-06-04Long Beach Roller Derby
Alli-Kat Scratch9 lives2010-09-26Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Allie B. BackT22008-11-19Charm City Roller Girls
Allie B. Bashin'12322010-08-11Fog City Rollers
Allie Bye51/502011-04-11Arizona Rollergirls
Allie Gator18 Ft Long2007-10-19Mad Rollin' Dolls
Allie MossHeart90's2011-08-06Royal Victory Derby Girls
Allie Shankabitch352010-03-05Vette City Roller Derby
Allie Whoops1up2011-05-10Maine Roller Derby
Allifornication3102011-05-16Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Alligator Allie7ate92009-03-12South Side Roller Derby
Allison Goldslap3.142010-12-27One Love Roller Dolls
Allison Hellrod6162011-07-20South Bend Roller Girls
Allison Plunderland262008-04-01Rushmore Rollerz
Allison RollerlandAK-472010-04-19Rubber City Rollergirls
Allison Wonderslam132010-04-02Angel City Derby Girls
Allisyn Slaughterland7 1/2 Exactly2009-01-19Tri-County Rolling Militia
Allodynia32011-03-30High City Derby Divas
Allspark832011-04-25Pile O'Bones Derby Club
Allup Enyo Grill 2011-01-14Mission City Brawlin Betties
AllureNkill1112011-07-07TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Alluya R. Doomed 2008-09-23Emerald City Roller Girls
Ally Avalanche3002010-12-13Pottstown Roller Derby Rockstars
Ally BeraCuda272010-02-05Rogue Roller Derby
Ally Kazaam1232008-07-04Jet City Rollergirls
Ally McKill252006-03-29Steel City Derby Demons
Ally Merckx 5-25-12Central Arkansas Roller Derby
Ally Oakie 2009-11-02Oil City Derby Girls
Ally Zae375ml2011-11-07Dallas Derby Devils
Ally:Luia02008-09-12Rainy City Roller Girls
Alma Bichess702 Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Alma Geddon422010-09-05Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Alma HatersH82011-03-20Kokeshi Roller Dolls
Almighty CrISIS 2012-04-05Charlottesville Derby Dames
Almost Faye Mous15mn2009-07-16Castle Rock N' Rollers
Alood5112012-03-26Boulder County Bombers
Alot 2 Luv1432010-02-20Olympia Underground Derby
Alota V212011-08-16Apple City Roller Derby
Alota V'anne Gina792011-04-10Nanaimo Nemesis Roller Girls
Alotta ActionStaff2011-12-23Oklahoma City Roller Derby
Alotta AttitudeDV82008-05-23Fort Wayne Derby Girls
Alotta Bottom11262010-10-12Albany All Stars Roller Derby
Alotta Calamity35-22-12Saint Cloud Area Roller (SCAR) Dolls
Alotta Heartless72011-02-05Wolverhampton Honour Rollers
Alotta Leggz (cleared)M802011-03-13Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Alotta Moves1802010-03-04San Fernando Valley Junior Derby
Alotta Patron80proof2009-04-16Redding Rollergirls
Alotta Pushie42011-02-11Cornfed Derby Dames
Alotta Riot0402011-03-15Crime City Rollers
Alotta TroubleOld No. 7 LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Alovicious8 TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Alpaca BoleRX2011-11-29Drive-By City Rollers
Alpaca Pistol 2012-03-05Terminal City Rollergirls
Alpaca Punch102011-09-24Chattanooga Roller Girls
Alpha Bette92011-01-18Wasatch Roller Derby
Alpha Bitch12008-12-02Cajun Rollergirls
Alpha Blocker 2011-12-09Capital City Derby Dolls
Alpha Cat1872010-11-30Illinois Valley Vixens
Alpha Ginger7132011-12-01Lil Chicago Roller Derby
Alpha Helix462010-03-09Old Capitol City Roller Girls
Alpha Kenny12009-06-30Suburbia Roller Derby
Alpha LimaL982010-09-29Severn Roller Torrent
Alpha Mail Me1million2011-02-13Gray City Rebels
Alpha Q. Up7192009-12-10Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
AlphabethREF2009-06-18Boston Derby Dames
Alter Schwede212012-02-14Zombie Rollergirls
AlterKATEshun112011-07-27Brighton Roller Dollz
AlterKation 2012-02-10Royal Windsor Rollergirls
Althea N. HellCoach Chicago Outfit
Altitude Adjustment19832012-01-14Rocktown Rollers
Altitude of Attitude6662008-09-25Taranaki Roller Corps
Aluminum OvercastB172011-06-24Steel City Derby Demons
Alx Slams Her7132011-03-03Timber Town Derby
Aly Sylum82007-06-21Sacred City Derby Girls
Aly-Kate Contusions11482010-08-26Killamazoo Derby Darlins
AlysassinI-2642011-08-12Derby City Roller Girls
Alysha Kaos472011-01-19Severn Roller Torrent
Alyss Banned225/6/12Oxford Roller Derby
Alyssa Smash452012-02-10Alamo City
Alyssette Action 2011-11-12Portneuf Valley Bruisers RDA
Alyxx A Cooter3372012-01-04NOtown Roller Derby
Alzado772010-01-04GateKeepers Roller Derby
Am-Trax7072010-01-18Humboldt Roller Derby
AmErica The Bootyful17762008-09-23Dominion Derby Girls
AmNasty International9102010-09-14Resurrection Roller Girls
AmTastic10-432009-02-26Springfield Rollergirls
Amanda Hug & Kick363622012-01-10Alamo City Rollergirls
Amanda Jamitinya92007-03-15Duke City Derby
Amanda Klymon9992010-01-18Ithaca League of Women Rollers
Amanda May-HarmU22007-11-19Central Arkansas Roller Derby
Amanda Pummeler6722011-11-25Rideau Valley Roller Girls
Amanda Raege332010-06-29Sheffield Steel Rollergirls
Amanda Reckon With 2009-06-23Emerald City Roller Girls
Amanda Sluggin Fist 2012-03-06Mad Wreckin' Dolls
Amanda Smash N Burn172009-08-25Route 66 Roller Derby
Amanda Spank12125/1/12Paper Valley Roller Girls
Amanda Tori Massacre1872011-08-25Southland Slashers Roller Derby League
Amanda Tori Suicide 2010-08-13McLean County MissFits
Amanda Torture 2007-02-05Palmetto State Rollergirls
AmandaConda 2011-01-06TBD (delete 6/12/13)
AmandaRamaBuy 1 Get 12010-07-04Eerie Roller Girls
Amandageddon172011-12-02Twin City Derby Girls
Amandaheim Steamroller 2010-12-29Grand Rapids Area Roller Derby
Amandatory Beating592011-01-29Southern Oregon Rollergirls
Amandatory SentenceL1fe2011-04-19Limestone CrusHers Roller Derby
AmandeStroyer1872007-07-19Sac City Rollers
Amandominator31DD2011-03-03Timber Town Derby
Amanita Velano62011-07-25Terrassa Derby Rockets
Amanta Kill6582010-12-20Central New York Roller Derby
Amarchy3402010-10-29Roc City Roller Derby
Amaretto Sourpuss 2007-01-31Long Island Roller Rebels
Amaro the Mighty Toosh72010-07-27Sydney Roller Derby League
Amasian 2007-09-24Lonestar Rollergirls
Amayalate Her9112009-03-02Seattle Derby Brats
Amazing Blaze 2007-02-13Rollergirls of Central Kentucky (ROCK)
Amazing Disgrace38 Mad Rollin' Dolls
Amazing craze3:332012-04-16Tropic Terrors Derby League
Amazombie 2009-11-17Terminal City Rollergirls
Amazon (The)2122006-09-21Hammer City Roller Girls
Amazon Annie34B2010-05-07West Coast Derby Knockouts
Amazon Assassin2222006-11-28Dallas Derby Devils
Amazon Chic172010-06-14North Coast Roller Derby
Amazon Disaster262006-11-01Charm City Roller Girls
Amazon Dragstar11002010-03-30Croydon Roller Derby
Amazon NotCalm3552012-02-17Salina Sirens Roller Derby
Amazon SavageG95/4/12Toxic Lima Roller girls
Amazon TripleB55B2009-03-18No Coast Derby Girls
Amazonian162011-02-14Dorset Rollergirls
Ambashador 2012-01-18Emerald City Junior Gems
Ambassador CastrateREF2010-02-28Acadiana Good Times Rollers
Amber Ail1512007-01-23Battle Born Derby Demons
Amber Alert44.1 LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Amber Block6122012-04-27Renegade Rollergirls AZ
Amber Dextrious50112011-12-29Cowboy Capital Rollergirl_s
Amber Etta9mm2008-03-04Richmond Derby Demons
Amber Graves of Slain862011-05-02Rome Rollergirls
Amber Lager312007-07-24Springfield Rollergirls
Amber Rage4002010-01-11Greenville Derby Dames
Amber Skates of Pain 2011-02-25Billings Roller Derby
Amber Slam'er1232011-03-02Pirate City Rollers
Amber Wavez of Pain 2010-09-27Mountain Derby Girls
Amber ZerkerM802010-10-20NEO Roller Derby
Amberetta Pistol0.452012-04-26Port Scandalous Roller Derby
Ambergeddon20122010-01-24V-Town Derby Dames
Ambertron30012012-01-12Seaside Siren Roller Girls
Ambi N 2011-06-17North Texas Derby Revolution
Ambisinister222012-06-09Angel City Derby Girls
Amboid1012011-07-12Valleys Roller Dolls
Ambrat272007-07-07Humboldt Roller Derby
Ambrika 2007-06-20Santa Cruz Derby Girls
Ambrosia AlleyBig 02010-01-26Maui Roller Girls
Ambruisia9592007-05-10Emerald City Roller Girls
AmbuLance (The)*9112011-03-10Colorado Roller Derby
Ambush 2010-10-03Northern Rivers Roller Derby
Ame N. AtyouAK472011-10-22Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Amefyst85172011-08-08Durham Region Roller Derby
Amelia Airfart22011-01-03Traverse City Roller Derby
Amelia Airhead002011-01-29Assassination City Roller Derby
Amelia Blackheart9292011-02-21High City Derby Divas
Amelia Boomer192011-11-20Des Moines Derby Dames
Amelia Bravehart1692012-01-04Monterey Bay Derby Dames
Amelia Dareheart13492012-03-12Eastern Carolina Brawling Betties
Amelia Diehard302011-10-08Peterborough Roller Derby League
Amelia R.I.P Heart19372011-02-22Salisbury Rollergirls
Amelia ScareheartB52 Atlanta Rollergirls
Amelia TearYa'Part3172010-10-29Roc City Roller Derby
Amelia Tearheart992010-03-22CT RollerGirls
Amelia Tearoutyourheart882012-02-10West Coast Derby Knockouts
Amelie BombsHell132011-07-25Terrassa Derby Rockets
Amelie Ju-on5-60002011-09-01Minnesota Roller Girls
Amelie Vilain10e2011-08-10Gent GO-GO Roller Girls
Ameliorator (The)762011-03-20Northern Rivers Roller Derby
Amer-Wreckin' Pie3.142010-12-03Naughty Pines Derby Dames
Ameri-Cannon50 Skates2011-02-17Riverside Roller Belles
AmeriKim17762011-03-08Royal Windsor Roller Girls
America Ferocious 2010-11-09Alamo City Rollergirls
American Bad SassL7W2011-01-21Floral City Roller Girls
American Gravy17762010-04-16Stl Gatekeepers Roller Derby
American JustAss2172012-04-09Central New York Roller Derby
American Pie19632011-01-09Cedar Rapids Rollergirls
American Psychomore 2011-12-21Red Stick Roller Derby
Amerykah Trevino-Martinez19092010-02-27Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Ames to Maim4102010-06-07Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Amest232011-03-21Happy Valley Derby Darlins
Amethyst Rockstar52012-03-09Omaha Rollergirls
Amethyst Uzbrukums19:192011-03-31Suburbia Roller Derby
Ami De Cour592010-03-17Mainland Misfits Roller Derby Association
Ami-Geddon72006-09-21Kansas City Roller Warriors
Amie Blockabitch 2012-01-07Cardiff Roller Collective
Amievillehorror3152011-06-02South Florida Rollergirls
Amilla the Hunt222010-09-24North Idaho Roller Derby
Amita Lick-n 2010-05-10Syndicate Roller Girls
Amityville Floorher1872011-11-02Central New York Roller Derby
Ammie Oakley.442012-01-27Oz Roller Girls
Ammo Aimee111st2010-12-25Clarksville Roller Derby
Ammonition 2011-01-29Southern Oregon Rollergirls
Ammosurf2WO2011-04-23Kokeshi Roller Dolls
Amms UnitionM-162011-12-14Cherry City Derby Girls
Ammunition Anna7.6292010-08-02Grand Junction Roller Girls
Amnesia Lemon52012-03-30Boulder County Bombers
Amooze-Booche2082010-02-15Naptown Roller Girls
Amoxikillin672012-06-07LA Derby Dolls (Trademarked Name)
Amstel Standin'370455V2007-01-27Burning River Roller Girls
AmsterDam4202010-09-14Columbia QuadSquad
AmsterSlam205/8/12South Side Roller Derby
Amsterdam It!6625-25-12Mitten Mavens
Amsterdam Slam242011-06-23Olympia Underground Derby
Amtrack Ashley205-30-12Battle Creek Damzel Dollz Jr Roller Derby
Amunisha1872009-11-13Arizona Roller Derby
Amy Animal9992007-07-02Rubber City Rollergirls
Amy Fister617 Charlotte Roller Girls
Amy Grindhouse8252008-02-28Paper Valley Roller Girls
Amy No Namy 2008-10-21Windy City Rollers
Amy Pound112011-11-07Confluence Crush Derby
Amy Sin Grace17762012-06-11Arizona Rollergirls
Amy Spears10982009-12-22Ohio Roller Girls
Amy Sweetheart152011-01-23Mississippi Valley Mayhem
Amy Von Agony.3082010-12-03Route 66 Derby Chix
Amy Warhol N.152008-10-31NEO Roller Derby
Amy Whackhouse19402011-03-29TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Amy of Darkness432006-03-17Molly Roger Rollergirls
Amy the RipHer132010-10-18Lahti Roller Derby
Amy-nition1002012-02-09Catawba Valley Rollergirls
AmyG.Warrior3022011-02-26Eerie Roller Girls
AmyLe Wilde132012-02-01Mountain Derby Girls
AmyTvilleD122011-03-20Classic City Rollergirls
Amygeddon20122012-03-04South Sea Roller Derby
Amykazeee3082008-12-09Canberra Roller Derby
Amyn AtCha112008-09-29Burn City Rollers
AmynitionM162011-11-12Inland Empire Derby Divas
Amyzon272007-04-13Prison City Derby Dames
An A StesiaAK-472009-02-16El Paso Roller Derby
An C Hammer642010-04-04One Love Roller Dolls
An D HD 2010-07-16Mitten Mavens
An Dracula 2008-10-24Big Bucks High Rollers
An-G-Ogram692012-06-06Rock City Rollers
An-Isla-nator 2012-01-17Tournament City Derby
Ana Bender7502006-08-08Windy City Rollers
Ana Bollocks00 Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Ana Dare48 MHz2009-07-27Denver Roller Dolls
Ana Highway to Hell83382010-04-28Treasure Valley Rollergirls
Ana Killingspree472007-04-03Mad Rollin' Dolls
Ana Knockee132012-03-17Greenbriar Roller Vixens
Ana Matobeatyawh00sh2010-02-11Glass City Rollers
Ana Mayhem552007-07-11Blazin' Banditas Roller Derby
Ana P. Shock 2011-10-31Dorset Roller Girls
Ana Rampage332007-04-24TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Ana SaucyAD6502012-01-244 Corners Rollergirls
Ana ShayTana2692012-04-16Halifax Roller Derby
Ana Slays Ya82007-07-23Naptown Roller Girls
Ana Sthetic 2009-02-19Syndicate Roller Girls
Ana Thema832007-01-17MTL Roller Derby
Ana Venger162011-02-28Rock Coast Rollers
Ana Warpath19142006-06-30TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Anaïs Ninja1012009-03-09Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Ana-kill Skyroller1632012-04-23The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Ana. L. Rape 2010-04-24Redditch Rebel Rollers
AnaTazeYa402011-05-02Three Rivers Roller Derby
Anabamma Slamma11112011-11-13Calgary Roller Derby Association
Anabolic0002010-06-07Bay Rollers
Anabolic Rage 2011-08-02Monterey Bay Derby Dames
Anachronism5.8 on the Richter Scale2009-07-01Windy City Rollers
Anaconda882006-03-07Oly Rollers
Anacrazia312011-07-17Hot Wheel Roller Derby
Anacringe Skywalker80082010-10-12Albany All Stars Roller Derby
Anaheuser Sqush 2011-06-22Quad City Rollers
Anais Sin 2009-11-19Dead City Derby
Anakin SkyskaterREF2012-03-24Independent Ref
Anal Abreu25-17-12Kouvola Rock n Rollers
Anal TexREF2009-06-30Rage City Rollergirls
Anaphylactic Shock 2009-05-10Rose City Rosebuds
Anarchick132008-07-14Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Anarcho-Syndiclit262011-01-08Oly Rollers
Anarchy Fetish172010-06-30Hellmilton Roller Ghouls
Anarchy Kournikova472006-04-14Charm City Roller Girls
Anastasia BeaverhausenME 362010-09-27Castle Rock N' Rollers
Anchor Rage9072011-11-27Bellingham Roller Betties
Anchor Wench19552011-12-31Rock Island Rollers
Andale!602011-04-18Brandywine Roller Girls
Andi Capps'em.3572006-08-04Jacksonville Roller Girls
Andi Linquent2652011-11-28Lethbridge Roller Derby Guild
Andi SlambergE0A2010-08-07Forest City Derby Girls
Andi Soccabitch38 Exp2009-03-28Red Stick Roller Derby
Andi Struction102006-04-21Terminal City Rollergirls
Andi Warhell45202012-01-10The Greenvillains
Andicent Proposal1,000,0002008-10-24Brewcity Bruisers
Andie MaimsREF2010-09-10Tiger Bay Brawlers
Andie Pandy 2010-02-06Demolition City Roller Derby
Andiroxs N Rolls62010-01-24V-Town Derby Dames
Andrea Genius 2009-12-01Sonoma County Roller Derby
Andrea the GiantF42008-06-26Rollergirls of Southern Indiana
Andreas' Fault9.OW2008-03-14Humboldt Roller Derby
AndrematonREF2011-04-19Crossroads City Derby
Andromeda Sprain_ Rat City Rollergirls
Andy Bioticn/a2008-04-09Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Andy CappREF2007-08-09Slaughterhouse Derby Girls
Andy Clockwise3602011-03-09Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Andy Molisher0MG2011-02-15Cedar Rapids Rollergirls
Andy Oakley222011-04-11Rose City Rollers
Andy Warbrawl2312011-05-06Rodeo City Rollergirls
Andy matter 2008-12-30Derby City Roller Girls
Ane Eerie202012-01-16rocKArollers
Anesta TizHer10-9-82010-10-11High City Derby Divas
Anesthesia Referhousin862012-03-22Durango Roller Girls
Anet ballSlayerG512011-03-31Rebellion Roller Derby
Aneta Brains6662011-02-02Savannah Derby Devils
Ang Xietycoach2008-05-05Pile O'Bones Derby Club
AngHella5302011-01-23Mississippi Valley Mayhem
AngXiety Rush362008-10-04TBD (delete 6/12/13)
AngeMatronic632011-04-19Crossroads City Derby
Angel Adoom6672011-12-16Heart of Appalachia Roller Derby
Angel Askew 5/9/12Tweed Valley Rollers
Angel Cakes772011-05-06Okanagan Shuswap Roller Derby Association
Angel DeFright1362010-07-02Wakey Wheeled Cats
Angel Deville 2009-05-21Black Hills Wildfire Roller Derby
Angel Dustt09 Windy City Rollers
Angel Grinder1872009-09-15Hellmilton Roller Ghouls
Angel Luv Assault 2009-05-29Renegade Rollergirls (So Cal)
Angel Maker112010-03-10B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Angel N Havok13132008-09-17Inland Empire Derby Divas
Angel N. Shadows2562006-10-24Northern Ohio's wRECk Roller Derby
Angel O'Ruin422011-07-13Resurrection Roller Girls
Angel Rage7372011-08-28Bay City Rollers
Angel Retentive2x22012-06-11Arizona Rollergirls
Angel Rood Cake7772009-07-16Fairbanks Rollergirls
Angel Slam692007-12-29DV8 Derby Skaterz
Angel Van Bam3332011-01-21Coffs Coast Derby
Angel Vicious72011-03-01Kingsford Krush
Angel Von Carnage6662010-09-29NV East Roller Girls
Angel Von Devilish91392010-06-28ICT Roller Girls
Angel Von SlaughterISO32002008-09-19Geelong Roller Derby League
Angel a Mercy11:112011-01-03Traverse City Roller Derby
Angel of Agony982008-04-01Molly Roger Rollergirls
Angel of Anarchy 2010-08-17South West Sydney Rockets
Angel of Beth022010-08-11Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Angel of Death A.O.D.7052008-06-09South Side Roller Derby
Angel of Hursty112011-04-10Nanaimo Nemesis Roller Girls
Angel of Mayhem302009-01-19Sac City Rollers
Angel of Shove'n You145-18-12Ark Valley High Rollers
Angel'a Misfortune 2010-06-28Kingston Derby Girls
Angel-X712010-11-01NEO Roller Derby
Angel-a PainRomans 5:32010-07-16TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Angela DeathXIX Denver Roller Dolls
Angela MomentumI_2009-03-13Romsey Town Rollerbillies
Angela Slamsbury1862010-04-05Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Angela armbreaker7132012-01-14South Simcoe Rebel Rollers
Angela smAshes142010-12-12Mid-State Sisters of Skate
Angelethal1382007-01-11Renegade Rollergirls (AZ)
Angelfirec_2006-10-12Minnesota Roller Girls
Angelic Anger692010-03-13Olympia Underground Derby
Angelic Poison25 oz2007-12-05Green County Roller Girls
Angelic Strict98082012-01-20Assassination City Roller Derby
Angelica Gression42008-04-22Saskatoon Roller Derby
Angelicut yo face 2012-03-11TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Angelina Clobberina 2009-04-26Tragic City Rollers
Angelina Devilina 2010-11-03Emerald City Junior Gems
Angelina Gotti132010-07-05Peace Region Roller Dolls
Angelina ParoleeREF2009-10-09OKC Outlaws Roller Derby
Angelina Rollie912009-02-05Santa Cruz Derby Girls
Angellica della Morte 2006-09-30Jet City Rollergirls
Angelous of Me1692012-06-07Olympia Underground Derby
Anger Apocalypse45/16/12Devil Dog Derby Dames
Anger Management762009-12-04Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
Anger Vandal7/172011-06-18LOCO Roller Derby
AngersteinC9112010-10-19El Paso Roller Derby
Anghel X7772011-09-27Electric City Roller GrrrlZ
Angi Septic31ml2006-12-13Calgary Roller Derby Association
Angie Action172010-08-10Gothenburg Roller Derby
Angie BamBam Bruiser5112010-12-27Cape Fear Roller Girls
Angie O'Nasty152011-07-12Granite State Roller Derby
Angie O. GenesisREF2010-09-10New Hampshire Roller Derby
Angie Van Hellion 2008-09-24Bakersfield Rollergirls
Angie-O-Gram332011-02-01Harbor City RollerDames
Angla Vyle10662009-12-22Ohio Roller Girls
Angles Shacgyver1392011-06-19Arch Rival Roller Girls
Angrea 'n' Angrea1612011-02-01South West Sydney Rockets
Angri-la 2008-08-12London Rollergirls
Angry Amy662012-01-04Gallatin Roller Girlz
Angry Ann562009-02-20Gem City Rollergirls
Angry Ant 2011-02-17Clarence Valley Roller Derby
Angry Beaver172007-06-19Garden State Rollergirls
Angry Bird232012-04-13One World Roller Derby
Angry Birt50002011-12-14Kokeshi Roller Dolls
Angry Fairy 2010-03-24Macarthur Area Roller Derby
Angry Granola32006-09-25River City Rollergirls
Angry GrrrlAKD142007-12-04Central Coast Roller Derby
Angry JonnyREF5/9/12Oklahoma City Roller Derby
Angry Ladybug66992011-10-17Namur Roller Girlz
Angry Mayfly 2007-10-01Lava City Roller Dolls
Angry Mimi862012-02-08Holy Wheels Menace from Liege
Angry MonkE32010-11-02Connecticut Death Quads
Angry Nirds13372011-07-11Angel City Derby Girls
Angry Panda45-23-12Canberra Roller Derby
Angry Penguin192012-02-02Long Island Roller Rebels
Angry Weka105/7/12Hellmilton Roller Ghouls
Angry Wrenchsk8 t3ch2006-11-06Rose City Rollers
AngryGay InglesiasREF2010-09-14Kallio Rolling Rainbow
Angst Muffin.30-062011-02-17Twin City Knockers
Angthrax332007-11-14Charm City Roller Girls
Angua Wheel2far9062010-09-27Munich Rolling Rebels
Angur BanM202011-02-13Rebel County Rollers
Angus BeefA12009-04-22Rock City Riot
Angus Con 2007-04-02Pikes Peak Derby Dames
Anhellicka 2012-03-06Wichita Falls Derby Dames
Ani DeBreako 2009-10-11Tragic City Rollers
Ani DiShankAHo1012012-03-06Treasure Valley Rollergirls
Ani Positioni692010-02-16Winnipeg Roller Derby
Ani Upcoach2011-08-04Twin City Derby Girls
Ani diStrangle882012-04-18Niagara Roller Girls
Anick Anger9992010-11-11Toronto Junior Roller Derby
Anida Blade992006-07-30Harrisburg Area Roller Derby
Animal Brynstincts3.142011-12-13Pottstown Roller Derby Rockstars
Animal Control 2009-10-13Sioux City Roller Dames
Animal Crack Her3862007-07-20Spokannibals
Animal Lee4512012-03-23Dallas Derby Devils
Animal Manley722011-04-18Cornwall Roller Derby
Animal Mother2nd Base2009-02-01Old Capitol City Roller Girls
Animel (The)3132011-05-17Resurrection Roller Girls
Animel cooky372012-02-12Dirty Verde Roller Derby
Anisu172011-07-02Metropolitan Roller Derby
Anita Am Blance9112010-11-09Dirty Verde Roller Derby
Anita Amputate3332011-11-10Diamond Valley Roller Derby
Anita Applebomb14 Windy City Rollers
Anita B. Chu.50 cal2011-04-29Renegade Rollergirls (CA)
Anita B. Cracken52010-11-12Emerald Coast Roller Derby
Anita B. Naughty182012-01-06Bangor Roller Derby
Anita BangHer21+2008-11-21Boston Derby Dames
Anita Battle 2008-07-17San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Anita Beam992011-12-14Chemical Valley Rollerigirls
Anita Beam 99992011-12-16Chemical Valley Rollergirls
Anita Bier312 Brewcity Bruisers
Anita Blunt 2011-01-17Coos County Rollergirls
Anita Bodybag992010-04-26South Jersey Derby Girls
Anita Bonghit4202009-10-10Long Beach Roller Derby
Anita Bopabitch2162007-01-01Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Anita Bourbonor 22011-11-23Resurrection Roller Girls
Anita Buffao422012-04-23Mainland Misfits Roller Derby
Anita Chainsaw9922009-01-29Jerzey Derby Brigade
Anita Cold One40 oz2012-04-03Lambton County Derby League
Anita Confess 2007-11-01Lonestar Rollergirls
Anita Cookie42008-11-20Long Island Roller Rebels
Anita Cupcake 2011-05-26Rushmore Rollerz
Anita Destroy112008-05-28Geelong Roller Derby League
Anita Disaster3332012-02-05Midwest Mayhem Roller Derby
Anita Disloc8her9882011-09-12Marietta Derby Darlins
Anita Donut02007-01-02TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Anita Doobie532009-09-07Queen City Roller Girls
Anita Drink272011-06-22Northern Lightning Rollergirls
Anita Fingerbang02008-08-19North Star Roller Girls
Anita Fix42006-05-10Long Island Roller Rebels
Anita Getcha 2011-03-01Seattle Derby Brats
Anita Greencard11742009-03-05Renegade Rollergirls (CA)
Anita GrenadeM-792008-11-01Central New York Roller Derby
Anita Greyhound  Cape Fear Killers
Anita HardOneNC-172007-06-14Jacksonville Roller Girls
Anita Hit Sum Won4202006-06-17Dockyard Derby Dames
Anita Kalash472010-11-22Cen-Tex Sirens
Anita Kill2222005-06-01LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Anita Knapp82009-11-19Black Hills Derby Girl League
Anita Len Yo 2007-04-07Duke City Derby
Anita Mandabeats 2011-06-17North Texas Derby Revolution
Anita Margarita64oz2008-10-30Demolition City Roller Derby
Anita Martini92007-08-27Tri City Roller Girls
Anita Nother10512009-08-25Long Beach Roller Derby
Anita Painkiller3572011-01-11Sauk Valley Sirens
Anita Patron 2010-05-23Little City Roller Girls
Anita Priest6662010-02-26Orlando Psycho City Derby Girls
Anita Punchya8008's2011-09-16Cardiff Roller Collective
Anita Richman242011-01-10Bakken Derby Girls League
Anita Riot138 Dallas Derby Devils
Anita Scotch51502008-04-08Redding Rollergirls
Anita Sedative20mg2010-10-08Renegade Rollergirls (OC)
Anita Shampain82011-12-03Tweed Valley Rollers
Anita Slayer72011-01-29Bash Valley Clobber Girls
Anita Smack142011-05-19South Bay Derby Mizfitz
Anita Spankston 2008-10-06Minnesota Roller Girls
Anita Spankya22008-08-17Undead Bettys
Anita Switchblade 2011-06-21Rose City Rollers
Anita Target32 oz2010-11-10NEO Roller Derby
Anita Tension272006-09-21North Star Roller Girls
Anita Tequila5/52011-02-15Central Mass Roller Derby
Anita Tuf-Moth'r082009-02-12Killamazoo Derby Darlins
Anita Valium292006-03-13TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Anita Whacksa Beaver15232010-07-16Mitten Mavens
Anita Whiskey90 proof2010-07-09Paradise Roller Girls
Anita Zombie03212011-04-22Rome Rollergirls
Anita spur4112009-03-12Sioux City Roller Dames
Anitta Veneno6962011-10-312x4 Roller Derby
Anja Downigan82007-02-24Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Anja Patellas<32010-10-12Eastside Derby Girls
Anjabolika08152012-03-05Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz
Anjaina HeartbeatFA5T2012-02-05New Hampshire Roller Derby
Ankle Bitin' AnnieSweet 162009-02-01Denver Roller Dolls
Ankle Breaker 2011-04-01Norfolk Bruizin' Bettys
Ankle Grinder912009-03-09Adelaide Roller Derby
Anktion192011-09-09Vienna Rollergirls
Ann 'Oi1382011-10-18Riverside Roller Belles
Ann Alizarine662011-04-27Rotterdam Death Row Honeys
Ann Archy867-53092008-12-08Reno Roller Girls
Ann AtomicU-235 Detroit Derby Girls
Ann Drogyny372009-04-05TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Ann Droid88 Hurricane Alley Roller Derby
Ann E. Briated92006-10-09Minnesota Roller Girls
Ann Halen19842007-02-13E-Ville Roller Derby
Ann Hell-Sling 2010-04-13New River Valley Rollergirls
Ann Heuser Butch462006-07-12Houston Roller Derby
Ann HooliganFTW2010-02-03South Texas Rolleristas
Ann Killbiter (cleared)162010-04-30Tri City Roller Girls
Ann Munition357 Rat City Rollergirls
Ann O'War192011-07-11South West Sydney Rockets
Ann Philanders 2007-12-20FoCo Girls Gone Derby
Ann R Kissed02006-02-18Rat City Rollergirls
Ann Sane20122007-11-08Suburbia Roller Derby
Ann SlandersSTAFF2012-06-13Dutchland Rollers
Ann Staydown9102012-04-05Charlottesville Derby Dames
Ann T. Gravity9.82010-01-07Cape Fear Roller Girls
Ann T. Histamine 2011-09-11Nashville Rollergirls
Ann T. Venom882011-08-22Birmingham Blitz Dames
Ann Thrash222006-03-24AZ Derby Dames
Ann Thwacks102012-01-17Dolly Rockit Rollers
Ann Tix2072007-11-11West Texas Roller Dollz
Ann guish 2008-12-30Derby City Roller Girls
Ann-Abuse250mg2007-07-26Charm City Roller Girls
Ann-Sniper92012-04-24Bembel Town Rollergirls
Anna B. Lektor59 Renegade Rollergirls (AZ)
Anna Barbera7072007-04-28Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Anna Bomb52008-10-28Sudbury's Rock City Rollers
Anna Brasion102006-07-30Chi*Town Sirens Roller Derby
Anna D. Killa7772007-04-19Mid Iowa Rollers
Anna Din122011-10-16Valleys Roller Dolls
Anna Filactic32008-06-12Pile O'Bones Derby Club
Anna Kalashnikov472010-11-10Capital City Rollers
Anna Key492012-02-16Rocky Roller Derby
Anna Killakova 2010-04-07Mid Iowa Rollers
Anna L. Beads8882011-02-02Paradise Roller Girls
Anna Liez832011-01-23Mississippi Valley Mayhem
Anna Malinstinct3142008-09-29Burning River Roller Girls
Anna MosityH82007-09-23Fort Lewis Bettie Brigade
Anna Nicole Smite 2008-08-11Derby City Roller Girls
Anna Nicole Smithereens 2011-05-17South Jersey Derby Girls
Anna Nomalie 2007-02-12Riverside Rollergirls
Anna Notherthing11 San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Anna Pave-U'Over40002011-08-15Richter City Roller Derby
Anna Phylaxis-O22009-11-06Darlings of Destruction
Anna PocoLips20102008-10-04TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Anna Salt1/3 tsp2008-05-04Calgary Roller Derby Association
Anna Sasin5 Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Anna SeizeYaOU8125/6/12City of Fists Rollergirls
Anna Septic 2010-03-03Redditch Rebel Rollers
Anna Tramp8 Long Island Roller Rebels
Anna Trocity×2006-08-04Cape Fear Roller Girls
Anna Turny072012-02-12Toronto Roller Derby
Anna Wrecks Ya99 Boston Derby Dames
Anna Wrexx-ItSx002007-11-19No Coast Derby Girls
Anna-maniac9992006-12-16Omaha Rollergirls
AnnaBaslamma13392009-04-16Reno Roller Girls
AnnaKin SkyBlockerOB12011-07-26Camel City Thrashers
AnnaSheDidn't5952012-04-02Stockholm Roller Derby
AnnaTomicallyCorrectU22009-06-06Ring City Rollergirls
Annabel Apocalipstick172009-11-14Helsinki Roller Derby
Annabel Leethal132012-04-25East Coast Devastation
Annabelle Lecter82007-08-05Northern Brisbane Rollers
Annabelle the Cannibal29+2010-02-18TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Annabionic 2011-11-16Comox Valley Rink Minx Rollergirls
Annakill Skywalkersk8r2010-11-14Nidaros Roller Derby
Annamaul "Wo-man!112010-11-09TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Annapocalypse Pow!2010-12-15LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Annarchy in the Dbq202011-01-02Eastern Iowa Outlaws
Annaslaysia Killsemov472008-03-07Tri City Roller Girls
Annasoreass Wrecks442010-12-01Squamish Roller Derby
Annasty Hit82010-07-15Royal City Rollergirls
Annathrax1872011-03-27Greenville Derby Dames
Annatilation102012-02-21Corpus Chrisite Maiden Texas Derby
Annatomic Bomb3212009-06-23Rainy City Roller Girls
Annatomic Weapon5332011-03-01South Island Sirens Roller Derby
Anne Arkie(anarchy) Windy City Rollers
Anne Boleyn-You-Over15362009-11-10Gainesville Roller Rebels
Anne Bones992011-05-13Vette City Roller Derby
Anne Brawl-in15362011-07-03Toowoomba City Rollers
Anne Brawlyn15332012-02-03Ottawa Roller Derby
Anne Dearing 2010-11-24Charm City Roller Girls
Anne Frankensteinc. 18182010-04-05Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Anne Headaway4.482011-09-09Vienna Rollergirls
Anne Persand&2008-09-09Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
Anne RollenVIII2006-04-21Tragic City Rollers
Anne Shank132006-08-11Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Anne Slam83832008-04-29Denver Roller Dolls
Anne Smashaway2532011-01-29Assassination City Roller Derby
Anne Spank162012-04-17Northampton Shoetown Slayers
Anne Starr7D2011-01-23Mississippi Valley Mayhem
Anne SurlyRetired 10/4/132010-11-23South Sea Roller Derby
Anne T. Orthodox7542009-12-16Detroit Derby Girls
Anne Tag-A-Knee442bc2009-10-19Memphis Roller Derby
Anne TagonizeExit 62 Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Anne Tastical212012-04-11Forest City Derby Girls
Anne Teak 2008-10-27Derby Lite
Anne goLA32009-12-03TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Anne of CleavageSTAFF5/8/12Arch Rival Roller Girls
Anne the Bonny Basher422009-02-10Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
Anne-grr Issues102010-12-25Evolution Rollergirls
AnneSleaze142011-03-11Northern Lightning Rollergirls
Anneka Vice84722011-04-04Preston Roller Girls
Anni Hilate115-29-12Munich Rolling Rebels
Anni Pacquiao 2011-10-13Charlottesville Derby Dames
Annia LateHer572007-03-22Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Annie Agony77 B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Annie Ankle Biter 2008-05-04Sacred City Derby Girls
Annie Anthrax.4442010-12-30Cornfed Derby Dames
Annie Atomizer272011-10-28Jersey Shore Roller Girls
Annie Autopsych 2o2010-03-17Ridge Meadows Roller Derby
Annie Banani372010-10-26Eerie Roller Girls
Annie Biotix1%er2012-02-29Red Rock 'N Roller Derby
Annie Block n' Deck Her9112012-01-17Riptide Rollers
Annie Choakley25 Renegade Rollergirls (AZ)
Annie Christ7 Philly Rollergirls
Annie Cleave'er Bitzf2.82012-04-10Dublin Roller Girls
Annie Cockledoux3332008-10-03Green Mountain Derby Dames
Annie Cunttuvei772011-02-06Lahti Roller Derby
Annie Filth672011-11-01Mount Shasta Mighty Rollers
Annie FreezeLN22011-06-18LOCO Roller Derby
Annie Hero 2007-09-18Western NJ Outlaws
Annie Hill85-25-12Mother City Mayhem Roller Derby
Annie Knuckles472009-04-22Chemical Valley Rollergirls
Annie Lastwords 2011-06-10Greensboro Roller Derby
Annie Lethal-Hitsf5/62009-03-09DC Rollergirls
Annie Malistick2192009-12-31Boston Derby Dames
Annie Maul111 Kansas City Roller Warriors
Annie May Maven8195/12/12Jr. Jacksonville Rollergirls
Annie Morphs442012-03-10Bay State Brawlers Roller Derby
Annie Nilator77112007-11-17Bradentucky Bombers
Annie OakCliff.22cal2012-01-20Assassination City Roller Derby
Annie Okie30/305/2/12Tall City Roller Betties
Annie Oops062009-10-01Cen-Tex Sirens
Annie Orphan Maker3212012-02-06North Texas Derby Revolution
Annie Ouchley18852010-08-28Marietta Derby Darlins
Annie R.U.O.K. 2011-10-19Ventura County Derby Darlins
Annie Reksic102009-01-22Sac City Rollers
Annie Savage4515/15/12Hellfire Harlots
Annie Shenanigans332011-03-28Rollergirls of Southern Indiana
Annie Skeptic8082010-09-18Arizona Rollergirls
Annie Smokley72007-02-19Hurricane Alley Roller Derby
Annie Social12011-08-31Rockcity Rollers
Annie Takers56782008-10-14Forest City Derby Girls
Annie Thingoes2472010-08-08Perth Roller Derby
Annie Tomical 91 2012-04-24Cincinnati Rollergirls
Annie Von Carnage32010-05-11Bay City Rollers
Annie War Doll86d2010-06-17Flathead Valley Roller Derby
Annie WarheadW802010-09-15Rat City Rollergirls
Annie Wrecksion9"2007-05-04Dallas Derby Devils
AnnieOxidantE3002011-10-15Lansing Derby Vixens
Annietime Anniewhere2472007-04-11Atlanta Rollergirls
AnnihilasianH5N12007-05-18TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Annihilating Annie4222011-08-01Gold Coast Derby Grrls
Annika Smashen7OF92012-03-06Mad Wreckin' Dolls
Annikin SmacktalkerR2D22008-03-08Coos County Rollergirls
Annita Hit-a Bitchcode-2172010-11-30Ark Valley High Rollers
AnnmadRetired 2/11/132007-04-20MTL Roller Derby
Annoyed Android422009-06-19Spindletop Rollergirls
Annsanity962007-03-17Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Anntagonist 2008-01-17Valley Fever Roller Demons
Annya C. Stars72009-11-03Lilac City Rollergirls
Annycheck292011-05-17Bear City Roller Derby
Anomellie3822007-10-14Oklahoma City Roller Derby
Anonymiss Skater3032010-02-23Adelaide Roller Derby
Anonymoose1012012-04-10Illinois Derby League
Ant Raxxv2.02011-08-10Gent GO-GO Roller Girls
Ant Thrax222011-03-01Pottstown Roller Derby Rockstars
Antagone 2007-01-25Riverside Rollergirls
Antero KontrolREF5-17-12Kouvola Rock n Rollers
Anthrax Angel 2010-03-05Hub City Derby Dames
Anthrax Annie12 Gauge2010-12-03Naughty Pines Derby Dames
Anthrobrawlogist (The)20072011-04-01Twin City Derby Girls
Anti Barbie (The)14.92010-08-10Murder City Roller Girls
Anti Em2152006-10-16Big Easy Rollergirls
Anti Entity6652008-08-31DC Rollergirls
Anti Hero402008-10-09Humboldt Roller Derby
Anti-Krista182012-03-15A'Salt Creek Roller Girls
Anti-Social Dee742009-02-09Ventura County Derby Darlins
AntiBullyREF2011-08-01La Crosse Mens Derby
AntiChristopher LeeRef2010-12-11Helsinki Roller Derby
Antibody 2011-07-07Mountain Gateway Sisterhood of Steel
Antidote 2007-06-20Philly Rollergirls
Antinomy70X72012-02-06North Texas Derby Revolution
Antoinette Lavey665 1/22006-06-25Philly Rollergirls
Anton Deck232012-04-07Dolly Rockit Rollers
Anubis's Keeper4112012-04-16Halifax Roller Derby
Anublitz 2009-08-28Charm City Roller Girls
Anvil SmasHerNasty302011-08-15Cornfed Derby Dames
Any Lethel20cc2010-02-15Florida Hardcore Derby League
Any Rant.05mm2011-05-17North Star Roller Girls
AnyBody KillHer4202010-08-02Grand Junction Roller Girls
Anya Allnight3.142010-07-14Brandywine Roller Girls
Anya B Hinds132008-01-14Fox Cityz Foxz
Anya Badside0072009-02-09Lowcountry Highrollers
Anya Baqueccs2522012-04-18Niagara Roller Girls
Anya Booty42010-01-06Circle City Derby Girls
Anya Case 2010-07-20Richland County Regulators
Anya DixonColt 452007-08-02Fort Myers Derby Girls
Anya Face2342007-02-14Forest City Derby Girls
Anya Heels6 shooter2007-06-08Rat City Rollergirls
Anya Kankels1512009-03-29Slaughterhouse Derby Girls
Anya Knees12 Mad Rollin' Dolls
Anya MamY05/15/12Hellfire Harlots
Anya Neezenbeg68+12010-04-05Dead Girl Derby
Anya Nerves3.142008-12-19Suburbia Roller Derby
Anya Ragg 2008-06-14Rainy City Roller Dolls
Anya Rass272012-04-26Grey Bruce Roller Derby
Anya Tailgate4x42012-04-01Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
Anya TukhusA552010-04-12DC Rollergirls
Anya the Bunny Slayer11:112007-05-27Humboldt Roller Derby
Anyah Sass232011-01-09Skate the Wilderness
Anyka Painyka982008-03-26Rollergirls of Southern Indiana
Apache Rose PeacockREF2006-08-07Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
Apache Star4442011-08-09Crossroads City Derby
Apertorturef142012-03-09Omaha Rollergirls
Apes of Wrath192011-08-22Shoreline Roller Derby
Apeschit8882008-01-27Lonestar Rollergirls
Apex142011-03-30High City Derby Divas
Apex Predator355-29-12Memphis Roller Derby
Apex Spin3x232011-12-25London Rollergirl_s Rec League
Apex Twin92012-06-11Drive-By City Rollers
Aphrobitie882010-11-20580 Roller Girls
Aphrofighty* 2009-06-01Emerald City Roller Girls
ApocaLoops20122010-05-04Prison City Derby Dames
Apocahips5122012-01-20Jacksonville Roller Girls
Apocalex562011-09-05Croydon Roller Derby
Apocalippz86 Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Apocalipstick!13372006-07-14Rose City Rollers
Apocalisa272011-04-14Gent GO-GO Roller Girls
Apocaliz NowAK-472007-07-31Magnolia Roller Vixens
ApocalypSo502011-05-27Amsterdam Derby Dames
Apocalypchick862011-04-22Peoria Push Derby Dames
Apocalypse Cow772011-03-09Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Apocalypse Meow9 lives2011-02-28Rock Coast Rollers
Apocalypse Nerd422009-04-19Ballarat Roller Derby
Apocalypse-PwniePWN12012-02-21Newcastle Roller Derby
Apocalyptic Gemocide6162012-02-16Rocky Roller Derby
Apollo 2010-04-13New River Valley Rollergirls
Apollo AntonN0-N02012-01-17Soul City Sirens
Apollo's Mistress192011-05-11Nightmares on Main Street
Apollonia Thunderpussy15122009-02-16Sydney Roller Derby League
Apostrofiend (The)2412011-05-08Chicago Outfit
ApotheScaryREF2011-06-07Peoria Push Derby Dames
Apothecarrie 2008-10-06Minnesota Roller Girls
Apothic DreadV1N02012-01-16Circle City Derby Girls
Apple Clobber3.142010-01-29Charlottesville Derby Dames
Apple Cyanider1122012-06-02South Sea Roller Derby
Apple Got 'em Queen 2012-06-13Twin State Derby
Apple Hackintosh 2010-03-22Windy City Rollers
Apple Hardcore 2007-06-01Bellingham Roller Betties
Apple Jacked2-22011-04-25Dark River Derby Coalition
Apple Lucy5/5002011-08-16Apple City Roller Derby
Apple Punch72012-02-18Eastside Rock'nRollers
Apple Rumble11:112012-04-01East Vic Roller Derby
Apple Sass622012-01-26COMO Derby Dames
Apple Slice*Ya80082012-01-24High City Derby Divas
Apple smacks6122007-08-01North Star Roller Girls
Apple*Teaser692010-06-28Otautahi Roller Derby
Applicious 2006-11-28Sioux Falls Roller Dollz
April Arsekick132012-04-23North Cheshire Victory Rollers
April Cruel752010-10-14GTA Rollergirls
April Eightball82006-12-10Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
April Fools04012006-04-28Central Coast Roller Derby
April May Dismember45122011-03-27Black Rose Rollers
April Mayhem 2011-04-11Juneau Rollergirls
April O Steel882011-08-22Kent Roller Girls
April O'Kill9392012-04-18Beckley Area Derby Dames
April O'Squeal4T32011-08-01W.A. Roller Derby
April Ohmygodareyouintroublenow 2008-08-12Eves of Destruction Roller Derby
April Showers952012-02-17Kokeshi Roller Dolls
April Sin332010-03-29Okanagan Shuswap Roller Derby Association
Aprilla the Hun4442008-01-02Sydney Roller Derby League
Apteryx Borealis422012-01-20Gold City Roller Girls
Aqua Knock U Out 2012-02-07Kitsap Derby Brats
Aquabrat! (The)32A2010-04-19Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Aquaholic4092010-03-12Alachua County Rollers
Aquilla 2011-02-17Clarence Valley Roller Derby
ArAttack Asses9112012-03-07Arnhem Fallen Angels
Arachna132012-04-16Aarhus Derby Danes
Arachna Phoebe2612010-06-15Brisbane City Rollers
ArachniWheels 2010-06-02Rose City Rosebuds
Arbitraitor692011-05-04Tampa Bay Men's Roller Derby
Arc-Flash182011-10-12Saskatoon Roller Derby
ArcHer Back7112011-03-25Strong Island Derby Revolution
Arcane212009-01-15MO-KAN Roller Girlz
Arcane Sugar10!2010-01-11Arch Rival Roller Girls
Arcee Firebolt 2011-02-28Dixie Derby Girls
Arch Emily222011-09-05Croydon Roller Derby
Archbitch of Slamterbury1382010-07-15Royal City Rollergirls
ArchibaldJeerleader2009-04-06Arch Rival Roller Girls
Archie Lee592006-12-27Kansas City Roller Warriors
Archie the PirateMascot2009-07-07Arch Rival Roller Girls
Architorture 2011-12-02Belle City Roller Girls
Ardna Eel312009-03-18Wasatch Roller Derby
Areal Mermaid68102011-12-14Kokeshi Roller Dolls
Areal Nighmare1162010-07-26Bradentucky Bombers
Arefted Devilopment 2009-12-21Rideau Valley Roller Girls
Areola512009-08-25Cherry City Derby Girls
Aretha Breaklimbs 2010-06-22Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Aretha Spankin'892007-12-20Texas Rollergirls
Argo192008-06-17Queen City Roller Girls
Argy Barby692008-10-15Hidden City Derby Girls
Argyle Spankr$252011-07-12Borderland Roller Derby
Ari Gotcha7895/8/12Arch Rival Roller Girls
AriVederci19812011-03-01Seattle Derby Brats
Arie Hell1262012-04-13rocKArollers
Ariel Assault23 Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Ariel Attack442009-10-29Central Mass Roller Derby
Ariel BomberB-572012-01-17Tournament City Derby
Ariel Combatte(we are) 1382008-07-16Geelong Roller Derby League
Ariel Demon3332009-08-26Rollergirls of Southern Indiana
Ariel Offensive292010-01-28Rat City Rollergirls
Ariel Onslaughtf-142010-11-12Emerald Coast Roller Derby
Ariel Pain 2012-01-31Rodeo City Rollergirls
Ariel-LA-twister6062011-06-12Mendocino County Roller Derby
Aries A. Fliktion92011-11-12St. Cloud Area Roller Dolls
Aries Fury1's2006-08-27East Texas Bombers
Arista Crash3312011-04-20Lehigh Valley Rollergirls
Arithmatrix8002012-03-03Hartford Area Roller Derby
ArithmekixxxStaff2010-03-05Vette City Roller Derby
Arithmetrix8002012-02-26Hartford Area Roller Derby
Arizona Lightning232010-02-26Assault City Roller Derby
Ark Angel5012009-11-02Central Arkansas Roller Derby
ArkAngel De La Mort17902010-06-13Magnolia Roller Vixens
Arlene Latrine 2006-12-10Rubber City Demolition Dolls
Arm & HammerF12011-04-01Twin City Derby Girls
Arm & Slam'er172011-01-02Chippewa Valley Roller Girls
Armada Latina4812011-11-14Arctic Roller Derby
Armageddoll872011-04-08Tropic Terrors Derby League
Armageddon Rose 2010-07-03Sunshine Coast Roller Girls
Armageddon Smashed 2010-03-11Towns Villains Roller Derby
Armajennon332012-03-16Southern Delaware Rollergirls
Armalite Angie30-30.1502007-09-12Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Armed Bandit012010-04-01Glasgow Roller Girls
Armed Intervention77002011-07-21Tar Sand Betties Roller Derby
Armed Kandy452009-05-15LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Armed and Hammered792010-09-27Cheyenne Capidolls Roller Derby
Armenian ASSault-Her 2011-07-06North Texas Derby Revolution
Armorkillo 2010-04-27Amsterdam Derby Dames
Armr'd Rose4442011-12-14Cherry City Derby Girls
Army of AimeeREF2012-02-26Magic City Rollers
Arni Ged Um17172011-07-07Hellfire Harlots
Arnold Schwartz-a-Skater 2010-04-21Sonoma County Roller Derby
Arockalypse (The)942012-03-02Crescent City Derby Devils
Arratack Phoenix732011-04-22Arnhem Fallen Angels
Arrested developer2x42008-11-26New River Valley Rollergirls
Arrow Dynamic42011-03-31New Hampshire Roller Derby
Arrow GhentREF2008-02-11Green Country Roller Girls
Arry Bo 2010-11-08Lincolnshire Bombers
Arsen Elle44 Mag2007-05-24Wichita Falls Derby Dames
Arsenic Angel32009-05-19Corpus Christie Maiden Texas Derby
Arsenic Martini1.5oz2009-09-09Rideau Valley Roller Girls
Arsenio Brawlcb5502007-11-11Rat City Rollergirls
Arsey Nic332011-04-11Northland Nightmares
Arson Annie 2007-01-10Jet City Rollergirls
Arson Crafts1112010-08-12Philly Rollergirls
Arson ElbowsTNG12011-11-11Southcentral Michigan Renegade Rollitia
Arson Fire172011-10-04South East Saskatchewan Roller Derby Association
Arson Tina2-2 tango2011-02-22Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Arson Welles 2011-09-16Indianapolis Quad Squad
Art O'PhishalREF2007-08-07Windy City Rollers
Art Vandelay432012-01-30Sailor City Rollers
Art*Attack20072012-02-20Santiago Roller Derby
ArtaChoker7142012-03-26Fargo Moorhead Derby Girls
Artctic Roll24122011-08-05Sheffield Steel Rollergirls
Artemis Anarchy 2011-10-10Sisterhood of Steel
Artemis Foulmouth 2011-03-14Rose City Rollers
Artemis Foulmouth (cleared) 2011-09-16Rose City Rollers
Artemis Prime2122010-06-04Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
Artemischief43 Arch Rival Roller Girls
Artemisia Nova11,1 LY2010-01-24Richter City Roller Derby
ArtepissedSOX22011-11-26Bemidji Babe City Rollers
Arthur Dented422011-08-01Southern Discomfort Roller Derby
Arthur.I.Tis 2012-03-12Hulls Angels Roller Dames
Arti Chokehold8182010-06-17Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
Artic Assassin6662011-12-05Boom Town Derby Dames
Artic Blast Her8182011-06-08Midnight Sun Roller Girlz
Artic Fox442011-07-02Yukon Roller Girls
Artillery Clinton 2006-04-14Dead City Rollers
Artillery ShellB-172011-07-14Crossroads City Derby
Arts N' Crass972011-07-15Central Mass Roller Derby
Arts and Crash 2009-02-12Garden State Rollergirls
Arty Farty8:52012-01-23Gothenburg Roller Derby
Arwen Red752010-03-30Croydon Roller Derby
Arya Dunne172009-12-21Rideau Valley Roller Girls
Arya Hurtin13372012-02-23Shadow City Rollers
Asa Clubs9112009-03-23Roc City Roller Derby
Asa Diamonds12010-02-01Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
Asa Hurtz 2010-02-28Wicked Outlaws Roller Derby
Asa Spades12011-02-12Amsterdam Derby Dames
Asajj Skatress15032012-04-01West Kentucky Rockin Rollers
Asaulty Siren 2011-07-10Pow! Town Roller Derby
Ash Crush Her4u2010-01-11South Side Roller Derby
Ash Hol5192010-11-18Border City Brawlers
Ash Smasher222011-07-28VIVA Roller Derby
Ash WheeliamsREF2009-08-19Torpedo Bay Roller Girls
Ash, HousewaresStaff2011-10-15Lansing Derby Vixens
Ash-Kicker24/7 Atlanta Rollergirls
Asher Dasher0to602011-07-08North Pole Babes in Toyland
Ashes Boomstick13002012-01-24Marietta Derby Darlins
Ashfault662011-03-17Jacksonville Roller Girls
Ashinator20002010-09-13Appalachian Rollergirls
Ashley Blood 2010-07-20Columbia QuadSquad
Ashley Catch'em1502008-03-09Rollergirls of Southern Indiana
Ashley ThuddRetired 2/11/132007-05-11MTL Roller Derby
Ashno302012-04-13One World Roller Derby
Ashodda Strych992011-03-22Dakota Derby
AshphixC83332012-06-07West Kootenay Women's Roller Derby
Ashphyxiate962007-12-18Team Elite
Ashton Butcher×2010-10-16Roller Girls of the Apocalypse
Ashtroid02011-11-21Mountain Maulers Roller Derby
AsiL-X24/seven2010-02-08MTL Roller Derby
Asia Minor0072010-08-24TBD (delete 9/27/13)
Asian Assassin362007-06-04Port City Roller Girls
Asian Chow DownX2006-12-18Dominion Derby Girls
Asian Invasion272007-04-09Dixie Derby Girls
Asian Orange19672007-05-07Disaster City Roller Girls
Asian Persuasion3232010-06-16Hudson Valley Horrors
Asian Sinsation 2008-09-02Naptown Roller Girls
Asian ZingG62011-08-03Brighton Roller Dollz
Asian of Death308ci2011-07-21Northside Rollers
Asista Suicide 2007-10-19Emerald City Roller Girls
Ask Me About Free Beer40oz2011-08-01Randall County Roller Dames
Askin Forit10102010-02-19Durham Region Roller Derby
Asonya Face 2010-04-23Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Asphalt Amazon192010-11-23TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Asphalt Anarchy 2008-10-13Victoria Rollergirls
Asphault Annie 2006-06-30Derby City Roller Girls
Asphyxi 2010-03-19Rose City Rollers
Asproboy3332012-02-10Moreton Bay Roller Derby
Ass Coach Beir6.16.7932011-04-20River Region Rollergirls
Ass Force One42012-02-04BlackLand Rockin'K-Rollers
Ass N Junk572012-02-21Newcastle Roller Derby
Ass PincHer1232011-11-14Arctic Roller Derby
Ass of Sin1012010-06-17Sin Cal Derby Vixens
Ass-A-Steel Savage 2010-12-29Grand Rapids Area Roller Derby
Ass-trology1435/3/12NorCal Rollergirls
Assail'Her Jerri92proof2010-05-27Monterey Bay Derby Dames
Assalting Caramel 2011-11-30Seattle Derby Brats
AssassCin0072007-08-27LOCO Roller Derby
Assassin Asian22011-11-16Black Rose Rollers
Assassin Smackaround962012-04-23The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
AssassinN8N82010-03-26Calgary Roller Derby Association
Assassinatrix86'd2009-01-17Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls
Assault 'N Cattery 2008-06-11Columbia QuadSquad
Assault 'N' Pepper (cleared)52012-02-10South Sea Roller Derby
Assault Disney1012011-02-12Reef City Roller Girls
Assault E. Senorita 2009-10-11Tragic City Rollers
Assault M. Boca192012-04-28Bay State Brawlers Roller Derby
Assault T' Red Head 2009-12-15Okanagan Shuswap Roller Derby Association
Assault TrifleM162010-10-18Middlesbrough Milk Rollers
Assault n' Flattery222009-02-04Boston Derby Dames
Assaulted P-Nut4132010-11-08Jet City Rollergirls
Assaultin' Pepa86 Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Assaultine Cracker Jackers112010-08-13McLean County MissFits
Assaulty Ms. D'Meanor3652011-11-26Bemidji Babe City Rollers
Assay KickerREF2011-02-11NJ Hellrazors
Asset (The)342007-11-01Tallahassee Rollergirls
Assie Gallore0072010-05-25Cape Fear Roller Girls
AssmanREF2009-03-11Grand Strand Rollergirls
Assparagus AssAssinB92011-06-09East Lansing Roller Riot
Asstastic6192010-08-11Quad City Rollers
Asstronomical 2011-01-29Southern Oregon Rollergirls
Asstronutcrusher17012010-01-16Sac City Rollers
Asteroid Alice72010-06-28Swansea City Slayers
AsthmaddyCo22008-02-05Disaster City Roller Girls
Aston Martini510hp2010-03-02Toronto Roller Derby
Astra Zombie1382006-11-06Long Island Roller Rebels
Astranomic Assault132007-11-14Vero Beach Rollergirls
Astrid Smash+12010-12-12Belle City Roller Girls
Astro Creep20002011-08-22Shoreline Roller Derby
Astro Glide The Fanny Pack
AstroBoyToy74032010-11-28Northern Brisbane Rollers
Astronaughty1012007-10-19B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Asuka the Ouch7172011-04-07Harrisburg Area Roller Derby
Asylem912010-02-01Inland Empire Derby Divas
Asylum Alice22011-01-05Tournament City Derby
Asylum Angel82012-04-15Gympie Helltown Rollerz
Atari Joykick26002010-09-10New Hampshire Roller Derby
Atari Panic26005/8/12Mid-Hudson Misfits Roller Derby
Athena72007-01-31Steel City Derby Demons
Athena DeCrime30 Windy City Rollers
Athena Thrasher 2012-04-17Jackson Hole Juggernauts
Athena Thundermuff9112011-10-31Reno Roller Girls
Athletic Support-Her9"2009-02-10Houston Roller Derby
Athora T.012009-12-08Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Atilla da Hood002011-01-04NV East Roller Girls
Atilla the Dunn 2010-10-04Ohio Valley Roller Girls
Atilley the Hun3602010-01-11Southern Illinois Roller Girls
Atlantic Slammin'7422010-02-10Ottawa Roller Derby
Atlas Slugged7112012-03-29Capital City Skull Crushers
AtmosFear992006-04-15Renegade Rollergirls (AZ)
Atom Bombshell 2012-04-21Loco Roller Derby
Atom Cockroach312012-02-04Ladies of Helltown
Atom CrusherREF2012-04-30Central Coast Roller Derby
Atom Eve52006-06-07San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Atom Smash-her U-238 2012-04-11Resort City Roller Dolls
Atomatrix032008-12-29Oly Rollers
Atomic Alex9202007-11-11Bradentucky Bombers
Atomic Angel42011-07-15Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Atomic BettyRoom 2152008-11-15Orange County Roller Girls
Atomic Blonde 2009-02-20Houston Roller Derby
Atomic BombChelle4152011-07-13Resurrection Roller Girls
Atomic Bombino19452009-06-19Steel City Derby Demons
Atomic Bombshell 2011-12-13Emerald City Roller Girls
Atomic Cherry882008-12-08Western Sydney Rollers
Atomic Cupcake4442011-04-07Harrisburg Area Roller Derby
Atomic FireO2 Denver Roller Dolls
Atomic Hawk9992011-03-10Colorado Roller Derby
Atomic Hellkatz 2011-02-13Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz
Atomic HittinL362010-09-27Liverpool Roller Birds
Atomic Hollycaust(Squareroot) 92011-12-21Tulsa Derby League
Atomic Mel-DownU 2352010-09-29Gainesville Roller Rebels
Atomic Mom662006-09-21Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Atomic Nosebleed2402011-03-03TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Atomic Sass1992010-05-05Mid Iowa Rollers
Atomic Toaster782007-10-19West Yellowhead Roller Derby
Atomic Tutu2:22011-08-01W.A. Roller Derby
Atomic Von Vengeance112011-05-23Coventry City Derby
Atomic WhistleREF5/14/12Copenhagen Roller Derby
Atomik Ann6272011-12-05Oklahoma City Roller Derby
Atrevete212011-04-07Single Handed Roller Derby
Atropos82011-10-16Tarragona Roller Derby
Atta Grrrl82010-11-04Central City Rollergirls
Attackagawea20502009-04-01Lowcountry Highrollers
Attax Deductions 2010-08-14Twin Cities Junior Roller Derby
Attaxyl Rose1512006-03-29Steel City Derby Demons
Atticus Flinch242011-02-22New York Shock Exchange
Atticus Lynch 2006-10-16Cape Fear Roller Girls
Attila the Honey242008-07-02Sacred City Derby Girls
Attila the Mum4342011-02-22Geelong Roller Derby League
Attila the Nun4062010-12-17Lonestar Rollergirls
Attny OutlawAces & 8's2010-12-11Dead Girl Derby
Attorney MisConduct8.42011-04-28Three Rivers Roller Derby
Attractive NuisanceTWO32009-09-16Paper Valley Roller Girls
Atypical feMEL80/45/15/12Texoma Roller Derby
Au Contraire9232009-07-27Denver Roller Dolls
Aubrey Rough6432011-06-08Santa Cruz Derby Girls
Aubrey Tuff 2011-03-02Mountain Derby Girls
Auburn Assasin222010-11-23Cardiff Roller Collective
Auburn Rubber82010-08-11Fog City Rollers
AudBrawl19nb2010-05-27CoMo Derby Dames
Auda Belle Payne1302010-05-23Little City Roller Girls
Audacious Rebel20-1402007-09-13Indpendent 4/25/13
Audi50002009-03-31Duke City Derby
Audi Rageous372010-03-01Denver Roller Dolls
Audi- Yos1842012-01-14South Simcoe Rebel Rollers
Audi-my-wayA62008-02-05Pikes Peak Derby Dames
Audio DarlingCOACH2012-04-26Port Scandalous Roller Derby
Auditor (The)10402012-03-06Mad Wreckin' Dolls
Audracity29112011-11-08Naptown Roller Girls
Audrey Autopsy2D42010-07-07Sandusky Rollergirls
Audrey Deathburn7 1/82010-03-01Albany All Stars Roller Derby
Audrey Deck Burn822011-10-06Ottawa Roller Derby
Audrey Floorburn612010-05-02Lansing Derby Vixens
Audrey Get Burned772011-04-14Gent GO-GO Roller Girls
Audrey Headburn \92008-04-18I-5 Rollergirls
Audrey Headburn
1+2+1+12007-01-07Jet City Rollergirls
Audrey Heartburn0002010-03-09Triple Sword Roller Girls
Audrey Hellborn11342007-10-19Toronto Roller Derby
Audrey HipburnH2S042007-07-28Palmetto State Rollergirls
Audrey Rinkburn12011-08-11Tokyo Roller Girls
Audrey Rugburn9 Denver Roller Dolls
Audzilla872008-03-08Rollergirls of Central Kentucky (ROCK)
Auggie Von Butcher72532010-05-23Little City Roller Girls
August N FuryAneMaul 42008-06-09Western NJ Outlaws
Aundie Bomb1up2012-02-16Central Kansas Derby Coalition
Aunrey Hepburn'612008-11-13Rollergirls of Central Kentucky (ROCK)
Aunt E. Maim22oz2010-02-11Glass City Rollers
Aunt Flo282006-05-07San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Aunt Jam Imma 2010-10-25Terminal City Rollergirls
Aunt JeMaimya750ml2011-04-05Reign Valley Vixens
Aunt Skally962012-04-30Oxford Wheels Of Gory
Aunt Slappy152011-02-13Rebel County Rollers
Aunti Christ
  + Spawn of San Juan
666 B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Aunti Depressant 2007-01-25Riverside Rollergirls
Auntie Ballistic992010-03-28Rage City Rollergirls
Auntie Bellum 2009-11-09Tallahassee Rollergirls
Auntie Climax392009-09-22Suburbia Roller Derby
Auntie EmbolismF52007-01-12Omaha Rollergirls
Auntie Establishment582008-05-11Steel City Derby Demons
Auntie HitsToo Mean352008-02-10Hammer City Roller Girls
Auntie Inflammatory 2011-01-14Terminal City Rollergirls
Auntie Massacre362012-01-09Renegade Rebels
Auntie Psykottek2+2=JELLO2009-08-25Cherry City Derby Girls
Auntie Terror9072007-10-19London Rollergirls
Auntie Thesis 2010-12-15Crossroads City Derby
Auntie VirusH1N12011-11-05North Coast Roller Derby
Auntie War%992012-03-09Apple City Roller Derby
Aunty Aggro10805-23-12Canberra Roller Derby
Aunty Jack 2012-02-21Newcastle Roller Derby
Auror Berniealis9.752011-09-03Rage City Rollergirls
Aurora Bor E Malice252011-09-15South Simcoe Rebel Rollers
Aurora BoreASS KICKJust182011-10-12Burlington Bombers Roller Derby
Aurora Borey-ALL-ASS002011-09-16DC Rollergirls
Aurora Brutalis172007-10-19Rose City Rollers
Aurora Bully BadAss7112011-07-25Muddy River Rollers
Aurora Gorealis (cleared) 2012-06-11Big Island Babes
Aurora Gory Alice70.52006-08-13Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Aurora N. Goodtime682011-03-13Flint City Derby Girls
Aurora Thunder7772010-02-15Western Sydney Rollers
Aurora Whorealis1112007-07-20North Star Roller Girls
Aurore Brawlealis19842010-08-02Birmingham Blitz Dames
Aussie Ausborn192012-03-19Gorge Roller Girls
Austin19662011-10-02San Diego Roller Derby
Austin Plow-Her14002011-01-02Rock City Riot
Austin Tatious 2012-02-29Red Rock 'N Roller Derby
Austin Wheelie512009-11-27Leeds Roller Dolls
Austro-Hungarian Umpire 2010-11-10Dead Girl Derby
Auto Blonde412008-06-30Muddy Water Murder Dolls
Auto Manic552009-11-19Dragon City Derby Dolls
Autolux19932010-09-08Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby
Automatic Pain07302012-03-18JBLM Bettie Brigade
Autopsy Turvy21g2010-07-28Des Moines Derby Dames
Autopsyana142011-11-05North Coast Roller Derby
Auttomic02 Renegade Rollergirls (AZ)
Autum Stardust 2011-03-01Seattle Derby Brats
Autumn AtticweaponAK472007-01-05Emerald City Roller Girls
Autumn Bomb4202008-07-22Southern Oregon Rollergirls
Autumn I. Way112009-08-06North Star Roller Girls
Autumn Wreckquiem782011-10-06Hudson Valley Horrors
Autumn von Rotten10312006-11-13Terminal City Rollergirls
Autumnal EquiKNOX 2010-07-04Eerie Roller Girls
Autumnatic 2007-01-25Riverside Rollergirls
Autumnus Nicneven752008-01-16Torpedo Bay Roller Girls
Ava Assassin3002010-09-10Tiger Bay Brawlers
Ava Bonesetter432012-02-29Roller Derby Hannover
Ava Jay-jay332011-02-02Paradise Roller Girls
Ava Kedavra682008-01-17Victoria Rollergirls
Ava Launcher882012-01-04Gallatin Roller Girlz
Ava Rage3332010-09-27Liverpool Roller Birds
Ava Tarr11012011-02-07Ohio Roller Girls
AvaTart4112010-07-09Paradise Roller Girls
Avada Kaz'davra852011-08-02Royal Windsor Roller Girls
Avakova Slapabich212009-12-05Old Capitol City Roller Girls
Avalanche 2010-11-16Rose City Rollers
Avalanche k2 2011-06-16Rose City Rollers
Avayla Bull24/72010-01-14Battle Born Derby Demons
Ave Fénix395/10/12Barcelona Roller Derby
Ave Satani422007-12-29Hammer City Roller Girls
AvengHer5592009-10-29Western NJ Outlaws
Avenged Centerfold0.52011-11-29TBD (delete 8/29/13)
Avengelyne882010-09-27TBD (delete 8/29/13)
Avenger HolyfieldKO2012-06-11Drive-By City Rollers
Avenger Snowflake132010-09-02Rebel County Rollers
Avenging Angel 2009-02-09Rose City Rollers
Average Joestaff2009-10-26Maine Roller Derby
Avernus 2008-04-07Derby Revolution of Bakersfield
Aversion Maryπ2006-09-25River City Rollergirls
Aviatrix 2011-05-04E-Ville Roller Derby
Avida SaneL8R2010-06-10Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Aviee Bustn AzzCoach2010-10-21Derby Revolution of Bakersfield
Avihater472010-10-26Potential Fresh Meat Practice Squad
Avona Biteu8982010-03-12Fargo Moorhead Derby Girls
Avril Obscene4d102011-08-09Pottstown Roller Derby Rockstars
Avyshankher032011-04-07Single Handed Roller Derby
Aw0wwDerbyScore7272011-10-22Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
AwFull Nelson102011-01-10Bakken Derby Girls League
Awesome AdjustHerN3RD2011-01-09No Coast Derby Girls
Awesome Possum32011-07-21Rocketeer Rollers
Awesomness PrimeP22011-03-17Southern Illinois Roller Girls
Awful Waffle732009-01-23Independent Ref
Awnry O'Hulligan372010-07-21Rose City Rollers
Axe A. DentalDH17122008-12-03Providence Roller Derby
Axe S. D'Nied 2011-05-01Denali Destroyer Dolls
Axel Breaker232012-04-18Sacred City Derby Girls
Axel Massacre152011-01-12Dead End Derby
Axelle Raven 2011-06-28Margaret River Roller Derby
Axiom Addict3142010-09-08Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby
Axis Of Evon 2009-03-17Victorian Roller Derby
Axl Blows  Rose City Rollers
Axl Morose2412011-12-17San Fernando Valley Roller Derby
Axl Rhoads2172010-03-17River Valley Roller Girls
Axl Rogue422011-03-13Omaha Rollergirls
Axl Rolls 2007-11-11Diamond State Roller Girls
Axl Slash-R872011-04-11Northland Nightmares
Axle AdamsSTAFF2007-07-20Rat City Rollergirls
Axle FollyREF2008-10-19Granite City Roller Girls
Axle Greaser40oz2007-12-14Pacific Roller Derby
Axle Rosie87 Lonestar Rollergirls
Axle SparxAK472011-01-25Malice Springs Roller Derby
Axle Stential420 Friendly2011-03-14Angel City Derby Girls
Axlegrinder McQueen12032011-08-02Central City Rollergirls
Axles of Evil58 LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Axta Grind2112007-12-05Red Rockettes Recreational Roller Derby
Axtual Malice19642010-03-23Atlanta Rollergirls
Axxident 2008-01-12Rideau Valley Roller Girls
Aya Yai5552012-06-11Suburbia Roller Derby
Ayarollah Ghomeggi90%2012-01-12Angel City Derby Girls
Ayatollah of Roller 2012-04-02Perth Roller Derby
Ayda Storm5.02011-11-10Wakey Wheeled Cats
Aye Carlee10142010-11-13West Coast Derby Knockouts
Ayleen Like-achola72010-02-27Cen-Tex Sirens
Aym 2 Misbehave442011-05-02Rome Rollergirls
Ayn Rancid132010-08-18Ottawa Roller Derby
Ayn Randy26212012-04-20Treasure Valley Rollergirls
Azeret 2010-03-22Ann Richards Rollergirls
Azonic 2011-03-01Seattle Derby Brats
Aztek Lunatik202010-02-01Inland Empire Derby Divas
Azul Fuego 2009-05-02Austin Derby Brats: Texas Rollergirls' Junior League
Azz Catch-Em1512010-12-11Dead Girl Derby
AzzKaBam7312011-03-11Olympia Underground Derby
Azzy Starr175-25-12Mother City Mayhem Roller Derby
B Afraid482008-12-09Canberra Roller Derby
B Bomber512009-11-05Emerald City Junior Gems
B Bruisin U222010-03-13M.I.A. Derby Girls
B Buff Bruise Her2692011-01-14Lea County Roller Wenches
B CZAR132008-01-29Sault Roller Derby
B Elsie Bub6662009-10-21Lowcountry Highrollers
B Flossin325/16/12Devil Dog Derby Dames
B Head R9112009-06-09Riverside Riptides
B MURDA1872008-10-15Slaughter County Roller Vixens
B Ruthless6242011-10-10Battle Creek Cereal Killers
B Side45 RPM2010-08-11Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
B Stang 2009-09-20San Diego Roller Derby
B Tsunami 2011-07-02TBD (delete 6/12/13)
B of the Bang 5/6/12Oxford Roller Derby
B tease N52008-01-12Oly Rollers
B'Dunkadunk1872006-10-02Mad Rollin' Dolls
B'Kra$h'N222011-10-11Apple City Roller Derby
B'Ouch4802011-03-14Van Diemen Rollers
B'Rabbit6mile2011-01-31Unforgiven Roller Girls
B'Stroyer692006-03-13Mission City Brawlin Betties
B'Tempted2262011-12-15Boulder County Bombers
B'Wrecka1212011-10-20Coffs Coast Derby
B'kini whacks212007-09-13Queen City Roller Girls
B'nerREF2010-10-09Classic City Rollergirls
B-17172006-09-26Queen City Roller Girls
B-52 Bomb Her522012-04-18Niagara Roller Girls
B-Cup Brawler6292011-11-08Naptown Roller Girls
B-Dazzled042009-09-09Gent GO-GO Roller Girls
B-FLATtened132011-05-17Cornfed Derby Dames
B-Force12012-04-18Anarchic Die Hard Derby
B-Header2222007-07-08TBD (delete 6/12/13)
B-Hit93942011-08-08Durham Region Roller Derby
B-One Bomber222009-04-21Charlottesville Derby Dames
B-RADicalSTAFF2011-11-08Fort Wayne Derby Girls
B-RadUpside down 52006-03-28Memphis Roller Derby
B-Ran 2010-12-01Skee Town Skirtz
B-Ray 2007-04-19Dallas Derby Devils
B-Squared29432011-11-08Naptown Roller Girls
B-Train112006-11-26Angel City Derby Girls
B-Ware 2009-06-22Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz
B-Wrex81502012-04-2710th Mountain Roller Dolls
B-fly242009-07-07Blackwater Rollers
B-rock122010-03-07Wicked Wahine Derby Association
B-side blaze 2008-10-06Albany All Stars Roller Derby
B-xXxtremexXx2008-03-04Paper Valley Roller Girls
B. CapitateHer522009-02-18Angel City Derby Girls
B. Longinazoo2002009-11-30Phoenix Rattleskates/Dry Heat Rattleskates
B. Melicious4-3v3r2007-01-17Central Arkansas Roller Derby
B. Nasty  Derby Rotten Scoundrels
B. Radddd 2009-05-18Connecticut Death Quads
B. Trix Rotter0792011-09-22MK Roller Derby
B. ZerkManager2010-04-05Gotham Girls Roller Derby
B.A. Baracus 2011-04-07GateKeepers Roller Derby
B.A. Betty9992011-10-15Central Michigan Roller Derby
B.A. Block'us182011-08-08Dublin Roller Girls
B.A. Blondie312011-09-06TBD (delete 6/27/13)
B.A. Chica232009-09-22Cal Skate Roller Derby
B.A. Douglas19725/6/12Oxford Roller Derby
B.A. Payne772010-11-28Skyland Roller Girls
B.A. StrykHer7692011-10-02Sick Town Derby Dames
B.A.B.S. the BruiserLucky 132010-07-28Brighton Roller Dollz
B.A.C. 2012-03-19Sioux Falls Roller Dollz
B.A.M!142010-11-30Illinois Valley Vixens
B.A.T.s002008-01-25Central Arkansas Roller Derby
B.B. Basherb45h2006-03-29Steel City Derby Demons
B.B. Burlesque18682009-05-11Southern Oregon Rollergirls
B.B. Wolfe  Chicago Men's Roller Derby
B.F. Goodbytch45 rpm2006-12-10NEO Roller Derby
B.F. Skinya882011-05-24OKC Outlaws Roller Derby
B.Gaze42011-10-17Namur Roller Girlz
B.J. HARMstrong1342009-09-07Queen City Roller Girls
B.J. Hooker36*24*362006-04-01Hammer City Roller Girls
B.O.A.42007-04-09Dixie Derby Girls
B.O.B3432008-11-25Battle Born Derby Demons
B.O.B.REF2008-06-19Central Oklahoma Roller Derby Assoc.
B.Rogue VigilanteZ0MB2012-01-08CT Rollergirls
B.T.K1872009-01-08Dead End Derby
BABS6112011-06-24Green Country Roller Girls
BACON112010-01-15Harbor City RollerDames
BADITUDE2282012-04-03Dutchland Rollers
BAILey Legal182012-03-02Crescent City Derby Devils
BAM Bina4-182010-12-15Tucson Roller Derby
BAMber3602011-12-17San Fernando Valley Junior Derby
BAMphetamine192010-03-11Hellgate Rollergirls
BASS Master867-53092011-02-09Burlington Bombers Roller Derby
BAT CAT5532010-04-12DC Rollergirls
BArf 2006-09-21Steel City Derby Demons
BB Blast-her942012-01-30Gladstone Roller Derby
BB Bloodlust 2012-03-22Golden Isles Roller Derby
BB Bombshell6662008-10-24Tiger Bay Brawlers
BB Bones3332011-12-13North East Roller Derby
BB Gun 2010-01-24709 Derby Girls
BB McGee 2011-01-14Terminal City Rollergirls
BB Sangre0+2012-01-30Sailor City Rollers
BDI12:34AM2009-11-13Toronto Junior Roller Derby
BDS 2009-01-03San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
BEKAH H8H82012-01-13Far North Derby Dolls
BETTE PINCH362008-07-02Middlesbrough Milk Rollers
BEX Addiction 2008-10-28Richland County Regulators
BF SkinHer9152011-02-01Prison City Derby Dames
BFFStaff2011-02-07Ohio Roller Girls
BIMBOrella36D2009-01-02Castle Bombers Roller Girls
BISH BASH BUSH82011-09-16Cardiff Roller Collective
BJ Bandit22762010-03-09Reno Roller Girls
BJ Hott Mess 2011-07-17Sioux City Roller Dames
BJ TallywhackerStaff2009-03-25Grand Raggidy Roller Girls
BJ bad A.382011-10-24Red Rockettes Recreational Roller Derby
BJ got $MACK51502012-06-11Rainy City Roller Dolls
BJaMminStaff2011-05-09Catawba Valley Roller Girls
BK Brawler 2010-04-28Red Stick Roller Derby
BLOODY PICKA1nce a mth2009-04-06Lonestar Rollergirls
BO BituaryDOA2009-02-10Houston Roller Derby
BOB 'The Rasta' Ninja3042011-08-28Farm Fresh Roller Girls
BONNIE CANFLY142012-01-16B.M.O. Roller Derby Girls
BOOKEND TRIXIE312010-01-05Oly Rollers
BOOM BOOM Pow90%2010-01-23Arch Rival Roller Girls
BOOM Shaka Laka492011-02-02Rage City Rollergirls
BOOM!!! Cupcake1092012-02-03Rocket City Roller Girls
BOOMbay Safire9762009-09-10Minnesota Roller Girls
BOOTY HUNTER51502008-10-20Disaster City Roller Girls
BOTulism 2007-04-07Duke City Derby
BREAKER tHIGHs5115/2/12LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
BREWtal Hips1432011-08-28Bay City Rollers
BRUISE DEALER092012-01-16B.M.O. Roller Derby Girls
BRUTALULU0W2012-03-19Black Mamba Junior Derby
BRUTALicious5102011-03-19Big Easy Rollergirls
BUNNICULA***2007-11-15Providence Roller Derby
BUNSandAMMO 2009-01-11Emerald City Roller Girls
Ba Ba Blacksheep4WD2011-04-01Trinity Roller Derby
Ba Dum Tush1412012-01-12Angel City Derby Girls
Ba Low Me2272011-02-21Black-n-Bluegrass Rollergirls
BaPOW!622012-01-12Parliament of Pain
Baam Baam333 Mad Rollin' Dolls
Baba GHOULash215/15/12Hellfire Harlots
Baba Jaga52011-01-25Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz
Baba Yaga2022011-02-17Clarence Valley Roller Derby
Babara Barfight1012011-03-15Crime City Rollers
Babbling Brooke802010-06-18South Island Sirens Roller Derby
Babcocked & Loaded3572011-09-29Dutchland Rollers
Babe A Fett5252011-11-02LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Babe Ballistic112012-04-23The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Babe E. Quakes 2009-02-05Burn City Rollers
Babe Gnarley51502011-06-12Mendocino County Roller Derby
Babe Lincoln402008-09-18Queen City Roller Girls
Babe Malicious862007-04-06Emerald City Roller Girls
Babe Marley 2010-07-20Richland County Regulators
Babe Rainbow32011-04-02Red Rockettes Recreational Roller Derby
Babe RastoBetch62012-04-16Revelstoke Roller Derby Association
Babe RunnerREF2010-11-09TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Babe Ruthless9 Texas Rollergirls
Babe Sapien 2009-04-20Tallahassee Rollergirls
Babe Trooper502010-10-03Thunder Bay Roller Derby
Babe View2072007-03-30TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Babe Vigoda562009-03-06CT RollerGirls
Babe Wrath662010-09-25Bay Rollers
Babe-ilon32008-09-02RockTown Rollers
Babeater02012-03-05Gray City Rebels
Babeonic Plague13482010-08-08Perth Roller Derby
Babeous Corpus 2010-12-29Grand Rapids Area Roller Derby
Baberaham Lincoln4 score 7 beers ago2008-10-24Brewcity Bruisers
Babewulf72011-04-10Fog City Rollers
Babooski 2011-10-20East Central Roller Derby
Babracadabra152010-06-18South Island Sirens Roller Derby
Babs Havok 2010-06-04Mississippi Brawl Stars
Babs the Barbarian332011-03-31Dirt City Roller Rats
Babushkill1-152011-08-14Toronto Roller Derby
Baby "T"052011-02-01Lakeland Ladykillers Roller Derby
Baby Anvil332007-04-23Riverside Rollergirls
Baby B. Snap 2008-03-14Cornfluence Crush Derby
Baby Back Bacon212011-02-18Bakersfield Junior Roller Derby
Baby Bash80 Proof2007-05-01Lava City Roller Dolls
Baby Beast152011-07-02Metropolitan Roller Derby
Baby Beerest6pk2012-01-01Downriver Roller Dollz
Baby Bird32012-02-08Camel City Thrashers
Baby BiteHer 2011-12-10James River Fury
Baby Blackheart222009-03-03Sauk Valley Sirens
Baby Blount472011-06-26Happy Valley Derby Darlins
Baby Bruise872008-03-10Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz
Baby Buster50002012-01-27Kansas City Roller Warriors
Baby Daddy00HN002011-03-19Big Easy Rollergirls
Baby Face Kill-Her3332010-05-21Lilac City Rollergirls
Baby Face MillerN262010-03-29Twin City Derby Girls
Baby Fighterfly1000 Corpses2006-07-06Providence Roller Derby
Baby Frat10172011-01-11Totally Committed Derby Girls
Baby Fuck Off132010-05-24Dragon City Derby Dolls
Baby G 2011-01-05Durham Region Roller Derby
Baby Giraffe122012-02-06North Texas Derby Revolution
Baby Girl BamBam92011-03-17Cal Skate Roller Derby
Baby Girl MeltinSK82011-09-12Marietta Derby Darlins
Baby Girl Trouble54-465-18-12Abilene Derby Dames
Baby Got Smack772010-11-14New River Valley Rollergirls
Baby Got Trackb122012-02-11Kansas City Banked Beauties
Baby Huey472011-07-23Infinite Mass Roller Derby
Baby J9182011-04-22Crown City Rollerz
Baby Jane Hurts'em31315/14/12Grin 'n Barum
Baby JebusREF2009-01-17Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls
Baby Jones 2012-01-18Emerald City Junior Gems
Baby Kakes (cleared)3502009-12-14Hurricane Alley Roller Derby
Baby KicksA555-29-12Munich Rolling Rebels
Baby Lou Tattoo 2010-10-04Ohio Valley Roller Girls
Baby Mama's Drama 2009-05-02South Jersey Derby Girls
Baby Nuclear0112011-02-11Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
Baby Peach222009-02-07Mamas Bad Derby Girls
Baby Skates Nelson 2007-11-14Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Baby Snakes552007-04-14Lilac City Rollergirls
Baby Splice19712008-10-20Rated PG Rollergirls
Baby Sugar332012-06-13Tar Sand Betties Roller Derby
Baby WeissRetired 5/24/132007-07-28TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Baby bot 2009-03-31Duke City Derby
BabyWantsBlood132012-02-14Zombie Rollergirls
Babycakes852009-03-09Newcastle Roller Derby
Babydoll242011-09-18West Kentucky Rockin Rollers
Babydoll-Gone Wrong12662012-02-07Carson Victory Rollers
Babyface Assassin4'10.5"2009-02-10Texas Rollergirls
Babyface Bam Bam.082009-08-20Gas City Rollers League
Babyface Bandit7092011-03-10Key City Roller Derby
Babyface Basher132009-12-10Mid Iowa Rollers
Babyface Nellie.45 caliber2008-01-21Angel City Derby Girls
Babygirl12011-11-21Mountain Maulers Roller Derby
Babylon the grave 2008-02-08Duke City Derby
Babylonian SlammerlBE172011-09-21ToadSuck Derby Dames
Babyslam792011-07-15Kent Roller Girls
Bacardi Bruiser0052011-01-21Sydney Roller Derby League
Bacardi She-breeze151 dark2010-07-23Suburbia Roller Derby
Bacardi n Coke 2010-02-20Assassination City Roller Derby
Baccha Nailya 2011-03-14Rose City Rollers
Bachicholina7772011-07-02Sailor City Rollers
Bachomp11002011-08-07Ballarat Roller Derby
Back Ali Brawler9/172008-06-09Battle Born Derby Demons
Back Alley Bejay4062011-02-16Electric City Roller GrrrlZ
Back Alley Bruiser0.52008-08-07Sick Town Derby Dames
Back Alley sally4202008-09-18Forest City Derby Girls
Back Aly Bludgeoner40oz2006-03-13TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Back Benderm62011-12-27Zombitches
Back Draft Betty9112011-06-02South Florida Rollergirls
Back Flash702011-08-29Paradise Roller Girls
Back Hand Bella20152011-04-28Hammer City Roller Girls
Back Stabbath43112009-10-21Lowcountry Highrollers
BackFire422012-01-244 Corners Rollergirls
Backdoor BanditREF2011-09-29Convict City Roller Derby
Backdoor Bettie 2011-09-06Heart of Appalachia Roller Derby
Backdraft Burns7202009-08-11Ithaca League of Women Rollers
Backhand Bettie 2010-02-18Slaughterhouse Derby Girls
Backlash BostonBB2008-04-27Richter City Roller Derby
Backroad Barbie122011-01-09South Central Roller Girls
Backroom Brawler5252010-08-11Quad City Rollers
Backseat BettyS1NR2011-02-02Rage City Rollergirls
Backstabbing Betty112009-08-18Mainland Misfits Roller Derby Association
Backwards KateB522011-02-27Happy Valley Derby Darlins
Backwoods JessRetired2008-03-07Tri City Roller Girls
Backwoods SLASH-her1872012-01-31Hartford Area Roller Derby
Bacon & Legs4 days2009-09-08Mission City Brawlin Betties
Bacon Bergina15%2011-07-02Yukon Roller Girls
Bacon Bits 2012-06-06Prairieland Punishers
Bacon Smutty262011-10-25South West Angels of Terror
Bad A Bling712010-04-02Thunder Bay Roller Derby
Bad Andi 2008-04-15Rushmore Rollerz
Bad Apple-Jam-N3-2-12008-04-29New River Valley Rollergirls
Bad As* Nat002012-02-02Long Island Roller Rebels
Bad Ash5102010-09-08Dutchland Rollers
Bad Ass Barbie3.142011-01-09Sandusky Rollergirls
Bad Ass Boopster9112012-01-22LOCO Roller Derby
Bad Ass Mama232008-06-09Bay State Brawlers
Bad Ass Mo' Foe1512009-02-18B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Bad Ass Radish82012-03-07One World Roller Derby
Bad Ass Shiraz292011-12-05Towns Villains Roller Derby
Bad Ass'assin6662011-02-23MK Roller Derby
Bad Asset19292009-09-27DC Rollergirls
Bad Assidity222011-04-01Twin City Derby Girls
Bad Astra612011-04-26East Coast Devastation
Bad Astral332012-04-18Sacred City Derby Girls
Bad Baby Jammer32008-06-10Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Bad Betty3332006-05-07Phoenix City Rollers
Bad Bird14115/14/12Copenhagen Roller Derby
Bad Brains Betty2.71 lbs2011-02-02Paradise Roller Girls
Bad Catittude.3572007-11-08Springfield Rollergirls
Bad Charlotte932010-10-13Harbor Girls e.V.
Bad Credit$0.002008-05-22Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Bad Czech Bo-Hotty93.92012-03-22Durango Roller Girls
Bad Czek 2007-11-24Richland County Regulators
Bad Daddy Yan162010-04-21Central City Rollergirls
Bad Datan/02011-10-27Rolling Hills Derby Dames
Bad Dirt13:72009-06-27Rideau Valley Roller Girls
Bad English6,7,8,92010-01-11South Side Roller Derby
Bad Fad4402011-01-02Chippewa Valley Roller Girls
Bad Faith5x52008-10-15London Rollergirls
Bad Girlfriend692008-12-03Red Deer Roller Derby Association
Bad Grognasse 2011-12-01Switchblade RollerGrrrls
Bad Hattitude552011-12-17Plymouth City Roller Girls
Bad Influence562010-08-11Texas Rollergirls
Bad Injury 2007-10-19Derby City Roller Girls
Bad Intentions972009-08-27Atomic City Roller Girls
Bad Jelly (the bitch)5552008-05-21Pirate City Rollers
Bad JuJu74 Memphis Roller Derby
Bad Karma Dharma10+12009-09-24Junction City Roller Dolls
Bad Kimestry1012007-03-03NorCal Rollergirls
Bad Kitty20002010-08-13Van Diemen Rollers
Bad L. Fury33 1/32012-04-26Rollergirls In Pagosa (R.I.P.)
Bad Lady532008-03-11Fairbanks Rollergirls
Bad Lattitude58*N2011-12-31Rock Island Rollers
Bad Lil' Boo 2009-07-15Undead Bettys
Bad Luck Betty 2009-04-01Magnolia Roller Vixens
Bad Luck Charm3572008-03-14Fox Cityz Foxz
Bad Mamma Jamma 2009-11-05Emerald City Junior Gems
Bad Mamma Johna  Renegade Rollergirls (AZ)
Bad Medicine482008-02-21M.I.A. Derby Girls
Bad Mo Flo2 Low2009-12-17Dallas Derby Devils
Bad Monkey19732012-01-13Med City Mafia
Bad Mopy452011-04-14Gent GO-GO Roller Girls
Bad Mother12011-06-19Cape Girardeau Roller Girls
Bad News Barbie1012011-04-04Nidaros Roller Derby
Bad News Baroness762008-11-07Nashville Rollergirls
Bad News Betty272011-03-17Cal Skate Roller Derby
Bad News Blockovich8172011-10-08Dundee Roller Girls
Bad Omen9992007-02-27Kansas City Roller Warriors
Bad Penny1 cent Derby City Roller Girls
Bad Perdita72012-02-14Zombie Rollergirls
Bad Person552009-12-31Boston Derby Dames
Bad PittREF2007-11-11Forest City Derby Girls
Bad Plan112011-01-06Dom City Dolls
Bad Press4032011-07-12Borderland Roller Derby
Bad Princess 2011-10-11Kingston Derby Girls
Bad Ref.utation 2006-06-25Fort Wayne Derby Girls
Bad Relijen732011-06-15Hellfire Harlots
Bad Request4002011-06-23Royal Windsor Roller Girls
Bad Rhi-ality 2012-06-02Coastal Assassins Roller Derby
Bad Roll-mance482011-04-28Undead Bettys
Bad Romantic692010-02-08Second City Roller Bullies
Bad Santa322011-12-04Copenhagen roller derby
Bad Seed (The)22006-09-21DC Rollergirls
Bad Sushi2412010-10-19Ark Valley High Rollers
Bad Teacher32011-07-31Pink Peril Roller Derby
Bad Temp-Her34D2011-04-05Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Bad Temper Alli7-252009-04-30South Texas Rolleristas
Bad Wolf<3<32011-05-10Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Bad in Plaid1-2-82009-02-01Man's Ruin Roller Derby
Bad news b'erin302011-03-19Big Easy Rollergirls
Bad to the Bonita25/12/12Twin City Derby Girls
Bad, Bad Lexy Brown022011-04-13Monashee Roller Girls
Bad-Elle Royale112009-11-27Hot Wheel Roller Derby
Bad-Weather Heather632007-02-05Rage City Rollergirls
Bad-assen4552011-08-20No Coast Derby Girls
BadAss ACE92008-04-29Sioux City Roller Dames
BadAss Baby1022011-11-14Arctic Roller Derby
BadAss Bruise Her914th2011-08-23Rockin' Rural Roller Girls
BadAss Lass5182009-04-15Pittsfield Panty Raid Roller Derby
BadMotorFinger272011-03-29Hawkesbury/Hills Area Roller Derby
BadZillAss732011-12-04Copenhagen roller derby
Bada Bing Bada Boom152010-02-15Duke City Derby (Taos)
Bada Bing King332010-03-01Albany All Stars Roller Derby
Badass Babs 2011-10-05TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Badass Babuska132011-10-18Lule Roller Derby
Badass Maggie12092011-02-07Killamazoo Derby Darlins
BadassarabaREF2012-04-01NorSask Roller Derby
Badbushka272011-07-28Blue Mountains Roller Derby
Badd Mudda Trucka96 Beers2007-06-16Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls
Badda Doom1872011-07-01Northern Rivers Roller Derby
Baddkompany1872009-11-30Single Handed Roller Derby
Baddy Long Legs552010-06-28Otautahi Roller Derby
Badeline KahnStaff2011-02-07Race City Rebels Roller Derby
Badger to the Bone 2011-12-07Windy City Rollers
Badgirl Bubby752009-11-18Royal Windsor Roller Girls
Badlicous182011-07-10Bad Bunny Roller Menen
Badluck Schleprock132011-08-02Unforgiven Roller Girls
Badmoon Risner25:172009-08-07South Bay Derby Mizfitz
Badonka Bam862010-02-18TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Bagarella252011-02-22Roller Derby Toulouse
BagelHot002009-07-26Hammer City Roller Girls
Bagzilla72011-05-23Southern Utah Derby
Bailey BrawlR.38spc2010-08-02Grand Junction Roller Girls
Bailey's Irish72012-06-13Bakersfield Diamond Divas
Baileys Comet27012011-08-31Maui Rollergirls
Baileys Irish Scream552012-01-09Ring City Rollergirls
Baillerina5062011-05-06Okanagan Shuswap Roller Derby Association
Bajagitty Ann13312010-12-07Eastern Iowa Outlaws
Bake Nskate 2011-05-13Mountain Gateway Sisterhood of Steel
Baked Alaska 2010-04-25Duke City Derby
Baked Beanz 2010-10-26Jerzey Derby Brigade
Baker Breakher 2008-06-16South Jersey Derby Girls
Bako Bumpin Krissy432009-07-07Bakersfield Rollergirls
Baks Treat12242011-11-13Calgary Roller Derby Association
Bala-Reina9052011-03-13Toronto Roller Derby
Bala~Ryna BaKbrAker 2010-05-24Skee Town Skirtz
Balboa's Bitch102011-02-06Loco Roller Derby
Bald Bastard4292011-08-31Rockcity Rollers
Bald Evil 2012-02-13Bristol Roller Derby
Bali Hai Bomb 2009-08-05Kauai Derby Divas
Balicarmen112011-07-02Metropolitan Roller Derby
BalistikaO43O2010-09-14Southern Oregon Rollergirls
Ball Barond202006-06-01Dead City Rollers
Ball Bustin Blondie9MM2010-07-26Randall County Roller Dames
Ball Bustin' BruinREF2010-12-07Snake Pit Derby Dames
Ball N. Chain2132010-05-27Blackwater Rollers
Ball Zach292011-06-30Quadfathers, The
Ballbreaker Becky32008-01-02Pacific Roller Derby
BalleReamYa Barbie222011-01-29Assassination City Roller Derby
Ballista Blockheart 2009-02-11Carolina Rollergirls
Ballisti Kat832009-02-19Spokane's Outlawed Roller Derby
Ballistic Betty 2010-06-04Eerie Roller Girls
Ballistic Binty 2011-06-29North Coast Nightmares
Ballistic BomberB502011-06-16San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Ballistic Miss L7202007-08-15Pair 'O Dice City Derby
Ballistic Whistle202007-02-05London Rollergirls
Balls to the Walbergb4lls2010-08-06North Star Roller Girls
Balls-Out Betty7 Big Easy Rollergirls
Ballsley DeepRef2012-03-18JBLM Bettie Brigade
Ballzonya0-02011-03-21Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Baltic Punch552010-11-23Harbor Girls e.V.
Bam B Smears022011-03-03McLean County MissFits
Bam BaLamDJ2009-02-10Wasatch Roller Derby
Bam Bam Bambi112010-01-19Barockcity Rollerderby
Bam Bam Bash-her 2010-04-13New River Valley Rollergirls
Bam Bam Belial292009-09-22Adelaide Roller Derby
Bam Bam Bigelow262011-04-28Hammer City Roller Girls
Bam Bam Block-Her1432009-12-08West Texas Roller Dollz
Bam Bam Bone-Z 2006-03-04Garden State Rollergirls
Bam Bam Boomer  Chi*Town Sirens Roller Derby
Bam Bam Brawler7772010-02-23RockTown Rollers
Bam Bam Hot Damn13 132010-04-15Providence Roller Derby
Bam Bam McCha-Cha37 Dominion Derby Girls
Bam Bam McGee432011-06-16San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Bam Bam Thunderjam542009-11-16Central New York Roller Derby
Bam Bam Tiffalo1052011-01-02M.I.A. Derby Girls
Bam BooHoo692010-07-09Paradise Roller Girls
Bam Taylor-Wood222010-04-27Arnhem Fallen Angels
Bam Wow692010-01-21Dirty Verde Roller Derby
Bam!- Deerest332010-11-22Cen-Tex Sirens
Bam-Bam A Go-Go'732008-07-31Illinois Derby
Bam-zilla4122010-09-28Snake Pit Derby Dames
BamBam772007-02-07Derby City Roller Girls
BamBam BootySlamX0X02011-11-20Undead Bettys
Bama Bangher222011-02-14Hurricane Honyiez
Bama Banshee 2012-03-27Lilac City Rollergirls
Bama Basher9112012-03-14River Regions RollerGirls
Bama Brewser862006-05-16Dixie Derby Girls
Bamabell19632011-04-03Charlotte Roller Girls
Bambamsam 2010-09-17Sun State Roller Girls
Bambi 2008-05-13Toronto Roller Derby
Bambi Ann Thump Her852011-08-02Royal Windsor Roller Girls
Bambi Beat DownF34R2011-11-12Inland Empire Derby Divas
Bambi Blackheart19185/10/12W.A. Roller Derby
Bambi Blackout92010-06-03Central Vermont Roller Derby
Bambi Bloodlust16 oz2012-03-12Tiger Bay Brawlers
Bambi Boozled402012-02-01Hel'z Belles
Bambi Bray212010-09-02Rebel County Rollers
Bambi Bruiser112012-04-22New Jersey Roller Derby
Bambi CrushBone132009-11-14Helsinki Roller Derby
Bambi DextrousXJ4.02011-01-12City of Fists Rollergirls
Bambi Kill502012-03-14Di-Dollz Roller Derby
Bambi Lance54462009-02-15Circle City Derby Girls
Bambi RomanoCoach2011-01-02Fog City Rollers
Bambi Von Hell 2010-09-17Sun State Roller Girls
Bambi on Ice112010-11-24Rotterdam Death Row Honeys
Bambi von DoomD00M2010-08-31Portsmouth Roller Wenches
Bambi von Smash'er4112008-12-09Canberra Roller Derby
Bambi's Revenge422007-11-11Charm City Roller Girls
Bambi. thumpHer19422011-08-29South Sea Roller Derby
BambiBomber19832010-04-21Jacksonville Roller Girls
BambiVicious3962011-12-04Copenhagen roller derby
Bambina5552012-04-30B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Bambitch122011-02-22Roller Derby Toulouse
Bambix762012-02-04BlackLand Rockin'K-Rollers
BambolinaM-162011-08-10Tokyo Roller Girls
Bamboo82012-01-12Parliament of Pain
Bambootie0082011-07-18Echo City Knockouts
Bamboozler312009-01-14KC Roller Warriors
Bambule662010-05-19Bear City Roller Derby
Bamm Bamm BJ 2008-03-05Oil City Derby Girls
Bamm Bamm Brewskie40oz2007-08-16Harrisburg Area Roller Derby
Bammer242012-01-15Clarence Valley Roller Derby
Bampf!102011-06-24Los Alamos Derby Dames
BanSheStaff2010-09-01Humboldt Roller Derby
Banan-a-rammer832007-01-01Oklahoma City Roller Derby
Banana Bam Cakesj_2010-08-17Morgantown Roller Vixens
Banana Havoc6122011-12-31MTL Roller Derby
Banana Ram'Her832007-07-14Rolling Hills Derby Dames
Banana Slam Her 2012-01-08CT Rollergirls
Banana Slamcakes1822011-08-31Maui Rollergirls
Banana Split Lip 2008-03-14Cornfluence Crush Derby
Banana Splitz22010-11-30Illinois Valley Vixens
Banana Squashimoto 5/8/12Swamp City Roller Rats
Bananarchy842011-05-02Angel City Derby Girls
Bananna Slugger16.5cm/min2012-01-06Humboldt Roller Derby
Bandersnatch92009-01-16Ohio Roller Girls
Bandit Queen32012-04-16Aarhus Derby Danes
Bandit San Vicente662007-08-01Orange County Roller Girls
Bandit, The10-4 Dallas Derby Devils
Bandita La Bruise54462009-04-22Heart of Appalachia Roller Derby
Bandita Von Tease40V2008-10-20Rated PG Rollergirls
Bandsaw Betty1012010-11-29Coastal Assassins Roller Derby
Bandysnatch192012-02-20Santiago Roller Derby
Bane-Ana1B2007-05-07New York Shock Exchange
Baneberry372012-04-14South Sea Roller Derby
Bang Bang Barbie3092010-04-19Gent GO-GO Roller Girls
Bang Bang Betty792011-11-11Blue Mountains Roller Derby
Bang Bang Kapow Kapow992009-06-25Canberra Roller Derby
Bang Bang LaDesh572006-03-07Fort Wayne Derby Girls
Bang Bang LouLou4B22011-08-01W.A. Roller Derby
Bang Crosby19542008-03-29Big Easy Rollergirls
Bang Splat27822011-08-01W.A. Roller Derby
Bang'em Langham3762011-01-13MTL Roller Derby
Bang'n Lyca8085/6/12Oxford Roller Derby
Bang-a-Rang Faye2.102011-05-19Naughty Pines Derby Dames
Bang-on102011-03-18Ume Radical Rollers
BangHer Hard+12009-02-16Sun City Roller Girls
Bangarella47112011-05-17Bear City Roller Derby
Bangerang Bambi732011-01-14Snake Pit Derby Dames
Bangers 'N' SMASH0y2011-01-20Missile Mountain Roller Derby
Bangers and Smash27/32011-05-20Furness Firecrackers
Bangin' Mama BettyStaff2010-03-16Lakeland Derby Dames
Bangkok Blondie0072010-10-28Three Rivers Roller Derby
Bangover85C2012-03-19Dom City Dolls
Bangs McCoy222009-01-07Demolition City Roller Derby
Banguerang20122010-12-02MTL Roller Derby
Bangus Young80082010-11-04Winnipeg Roller Derby
Banian Basher772010-11-30Illinois Valley Vixens
Banjo Pattip4712012-04-14South Sea Roller Derby
Bank Roll10K2009-07-28Resurrection Roller Girls
Banks Boy222010-03-15Tulsa Derby League
Banned 4 Life 2011-06-17North Texas Derby Revolution
Banned Aid7772010-11-14New River Valley Rollergirls
Bannock Slap3502009-09-25Pile O'Bones Derby Club
Banshee Bar BrawlerC82011-04-13Oil City Derby Girls
Banshee Got Back882011-03-20Coastal Assassins Roller Derby
Banshee Killdare19232012-04-09Central New York Roller Derby
Banshee Recital982007-09-30Derby Revolution of Bakersfield
Banzai Becks3332010-07-09Paradise Roller Girls
Banzai Buffy 2012-02-13Dakota City Demolition Crew
Banzai!4082010-11-05Long Beach Roller Derby
Bar Belle20.4 kilos/45 lbs2009-07-03Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Bar Brawl Walters 2009-01-18Calgary Roller Derby Association
Bar Fight Barbie10062010-09-24LOCO Roller Derby
Bar Scar Sally132006-11-26Winnipeg Roller Derby
BarCodeREF2010-11-09TBD (delete 6/12/13)
BarFlyLXXXVI2006-06-07Rose City Rollers
Barb Dwyer33rpm2010-02-20Circle City Derby Girls
Barb Wired3772011-10-02San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Barba Fett5LV12007-07-06West Kentucky Rockin Rollers
Barbalicious13372006-09-21Jet City Rollergirls
Barbara AmBush16002007-04-08Texas Rollergirls
Barbara Barfight1012011-09-29Crime City Rollers
Barbara Brawlters 2010-10-14Windy City Rollers
Barbara Bullett 2012-01-17Rose City Rollers
Barbara Bushwhacker272006-06-01Hard Knox Roller Derby
Barbara ButchM0F02011-05-08Chicago Outfit
Barbara Coa140lbs Alamo City Rollergirls
Barbara Gore-tonIss.#3592011-03-10North Texas Derby Revolution
Barbara SlamwyckREF2012-04-21Brewcity Bruisers
Barbara Sparadrap9112011-12-01Switchblade RollerGrrrls
Barbarella66 Texas Rollergirls
Barbarian Barbie 2011-03-01Seattle Derby Brats
Barbarian Librarian020.922007-07-22Santa Cruz Derby Girls
Barbariane of El112011-11-12Dieppe Roller Derby
Barbaric Fairy462011-06-06Dead End Derby
Barbecutioner192012-03-28Nanaimo Nemesis Roller Girls
Barbed Fireno.82011-04-05Bay City Rollers
Barbelé499 daN2012-01-09Roller Derby Quebec
Barber Chop172010-06-09Mason Dixon Roller Vixens
Barbercidal Betty 2012-03-29Tragic City Rollers
Barberika× + 12007-03-09Lonestar Rollergirls
Barberika.7892009-03-05Lonestar Rollergirls
Barberry132010-08-03Sugar Loathe Derby Girls
Barbi Slyde5052010-02-05Rogue Roller Derby
Barbicide187 Tucson Roller Derby
Barbicide Betsey242012-06-11Saskatoon Roller Derby
Barbie Basher 2009-11-26Jet City Rollergirls
Barbie Beatdown17762011-09-04Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
Barbie Beretta452011-02-16Charlottesville Derby Dames
Barbie Biturate18mg2008-03-21New Hampshire Roller Derby
Barbie Bloodshed 2011-06-09Vicious Vixens
Barbie BombshellPerfect 102010-04-15Crossroads City Derby
Barbie Bont992011-07-15Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Barbie Boop5552006-07-06Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Barbie BrawlOO7 Minnesota Roller Girls
Barbie Crash772008-09-25FoCo Girls Gone Derby
Barbie Danger38DD2007-02-03Seatown Sisters of Slant
Barbie Got Back2302007-09-13Rockford Rage
Barbie Hurl 2010-11-03Emerald City Junior Gems
Barbie Killer4202011-05-02Randall County Roller Dames
Barbie Mauler40DD2010-09-30Angel City Derby Girls
Barbie McAssKICKER19592008-09-08Assassination City Roller Derby
Barbie Q2-32006-10-06TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Barbie Skates915/8/12South Side Roller Derby
Barbie Tuerie282011-02-22Roller Derby Toulouse
Barbie Turik172011-02-032x4 Roller Derby
Barbie U H81202011-04-14Cherry City Derby Girls
Barbie WIRE212 (degree symbol)2011-09-07Central California Area Derby
Barbie the WildChild202012-01-05Tulare Roller Derby
Barbie*DeaD882012-02-20Santiago Roller Derby
BarbiegirlREF2009-01-07Central Oklahoma Roller Derby Assoc.
Barbitchuit 2006-11-30AK Roller Derby League
Barbonic Plague1052008-09-28Rubber City Rollergirls
Barbra BooeyLD-502011-01-09DC Rollergirls
Barbrahella on Wheels882008-05-06Rose City Rollers
Barbrarian112010-01-27Kansas City Roller Warriors
Barbwire Barbie202011-09-01Randall County Roller Dames
Barby Dahl34-24-342010-06-02Peoria Push Derby Dames
Bard UpREF2011-09-08Pikes Peak Derby Dames
Bare Bones272011-01-29Mainland Misfits Roller Derby Association
Bare Knuckle Smack742009-01-23Arch Rival Roller Girls
Bare-Grillz1980AD2011-02-20Northside Rollers
BareLeigh Legal182008-02-14Tri City Roller Girls
Barefoot Banshee 2009-04-01Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Barefoot Cuntessa 2009-05-10Okanagan Derby Girls
Bareknuckle Barbie8882010-01-16Sac City Rollers
Barfboy84RF2011-04-22Arnhem Fallen Angels
Barilyn Monroe94 Pikes Peak Derby Dames
Barium137.332007-11-21New River Valley Rollergirls
BarkerCoach2010-08-17South West Sydney Rockets
Barnes & NailHer222012-02-10Springfield's Queen City Roller Derby
Barney Rebel999BC2010-11-09Columbia QuadSquad
Barney Rumble 2010-04-09Jet City Rollergirls
Baron Eurchild 2010-10-03Queen City Roller Girls
Baron RefschildREF2012-02-21Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
Baron von Punchausen2382011-02-04B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Baron von Refthofen802010-11-22Gainesville Roller Rebels
Baroness A-Bomb 5/2/12Flint City Derby Girls
Baroness Von Bast2772010-11-17TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Baroness Von Bloodshed02011-04-15Harbour City Rollers
Baroness Von Brutal86692012-02-21Newcastle Roller Derby
Baroness Von Spike6652010-07-15Royal City Rollergirls
Baroness of Riot102011-02-01Chilli Padi Derby Grrrls
Barra Couga25 & Under2006-05-13Terminal City Rollergirls
BarraChuba1 Bite2010-11-07Oakland Derby Diamonds
Barracuda00 Cincinnati Rollergirls
Barracuda Barbie692008-12-16Rage City Rollergirls
Barracuda Betty702011-06-12Energetic City Roller Derby
Barracuda Blues5am5/4/12Toxic Lima Roller girls
Barracuda BobREF2009-06-01River City Rollergirls
Barrelhouse Bessy102007-09-28Adelaide Roller Derby
Barrellyn Gunhoe122008-07-16Geelong Roller Derby League
Barrelyn Revolver92011-03-27Black Rose Rollers
Barretta9mm2012-01-26Treasure Valley Rollergirls
Barricade9112010-04-08Richter City Roller Derby
Barrie DeHatchet10"2012-04-10Hereford Roller Girls
Barrie Slamders202011-10-14Oakland Derby Diamonds
Barry Fight1 on 12007-11-29Central City Rollergirls
Barry McCaulkenerSTAFF2007-07-16Jet City Rollergirls
Barry Tone 2009-11-24Diamond State Roller Girls
Barry Whiteboy9232011-04-23Shore Points Roller Derby
Barry m. DeepCOACH2011-12-02Twin City Derby Girls
Bart O'Nella 2010-09-08Watertown Roller Derby
Basement Kat232010-08-10Light City Derby
Basement Staxx852011-02-01Light City Derby
Bash Em Rouge1482012-03-15Bexar County Roller Girls
Bash GordonMI52011-09-16Cardiff Roller Collective
Bash Her Bones 2010-03-19Rose City Rollers
Bash N Cari24/72010-03-13Vero Beach Rollergirls
Bash N Dash8T2011-04-07Ozarks Derby Brigade
Bash N. Onya22009-02-17Jersey Shore Roller Girls
Bash n Bronco4442011-03-16Rosebud Rebels Roller Derby
Bash'Her Fett 2010-06-02Redditch Rebel Rollers
Bash'r Fancy N.H.C75-22-12Golden State Roller Girls
Bash'r Fanyc N.H.C.0072012-04-20Golden State Roller Girls
Bash-Full6132007-01-08Queen City Roller Girls
Bash-full Lee6'0"2012-02-13Moab Roller Derby
BashAss WallopHer×2010-12-06Kokeshi Roller Dolls
Basha Bloodaxe947AD2012-01-03Liverpool Roller Birds
Basha Fierce 88882012-04-18Anarchic Die Hard Derby
BashaBelle3.1472009-07-25Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Bashedy Ann 2010-06-02Rose City Rosebuds
Bashem' Up Barbieest. 19592008-11-25Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Basher Barbie1BFF2009-03-17Green Mountain Derby Dames
Bashful Babe 2010-11-03Emerald City Junior Gems
Bashfull BruiserBFT2011-03-05Desert Dolls Roller Derby League
Bashie Hedzin3332008-02-11Fort Wayne Derby Girls
Bashin Blondie125/4/12Zoo City Rollers
Bashin Robyns 2011-08-11Grand Raggidy Roller Girls
Bashin' Berserker832010-11-24Glasgow Roller Girls
Bashin' Betty82010-11-08Whidbey Island Roller Girls
Bashin' Binky1112006-04-21Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Bashin' Bombshell45/7/12San Angelo Roller Girls League
Bashin' Brownie832012-06-04Northside Fury Roller Derby
Bashing Bindy 2011-10-06Gas City Roller Derby Association
Bashing Skulls 2011-08-24Jet City Rollergirls
Bashion Queen 2012-01-08Kill Devil Derby Brigade
Bashley Banks 2011-09-29709 Derby Girls
Bashley Bashyourfacein282011-05-25TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Bashley Blaze0012007-07-17Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Bashley Hurtsalot2132011-06-20Fair City Rollers
Bashley Juggs36DD2006-10-29Dockyard Derby Dames
Bashley Olson822006-04-08Hammer City Roller Girls
Bashonista 2010-11-16Rose City Rollers
Basil BloodlustREF2011-02-02Burning River Roller Girls
Basket Case Betty13.72010-12-15Crossroads City Derby
Basket casey2132011-08-18TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Bass AckwardsREF2010-12-12Mid-State Sisters of Skate
Basset Case6102011-09-11Rocktown Rollers
Bastard Amber 2011-10-12GTA Rollergirls
Basura Blanca3.242010-02-27Cen-Tex Sirens
Bat L. Royale^O^2008-01-14Atlanta Rollergirls
Bat Ma'am262012-04-09Rage City Roller Girls
Bat R Up10002008-12-03Old Capitol City Roller Girls
Bat Runner133Mhz2012-01-30Cranium Basher Dolls
Bat Sk8 Crazy482011-05-16Republic of Korea Derby
Bat'em Around972010-03-13Olympia Underground Derby
BatAss100%2006-12-14Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Batgirl7772007-12-05Central Oklahoma Roller Derby Assoc.
Batman872011-07-02Sailor City Rollers
Baton Rogue 2011-11-29Red Stick Roller Derby
Batsy Thunderbolt132010-09-22Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Batterd Sav42011-03-20Northern Rivers Roller Derby
Batterfly.3932009-06-17Little Steel Derby Girls
Batterin' Gram642007-09-22Minnesota Roller Girls
Battery Operated2AA2008-03-31Charm City Roller Girls
Batting Lashes11:112011-09-07Northampton Shoetown Slayers
Battle Alex662008-02-21South Florida Rollergirls
Battle Angel20122010-08-02El Paso Roller Derby
Battle Barbie822010-11-23Canberra Roller Derby
Battle Bee13142011-01-29Fierce Valley Roller Girls
Battle Cat Royale102011-11-14Arctic Roller Derby
Battle E. Portman 2008-10-12FoCo Girls Gone Derby
Battle Hips36BB2010-03-28High City Derby Divas
Battle Ready Betty1382006-06-01Hard Knox Roller Derby
Battle TankT342010-05-08South Sea Roller Derby
Battle TeacHER332008-03-31South Side Roller Derby
Battle-Ax Barbie13692010-08-27Space Coast Rocket Jockeys
Battleaxe632006-06-11Killamazoo Derby Darlins
Battlecat42006-08-01Eves of Destruction Roller Derby
Battlerina6132012-03-05River City Rollergirls
Battlescar Galactica*2007-01-15Tallahassee Rollergirls
Battlestar Kick Asstica 2008-01-04South Jersey Derby Girls
Battlestar Smashtica662012-01-30Murray River Derby Dames
Battlin' Bea Arthur 2007-01-25Riverside Rollergirls
Batty Acid2.02011-07-02Thunder City Derby Sirens
Batty Belfry132007-12-07Sac City Rollers
Batty Page 2007-05-17TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Baum Threat10-892009-10-02Hell Rio Rollers
Bawdy Czech2172006-06-25Lava City Roller Dolls
Bawdy Lee Harm9112010-06-07Southern Illinois Roller Girls
Bawdy Slam1-9002009-09-27DC Rollergirls
Bawlz1UP5/1/12Paper Valley Roller Girls
Bay Harbor Butcher3052010-06-30Arch Rival Roller Girls
Bayou Badass272009-04-17Demolition City Roller Derby
Bayou ButcherGrr92011-03-21Slaughterhouse Derby Girls
Bayshore Bruiser052012-01-17Riptide Rollers
Bazinga372010-09-20South Side Roller Derby
Bazinga Bettie782010-11-02Burn City Rollers
Bazooka Betty222012-01-22LOCO Roller Derby
Bazooka Joan92006-06-17South Texas Rolleristas
Bazooka Joe49 Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
Bazooka Salt122011-04-21London Rollergirl_s Rec League
Be Bop A Lola092011-07-26Rainy City Roller Dolls
Be Bop-Her Lula1272011-02-10Convict City Roller Derby
BeBe Gunns$99 Dallas Derby Devils
BeBe KaBoom3212009-06-17Flint City Derby Girls
BeBe Tango3432011-04-05West Kentucky Rockin Rollers
BeVenge422012-03-20Darwin Roller Girls
BeXrated3152011-11-03Brisbane City Rollers
Bea Aggressive62007-10-19Queen City Roller Girls
Bea Artch2472011-09-20Varsity Derby
Bea Attitude40 oz Texas Rollergirls
Bea Chazz9dime2010-07-05Rogue Rollergirls
Bea Hynd Barz252Life2011-04-19Limestone CrusHers Roller Derby
Bea LigerentFU Atlanta Rollergirls
Bea Line2122008-03-10Slaughterhouse Derby Girls
Bea N. Hayve3732010-12-15Tucson Roller Derby
Bea Naughty27 Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Bea Nimble1112012-01-02Maine Roller Derby
Bea Obscene7 of 92011-11-11TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Bea T. Down2702011-01-10Bakken Derby Girls League
Bea T. Her-Out432011-08-06Royal Victory Derby Girls
Bea Tera-Fied772010-03-09Old Capitol City Roller Girls
Bea Trix MambaD22008-11-24Tri City Roller Girls
Bea Ware350ppm2008-04-29Denver Roller Dolls
BeaTricks Plotter8232010-06-17Alachua County Rollers
Beach Slap8082012-01-18Saint Cloud Area Roller Dolls
Beads-O-Matic 2009-05-02Austin Derby Brats: Texas Rollergirls' Junior League
Beaker002010-11-09Brewcity Bruisers
Bealzabub Betty132008-09-05Lost Highway Roller Derby
Bean Machine532011-01-17TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Bean Masher 2011-06-19Tulare Kings Roller Derby
Bean-A-Bitch24/72011-03-03Timber Town Derby
Beanie Baby2322010-09-09Tall City Roller Betties
Beanie Bones 2010-12-01Skee Town Skirtz
Beans1/2decaf2010-07-16Santa Cruz Derby Girls
Beanstalker112010-10-03Thunder Bay Roller Derby
Beantown Bomber 2010-07-27Sydney Roller Derby League
Beantown Brawler 2008-02-09Orange County Roller Girls
Bear322010-03-28Newcastle Roller Girls
Bear Claw1332011-06-16San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Bear Drylls12011-04-07Ozarks Derby Brigade
Bear Keg1100cc2008-05-27Northern Brisbane Rollers
Bear Knuckles4-72011-07-02Pueblo Devil Dollz
Bear Kylls1102010-02-10Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
Bear L. Rolle2X2011-01-02Rock City Riot
Bear Lee Giveashit1 FTW2009-09-21Capital District Mens Roller Derby
Bear Lee Human 2010-01-12Gold Coast Derby Grrls
Bear Paw212010-11-04Whiskey Renegade Rollers
Bear Thrylls662011-11-10Wakey Wheeled Cats
Bear Thug782012-01-18Wolverhampton Honour Rollers
Bear-devil252011-03-20Royal Windsor Roller Girls
Beardstein 5/7/12OR Renegades
Bearing Vixen5232010-05-21Castle Rock N' Rollers
Beast (The)6662008-07-22Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Beast Infection5332006-08-04Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
Beast Witherspoon3332010-07-15Jerzey Derby Brigade
Beast of Burton6662009-03-04South Jersey Derby Girls
Beast of Eden8082011-07-15Jersey Shore Roller Girls
Beast of Hurtin'9095/1/12Paper Valley Roller Girls
Beast-Tamer112012-02-08Woodstock Roller Derby
Beastee Bella992010-10-06Ohio Roller Girls
Beaster Bunny882011-01-26Arch Rival Roller Girls
Beastie Bob162011-02-13Copenhagen Roller Derby
Beastilucious 2009-10-23Royal Windsor Roller Girls
Beastly Bit10392011-04-13Cornfed Derby Dames
Beastmaster 2011-05-02Wreckin Roller Rebels
Beastmode8132012-06-07Tampa Bay Men's Roller Derby
Beastro71182009-04-06Quadfathers, The
Beasty Alli 2011-05-22North Louisiana Roller Dollz
Beat Around the Bush402010-05-19Brewcity Bruisers
Beat Arthurstaff2009-11-21Derby City Roller Girls
Beat Box LeRoux002011-02-18Fiend Queens Roller Derby
Beat Boxxx McRocks.99cents2011-08-08Durham Region Roller Derby
Beat Monkey8082011-06-28Hulls Angels Roller Dames
Beat N' Harass24/72007-09-15Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Beat Rose142010-04-21TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Beat a Trick KiddoVOL12012-02-13Savannah Derby Devils
Beat'em Juice142011-01-06Dom City Dolls
Beat'er Parker232007-06-21Hammer City Roller Girls
Beat'er Rottentail6'4"2010-11-24Pikes Peak Derby Dames
Beat'er Von Sleeze992012-04-02Reef City Roller Girls
Beat'n-Chix KiddoVol 1&22009-01-23TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Beat'on The Quads2422011-02-24Roller Derby Quebec
Beat-Catch-U 2009-06-23Syndicate Roller Girls
Beat-Her Rabbit842010-08-08Perth Roller Derby
Beat-U-tiful 2012-03-03Jerzey Derby Brigade
BeatEmUp Buttercup522010-02-23Adelaide Roller Derby
BeatHer Bailey011000102007-05-16Pacific Roller Derby
BeatHerUp Scotty692011-09-27Daylesford Derby
Beata Bitch BlueRound 12009-01-23Jacksonville Roller Girls
Beata Bitchdown722011-12-06Pile O'Bones Derby Club
Beata Blauen192011-07-08Tacones Bandidos
Beater Pan-Tease19762007-02-06MTL Roller Derby
Beater Venkman 2011-05-17Stateline Roller Derby Divas
Beater Von Tease6662009-05-08Triple Sword Roller Girls
Beatermax 2009-12-07Victorian Roller Derby
Beatin' Bam!!B 2011-03-01Seattle Derby Brats
Beating Disorder292011-04-21London Rollergirls
Beatloaf 2009-01-23TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Beatrix Clobber1000%2011-09-13Terrorz of Tiny Towns Roller Derby
Beatrix Garrotter 2011-10-16Valleys Roller Dolls
Beatrix Got'er19022012-03-15Severn Roller Torrent
Beatrix Kill-o882011-01-10Morgantown Roller Vixens
Beatrix Slaughter422006-03-28Independent (TBD 9/30/13)
Beatrix Wicked 2011-02-02Burning River Roller Girls
Beatrix sKiddoVol. 812006-10-16Big Easy Rollergirls
Beatrix Bea Lawless112012-02-01Hel'z Belles
Beats Per Minute33452009-11-06MTL Roller Derby
Beatsy Ross17762011-01-25Soul City Sirens
Beattie Sedgwick7772008-07-20Circle City Derby Girls
Beatts Yer Arse 2010-02-24VIVA Roller Derby
Beatwood Mac19672012-01-15Cape Fear Roller Girls
Beau Diddle252011-07-18Girls Rollin in the South (GRITS)
Beau Gosse422010-03-15Tulsa Derby League
Beau Luxe13072012-01-12Seaside Siren Roller Girls
Beau Mangles332011-01-10Cenla Derby Dames
Beau TankerREF2009-02-03Derby City Roller Girls
Beaucoup Bang Bang5$2011-02-24Roller Derby Quebec
Beaut Vicious172006-03-07Summit City Rollers
Beautiful Deadly 2012-01-18Emerald City Junior Gems
Beautiful Death 2009-08-23Columbia QuadSquad
Beautiful Dirty Rich1202011-09-23Maui Roller Girls
Beautiful Disaster86em2008-05-25Pittsfield Panty Raid
Beautiful Munster002010-06-17Sin Cal Derby Vixens
Beautiful Strangle-her38452011-04-25Sin Cal Derby Vixens
Beautiful Tragedy682010-07-25Duke City Derby (Taos)
Beauty IsA Beast2622010-07-16TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Beauty Queen From MarsD212011-06-22Evolution Rollergirls
Beauty School Knockout552008-06-17Queen City Roller Girls
Beauty Terrorist795/8/12Swamp City Roller Rats
Beauty and Deceased6 Feet Under2007-09-18Tallahassee Rollergirls
Beauty the Beast3132011-01-25Ocala Cannibals Roller Derby
Beaux Toxx5042010-10-13Charm City Roller Girls
Beaver Bandit (The)202010-01-24709 Derby Girls
Beaver BasherN492011-02-14Brisbane City Rollers
Beaver Canoe172007-12-30Eves of Destruction Roller Derby
Beaver Cleaver332006-03-17Molly Roger Rollergirls
Beaver Destruction962009-06-27Newcastle Roller Derby
Beaver Mansbridge 2010-11-04GTA Rollergirls
Beaver Trapper16192010-03-03West Coast Derby Knockouts
Beaver Vendetta545/15/12Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Beaver Weaver162010-03-30Perth Roller Derby
Bebe Banger13372009-05-20FoCo Girls Gone Derby
Bebe Blitz522011-03-03Plymouth City Roller Girls
Bebe Brewski522007-05-05Port City Roller Girls
Bebe Le-strangle 2010-05-27Southern Oregon Rollergirls
Bec N Kill 2010-08-15Gladstone Roller Derby
BecRec 2012-01-07Cardiff Roller Collective
Becca BombB522010-08-27Dundee Roller Girls
Becca bruiser 2012-02-29Charlies Derby Dolz
BeccaCudaBarrel of a .452011-09-01Benton County Derby Dames
Beccanator801.52009-05-19Blackwater Rollers
BeckD132011-03-20Assassination City Roller Derby
Beck-n-hateher1082008-08-15Wilkes Barre Roller Radicals
BeckOff BitchUR #12008-10-15Paper Valley Roller Girls
Becka the Wrecka19842006-04-28Dominion Derby Girls
Beckoning! (The)162011-06-28Seaside Siren Roller Girls
Becky Bites Back6665/13/12Beet City Bombers
Becky Bloodnut312009-04-19Ballarat Roller Derby
Becky Booty866 Houston Roller Derby
Becky Bulldoz-Her20122011-01-09South Central Roller Girls
Becky Lawless82010-02-12Stockholm Roller Derby
Becky Reckless 2010-05-28Lonestar Rollergirls
Becky Sharppr22009-07-27Acadiana Good Times Rollers
Becky The Butcher99c2006-03-29Brewcity Bruisers
Bectacular752012-02-25Rum City Derby Dolls
Becuz I. Can30.062010-09-21Hurricane Alley Roller Derby
Bedazzlynn Grrrrrl 2012-04-02Jet City Rollergirls
Bedlam Belle13302009-02-04Boston Derby Dames
Bee A. Frayed7892007-01-22Angel City Derby Girls
Bee Peachy232012-04-18Niagara Roller Girls
Bee Sting1012007-11-15Redditch Rebel Rollers
Bee Strangev1.02008-11-19Northern Brisbane Rollers
Bee Warned 2011-01-07Jet City Rollergirls
Bee-Bop 2010-04-24Redditch Rebel Rollers
Bee-Bop-Her 2010-04-12Rushmore Rollerettas
Bee-Yatch1012011-10-08Nasty Nessies Roller Girls
BeeBee DeVille 2008-05-18Ithaca League of Women Rollers
BeeBee Gunn 2012-01-26Ithaca League of Women Rollers
BeeBee MaGeeB002011-09-12Renegade Derby Dames
BeeLicious10-102010-09-21Hurricane Alley Roller Derby
Beech Slap312010-08-07Imposters Roller Girls
Beef100%2010-04-04Texas Rollergirls
Beef Benderloin20oz2009-02-25Philly Rollergirls
Beef SupremeA12012-04-04A-Town Roller Girlz
BeefCake Barbie 2011-11-03Terminal City Rollergirls
BeefQuakeML92010-12-09Cowtown Butchers Mens Roller Derby
Beefcake Bettee042012-01-16Powder River Rousta 'Bout It Betties
Beefcake Girl32011-01-23Mississippi Valley Mayhem
Beefy Dom-Her3332011-06-07Battle Creek Cereal Killers
Beefy Penankle6042012-03-22Columbia QuadSquad
Beefy Sir Vixen6042011-12-21Columbia QuadSquad
Beefy VanderhugeMST30002009-09-05Glass City Rollers
Beel Z. Bubba 2008-12-15DC Rollergirls
Beelz Bob 2006-10-20Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Beelzababe6ft Under2006-10-06Jet City Rollergirls
BeelzeBetsy6672011-03-10North Texas Derby Revolution
BeelzebarbieREF2011-02-02Burning River Roller Girls
Beelzebelle6662006-03-29Brewcity Bruisers
Beelzeboss 2007-01-09TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Beelzebunny19832011-07-07Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
Beelzeebub ThrasherJaws862006-09-25River City Rollergirls
Beep Beep20 sixXx2011-10-22Bayou Outlaw Roller Girls
Beep! 2006-08-06Lava City Roller Dolls
Beer B Wench232012-02-04New River Valley Rollergirls
Beer Is My Mantra 2008-11-04Tallahassee Rollergirls
Beer N. Skittles10-562011-01-09Skate the Wilderness
Beer Necessities122012-03-22Orange County Roller Girls
Beer Nuts 2009-05-21Rushmore Rollerz
Beertester16642011-05-04London Rockin Rollers
Bees Knees42nd Street2010-04-19Bull Falls Roller Derby
Bees Whacks53382011-03-24Portland Men's Roller Derby
Beethoven's Fist52010-07-08Green Mountain Derby Dames
Beetlecruise342011-08-05Red Lion Roller Derby
Beezus Christ3:292011-07-14Twin State Derby Upper Valley Vixens
Begon for Mercy472011-10-11West Yellowhead Roller Derby
Behemoth Bettie× +12009-02-26Mid Iowa Rollers
Behexen 2011-03-14Rose City Rollers
Beige ThunderREF2011-08-10London Rollergirl_s Rec League
Beirut Bombshell (The)M802007-04-17Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Bek CanTearAss62011-07-28VIVA Roller Derby
Beka rekanize8592008-11-17Black-n-Bluegrass Rollergirls
Bekah Body Chekah08072011-01-29Kitsap Derby Brats
BekahSioux Massacre72011-05-18Mississippi Rollergirls
Beki Band-Aid132010-03-25Ladies of Hell Town
Bekka Nail YaInfinity2008-11-25Sick Town Derby Dames
Bel Ting232010-09-26Towns Villians Roller Derby
Bela Kiss582012-02-08Adelaide Roller Derby
Bela LowblowsiPlan 92008-06-06Dutchland Rollers
Bela Lugreasy 2007-03-10Coos County Rollergirls
Bela Tripps LeStrange75872011-02-13Iron Mountain Roller Girls
Belcher Knoxxx8572011-10-14Hartford Area Roller Derby
Belfast BrawlerREF2011-07-07Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
Belgian Awful8122011-07-15Central Mass Roller Derby
Belgian BeHELLa112012-03-27Eastside Derby Girls
Belgian Bob882011-09-29Crime City Rollers
Belinda Scarlisle872010-03-03San Diego Roller Derby
Bell Lashings042011-05-03Bay Rollers
Bell Von Killer34862011-07-28Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby
Bella B' Brewzyn3132011-03-21Bakersfield Diamond Divas
Bella B'Flat84bpm2010-09-27Liverpool Roller Birds
Bella Backstabber132010-05-13Randall County Roller Dames
Bella Ballistic882011-02-10Convict City Roller Derby
Bella Barbaro462010-09-13Wolverhampton Honour Rollers
Bella Barbie172012-03-14Red River Roller Derby
Bella Barfight 2010-04-25Duke City Derby
Bella Bashnheads882010-10-18A'Salt Creek Roller Girls
Bella BeatyaTK652009-02-19Escanaba Rollin Hellcats
Bella Bedlam1372008-12-08Reno Roller Girls
Bella Belligerent 2012-06-06Prairieland Punishers
Bella Berserker32010-09-01Bristol Roller Derby
Bella Blindside 2010-09-09West Coast Derby Knockouts
Bella Blueblood3652008-09-14Circle City Derby Girls
Bella Blurr3332011-06-21Gawler Roller Derby
Bella Bomb-ba3832011-08-03Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Bella Bomber9992012-03-02South County Derby Girls
Bella Bombetta2062010-10-10Clarence Valley Roller Derby
Bella BongRetired2008-04-01Tri City Roller Girls
Bella Brawler 2008-08-05Kootenay Roller Derby
Bella Bruja7262011-03-25Oklahoma City Roller Derby
Bella Bustalip492011-09-06Port City Roller Girls
Bella Constrictor8U4 dinner2010-04-15Rose City Rollers
Bella Contusione5672011-07-13Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
Bella Cose2152009-09-22Omaha Rollergirls
Bella Cull'em19012011-06-15Newcastle Roller Girls
Bella DauntlessSBD-32012-03-23Five 40 Roller Girls
Bella DeRink0072007-09-19Atlanta Rollergirls
Bella Disastro19762011-08-22Assassination City Roller Derby
Bella Dominator62010-05-11Bay City Rollers
Bella Dona Banshee 2012-01-31Rodeo City Rollergirls
Bella Donna42 Mad Rollin' Dolls
Bella Doom132010-03-07SINtral Valley Derby Girls
Bella DuBois3121-oh2008-10-24Victorian Roller Derby
Bella Fay'tal 2010-02-16Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Bella Fire1/2 pt2009-01-19Kansas City Roller Warriors
Bella Funshine232012-02-22Capital City Crushers
Bella Fury72009-06-21Hidden City Derby Girls
Bella G Rant6532010-04-27Salt Spring Island Rollergirls
Bella Gunnes882011-07-08Tacones Bandidos
Bella Hematoma21g2009-12-21Rideau Valley Roller Girls
Bella Jerrent4292006-07-06Denver Roller Dolls
Bella KarloffaREF2010-10-13Harbor Girls e.V.
Bella Kicks Deranged5112012-02-02Long Island Roller Rebels
Bella Kixx 2012-03-03Jerzey Derby Brigade
Bella Knockarella112011-10-05Ruhrpott Roller Girls
Bella La Strange92010-09-22TBD (delete 8/29/13)
Bella Luce362011-01-17Lake City Roller Dolls
Bella Lunatic28d5/3/12Northshore Roller Derby
Bella Mafia1682009-04-18Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
Bella Massacre2142010-03-19Rose City Rollers
Bella No Way9275-24-12Clarksville Roller Derby
Bella Rage19812008-03-26Sonoma County Roller Derby
Bella Rebelde7112012-04-13One World Roller Derby
Bella RusskiaT-34 TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Bella Seni312011-01-18Space Coast Rocket Jockeys
Bella Slugosi1112010-07-11South Bend Roller Girls
Bella Sol172009-09-26Rainy City Roller Dolls
Bella Spitfire1012011-06-06Dead End Derby
Bella Stilleto1112010-10-03Queen City Roller Girls
Bella SubversionRetired 1/23/142010-09-17Reef City Roller Girls
Bella Thabrawl3872011-04-04Murder City Roller Girls
Bella Thorn'835/12/12Jr. Jacksonville Rollergirls
Bella Trauma52012-04-18Niagara Roller Girls
Bella Tripps-herAG2G2012-03-17Desert Dolls Roller Derby
Bella Von CrusHerSiO22011-03-21Slaughterhouse Derby Girls
Bella VonDetta9mm2010-05-06Voodoo Derby Dollz Roller Derby Association
Bella ZookaBZ522010-09-27Castle Rock N' Rollers
Bella deBruisaR.I.P2010-11-23Harbour City Rollers
Bella von bastardh82007-12-10Saskatoon Roller Derby
Bella-go-go-see 2006-06-17Detroit Derby Girls
Bellacosity772012-03-15Brown County Derby Derbu'taunts
Bellacuda4802010-09-26Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz
Belladonna BruzHer002011-01-10Cenla Derby Dames
Belladonna Moma222011-04-29Mountain Mauler's Roller Derby
Belladonna Nightshade222009-03-04Torpedo Bay Roller Girls
Bellatrix LaPain 2010-10-14Windy City Rollers
Bellatrix LeStrangle 2011-05-10North Louisiana Roller Dollz
Bellatrixter512012-03-26Columbia QuadSquad
Belle Air Bomber572009-06-03Central Mass Roller Derby
Belle Anger212011-05-27Amsterdam Derby Dames
Belle BarracudaGrindU402011-07-15Gulf Coast Roller Girls
Belle Basswhoop6422010-10-27Magnolia Roller Vixens
Belle Bleeder072012-03-28Emerald Coast Roller Derby
Belle Block H 2011-10-08Nasty Nessies Roller Girls
Belle Bottom19692011-03-18Dockyard Derby Dames
Belle Camino19702011-02-18Tar Sand Betties Roller Derby
Belle Cha Blknblu 2010-04-09Jet City Rollergirls
Belle Curve 2007-02-21Derby City Roller Girls
Belle DeBrawl842007-08-03Mackay City Roller Maidens
Belle Diablo666 Philly Rollergirls
Belle E. Dancer672008-01-08Wolverhampton Honour Rollers
Belle Fast BomberM802006-09-07Dutchland Rollers
Belle Guinness0492009-09-21Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
Belle Kabong5x52011-08-01Gold Coast Derby Grrls
Belle La Bruise332010-02-15Blue Mountains Roller Derby
Belle Maladies252011-04-11Cardiff Roller Collective
Belle MastiffK92011-12-17San Fernando Valley Roller Derby
Belle Maul HerExit 982007-10-22Jersey Shore Roller Girls
Belle N. Somebashin'G-92006-10-24Garden State Rollergirls
Belle RIGHT hooks16192008-03-10B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Belle Rebelle212012-01-17E-Ville Roller Derby
Belle Scarr312011-02-05Olympia Underground Derby
Belle Scorcho852011-10-15LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Belle Starr1889 Texas Rollergirls
Belle T-Her5002011-05-24Haunted City Rollers
Belle Tabitch1872011-01-14Snake Pit Derby Dames
Belle Tolls4 thee2010-02-14Rat City Rollergirls
Belle Wringer2032009-08-07Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Belle for Leather2452011-03-09Dublin Roller Girls
Belle of the Brawl1954 Atlanta Rollergirls
Belle on WheelsTANK2009-03-03Ithaca League of Women Rollers
Belle's Bub 2007-02-21Derby City Roller Girls
Belle's Hell De Lux62010-11-23TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Belle-istic132008-11-09Rainy City Roller Girls
Bellefast56782012-02-12Toronto Roller Derby
Bellicose Blondie12:22009-05-22Fort Myers Derby Girls
Belligerent Barbie312008-08-15Man's Ruin Roller Derby
Bellona3-242012-03-13Kansas City Banked Beauties
Bells Angel83112012-02-08Adelaide Roller Derby
Belly Roller172012-01-19Savanna Foxes Roller Derby Bras'lia
Bellydonna Loller422010-10-18Lahti Roller Derby
Belt-Her Face1032011-11-28Lethbridge Roller Derby Guild
Belta Force212011-02-14Brisbane City Rollers
Belta GoodremLegs 112011-01-26Margaret River Roller Derby
Beltane Wytch19672010-03-30Bedfordshire Rollergirls
Ben Dejo 2010-02-20Assassination City Roller Derby
Ben Der OverREF2011-03-22Dakota Derby
Ben DrinkinREF2009-04-14Denver Roller Dolls
Ben LeeSTAFF2011-12-05Towns Villains Roller Derby
Ben O. Verbitch 2011-08-02Unforgiven Roller Girls
Ben Shermanator29062012-04-23Bunbury Roller Derby
Ben-Detta 2010-05-28Imposters Roller Girls (The)
Bend HerREF2011-07-07Prince Albert Roller Derby
BendHer Blackenblue2+7=92009-03-19Naughty Pines Derby Dames
BendURgender3152009-10-10Long Beach Roller Derby
Bendy Wendy 2008-03-08DV8 Derby Skaterz
Benforcer (The)122011-07-13Westside Derby Dollz
Beni HannahSake 1012011-07-27Steel City Derby Demons
Beniote Sex-Teen162012-03-14Roller Derby Quebec
Benjamin Bark AtterREF2010-04-04Albany All Stars Roller Derby
Benjamin SpanklinREF2010-10-16Mad Rollin' Dolls
Benneh422012-03-12Light City Derby
Benni Lugosi02011-03-25Hulls Angels Roller Dames
Bennie the Jet5292012-01-05Tulare Roller Derby
Benny BruiserREF2011-01-26Margaret River Roller Derby
Benny Kill480-2172011-03-20Nidaros Roller Derby
BensanityCOACH2012-06-01Demolition City Roller Derby
Bent Reznor 2008-01-02CoMo Derby Dames
Beracooter4562007-02-05Salt City Derby Girls
Berd of Prey 2011-02-13Rebel County Rollers
Bereft842012-01-05Furness Firecrackers
Beretta Berry 2011-12-01Switchblade RollerGrrrls
Beretta Betty 2006-10-24Star City Rollergirls
Beretta Brass3332011-10-10Battle Creek Cereal Killers
Beretta Brit922010-02-03South Texas Rolleristas
Beretta Garbo9mm2006-09-15The Fanny Pack
Beretta Michaels80s2009-05-26TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Bergvicious2402010-12-30V Town Derby Dames
Beri d'Hachet3602011-03-12Adelaide Roller Derby
Berle Scout832010-07-11San Diego Roller Derby
Berlin892009-12-20Orlando Psycho City Derby Girls
Berlin Betty 2010-08-16Spindletop Rollergirls
Berlin Brawl102007-07-09Denver Roller Dolls
Berlin Wall892009-07-05Orlando Psycho City Derby Girls
Bermuda Rose502010-11-29Coastal Assassins Roller Derby
Bermuda Thigh Tangles1842012-02-21Newcastle Roller Derby
Berni THE BOLT8172010-08-07Imposters Roller Girls
Bernice Python6662011-03-01Kingsford Krush
Bernie SensationREF2011-01-18Wasatch Roller Derby
Bernie SmackREF2008-08-11Greater Jacksonville Roller Derby
Bernie Wreckster232011-11-15Valdosta Venom
Berretta Barbie.502012-01-01Downriver Roller Dollz
Berri-licious5142011-04-05Pound Cakes
Berry Bad882012-06-03Canberra Roller Derby
Berry Boom Boom232012-02-02Long Island Roller Rebels
Berry Furious 2011-11-16Alamo City Rollergirls
Berry ManeltoeCoach2008-02-27Dockyard Derby Dames
Berry Nasty7182010-05-05SoCal Derby
Berta Butcher24/72009-06-15Bremen Rollergirls
Berth Knuckles742007-08-02Black-n-Bluegrass Rollergirls
Bertha ControlStaff2008-08-22Jersey Shore Roller Girls
Bertha Mae Breakya06302011-01-29Assassination City Roller Derby
Bertha Venusc.14822008-01-07Arch Rival Roller Girls
Bertha Victory162010-07-08Plattsburgh Roller Derby
Bertrand Hustle 2011-09-15Nashville Rollergirls
BeruBitch-402011-02-24Roller Derby Quebec
Beryl Belligerent122011-07-14Tri-Valley Roller Girls
Berzerka Salt92011-10-28Little Steel Derby Girls
Berzerker12 Victorian Roller Derby
Besame BunnyL0L2009-04-14Undead Bettys
Bess B. ScaredXX2009-09-22San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Bess B. Ware 2008-07-14Jet City Rollergirls
Bess Irv-ColdLabatt 502009-04-01Stockholm Roller Derby
Bessie May Muerta7072012-04-28Ventura County Derby Darlins
Bessie Smithereens542009-12-02Crescent City Derby Devils
Bessy Black-eye792010-10-19Ark Valley High Rollers
Best Bette212011-03-17Cal Skate Roller Derby
Bestia Loca182011-02-22Roller Derby Toulouse
Bet Meddler19132010-08-04Flint City Derby Girls
Bet-T RockA-Chick9092010-02-15Bemidji Babe City Rollers
Bet. T. Bomb152007-11-20Brisbane City Rollers
Beteleuse4042011-07-26Rainy City Roller Dolls
Beten Boppin212009-07-07Bakersfield Rollergirls
Beth Adder202010-06-15Northern Brisbane Rollers
Beth Amphetamine0 Windy City Rollers
Beth Metal432008-04-19Central City Rollergirls
Beth Penalty35-Life LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Beth Rave80082010-12-02MTL Roller Derby
Beth Row 2007-05-15Carolina Rollergirls
Beth Sentence112009-11-30Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Beth Steel54-462008-11-19Charm City Roller Girls
Beth Threat23 Texas Rollergirls
Beth Wish102010-12-08Royal Windsor Roller Girls
Beth or Glory792011-11-10Wakey Wheeled Cats
BethAnne DeStruction0xC00021A2008-07-24Minnesota Roller Girls
BethanolE852011-02-11Shadow City Rollers
Bethcon1strych92012-03-01Reading Derby Girls
BethleHammer4282012-01-09Ring City Rollergirls
BethleMayhem 2010-11-08Lincolnshire Bombers
Betsey Bellicose 2010-04-24Redditch Rebel Rollers
Betsey HityaKo'd2007-11-11Palmetto State Rollergirls
Betsy Basher1112010-11-29Wasatch Roller Derby
Betsy Blackheart  Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Betsy Boombox13132010-09-19Gent GO-GO Roller Girls
Betsy Boss17762011-07-27Brandywine Roller Girls
Betsy Bourbon5042010-05-07Brighton Rockers Roller Derby
Betsy NailsStaff2011-04-11Rat City Rollergirls
Betsy Sue McGoo825-23-12Bethel Derby Divas
Betsy Toss17762011-04-28Three Rivers Roller Derby
Betsy Wrecksie 2007-09-10Sioux Falls Roller Dollz
Betsy von Horror6662011-10-02Tampere Rollin' Hos
Betta Watch'it142009-11-30Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Bettacall0002011-11-03Brisbane City Rollers
Bette Churass322008-11-20Queen City Roller Girls
Bette Devious6662011-03-27Five 40 Roller Girls
Bette Fatal882011-03-08Flathead Valley Roller Derby
Bette Mangler  Grand Raggidy Roller Girls
Bette Midler Crisis 2011-06-09Margaret River Roller Derby
Bette MutilateHer232010-08-30TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Bette Noir732006-04-28London Rollergirls
Bette Outta Hell722010-05-19Central City Rollergirls
Bette R. ThanFiction422010-10-11High City Derby Divas
Bette Skiddler402011-08-01W.A. Roller Derby
Bette Thislehert6232010-09-10New Hampshire Roller Derby
Betti CrockHer82010-01-15Pacific Roller Derby
Betti Luv332012-02-29Prison City Derby Dames
Bettie 12GAGE12G2007-04-11West Coast Derby Knockouts
Bettie B. Goode122011-02-13Rebel County Rollers
Bettie Ballbuster10-352010-02-16Sugartown Rollergirls
Bettie Bangs115502011-03-10Long Beach Roller Derby
Bettie BareKnuckles40oz2012-02-03Rocket City Roller Girls
Bettie BasHer332010-10-18Newcastle Roller Girls
Bettie Batter19752011-10-05Angel City Derby Girls
Bettie Bellringer 2009-05-10Okanagan Roller Derby Girls
Bettie Blackeye992011-11-29580 Roller Girls
Bettie Blockade 2007-11-17Oly Rollers
Bettie Bond0072006-10-10Molly Roger Rollergirls
Bettie Bootheel132010-11-06Cape Girardeau Roller Girls
Bettie Bronxx6292011-02-20Arizona Rollergirls
Bettie Bulldoze942007-10-14Man's Ruin Roller Derby
Bettie Cage 2009-02-16CoMo Derby Dames
Bettie Davis Dies72011-06-08Midnight Sun Roller Girlz
Bettie HissyFit232011-12-04Copenhagen roller derby
Bettie J. Angel19302011-11-16Hartford Area Roller Derby
Bettie Kruger78 Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Bettie Lockdown18702010-11-14New River Valley Rollergirls
Bettie Mercury422006-06-02Pair O' Dice City Derby
Bettie Munster1385/1/12Paper Valley Roller Girls
Bettie Off Dead$22008-04-16New Hampshire Roller Derby
Bettie PainDD2010-01-24709 Derby Girls
Bettie Plague142007-10-22Hidden City Derby Girls
Bettie Rage12 Texas Rollergirls
Bettie Stitch'em16162011-03-11Olympia Underground Derby
Bettie Trubble882009-04-06Bedfordshire Rollergirls
Bettie Von Carnage422010-01-05Rollin' Roulettes Roller Derby
Bettie the Bruiser13132011-06-21Gawler Roller Derby
Bettie the Kid202010-07-16Monterey Bay Derby Dames
Bettie to Rumble 2009-06-09Chinook City Roller Derby
Bettie von Beatcha 2010-06-07Charm City Roller Girls
Betty 'Brufen1122011-02-14Dorset Rollergirls
Betty Aim Fire02008-01-21Emerald City Roller Girls
Betty B. Brutal272011-04-13Oil City Derby Girls
Betty B. Prayin'892008-12-08Western Sydney Rollers
Betty B. Quick402010-09-16Grand Raggidy Roller Girls
Betty B. ReadyL82010-03-02Central New York Roller Derby
Betty BadTouch42010-07-03Toronto Roller Derby
Betty Badlands 2011-11-03Terminal City Rollergirls
Betty Bamalam002007-05-21Victorian Roller Derby
Betty Bang Bang 2010-11-21Mo-Kan Roller Girlz
Betty Banzai692010-11-13Hulls Angels Roller Dames
Betty Barge Ass412009-03-10Gold Coast Roller Derby
Betty Barracuda1272010-08-02Garden State Rollergirls
Betty Barrrett.50 cal2009-12-16Magnolia Roller Vixens
Betty Bash312011-09-20Graveyard Queens
Betty Bathory232009-11-01Red Lion Roller Derby
Betty Battle Axe375-29-12Worcester Roller Derby
Betty Beatdown00 Charm City Roller Girls
Betty Bedlam852009-06-27Newcastle Roller Derby
Betty Believit0002011-11-28Lethbridge Roller Derby Guild
Betty Beretta.40cal2009-04-01Detroit Derby Girls
Betty Beware51502009-05-15Dirty Verde Roller Derby
Betty Biceps722010-11-03Nanaimo Nemesis Roller Girls
Betty Biteme20582012-01-09Ring City Rollergirls
Betty Blackenblue352010-06-07Bay Rollers
Betty BlackoutOU8122010-11-30Illinois Valley Vixens
Betty Blastoff 2007-06-15Duke City Derby
Betty Blight362011-10-08Peterborough Roller Derby League
Betty Blitzkrieg13.6eV2009-08-23Albany All Stars Roller Derby
Betty Blizzard2462012-05-31Mother City Mayhem Roller Derby
Betty BlockherRetired Chicago Outfit
Betty Bloodlust44 Mad Rollin' Dolls
Betty Bloodshed282010-10-16Central City Rollergirls
Betty Bloodsucker6192010-07-11San Diego Roller Derby
Betty Blowme5022010-04-18Watertown Roller Derby
Betty Bodacious Boobs80082011-03-16Syndicate Roller Girls
Betty Bollocks22010-05-21Lilac City Rollergirls
Betty Bolts8892011-01-10Angel City Derby Girls
Betty Bomber23 Toronto Roller Derby
Betty Bonecrusher822006-03-29Steel City Derby Demons
Betty Bones122008-01-15LOCO Roller Derby
Betty BooHooLucky132011-10-02Tampere Rollin' Hos
Betty BooYah37732011-04-27Castle Rock N' Rollers
Betty Boobs38c2010-11-09Brewcity Bruisers
Betty BoomC4 Assassination City Roller Derby
Betty Bopit 2ya802011-05-06Okanagan Shuswap Roller Derby Association
Betty Bounce'em872011-01-10Morgantown Roller Vixens
Betty Bout It2002009-02-03Little Steel Derby Girls
Betty Breathtaker3302011-09-04Arizona Roller Derby
Betty Brickhouse262011-03-07Sarasota Roller Girls
Betty Bruise 'n' Belt9572011-09-18Northern Brisbane Rollers
Betty Bruises 2012-01-12Angel City Derby Girls
Betty BrutalizHER442011-11-12Portneuf Valley Bruisers RDA
Betty Bumpers38DD2006-06-01Dead City Rollers
Betty Burnout 2007-06-11Richland County Regulators
Betty Bustabuns 2011-06-22Quad City Rollers
Betty Buttbruiser517E2010-11-11Toronto Junior Roller Derby
Betty Byebye132012-02-23Nidaros Roller Derby
Betty Clobber4252008-10-24Brewcity Bruisers
Betty ClockHer12 servings2009-02-12Demolition City Roller Derby
Betty Crack-Her (cleared) 2011-07-18Susquehanna Valley Derby Vixens
Betty Cracker16 oz2007-05-14Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Betty CrasHer6ft2011-01-17RockTown Rollers
Betty Crockblocker 2012-01-04Hell Rio Rollers
Betty D'Blunt2222011-01-10Bakken Derby Girls League
Betty D. Reaper122011-07-08Oslo Roller Derby
Betty Da'BAMF18052011-10-26Assassination City Roller Derby
Betty Deadheader7362010-11-29Wasatch Roller Derby
Betty Drillder86'd2009-09-25Dockyard Derby Dames
Betty Fhite88 1/22010-12-30Cornfed Derby Dames
Betty Fishnetty3332009-01-08Harrisburg Area Roller Derby
Betty Flight892011-01-21Coffs Coast Derby
Betty Floored152008-11-17Glass City Rollers
Betty Ford CynicH16H2012-03-22Columbia QuadSquad
Betty Ford Galaxy12 Rat City Rollergirls
Betty Fright182010-11-21Central Arkansas Roller Derby
Betty FugetaBOUTit360¡2011-08-08Durham Region Roller Derby
Betty Gauge00B2007-12-14Hammer City Roller Girls
Betty Gesserit 2011-01-14Dutchland Rollers
Betty Grapple302009-08-25Cherry City Derby Girls
Betty Guns112010-11-18Border City Brawlers
Betty Harlot132011-03-15Wilkes Barre Roller Radicals
Betty Hellblazer812011-04-16Wolverhampton Honour Rollers
Betty Hollywood 2010-06-27Dodge City Rollers
Betty Jukes195/12/12Jr. Jacksonville Rollergirls
Betty KnockHER 2008-02-14Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Betty Knox182010-07-02MK Roller Derby
Betty LaRude222 Minnesota Roller Girls
Betty Licious572008-12-03Red Deer Roller Derby Association
Betty Lu Tattoo132011-09-07Central California Area Derby
Betty Machete112007-03-03Central City Rollergirls
Betty Minefield472012-06-11Lincoln Land Roller Derby
Betty Oops1/52009-08-25Cherry City Derby Girls
Betty Page-Turner10402010-01-03Omaha Rollergirls
Betty Pooped 2010-03-25Ladies of Hell Town
Betty Rebel 2012-03-03Jerzey Derby Brigade
Betty Rocker132007-05-15NOtown Roller Derby
Betty Rugburn40 oz.2007-05-28Stockton Derby Dames
Betty Rumble11 Greensboro Roller Derby
Betty Schnockered1472011-08-22Shoreline Roller Derby
Betty ScraperD82011-07-07TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Betty Shocker21 in the stink2011-11-03Roller Derby Quebec
Betty Skalker7:252010-02-10Ottawa Roller Derby
Betty Slaughter 2010-08-12GTA Rollergirls
Betty Spaghetti312012-03-14Red River Roller Derby
Betty Spite3.31.252006-07-01Boston Derby Dames
Betty Swat162012-04-26Grey Bruce Roller Derby
Betty Switch902012-04-05Lehigh Valley Rollergirls
Betty Swollox002009-05-10London Rockin Rollers
Betty TaRoll42 Lonestar Rollergirls
Betty Terror34E2010-06-16Central City Rollergirls
Betty Theft 2011-09-18Derby Lite
Betty Ven Detta252007-01-11Orange County Roller Girls
Betty White Knuckles19902010-09-23Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Betty White Stripes19225/9/12Granite State Roller Derby
Betty Whoop Boop 2007-09-10Sioux Falls Roller Dollz
Betty Wipeout662010-10-03Northern Rivers Roller Derby
Betty Wreckognize1872009-01-17Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls
Betty or Not332011-03-25Long Island Roller Rebels
Betty ramPage82011-03-11Northern Lightning Rollergirls
Betty.D.Bombshell10072007-01-16Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Bettygogo9992007-05-21Glasgow Roller Girls
Bety Buttin96992011-09-15South Simcoe Rebel Rollers
Betzy Poop22011-12-15Appalachian Rollergirls
Beulah Ballbreaker112010-07-07Rebellion Roller Derby
Beuller 2011-06-21West Coast Derby Knockouts
Bev O'Lution92011-09-16Boulder County Bombers
Bev Rage5pm2010-01-01Northshore Roller Derby
Beverlee Crush-her692006-08-08Hammer City Roller Girls
Beverly Eerie11382011-01-12Circle City Derby Girls
Beverly Hells90210 Killamazoo Derby Darlins
Beverly Killbilly379192006-06-01Hard Knox Roller Derby
Beverly Kills90210 Houston Roller Derby
Beverly Wheelbilly 2008-05-12Richland County Regulators
Bevienator1012012-02-25Rum City Derby Dolls
Bevo Kill47492008-05-14Arch Rival Roller Girls
Bewitched BettySTAFF2011-10-10Snake Pit Derby Dames
Bex Appeal412010-11-19Rainy City Roller Dolls
Bex Payne9-er2012-01-19Clarksville Roller Derby
Bex Pistol542006-07-17Cincinnati Rollergirls
Bex-Hit Wounds062010-06-24Bedfordshire Rollergirls
Bex-plosion132007-01-24CoMo Derby Dames
BexPloitationSK82011-11-10Mackay City Roller Maidens
Bexcalibur62010-02-28Texas Rollergirls
Bexi-cana8302007-12-11San Antonio Roller Derby
Bexorcist (The)9312008-11-12London Rollergirls
Bexter Morgan 2010-06-02Rose City Rollers
Bexterminator862011-06-09Ring City Rollergirls
Bexxx DeVille492010-07-05Peace Region Roller Dolls
Beyona Rampage3162011-08-09San Antonio Roller Derby
Beyonce Rollz 2010-08-04Duluth/Superior Junior Roller Derby
Beyonda Leerious6132011-03-11Eastern Iowa Outlaws
BeyonslayStaff2006-03-06Gotham Girls Roller Derby
BezZombie132009-04-19Ballarat Roller Derby
Bezoomny Soomka422011-10-23Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
BfaceStaff2011-05-09Spindletop Rollergirls
Bhang Lassi10192011-09-30Highland Roller Girls
Bi-Ass'd Opinion71752009-07-14Junction City Roller Dolls
Bi-Furious50/502010-09-01Bristol Roller Derby
Bi-Roller DisorderREF2008-12-23Dutchland Rollers
Bi-Vacious162011-03-30Route 66 Roller Derby
Bi-eaux Hazard72008-12-02Cajun Rollergirls
BiG DADDY'S ADDiCTiON14662011-08-29Paradise Roller Girls
BiPola BarbREF2011-12-05Towns Villains Roller Derby
BiPolar Roller762007-03-20Sac City Rollers
BiPolaroidSX-702011-12-13Dockyard Derby Dames
Bia BitchU8122010-06-29Green Mountain Derby Dames
Bianca Bonecrush-her6102008-07-10Man's Ruin Roller Derby
Bianca Bullet 2008-03-18Hub City Derby Dames
Bianca Dunk15¡2009-03-07Charm City Roller Girls
Bianca O'Blivion832006-12-18Carolina Rollergirls
Bianca Sciarreta852011-04-05Victorian Roller Derby
Bianka Trohl10/312007-07-27Tucson Roller Derby
Bibbity Bobbity Bruise2042011-09-30Derby Revolution of Bakersfield--Derby Brats
Bibi Bruizer 5/4/12Suck City Rock 'n Roller Dolls
Bible ThumpHER 2012-04-05Charlottesville Derby Dames
Bicked WitchPi32011-02-07Killamazoo Derby Darlins
Biddy the Bomber222006-11-14Derby City Roller Girls
Bidi Bidi Bomb Bomb782009-07-27Denver Roller Dolls
Biertrix16642008-09-12Rainy City Roller Girls
Bif112011-09-22Rez City Rollers
Biff Baff332010-06-23Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz
Biff Brawler 2012-03-17Castle Rock N' Rollers
Biff Breakit14BC2010-11-11Toronto Junior Roller Derby
Biff CurtainsR182011-05-24Pirate City Rollers
Biff Quick13372011-01-02Rock City Riot
Biffany & Co192011-02-10Convict City Roller Derby
Biffany & Co.192011-02-17Convict City Roller Derby
Biffed Naked 2011-07-12Borderland Roller Derby
Big "B" littlel "itch" 2011-03-04Jet City Rollergirls
Big Alnone Mad Rollin' Dolls
Big Banger13.72011-03-21Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Big Benny186K2011-07-01Plattsburgh Roller Derby
Big Bertha1 wood2009-12-29Worcester Roller Derby
Big Bill Meanville 2011-08-27Tournament City Derby
Big BirdREF2011-07-15Gulf Coast Roller Girls
Big BlingG62011-02-20Resurrection Roller Girls
Big Booty Judy7782011-11-01Rockford Rage
Big Bop Her (The)192011-05-01Halifax Roller Derby
Big Buster WillowREF2010-10-28TBD (delete 8/29/13)
Big Butt Light 2010-11-29Jet City Rollergirls
Big Chees132008-05-27Toronto Roller Derby
Big City Fights172011-03-15Wilkes Barre Roller Radicals
Big Country01N82010-11-22Cen-Tex Sirens
Big D 2011-01-25Mountain Gateway Sisterhood of Steel
Big Daddy  Wasatch Roller Derby
Big Daddy Voodoo 2009-04-08Little City Roller Girls
Big Dan Hero2052011-06-16NEO Roller Derby
Big Eazy3/112010-05-04NOtown Roller Derby
Big Evil972011-05-21Northern Brisbane Rollers
Big Fruit772012-01-24Marietta Derby Darlins
Big Fun762009-02-22Dominion Derby Girls
Big Guns75/5/12Coventry City Derby Dolls
Big Headed Honky59 1/42006-08-13Albany All Stars Roller Derby
Big Hit Bordeaux572008-12-03Red Deer Roller Derby Association
Big Hitties 2010-11-17Richland County Regulators
Big Ivory 2008-04-26South Side Roller Derby
Big Jo Highwheels212012-01-23Roller Derby Porto
Big Johnson64in2011-02-13Battle Born Derby Demons
Big Jon Slayd872011-09-12Twin Cities Terrors
Big Ka-Luna172011-04-07Ozarks Derby Brigade
Big Kapowski (The)84092010-09-26Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz
Big Kitties002010-01-21Saskatoon Roller Derby
Big Krenowsky (The)4272010-05-11Central New York Roller Derby
Big League Chew10232011-02-04B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Big Meat42562011-03-18TBD (delete 9/27/13)
Big Momma17172010-05-10Syndicate Roller Girls
Big Moneyref2010-09-22Sintral Florida Derby Demons
Big Money Honey1002010-10-13Billings Roller Derby
Big N Plenty 2010-02-20Race City Rebels Roller Derby
Big Nasty8 speed2009-07-03Texas Rollergirls
Big Nick682007-09-18Resurrection Roller Girls
Big Nig RigFORD2009-10-07Sugartown Rollergirls
Big O322010-02-13Severn Roller Torrent
Big PaPaCoach2008-06-19Central Oklahoma Roller Derby Assoc.
Big Peacock442012-01-06Bangor Roller Derby
Big Pippin'8082011-07-20South Bend Roller Girls
Big Poppa D. SkillmasterCoach2007-12-07Jet City Rollergirls
Big Poppa WopREF2008-08-13Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
Big Rac Attack (B.R.A.)572008-07-22Charm City Roller Girls
Big Ragu (The)242011-03-01Pottstown Roller Derby Rockstars
Big Red692008-01-09Randall County Roller Dames
Big Red Bloodshed1042009-04-17Gem City Rollergirls
Big Red Riding Hood222011-04-21Soul City Sirens
Big RobowskiStaff2011-04-14Cherry City Derby Girls
Big Show (The)12010-02-19Eastern Iowa Outlaws
Big Smack & Fries1992010-10-18Newcastle Roller Girls
Big Smack BenREF2012-04-02Reef City Roller Girls
Big TicketsDDD2008-02-01Belle City Roller Girls
Big Trix Skiddo682010-03-11Towns Villains Roller Derby
Big Truck 2010-02-26Mid Iowa Rollers
Big TunaREF2011-08-18Castle Rock N' Rollers
Big Ugly Bang30 Thousand2011-12-16Heart of Appalachia Roller Derby
Big Vinny's Kid132006-05-26Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
Big Wang Theory52011-01-05Mainland Misfits Roller Derby Association
Big WheelREF2007-07-13Coos County Rollergirls
Big Willie Style142010-11-28Greensboro Roller Derby
Big Willy DIE-rREF2008-03-21Providence Roller Derby
Big in Japan0002010-04-13Durango Roller Girls
BigCatMervSTAFF2007-09-16London Rollergirls
BigNessy8312010-08-17Pacific Roller Derby
BigTurtle002011-02-11Randall County Roller Dames
Bigfoot6'2012-04-30Methow Valley Roller Girls
Bigg Rigg8152010-10-06Ohio Roller Girls
Biggie Falls6662012-01-30Hammer City Roller Gilrs
Biggie Knocks 2011-06-21West Coast Junior Derby Knockouts
Biggie Talls972011-03-13Oly Rollers
Biggin' Tastee 2010-05-18Rollergirls of Southern Indiana
Biggus Trickus 2010-11-08Lincolnshire Bombers
Biggy Deez22010-12-13Pottstown Roller Derby Rockstars
Biggy Smallz232007-10-14TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Bijou Blacnbleu752006-08-04Denver Roller Dolls
Bikini Brawler1112009-09-15Hellmilton Roller Ghouls
Bikini Daiquiri 2010-11-13Anfetamina Roller Girls
Bikini KillerL12006-03-03DC Rollergirls
Bikini Skills62010-02-08MTL Roller Derby
Bikini Spider882007-12-18Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls
Bilbo Basher442010-03-28High City Derby Divas
Bilbo T. BagginsREF2007-09-10Detroit Derby Girls
Bildo10"2006-08-27ICT Roller Girls
Bill Belicheat 2008-06-30Molly Roger Rollergirls
Bill Hind JusticeREF2010-10-18A'Salt Creek Roller Girls
Bill MurrayREF2011-08-14Toronto Roller Derby
Bill Of FightsREF2012-01-31San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Bill SkatesStaff2010-03-01Chicago Outfit
Bill Sykesref2011-02-04Haunted City Rollers
Bill-collect-her67252007-12-08Star City Rollergirls
Billi BadAss32009-05-22River City Rollergirls
BilliamREF2009-08-31Paper Valley Roller Girls
Billie Basketcase2272010-09-26Houston Roller Derby
Billie Bayonet7772009-08-25Tri-County Rolling Militia
Billie Bitchslap272006-11-25Black-n-Bluegrass Rollergirls
Billie Boilermaker17oz2006-04-08Rat City Rollergirls
Billie Brawliday 2009-07-01Carolina Rollergirls
Billie Clobberday1915 Atlanta Rollergirls
Billie Club2122007-01-12KC Roller Warriors
Billie D. Kiddo18592009-06-10CoMo Derby Dames
Billie Evil182009-11-03Columbia QuadSquad
Billie Holocaust 2007-11-11Richland County Regulators
Billie Horrorday32010-11-14Basingstoke Roller Derby
Billie Idle732006-05-12Prison City Derby Dames
Billie Jean BadAss 2012-04-02Jet City Rollergirls
Billie L. Riot032011-10-17Namur Roller Girlz
Billie Lux552010-11-06Cape Girardeau Roller Girls
Billie Machette872010-05-17Coastal Assassins Roller Derby
Billie Maul-A-Day442008-10-30Burn City Rollers
Billie Mean72007-01-16Route 66 Roller Derby
Billie Midol28/72007-02-28Alamo City Rollergirls
Billie Pistol442010-06-08Tiger Bay Brawlers
Billie Ray VirusREF2010-05-10Central Arkansas Roller Derby
Billie Scream Queen2232009-11-04Rollergirls of Southern Indiana
Billie Whizz202008-10-18Central City Rollergirls
Billy Brawldwin 2011-02-05Nashville Rollergirls
Billy Bumbler912011-12-04TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Billy Fight All 2008-04-13DC Rollergirls
Billy Foulplay19362010-09-26Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz
Billy Motion7472010-01-22Angel City Derby Girls
Billy Rae Siren1 Hit Wonder2007-04-06South Jersey Derby Girls
Billy Rock5,6,7,82010-09-14South East Sask Roller Derby Association
Billy Spleen412012-01-12Seaside Siren Roller Girls
Billy T Maims2732012-02-21Newcastle Roller Derby
Billy Wood  Providence Roller Derby
Billy the Butcherb33fy2012-02-29Roller Derby Manchester
Billy the kick kid 2012-02-08Holy Wheels Menace from Liege
Billy-Ray Serious72011-04-18Bisman Bombshellz
Biloxi Bruise2282006-03-07Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Bim Bim Bot 2006-08-27Duke City Derby
Bimbo5362010-11-28Northern Brisbane Rollers
Bimbo Baggins792010-07-31Grand Raggidy Roller Girls
Bimbo Slice 2010-03-22Independent (TBD 9/30/13)
Bin Rollin682011-07-07TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Binge Beater82012-02-21Corpus Chrisite Maiden Texas Derby
Binky BoomBoom82010-07-31Thunder City Derby Sirens
Bins Bitch692012-01-11Chilli Queens Roller Derby League
Binty Vicious202011-04-16Wolverhampton Honour Rollers
Bio Weapon8102011-07-13Westside Derby Dollz
Bio-DieselB-1002010-08-31Long Beach Roller Derby
BioHazardous Bombshell 2008-09-25Sick Town Derby Dames
Biohazard522009-07-20Northern Brisbane Rollers
Biohazard BettyBSL42010-11-13Arch Rival Roller Girls
Bionic BabyDoll0x422007-09-23Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Bionic Beaver9112012-01-10Havasu HitGirls
Bionic Bombshellb522010-10-29Roc City Roller Derby
Bionic Boom322012-06-01Wichita Falls Derby Dames
Bionic Booty812009-02-19Prison City Derby Dames
Bionic Bug922012-02-08Woodstock Roller Derby
Bionic Chickenv.2.562011-03-13TBD (delete 8/29/13)
Bionic LeftyTi222012-03-13Kansas City Banked Beauties
Bionic PlagueC#2009-10-14Richter City Roller Derby
Bionic Woman68 1/22008-06-09South Side Roller Derby
Bionica Rollerbot 2011-01-20Shasta Roller Derby
Bionichic22 Ti2009-03-17Green Mountain Derby Dames
Bionichrome 2009-11-13Toronto Roller Derby
Bionik Blitz8885/2/12LA Derby Dolls
Bionika ---TI222008-10-24Brewcity Bruisers
Bipola Lola 2009-01-26Lava City Roller Dolls
Bipolar Barbie8082011-02-22Salisbury Rollergirls
Bipolar Express 2007-04-19Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Birching Bomb 2008-12-12Lincolnshire Bombers
Birchslap2 cord2010-04-04Harbor City RollerDames
Bird DogCOACH2012-01-01Downriver Roller Dollz
Bird of Pain3032011-10-31Leeds Roller Dolls
BirdieA2J22010-09-25Enchanted Mountain Roller Derby
Birds the Ward 2011-04-29South Coast Roller Derby
Birdy Black Eye862011-04-29Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Birdy Wolfgang52011-12-31MTL Roller Derby
Birgit Outta my Face3.142010-07-08Cedar Valley Derby Divas
Birl-S.Q. ShovegirlF6022011-04-22Arnhem Fallen Angels
Birney Kawanawitz 2006-12-17Tragic City Rollers
Birt Control 2007-05-11Lonestar Rollergirls
Bisco Fever57S2011-03-21Cheyenne Capidolls Roller Derby
Biscuit742008-05-14Team Awesome
Biscuits 'n Crazy8up2008-08-14Lafayette Brawlin' Dolls
Bisexual Intellectual742010-09-22South Florida Rollergirls
BishopREF2009-03-05RockTown Rollers
Biss Atch 2008-10-02Syndicate Roller Girls
Bit-O-Honey422009-11-17New Hampshire Roller Derby
Bitch Amen11762011-09-01Chinook City Roller Derby
Bitch Ass Drunk86'ed2011-03-14Angel City Derby Girls
Bitch Cassidy1212009-03-09Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Bitch E. Rich8152010-03-29Twin City Derby Girls
Bitch Forrester862012-02-12Lahti Roller Derby
Bitch Got Rum 2011-08-10Tulare Kings Roller Derby
Bitch Hazel9262009-08-19Chesapeake Roller Derby
Bitch Jagger762010-09-26Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz
Bitch On Wheels21Forever2009-09-26SinCal Derby Vixens
Bitch Please!!!0032006-04-28Duke City Derby
Bitch Puddin'Triple 5's2009-03-05Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Bitch Slap112008-12-03Red Deer Roller Derby Association
Bitch Stolma2 times2011-02-27Portsmouth Roller Wenches
Bitch Tits800cc2012-03-27Mission City Brawlin' Betties
Bitch and Famous24/72007-12-27Dead End Derby
Bitch*BathoryT-10002011-03-20South Texas Rolleristas
Bitch-Slap-Betty572010-11-30Sac City Rollers
BitchKC102011-11-01East Vic Roller Derby
Bitchalicious Barbie402011-11-16First Settlement Derby Dames
Bitcharella3032010-04-26Pirate City Rollers
Bitchbgone4102011-08-29Paradise Roller Girls
Bitchell792010-07-20Northern Rivers Roller Derby
Bitches Bruze8022007-11-08Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
Bitches-N-HosH202010-03-28High City Derby Divas
Bitchhiker3m 45s2011-03-20Northern Rivers Roller Derby
Bitchie Cunningham 2006-09-01Tallahassee Rollergirls
Bitchie McCaw72011-04-18BoomTown Brawlettes Roller Derby
Bitchie Valens2*3*522007-01-24Dixie Derby Girls
BitchiliciousM-802011-03-23Mouse River Rollers
Bitchin Bella72012-01-22LOCO Roller Derby
Bitchin Camaro  Rose City Rollers
Bitchin Spider1.52011-08-28Bay City Rollers
Bitchin Vixen6E2010-09-04BoomTown Brawlettes Roller Derby
Bitchin' MicSleazyHTTP 4042008-04-10River City Rollergirls
Bitchin' MonaREF2011-08-08Dallas Derby Devils
Bitchin' N Rollin'O0O2010-11-03Watertown Roller Derby
BitchinBlonde 2011-09-20Lambton County Derby
Bitchn Heelz N WheelzHi-52012-04-24Texoma Roller Derby
BitchonabroomH3LL2010-09-18Manchester Roller Derby
Bitchslap Barbie-982006-04-01Hammer City Roller Girls
Bitchy 'n' Scratchy580082008-04-12Sydney Roller Derby League
Bitchy Bobbie332011-10-12Burlington Bombers Roller Derby
Bitchy Edwards4real2011-10-16Valleys Roller Dolls
Bitchy Kitten0.08 LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Bitchy Longstockings22010-11-10Capital City Rollers
Bitchy Sambora 2010-11-27Jerzey Derby Brigade
Bitchy de Vinci690W2011-10-11Republic of Korea Derby
Bitchy the Killer9782009-04-04Birmingham Blitz Dames
Bitchypoo4 Thieves2011-03-01Chesapeake Roller Derby
Bite Me BettyE42012-04-03Hermiston Melon Smashers
Bite Size4112010-11-17Sacred City Derby Girls
Bite-Size Bruiser772010-02-24Mason Dixon Roller Vixens
Bitsy Bonecrusher2452009-10-15Renegade Rollergirls (CA)
Bitta Hellbill E3VI2011-11-11Southcentral Michigan Renegade Rollitia
BittenV2009-03-18Central Oklahoma Roller Derby Assoc.
Bitter  Rose City Rollers
Bitter Ail60ibu2008-01-17Victoria Rollergirls
Bitter Bettie62007-08-06Hurricane Alley Roller Derby
Bitter Buffalo6292011-02-21Black-n-Bluegrass Rollergirls
Bitter Honey292011-05-16Republic of Korea Derby
Bitter Pill782011-08-10Tokyo Roller Girls
Bitter Roots 2011-06-16Rose City Rollers
Bitter Spice24/72011-05-10Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Bitter Swede292010-02-19Central New York Roller Derby
Bitter Sweet<32008-08-12Birmingham Blitz Dames
Bitter Sweet n Low 2010-10-04Walla Walla Sweets Roller Girls
Bitter Whine14%2009-08-18Mainland Misfits Roller Derby Association
Bitter-Sweet Heart1612011-06-06Dead End Derby
BitterCup8132008-12-30Demolition City Roller Derby
BitterNes 2011-04-11Gold Coast Roller Derby
Bittercream Cakes400F2012-03-17Forest City Derby Girls
Bittersweet Bruiser872011-04-03Hermiston Roller Divas
Bittersweet Typhony 2011-10-25Jerzey Derby Brigade
Bitty Bast'rd1/22010-04-09Rollergirls of Central Kentucky (ROCK)
Bitty Bitch86'ed2010-03-11Hellgate Rollergirls
Bitty Boom Boom882007-11-11Garden State Rollergirls
Bitty Cent 2011-01-13Steel City Derby Demons
Bity Smash Her7312011-08-06Olympia Underground Derby
Bitz-O-Fury 2011-01-14Mission City Brawlin Betties
Bitzy Flash1982007-09-07Suburbia Roller Derby
Biz 2007-01-02Dead City Rollers
Biz E Bee 2010-04-02Angel City Derby Girls
Biz Vicious8122011-10-22Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Bizzo BizWhack92007-03-27TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Bjoink32009-03-13Rollergirls of Central Kentucky (ROCK)
Bjuled702010-03-31Jet City Rollergirls
Black & Blue Bird302008-12-01Spokane's Outlawed Roller Derby
Black 'N' Bloo-mers 2010-03-03Redditch Rebel Rollers
Black Adder 2010-09-17Sun State Roller Girls
Black Amberconda322012-01-19Mid-State Sisters of Skate
Black Attack 2011-04-19Limestone CrusHers Roller Derby
Black Banshee (The) 2011-05-31Lowcountry Highrollers
Black Barbie8082011-01-25Tahoe Derby Dames
Black BauerCoach2010-04-15Crossroads City Derby
Black Belt Barbie122010-05-12Northern Brisbane Rollers
Black Belt Betty4th dan2008-04-29Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Black Betty 2006-12-17Tragic City Rollers
Black Betty White 2012-03-04Salt Spring Island Roller Derby
Black BirdSR712011-04-15Beach Brawl Sk8r Dolls
Black Bliss012011-07-08Tacones Bandidos
Black Bubblez772009-11-05Emerald City Junior Gems
Black Calavera212011-02-22Roller Derby Toulouse
Black Canary 2012-03-03Capital City Rollers
Black Cat132007-08-08South Side Roller Derby
Black CherryC-42006-10-20CT RollerGirls
Black Dahlia42010-09-02Rebel County Rollers
Black Death 2012-02-14Nasty Nessie Roller Girls
Black Diamond76 Charm City Roller Girls
Black Donna-Lee2.4.802006-08-13Hammer City Roller Girls
Black Dynomite30722010-08-13Northside Rollers
Black Eye Betty7322007-05-02Jersey Shore Roller Girls
Black Eye Bock-Scar292011-08-08Dublin Roller Girls
Black Eye Juicyfer832011-04-16Helsinki Roller Derby
Black Eye Sky342011-03-21Happy Valley Derby Darlins
Black Eye Susan092006-04-21Philly Rollergirls
Black Eyed Beauty4-122011-01-02Umpqua Valley Roller Vixens
Black Eyed PeaceREF2010-04-17WI River Valley Rollergirls
Black Eyed Petey422011-10-04Charlotte Roller Girls
Black Eyed Skeez313 Detroit Derby Girls
Black Eyed Tease682010-12-08Tragic City Rollers
Black Francis1252011-02-22Hollister Derby Girls
Black Gold24K2011-04-21Kokeshi Roller Dolls
Black I Chan 2009-04-06Mid Michigan Derby Girls
Black Ice9032012-04-09Rage City Roller Girls
Black Islet51462010-12-11Mitten Mavens
Black Jack Bettie212009-01-29Torpedo Bay Roller Girls
Black Jackie212008-03-31DC Rollergirls
Black Lizzard592008-06-17Queen City Roller Girls
Black Magic Woman62008-05-06Slaughterhouse Derby Girls
Black Magick222011-01-02Olympia Underground Derby
Black MambaRetired 7/11/132006-08-08South Texas Rolleristas
Black Mamba (cleared) 2012-01-09Rollergirls of Central Kentucky (ROCK)
Black Market Baby40K2009-07-07Arch Rival Roller Girls
Black N DeckHer10095/1/12North Country Lumber Jills
Black Orchid 2011-01-20Tri-County Rolling Militia
Black Out BettyY02K2012-04-30Sandusky Rollergirls
Black Panther8882009-06-22Dead End Derby
Black Pixie82009-03-25Capital City Crushers
Black Reign3685/8/12Swamp City Roller Rats
Black Ruby7602012-04-04South Coast Roller Derby
Black Sabbatha  Rose City Rollers
Black Slammath51502011-08-15Richter City Roller Derby
Black Snake MoanaLIX2008-04-30Molly Roger Rollergirls
Black Snow66662011-05-01Halifax Roller Derby
Black Star Heroine60 mg2007-11-08Angel City Derby Girls
Black Sunshine332007-08-31North Star Roller Girls
Black Thorn9992012-02-13Bristol Roller Derby
Black Velvet10292012-03-06Mad Wreckin' Dolls
Black Venom10102011-02-07Sacred City Derby Girls
Black Widder1.75 liters2011-02-22Hollister Derby Girls
Black Widow06602012-02-06LOCO Roller Derby
Black and Blue Belle172010-04-06Alamo City Rollergirls
Black and Blue Jean13372009-03-11Albany All Stars Roller Derby
Black n Blu-JNSO2012-04-23Independent Ref
Black n Bluebonnet93.72010-08-11Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Black owl592012-02-11Zombitches
Black x Smithx24x2010-06-08Tiger Bay Brawlers
Black-Eyerish342008-04-29Denver Roller Dolls
Black-eyed P7 directions2009-03-13Rollergirls of Central Kentucky (ROCK)
BlackHyde Penelope152010-12-07Eastern Iowa Outlaws
BlackaHontas902012-03-05Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz
Blackberry Jam 2009-07-29FoCo Girls Gone Derby
Blackblocker6662011-11-14Crime City Rollers
Blackblood232011-07-25Terrassa Derby Rockets
Blackbury Clobber Her1/2 pint2011-02-16Brazos Valley Derby Girls
Blackcat Karnage132011-07-03Toowoomba City Rollers
Blackened Bluewing9992011-11-26Bemidji Babe City Rollers
Blackeye Betsey9992011-08-16SINtral Valley Derby Girls
Blackeye Fairy142011-02-12Reef City Roller Girls
Blackheart  Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Blackie Braless71 Atlanta Rollergirls
Blackie Carbonest 19692011-06-04Somerset and Exeter Derby Girls
Blackjack Belle212007-10-19Newcastle Roller Girls
Blackout442010-05-04Ballarat Roller Derby
Blackout Brandi002010-03-05Vette City Roller Derby
Blackout Menace362010-10-27Gladstone Roller Derby
Blackout Rose3332011-02-03Bunbury Roller Derby
Blackout Susan132009-02-19Rideau Valley Roller Girls
Blackrock Bruiser1982012-02-27Queen City Roller Girls
BlackstoneREF2010-06-27Orange County Roller Girls
Blacktop Betty 2006-04-14Victoria Rollergirls
Blackzilla9052006-06-30Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
Blade (The)6" Texas Rollergirls
Blade Runner162010-06-21Ohio Roller Girls
BladeSlinger882011-04-05Fairbanks Rollergirls
Blades of Payne19042011-05-23Killa Hurtz Roller Girls
Blaggard4072006-08-27London Rollergirls
Blair 2010-08-06North Star Roller Girls
Blair BlockXI2010-04-07Okanagan Roller Derby Girls
Blair BrawldorfX0X02011-09-18Charm City Roller Girls
Blair Wench32010-05-30Lea County Roller Wenches
Blaise LeFleurF52011-07-31Dakota Derby
Blaizen Peaches882011-01-08Bayou Outlaw Rollergirls
Blake N Blue262010-01-04Grand Raggidy Roller Girls
Blammo Suzuki85/6/12Oxford Roller Derby
Blammo!2/32007-05-22Durham Region Roller Derby
Blanca Riot742010-11-24Bellingham Roller Betties
Blanch Davidian51 Lonestar Rollergirls
Blanche Deathereaux5592010-05-27Long Beach Roller Derby
Blanche DeckahoRetired 9/14/132008-10-24Savannah Derby Devils
Blanche Devereauxxx65+2008-09-29Mad Rollin' Dolls
Blanche Devil Roll312011-01-18Tahoe Derby Dames
Blanche Neige292012-04-22Switchblade RollerGrrrls
Blanche Teigne722011-09-06Nantes Derby Girls
Blankitty Blank Blank Blank it852012-02-01Hel'z Belles
Blaque Eyed Affair0072012-04-11Balsam Mountain Roller Girls
Blaque Jac212009-04-16Bradentucky Bombers
Blarney Smash246012011-01-30San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Blarney StonYa3/172008-01-14Paper Valley Roller Girls
Blasphemous Girl852011-05-23Gawler Roller Derby
Blast Femur822006-07-30Tallahassee Rollergirls
Blast-Her Master 2008-01-14Man's Ruin Roller Derby
Blaster Ash222011-02-17Twin City Knockers
Blaster Pussycat652007-07-26Suburbia Roller Derby
Blastfemi782010-11-30Sacred City Derby Girls
Blasting CapRef2012-03-12Eastern Carolina Brawling Betties
Blaxican-Mamba1432012-06-09Angel City Derby Girls
Blaze N Butterfly 2010-07-27Fox Cityz Foxz
Blaze N Hussy7692012-02-13Bristol Roller Derby
Blaze N. Confused172008-04-18Assault City Roller Derby
Blaze Pascal3.142009-08-19Torpedo Bay Roller Girls
Blaze Scarr692011-03-19Crescent City Derby Devils
Blaze of Fury82010-06-03Central Vermont Roller Derby
Blaze of GoryW00T2010-02-10London Rockin Rollers
BlazeWalker8322011-09-28Peoria Push Derby Dames
Blazen Glory52007-07-16Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
Blazen Siren0002011-04-04Murder City Roller Girls
Blaze~n~Craze10132008-04-24Mid Michigan Derby Girls
Blazin Angirah912011-03-11Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
Blazin Daze 2011-03-01Seattle Derby Brats
Blazin Witch422012-01-05Tulare Roller Derby
Blazin' Amazin'5112011-10-03Southern Belle's Roller Derby
Blazin' Asian442011-04-21Kokeshi Roller Dolls
Blazin' Barbie592009-08-07Dixie Derby Girls
Blazin' Betty51152010-07-10La Crosse Skating Sirens
Blazin' BlitzLIT12010-02-20Circle City Derby Girls
Blazin' Bran 136913692012-01-17Girls Rollin in the South (GRITS)
Blazin' Britches26mph2008-11-21Paper Valley Roller Girls
Blazin' Cajun 2012-01-08Kill Devil Derby Brigade
Blazin' Foxy6662009-11-01Ruhrpott Roller Derby
Blazin' Fury1435-24-12Hard Knox Roller Girls
Blazin' Phoenix282010-09-05Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Blazing Belle122012-01-10Furness Firecrackers
Blazing Inferno 2008-10-21Windy City Rollers
Blcoker, Texas DangerH0wdy2010-02-03South Texas Rolleristas
Bled Zeppelin322012-04-11Mississippi Delta Roller Derby
Bleed the 5th1St¡2010-04-19Bull Falls Roller Derby
Bleeda Ford 2009-05-10Rose City Rosebuds
Bleeder of the Pack22011-08-21Coastal Assassins Roller Derby
Bleedin' Gums Murphy11D92008-03-07Garden State Rollergirls
Bleeding Heart35%2010-11-09Brewcity Bruisers
Bleeding Rainbow 2009-01-05Providence Roller Derby
Bleedith Piaf 2011-03-01South Island Sirens Roller Derby
Bleu Streak 2008-07-14Connecticut Death Quads
Blew Mountain Bomber222010-01-29Cape Fear Roller Girls
Blew Raven142012-06-13Tar Sand Betties Roller Derby
Blicker Hardly NewerStaff2011-01-07Burn City Rollers
Blight Rabbit92011-06-07CenMo Men's Roller Derby
Blind Banshee2122007-01-11Charm City Roller Girls
Blind BettyREF2011-04-01Twin City Derby Girls
Blind DogREF2009-03-18Wasatch Roller Derby
Blind Mag222008-12-03Red Deer Roller Derby Association
Blind Sider152008-03-29Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Blindside20/202007-07-12Houston Roller Derby
Bling Blaster242011-05-25TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Bling Bling35 Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Bling It On2222010-06-09Dub City Derby Girls
Blink N. MisserW0W2011-01-10Morgantown Roller Vixens
Blinky 2007-01-25Riverside Rollergirls
Bliss Blackout90002011-01-19Severn Roller Torrent
Bliss Star42011-02-20Northside Rollers
Bliss ~ Krieg19392012-02-12South Okanagan Roller Derby Association
Blissful Brutality 2011-09-04Hertfordshire Helles Belles
Blissfully SychoK92012-05-31West Kentucky Rockin Rollers
Blista Payne3332011-04-05Bay City Rollers
Blister Sister7112010-07-15Royal City Rollergirls
Blisterine7oz2011-06-30Peninsula Roller Girls
Blitz (cleared) 2010-02-06Houston Roller Derby
Blitz Bigelow162010-07-03Sunshine Coast Roller Girls
Blitz Bits2092012-04-2710th Mountain Roller Dolls
Blitz BritvaNC172011-07-17Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Blitz Cadaver1242012-04-20Outlaw Renegade Roller Girls Orange County
Blitz Craig552008-09-04Mens UK Roller Derby Association
Blitz KregerStaff2011-06-07Battle Creek Cereal Killers
Blitz Lemon225-23-12Ohio Roller Girls
Blitz McGee8.52011-03-05Sis-Q Rollerz
Blitz N Pieces992011-06-13Sheffield Steel Rollergirls
Blitz Taylor92011-03-11Eastern Iowa Outlaws
Blitz Vixen 2010-06-21Emerald City Roller Girls
Blitz Zicke772011-05-04Pinellas County Roller Girls
Blitz'n Bill442011-02-10Convict City Roller Derby
Blitz'n Vixen172007-08-05Sun State Roller Girls
Blitzen132011-06-08Midnight Sun Roller Girlz
Blitzen Bomb'er522011-07-08North Pole Babes in Toyland
Blitzin 'Giggles772010-11-14Red Deer Roller Derby Association
Blitzkreig Bambi7772011-08-10Tokyo Roller Girls
Blitzkreig Barbie552010-09-30Gold Coast Roller Derby
Blitzkreig Vixen 2010-06-21Emerald City Roller Girls
Blitzkrieg Babs8702010-05-13Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
Blitzkrieg Baby92007-10-19Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz
Blitzkrieg Beck772009-01-05Little Steel Derby Girls
Blitzkrieg Bettie36-34-362007-05-08Radioactive City Rollergirls
Blitzkrieg Blondie6102008-10-03Green Mountain Derby Dames
Blitzkrieg Bootgirl14882011-05-11Hellmilton Roller Ghouls
Blitzkrieg Bop-Her1-2-3-4!2009-05-21V-Town Derby Dames
Blitzkrieg DeluxeMP402010-11-23South Sea Roller Derby
Blitzkrieg Foxx112012-01-19Savanna Foxes Roller Derby Bras'lia
BlitzkriegBaker86753092008-12-16Rage City Rollergirls
Blizz the Barbarian692011-01-06Green Valley Roller Girls
Blizzard (The)542010-09-01Bristol Roller Derby
Blizzard Warning112011-05-08Fargo Moorhead Derby Girls
Blizzard of Aus612010-07-14Victorian Roller Derby
Bloc Holliday002011-03-17Southern Illinois Roller Girls
BlocKandyc4302011-07-01Orange County Roller Girls
Block & Decker18v2012-04-20London Rollergirls Recreational League
Block Beauty 2011-04-21South West Angels of Terror
Block Booty032011-05-06Cardiff Roller Collective
Block Buster332010-02-16Gainesville Roller Rebels
Block Clocker24-72011-09-10Sacred City Derby Girls
Block Dahlia5142012-03-12Eastern Carolina Brawling Betties
Block E.Horror772007-04-03Central City Rollergirls
Block Lesnar1872011-06-04Chautauqua County Roller Derby
Block LobsterB-522012-04-01NorSask Roller Derby
Block Mafia132011-10-11Angels of Anarchy
Block Momba52009-06-04Naughty Pines Derby Dames
Block N Tackle1032010-01-15TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Block N' Roll282011-03-11CoMo Derby Dames
Block Ness Monster612010-09-02Tweed Valley Rollers
Block Party4115/9/12Oklahoma City Roller Derby
Block Rockin' Beatrix442011-03-01South Island Sirens Roller Derby
Block Rockin' Boots552010-11-11Northamptonshire Roller Girls
Block Samson472012-01-20Alamo City Rollergirls
Block Star262008-09-17Central City Rollergirls
Block n Blue 2011-09-04Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
Block out77952011-11-12Wirral Whipiteres Roller Derby
Block-Lova32011-08-31Maui Rollergirls
BlockYa Harding162011-12-05Cape Girardeau Roller Girls
BlockaBitch1292009-08-01Desert Dolls Roller Derby League
Blockabitch WheelHer182009-02-09South Side Roller Derby
Blockasaurus Rex 2010-04-09Jet City Rollergirls
Blockaway Bitch692011-04-05Sugar Loathe Derby Girls
Blocked & LoadedX32009-04-14Undead Bettys
Blocker-Bye-Baby532012-03-21Central City Rollergirls
Blockkit Bardot1212011-08-05TBD (delete 8/29/13)
Blockodile DundeeM82011-01-11Lafayette Brawlin' Dolls
Blocktimus Prime642011-01-12Dead End Derby
Blocktopus20,000 leagues2009-01-26TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Blockwork Orange8092011-07-07Central City Rollergirls
Blocky Balboa12282011-04-22Crown City Rollerz
Blocky Marciano49-02008-04-20East Texas Bombers
Blocque Cousteau3000 bpi2010-04-26South Jersey Derby Girls
Blon Noxious112010-02-27Cen-Tex Sirens
Blond Bomb232011-12-30Lilac City Pixies
Blondage162010-02-18Walla Walla Sweets Roller Girls
Blondazon8082010-06-21Old Capitol City Roller Girls
Blonde & Dangerous 2011-10-25Jerzey Derby Brigade
Blonde Affliction 2011-05-06Winnipeg Roller Derby
Blonde Amazon1112006-08-07Dockyard Derby Dames
Blonde Assassin0072011-02-18Bakersfield Junior Roller Derby
Blonde Bandita982010-02-18Walla Walla Sweets Roller Girls
Blonde Baron 2008-06-18Lava City Roller Dolls
Blonde Barracuda692012-02-08Woodstock Roller Derby
Blonde Bombshelby3-2-12011-05-10Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Blonde Brawler8012010-02-23Oklahoma City Roller Derby
Blonde Bulldozer (The)282011-02-20Peoria Push Derby Dames
Blonde Bullett 2007-06-07Stone Cold Foxes
Blonde Burgundy7792010-11-28Greensboro Roller Derby
Blonde DynamiteKaB00M2009-07-16TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Blonde Force Trauma162011-01-28Kansas City Roller Warriors
Blonde Fury6212006-05-11NOVA Roller Derby
Blonde Mamba2292009-12-01E-Ville Roller Derby
Blonde Mayhem132011-02-22Brandywine Roller Girls
Blonde N Bitchin'282007-04-18Oly Rollers
Blonde Phantom 2009-09-29Providence Roller Derby
Blonde Rambition0092012-01-13Med City Mafia
Blonde Reaper752009-07-20Northern Brisbane Rollers
Blonde Sided3082011-01-02Chippewa Valley Roller Girls
Blonde Slambition 2011-07-10Pow! Town Roller Derby
Blonde Tornado 2011-07-10Pow! Town Roller Derby
Blonde Zombie442009-10-06West Coast Derby Knockouts
Blonde'N'Brawl9702011-10-21Grand Valley Vixens
BlondeZilla 2009-09-10Sioux Falls Roller Dollz
Blondefabulous112011-06-18Pasco County Derby Dollz
Blonder Bruiser172012-04-18Beckley Area Derby Dames
Blondie Ama Zombie66 Oil City Derby Girls
Blondie Bardot19692011-07-01Orange County Roller Girls
Blondie Blood Soak002011-03-20Mouse River Rollers
Blondie Bomb-HerB-522006-10-29Jet City Rollergirls
Blondie Brewz-Her5122011-03-21Bakersfield Diamond Divas
Blondie Clocks122010-06-27Orange County Roller Girls
Blondie Deadhead1122011-09-29Crime City Rollers
Blondie Destroyer282010-08-07Whidbey Island Roller Girls
Blondie Knocks0072009-10-23CoMo Derby Dames
Blondini 2011-04-11Northland Nightmares
BlonditaH2O22011-05-04E-Ville Roller Derby
Blondomination112011-01-09G-Town Beat Down Derby
Blood Anya8082010-10-12Abilene Derby Dames
Blood Bain672011-11-29580 Roller Girls
Blood Clottia2U2006-08-11Rose City Rollers
Blood Countess13002010-02-13Stockholm Roller Derby
Blood DIEmond2.422012-03-27Eastside Derby Girls
Blood Duchess18652011-12-23Northampto_n Shoetown Slayers
Blood Flowers06092012-01-14South Simcoe Rebel Rollers
Blood Gin10E2011-04-13Oil City Derby Girls
Blood Lust 2008-11-11South Side Roller Derby
Blood Muffin262011-08-08Durham Region Roller Derby
Blood N' Butter3502010-12-20Central New York Roller Derby
Blood RAAinAA2006-05-24South Texas Rolleristas
Blood Red Bird32009-09-22Granite City Roller Girls
Blood Red Cherry112010-12-16Toto Destruction
Blood Shek N Tears40oz2011-05-19Naughty Pines Derby Dames
Blood Stain 2012-02-09Sick Town Derby Dames
Blood Storm000782008-05-28Dallas Derby Devils
Blood Thirsty0neg2010-05-20Undead Bettys
Blood Thirsty Drusilla18605/12/12Spartanburg Deadly Dolls
Blood Thirsty Kirstie54-462010-07-15Royal City Rollergirls
Blood Vixen0+2011-11-30Duluth/Superior Roller Derby
Blood n bone barbie152009-07-06Van Diemen Rollers
Blood n' Rockets572011-01-25Dodge City Rollers
Blood-Stained Angel172011-02-01South West Sydney Rockets
BloodBath & Beyond<02006-07-18Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
BloodCat 2007-08-01Sydney Roller Derby League
Bloodbath Bettie 2006-03-28Boston Derby Dames
Bloodbath Binki8882010-07-27Sydney Roller Derby League
Bloodbath Blondie72010-11-29Fairbanks Rollergirls
Bloodfest at Tiffany's695-29-12Munich Rolling Rebels
Bloodhoney102011-04-04Fierce Valley Roller Girls
Bloodie Faerie6006s!2010-02-27Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Blooding RaiderX72010-12-01Cannibales Dolls
Bloodlust BarbieB342010-08-07Forest City Derby Girls
Bloodnut Badgerx992010-08-08Perth Roller Derby
Bloodnut Betty532009-11-24Van Diemen Rollers
Bloodrunner3.142012-01-23Roller Derby Porto
Bloodshed Bonnie1202007-04-09Dixie Derby Girls
Bloodshed Red 2009-09-13Columbia QuadSquad
Bloodspill Blonde 2008-10-09Royal Windsor Roller Girls
Bloodspilla8292010-08-30Port Scandalous Roller Derby
Bloodsucker372012-02-04DuPage Derby Dames
Bloodweiser402007-12-11Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
Bloodwig Van Skatehoven5th2011-12-13North East Roller Derby
Bloody Barbie08/152009-11-04Graveyard Queens
Bloody Bathory2692006-09-01Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
Bloody Berry 2011-01-29Kitsap Derby Brats
Bloody Betty222011-02-22Roller Derby Toulouse
Bloody Bifteck962011-10-17Namur Roller Girlz
Bloody Blanche432011-01-27Wiliston Wreckhers
Bloody Blossom472010-09-20Lakeland Ladykillers Roller Derby
Bloody Bondage 2011-10-05Ruhrpott Roller Girls
Bloody Boop3vil2010-02-19Durham Region Roller Derby
Bloody Bunny972009-03-11Barockcity Rollerderby
Bloody Charlie752012-04-23The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Bloody Cherry42011-09-06Nantes Derby Girls
Bloody Cianci20122007-03-12Providence Roller Derby
Bloody Crumpet17922011-09-20Varsity Derby
Bloody Cupcake02010-11-09Brewcity Bruisers
Bloody Death132010-11-24Monadnock Region Roller Derby
Bloody Del Fire1502010-07-06Wakey Wheeled Cats
Bloody Destroyed199mm2012-01-30Cranium Basher Dolls
Bloody Dublin19205/10/12Peoria Push Derby Dames
Bloody Egg062011-07-02Buenos Aires Roller Derby
Bloody Elle1134 Chicago Outfit
Bloody Fiasco8882010-05-17Coastal Assassins Roller Derby
Bloody GaGa267 bc2011-10-26Assassination City Roller Derby
Bloody Harry23D2011-08-08Dublin Roller Girls
Bloody Hell43112010-06-08Houston Roller Derby
Bloody Holly742006-06-25LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Bloody Horee3232012-01-01K-Town Derby Dolls
Bloody Isis282012-06-11Tokyo Roller Girls
Bloody Juliet6252010-11-12Dallas Derby Devils
Bloody Kerry6512012-02-13Moab Roller Derby
Bloody Kisses13132010-11-19Central New York Roller Derby
Bloody Knuckles Betty109TKO2010-03-05Maine Roller Derby
Bloody Laces22011-11-03Brisbane City Rollers
Bloody Lovett 2011-04-13Comox Valley Rink Minx Rollergirls
Bloody Mary4 Texas Rollergirls
Bloody Mary Magdalene3162012-01-23Kallio Rolling Rainbow
Bloody Mess Jess882010-04-30Tri City Roller Girls
Bloody Molly 2011-05-10North Louisiana Roller Dollz
Bloody Mum1332012-04-12Les Quads de Paris
Bloody Nightmarry232012-02-04BlackLand Rockin'K-Rollers
Bloody Nora882010-12-23Cornwall Roller Derby
Bloody Penny18322011-03-29Hawkesbury/Hills Area Roller Derby
Bloody Rose 2010-03-22Ann Richards Rollergirls
Bloody Sunday992010-07-09Paradise Roller Girls
Bloody T-BoneA-12008-10-16Lowcountry Highrollers
Bloody Valentine142007-05-14London Rockin Rollers
Bloody VumpireREF2011-11-01East Vic Roller Derby
Bloody Waters77342010-08-19Gulf Coast Rollergirls
Bloody2Shoes1322011-02-27Happy Valley Derby Darlins
BloodyCanvas312011-10-15Lansing Derby Vixens
BloodyLicious 2011-11-15Cenla Derby Dames
Bloodyknuckles McChiPants62011-08-11Tokyo Roller Girls
Bloomin Bloss9292011-10-20Coffs Coast Derby
Blossem the Bruiser 2011-06-22Quad City Rollers
Blossom Bruiso52006-04-28Windy City Rollers
Blossom Kill40%2010-09-27Liverpool Roller Birds
Blossom Rocket 2011-06-09Swamp City Roller Rats
Blow Anne Emerson82010-11-06Cape Girardeau Roller Girls
Blow Bye172011-01-29Mainland Misfits Roller Derby Association
Blow Hole20k2010-09-30Angel City Derby Girls
Blow Job 2008-07-22Houston Roller Derby
Blow Torturer882011-04-28Imposters Rollergirls
Blow Up Betty232009-03-03Adelaide Roller Derby
Blownfuse3332006-10-03Memphis Roller Derby
Blox & Knox OYA1262011-12-30Lilac City Pixies
Bloxanne742011-07-17Hot Wheel Roller Derby
Bloxie BlackoutLD502011-05-10Tiger Bay Brawlers
Blu Bayou75mph2006-09-28Cincinnati Rollergirls
Blu Eyed Genicide892010-08-27Molly Roger Rollergirls
BluEyed Devi3332011-06-14Dire Skates
Blud Bublz 2008-03-22E-Ville Roller Derby
BludVayne132012-04-04A-Town Roller Girlz
Bludgeon Malone19232011-04-06Inhuman League
Bludgeon Mary80 Tallahassee Rollergirls
Blue 'Chelle12th2011-03-25Long Island Roller Rebels
Blue Angel52011-01-25Dodge City Rollers
Blue Ballin' Bandit46ddd2007-07-07Pikes Peak Derby Dames
Blue Beat-her17032010-03-09Triple Sword Roller Girls
Blue Berry Clobber 2011-11-16Alamo City Rollergirls
Blue Blaze45/8/12Swamp City Roller Rats
Blue BrawlsREF2011-07-14Richland County Regulators
Blue Chip6142012-06-06Atomic City Rollergirls
Blue Crush6/152011-05-17Durango Roller Girls
Blue D. Venom582012-02-16Namur Roller Girls
Blue Eyed Monster162010-05-02Sac City Rollers
Blue Eyed Pistol3802010-05-04NOtown Roller Derby
Blue Falcon13692012-02-21Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls
Blue Jitsu7472010-03-03West Coast Derby Knockouts
Blue Knight552009-08-18Dry Heat Militia
Blue MauliH2SO42007-01-04TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Blue MayhemH4 San Antonio Roller Derby
Blue Me AwayREF2012-02-04New River Valley Rollergirls
Blue Meanie82008-12-17Dead End Derby
Blue MessiahN32008-09-02Naptown Roller Girls
Blue Monday19842006-04-21Dallas Derby Devils
Blue Moon Shiner42010-09-02Charlottesville Derby Dames
Blue Murder08/152011-01-21Granite City Roller Girls
Blue Ridge RiotA-102011-12-27Arch Rival Roller Girls
Blue River BombshellGBU-312011-05-26Kokeshi Roller Dolls
Blue Ruinxx52008-02-26Emerald City Roller Girls
Blue Scream of Death11012009-12-14Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Blue Screen of RefREF2011-07-13Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
Blue Sheila472011-11-20Sirens Of Smash Roller Derby Nelson Bays
Blue Siren3232010-05-19Brewcity Bruisers
Blue Skate Special$3.992006-04-21Tragic City Rollers
Blue Skittles00F2012-03-13Ridge Meadows Roller Derby
Blue Spark1212011-02-10Convict City Roller Derby
Blue Steele4112010-02-23RockTown Rollers
Blue Stormcat52011-01-14Mission City Brawlin Betties
Blue Suede Bruise13792012-01-12Seaside Siren Roller Girls
Blue Thunder92011-01-27Forx Roller Derby
Blue ThunderStorm022012-02-20Santiago Roller Derby
Blue Wrenegade28802011-03-12Adelaide Roller Derby
Blue-Eyed Banshee842008-11-11Dallas Derby Devils
BlueBelle Bruise-Her52011-07-28South Okanagan Roller Derby Association
BlueBury Ruffin19022011-03-10Alachua County Rollers
BlueJ 2010-07-23Houston Roller Derby
Blueberry 2008-03-14Arch Rival Roller Girls
Blueberry BomberB522011-02-18Bakersfield Junior Roller Derby
Blueberry Clobberer350¡2011-11-11Oklahoma Victory Dolls
Blueberry MILF'n3142012-01-20Jacksonville Roller Girls
Blueberry SlamcakesREF2011-06-24Steel City Derby Demons
BlueberryCrush20202011-04-02Red Rockettes Recreational Roller Derby
Blunder Woman9252009-05-06Pikes Peak Derby Dames
Blunt Chaos772009-03-15Route 66 Roller Derby
Blunt Damage0072010-06-21Twin Cities Terrors
Blunt Force4202011-12-14Chemical Valley Rollerigirls
Blunt Force Drama7T52012-04-03Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
Blunt Force Mama 2011-01-25Soul City Sirens
Blunt Force Trauma9992006-05-12Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Blunt Trauma-Mama9112011-07-27Hurrican Alley Roller Derby
Blur D'Lee42009-09-22San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Blurry LegalREF2006-12-28Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Bluto BlasterREF2012-02-26Magic City Rollers
Blyndeaz A. BatREF2009-01-07Assault City Roller Derby
Bo Dacious802007-05-16Denver Roller Dolls
Bo DanglesREF2008-05-23Carolina Rollergirls
Bo DeckHer102010-05-18Lakeland Derby Dames
Bo Derelictp2011-07-02Yukon Roller Girls
Bo FREAKING Toxin26.22011-08-08Dallas Derby Devils
Bo Job 2010-04-24Redditch Rebel Rollers
Bo Jukes6295/12/12Jr. Jacksonville Rollergirls
Bo LocksKP762012-04-20London Rollergirls Recreational League
Bo Peep 2008-08-01Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Bo Skiddley792008-11-17Perth Roller Derby
Bo Spangles4532012-04-10Hereford Roller Girls
Bo Toxic6192007-07-12San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
BoToxic Bruz'her9112008-12-23Charlotte Roller Girls
Boa Constrictor1mainsqueeze2009-03-18Little Steel Derby Girls
Boa Restrictor812010-10-26Lake Erie Derby Dames
BoardHer Bandit92010-07-09Unforgiven Roller Girls
Bob Butt Bexy6065/14/12Copenhagen Roller Derby
Bob Gnarly (cleared) 2012-03-05Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Bob HumbugREF2011-08-08Dallas Derby Devils
Bob Loblaw372010-07-30Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Bob NoxiousStaff Brewcity Bruisers
Bob Probert 2011-08-24NV East Roller Girls
Bob Zombie28:06:42:122011-03-24Southland Slashers Roller Derby
Bob'n Weave712010-07-02Leeds Roller Dolls
Boba AmFettamean132011-07-02Galway Roller Derby
Boba FemmeEpisode V2010-06-21Long Beach Roller Derby
Boba Fettish322010-06-08Tiger Bay Brawlers
Boba Phatt19772012-04-28Chemical City Derby Girls
Boba Ref32 BBY2009-01-23GateKeepers Roller Derby
Boba ThreatIG882010-06-21Twin Cities Terrors
Bobbi Bruise-Shea742010-03-01Denver Roller Dolls
Bobbi Fett1982010-09-27Liverpool Roller Birds
Bobbi Girl232008-08-01Cajun Rollergirls
Bobbi Gore19722011-08-22New Hampshire Roller Derby
Bobbi McGiollotine2252010-12-11Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls
Bobbi Pin20102010-12-30Cornfed Derby Dames
Bobbi Pro-Hurt242010-11-15Brighton Roller Dollz
Bobbi Slamher192010-09-03St. Chux Derby Chix
Bobbi Sox 'Em2122010-09-07River Valley Roller Girls
Bobbi SoxHer773 Sydney Roller Derby League
Bobbi TerrORR 2010-12-29Grand Rapids Area Roller Derby
Bobbi-Sox Fox542009-02-09Gas City Rollers League
Bobbie Backseat8 inches2007-06-18Omaha Rollergirls
Bobbie Bang-Bang222008-07-14Fierce Valley Roller Girls
Bobbie Carnage 2006-10-20Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Bobbie Knockout222011-02-03Bunbury Roller Derby
Bobbie McBleed122011-03-05Fort Wayne Derby Girls
Bobble Yum 2006-08-04FoCo Girls Gone Derby
Bobby Brady82010-08-03Quadfathers, The
Bobby Dazzler752011-10-31Leeds Roller Dolls
Bobby Horr692009-09-25Pile O'Bones Derby Club
Bobby Light1.212010-06-15San Diego Roller Derby
Bobby McREffinREF2010-02-24San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Bobby Smacks1182008-04-04Harbor City RollerDames
BobicatX32010-05-04Crime City Rollers
Bobkat (cleared)3.5g2010-03-10Charm City Roller Girls
Bobo barbie222011-11-14Wolverhampton Honour Rollers
Bobscene Behavior6062010-09-05Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Bobus Maximus8082011-01-28Sheffield Steel Rollergirls
Bobzilla8082010-12-12Belle City Roller Girls
Bockscar Bambi 2011-10-25Jerzey Derby Brigade
Bodacious Baxter5052012-04-18Beckley Area Derby Dames
Bodacious D40-36-422008-11-17Glass City Rollers
Bodacious TaTas132012-06-07Clarksville Roller Derby
Bode Lee Harm132012-03-29Capital City Skull Crushers
Bodhi Slapva52010-04-24Central Arkansas Roller Derby
Bodi-Count Bodiford21262012-04-10Illinois Derby League
Body BagREF2008-12-18Eastern Iowa Outlaws
Body Bag Betty132010-01-15Perth Roller Derby
Body Bag Pags (cleared)REF2011-04-04TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Body Count38 special2007-06-19Inland Empire Derby Divas
Body Drop20"2006-12-06Summit City Rollers
Body Shot1512011-06-25Brazos Valley Derby Girls
Bodysnatcher852010-10-06Derby Revolution of Bakersfield--Derby Brats
Boezerk4552009-01-18Sun State Roller Girls
Boffaliscious162011-01-05Tournament City Derby
Bog Boss Lin622011-03-17Cal Skate Roller Derby
Bogan Bitch682010-09-05Pirate City Rollers
Bogan Pride 2010-09-17Sun State Roller Girls
Bogue 5/8/12Swamp City Roller Rats
Bohemeth Rhapsody19755-23-12Canberra Roller Derby
Bohemian BlasphemyHG-802010-08-17Morgantown Roller Vixens
Bohemian Blitzkrieg222010-06-02Peoria Push Derby Dames
Bohemian Bruisin Bombshelle06022012-03-09Omaha Rollergirls
Bohemian BulletG62011-01-29Central Coast Roller Derby
Bohemian Ho Divil992011-04-18Bisman Bombshellz
Bohemian SlapcityREF2011-01-26Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby
Bohemian Smacksody 2012-01-27Tallahassee RollerGirls
Bohica Cupcake 2011-08-16Salina Sirens
Boi Division102010-05-28Lonestar Rollergirls
Boi Gorge241 Atlanta Rollergirls
Boioioioing0072011-07-09Magic City Rollers
Bold Roser 2011-03-01Seattle Derby Brats
Bolder Dash 2010-06-13Emerald City Roller Girls
Boldy Knocks 2009-04-11Emerald City Roller Girls
Bollard112010-09-01Portsmouth Pirates Scruvy Dogs
BolleRover 2010-12-29Grand Rapids Area Roller Derby
Bollock Obama7FT2011-01-28Inhuman League
Bollywood Basher50%2012-03-27Mission City Brawlin' Betties
Bolo the Bouncer92011-01-09Sandusky Rollergirls
Bolshe Vixen986 TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Bolt Action152012-03-26Fargo Moorhead Derby Girls
Bom'chelle Fatale1122010-03-19Rose City Rollers
BomBarb522009-01-07Rat City Rollergirls
Bomb A Gin 2009-02-12Richland County Regulators
Bomb ClanceyREF2011-08-17Fog City Rollers
Bomb DeLuise762011-02-02Savannah Derby Devils
Bomb Dolly0692011-04-13Cardiff Roller Collective
Bomb Dylan (The)612010-02-12Naughty Pines Derby Dames
Bomb Gnarly 2012-02-03Rocket City Roller Girls
Bomb Jovi321POW!2012-03-16Southern Delaware Rollergirls
Bomb N BelleB522011-06-07Victorian Roller Derby
Bomb Nikkity522011-08-09Jacksonville Roller Girls
Bomb Pop452008-02-10Kansas City Roller Warriors
Bomb Quad182010-12-04Atomic Cupcakes Junior Roller Derby
Bomb Qui Qui535/15/12SINtral Valley Derby Girls
Bomb R. BettyREF2011-08-10Tokyo Roller Girls
Bomb ScottRIP 2/19/802011-03-18Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
Bomb ShellyB-542008-02-07Star City Rollergirls
Bomb Twist Baby5678s2011-07-17Gothenburg Roller Derby
Bomb Voyage4002008-11-11Roc City Roller Derby
Bomb*Shell*Blitz1382009-04-17Independent (TBD 9/30/13)
BombCat.322012-04-01NorSask Roller Derby
BombTrix5242012-04-26Rollergirls In Pagosa (R.I.P.)
Bombadee002006-10-22Houston Roller Derby
Bombastic Bumblebee542011-12-08Kassel Roller Derby
Bombay Betty3342011-07-02Yukon Roller Girls
Bombchel222007-08-21Gold Coast Roller Derby
Bomber Boyle202011-07-02Galway Roller Derby
Bomber GirlB522012-01-14Jellyfish Girls
Bomberella 2009-12-19Bellingham Roller Betties
Bombin' Bonny92009-05-20Coastal Plains Derby Dames
Bombora18052011-02-14Brisbane City Rollers
Bombs Away May 2011-02-05Houston Roller Derby
Bombs Over Bacon4112011-09-01Minnesota Roller Girls
Bombshell B.B.222011-11-20Hidden City Derby Girls
Bombshell Bam452011-10-01Royal Wondsor Rollergirls
Bombshell Bell33 1/22011-04-05Pound Cakes
Bombshell Betty1-9002008-01-31LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Bombshell Birdie4112011-03-07Sarasota Roller Girls
Bombshell Chevelle4542012-03-16Cowboy Capital Rollergirls
Bombshell Diggity 2011-03-02Mountain Derby Girls
Bombshell Gizmo212012-01-09Lake City Roller Dolls
Bombshell MichelleC-42011-12-23Wasteland Derby Dames
Bombshell Shock992007-12-18Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls
Bombshell from Hell6662011-01-09Sandusky Rollergirls
Bombsicle792012-01-06Crown City Rollerz
Bombtrack1-2-32010-04-21Cincinnati Rollergirls
Bon Skate742011-09-18Bedfordshire Rollergirls
Bon Snott28202010-08-08Central City Rollergirls
Bon-Bandida4592012-03-03Happy Valley Derby Darlins
Bona ContentionTen72009-03-12Circle City Derby Girls
Bona Lisa18,0002010-03-29Twin City Derby Girls
Bonafied Lovin' 2012-04-18Emerald City Roller Girls
Bonanza Jellybean101 Dixie Derby Girls
Bonch Monster 2008-09-25Sick Town Derby Dames
Bond Fury0072010-01-11Texas Outlaws Roller Derby
Bond Girl0072009-02-25Bakersfield Rollergirls
Bondage Barbie12010-10-10Clarence Valley Roller Derby
Bondage Bitch 2010-02-22Albany All Stars Roller Derby
Bondage N. Clyde 5-17-12Shasta Roller Derby
Bondy and DisciplineREF2011-09-20Varsity Derby
Bone Collectionis52011-07-25Terrassa Derby Rockets
Bone CrawfordStaff Jersey Shore Roller Girls
Bone Dancer0002011-11-11Blue Mountains Roller Derby
Bone Digger1280AD2012-01-244 Corners Rollergirls
Bone Diggity2062011-04-25Pile O'Bones Derby Club
Bone Eata4N62011-04-02Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Bone Junior36DD2011-04-02Red Rockettes Recreational Roller Derby
Bone Kollector1872011-08-31Otautahi Roller Derby League
Bone Machine11112009-11-06MTL Roller Derby
Bone Punks-N-Harm Her Knee132 killories2011-10-14Oakland Derby Diamonds
Bone Saw352007-01-10Garden State Rollergirls
Bone Setter (The) 2010-12-20Triple Threat Derby Girls
Bone Shaker382009-03-09Adelaide Roller Derby
Bone Snatcher112012-02-14Zombie Rollergirls
Bone Thrasher2362012-02-03Terrorz of TIny Towns Roller Derby
Bone Yard Brawler 2010-12-20Emerald City Roller Girls
Bone-A-Part185/4/12Sulphur City Steam Rollers
Bone-Skull Pipsqueak 2009-05-02Austin Derby Brats: Texas Rollergirls' Junior League
Bonebreaker BarbieNCC-17012008-02-13River City Rollergirls
Bonecheck Betty382011-03-03McLean County MissFits
Bonecrusher1162006-12-15Bakersfield Rollergirls
Bonecrusher Barbie10312009-12-27Salt City Derby Girls
Bonehawk292008-04-22Saskatoon Roller Derby
Bonehew Breaker19792010-11-13West Coast Derby Knockouts
Bones  Lonestar Rollergirls
Bones E. Bruiser2062011-04-07Harrisburg Area Roller Derby
Bones Jones 2011-05-13Mountain Gateway Sisterhood of Steel
Bones McBreakin'3O3O2010-09-14Jefferson State Rollers
Bones O'Fury52011-11-28Lethbridge Roller Derby Guild
Bones Patrol122008-04-29Denver Roller Dolls
Bones Thugs and Disharmony342011-03-10San Diego Roller Derby
Bonesaw Barbie442011-02-06RockTown Rollers
Bonesaw BettyD3AD2011-01-25Ocala Cannibals Roller Derby
Bonestorm 2011-09-18Derby Lite
Boney DanzaREF2007-08-21NEO Roller Derby
Boney Dashole72011-01-03Traverse City Roller Derby
Boney M12212011-04-12Salt Spring Island Roller Derby
Boney Maroney9112010-08-08Bakersfield Diamond Divas
Boney SmasheriesREF2010-03-15Cajun Rollergirls
Boneyard Bettsie6ft under2010-12-03Route 66 Derby Chix
Bonezy AdamsREF2011-02-17Tri City Roller Girls
Bong Jovi4202007-11-26LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Boni Jovi3022008-08-26E-Ville Roller Derby
Bonita Bandita862011-01-28Kansas City Roller Warriors
Bonita WetherB.3002011-10-11Apple City Roller Derby
Bonky Kong40112007-05-22Toronto Roller Derby
Bonnevillian90 m/h2007-03-01South Texas Rolleristas
Bonni Knocksville72011-01-29Mainland Misfits Roller Derby Association
Bonnie & SlideZ282009-06-18Ithaca League of Women Rollers
Bonnie B. Morbid14762010-11-18Border City Brawlers
Bonnie Badass19342012-01-13Dockyard Derby Dames
Bonnie Balboa3:032012-04-23The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Bonnie Bang Bang702009-07-20Northern Brisbane Rollers
Bonnie Bashford01412012-04-11Bedfordshire Rollergirls
Bonnie Beatdown332010-08-07Terametixxx
Bonnie Black & Blue132011-03-26Abilene Derby Dames
Bonnie Blindside480 Angel City Derby Girls
Bonnie Blowtorch6672012-04-18Beckley Area Derby Dames
Bonnie Clash8002011-03-15Crime City Rollers
Bonnie Collide32 Rat City Rollergirls
Bonnie CrackHer1/552011-01-27rocKArollers
Bonnie Crash13 Hits2010-09-08Northside Rollers
Bonnie D. Stroir26 San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Bonnie D.B. 2009-01-03San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Bonnie Dash212010-12-16Rocky Mountain Rollerpunks
Bonnie Doll22/202011-07-08Tacones Bandidos
Bonnie Doom4:442009-02-18B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Bonnie Irate12132012-03-02Crescent City Derby Devils
Bonnie Knox32010-02-07Murder City Roller Girls
Bonnie Lee Breakaleg402012-02-10West Coast Derby Knockouts
Bonnie N. CyanideStrych 92008-03-21Tri-County Rolling Militia
Bonnie N. Glide 2010-09-27Brisbane City Rollers
Bonnie Naylor4062012-06-13Bakersfield Diamond Divas
Bonnie Park-her 2010-12-29Okanagan Roller Derby Girls
Bonnie Riot 2010-05-05GTA Rollergirls
Bonnie Rotten77 Minnesota Roller Girls
Bonnie Thunders3402006-03-06Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Bonnie Tsunami772011-03-21Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Bonnie Vile750cc2011-03-18Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
Bonnie Voyage5052010-03-22CT RollerGirls
Bonny BruiseHer262010-09-15Walking Dead Derby Girlz
Bonny Crann8882012-03-14Di-Dollz Roller Derby
Bonny Dramado12012-02-13Newcastle Roller Girls
Bonster40D2009-04-02Assault City Roller Derby
Bonster the Monster102011-01-02Umpqua Valley Roller Vixens
Bontonomo Bay 2011-10-20Bear City Roller Derby
Bonus Jonas52009-11-30Dry Heat Militia
Bony JonnieC42008-01-17Dead City Rollers
Bonzai Bombshell52010-08-11Quad City Rollers
Boo Bash'er192011-08-22Birmingham Blitz Dames
Boo Boo BanditSTAFF2011-09-07Tulsa Derby Brigade
Boo Boo Bushee05-Feb2009-04-01Five 40 Roller Girls
Boo Boo FixHerStaff2011-06-16Strong Island Derby Revolution
Boo Boo Kitty45 TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Boo Boo LaRue6ft22010-04-06Gulf Coast Rollergirls League
Boo Boo Radley5 Denver Roller Dolls
Boo Bury Deathmuffin552008-08-07Sick Town Derby Dames
Boo D'Chaos232012-02-10Norfolk Brawds Roller Derby
Boo D. 2011-01-28Renegade Rollergirls (OR)
Boo D. Bloxx582009-09-07Queen City Roller Girls
Boo D. Brewser0072011-09-20Redding Rollergirls
Boo D. Livers 2008-01-25Detroit Derby Girls
Boo LaLa2152011-10-02San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Boo Meringue 2010-09-28Windy City Rollers
Boo T Blocker332011-03-21Central Vermont Roller Derby
Boo T Botw00t!2009-09-10Diamond State Roller Girls
Boo Teaz Normous 2009-01-28Bellingham Roller Betties
Boo gHURL122007-07-24Richland County Regulators
Boo!38DDD2009-05-06Lost Highway Roller Derby
BooYaYa!162009-02-18B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
BooZuka3302011-11-09Reef City Roller Girls
Boob C. Grrr2442011-10-12Saskatoon Roller Derby
Boob Radley102011-07-15Jersey Shore Roller Girls
Boob-alicious Boob-a-rang4302009-08-06Sac City Rollers
Boob-onic Plague36B2010-09-02Charlottesville Derby Dames
Booba Fett80082011-03-21Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
BoobarellaJ-2 KC Roller Warriors
Boobie Houser, M.D. 272012-04-20Treasure Valley Rollergirls
Booboo Bear2582011-01-11GTA Rollergirls
Boobs McCLanahanREF2010-10-08Molly Roger Rollergirls
Boobzillalucky 132010-09-14Kallio Rolling Rainbow
Boodika 2009-05-21Rushmore Rollerz
Boodles002010-05-21Red Deer Roller Derby Association
Boody Boombostic172010-02-28Acadiana Good Times Rollers
Boof42010-07-10Van Diemen Rollers
Booga4x42012-02-21Newcastle Roller Derby
Booger 2008-03-13Duke City Derby
Boogie Down692010-06-07Bay Rollers
Boogie Fights292010-06-17Flathead Valley Roller Derby
Boogie May4132009-04-16Mendocino County Roller Derby
Boogie Tights242009-01-17Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls
Boogiewoman (The) 2009-01-03San Diego Roller Derby
Book 'em Dando 2010-08-06North Star Roller Girls
Book'R'Tea Smashington202011-02-26Eerie Roller Girls
Book'em Betty5-Oh2009-01-14Arizona Roller Derby
Book'erREF2011-07-27Brick House Betties
Booker Tease422011-12-17San Fernando Valley Roller Derby
BookslingerStaff2011-06-09Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Boom Bah302011-07-09Magic City Rollers
Boom Boom Bambino232010-10-12Albany All Stars Roller Derby
Boom Boom Becky612010-09-27Cheyenne Capidolls Roller Derby
Boom Boom Betty32006-04-01Hammer City Roller Girls
Boom Boom Bia 2011-10-14Greensboro Roller Derby
Boom Boom BootyRetired 3/12/142009-07-07Sacred City Derby Girls
Boom Boom Buttercup 2010-12-29Okanagan Roller Derby Girls
Boom Boom L'Amour342010-07-14Lafayette Brawlin' Dolls
Boom Boom Martini0072007-05-12Rockford Rage
Boom Boom McGee352010-11-24Pikes Peak Derby Dames
Boom Chicka Boom Boom882007-09-19Sun State Roller Girls
Boom Choca162012-03-02South County Derby Girls
Boom Crash OprahC42010-06-18Victorian Roller Derby
Boom Dot SaintBDS22011-06-08Midnight Sun Roller Girlz
Boom Jack Pow882011-03-20South Texas Rolleristas
Boom Stick6222010-12-09Cowtown Butchers Mens Roller Derby
Boom-chica-Doom4/42009-06-16DC Rollergirls
BoomBoom3012010-04-09Rollergirls of Central Kentucky (ROCK)
BoomBoom Birch4-3-2-12010-03-29Harbour City Rollers
BoomBoom SneakyHeat 2011-07-05Tallahassee Rollergirls
BoomBoxx20 D Energizers2008-07-16Providence Roller Derby
BoomShockaBlocka132011-04-25Cenla Derby Dames
Booma ThurmanC42008-08-23North Star Roller Girls
Boombaby732010-09-13Wolverhampton Honour Rollers
Boomblock Saint 2012-04-18Niagara Roller Girls
Boomerang360° Summit City Rollers
Boomslang19772010-06-18Lea County Roller Wenches
Boomtown Brat8 1/22011-07-17Hot Wheel Roller Derby
BoonJock Saint62011-01-11Blue Water Derby Girls
Boondock Skates 2012-01-18Emerald City Junior Gems
Boondock Taint292009-02-17Jacksonville Roller Girls
Boose De BallsREF2006-09-30Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Boosh2892009-07-15Philly Rollergirls
Boosty "Eh" Bombshell192011-07-30Lil Chicago Roller Derby
Boot Kick-Her1012008-03-01Voodoo Derby Dollz Roller Derby Association
Boot Scootin Bully36DD2011-09-23Blue Ridge Rollergirls
BootCampBetty712010-02-21Columbia QuadSquad
BootLeg Betty 2010-06-18Lil Chicago Roller Derby
BootSkream4.222012-03-24Ottawa Roller Derby
Bootcamp32D2009-12-04Renegade Rollergirls (OC)
Boothill Billy4542012-02-02Long Island Roller Rebels
Bootie Bandit08052011-04-07Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz
Bootie DeLushus742006-10-22TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Bootie-Buster272011-09-22Rez City Rollers
BootieTrap Bettie32011-04-29Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Bootiful Banshee1872011-12-19Mass Attack Roller Derby
Bootillicious Broad112010-03-07TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Bootius Maximus5102010-08-11Quad City Rollers
Bootlace Babsy22's2008-05-22Seatown Sisters of Slant
Bootlegger Lily452009-03-09Adelaide Roller Derby
Boots362010-03-09Tulsa Derby League
Boots Electric4092011-10-31Dorset Roller Girls
Boots Manuva50002011-03-08Central City Rollergirls
Boots Von Kapow122011-05-17Resurrection Roller Girls
Boots of Hazard32009-05-19Geelong Roller Derby League
Bootsy Call'emsREF2010-02-24San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Bootsy Killins1802010-02-23Pair 'O Dice City Derby
Booty BasHer12105/3/12NorCal Rollergirls
Booty Blitz Bomb332011-09-06Coastal Assassins Roller Derby
Booty BumpHer402010-04-02Angel City Derby Girls
Booty CallinsREF2009-11-01Mad Rollin' Dolls
Booty CrackHer0072011-09-10TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Booty CrockerStaff2008-05-26Tallahassee Rollergirls
Booty Galore402010-04-06Bayou Outlaw Rollergirls
Booty Garland10cm2010-06-17Flathead Valley Roller Derby
Booty Holly 2011-04-13Oil City Derby Girls
Booty HuXXXtable5th2011-03-23Palmetto State Rollergirls
Booty Klaimer6612012-02-01Bakersfield Rollergirls
Booty Knox1.5.12010-11-04TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Booty Kraken755/15/12SINtral Valley Derby Girls
Booty Ninja862009-09-08Mission City Brawlin Betties
Booty Page 2008-06-30Calgary Roller Derby Association
Booty Pop19642011-10-28Unforgiven Roller Girls
Booty Quake82008-01-28Terminal City Rollergirls
Booty QueenXXX2006-09-25Texas Rollergirls
Booty Skool Dropout9042006-08-04Jacksonville Roller Girls
Booty Slammer 2010-09-17Sun State Roller Girls
Booty Trapp562010-05-21Dockyard Derby Dames
Booty Two-shoes962011-06-22Tri City Roller Girls
Booty Waves132011-04-28Chesapeake Roller Derby
Booty White19852011-05-16Garden State Rollergirls
Booty and the Beast882010-02-16Winnipeg Roller Derby
Booty bomber72010-08-03South Florida Rollergirls
Booty on Duty 2010-06-28Kingston Derby Girls
BootyVicious132007-12-19Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Bootyful24/72006-11-28AK Roller Derby League
Bootyful Flyer9212011-10-28Little Steel Derby Girls
Bootylicious1012010-11-22Bayou Outlaw Roller Girls
Booya6272012-03-09Omaha Rollergirls
Booya BooTay82011-08-09Hellgate Rollergirls
Booze Bag30002010-11-30Sac City Rollers
Booze it up Barbie422012-06-11Tokyo Roller Girls
Boozer Boo72102011-09-08Portneuf Valley Bruisers
Boozewoundbarbie6662010-03-28Newcastle Roller Girls
Boozin Fora Bruisinpsalm 692008-03-23Seatown Sisters of slant
Boozy Magee3332010-12-15South West Sask Roller Derby
Boozy Suzy002010-03-03West Coast Derby Knockouts
Boppin762007-09-12SINtral Valley Derby Girls
Border HopHerI-52009-05-27Castle Bombers Roller Girls
Border Jumper84-922008-09-04AZ Derby Dames
Border Roller10702011-05-02Rome Rollergirls
Borderland Bruiser3712010-08-02El Paso Roller Derby
Boris BadenovREF2008-10-29Terminal City Rollergirls
Boris Snarloff19692009-06-15Leeds Roller Dolls
Bork Bork Bork 2010-11-22Windy City Rollers
Born Lippy7452008-07-01Richter City Roller Derby
Born Ready1512010-10-13LaCrosse Skating Sirens
Born to Hula8082010-03-29Okanagan Shuswap Roller Derby Association
Borracha-cha12 steps2010-05-19Central Arkansas Roller Derby
Boss (The)n/a Texas Rollergirls
Boss A. Train 5-18-12Demolition City Roller Derby
Boss ApplesauceCoach2010-11-01Tri City Roller Girls
Boss Fight95+2011-11-14Crime City Rollers
Boss Hoggf/22007-10-19B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Boss Mare212D2011-09-08Portneuf Valley Bruisers
Boss NOS375 horsepower2011-10-27Rolling Hills Derby Dames
Boss Shockstaff2009-08-25Cherry City Derby Girls
Boss Vulcana17015-22-12Reading Derby Girls
Bossed Up252011-06-16San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Bossy B882007-05-26AK Roller Derby League
Bossy Flossy172009-10-26Tulsa Derby League
Bossy Nova56782010-08-06North Star Roller Girls
Bost'in Wench762011-08-02Central City Rollergirls
Bostitch82011-06-10West Virginia Roller Girls
Boston Bash-Her 2011-11-22Salt City Derby Girls
Boston Betty1212011-03-08A'Salt Creek Roller Girls
Boston Brat Italiana02012-02-21Corpus Chrisite Maiden Texas Derby
Boston Bruiser772012-04-2710th Mountain Roller Dolls
Boston Bruze-Her202012-04-22Palmetto State Rollergirls
Boston E. Legal112011-05-31Lowcountry Highrollers
Boston MASS-hitter17762012-04-01NorSask Roller Derby
Boston TeaBagher17732010-03-02New Hampshire Roller Derby
Boston Terror1072011-09-27Columbia QuadSquad
Boston WhaleHer19 kts2011-01-14Jersey Shore Roller Girls
Bot Bot Bot010012006-03-21Duke City Derby
Bottle Rocket13372009-02-02Reno Roller Girls
Bottoms Up6pk2007-05-08River Valley Roller Girls
Boudi Call692009-01-17Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls
Boudica60 A.D.2006-09-28Slaughterhouse Derby Girls
Boudica BabekillerAD612011-07-21Varsity Derby League
Boulder Over132012-04-26Grey Bruce Roller Derby
Boun C Ballz 2010-07-27Fox Cityz Foxz
Bounce Back Aztec7892012-06-06Atomic City Rollergirls
Bounce Her21 & Up2008-03-21Green Country Roller Girls
Bouncy Hunter 2011-01-25Dodge City Rollers
Bounty Hunter12X2012-01-04Tampa Bay Men's Roller Derby
Bounty Huntress 2009-02-12Richland County Regulators
Bourbon Kid2B2011-02-22Roller Derby Toulouse
Bourbon Legend0012008-04-18Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
Bourbon Streak90proof2011-03-01Vette City Roller Derby
Bout Bot91022012-03-22Orange County Roller Girls
Bout E licious Betty 2010-02-18Slaughterhouse Derby Girls
Bout GirlGV8592007-06-29Palmetto State Rollergirls
Bout Love2 All2010-01-01Red Stick Roller Derby
Bout Mangler 2007-03-12DC Rollergirls
Bout TABeatchya232011-11-10Flint Hills Fury
Boutfire892011-02-03Cheyenne Capidolls Roller Derby
Boutlaw Betty5072011-01-18Dutchland Rollers
Bowierista70s2012-02-20Santiago Roller Derby
Bowtie BettieZ282010-08-15San Angelo Soul Sisters
Box 'Em32011-01-25Dodge City Rollers
Box Blocker02012-04-16Halifax Roller Derby
Box Cutter10/62011-12-28Molly Roger Roller Girls
Box Her Bottoms 2009-06-02I-5 Rollergirls
Box Punch 2011-10-11Kingston Derby Girls
Box Rocker12272008-02-07Hammer City Roller Girls
Box Stompin' Betty032011-07-07Prince Albert Roller Derby
BoxHerREF2011-01-30San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Boxcar BethyLocal 2102006-09-07Thunder Bay Roller Derby
Boxer Babe1012011-09-30Highland Roller Girls
Boxkick Betty772010-05-31Forest City Derby Girls
Boxknife Brandi7202012-04-30Central Coast Roller Derby
Boxy Brown42006-09-21LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Boy Casey 2011-05-27Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls
Boyband98deg2010-05-20Undead Bettys
Boyznbetti82010-08-17Pacific Roller Derby
Bozie Banger242008-08-12Garden State Rollergirls
Bozley 2008-04-09Glass City Rollers
Bozo Disposo481 Clowns2009-11-30Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Brace for KIMpact92012-01-04Bow Valley Roller Derby
Brad Example 2006-07-06Denver Roller Dolls
Brad Habit 2010-11-22Windy City Rollers
Brad HittREF2011-10-12Saskatoon Roller Derby
Brad Pittiful10652012-01-08Fog City Rollers
Brad ReligionREF2009-03-12Circle City Derby Girls
Brad Romance 2011-02-26Rollergirls of Southern Indiana
Brad to the BoneREF2011-02-02Steel City Derby Demons
Bradfordcrombie and BitchRetired 6/5/132010-05-04TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Brady O'Flyer82008-10-22Seattle Derby Brats
Brae K. Legg4072010-12-03Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Braids of Wrath13372011-11-23Resurrection Roller Girls
Braidy Punch 2008-09-15Portland Rose Buds
Brain Czar Us28 days2010-01-27Kansas City Roller Warriors
Brain Kutter Kate8182006-09-25River City Rollergirls
Brain NinjaError 4042012-02-23Nidaros Roller Derby
Brain of Morbius (The)REF2010-02-23Adelaide Roller Derby
Brain-Freeze3/222010-07-24Reno Roller Girls
Brainiac3.14152007-11-26Summit City Rollers
Brains & Booty1352010-07-25Memphis Roller Derby
Brakes52008-04-08V-Town Derby Dames
Bram Stroker472010-02-02Harm City Homicide
Bran Bam882010-04-08Hidden City Derby Girls
Brand-Aid262009-02-10Houston Roller Derby
Brand-It42009-12-05Vidor, Texas Roller Derby League
Brandee Snapz5052010-11-28Northern Brisbane Rollers
Brandi Danger132008-04-16Dallas Derby Devils
Brandi Iron262008-04-29LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Brandi Savage10/62012-01-18Vero Beach RollerGirls
Brandifurious9992007-02-24Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Brando CommandoREF2012-01-09Tri City Rolling Thunder
Brandy BadKnockers192011-06-14Dire Skates
Brandy Brews14222010-01-06Thunder Bay Roller Derby
Brandy Sheen Guns452009-11-23Torpedo Bay Roller Girls
Brandy Swifter862011-01-03Muddy River Rollers
Bras Munki 2008-10-24Cape Fear Roller Girls
Brass 2006-11-09Green Country Roller Girls
Brass Balla762011-02-09TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Brass Brawls1/42011-04-05Royal City Rollergirls
Brass BullsM005/8/12Swamp City Roller Rats
Brass Chucklesnerd32012-04-30Methow Valley Roller Girls
Brass Kicker132009-07-09Pearl River Roller Derby
Brass Knuckle Betty312007-02-12Hammer City Roller Girls
Brass Knuckle Brandy 2007-04-09Columbia QuadSquad
Brass Knuckle Shuffle 2011-04-07GateKeepers Roller Derby
Brass Snuggles11172010-10-12Albany All Stars Roller Derby
Brass Tacks112011-04-13Portland Men's Roller Derby
Brassknuckle Bratt4202009-11-19Black Hills Derby Girl League
Brassy KnuX932010-03-06Grand Raggidy Roller Girls
Brat Attack4162011-01-17TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Brat Benatar882012-04-13L.A. Junior Derby Dolls
Brat Capone1872010-05-21Dockyard Derby Dames
Brat Controller (The)3212012-04-13Rum City Derby Dolls
Brat E Angel3152011-02-18Bakersfield Junior Roller Derby
Brat Kat 2011-05-26Rushmore Rollerz
Brat N' 1/2112007-01-12Spokane's Outlawed Roller Derby
Brat O'Tat4 Leaf Clover2008-01-22Red Stick Roller Derby
Brat Poison132007-02-13Crude City Roller Derby
Brat Tastrophe132011-12-20Grand Junction Roller Girls
Brat Worst12052012-04-20London Rollergirls Recreational League
Brat out of Hell 2012-06-11Jerzey Derby Brigade
Bratislava Bruiser19932008-05-23Ohio Roller Girls
Bratknee Cole 2011-03-23Tallahassee Rollergirls
Bratti LaBelle19742010-11-09Darlings of Destruction
Bratty Cakes50cc2011-02-27Happy Valley Derby Darlins
Bratty CardiaREF2011-08-14Toronto Roller Derby
Bratty Duke575cc2008-01-02Reno Roller Girls
Bratty Girl902008-03-05Oil City Derby Girls
Bratty Spears24/72010-06-17Enchanted Mountain Roller Derby
Brauny Knoxkill5072011-11-28Lethbridge Roller Derby Guild
Brave GirlB12009-09-01Monadnock Region Roller Derby
Brave Lil' Roast Her882010-09-02Hard Knox Roller Derby
Brave Tart (cleared)252011-04-11Gold Coast Roller Derby
Bravehurt17892011-02-22Roller Derby Toulouse
Bravetart322010-08-08Perth Roller Derby
Brawl Atreides312012-01-25Basingstoke Roller Derby
Brawl DollRetired2008-03-07Tri City Roller Girls
Brawl Flanders112012-03-19Belfast Roller Derby
Brawl McCartney882007-08-19Queen City Roller Girls
Brawl MonitorREF2010-06-22Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Brawl Scholes182010-11-04Central City Rollergirls
Brawl Stanley782007-08-17Angel City Derby Girls
Brawl T. More41-Ohhhh2012-04-11Balsam Mountain Roller Girls
Brawl and Chain6662012-02-19York Minxters Roller Derby
Brawl-ica Lewinsky 2011-05-25Northern Louisiana Roller Dollz
Brawla Abdul142010-12-20Central New York Roller Derby
Brawla Deen9122011-02-02Savannah Derby Devils
Brawla Poundstone 2010-11-22Windy City Rollers
Brawlberry Shortcake10315/3/12Northshore Roller Derby
Brawlcolli 2011-05-03Marfa Roller Derby
Brawler Baby 2012-03-03Jerzey Derby Brigade
Brawlette272008-03-18Long Island Roller Rebels
Brawley Double D10222012-02-21Corpus Chrisite Maiden Texas Derby
BrawlificentH8R2010-01-27ICT Roller Girls
Brawlin Nawlin19192009-12-16Magnolia Roller Vixens
Brawlin' Oates242012-04-26Big Easy Rollergirls
Brawling Barista312007-10-19River City Rollergirls
Brawlita Haze122011-01-05Burn City Rollers
BrawllaRina3602012-06-04Northside Fury Roller Derby
Brawllen Angel8882006-03-17B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Brawlly Rogers19992011-02-02Clarksville Roller Derby
Brawln Brewja7472009-02-16Sun City Roller Girls
Brawlroom Dancer99 times2011-11-07Dallas Derby Devils
Brawly Pop 2009-03-30Central Arkansas Roller Derby
Brawly Ringwald862006-11-26TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Brawly Shore7112011-05-08Chicago Outfit
BrawlyAnna 2007-08-10Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Brawn HildeSTAFF2011-09-07Ohio Roller Girls
Brawn SoLow222011-01-24San Diego Roller Derby
Brawny Rotten562010-11-03Nanaimo Nemesis Roller Girls
Braxton Kicks122010-01-24Richter City Roller Derby
Brazen BrandyAK472012-01-16Powder River Rousta 'Bout It Betties
Brazen Bull8702010-02-24San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Brazen Lee782010-05-24Dragon City Derby Dolls
Brazilian Bombshell262008-07-22South Bay Derby Mizfitz
Brazilian Nut162011-02-22Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Brazillian Whacks 2009-02-17Calgary Roller Derby Association
Break 'er Leglegs 115/10/12W.A. Roller Derby
Break A. McRib 2011-08-12North Texas Derby Revolution
Break Her Fraker3312012-02-24Mendocino County Roller Derby
Break Neck Beck  Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls
Break'em & Bake'em3502012-02-29Blue Water Derby Girls
Break'her1-9er Renegade Rollergirls (AZ)
Break-Fist of Champions7:302011-12-02Sis-Q Rollerz
BreakBeat Betty<0.052010-06-15Reef City Roller Girls
BreakHer Bakerpi2008-12-02South Jersey Derby Girls
Breaker Bonehew302010-09-09West Coast Derby Knockouts
Breaker Stride342010-06-13Salisbury Rollergirls
Breakface at Tiffany's232011-04-05Victorian Roller Derby
Breakfast8a.m.2009-09-08Angel City Derby Girls
BreakinSpine 2011-12-10James River Fury
Breakin_ Zem Bones2062012-01-30Decatur Derby Dames
Breaking Back Sunday1522012-02-01Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Roller Radicals
Breaking Bridges 2012-01-21Gallow Lasses
Breaking the Girl 2011-08-11Central New York Roller Derby
Breakneck Bella 2009-01-19Rat City Rollergirls
Breakneck Bri792007-08-02Long Island Roller Rebels
Breakskate 2011-08-18Middle Georgia Derby Demons
Breanne Split 2011-06-21West Coast Junior Derby Knockouts
Brecken McCockiner9992010-09-27Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Breckin U. Down19532011-04-21Cornfed Derby Dames
Breckyn Urneck272011-01-17Lake City Roller Dolls
Breebonikk Plague6662012-03-01Reading Derby Girls
Breeder O' Terror402012-04-13One World Roller Derby
Breetlejuice32006-08-15Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Breeze Block122011-10-27Haunted city Rollers
Breezey862006-11-20Maine Roller Derby
Breezin' ByYa11162010-09-01Naptown Roller Girls
Breezy Day Ha43-102011-11-15Prairie Fire Roller Girls
Breezy Does It332011-09-15Fair City Rollers
Breezy Weezy442010-08-17Morgantown Roller Vixens
Brenda Scarr411 Denver Roller Dolls
Brenna Bangs 2012-06-06Rock City Rollers
Brent MuffburgerSTAFF2012-01-22Classic City Rollergirls
Brew HaHa!8012006-06-11Salt City Derby Girls
Brewella De-Vil16 oz.2011-07-27Hurrican Alley Roller Derby
BrewsMaster12132012-01-06Crown City Rollerz
Brewski Punkster92011-10-16Marietta Derby Darlins
Brewski Q872011-03-13Jersey Shore Roller Girls
Brewster Booty8252010-09-08V Town Derby Dames
Brewtal B.80082011-05-17Durango Roller Girls
Brewtal Legend40 oz2012-02-19Central Kansas Derby Coalition
Brewz Train90002009-11-30Phoenix Rattleskates/Dry Heat Rattleskates
Brezz by You172010-08-29San Diego Roller Derby
Bri N' Crackya750mL2008-11-25Battle Born Derby Demons
Bria Fraid3572007-05-16Denver Roller Dolls
Brian GriffinREF2008-07-03Reno Roller Girls
Briana Bruiser52008-02-22Rushmore Rollerz
Briana Spanks682010-05-21Spa Town Roller Girls
Brianasaurus15882012-03-06Mad Wreckin' Dolls
Brianimal002011-04-12Prison City Derby Dames
Brianna FantanaChannel 42011-01-03Traverse City Roller Derby
Briar Rose78052011-12-12Iowa Rollin' Aces
Brick House Barbie 2010-03-05Vette City Roller Derby
Brick Howitzer28 1/22009-10-04Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
Brick James77 superfreak2009-02-16CoMo Derby Dames
Brick N' Lace72012-04-13One World Roller Derby
Brick S. House 2012-04-13Blacksnake Roller Girls
Brick Schmidthaus 2011-08-29Central Arkansas Roller Derby
Brick Shieldsthe 80s2007-10-19B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Brick Smashmouth 2011-01-09G-Town Beat Down Derby
Brick Wall BrandyTriple 72012-01-27Dirt City Roller Rats
Brick Wallace9992007-04-19Sick Town Derby Dames
Bricketty Smak3332011-07-21Murder City Roller Girls
Brickfist at Tuffyknees 2009-12-21Rideau Valley Roller Girls
Brickhaus Betty442010-04-13Durango Roller Girls
Brickhaus Intimidation32008-03-05Harrisburg Area Roller Derby
Brickhit. House0002011-05-16 
Brickhouse Bardot 2010-03-12GTA Rollergirls
Brickhouse Biatch 2011-05-07North Louisiana Roller Dollz
Brickhouse Britney232011-12-24Kannapolis Rollergirls
Brickhouse Bronte172012-02-17Salina Sirens Roller Derby
Bricktator4x82012-04-30B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Bricky Shithouse51502011-01-09Skate the Wilderness
Brickyard4002011-12-27Arch Rival Roller Girls
Bride of 9 Spiders92011-10-12Burlington Bombers Roller Derby
Bride of Breakin' Spine2222011-01-16LOCO Roller Derby
Bride of Shank'nstein352010-02-15Western Sydney Rollers
Bride of Skatan6662009-03-09Adelaide Roller Derby
Bride of Spankenstein352011-01-23Mississippi Valley Mayhem
Bridezilla122010-09-17Reef City Roller Girls
Bridge BurnerB92012-03-05River City Rollergirls
Bridge Da GapP4132012-01-01Downriver Roller Dollz
Bridget Bloodo242011-10-03WestSide Derby Dollz
Bridget Bones302009-07-07Toronto Roller Derby
Bridget Pwns13372011-02-07TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Bridget Von Hammersmack 2010-11-14Mississippi Brawl Stars
Bridget von Jammersmack462011-02-09Sheffield Steel Rollergirls
Brie Ban'Dcamp12 Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Brie Larceny5F2009-06-30Newcastle Roller Girls
Brie-elzebub6662012-02-01Hel'z Belles
Brigadoom3x32011-10-02The Aurora 88s
Brigand Strong22GPa2009-06-27Newcastle Roller Derby
Brigette Barbell 2010-02-15Sydney Roller Derby League
Brigg em down1382009-08-24San Diego Roller Derby
Briggs N. Smackem352012-04-24Cincinnati Rollergirls
Brighter Riot 2012-06-11Charlottesville Derby Dames
Brighteyed Bruizer752011-02-18Bakersfield Junior Roller Derby
Brigid Fitch-273c2010-06-10Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Brigitte Badonkadonk82009-02-05Dixie Derby Girls
Brigitte Barhotswingin' 60's2006-03-06Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Brigitte Wheelson80802010-04-30Central City Rollergirls
Brik Wall002006-09-01Orange County Roller Girls
Brim Stone21:82008-05-13Toronto Roller Derby
Brinda Payne332007-11-21FoCo Girls Gone Derby
Brinda Ruckus772010-01-18Humboldt Roller Derby
Bring It AnyaKettle 12012-04-20Outlaw Renegade Roller Girls Orange County
Bristol Smashin'18852011-02-28Rock Coast Rollers
Brit Bomb (The)Goose602011-04-21Kokeshi Roller Dolls
Brit Happens512012-03-14Killamazoo Derby Darlins
Brit Knee Smasher962011-03-01Pottstown Roller Derby Rockstars
Brit Knee Tears 2010-02-15Sydney Roller Derby League
Brit Trash272007-12-10Saskatoon Roller Derby
Britches n' Hose3082008-04-03Nashville Rollergirls
British Bomber502010-06-03Central Vermont Roller Derby
British Bulldog442011-08-01Ruhrpott Roller Girls
Britn*sty162010-02-11Glass City Rollers
Britnee Smears81 Mad Rollin' Dolls
Britney Fierce962012-02-18The Parliament of Pain
Britney ShearzXXX2008-11-21Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz
Britney Speartackle3602010-03-11Towns Villains Roller Derby
Britt-Knee Basher1032011-02-16Electric City Roller GrrrlZ
Britta Killa FilterNo. 1 Brand2010-06-09TBD (delete 8/29/13)
Britta the Hitta42010-11-24Pensacola Roller Gurlz
Brittany Spear'd81832006-10-11South Florida Rollergirls
Brittknee Breaker10-42007-08-01Boston Derby Dames
Brittskrieg Bop'er36DD2012-03-09Fairbanks Rollergirls
Brixton BombM-72006-09-01Grand Raggidy Roller Girls
Broad Awful372012-04-16Halifax Roller Derby
Broad Daylight122009-07-05Providence Roller Derby
Broad Street Bullly8082012-03-26Greensboro Roller Derby
Broad of War12011-03-01Torpedo Bay Roller Girls
Broad-Ache-r772010-09-26Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz
Broadside her382011-01-08Whiskey Renegade Rollers
Broadsmack2122011-01-21Des Moines Derby Dames
Broadway492011-01-09Sandusky Rollergirls
Broadway Belt 'Er 2011-08-20POW! TOWN ROLLER DERBY
Broadway Brawler42nd St.2011-02-16Brazos Valley Derby Girls
Broadzilla5 LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Brock SolidCoach2011-06-24Steel City Derby Demons
Brock'n'Roller1432011-05-10Tiger Bay Brawlers
Brodie ImpaleB522012-04-10Kent Roller Girls
Brodie Revenge62011-09-06Nantes Derby Girls
Brodie-Kins5152011-03-16Syndicate Roller Girls
Brody Brawlle582010-10-04709 Derby Girls
Brody Brixton18482009-09-19Flint City Derby Girls
Brody Maulzer02012-02-06Flat Out Roller Derby
Brody Slaughterhouse3.142010-11-28Greensboro Roller Derby
Brody X392010-08-19Gulf Coast Rollergirls
BrojectileD33P 62012-03-27Mission City Brawlin' Betties
Broke Ash Mountain132008-09-16Tri-County Rolling Militia
Broke White Boy132012-02-21Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
Brokeback JacL5 S12012-01-09Green Mountain Derby Dames
Broken Arrow742009-06-14Newcastle Roller Derby
Broken Cherry1974 Windy City Rollers
Broken Face6662007-07-24Hanging City Derby
Broken Halo7112009-10-22Spindletop Rollergirls
Broken LEGacy412007-08-21LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Broken MicSTAFF2011-11-16Black Hills Wildfire Roller Derby
Broken Silence 2008-04-08Northland Nightmares
Bronco72009-02-10Worcester Roller Derby
Brons Aussie332011-07-28Gold Coast Roller Derby
Bronster Blue375/8/12Swamp City Roller Rats
Bronster Mash62009-11-24Van Diemen Rollers
Bronte Sore-arse18792011-01-16Perth Roller Derby
Brontosaurus1542011-09-29Convict City Roller Derby
Bronx Betty3192010-09-05Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Bronx Bomber401072009-03-27Mans Ruin Roller Derby
Bronxy7182009-08-12Reno Roller Girls
Bronze Vixen70072010-06-15San Diego Roller Derby
Brook Lyn DecHER7182009-12-20Orlando Psycho City Derby Girls
Brook Lynne Dodge-Her112011-10-03Floral City Roller Girls
Brook N. Hearts272009-11-23Second City Slaughter Junior Roller Derby
Brooke A. Nail102010-08-23Desert Dolls Roller Derby League
Brooke Meister 2010-01-11San Antonio Roller Derby
Brooke N. Hearts372010-04-17No Coast Derby Girls
Brooke UrRibs5275/9/12Viva Roller Derby
Brooke Yer Bonez 2010-04-22Nor Cal City Roller Girls
Brooken Bones911 Memphis Roller Derby
Brookiller de Vil1012010-09-01Bristol Roller Derby
Brooklin Brat282011-01-05Durham Region Roller Derby
Brooklyn Barmade1872009-03-11Grand Strand Rollergirls
Brooklyn BasHer1T1ME2009-07-07Blackwater Rollers
Brooklyn Brawl-Her 2009-10-10Hammer City Roller Girls
Brooklyn Raege5362011-03-30Angels of Anarchy
Brooklynbounce1402011-06-07Diamond Valley Roller Derby
Brooklynn Bomber21&up2011-03-27TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Brookslide402011-01-03Portsmouth Roller Wenches
BroozHer BerardiL8R2011-02-22Brandywine Roller Girls
Broozie Soozie822011-04-05Central Michigan Roller Derby
Broseph Stalin90012009-10-28Mason Dixon Roller Vixens
Broskater45/12/12Jr. Jacksonville Rollergirls
Brother Grim862008-11-26Victorian Roller Derby
Brother Ryan 2011-06-17North Texas Derby Revolution
Brown Eyed BomberB92007-08-09Rubber City Rollergirls
Brown Eyed Bullet192011-07-12Mobil's Derby Darlings
Brown Eyed Hurl162011-08-29Paradise Roller Girls
Brown Gator5552010-11-09Blue Water Derby Girls
Brown Mamba52011-07-27Queen City Roller Girls
Brown Recluse72006-04-15Renegade Rollergirls (AZ)
Brown-Eyed Bruiser672010-11-14Red Deer Roller Derby Association
BrownSugar Betty 2007-12-01South Side Roller Derby
Brownie Hero 2007-01-05Naptown Roller Girls
Bru-Tillie Divine1392011-03-29Hawkesbury/Hills Area Roller Derby
BruHaha 2009-08-10Elm City Derby Damez
BruTALL Move722012-02-01Hel'z Belles
Bruce Killis33 Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Bruce Knuckle22008-12-31Twin Cities Terrors
BruceLee-ah102012-06-13Bakersfield Diamond Divas
Brudicca452012-02-18Flint City Derby Girls
Bruesberry Slam7000 calories2012-04-03Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
Bruin Yo Life6662012-01-22North Pole Babes in Toyland
Bruise 'em Banshee882008-12-27Leeds Roller Dolls
Bruise Almighty172009-12-14Dutchland Rollers
Bruise Banner918v2010-08-06Northern Arizona Roller Derby
Bruise Berry Crunch 2012-06-11Big Island Babes
Bruise Buffer1802009-05-18Wakey Wheeled Cats
Bruise CampbellREF2010-01-12Rainy City Roller Dolls
Bruise Clues12342010-06-06OKC Outlaws Roller Derby
Bruise Control22008-06-20Green Mountain Derby Dames
Bruise Cruiser 2009-05-10Pile O'Bones Derby Club
Bruise D. Knuckles 2011-01-31Rollergirls of Southern Indiana
Bruise Fairy (The)0W132011-06-19Cape Girardeau Roller Girls
Bruise Her Blue162011-10-26Juneau Rollergirls
Bruise Lee75 Rat City Rollergirls
Bruise McGee 2007-12-07Hurricane Alley Roller Derby
Bruise Mo'Chine032012-04-11Balsam Mountain Roller Girls
Bruise Mobile (The)19742010-08-10North East Roller Derby
Bruise O'PearlJ722011-02-13Rebel County Rollers
Bruise PleaseCoach2012-03-08River Demons Roller Girls
Bruise Smith782012-02-27Queen City Roller Girls
Bruise Springsteen 2012-01-07Cardiff Roller Collective
Bruise VioletRetired2006-06-07London Rollergirls
Bruise Wayne 2011-10-25Jerzey Derby Brigade
Bruise Wheelies122012-01-25rocKArollers
Bruise Whisperer×2007-08-13Central Arkansas Roller Derby
Bruise Willis132009-11-02Southern Middle Tennessee Roller Derby
Bruise Your DaddyStaff2010-09-17No Coast Derby Girls
Bruise-Berry Pie312008-06-10Toronto Roller Derby
Bruiseanne Con-her19032009-09-26Rainy City Roller Dolls
Bruiseberry jam002010-02-15Bemidji Babe City Rollers
Bruised /Linda/ Lee822012-02-29Ume Radical Rollers
Bruised Cherry 2010-08-27Sioux Falls Roller Dollz
Bruised-Ann Somers 2010-07-13Tall City Roller Betties
Bruiseher BareRef2010-09-25San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Bruisehilda5432006-05-11DC Rollergirls
Bruisella Bones5'2"2011-03-10TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Bruisella Deville 2008-12-15Richland County Regulators
Bruisemup Betty92009-10-05West Coast Derby Knockouts
Bruiser Bambi72010-11-18Cardiff Roller Collective
Bruiser Barbie 2009-09-13Columbia QuadSquad
Bruiser Bishop202011-05-26Barry County Black Heart Maidens
Bruiser Bream822010-06-03Hellfire Harlots
Bruiser Bunny872009-01-19Tri-County Rolling Militia
Bruiser Ego132011-04-02Wasatch Roller Derby
Bruiser Friendly333 River Valley Roller Girls
Bruiser MacWheely435/10/12Port City Roller Girls
Bruiser von BasherH4RD5/10/12W.A. Roller Derby
Bruiserella 2008-09-26Fresno Roller Derby
Bruises & Butterfly Wings3E2008-08-25River City Rollergirls
Bruisey La Rue 2011-10-30Jet City Rollergirls
Bruisey Quatro54402006-06-01Hard Knox Roller Derby
Bruisey Ricardo19512010-12-30Cornfed Derby Dames
Bruisiana2252010-08-17Morgantown Roller Vixens
Bruisica Queen of the Welts692010-09-29Portsmouth Roller Wenches
Bruisie Q 2006-10-02Wayward Rollergirls
Bruisie Scarmichael1012011-10-18Quad City Junior Roller Derby
Bruisie SiouxxxX2007-03-26Detroit Derby Girls
Bruisie Sunshine182011-02-01Monterey Bay Derby Dames
Bruisin Berry Pop TartKO2009-08-19Mississippi Rollergirls
Bruisin Bourbon1252012-02-22Capital City Crushers
Bruisin Lucci 2011-02-17AZ Derby Dames
Bruisin' B172007-07-17Muddy Water Murder Dolls
Bruisin' B. Anthony19202010-01-29River City Rollergirls
Bruisin' Buffy 2006-10-26Columbia Valley Rollergirls
Bruising Peaches Do Da Maf 2011-05-02Wreckin Roller Rebels
Bruister Keister4152009-02-26High City Derby Divas
Bruisy Couture100k2011-03-30High City Derby Divas
Bruisy Lawless5'8"2009-04-16Bradentucky Bombers
Bruisy McTagher882010-05-27Ring City Rollergirls
Bruiz E. HomeMaker4092010-08-13McLean County MissFits
BruizEasy0362011-01-21Coffs Coast Derby
BruizaPalooza332011-10-03Northshore Roller Derby
Bruizeberi cupcake32010-07-07Peoria Push Derby Dames
Bruizilla4202007-01-25Pirate City Rollers
Bruja Loca692009-05-23Corpus Christie Maiden Texas Derby
Bruja Mala6665/12/12North Texas Derby Revolution
Brun Hellda112009-11-12TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Brunette Bombshell 2012-03-08Central Kansas Derby Coalition
Brunette Threat892010-02-26Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
Bruse A. Hoe 2011-07-12Borderland Roller Derby
Brut-ill Juice222011-06-06Dead End Derby
Bruta LizaB122008-03-15Charlottesville Derby Dames
Brutal Babe822007-03-21Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Brutal BambiXXL2010-05-04Crime City Rollers
Brutal Beach1BAB2011-11-11Southcentral Michigan Renegade Rollitia
Brutal BettyTA22009-11-15Rogue Rollergirls
Brutal Birdie1382011-09-04Junction City Roller Dolls
Brutal Bliss 2011-06-17North Texas Derby Revolution
Brutal BombHer992011-09-07Central California Area Derby
Brutal Bombshell118A2012-01-16Powder River Rousta 'Bout It Betties
Brutal Booty222011-04-03Hermiston Roller Divas
Brutal Brandi4212008-03-13Indian River Derby Girls
Brutal ButterflyRetired2007-01-12River Valley Roller Girls
Brutal DeLuxe172010-02-22TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Brutal Gourmet862012-03-06Mad Wreckin' Dolls
Brutal Honey2182009-02-25Dixie Derby Girls
Brutal Justice46D2010-08-16Spindletop Rollergirls
Brutal Killingsley14892012-02-04DuPage Derby Dames
Brutal LaFemme6192010-10-09San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Brutal Noodle 2010-03-13DC Rollergirls
Brutal Silent19812009-10-26Tulsa Derby League
Brutal Strudelone9002009-01-18B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Brutal Vroom1382010-01-18Assault City Roller Derby
Brutalee232007-08-13Jerzey Derby Brigade
Brutali-Tease972007-10-14Queen City Roller Girls
Brutalibree772010-09-09West Coast Derby Knockouts
Brutalicious3572011-04-03Hermiston Roller Divas
Brutalitaur 2009-03-31Duke City Derby
Brutally FrankREF2008-04-30Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Brute E. Pie83bb2011-06-30Peninsula Roller Girls
Brute Forceyth 2011-12-25Seaside Siren Roller Girls
Brute Sixty Kixs192009-02-03Little Steel Derby Girls
Brutell Massacre32011-07-03Toowoomba City Rollers
Brutey Pebbles992010-11-14New River Valley Rollergirls
Brutiful1522011-04-04Adelaide Roller Derby
Brutiful Beast 2010-03-09Seattle Derby Brats
Brutiful Dis'ASSter4sho2012-04-24Texoma Roller Derby
Brutiful FiftySix562010-11-17Okanagan Shuswap Roller Derby Association
Brutiful Jane80 122011-01-08Oly Rollers
BrutifulRose282010-12-07Sinvercargill Savages Roller Derby
Brutt662010-09-11Renegade Rollergirls (CA)
Brutus252010-02-20Brisbane City Rollers
Brutus Maximus44 BC2011-04-23Kokeshi Roller Dolls
Bruz-Her244 Kansas City Roller Warriors
Bruz-Her Bre23262010-06-17Sin Cal Derby Vixens
Bruza-Bee 2010-12-09Garden Island Renegade Rollerz
Bruze Orman8502010-06-29Atlanta Rollergirls
Bruzez T'Pruvit100 proof evil2006-09-01TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Bruzillian812011-07-075 Cities Roller Kitties
Bruzin Brody122011-02-22Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Bruzin' Beauty29302007-02-23Molly Roger Rollergirls
Bruzin' Bug-Z 2007-11-11Torpedo Bay Roller Girls
Bryant Mumble 2006-08-06Windy City Rollers
Brye-O-Saurus642011-02-01Harbor City RollerDames
Bryn Damage4202009-03-10San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Brynk of Pain 2010-03-09Seattle Derby Brats
Brynn Reaper112007-02-24Slaughter County Roller Vixens
BrynoStaff2010-01-21Tri-County Rolling Militia
Bubba Dump22011-08-02Unforgiven Roller Girls
Bubba GumpREF2009-10-02Oklahoma Victory Dolls
Bubba Thump172012-06-11Drive-By City Rollers
Bubbalicious 2011-10-11Kingston Derby Girls
Bubble Gun0072012-03-05Gray City Rebels
Bubble N Shriek262011-07-27Sheffield Steel Rollergirls
Bubble O'Kill882011-07-28Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby
Bubble O'Kill (cleared) 2011-09-20Varsity Derby League
Bubble ViciousP0P2011-07-11Angel City Derby Girls
Bubble Wrap 2012-03-27Single Handed Roller Derby
Bubble of Mass Destruction122012-03-16Cowboy Capital Rollergirls
Bubblegum Ferocious11342009-11-23Chicago Riots Junior Roller Derby
Bubbles DeSmeareoOo5/1/12Paper Valley Roller Girls
Bubbles LaRue4102010-09-09Southern Illinois Roller Girls
Bubbles Von Vieux772008-08-06Big Easy Rollergirls
Bubblin' Squeaks3:165/10/12W.A. Roller Derby
Bubbly Brawler422010-02-10Twin City Derby Girls
Bubonic Blaise.3572012-02-07Carson Victory Rollers
Bubonic Paige14002010-07-16Mitten Mavens
Bubonic Peg13372010-01-27Kansas City Roller Warriors
Bubonic Tonic36DD2008-05-06Harbor City RollerDames
Buccaneer Babe562011-04-10Fog City Rollers
Buccaneer Betty FearR272011-03-13Severn Roller Torrent
Buck Dodgers 2007-03-12DC Rollergirls
Buck Hughes 2006-11-06Steel City Derby Demons
Buck Machine112012-04-15Gympie Helltown Rollerz
Buck N KrazyREF2007-06-27Port City Roller Girls
Buck Nasty19812006-12-02Battle Born Derby Demons
Buck Norris 2012-01-30Hammer City Roller Gilrs
Buck Owski 2008-10-20Rated PG Rollergirls
Buck SwashlerREF2011-10-21GTA Rollergirls
Buck Ten1102010-08-11Fog City Rollers
Buck U. HardiganREF2010-11-04Winnipeg Roller Derby
Buck Wild5042006-11-22TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Buck Youp512010-07-14Burlington Bombers Roller Derby
Buck-U-Up3232008-02-11Sacred City Derby Girls
BuckaLoose 2011-07-07Clarence Valley Roller Derby
Buckaroo BonzaiRetired 3/12/142010-11-04Sacred City Derby Girls
Buckaroo, TheSTAFF2007-09-10Ohio Valley Roller Girls
Bucked Up30-602011-01-18TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Buckeye Beefcake272009-09-30Reno Roller Girls
Buckfast Barbie752012-03-19Belfast Roller Derby
Buckhead Betty32007-04-16Cincinnati Rollergirls
Buckie Rebel122006-08-04Jacksonville Roller Girls
Buckingham Malice442008-06-13San Fernando Valley Roller Derby
Buckminster Fulla'meanC602012-02-25Assassination City Roller Derby
Bucks 'Em ButterflyC42008-06-30CoMo Derby Dames
Bucks Lizz522011-05-18Newcastle Roller Girls
Buckshot Bambi5172011-12-12Battle Creek Cereal Killers
Buckshot Betsy21 Texas Rollergirls
Buckwyld Barbie19595/15/12Lake City Roller Dolls
Bucky Done Gun3:452011-01-25Northern Rivers Roller Derby
Bud Wyzer6pk2009-05-12Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Budapest982009-10-26Tulsa Derby League
Buddah Basher69692007-07-12River City Rollergirls
Buddah Ref 2010-06-02Rose City Rollers
Buddha Boom02011-08-08Durham Region Roller Derby
Buddha Thunder712008-09-12Emerald City Junior Gems
Buddhalicious 2009-11-27Burning River Roller
Buela The Executioner 2012-04-13Blacksnake Roller Girls
Buenas Nalgas51502012-01-24Snake Pit Derby Dames
Buenos D. A$$852011-12-13Pottstown Roller Derby Rockstars
Buff Diver2212006-08-04Cape Fear Roller Girls
Buff Naked6422011-03-28Eves of Destruction Roller Derby
Buffalo Bone Crusher7162010-11-22Dominion Derby Girls
Buffalo Lil7172008-08-11Derby City Roller Girls
Buffy Boiler373K2011-08-12Granite City Roller Girls
Buffy Bopabitch 2009-04-06Mid Michigan Derby Girls
Buffy Dee Slayer21212011-10-28Red Bank Roller Vixens
Buffy Evans 2010-11-30Sun State Roller Girls
Buffy Lo Stance25052012-01-07Bruising Banditas Roller Derby
Buffy Sainte Fury 2010-10-25Terminal City Rollergirls
Buffy Slammers242010-08-11Fog City Rollers
Buffy The Bitch Slayer002008-01-11Atomic City Roller Girls
Buffy Vanderbush622007-09-16Northern Arizona Roller Derby
Buffy Von Trampslaya112012-01-13Far North Derby Dolls
Buffy the Vampire Skater262011-04-04Dundee Roller Girls
Buford T. JusticeREF2011-06-24Steel City Derby Demons
Bugged Bunny542011-07-02Yukon Roller Girls
Buggin Out182010-12-01Lakeshore Misfits
Buggy Hitz6202011-04-12Prison City Derby Dames
Bughouse Cuckoo6N72011-02-09Peninsula Roller Girls
Bugsy Bruizer86'R2009-06-18Humboldt Roller Derby
Bugsy Bust-Her Upb-22012-02-12South Okanagan Roller Derby Association
Bugsy C-gal22011-05-11Copenhagen Roller Derby
Build Ford Rough89her2011-04-05Royal City Rollergirls
Bula Babe342012-02-04Los Alamos Derby Dames
Bull DozinHer132008-11-25Mid Michigan Derby Girls
Bull Lee11 Rogue Rollergirls
Bull Terroriseher9992011-04-30Wolverhampton Honour Rollers
Bull-It8565/8/12Swamp City Roller Rats
Bull.Lee.Doz-Her242010-08-16Cleveland Junior Roller Derby
BullShit Detector732007-03-06Hammer City Roller Girls
BulldogSTAFF Jet City Rollergirls
Bulldog Babe 2009-05-21Rushmore Rollerz
Bulldosie52011-01-25Malice Springs Roller Derby
Bulldozer Betty742006-08-22Rollergirls of Central Kentucky (ROCK)
Bulldozer McDonald72007-12-30Eves of Destruction Roller Derby
Bullet Belle232010-04-07Okanagan Roller Derby Girls
Bullet Bomber8882012-02-05Bourne Bombshells
Bullet Brains222007-04-14Emerald City Roller Girls
Bullet La Vulva142010-04-06Cape Fear Roller Girls
Bullet Proof11752008-04-29Denver Roller Dolls
Bullet Proof Barbie 2008-06-21Hub City Derby Dames
Bullet Sucker332011-01-13South Country Derby Girls
Bullet Surprisee2011-08-15Richter City Roller Derby
Bullet Tooth Bombshell.502011-07-18Port Scandalous Roller Derby
Bullet Tooth Tracy03 Texas Rollergirls
Bulletproof Dee Cup5042008-04-16Assassination City Roller Derby
Bulletproof Nicki4.52011-03-24Southland Slashers Roller Derby
Bullett Prof. Chest38DD2011-04-06Lakeland Derby Dames
Bullett WithaName.3572011-09-20Upstate Roller Girl Evolution
Bullie Jean King40 Love2009-02-10Atlanta Rollergirls
Bullie Jo AmStrong39/Smooth2011-06-18LOCO Roller Derby
Bullinda Chinashop 2010-04-09Jet City Rollergirls
Bullitt ChambersCoach2008-09-23Pile O'Bones Derby Club
Bulls Eye Bitch4202009-01-07Central Oklahoma Roller Derby Assoc.
Bullseye BetsyX2011-02-20Antihero Derby Alliance
Bullseye Bettie1092008-12-09Canberra Roller Derby
Bullseye QT3.142010-03-07SINtral Valley Derby Girls
Bullshit CallHerREF2011-07-18Port Scandalous Roller Derby
Bully (The)072008-08-12Eves of Destruction Roller Derby
Bully Corgan19792010-02-12LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Bully Elliott567&82011-10-14Hartford Area Roller Derby
Bully Holiday282010-11-19Queen City Roller Girls
Bully Idol 2011-02-03Bunbury Roller Derby
Bully Jean7192010-09-29Minnesota Roller Girls
Bully Jo82010-02-15Sydney Roller Derby League
Bully Julie19692006-06-07San Diego Roller Derby
Bully Mammoth7BC2010-11-17Detroit Derby Girls
Bully McSkateri82much2011-01-09No Coast Derby Girls
Bully Mia20002007-08-14Boston Derby Dames
Bully T James222012-01-01K-Town Derby Dolls
Bully The Kid292012-02-04DuPage Derby Dames
Bully Von Beat'em1512011-09-24Chattanooga Roller Girls
Bulz02008-03-07Connecticut Death Quads
Bum ChuckRef2012-03-05Scenic City Roller Psychos
Bumble B.22 AD2010-06-28Bemidji Babe City Rollers
Bumble Beebs9.812010-07-07Peoria Push Derby Dames
BumbleBee BrandStaff2011-04-21Oklahoma Victory Dolls
Bumblebitch4542010-06-02Dublin Roller Girls
Bump Kitty24 TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Bump in da Trunk24/72010-11-30Illinois Valley Vixens
Bump'RStick'R 2010-11-16Rose City Rollers
Bump-er Boates #87872012-02-08Woodstock Roller Derby
Bump-her Kar392007-09-02DC Rollergirls
Bump-her thump-her51502010-01-11South Side Roller Derby
Bumpin BussellB-525-30-12Battle Creek Damzel Dollz Jr Roller Derby
Bumpin Ugly's52011-02-07TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Bumpin' Jack FlashStaff2008-03-26Fort Wayne Derby Girls
Bun E. Basher182011-01-02Umpqua Valley Roller Vixens
Bun Za Steele662011-09-13Terrorz of Tiny Towns Roller Derby
Bundy Nelson16102012-02-07Brussels Derby Pixies
Bundy Scrum302010-09-26Towns Villians Roller Derby
Bungle Fever272012-02-21Corpus Chrisite Maiden Texas Derby
BunkerBusterSTAFF2011-11-08Fort Wayne Derby Girls
Bunkey Bloodbath132011-09-18Northern Brisbane Rollers
Bunni Lingus772011-04-14Cherry City Derby Girls
Bunni Wailer3112012-01-24Marietta Derby Darlins
Bunnie Blood  Cape Fear Killers
Bunnie Low-Browski3002008-05-04Circle City Derby Girls
Bunnie Suicide502011-04-13Hellfire Harlots
Bunny B Trouble99 problems2009-02-10Spindletop Rollergirls
Bunny BarHopper112011-07-14Tri-Valley Roller Girls
Bunny Boot6125-23-12Bethel Derby Divas
Bunny Bruiser 2010-04-12Rushmore Rollerz
Bunny Butcher232012-01-19Zurich City Rollergirlz
Bunny Darko862011-06-08Santa Cruz Derby Girls
Bunny Hunt662011-05-12Dolly Rockit Rollers
Bunny Jager70 proof2010-08-06North Star Roller Girls
Bunny Kill112010-12-01Cannibales Dolls
Bunny Lepowski 2007-02-05Retired RIP
Bunny Massacre102011-01-26Central City Rollergirls
Bunny McBones7032006-06-17Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Bunny Parker242012-03-07Arnhem Fallen Angels
Bunny Rabid14 karat2008-04-02Atomic City Roller Girls
Bunny RampageLucky 132010-11-12Dallas Derby Devils
Bunny Rottentail242012-04-03Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
Bunny Slugga132008-05-05Pile O'Bones Derby Club
Bunny Thump17015-23-12Canberra Roller Derby
Bunny Tyler4762012-03-03Surrey Rollergirls
Bunny Utah900cc2012-04-30B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Bunny Valentine10v32011-05-10Maine Roller Derby
Bunny Van Ruin422011-04-12Prison City Derby Dames
Bunny WailHer1LUV2012-02-12South Okanagan Roller Derby Association
Bunny Yeager Bomb19302010-11-02Central Vermont Roller Derby
Bunny boil'her 2012-01-30Lincolnshire Bombers Roller Girls
  + no no
 2009-02-09Ithaca League of Women Rollers
Bunnysher (The)132011-01-27rocKArollers
Buns N. Burn'er 2008-03-14Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Buns of Fun112011-05-09Spindletop Rollergirls
Buns of Fury992010-08-29San Diego Roller Derby
Bunz Bunny 2011-11-22Salt City Derby Girls
Bunz N Roses19852012-02-21Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls
Bunz N. Ammo11/872010-09-26Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz
Burger Le FistV82012-06-03Clarksville Flat Track Roller Derby
Burley Quin112008-10-03Green Mountain Derby Dames
Burly Bot3332009-02-18B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Burly Mountain Woman262011-01-06Burlington Bombers Roller Derby
Burly Sue122008-10-20North Idaho Roller Derby
Burly Temple 2011-06-28Margaret River Roller Derby
Burn Her n' Turner712010-05-21Lilac City Rollergirls
Burn It 2 The GroundR162011-09-05Happy Valley Derby Darlins
Burn N Kell4202012-04-18Beckley Area Derby Dames
Burn'N Rub'Hercolt 452011-01-03Muddy River Rollers
Burn'N'Kiln212011-10-21Watertown Roller Derby
Burn'n'Nina82010-11-29Wasatch Roller Derby
Burn-Out452012-02-22Muddy River Rollers
Burn-a-Ballerina752011-04-05WestSide Derby Dollz
BurnKnees OnHell132011-04-11Brussels Derby Pixies
BurnadeathFarenheit 4512007-07-24Emerald City Roller Girls
Burnadette BombThreatC-42008-04-16FoCo Girls Gone Derby
Burnadettonator5302011-02-22Salisbury Rollergirls
Burnett Down16 Rat City Rollergirls
Burnin' Bergie4822011-08-28Farm Fresh Roller Girls
Burnin' Bridge110102011-05-23Missile Mountain Roller Derby
Burnin' Helen732006-12-11Providence Roller Derby
Burning Angel 2012-01-16Redding Roller Girls
Burning Iris72011-04-16Helsinki Roller Derby
Burning October82012-03-17Visby Valkyries Roller Derby
Burnout Betty 2011-06-18Portneuf Valley Bruisers
Burnout bandit662011-11-06Enid Roller Girls
Burns Bayou1302012-04-01NorSask Roller Derby
Burns McQueen 2010-12-15GateKeepers Roller Derby
Burns Poly240¡2012-04-01NorSask Roller Derby
Burnt Cinders 2010-11-08Lincolnshire Bombers
Burnt Toast450 degrees2006-05-30Central Coast Roller Derby
Burrhus Frederic SkinHer2502012-02-14Camel City Thrashers
Burrn Unit5002011-10-12Saskatoon Roller Derby
Burster Ripleylv4262011-12-27Zombitches
Burythebonestone34dd2011-01-17Corpus Christie Maiden Texas Derby
Bus Driver (The) 2011-04-28Enchanted Mountain Roller Derby
Bus-N-U-Up82011-05-09Mid-State Sisters of Skate
Bush Babe Mach42010-04-08Sin Cal Derby Vixens
Bush Wahini4202010-04-07Okanagan Roller Derby Girls
Bushido9222007-09-18Resurrection Roller Girls
Bushmaster 2011-06-17North Texas Derby Revolution
Bushwack LilREF2008-01-15Philly Rollergirls
Bust E Betty38DDD2010-04-02Harbor City RollerDames
Bust E. Breaker1-9er2009-03-17Green Mountain Derby Dames
Bust EdREF [5 Oh]2011-08-23Rockin' Rural Roller Girls
Bust N Booty002010-05-19Toowoomba City Rollers
Bust N Bruiz-her2492011-01-19Van Diemen Rollers
Bust' N Aces7772012-02-09Fabulous Sin City Roller Girls
Bust'er Apart98 pieces2010-04-15Providence Roller Derby
Bust'er Up252011-03-31CCDD
Bust'her Gut22k2011-11-12Mean Valley Roller Girls
Bust'her Spines 2007-02-05Rose City Rollers
Bust-Em Buxom6362011-02-27Happy Valley Derby Darlins
Bust-Her Ballz02142011-03-23Cajun Rollergirls
Bust-Her Hyde3.52009-11-05Emerald City Junior Gems
Bust-Her Posey282011-11-28Sac City Rollers
Bust-a-Jam 2011-01-02Chippewa Valley Roller Girls
BustHer Bunny0072011-03-17Southern Illinois Roller Girls
BustHer Cherry182012-02-07Florence's Cirque Du Pain
Busta Armov108 LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Busta B. Otch9mm2008-04-28Paper Valley Roller Girls
Busta Bonez652011-05-02Three Rivers Roller Derby
Busta CrimesP1MP2007-10-22Mad Rollin' Dolls
Busta Kapp9mm2009-10-27Red Deer Roller Derby Association
Busta Knee KC.082011-05-17Cornfed Derby Dames
Busta Rump8152011-09-06Sauk Valley Sirens
Bustabitch Barbie692008-04-29Sioux City Roller Dames
Bustah MuggREF2008-04-30Mid Michigan Derby Girls
Bustang Sally19692010-11-14TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Buster AshB-122010-01-25Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Buster Briggs8082009-07-06Convict City Roller Derby
Buster BrownEyeREF2007-08-13Jerzey Derby Brigade
Buster Chassis5622010-06-21Long Beach Roller Derby
Buster Cheatin'n/a Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Buster Coccyx 2006-12-26Lehigh Valley Rollergirls
Buster Fuzz682008-03-12Dockyard Derby Dames
Buster Hiney24/72006-08-10Choice City Rebels
Buster Hyman482006-09-10North Star Roller Girls
Buster KeasterMascot2009-09-01NEO Roller Derby
Buster Lady Box282011-01-29Southern Oregon Rollergirls
Buster Menace45 rpm2011-05-04Glasgow Roller Girls
Buster Ross 2008-10-20Rated PG Rollergirls
Buster Skull002009-09-10Salisbury Rollergirls
Buster Sydwayz90¡2011-05-01Oakland Derby Diamonds
Buster Teethin9722007-09-07San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Bustin Beaver142010-12-15Crossroads City Derby
Bustin Buttons32G2010-03-29Okanagan Shuswap Roller Derby Association
Bustin Tulips 2010-03-04Arizona Roller Derby
Bustin' AshRetired2009-01-16River Valley Roller Girls
Bustin' Morenose*252009-02-05Twin Cities Terrors
Bustine BallzOO2007-07-11Bellingham Roller Betties
Bustup Bamby19912008-02-07Victorian Roller Derby
Busty A Move1872008-06-19Molly Roger Rollergirls
Busty Assfault-12008-03-05Rockford Rage
Busty Barricade32GG2011-02-01Vette City Roller Derby
Busty Beccaneer4ho!82011-05-19South Bay Derby Mizfitz
Busty Bloodvessel22007-05-14London Dolls Roller Derby
Busty BraBender062010-01-04Windy City Rollers
Busty Brawler36DD Steel City Derby Demons
Busty BruiserSlant 62006-07-23Bradentucky Bombers
Busty Bullet392011-11-07Jet City Rollergirls
Busty CageC42010-12-13Pottstown Roller Derby Rockstars
Busty Chops 2008-04-22V-Town Derby Dames
Busty DemonV82011-01-26Margaret River Roller Derby
Busty Galore722012-02-09Slaughterhouse Derby Girls
Busty Holly313322009-12-09Reno Roller Girls
Busty Keaton722010-05-04Ventura County Derby Darlins
Busty Knuckles002012-02-01Mountain Derby Girls
Busty LaRuthless 2011-06-28Capital City Rollers
Busty Mayhem232011-05-10Maine Roller Derby
Busty McGee20122012-03-31Murder City Roller Girls
Busty McMILF322011-10-12Dominion Derby Girls
Busty McSlams40DD2011-10-14Hartford Area Roller Derby
Busty O Azz 2010-09-07Salt City Derby Girls
Busty Pipes902008-08-19Queen City Roller Girls
Busty Rhymes42007-01-04Palmetto State Rollergirls
Busty Siegal19462011-06-01Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Busty St. Claire36D2007-08-02No Coast Derby Girls
Busty Thrustalot313 Chi*Town Sirens Roller Derby
Busty Urass155/11/12Thunder City Derby Sirens
BustyLicious332006-04-14Terminal City Rollergirls
Bustyer Butt(_1_)2011-12-17San Fernando Valley Junior Derby
Busy Bubbles722012-02-01Squamish Roller Derby
Busy Stradlin'852011-05-08Fargo Moorhead Derby Girls
Butch Bombshell142010-09-22Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Butch Cassidy75 TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Butch Casualty5555/14/12Copenhagen Roller Derby
Butch Crashidy182011-11-14Crime City Rollers
Butch Flowers3432010-09-01Bristol Roller Derby
Butch-her4802012-04-23The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Butcher Block972009-05-10Rose City Rollers
Butcher Bourquin32006-04-28Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Butcher Boy8oz2012-04-11Bedfordshire Rollergirls
Butcher's Daughter252012-04-09Central New York Roller Derby
ButcherBird1442011-02-14Brisbane City Rollers
Butchie Blowtorch451.52008-01-09NOtown Roller Derby
Butchie McStraight202008-04-17Suburbia Roller Derby
Butt Monkey3902011-04-07Ozarks Derby Brigade
Butt Spanker5112012-04-03Kassel Roller Derby
Butt Spencer82011-09-09Vienna Rollergirls
Butt n Fly5012011-10-02The Aurora 88s
Butt' Her Bean 2010-02-28East Texas Bombers
Butt'erBox Baby2752012-04-16Halifax Roller Derby
Buttah Cutrte. 142011-05-12Central Vermont Roller Derby
Buttcrack BettyE-42011-01-18Dire Skates
Butter 2010-12-09Garden Island Renegade Rollerz
Butter Buns82012-03-27Eastside Derby Girls
Butter MILF Biscuit2:3x32011-03-10Twin State Derby
Butter Onaroll 2011-10-30Jet City Rollergirls
ButterFLZ IZE322008-05-05Soul City Sirens
Buttercup Brawler212012-04-18Niagara Roller Girls
Butterface2 Bags2012-02-10Potential Fresh Meat Practice Squad
Butterfly Baby352011-01-17Corpus Christie Maiden Texas Derby
Butterfly CrushHer9112011-03-17Cal Skate Roller Derby
Butterfly Driveby761mph2006-11-10Providence Roller Derby
Butterfly Effect1372012-02-05A'Salt Creek Roller Girls
Butterfly Stitches592009-07-15Philly Rollergirls
Buttermilf Paincakes 2011-10-25Jerzey Derby Brigade
Butternut Squasher1-2-Squash-U2011-02-17Twin City Knockers
Butterscotch Bitch 2010-12-29Grand Rapids Area Roller Derby
Butterscotch Cripple42 Philly Rollergirls
Butthole92011-11-21Mountain Maulers Roller Derby
Button Buck06182011-03-27Black Rose Rollers
Button Doom10862012-01-03Liverpool Roller Birds
Button Heads 2010-02-20Assassination City Roller Derby
Button Pusher 2011-01-14Diamond State Roller Girls
Button Thru2522008-10-02Assassination City Roller Derby
ButtonBsnapin32010-12-15South West Sask Roller Derby
Buttons$2.002012-04-26Greater Sudbury Roller Derby
Buttons McBoomBoom7472009-03-09Light City Derby
Butts B. Krackin'332011-06-16North Coast Roller Derby
Buxom Basher1952007-08-15Molly Roger Rollergirls
Buxom Bella3D2011-05-24OKC Outlaws Roller Derby
Buxom Blonde372009-12-30Bakersfield Rollergirls
Buxom Booty20lbs2006-05-26Lava City Roller Dolls
Buxom Bruiser51502011-07-30Darkside Derby
Buxom Buxcey19772011-02-08Oxford Wheels of Gory
Buxom Wench1812010-10-03Northern Rivers Roller Derby
Buxy's Minge182008-01-27Man's Ruin Roller Derby
BuzZen BruiserH8D2011-10-16Marietta Derby Darlins
Buzer0.082011-08-02A-Town Roller Girlz
Buzz AllDreadN4S42012-04-04Providence Roller Derby
Buzz Bomb1382010-08-12Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
Buzz Fight'yer2002011-05-18Newcastle Roller Girls
Buzz HighGear102010-01-25Rubber City Rollergirls
Buzz Kill5-oh Charm City Roller Girls
Buzz Lightbeer2 infinity2010-05-27Long Beach Roller Derby
Buzz Lightspeed3x10^82010-08-08Dry Heat Militia
Buzz LightyerazzupBU222010-11-09Blue Water Derby Girls
Buzz Tight Rear10162010-10-16Minnesota Roller Girls
Buzza062010-05-17Coastal Assassins Roller Derby
Buzzkill AldrinU-2352010-06-02Peoria Push Derby Dames
Buzzy Bee-arch3882011-08-31Otautahi Roller Derby League
Buzzy O. Ficial 2006-07-06Providence Roller Derby
ByPolar 2007-06-18Capital City Crushers
Bye Nary01102011-07-23Infinite Mass Roller Derby
Byers Remorse13% APR2012-02-21Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Bytch Ryder442007-02-13Detroit Derby Girls
Byte Mark32mb2011-02-09Peninsula Roller Girls
Byte Me 2010-07-25Memphis Roller Derby
C Anemone12010-02-15Duke City Derby (Taos)
C Duktive34 Arizona Roller Derby
C Jane Kill232010-02-15Duke City Derby (Taos)
C U @ D ER45T2012-04-16Tropic Terrors Derby League
C for Vendetta05.112011-02-16Electric City Roller GrrrlZ
C'Ma Halo18792011-10-27Hell Rio Rollers
C'annan Ball132008-06-19Central Oklahoma Roller Derby Assoc.
C'mon Get Scrappy 2011-11-29Red Stick Roller Derby
C'mon!STAFF2007-06-13Burning River Roller Girls
C-3P-HO19772010-12-21Long Beach Roller Derby
C-3POedREF2011-04-01Roc City Roller Derby
C-4C-42010-03-02Eastern Carolina Brawling Betties
C-Bomb692008-12-09London Rollergirls
C-Dub732007-05-25Denver Roller Dolls
C-Money 2007-06-14Richland County Regulators
C-Murdaa 2011-02-17Red Stick Roller Derby
C-N-DBL04'2010-06-17Sin Cal Derby Vixens
C-Nah8922010-08-25RockCity Rollers
C-Nell Skate72012-03-01Reading Derby Girls
C-No Fear135-22-12Reading Derby Girls
C-Rex8282012-01-04Gallatin Roller Girlz
C-Roll11 Long Island Roller Rebels
C-SpineREF2010-08-29Eastern Iowa Outlaws
C-Tal Fa-Tal442007-11-24Mid Iowa Rollers
C-UNiT28142010-06-21Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
C. DeVille'592006-03-28Rio Grande Valley Roller Derby
C. Jane EffenrunCU552012-03-06Mad Wreckin' Dolls
C. Murder1872006-11-14Derby City Roller Girls
C. Mya Rage86'd2008-06-18CT RollerGirls
C.B.H. (Cold Hearted Bitch) 2010-10-27Magnolia Roller Vixens
C.C. DeKill112006-03-29Steel City Derby Demons
C.C. Smudge432010-08-11Fog City Rollers
C.C. Titmouse852011-03-04One Love Roller Dolls
C.D.O232011-04-14Palm Coast Roller Derby
C.Grim Seven.082008-06-13Pittsfield Panty Raid
C.H.U.D.e2006-08-08Chi*Town Sirens Roller Derby
C.J. Crush3132010-08-23Desert Dolls Roller Derby League
C.Jane Skate5332008-01-16Dockyard Derby Dames
C.M. Snap 2011-03-10Sun State Roller Girls
C.MiDigit4Q2010-03-22Dead End Derby
C.N Blood 2008-06-19Central Oklahoma Roller Derby Assoc.
C.N. Starz02006-07-23Bradentucky Bombers
C.S. Ivy2602011-11-02Morgantown Roller Vixens
C.U. Afterclass3:30 Dixie Derby Girls
C.U. Hittheground132011-01-02Rock City Riot
C.U. Next Tuesday682006-06-01Dead City Rollers
C.Z. Rider1272011-05-16Ottawa Roller Derby
C: Squared12342011-05-04Circle City Derby Girls
CA$$HOLE The BOMBED blondeshell2-4-1's2008-11-17Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
CALAMITY MAWI682012-01-16B.M.O. Roller Derby Girls
CALI K-OS5'3"2012-04-04Roller Girls of the Apocalypse
CAPS LOCKSTAFF2012-02-02Long Island Roller Rebels
CAT The Conqueror6969fms2012-02-02GTA Rollergirls
CAT'er PillarM1402011-08-08Dublin Roller Girls
CAT-a-TONIC cRUSH1312012-02-13Savannah Derby Devils
CAZZA KAMIKAZI 2011-10-18Katherine Gorgeous Derby Dolls
CBlast0072010-12-21Long Beach Roller Derby
CC Boom002010-02-16Alamo City Rollergirls
CC Chaos24/72010-09-26Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz
CC En Fuego102011-07-18Echo City Knockouts
CC Horror6:12 Atlanta Rollergirls
CC PsyClone962012-06-11Suburbia Roller Derby
CC Thing 2011-05-09Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
CD Man 2010-12-15GateKeepers Roller Derby
CDBDEYES002012-01-25Toowoomba City Rollers
CHAD D. COMPOSE132009-05-19Crude City Roller Derby
CHAOS GUMMI1032012-01-16B.M.O. Roller Derby Girls
CHEAP THR!LLS40 oz2006-08-01Crescent City Derby Devils
CHI CHI VON CRAZY36omg2011-09-26Derby Revolution of Bakersfield
CHICKSLAYER692009-05-07Gold Coast Derby Grrls
CHMCL BRN3-OH-52009-03-22Rogue Rollergirls
CHZ BOMBLETTEM672012-02-13Albany All Stars
CJ Curse98.62012-03-19Black Mamba Junior Derby
CJ Cyanide1102010-09-17Sun State Roller Girls
CLT CommanderREF2010-02-18Slaughterhouse Derby Girls
CLeo SlayHer0MP2011-04-21London Rollergirl_s Rec League
COMMANDER!22009-02-16Sun City Roller Girls
CONNIE the CRUSH-HER775/13/12Beet City Bombers
COOP2KILL1002010-03-13Olympia Underground Derby
CORPSeMAN UPREF2010-04-15Providence Roller Derby
CR8ZYLIOUS Colwell 2010-06-24Mountain Gateway Sisterhood of Steel
CRAKALOTAPUS1872011-07-03Toowoomba City Rollers
CRASH-A-NOVA17332011-09-26Derby Revolution of Bakersfield
CRASH-N-DUCK 2008-06-02A-Town Derby
CRASHT'ON772007-05-02Shore Points Roller Derby
CRAZY Yinzer4122011-08-01Gold Coast Derby Grrls
CRHYME TYME862009-11-18Jacksonville Roller Girls
CRUEL JULES4132010-02-10Ottawa Roller Derby
CRUS-ADE-RREF2010-09-02Rebel County Rollers
CRYSTAL REFREF2012-04-10Kent Roller Girls
CRuELlie DeVil472010-04-12Romsey Town Rollerbillies
CT Scan9112011-05-09Spindletop Rollergirls
CUNTree JAM4U2C2011-08-22Shoreline Roller Derby
CUTThER202012-06-11Tokyo Roller Girls
CU~T522006-09-15Queen City Roller Girls
CYCLONE SUE4202012-04-16Halifax Roller Derby
Ca Roller De Ville1012010-09-22Undead Bettys
CaRambo0072009-12-15Bear City Roller Derby
CaRolla CaRachow372012-06-15Vienna Rollergirls
CaRollin79872012-02-29Ume Radical Rollers
Cabin Fever-402011-07-02Yukon Roller Girls
Caboose8052008-12-19Sonoma County Roller Derby
Cabronazza172012-03-06Santiago Roller Derby
CacaFuego322010-02-15Naptown Roller Girls
Cactus JackRef2010-12-20Rideau Valley Roller Girls
Cadaverella65¡2011-05-02Columbia QuadSquad
Caddie Smack562008-06-26Rat City Rollergirls
Caddilac Smack 2010-07-13Tall City Roller Betties
Caddy Compton172009-07-31Star City Rollergirls
Caddy DeVille492011-08-29TBD (delete 8/29/13)
Caddy Hearse6ft under2011-10-11Athens Ohio Roller Derby
Caddy Whompus692006-11-14High Desert RattleSkates
CadillacV-82006-08-11Rose City Rollers
Cadillac JackREF2009-10-22Gulf Coast Rollergirls League
Caelor Swift182011-02-18Bakersfield Junior Roller Derby
Caesar  Cincinnati Rollergirls
Caesar Foulin'80082009-02-17Maine Roller Derby
Caesar Maniac672010-07-02Leeds Roller Dolls
Caf Fiend 2011-01-12Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Caf-Pow Abbi9572011-11-03Brisbane City Rollers
Caffeinated Creamher292011-03-21Bakersfield Diamond Divas
Caffeine Crash1252011-03-25Gold Coast Derby Grrls
Cagey BeaSTAFF2007-08-20LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Cagey Rage72010-09-21Lehigh Valley Rollergirls
Cait of Spades.2232011-02-07Ohio Roller Girls
Caitlin Elaine80lb2012-01-19Clarksville Roller Derby
Cajun Cougar 2011-06-09Vicious Vixens
Cajun Crippler3522011-03-10Alachua County Rollers
Cajun Crusher102010-01-01Green Mountain Derby Dames
Cajun InfernoREF2011-07-31Naughty Pines Derby Dames
Cajun Invasion21122011-06-04Chautauqua County Roller Derby
Cajun Sinsation612010-07-26Bradentucky Bombers
Cake Boss42011-05-11Eastside Rock'nRollers
Cake Fairy 2010-02-06Demolition City Roller Derby
Cake or Death372011-07-20San Diego Roller Derby
Cakeface Killa19762008-03-08Dixie Derby Girls
Cal See-Em 2012-04-09Windy City Rollers
Calamitous Intent 2011-12-07Brighton Roller Dollz
Calamity Cait.2232011-03-16Ohio Valley Roller Girls
Calamity Carnage36662006-06-01Eves of Destruction Roller Derby
Calamity Cat1032011-12-27Arch Rival Roller Girls
Calamity Crush10-42007-09-22Pacific Roller Derby
Calamity CupcakeE8662011-10-23Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Calamity Cut Throat132009-06-14Newcastle Roller Derby
Calamity Jade 2011-03-13Clarence Valley Roller Derby
Calamity JamStaff2010-03-05Vette City Roller Derby
Calamity Jane6 gun2011-08-16Apple City Roller Derby
Calamity Jay9112011-10-27Hell Rio Rollers
Calamity Jen12011-04-04Fierce Valley Roller Girls
Calamity JoDeut.32:352008-03-16CoMo Derby Dames
Calamity Joan 2011-02-13Rebel County Rollers
Calamity Ka512012-06-15Vienna Rollergirls
Calamity Kraken0ct02011-12-09Bay Rollers
Calamity Lane842011-01-18Royal Windsor Roller Girls
Calamity Maim42008-11-26Victorian Roller Derby
Calamity McTasticM-802011-07-27Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
Calamity Pain812011-07-06Perth Roller Derby
Calamity Roo 2012-03-04Diamond State Roller Girls
Calamity Wren14322009-11-28Sac City Rollers
Calendar Grrl12 months2011-03-19Circle City Derby Girls
CaleviraLucky # Sleven2010-10-28Skagit Roller Grrls
Cali Bunga360¡2011-06-19Cape Girardeau Roller Girls
Cali BurnYa130 degrees2011-04-11Arizona Rollergirls
Cali Burr452009-10-22Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
Cali Calamity6472010-06-23Mendocino County Roller Derby
Cali Crush-HerVX52009-10-05West Coast Derby Knockouts
Cali Girl82012-02-10Springfield's Queen City Roller Derby
Cali Kush Kaci4202011-12-20Central California Area Derby
Cali Ripskin 2009-12-09CT RollerGirls
Calico Jacky Rack'em13302011-07-11V Town Derby Dames
Calie Fornia Dime 5/16/12Devil Dog Derby Dames
Calie Fornicator2692010-06-21Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
California Kurlz 2012-02-12Stateline Roller Derby Divas
California Roll152010-07-16LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Californie Chaos.3572007-08-15Hammer City Roller Girls
Caliokie 2010-07-17Sisterhood of Steel
Call GirlRef2011-03-14Rose City Rollers
Call Me Corndog572011-11-04Derby Revolution of Bakersfield
Call of Booty32010-06-02Ruhrpott Roller Derby
Calla Doctor9112010-01-08Chippewa Valley Roller Girls
Callie EnteF4512011-01-08Dead Girl Derby
Callous Alice992010-07-15Treasure Valley Rollergirls
Callous Lily232006-06-01Tallahassee Rollergirls
CallreaperREF2011-01-10Cenla Derby Dames
Calluna Vulgaris422012-02-21Blackwater Roll-Her Derby
Calpol3+2011-05-12Dolly Rockit Rollers
Calus Malus24DOZ2011-09-27Clarksville Roller Derby
Calvary Doom72008-05-17Austin Derby Brats: Texas Rollergirls' Junior League
Calvina Clown592011-02-06Lahti Roller Derby
Calypso Crash 2008-12-17Assassination City Roller Derby
Cam Arrow7-112008-09-02Ithaca League of Women Rollers
Cam Pain662011-03-28Barcelona Roller Derby
Cam ram Diaz182011-06-12Energetic City Roller Derby
Cam-Shaft5w202011-07-27Hurrican Alley Roller Derby
Cama-Caze Crush 2009-12-29Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Camacho132010-08-24Columbia QuadSquad
Camaflaura 2012-04-21Loco Roller Derby
Camala0992011-10-312x4 Roller Derby
Camarena Tekillya80 proof2012-01-25Escanaba Rollin Hellcats
Camaro FingerZ-282009-02-19Spokane's Outlawed Roller Derby
Cambria Kill Cannon21132011-01-03Jacksonville Roller Girls
Camel Joe 2011-01-09Sioux City Roller Dames
Camel Toni672006-09-01North Star Roller Girls
Camelon Diaz172012-06-10Fierce Valley Roller Girls
Cameltron3032010-06-27Orange County Roller Girls
Cameron Obscura 2012-01-23Southern Illinois Roller Girls
Camie Cane 2010-09-07Salt City Derby Girls
Camilla Parker BlowsHRH352011-09-18Mid Wales Roller Derby
Camilla T. Bagger9 lives2010-09-14Kallio Rolling Rainbow
Camilla The Hun33 1/32006-09-21DC Rollergirls
Camille Toe32A2007-01-02Charm City Roller Girls
Cammible CorpseREF2012-01-23Florence's Cirque Du Pain
Cammunition 2012-01-08Kill Devil Derby Brigade
Camo Cane25 DEC2010-11-01North Pole Babes in Toyland
Camo Crushm162011-04-25Dark River Derby Coalition
Camo Rodeo8.02011-04-15Collision Mens Derby
Camp David 2009-11-18London Rollergirls
Camp Rockurass 2010-08-13McLean County MissFits
Camraderay242010-10-29Roc City Roller Derby
Camram Chaosm142010-01-25Lakeland Derby Dames
Camreon Mean'az292011-01-06Hot Wheel Roller Derby
Can A Jamma992010-05-07West Coast Derby Knockouts
Can Crusher 2009-05-11Southern Oregon Rollergirls
Can"tank"rus762007-03-06Molly Roger Rollergirls
CanA Dasheh2011-03-05Desert Dolls Roller Derby League
Canada Crush62012-04-04South Coast Roller Derby
Canade Grenade32011-03-27Black Rose Rollers
Canadian Breakin'REF2011-01-17RockTown Rollers
Canadian Crusher/Bacon492009-02-25Junction City Roller Dolls
Canaryville Bomber1092011-09-23Red Bank Roller Vixens
Cancer Candy3BUX2012-02-03Ottawa Roller Derby
Cancer Fight-Her72011-12-22Thunder City Derby Sirens
Candi A$$ 2010-12-29Grand Rapids Area Roller Derby
Candi BlowPop5312011-04-03Charlotte Roller Girls
Candi Camaro182012-04-03Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
Candi Casualty1822011-12-16Heart of Appalachia Roller Derby
Candi KABOOM5 Philly Rollergirls
Candi Kissoff2062012-06-03Clarksville Flat Track Roller Derby
Candi Pain666 Minnesota Roller Girls
Candi Razor332009-04-14Undead Bettys
Candi Sniper 2008-01-14Lonestar Rollergirls
Candice Skativa4202006-09-25River City Rollergirls
Candie Hooligan692007-10-25Santa Cruz Derby Girls
Candie Lollirot1012010-12-07Snake Pit Derby Dames
Candie Necklash10-42011-03-03McLean County MissFits
Candikazee9542012-02-13Bristol Roller Derby
Candy AcidpH3.32010-11-09Brewcity Bruisers
Candy Apple Krovvy02012-03-26Emerald City Roller Girls
Candy Apples and Razor Blades 2011-11-03Terminal City Rollergirls
Candy AssAssin3112008-06-29Treasure Valley Rollergirls
Candy Bandit232008-04-15Auckland Roller Derby
Candy Cain11232007-11-23Indian River Derby Girls
Candy Carnage 2008-08-05Kootenay Roller Derby
Candy Cigarette 2011-04-06Rubber City Demolition Dolls
Candy Codeine52009-02-20Houston Roller Derby
Candy Combat3332010-09-14South East Sask Roller Derby Association
Candy Contusions21042010-11-29Gladstone Roller Derby
Candy Coronary10/312008-06-20Green Mountain Derby Dames
Candy Crack Smacker1412010-06-07Bay Rollers
Candy Crossbones99.1 Toronto Roller Derby
Candy CrusherRetired 3/12/142006-08-22Sacred City Derby Girls
Candy Darling192010-05-19Bear City Roller Derby
Candy Decapitate62011-05-11Hellmilton Roller Ghouls
Candy Fatale12010-08-10Northern Brisbane Rollers
Candy Flip HerHigh 52010-02-22First Settlement Derby Dames
Candy Gram666g2012-01-01Downriver Roller Dollz
Candy Grrl19842011-09-07Northampton Shoetown Slayers
Candy Heartless422010-05-18Lakeland Derby Dames
Candy Kick Ass100 Grand Cincinnati Rollergirls
Candy Kills172012-02-14Zombie Rollergirls
Candy Korn692006-04-14Blue Ridge Rollergirls
Candy Landmine732011-06-07City of Fists Rollergirls
Candy Moanium3.142010-07-16TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Candy Moho52008-08-12Granite City Roller Girls
Candy Molish'r4802011-04-01Twin City Derby Girls
Candy Pants.252009-08-20Gas City Rollers League
Candy Panty692011-05-23Southern Utah Derby
Candy Rocks100 mph2008-11-26Victorian Roller Derby
Candy Sass 2008-05-13Hammer City Roller Girls
Candy Scarling 2006-09-01Rubber City Demolition Dolls
Candy Seeme 2011-03-04Jet City Rollergirls
Candy Skull3222009-03-13Romsey Town Rollerbillies
Candy Slam 2010-12-17Lonestar Rollergirls
Candy Slice862011-01-23Utica Rollergirls
Candy Striker8 LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Candy Stroya142010-08-01Sis-Q Rollerz
Candy Threepwood712011-07-02Buenos Aires Roller Derby
Candy Vour1,2,32006-07-06Denver Roller Dolls
Candy Warhole 2007-08-28Rose City Rollers
Candy land on Ur Azzn282012-03-18JBLM Bettie Brigade
CandyApple Chaos072010-07-09Paradise Roller Girls
CandySlam0032011-01-15Olympia Underground Derby
Candylicious 5/4/12Suck City Rock 'n Roller Dolls
CandymanSTAFF2012-01-26Treasure Valley Rollergirls
Canna Whoopass2 bfc2007-12-18Atlanta Rollergirls
Canna-Bomberb00m2012-02-07Carson Victory Rollers
Canna-Bull742010-05-19Redding Rollergirls
Cannabel Lee2032012-02-06Iron Mountain Roller Girls
Canniba Liza8U2011-10-16Marietta Derby Darlins
Cannibal Carrie1382010-01-19Casper's Deadly Ghosts
Cannibal Cat212010-03-05Vette City Roller Derby
Cannibal Cupcakes14282009-06-27Newcastle Roller Derby
Cannibal KittyDeep 6'ed2010-05-25Renegade Rollergirls (CA)
Cannibal LecterOU8122009-01-27Richmond Derby Demons
Cannibal Queen3192012-02-04DuPage Derby Dames
Cannibal SativaCoach2007-01-16River Valley Roller Girls
Cannibella LestrangePG132008-09-21Retirement Association for Derby
Cannibelle Corpse32009-03-02AZ Derby Dames
Cannon (The) 2008-09-08Philly Rollergirls
Cannon Brawl272010-08-07Imposters Roller Girls
Cannon Doll XXXX2006-04-08Long Beach Roller Derby
Cannon FireDT12007-04-18Dorset Rollergirls
Cannonball Caley812011-06-04Chautauqua County Roller Derby
Cannonball CateC42008-08-13Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
Cannonball Doll822010-07-15Royal City Rollergirls
Cannonball IztickLong 92009-11-30Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Cannonball chris 2007-04-11Fond Du Lac
Cannonball-Z4212008-09-29Mad Rollin' Dolls
CannulaHandleThisO22011-05-04Chemical City Derby Girls
Canny Belle692009-02-25Roc City Roller Derby
Cantankerous AnywhereREF2011-02-02Burning River Roller Girls
CanuckHerBlockOff0752011-07-28Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby
Canuckle Therapy142012-04-10Illinois Derby League
CanukREF2011-02-11Choice City Rebels
Canuk-U-Up292011-04-29Mountain Mauler's Roller Derby
Canusa132011-10-11West Yellowhead Roller Derby
Cap'n Crunch222009-11-09Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Cap'n Iron Jack CashREF2011-07-15Gulf Coast Roller Girls
Cap'n Jack Sorrow 2006-03-28Houston Roller Derby
Cap'n Jax Peril6192010-08-02Garden State Rollergirls
Cap'n NoseCandy1822007-07-24Hanging City Derby
Cap'n Sal20,0002006-11-23Sacred City Derby Girls
Cap'n Sarcasm7c's2009-03-25Capital City Crushers
Cap'n Tate 2009-05-19Quad City Rollers
Cap. Lou I'll Ban U 2012-03-29Shore Points Roller Derby
Caperucita22012-02-20Santiago Roller Derby
Capital Barbosa132012-01-30Sailor City Rollers
Capital K1112012-04-16Revelstoke Roller Derby Association
Caporal XREF2011-09-06Nantes Derby Girls
Caprica Kicks 2010-11-14Portsmouth Roller Wenches
Caprino24K2011-04-05Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Capt'n BonesREF2009-02-19Rideau Valley Roller Girls
Capt'n Moobs+1+2010-07-13Greensboro Roller Derby
Capt. Fantastic1:212011-11-26Bemidji Babe City Rollers
Capt. Jane T. Hurt 2010-06-10Rollergirls of Southern Indiana
Capt. Pop-n-freshREF2011-08-08Dublin Roller Girls
Capt. SpauldingREF2011-01-18Tahoe Derby Dames
Captain @narchy 2010-12-03Route 66 Derby Chix
Captain AhabStaff2011-01-03Traverse City Roller Derby
Captain AmErika62012-04-03Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
Captain Awesome (cleared)REF2010-11-11Tall City Roller Betties
Captain Bearings 2008-04-23TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Captain Beaver3.142008-12-29Derby Revolution of Bakersfield
Captain Beefstock 2010-07-11South Bend Roller Girls
Captain Blood 2010-07-17Sisterhood of Steel
Captain BooyaMM2008-09-14Phoenix Rattleskates/Dry Heat Rattleskates
Captain Breakaho86'd2010-01-16Sac City Rollers
Captain CagemanK02010-04-27Central City Rollergirls
Captain Carnage6662009-03-13Romsey Town Rollerbillies
Captain Celt-Lick3172010-10-06NEO Roller Derby
Captain Chaos  Assassination City Roller Derby
Captain Crash232011-06-24Steel City Derby Demons
Captain Cream Puff1002010-02-11Lane County Concussion
Captain Cut-Throat12011-02-14Hurricane Honyiez
Captain Emo20K5/3/12Chocolate City Cherry bombers
Captain Gorgeous8.3.12009-01-18Cincinnati Rollergirls
Captain Guapo14695/9/12Granite State Roller Derby
Captain Haasome 2008-05-06Slaughterhouse Derby Girls
Captain HindsightREF2011-01-17Tiger Bay Brawlers
Captain Hook4292012-02-04DuPage Derby Dames
Captain InsanoRef2010-12-15Tucson Roller Derby
Captain Jay Sparrow852006-10-10Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
Captain JirkREF2010-03-22Shoreline Roller Derby
Captain Kick'ard17012011-03-10Birmingham Blitz Dames
Captain KilljoyREF2011-11-25Gold Coast Roller Derby
Captain LefthookREF2011-10-14Arizona Rollergirls
Captain Lidocaine Jane18652011-09-01Minnesota Roller Girls
Captain Lou El BammoCoach2010-11-01Tri City Roller Girls
Captain Maggot20122010-11-09Darlings of Destruction
Captain Maims T. KirkREF2010-01-25Castle Rock N' Rollers
Captain Morgan57 Long Island Roller Rebels
Captain Negative 2012-06-13Tar Sand Betties Roller Derby
Captain ObviousREF2010-01-11Southern Illinois Roller Girls
Captain Painway792009-02-17Cincinnati Rollergirls
Captain Peril332011-07-31Pink Peril Roller Derby
Captain QuirkCoach2010-01-18Ithaca League of Women Rollers
Captain Ratz 2009-05-10Sydney Roller Derby League
Captain Savvy45mm5/9/12Tweed Valley Rollers
Captain Scoreagain63132010-09-22Hurricane Alley Roller Derby
Captain Skidd632010-03-16Hard Knox Roller Derby
Captain SlowREF2011-04-21Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
Captain Smack Sparrow172011-07-11Bay Rollers
Captain Tight Pants 2009-11-21Derby City Roller Girls
Captain Turdseye162010-03-28Newcastle Roller Girls
Captain UnderpantsREF2012-02-27One World Roller Derby
Captaine Cookie1122012-01-23Kallio Rolling Rainbow
Captcha-Her422011-04-18Bisman Bombshellz
Captin RonREF2010-02-23Green Country Roller Girls
Car-SIN O'Jen53092011-03-19Crescent City Derby Devils
CarHeartless402011-04-17Juneau Rollergirls
CarMental 5-21-12Kingsford Krush
Cara Scene 2009-06-23Syndicate Roller Girls
Cara Thrash 2010-06-30GTA Rollergirls
Carabunga82010-11-09Brewcity Bruisers
Caramel Rush 2010-10-02MO-KAN Roller Girlz
CarcinogingerC6H62011-03-11CoMo Derby Dames
Cardiac AttackREF2011-06-30StL GateKeepers
Cardinal Sin132007-03-04Derby City Roller Girls
Carebear Crasher72010-08-18Black Hills Derby Girl League
Carebear ScareCloud 92007-07-12Gotham Girls Roller Derby
CareemYa74812007-12-13Molly Roger Rollergirls
Careen-N-Suga2%2007-04-06South Jersey Derby Girls
Careena Roundher32012-04-08Santa Cruz Derby Girls
Careena Smearnoff66 inch2009-01-07Central Oklahoma Roller Derby Assoc.
Careless Whips-Her 2010-06-28Kingston Derby Girls
Carey Catastrophe 2010-07-17Sisterhood of Steel
Carey Heartless6012010-08-02Sun City Roller Girls
Cari Bomb772011-08-16Apple City Roller Derby
Caribbean Crusher1132011-02-15Okaloosa Rollers
Caribomb Krusch432012-02-07Carson Victory Rollers
Carl Marxman3082010-01-28Twin Cities Terrors
Carl-imari 2010-04-05Dead Girl Derby
Carla Coma6212006-04-01Hammer City Roller Girls
Carlie Sheen 2012-03-11North Texas Derby Revolution
Carlos SkatetanaREF2011-09-27Cal Skate Roller Derby
Carlos the JackalREF2011-07-12Reef City Roller Girls
Carlotta Bloodshed242011-01-04Bayou Outlaw Rollergirls
Carlotta CajonesFeb142011-08-23Monterey Bay Derby Dames
Carlovely<32010-07-08Plattsburgh Roller Derby
Carly Carnage 5/4/12Suck City Rock 'n Roller Dolls
Carly Chaos892011-08-16SINtral Valley Derby Girls
Carly Trounin' 2008-03-25Jet City Rollergirls
Carm Elizher11882010-04-19Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Carm like a BombC42012-02-13Newcastle Roller Girls
Carma Kick Sass722012-02-07Kitsap Derby Brats
Carmage22011-10-27Ventura County Derby Darlins
Carmalicious42008-11-26Green Valley Rollergirls
Carmeana Carrera1-9002009-02-16Sun City Roller Girls
Carmekaze Karma 2009-05-10Okanagan Roller Derby Girls
Carmela Carnage10802012-03-31Murder City Roller Girls
Carmella the Crusher32009-12-08NEO Roller Derby
Carmen 'Ave-A-Go32011-07-26Rainy City Roller Dolls
Carmen Attchacall 19002011-02-22Geelong Roller Derby League
Carmen Capone272010-07-05Peace Region Roller Dolls
Carmen Chameleon10cc2011-03-10Birmingham Blitz Dames
Carmen Die-Oxide 2010-12-22Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Carmen Eject-YaREF2007-09-13ICT Roller Girls
Carmen Electra-Cutioner8008$2011-01-09Skate the Wilderness
Carmen Electro45rpm2011-06-09South West Angels of Terror
Carmen Elreckya4272011-02-01Thunder Bay Roller Derby
Carmen Geddit37 Houston Roller Derby
Carmen GetStitchesk1p12011-09-29Convict City Roller Derby
Carmen Getsome12 Gauge2006-07-18Rat City Rollergirls
Carmen Jamdiego862012-04-04South Coast Roller Derby
Carmen Miranda Rights8-55-25-12Mitten Mavens
Carmen MurderYa1872010-08-17Athens Ohio Roller Derby
Carmen Slamdiego10152011-05-24TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Carmen Unglued552011-04-27Sis-Q Rollerz
CarnEvil Ride102011-01-27Prince Albert Roller Derby
Carnage 'N Cream10162012-06-01Wichita Falls Derby Dames
Carnage AsadaCH42008-06-06Harm City Homicide
Carnage Carder6162011-06-22Tri City Roller Girls
Carnage Cupcake312009-08-17Pirate City Rollers
Carnage Electra45 Suburbia Roller Derby
Carnage Kitten 2009-03-31Jet City Rollergirls
Carnage Miranda552011-11-16Ladies of Hell Town
Carnage Queen172006-04-10Greenville Roller Girls
Carnage Sandiego-22011-08-04Twin City Derby Girls
Carnage Wilson<1502007-01-19Windy City Rollers
Carne Assault Ya 2009-07-01Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Carnegie Brawl332010-11-28Greensboro Roller Derby
Carni Corruption 2010-10-16Magic Valley Derby
Carni Villain 2010-12-29Okanagan Roller Derby Girls
Carni Voracious412010-08-06North Star Roller Girls
Carni Vore112010-02-01Inland Empire Derby Divas
Carnivore Carman22011-04-03Hermiston Roller Divas
Carnivorous_Licks11-142007-11-28Gold Coast Derby Grrls
Carny Power9 TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Caro Pank4512012-03-07Santiago Roller Derby
Caro pank4512012-02-20Hot Wheel Roller Derby
Carol Deck-Her92011-09-02Sheffield Steel Rollergirls
CarolDactyl202011-07-27Brighton Roller Dollz
Carolina Scar Wheelz 2010-06-30Madison Junior Derby Divas
Carolina St. Painlucky 132009-10-21Lowcountry Highrollers
Carp3t Punch'R362010-08-27Long Beach Roller Derby
Carpe Demon77342007-08-17Portland Men's Roller Derby
Carr Bomb522010-11-06Race City Rebels Roller Derby
Carr Czar82011-01-17RockTown Rollers
Carr Wreck11802007-06-03Rage City Rollergirls
CarrJack-Her142012-01-22Classic City Rollergirls
Carrera-Soreass-Wrecks032011-08-25Alberni Valley Roller Girls
Carrie A. ChainsawR1P2011-08-04Twin City Derby Girls
Carrie A. Glock.40cal2007-07-17Derby City Roller Girls
Carrie A. Grudge2142009-01-18San Angelo Roller Derby
Carrie A. HackSAW24 Brewcity Bruisers
Carrie A. Pistol.382012-03-09Fairbanks Rollergirls
Carrie Bad Sure2122011-05-10Tiger Bay Brawlers
Carrie Capsize302011-05-17Bear City Roller Derby
Carrie CarBomb4092010-09-19Greater Sudbury Roller Derby
Carrie Concealed.3572008-04-20East Texas Bombers
Carrie CrushedHerGood3222010-03-22TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Carrie Cyanide132010-04-05Hellfire Harlots
Carrie Deez22010-09-14Columbia QuadSquad
Carrie Finish-Her12272011-03-21Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Carrie Fissure13372010-08-08Perth Roller Derby
Carrie Gunns9mm Tucson Roller Derby
Carrie K-OS7x702010-09-02Charlottesville Derby Dames
Carrie Kazi52009-01-14TBD (delete 8/29/13)
Carrie N. Heat742011-09-18West Kentucky Rockin Rollers
Carrie Okie132008-04-17Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz
Carrie Rubbers692011-03-23Nanaimo Nemesis Roller Girls
Carrie Shitkicker3.142006-09-25River City Rollergirls
Carrie U Off652010-10-04Ohio Valley Roller Girls
Carrie da Butcher 2011-09-23Red Bank Roller Vixens
Carrie-Go-Round24/72012-02-13Moab Roller Derby
CarrieAnn O'Mosity10572011-12-28North Texas Derby Revolution
Carrmen742011-04-19Manchester Roller Derby
Carrot Topple162011-04-12Jersey Shore Roller Girls
Carry Anne Conceal19112010-02-21Columbia QuadSquad
Carry Undertaker322010-01-19Casper's Deadly Ghosts
CarshAChusettsREF2012-04-26Big Easy Rollergirls
Carson B. Demented138 Duke City Derby
Carson O'Genic 2011-11-20Undead Bettys
Carter Away 2009-06-23Columbia QuadSquad
Carver Crofts642011-09-22MK Roller Derby
Carver Heartout 2009-11-23Richland County Regulators
Cary Killmore 2009-11-02Tallahassee Rollergirls
Carysmatic182012-06-11NPT Roller Derby
Casa Bonita 2009-09-30Worcester Roller Derby
CasaNova ScotiaX2011-07-07Hellfire Harlots
Casanova's Fury 2007-11-08South Dakota Roller Derby
Casey Axelrod692008-02-09Central City Rollergirls
Casey Chaos82010-12-13Route 66 Derby Chix
Casey Killynn785/12/12Twin City Derby Girls
Casey Lacem 2009-09-10Sioux Falls Roller Dollz
Casey Masterpiece342010-01-27Kansas City Roller Warriors
Casey Slamthony1Baby2011-08-26South Florida Rollergirls
Cash Machine80M2012-04-01Birmingham Blitz Dames
Cash MoneyBuck 502008-01-23Sacred City Derby Girls
Casidia de los Muertos232009-05-19Crude City Roller Derby
Casinova Flii892011-02-16Brazos Valley Derby Girls
Caslamity JaneV82007-06-21Blue Ridge Rollergirls
Casolinei69 Derby Rotten Scoundrels
Cass B Wary172010-05-12Northern Brisbane Rollers
Cass Knuckles132010-01-15Pacific Roller Derby
Cass Warfare01-May2012-04-30B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Cass Whoopin'A552012-04-30Central Coast Roller Derby
CassSmash212010-11-17Okanagan Shuswap Roller Derby Association
Cassablockya422010-01-11Southern Illinois Roller Girls
Cassandra Pain 2010-10-25Terminal City Rollergirls
Cassarollagirl 2007-02-28Rubber City Demolition Dolls
Cassassin.38 cal2007-11-14Rat City Rollergirls
Cassatrophic32010-05-23Canberra Roller Derby
Cassie Casse-toi 2011-08-11Switchblade RollerGrrrls
Cassie CorridorMC52006-04-15Glass City Roller Girls
Cassie Crusher0072011-01-17TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Cassie Khaos512010-12-09Circle City Derby Girls
Cassie Rolle3502009-09-10Minnesota Roller Girls
Cassiopeia3332010-09-17OKC Outlaws Roller Derby
Casslam-ya 2011-10-06Gas City Roller Derby Association
CassoWary1472011-08-01W.A. Roller Derby
Casstrator172011-04-20Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Cast Iron Cassy6282011-12-05Oklahoma City Roller Derby
Cast Iron Killit682011-11-07Confluence Crush Derby
Castanetta Payne#2008-04-23The Fanny Pack
Castro2102009-04-06Assassination City Roller Derby
Casual Sexist272008-06-17Queen City Roller Girls
Casual T2172009-01-16Central Coast Roller Derby
Casual Tease382007-12-16Jet City Rollergirls
Cat 552009-05-15Molly Roger Rollergirls
Cat A. Combsest. 17862009-02-26Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Cat A. LustREF2010-01-20Atlanta Rollergirls
Cat Atrophy132010-09-27Liverpool Roller Birds
Cat Black 'n Ballou 2006-10-16Pikes Peak Derby Dames
Cat Caller 2009-01-28Mid Michigan Derby Girls
Cat Clash142011-02-23MK Roller Derby
Cat Core Galore3-132012-03-19Dom City Dolls
Cat Fatale022011-03-16Rosebud Rebels Roller Derby
Cat Heathens52010-06-17Flathead Valley Roller Derby
Cat HerderREF2008-07-01Mid Michigan Derby Girls
Cat L. Hurt-her 2009-12-14Stateline Roller Derby Divas
Cat O'Clysmik82011-04-03Redding Rollergirls
Cat O'Mighty19592009-06-12Worcester Roller Derby
Cat Outtahell92011-06-08Santa Cruz Derby Girls
Cat Scrap Fever9 lives2009-12-19B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Cat Scratch Beater202011-01-06Central New York Roller Derby
Cat Scratch Cleaver9 lives2009-07-30Sick Town Derby Dames
Cat Scratchaho52011-04-19Pensacola Roller Gurlz
Cat Tastic2032011-01-02Umpqua Valley Roller Vixens
Cat TastropheXX Texas Rollergirls
Cat Touch This222011-03-31Dirt City Roller Rats
Cat Vader882012-01-19Savanna Foxes Roller Derby Bras'lia
Cat Von Tripple D's9Lives2009-09-26SinCal Derby Vixens
Cat Whip892010-09-16Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby
Cat o' Nine LivesO92012-03-04South Sea Roller Derby
Cat the Booty Hunter662009-10-27Red Deer Roller Derby Association
Cat von Hurt1122012-01-23Gothenburg Roller Derby
Cat's Meow92006-03-03Detroit Derby Girls
Cat's Osogood042010-01-05Rollin' Roulettes Roller Derby
CatDIEver2452010-09-22Undead Bettys
CatFace KillHer92009-05-31Rebellion Roller Derby
Catalac De-Vil59 Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Catalina Spine Mixer262011-07-09Lehigh Valley Rollergirls
Catamaran 2012-02-08Rodeo City Rollergirls
Catapault Kim32011-04-17Juneau Rollergirls
Catastro-Fie722009-09-09Gent GO-GO Roller Girls
Catastrophe Annie 2012-01-17Tournament City Derby
Catastrophe Therae1627 BCE2011-12-17San Fernando Valley Roller Derby
Catastrophena 2011-07-27Diamond State Roller Girls
Catastrophic Cassidy8272012-02-10Derby Revolution of Bakersfield-Roller Brats
Catazon9 Crude City Roller Derby
Catch 22222008-04-05Voodoo Derby Dollz Roller Derby Association
Catch Me If Ya CandiSK8R2011-04-10Decatur Derby Dames
Catch-La-Fever1032011-04-05Central Michigan Roller Derby
Catch_A_BoobyRoute 662011-09-14Limerick Roller Girls
Catchup 2009-11-09Tallahassee Rollergirls
Cate Boss 2010-10-26Morgantown Roller Vixens
Cate CanineK8 K92011-12-06Demolition City Roller Derby
Category One20032007-10-19Wayward Rollergirls
Cater-Skater52011-05-11Copenhagen Roller Derby
Catfight Candy92009-06-27Lincolnshire Bombers
Cath Skidsome2122011-10-31Leeds Roller Dolls
Cathartica4052011-12-13Emerald City Roller Girls
Cathergory 510102011-04-05Royal City Rollergirls
Catherina Beata Bones982009-11-30Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Catherine Hate8r1t2011-09-12Free State Roller Derby
Catherine Heartburn7175/15/12Castle Rock n Rollers
Catherine Wheels3602007-07-13Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Catherine the Irate 2011-10-14Magnolia Roller Vixens
Catholic Cruel Girl32007-07-11Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Catholic Skul DropOut6162009-03-08Castle Rock N' Rollers
Cathus Smaxus112011-07-28Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby
Cathy Gibbet0262012-03-07Arnhem Fallen Angels
Cathy Lix 2007-11-11Lonestar Rollergirls
Cathy la castagne 2012-02-08Holy Wheels Menace from Liege
Catie-Bug15-30-12Battle Creek Damzel Dollz Jr Roller Derby
Catman412010-04-04Harbor City RollerDames
Catrina Machete7072011-07-02Sailor City Rollers
Catrina Wormit1382012-01-17Barcelona Roller Derby
Catshit6962011-06-03Randall County Roller Dames
Catt R. Waul172011-10-08Dundee Roller Girls
Catt Scratch Diva132010-09-29NV East Roller Girls
Catti LaBelle8082010-03-10Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
Cattleya Labiata09082010-03-30Bedfordshire Rollergirls
Cattoo 2011-12-06High Altitude Roller Derby
Catty CeltIII2007-02-16TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Catty Colamean 2010-04-21Lowcountry Highrollers
Catty Mojo8882010-12-08San Diego Roller Derby
Catz D'Stroyher672010-12-14Atomic City Roller Girls
Caught N Candy112010-09-21Hurricane Alley Roller Derby
CauseAscenE73MI2011-10-20Wheat City Roller Derby
Causey O'Problems200mg2010-05-04NOtown Roller Derby
Caustic Cougar472011-05-17Reno Roller Girls
Caustic Ivy3332011-12-01Switchblade RollerGrrrls
Caustic Judge18372011-04-03Ithaca League of Women Rollers
Cave Johnson 2012-02-07GTA Rollergirls
Cave Man10,000 BC2011-04-23Devil Dog Derby Dames
Cay-Makazzi392012-05-31Winnipeg Roller Derby
Caymanator (The) 2010-03-30Austin Derby Brats: Texas Rollergirls' Junior League
Cazaclysmic112009-11-24Van Diemen Rollers
Ce Ce Cane502011-10-02The Aurora 88s
Ce Four616 Durham Region Roller Derby
CeCe PAINiston3032011-05-08Chicago Outfit
CeCe Psyko1152010-08-24Coastal Plains Derby Dames
CeCe U l8ter100cc2012-06-13Bakersfield Diamond Divas
Cease Ann Desist8122010-09-01Naptown Roller Girls
Cease the Beast8172010-06-30Madison Junior Derby Divas
Cecelia B. Demented16mm2010-11-12Dallas Derby Devils
Cecelila Kill Ya'162010-03-17Derby Revolution of Bakersfield
Cecerella 2010-04-12Rushmore Rollerz
Cecil B. DeMented7772010-09-27Manchester Roller Derby
Cecilia Rivers102011-11-02Three Rivers Roller Derby
Cee Cee Slaughter92011-05-03Gold Pain City Derby Girls
Cee Know Evil1432011-10-02The Aurora 88s
Cee Lo Mean112011-05-15Liverpool Roller Birds
Cee N. Spots212012-02-05New Hampshire Roller Derby
Ceez-Crazee3292012-02-29Prison City Derby Dames
Ceilya Doom2222010-03-29Twin City Derby Girls
Celery STALK-her642009-09-07Queen City Roller Girls
Celeste9112007-06-09AZ Derby Dames
Celestial Beatings×2011-01-05Tournament City Derby
Celesticles32012-04-03Northampton Shoetown Slayers
Celia Casket62011-01-21Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
Celia Cyderfist42011-06-04Somerset and Exeter Derby Girls
Celia Fate Carolina Rollergirls
Celia Graves6ft. Under2006-11-14Derby City Roller Girls
Celia Wheelia392011-04-11Queen City Roller Girls
Cell Block D552006-12-05Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Cell Block'her 2012-01-30Lincolnshire Bombers Roller Girls
CellBlock Bettie5oh2009-01-31Tri City Roller Girls
Cello Biafra11382010-06-17Enchanted Mountain Roller Derby
Celtic Clubher 2007-02-05Rose City Rollers
Celtic Cowgirl882009-10-07Ventura County Derby Darlins
Celtic Crusher3172010-05-28Key City Roller Derby
Celtic Furry 2007-11-20Hanging City Derby
Celtic JokerREF2011-10-10Mo-Kan Roller Girlz
Celtic KissX0X2012-04-18Niagara Roller Girls
Celtic KnightmareREF2011-10-15Assault City Roller Derby
Celtic Raider0072010-09-19Nickel City Roller Derby
Celtic StormK8T2011-07-01Plattsburgh Roller Derby
Celtic Thunder212009-02-28Long Island Roller Rebels
Cement Kiss1382008-01-17Victoria Rollergirls
Cementhead7k02011-08-08Durham Region Roller Derby
Cemetary Girl6662007-04-01Southwest Missouri Roller Girls
Cemeterri Jane1382010-01-24709 Derby Girls
Cemeterry SkatesR1P2010-08-02Garden State Rollergirls
Cemetery Mary0572008-08-17Undead Bettys
Centaur F. Gravit 2011-02-05Skee Town Skirtz
Central Scrutinizer, The 2007-05-28Lava City Roller Dolls
Cer Vixen Ovaries9272012-06-11Lincoln Land Roller Derby
CerTenREF2007-12-10Sarasota County Roller Derby
Cerabedlam882011-12-14LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Cereal Killer \ 2008-04-08Kitsap Derby Brats
Cereal Killer
2 scoops2007-07-23Naptown Roller Girls
Cereal Suicide32009-05-07Bangor Roller Derby
Cerebral Ballzy 2012-03-18Central Kansas Derby Coalition
Cerebrawl Vortex1300g2010-07-02MK Roller Derby
Certified Lunachick10/062007-11-11Arizona Roller Derby
Certified MaleREF2011-12-09Bay Rollers
Certified Pack AttackHer4U2012-01-04Gallatin Roller Girlz
Certified Public Assassin3282010-09-24Oz Roller Girls
Cerveza Chasa642011-08-01W.A. Roller Derby
Cerys Smashews912011-11-16Swansea City Slayers
Ch'uckin F'armin18262011-01-16TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Cha Cha33 Lonestar Rollergirls
Cha Cha Bomb42012-01-27Dirt City Roller Rats
Cha Cha CRASH10-202010-07-21Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Cha Cha Cherrybomb19652011-04-21Oklahoma Victory Dolls
Cha Cha ChingonaUno2011-03-21Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Cha Cha Freakalique 2012-02-08Bay State Brawlers Roller Derby
Cha Cha Girl 2012-06-11Big Island Babes
Cha Cha Khan36362010-01-16Sac City Rollers
Cha Cha La BORRACHA1512011-06-04Long Beach Roller Derby
Cha Cha MowDownYaL72011-07-08Alamo City Rollergirls
Cha Cha Picante!Retired 3/12/142007-09-14Sacred City Derby Girls
Cha Cha Slam-Her82008-04-29Green Valley Roller Girls
Cha Cha Slice212010-07-02Bayou Outlaw Rollergirls
Cha Cha Wheels12142007-03-11Queen City Roller Girls
Cha Chee1022006-05-26Dixie Derby Girls
Cha Ching33 Mad Rollin' Dolls
ChaCha LaRuexoxo2007-03-16TBD (delete 6/27/13)
ChaKILLra3232011-12-14LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Chach 2008-03-07Suburbia Roller Derby
Chachi O'Nasty1/2 Z's2008-05-05Soul City Sirens
Chachi PatronV-82006-07-20Arizona Roller Derby
Chad E WackREF2011-10-22Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Chad N. FreudeREF2011-01-04Fox Cityz Foxz
Chain Gun MellyRetired 9/14/132009-11-03Savannah Derby Devils
Chain Lynx232011-02-28Rock Coast Rollers
ChainSawMaryNC-172006-08-15Hammer City Roller Girls
Chainsaw33 1/32009-10-16Richmond Derby Demons
Chainsaw Charlie6662009-11-01Victorian Roller Derby
Chainsaw Chelsea 2011-06-01Orlando Psycho City Derby Girls
Chainsaw Chic80cc2008-03-31TBD (delete 8/29/13)
Chainsaw Guts Fuck7 Philly Rollergirls
Chainsaw Lola102009-04-10Central Alberta Roller Derby Association
Chainsaw Lollipop82012-02-17Salina Sirens Roller Derby
Chainsaw Mama362006-11-07Assault City Roller Derby
Chainsaw Mascara762009-03-21Victorian Roller Derby
Chainsaw kitty292011-09-04Arizona Roller Derby
Chainsquaw88 cords2012-01-29Rock Island Rollers
Chairman Meow852006-09-26Charm City Roller Girls
Chaising Daimon4802011-09-07Tulsa Derby Brigade
Chaka Can-Canm1m52012-02-19York Minxters Roller Derby
Chakal 5/4/12Toxic Lima Roller girls
Chakk Attakk422011-02-22Roller Derby Toulouse
Chakra Khan72008-06-20Green Mountain Derby Dames
Chakra Rocker112011-11-25Rideau Valley Roller Girls
Chakram2882011-01-26Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby
Challah Accost-UWW32010-11-30Sac City Rollers
Challah Caustic 2011-05-17Rose City Rollers
Challahback Girl882011-07-11Angel City Derby Girls
Challenge'her832009-11-11Central City Rollergirls
ChamPain LadyB172012-04-22Wreckin Roller Rebels
ChamPain Menace01112011-02-10Convict City Roller Derby
Champ (The)1 Chi*Town Sirens Roller Derby
Champ Pain1152008-04-08Kitsap Derby Brats
Champ Paine6.99 No Coast Derby Girls
Champagne Slam322011-09-04Rosebud Rebels Roller Derby
Champain Brunch10:302010-04-07One Love Roller Dolls
Champain Brut de Brut70072011-06-06Dead End Derby
Champain Showersp0p2012-02-21Newcastle Roller Derby
Champain Supernova19272010-12-15LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Champion Ruby302010-02-23Victorian Roller Derby
Chan Hell222010-05-24Dragon City Derby Dolls
Chan Wow92010-08-08Perth Roller Derby
Chance 2 Kill3152010-01-15TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Chancy NoChance80D2010-04-02Thunder Bay Roller Derby
Chanel KnockoffN052012-03-22Orange County Roller Girls
Chanel No. Die52012-03-19No Coast Derby Girls
Chant Hell2222011-04-11Cardiff Roller Collective
Chantilly Mace262009-02-18B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Chantos Sanchez 2011-11-16Comox Valley Rink Minx Rollergirls
Chaos Faerie132011-01-29Fierce Valley Roller Girls
Chaos Fury×2006-12-23Bellingham Roller Betties
Chaos Kid3502010-08-18Black Hills Derby Girl League
Chaos Kiry (The) 2010-10-26South Jersey Derby Girls
Chaos KittyM100W2011-03-13Severn Roller Torrent
Chaos N. CarnateREF2009-06-24Assault City Roller Derby
Chaos Reigns8162010-05-21Lilac City Rollergirls
Chaos Theory292012-02-13Bristol Roller Derby
Chaos-eris132012-06-11Lincoln Land Roller Derby
Chaosity8wd2011-09-30Highland Roller Girls
Chaotic Daze5.82011-05-10Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Chaotic Kennadi222012-01-03Fallen Brats Derby League
Chaotic Neutral 2011-11-26Mad Rollin Dolls
Chaotica23592010-07-14Victorian Roller Derby
Char BurglarStaff2012-03-05Scenic City Roller Psychos
Char Char Gabore44822008-06-25London Rollergirls
Char izhard 2012-02-10Royal Windsor Rollergirls
Char-K-Attack919322012-01-31San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Char-Shank Redemption62011-04-01Roc City Roller Derby
CharLotta Pain 2011-06-28Margaret River Roller Derby
CharManHandler7102011-09-21ToadSuck Derby Dames
Character AssassinREF2009-04-19Ballarat Roller Derby
Charbroiler 2007-06-21East Texas Bombers
Chardonnay Slammer7.5%2012-02-13Gladstone Roller Derby
CharginTina362009-05-15LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Chariot Sophia322011-03-29Brighton Rockers Roller Derby
CharisnakovAK-472007-10-14Killamazoo Derby Darlins
Charity Case42011-02-04TBD (delete 8/29/13)
Charity-Bomb292011-04-19Buff City Brawlers
Charl Shred1692011-03-03Plymouth City Roller Girls
Charlapayne1332011-09-06Sauk Valley Sirens
Charlee Manson 2008-07-17Whip It
Charlee's Angel 5-17-12Buff City Brawlers
Charleigh Smashlin69792011-10-08Peterborough Roller Derby League
Charlene blankenshipe62008-07-24Roc City Roller Derby
Charlenne in Charge6092006-05-10Chicago Outfit
Charli HorseHW1412008-04-29Denver Roller Dolls
Charlie Brawn82462010-08-18Ottawa Roller Derby
Charlie Bronson152011-10-10Ark Valley High Rollers
Charlie Frown:(2010-07-16LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Charlie Hustle332008-10-13Mad Rollin' Dolls
Charlie Maltimore40 oz2010-11-17Sacred City Derby Girls
Charlie Ray AKA CHUCKY 2011-05-11Portsmouth Roller Wenches
Charlie Scraplin2862012-02-29Central City Rollergirls
Charlie Stranglessub-zero2010-06-27Comox Valley Rink Minx Rollergirls
Charlie's Lady 2011-05-06Winnipeg Roller Derby
Charlie's Mangel19762010-11-29Rome Rollergirls
CharlieBrawler6152011-01-10Cenla Derby Dames
Charlize Throwdown212010-05-27Long Beach Roller Derby
Charlotte Bruise-a-lot32006-10-24MTL Roller Derby
Charlotte Bupowski3822010-07-23Suburbia Roller Derby
Charlotte de Berry1082011-02-09TBD (delete 8/29/13)
Charlotte's Dead112011-11-01Preston Roller Girls
Charly McHell 2012-02-08Holy Wheels Menace from Liege
Charly Wedness9742012-02-07Brussels Derby Pixies
Charm School RejectQT 3.142011-01-01Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Charm'N Hammer222011-09-26Eastside Derby Girls
CharmageddonAD20132010-06-21Long Beach Roller Derby
Charmean202012-03-22Orange County Roller Girls
Charmed 'N' Dangerous72007-02-18Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls
Charmer10192008-04-07Angel City Derby Girls
Charmin Slammer2ply2010-07-10Mountain Derby Girls
Charro 2010-05-14Jet City Rollergirls
ChasD BeltNa$ty92009-04-14Demolition City Roller Derby
Chase Chaos72011-04-23Phantom Canyon Rollers
Chase M.4:182011-05-01Cedar Rapids Rollergirls
Chase N. UrdaughterStaff2010-08-30Windy City Rollers
Chase R Down242011-04-13Monashee Roller Girls
Chase Round-A-Bout84 F2010-01-03Omaha Rollergirls
Chase Spanks2-4-12010-04-03TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Chase Ventura582011-03-14Angel City Derby Girls
Chase the Rainbeau332012-02-03Dub City Derby Girls
Chase'Em Voorhees3.142011-04-02Reef City Roller Girls
Chase'R 2-Mey102012-03-16Big Bucks High Rollers
Chaser on the Rocks8522011-11-03Brisbane City Rollers
Chasey DC4:372010-09-22Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Chasey Lane0072011-01-08Oly Rollers
Chasey Maim72006-06-25E-Ville Roller Derby
Chasey Pain3332009-05-19Blackwater Rollers
Chasin'VoorheesREF2011-03-17Cal Skate Roller Derby
Chasing Amy454 grams2010-02-08MTL Roller Derby
Chassis Crass122010-04-05Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Chastise 2010-11-08Lincolnshire Bombers
Chastity Welt2222012-01-06Crown City Rollerz
Chatterbox24/72008-11-26New River Valley Rollergirls
Chauncy Lightbottoms57CF2007-12-16Paper Valley Roller Girls
ChaundYa MyPantees 2008-10-23Mid Michigan Derby Girls
Chaz Michael Michaels 2011-08-31North Texas Derby Revolution
Chaz TizerREF2010-09-10Tiger Bay Brawlers
Chazzie Skateweathern 2006-06-01No Coast Derby Girls
CheaZtee Cheetah0.52010-03-07SINtral Valley Derby Girls
Cheap $eatz31F2010-11-02Old Capitol City Roller Girls
Cheap Date99cents2011-03-02Mountain Derby Girls
Cheap Ore49 cents2008-05-07Tucson Roller Derby
Cheap Shot4U2008-02-07Beach Brawl Sk8r Dolls
Cheap Trixie13 Texas Rollergirls
Cheap$kate Saw Chi85_2011-08-10Lilac City Rollergirls
Cheapskate Lonestar Rollergirls
Cheat to Win9132011-08-29Paradise Roller Girls
Cheat-Seeking Whistile122010-06-02Dublin Roller Girls
Cheatin Chong420 Dallas Derby Devils
Check Her Ford 2011-11-23Rockin Rural Roller Girls
Check Meow't1112010-10-19LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Check SixF1002011-10-03Northshore Roller Derby
Check-U-L8TR4562010-11-22Cen-Tex Sirens
CheckER Vitals3122011-08-23Redding Roller Girls
CheckHer WreckHer9112010-02-01Inland Empire Derby Divas
Checker Boo212009-11-05Emerald City Junior Gems
Checker PulseREF2009-10-14Mad Rollin' Dolls
Checker Sutures692010-11-18Border City Brawlers
Checkmate Cate82008-09-07Orange County Roller Girls
Checkmate Cheetham3332011-07-23Tiger Bay Brawlers
Checkout62011-11-21Mountain Maulers Roller Derby
Cheddar 2008-06-23Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Cheeba ZebraREF2010-01-27Assault City Roller Derby
Cheekelicious10-122011-10-02East Texas Bombers
Cheeki Rafiki332010-10-19El Paso Roller Derby
Cheeks & Jesstroy6162010-07-06Beach Brawl Sk8r Dolls
Cheeks Von Flexington72011-05-12Northshore Roller Derby
Cheeky2-62006-11-28E-Ville Roller Derby
Cheeky Bon BonX02011-08-27Tournament City Derby
Cheeky BumKickerREF2011-06-30Cornfluence Crush Derby
Cheeky Cha Cha6782011-08-21Decatur Derby Dames
Cheeky Cherry12 Bft2011-04-28Bembel Town Rollergirls
Cheeky Dee302011-04-02Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Cheeky Lil Thing372011-11-07Coastal Assassins Roller Derby
Cheeky MonkeyNC172011-10-12Resort City Roller Dolls
Cheeky Pow Pow 2010-12-30V Town Derby Dames
Cheeky Sparx6782011-04-10Soy City Rollers
Cheeky Vimto1172011-09-18Bedfordshire Rollergirls
Cheela Tequila 2012-04-22North Coast Nightmares
Cheer Beater24/72010-06-03Single Handed Roller Derby
Cheerbleeder14112011-08-24Atomic Cupcakes Junior Roller Derby
Cheese BurglarStaff2010-04-05Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Cheese Grater2892006-04-01MTL Roller Derby
Cheeseburger1/4 lb2006-03-29Steel City Derby Demons
Cheesegrater of Despair 2009-12-16Rose City Rollers
Cheeseriot19822011-04-11Queen City Roller Girls
Cheesy RiderCoach2011-01-03Small Town Roller Derby
Cheeta Torpeda37 Charm City Roller Girls
Cheetah Slayworth202008-06-02Rated PG Rollergirls
Cheetah Vicous0072011-03-20South Texas Rolleristas
Cheetah Von Teese702008-09-26Calgary Roller Derby Association
Cheetara Daal 2009-05-19Quad City Rollers
Cheez Liz2%2012-01-04NOtown Roller Derby
Cheezy Poof8312011-06-19Cape Girardeau Roller Girls
Chef Gorgeous Rammy19662010-07-11South Bend Roller Girls
Chef Lia Liminator350¡ F2007-11-16Green Country Roller Girls
ChefXecutionerZone 02010-06-02Ruhrpott Roller Derby
Chefzilla86U5/1/12Whidbey Island Roller Girls
Chel on Wheels912010-03-09High City Derby Divas
Chel_drenalyn30mg2012-04-09Central New York Roller Derby
Chell 'O' Shots112011-02-17Inland Empire Derby Divas
Chelle Be Evil6662007-08-16Jersey Shore Roller Girls
Chelle F. Youup10102011-10-02Sick Town Derby Dames
Chelle Shock 2008-10-15Burning River Roller Girls
Chellular Demise88882011-11-16Black Rose Rollers
Chellybean Bawler36C2012-01-13Far North Derby Dolls
Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang222010-05-02Lansing Derby Vixens
Chelsea Dagger192011-02-01Vette City Roller Derby
Chelsea GrinT-42007-04-14CT RollerGirls
Chelsea Handle Her4.22009-07-03Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Chelsea Manhandler07042009-09-26Rockford Rage
Chelsea Skately 2011-12-06Arizona Derby Dames
Chelsea Smile772011-06-08Santa Cruz Derby Girls
Chelsee Stars052011-02-22Belle City Roller Girls
Chelsee Uinhell6662011-06-08Midnight Sun Roller Girlz
Chelsey HatelySR 232008-12-02Penn Jersey Roller Derby
ChemiKill-Er 2011-02-28Dixie Derby Girls
Chemic Al262010-03-28Tyne and Fear Roller Derby
Chemical A NaCl 2011-07-05Tallahassee Rollergirls
Chemical Candy112010-07-05Peace Region Roller Dolls
Chemical DependencyREF2009-08-11Glasgow Roller Girls
Chemical Ketchup 2011-10-20Bear City Roller Derby
Chemical Romance32012-04-18South Florida Rollergirls
Chemical SpillHNO32010-02-04Old Capitol City Roller Girls
Chemically Imbalanced 2012-02-03Terrorz of TIny Towns Roller Derby
Chemikill Cupcake 2007-12-02MO-KAN Roller Girlz
Chemikill HazardLD502010-11-24Glasgow Roller Girls
Cher Gore-o-witz332011-02-07Ohio Roller Girls
Cher Horror'itzV32011-09-29London Rollergirl_s Rec League
Cher Noble432006-09-01North Star Roller Girls
Cher Trouble262011-08-15Richter City Roller Derby
Cher the Painx102009-02-09Rose City Rollers
Cherie Curvy25mm2011-02-24Roller Derby Quebec
Cherie Popper3332009-06-17Mid Michigan Derby Girls
Cheriff O. Swattinjam11112011-04-01Twin City Derby Girls
Cherkhan 2011-08-01Red Stick Roller Derby
Chernobelle282008-09-22Leeds Roller Dolls
Cherokee ChokeHer 2009-06-22Emerald City Roller Girls
Cherokee Slammher852011-12-22Rock Island Rollers
Cherri Blaster (cleared) 2010-09-29Lethbridge Roller Derby Guild
Cherri BusterLD502009-11-03Savannah Derby Devils
Cherri Chokehold34 1/22011-04-02Red Rockettes Recreational Roller Derby
Cherri Go Round862011-10-23Big Bucks High Rollers
Cherri Nova102007-05-22Toronto Roller Derby
Cherri PISTOLM802010-05-02Long Island Roller Rebels
Cherri Springer3SUM2007-07-07Pikes Peak Derby Dames
Cherrie BombHer9112011-03-31Eastern Iowa Outlaws
Cherrie Rumble42010-03-30Perth Roller Derby
Cherry "The Queen" BrawlerL72011-01-03Memphis Roller Derby
Cherry A la Mode272008-03-25Pacific Roller Derby
Cherry Aire622009-09-07Queen City Roller Girls
Cherry Axe-Wound18+2008-12-09Canberra Roller Derby
Cherry Big Block454ci2009-11-17New Hampshire Roller Derby
Cherry Bites 2010-06-15Sun State Roller Girls
Cherry Blast HerX2011-06-18LOCO Roller Derby
Cherry Blight112007-08-03GTA Rollergirls
Cherry Blitz11112011-04-18Cornwall Roller Derby
Cherry Bloodbath3332009-09-18Green Country Roller Girls
Cherry Bloodssom112012-02-29Roller Derby Hannover
Cherry Blox'em4402009-06-26Atlanta Rollergirls
Cherry Blunt132008-06-21Dead End Derby
Cherry BombB00M2009-04-06Bedfordshire Rollergirls
Cherry Boom52012-02-04BlackLand Rockin'K-Rollers
Cherry Boss'em2225/7/12Hellmilton Roller Ghouls
Cherry Bow812011-07-25Nasty Nessies Roller Girls
Cherry Brakewell692011-02-14TBD (delete 8/29/13)
Cherry Brutal142011-04-12Salt Spring Island Roller Derby
Cherry BumpitRetired 1/23/142011-04-29South Coast Roller Derby
Cherry Chainsaw13 Lonestar Rollergirls
Cherry ChapsKick 2011-06-22Quad City Rollers
Cherry Chargert0kn2009-05-22Vero Beach Rollergirls
Cherry Chaser6292011-01-04Bayou Outlaw Roller Girls
Cherry Chernobyl5.6 R/s2008-11-04Arch Rival Roller Girls
Cherry Cherry Garcia20122010-05-18Lakeland Derby Dames
Cherry Choke02006-07-14Cincinnati Rollergirls
Cherry Clobber (cleared)3502010-11-10Maine Roller Derby
Cherry Cola Chola 2011-03-31Hub City Derby Dames
Cherry ComaGCS72007-03-05Summit City Rollers
Cherry Craic'er32011-01-07West End Waywards
Cherry Crush3372007-04-15Dutchland Rollers
Cherry Cyanide Slammer 2011-08-12North Texas Derby Revolution
Cherry D'vineGenesis 19:52007-09-11Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Cherry DaMachineGun52010-07-14Prairieland Punishers
Cherry Dalle272012-02-04Ladies of Helltown
Cherry DanielsOld No. 72010-05-06Voodoo Derby Dollz Roller Derby Association
Cherry DarlingAA/882006-12-28Rollergirls of Central Kentucky (ROCK)
Cherry Deadly 2011-09-07Twin City Derby Girls
Cherry Delight692009-07-29FoCo Girls Gone Derby
Cherry DerriereL4R42010-06-28Swansea City Slayers
Cherry Dread22011-11-12Dieppe Roller Derby
Cherry E. Bowler 2011-03-01South Island Sirens Roller Derby
Cherry F. Noblebooze1*2009-11-14Helsinki Roller Derby
Cherry Feral3332011-10-06Ottawa Roller Derby
Cherry Fury3:162009-07-08Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Cherry GrantAAXXX2008-10-29Terminal City Rollergirls
Cherry Graves 2012-01-27Tallahassee RollerGirls
Cherry Grenade51512008-02-28Fox Cityz Foxz
Cherry Hatchett 2009-11-02Oil City Derby Girls
Cherry Hellfire6t82010-09-18Manchester Roller Derby
Cherry Jamm02008-12-03Red Deer Roller Derby Association
Cherry Jaw Breaker9112007-04-30Resurrection Roller Girls
Cherry Jubilee42 Rat City Rollergirls
Cherry KO24/72010-08-02Birmingham Blitz Dames
Cherry KnockersM162010-11-14Plymouth City Roller Girls
Cherry KreamHer102011-11-09Reef City Roller Girls
Cherry Lambrini5.5%2008-11-09Rainy City Roller Girls
Cherry Lawless252011-10-18Lule Roller Derby
Cherry Lee Lewis 2009-04-11Hell City Rollergirls
Cherry Lickin Daddy82007-12-04Dallas Derby Devils
Cherry Lifesaver 2009-05-29Hudson Valley Horrors
Cherry Lipsmacker 2007-02-05Rose City Rollers
Cherry Lou Rotten4802012-01-13Med City Mafia
Cherry Lyne272011-12-27Zombitches
Cherry Madness1055-U2008-11-19Sacred City Derby Girls
Cherry Maimes7072012-02-13Rainy City Roller Dolls
Cherry Massacre132010-08-22Portsmouth Roller Wenches
Cherry Mercenary9732010-08-17NJ Hellrazors
Cherry Moshpit072010-07-20One Love Roller Dolls
Cherry Napalm112009-09-08Mission City Brawlin Betties
Cherry Only1382007-07-05Suburbia Roller Derby
Cherry PaincakesP90X2010-07-15Royal City Rollergirls
Cherry Pi3.142011-03-14Port Scandalous Roller Derby
Cherry Pixie Styx422010-12-29Northwest Skate Club
Cherry Pop Tart2 cents2006-12-22Dallas Derby Devils
Cherry Poppins 2010-05-03Amsterdam Derby Dames
Cherry Poppins (cleared)B522011-11-09Brandywine Roller Girls
Cherry Potter7312010-08-21Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Cherry Punch33 San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Cherry Quite Contrary3.142010-11-08Whidbey Island Roller Girls
Cherry RevengeN262012-02-08Nottingham Roller Girls
Cherry Riot962010-09-17Sun State Roller Girls
Cherry Rockette36-24-362007-05-05Victorian Roller Derby
Cherry Scarcia4202010-08-13McLean County MissFits
Cherry Shovelle672011-10-14Oakland Derby Diamonds
Cherry Slambrini6.5%2011-05-04Glasgow Roller Girls
Cherry Slapstick015oz2011-03-19Circle City Derby Girls
Cherry Smash20 KC Roller Warriors
Cherry Sour312011-03-18Bristol Roller Derby
Cherry Stone132012-04-26Rollergirls In Pagosa (R.I.P.)
Cherry Swipe192009-09-19Geelong Roller Derby League
Cherry Tart50/502006-04-28Gem City Rollergirls
Cherry Terrible972009-11-23Chicago Riots Junior Roller Derby
Cherry Timebomb10/312012-04-18Niagara Roller Girls
Cherry Twillight002010-02-08Second City Roller Bullies
Cherry Vaudevillain12F82012-02-13Newcastle Roller Girls
Cherry Vengeance292006-07-01Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Cherry Venom 2011-02-02Burning River Roller Girls
Cherry Violence565 DC Rollergirls
Cherry Von Sin19862010-02-16Junction City Roller Dolls
Cherry Winehouse9-142010-11-05Long Beach Roller Derby
Cherry Wunderlich20802011-01-18Tahoe Derby Dames
Cherry effBOMB7772008-06-29Treasure Valley Rollergirls
Cherry jam-Her13252011-12-02Sis-Q Rollerz
Cherry on Top19772009-02-19Fort Myers Derby Girls
Cherry unCordial 2009-09-25Naptown Roller Girls
Cherry von Carnage662010-04-09Geelong Roller Derby League
Cherry*Les83852011-09-27Renegade Rollergirls (CA)
Cherry-Block-ade112011-04-13Cardiff Roller Collective
Cherry-flip552011-03-12Perth Roller Derby
CherryliciousNC-172006-11-01LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Chery Awesome762011-03-23Nanaimo Nemesis Roller Girls
Cheryl Peril 2008-10-16Duke City Derby
Cheshire Brat10/62009-11-28Sac City Rollers
Cheshire Catfight16872011-01-18Molly Roger Rollergirls
Cheshire Grin 2011-07-18Jet City Rollergirls
Cheshire Kate232010-01-05Oly Rollers
Cheshire Kitten662010-04-02Oil City Derby Girls
Chess T. James112 ci2010-02-13Flint City Derby Girls
ChessTosterone23Xy2007-05-18TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Chest Blockwell72008-04-22Long Island Roller Rebels
Chest-Nutz1272008-04-03Rose City Rollers
ChestLee Dahmer782011-05-13Heart of Appalachia Roller Derby
Chester Drawers 2008-04-28Birmingham Blitz Dames
Chesty Copperpot19852007-04-29Rollergirls of Southern Indiana
Chesty Gillespie34DD2007-10-19B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Chesty GlitterheatLucky 132011-03-01Kingsford Krush
Chesty McBruiserDouble Agent 732008-11-11Jersey Shore Roller Girls
Chesty Pains4152011-08-04Twin City Derby Girls
Chesty PullHer4082011-04-29Five 40 Roller Girls
Chesty SmurfStaff2011-01-27Calgary Roller Derby Association
Chesty Springroll 2011-07-10Pow! Town Roller Derby
Chev Chelios32012-04-23The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Chevi BumpHer19542011-12-07Illinois Valley Vixens
Chevy Chase-Her 2010-09-09GTA Rollergirls
Chevy Impaler572008-04-15Pirate City Rollers
Chevy VixSin4Dub2011-12-12Iowa Rollin' Aces
Chew "N" Butts 2009-01-07Seatown Sisters of Slant
Chew Rockya992011-05-03Forx Roller Derby
Chew Tracker792012-04-01Birmingham Blitz Dames
ChewWacca19772011-06-07Middlesbrough Milk Rollers
Chewbecca2132010-07-02Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
Chewblocka222006-05-26Arch Rival Roller Girls
Chewcifer333 Houston Roller Derby
Chewpaccer942012-03-12Hulls Angels Roller Dames
Chewsmacca392009-10-23Dolly Rockit Rollers
Chewy152010-03-12Red Deer Roller Derby Association
Chexy Chase51502010-08-17Pacific Roller Derby
Chezbomb0262011-08-10Nepean Derby
Chi Chi Allen2432012-06-11Arizona Rollergirls
Chi Chi Roni142006-07-06Phoenix City Rollers
Chi Chi Von Tease38DD2009-11-16Mission City Brawlin Betties
Chi Chi's Rodriguez42011-02-16Brazos Valley Derby Girls
Chi CupcakeSTATS2009-11-04Chicago Outfit
Chi-Chi CanswallowStaff2010-07-15Treasure Valley Rollergirls
Chi-Chi Vega112011-06-22Reign Valley Vixens
Chi-Town Slamma!585/12/12Twin City Derby Girls
Chi-Town Stryker3122011-10-27Hell Rio Rollers
Chi-Twn Terror852010-11-10Bellingham Roller Betties
Chi-town Choker12011-04-02Chicago Riots Junior Roller Derby
ChiCana Hit-U832011-07-11V Town Derby Dames
ChiChi LaBang!38252010-09-20South Side Roller Derby
Chia Devious692011-11-15Valdosta Venom
Chibi Abuser02011-01-25Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz
Chic Flair42011-05-31Lowcountry Highrollers
Chic Hill BoomK.6202012-02-16Namur Roller Girls
Chic N Hunt N11205/15/12Lake City Roller Dolls
Chic and Twisted 2010-10-25Terminal City Rollergirls
Chica 2008-11-26Green Valley Rollergirls
Chica Bandita23 Memphis Roller Derby
Chica Bomb112006-04-21Terminal City Rollergirls
Chica Caliente1052006-06-25LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Chica Chica Boom82010-02-18Walla Walla Sweets Roller Girls
Chica Diabla8 Dixie Derby Girls
Chica DoomD00M2011-02-07Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Chica Go Lightning16mm2009-09-08Angel City Derby Girls
Chica Libre32006-04-28Central Coast Roller Derby
Chica LocaXIV2006-11-23Sacred City Derby Girls
Chicago Mae 2008-09-12Dockyard Derby Dames
Chicana Bruzya33332008-07-21New Hampshire Roller Derby
Chicholina292011-07-02Metropolitan Roller Derby
Chick "The Ice Girl" Liddell002011-09-07Rome Rollergirls
Chick Anery60 rev/min2008-11-30ManchVegas Rollergirls
Chick Chick BOOM Powell3082011-08-14Northern Brisbane Rollers
Chick Dastardlyg33k2010-09-01Bristol Roller Derby
Chick Fury2010-06-21Long Beach Roller Derby
Chick Jagger1532012-04-18Niagara Roller Girls
Chick Lawless882012-03-19Dom City Dolls
Chick Liddell12142011-05-20Sumter Fly Girls
Chick Lil7112011-07-29Green Valley Roller Girls
Chick Lilith.322012-04-12Les Quads de Paris
Chick Norris12008-04-18Little City Roller Girls
Chick Slap52012-01-06Bellingham Roller Betties
Chick Wood8 1/22011-09-11Bismark Capital City Roller Girls
Chick staa2042008-11-11Jersey Shore Roller Girls
Chicka Chika Bam Bam262011-01-31New Hampshire Roller Derby
Chicka Lee3372010-04-04One Love Roller Dolls
Chicka Wow Wown4cr2009-04-20TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Chickadee Struction4132008-02-25Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
Chickadee Wallop3332012-06-13Twin State Derby
Chickbeata Banana3192011-01-09Cedar Rapids Rollergirls
Chicken3.242007-05-14Houston Roller Derby
Chicken Biscuit 2010-08-12Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
Chicken Joe052010-03-10Basin Breaker Babes
Chicken Time Bomb 5-22-12Rose City Rollers
Chicken Wing222011-07-25Roller Girls of the Apocalypse
Chicken on a Chain002010-11-16NEO Roller Derby
ChickenHawk152010-12-07Snake Pit Derby Dames
Chickie Boom92008-04-29NJ Hellrazors
Chickie Cutlette692006-05-24Boston Derby Dames
Chicko Roll882011-09-18Northern Brisbane Rollers
Chickpea6582010-11-05Long Beach Roller Derby
Chicky Bum Bum36 chambers2011-03-30High City Derby Divas
Chicle 2009-03-05Lonestar Rollergirls
Chiclets Rock 2011-10-30Jet City Rollergirls
Chico Suave5/52011-12-05Cape Girardeau Roller Girls
Chico The Kid112007-11-23Renegade Rollergirls (CHI)
Chief Booty Knocka8082011-08-10Lilac City Rollergirls
Chief GeronimosREF2007-08-29Savannah Derby Devils
Chief Goober272008-10-19Blue Ridge Rollergirls
Chief HalliganREF2011-10-08Northshore Roller Derby
Chief Long Dong42012-02-10Springfield's Queen City Roller Derby
Chief Pretty Assassin862010-11-28Skyland Roller Girls
Chief Whip9172011-12-25London Rollergirl_s Rec League
Chieftain MacMenace452011-03-28Heart of Appalachia Roller Derby
Chik Chik K*Boom802011-08-17Coastal Assassins Roller Derby
Chik'n Little 2008-09-25Kitsap Derby Brats
Chik-A-D8282008-10-23Mid Michigan Derby Girls
Chika DeBoom 2008-03-05Jacksonville Roller Girls
Chika mala092012-03-07Santiago Roller Derby
Chikki Sixx6am2009-01-28Lehigh Valley Rollergirls
Children of the Quad 2010-08-14Twin Cities Junior Roller Derby
Chile DogREF2011-06-24Los Alamos Derby Dames
Chile con Cussion622008-04-11Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Chile killeeSub Zero2008-01-30Molly Roger Rollergirls
Chili Burn 2010-03-18Copenhagen Roller Derby
Chili Pester 2011-02-01GTA Rollergirls
Chili Whack-Her 2011-11-03Terminal City Rollergirls
Chilkoot Growler8672011-07-02Yukon Roller Girls
Chill Thunder772011-06-18Red Lion Roller Derby
Chilli Knoxx4482007-05-12Hudson Valley Horrors
Chilli Papao1o2011-10-31Dorset Roller Girls
Chilli con Carnage112008-01-02Sydney Roller Derby League
Chillin' Villain562012-04-18Fog City Rollers
ChilliraelRetired2008-05-21Reno Roller Girls
Chilly P Cante'9112010-01-16Sac City Rollers
Chim Shady9082010-12-02MTL Roller Derby
ChimiChonga 2010-10-04Ladies of Hell Town
China Cat Sunflower122010-09-09Tall City Roller Betties
Chinese Cheker7+12008-03-31DC Rollergirls
Chinese Take-Out$1.002006-10-13Minnesota Roller Girls
Ching Ching POW 2007-02-12Cream City Psychos
Chinga Quedito5'0"2010-08-02El Paso Roller Derby
Chingona66 Lonestar Rollergirls
Chip Queson/a Texas Rollergirls
Chip Sawhore1000+2011-07-16Undead Bettys
Chip ToofREF2010-11-09Upstate Roller Girl Evolution
Chip-Her Bones102010-08-01Sis-Q Rollerz
Chiqui Beech772009-07-08Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Chiquita 2BeeCha172011-11-26Bemidji Babe City Rollers
Chiquita Ba-WHAM-ya 2009-12-15Garden Island Renegade Rollerz
Chiquita Bandita 2010-06-22Twin City Derby Girls
Chiquita Bonanza3232012-04-30B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Chiquita Chase9112010-07-14Victorian Roller Derby
Chiquita Maldita 2012-01-08CT Rollergirls
Chiropractor9112009-02-12Central New York Roller Derby
Chisel Bit902009-02-24Mountain Derby Girls
Chitty Bang5'2"2012-04-23Bunbury Roller Derby
Chittychat382011-08-10Gent GO-GO Roller Girls
Chiva Loca1822011-09-07Central California Area Derby
Chloe Fatale272011-03-18Bristol Roller Derby
Chloe von Chlorofrom62772010-02-01Helsinki Roller Derby
Chloeform Kiss692008-02-01MO-KAN Roller Girlz
Chlorine172010-09-24Halifax Roller Derby
Cho Cold32 Degrees2008-09-15Burn City Rollers
Cho Down972011-05-31Echo City Knockouts
ChoXXXy132011-04-03Redding Rollergirls
Choc-O Block772010-05-06Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Chococat222012-01-04West Kentucky Rockin Rollers
Chocolat Salt N14802012-02-18Eastside Rock'nRollers
Chocolate Coma902012-01-13Dockyard Derby Dames
Chocolate Demolition4802009-08-07Dixie Derby Girls
Chocolate EruptionRef2012-03-23Dallas Derby Devils
Chocolate Giddy-Up 2010-11-09Santa Cruz Derby Girls
Chocolate MILFshake 2009-07-29FoCo Girls Gone Derby
Chocolate MeltdownREF2010-09-15Tri City Roller Girls
Chocolate Thunder  Rose City Rollers
Chocolate TyeREF2009-08-09New Hampshire Roller Derby
Chocolate t'RUFF'le1872012-02-11Tweed Valley Rollers
Choctawesome$202006-12-18Texas Rollergirls
Choice Cuts32010-09-02Tweed Valley Rollers
Chokahontas7272006-06-01Victoria Rollergirls
Choke A. BeauxVIII2010-09-07River Valley Roller Girls
Choke Campbell 2012-01-27Tallahassee RollerGirls
Choke Norristhe 2152010-09-30Angel City Derby Girls
Choke on D'Z1922010-03-01SinCal Derby Vixens
Choke-A-Nut 2010-09-02Delavan Dolls of Derby
ChokeHerREF2009-11-02Central Arkansas Roller Derby
Chokecherry162010-03-23Atlanta Rollergirls
Chokehold ChanelN°52006-11-21TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Choker Face102010-04-22Palmetto State Rollergirls
Choking Hazard272011-04-05Monterey Bay Derby Dames
Chola68 Lonestar Rollergirls
Chola Roll-ya8082010-07-09Paradise Roller Girls
Chole Ayka02011-09-12Jacksonville Roller Girls
Cholita de Knox1872011-05-21Northern Brisbane Rollers
Cholula Nessa62012-01-14Renegade Rollergirls (So Cal)
Choo Choo Bear92012-02-21Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
Chook Eye China52011-12-09Bay Rollers
Chop Chop1172009-11-01Sun State Roller Girls
Chop Ramen 2011-11-30Seattle Derby Brats
Chop Shop Chassie832010-11-20Darkside Derby
Chop StikYa3.142008-03-14Paper Valley Roller Girls
Chop Stixxx72012-01-04Tampa Bay Men's Roller Derby
Chop Suey 2007-07-26South Jersey Derby Girls
Chop Suzzy311 Mad Rollin' Dolls
Chop n'Bangs19982010-03-08Capital City Rollers
ChopHer2222010-06-30East Vic Roller Derby
ChopStick Murphy2152011-03-16Suburbia Roller Derby
Chopp'her Girl7772010-10-21Buff City Brawlers
Choppa Legzov1112011-01-24Northern Brisbane Rollers
Chopped Susie8162010-11-10Dead Girl Derby
Chopper Bleed.4102009-02-10Atlanta Rollergirls
Chopper DixOlf1/2 nub2010-09-20Oakland Derby Diamonds
Chopper Dropper 2009-07-29FoCo Girls Gone Derby
Chopper Rhee772010-02-15Western Sydney Rollers
ChopsChickExcel20072012-04-24Blue Jay Rollers
Chopsaw 2006-05-01Gotham Girls Roller Derby
ChorayREF2010-02-24Chattanooga Roller Girls
Chow Mean882012-03-16Capital City Derby
Chridy KongCK22011-02-22Belle City Roller Girls
Chris ChieviousREF2011-06-12Energetic City Roller Derby
Chris Cross232009-07-15South Coast Roller Derby
Chris Dead-Lee222011-09-07Central California Area Derby
Chris P. BaconREF2011-03-07Eastside Derby Girls
Chris Pees Kreme 2007-05-01Hammer City Roller Girls
Chris T. Bone482010-10-26Eerie Roller Girls
Chris T. McKnuckles4x42008-09-24Derby Revolution of Bakersfield
Chris Tease1.4.3.2009-11-28Columbia QuadSquad
Chris Tuneth 2012-01-04Retirement Association For Derby
Chris my Grits532011-02-07South County Derby Girls
Chris'd OffRef2012-03-05River City Rollergirls
Chrisdead-Lee #22222011-12-20Central California Area Derby
Chrissee Rascal862010-05-18Helsinki Roller Derby
Chrissie B. Hynde512007-11-17NEO Roller Derby
Chrissy Calamity332010-12-30Cornfed Derby Dames
Chrissy Carnage882009-03-02Palm Beach Rollergirls
Chrissy Fiction132007-01-19Windy City Rollers
Chrissy Fit8182007-09-16Shore Points Roller Derby
Chrissy Kamanawanalei'a8OH85-21-12Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz
Christ Haul Mighty 2011-04-01Norfolk Bruizin' Bettys
Christie Chainsaw232009-06-15Bremen Rollergirls
Christina Agro Roller002011-04-26Swansea City Slayers
Christina Hyena882009-04-01Lowcountry Highrollers
Christina Scrapplegate123452008-02-08River City Rollergirls
Christina Slaguilera692011-05-23Killa Hurtz Roller Girls
Christina Strangulara 2007-08-08A-Town Derby
Christine Die-A7982012-05-31Winnipeg Roller Derby
Christinger 2012-01-08Kill Devil Derby Brigade
Christinka 2012-06-11Big Island Babes
Christopher Talkin 2008-07-31Garden State Rollergirls
Christy Demons142009-03-28Northern Brisbane Rollers
Christy Hurlington5102010-10-03Thunder Bay Roller Derby
ChristyphrenticH1N12010-12-28Capital City Roller Girls
Chrome Armored Angel82010-09-02Hard Knox Roller Derby
Chrome Molly41302010-09-14Southern Oregon Rollergirls
Chrome Vixen17:7-82011-03-01TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Chrome-A-Tose692010-11-06Race City Rebels Roller Derby
Chronic602010-03-02Toronto Roller Derby
Chronic Demonique95/7/12Hellmilton Roller Ghouls
Chronic Insomnia112011-08-17Central New York Roller Derby
Chronic Masterskater 2010-03-11Rainy City Roller Dolls
Chronic Pain332010-02-28Ohio Roller Girls
Chronic Speed1012009-05-22Ventura County Derby Darlins
Chronic Thrill Kill 2007-12-27Southwest Missouri Roller Girls
Chronic-Master-Nate-OrREF2009-09-09Rideau Valley Roller Girls
Chrysteria462011-04-03Ithaca League of Women Rollers
Chu692012-02-20Santiago Roller Derby
ChuChu Rocket82010-05-27Dorset Rollergirls
Chub Soda355ml2011-07-27Brick House Betties
Chub-E Check'Her9162009-07-01Rogue Rollergirls
ChubRockMay-002011-04-19Long Beach Roller Derby
Chubby Chase-HerREF2010-01-11Southern Illinois Roller Girls
Chuck Berrings77 Arizona Rollergirls
Chuck Clitorris6092012-01-06Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Chuck Doris 2010-06-18E-Ville Roller Derby
Chuck Grenades 2009-06-02Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Chuck Her NorrisJER 29:112012-01-30Brandywine roller girls
Chuck JagerBombREF2011-05-20Mississippi Brawl Stars
Chuck N. HoesREF2007-03-13Torpedo Bay Roller Girls
Chuck Nukem2032012-03-03Quad State Derby Dames
Chuck Pileonya33522011-12-23Wasteland Derby Dames
Chuck R. FlagREF2008-04-10Denver Roller Dolls
Chuck Yeah!! 2011-07-25Windy City Rollers
Chuck'n Whorres212011-01-27NorSask Roller Derby
Chuck-Town Bruiser20+52009-11-28Columbia QuadSquad
ChuckNU Around48042010-06-06New Hampshire Roller Derby
ChuckanutSTAFF2012-04-13One World Roller Derby
ChuckendaleREF2009-12-04Roc City Roller Derby
Chucker OutREF2010-11-11Toronto Junior Roller Derby
Chuckie Finish-Herest. 19922011-07-01Plattsburgh Roller Derby
Chucky Mole0.052010-08-08Perth Roller Derby
Chucky Strong132012-02-20Santiago Roller Derby
Chula CabraStaff2010-05-24Alamo City Rollergirls
Chum Fiesta7732012-01-27Kansas City Roller Warriors
Chun Lethal242009-08-10Bellingham Roller Betties
Chunky Clam5202010-12-03Route 66 Derby Chix
Chunky Thunda142010-09-29NV East Roller Girls
Chupa Ka Blam19852011-06-19Rollergirls in Pagosa
Churchill Downer 2011-08-12Derby City Roller Girls
Chute to Kill56352012-04-10Illinois Derby League
Chyna165/9/12Tweed Valley Rollers
Chyna Bash'em6182011-11-15Prairie Fire Roller Girls
Chyna Rhino242008-01-30Northern Brisbane Rollers
Chyna Syndrome19792008-11-11Rockford Rage
Chynadoll Assassin212 degrees2009-12-16Rose City Rollers
Chynna Grrl$102010-04-21Potential Fresh Meat Practice Squad
Ci-Squared 2012-01-05Circle City Derby Girls
CiCi McPayne800852010-08-27Inland Empire Derby Divas
Cia WoodNwanna-Bia12006-12-18Jet City Rollergirls
Ciallision4SHO2011-06-03Rodeo City Rollergirls
Ciao Bella 2010-10-03Northern Rivers Roller Derby
Cici Fallenstar08982011-11-12Wirral Whipiteres Roller Derby
Cici Kitty Bitch92012-04-11Bedfordshire Rollergirls
Cid Anarchist 2010-10-28Three Rivers Roller Derby
Ciderella- 3 C2008-07-14Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Ciditious19612011-11-07Confluence Crush Derby
Cilla Block242010-08-27Dundee Roller Girls
Cilla Smack1002011-01-06Hot Wheel Roller Derby
Cimo D. Stroyin112011-04-21Kokeshi Roller Dolls
Cin D. Stroy 2011-03-17Southern Illinois Roller Girls
CinTil882010-03-09High City Derby Divas
CinZilla262008-12-30Santa Cruz Derby Girls
Cinco De Psycho5552011-08-28Farm Fresh Roller Girls
Cinda Rebel7222011-08-22Shoreline Roller Derby
Cinde R. Pakin52011-08-24Apple City Roller Derby
CindecisiveREF2012-04-10Illinois Derby League
Cinder Flyin792011-04-05Fairbanks Rollergirls
Cinder Fn Rella12AM2007-12-04Central Coast Roller Derby
Cinder Hella86er2006-04-21Terminal City Rollergirls
CinderBlockerella11112010-01-18Ithaca League of Women Rollers
CinderBrawlla19502011-07-01Orange County Roller Girls
CinderRailYa 2010-09-20South Side Roller Derby
CinderRoller552012-04-18Anarchic Die Hard Derby
CinderWrecker19792012-04-01Birmingham Blitz Dames
Cinderhella Grimm666rpm2009-08-10Elm City Derby Damez
Cinderosa42011-02-22Salisbury Rollergirls
Cinderswella12:00am Philly Rollergirls
Cindi Loper Headoff19832011-01-20Tri-County Rolling Militia
Cindy Clawford1872010-09-13Appalachian Rollergirls
Cindy Cracks Head2x42011-11-07Dallas Derby Devils
Cindy Cyanide 2008-02-18Hong Kong Roller Derby
Cindy Lop-her911 Charm City Roller Girls
Cindy Lou Hoo 2009-03-22Hammer City Roller Girls
Cindy Lou Screw2062007-11-26Providence Roller Derby
Cindy Stopper222011-03-31Squamish Roller Derby
Cindy Weasel100%2010-10-19El Paso Roller Derby
Cindy Whop-Her19842011-01-19Renegade Rollergirls (AZ)
Cinister Rose132011-02-12Reef City Roller Girls
CinnaBomb 2010-01-06Northside Fury Roller Derby
Cinnamon Bones2002011-02-02Dockyard Derby Dames
Cinnamon Buns 2011-01-13MTL Roller Derby
Cinnamon Girl 2010-12-29Okanagan Roller Derby Girls
Cinnamon Styx 2010-12-15Nashville Rollergirls
Cinnamon Toast Crunch 2011-02-04B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Cinnamon Toast Punch8505/16/12Devil Dog Derby Dames
Cinnergy1082012-01-244 Corners Rollergirls
Cinnimin bonz crunch 2011-06-15Lakeland Ladykillers Roller Derby
Circé Indi s fatale772012-01-09Roller Derby Quebec
Circe LaFemmeNatural 202007-12-07Halifax Hellcats Roller Derby
Circle DirkREF2011-03-27Black Rose Rollers
Circle Squirt0092008-03-10TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Circuit Breaker4202008-02-22Suburbia Roller Derby
Circumskate522010-11-29Wasatch Roller Derby
Ciri L. KillaD1E2007-10-22Jersey Shore Roller Girls
Cirkle Jerk192008-03-07Connecticut Death Quads
Cirque d'Slay952011-11-02LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Cirque du Slay-her11112011-07-06Perth Roller Derby
Citizen DefianceREF2010-11-09Brewcity Bruisers
Citizen Painf162006-10-12Minnesota Roller Girls
Citizen Toxie2-22012-04-04Providence Roller Derby
Citrus Tart180¡C2011-10-13Northside Rollers
City SlaughtHer7142011-08-14Ring City Rollergirls
Civil Penalty772010-05-05Mid Iowa Rollers
Cjd Madcow282010-09-13Wolverhampton Honour Rollers
Ckilla Jewels 2010-11-30Sun State Roller Girls
ClOver Kill762011-02-14Pensacola Roller Gurlz
Claire Bangs072010-05-20Champaine-Urbana Rollers
Claire Bitch Project 2011-02-13Rebel County Rollers
Claire D. Way19842006-07-01Boston Derby Dames
Claire DEADfield422012-02-06North Texas Derby Revolution
Claire Lee Dangerous 2012-04-09Windy City Rollers
Claire Sullivan192011-07-03Toowoomba City Rollers
Claire Violence752008-07-29Queen City Roller Girls
Claire Voyant1-9002007-05-15Assassination City Roller Derby
Claire and Present Danger9112010-09-02Charlottesville Derby Dames
Claire de Looney10252010-11-11Toronto Junior Roller Derby
Claire-Lee Deranged19885/15/12Dolly Rockit Rollers
Clairiviolent 2011-11-30Seattle Derby Brats
Clam (The)182008-08-12Eves of Destruction Roller Derby
Clam Adjuster4145/15/12Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Clam Jammer72009-03-04Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
Clam Slammer2122010-02-16Wasatch Roller Derby
Clamburglar862010-09-03St. Chux Derby Chix
Clar Mar Superstar232011-05-01Hot Wheel Roller Derby
Clara BlowIT2012-04-04LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Clara Form2002010-08-17NJ Hellrazors
Clara Hester212010-05-03North Idaho Roller Derby
Clara Path19052008-10-07Mad Rollin' Dolls
Clarazyfists822010-11-14Plymouth City Roller Girls
Clare de Lunatic19502010-07-15Royal City Rollergirls
Clarice Scarling72009-07-27Rogue Rollergirls
Clarice The Silencer172012-04-18Niagara Roller Girls
Clarifier (The)1012006-07-06NOtown Roller Derby
Clark Dent52010-06-29Burlington Bombers Roller Derby
Clark Kan't52011-07-19Mitten Mavens
Clarkette KentSTAFF Phoenix City Rollers
Clarrissa Pain It All172012-01-14Rocktown Rollers
Clash Vegas472011-08-22Birmingham Blitz Dames
Clash Wednesday462011-10-12Dominion Derby Girls
Clashtyn912011-08-05Sioux Falls Roller Dollz
Class IV 2011-11-14Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Classic JokerREF2007-08-30Toronto Roller Derby
Classy Broad-SideK80-J2011-01-02Calgary Roller Derby Association
Classy Chassis532006-04-21Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Classy Felony5 to 102010-02-20Olympia Underground Derby
Classy Horror132011-05-08Fargo Moorhead Derby Girls
Claud Van Daamn162011-05-20San Angelo Soul Sisters
Claudia Faceoff5x52010-07-02MK Roller Derby
Claudia Ripper1012011-01-02Calgary Roller Derby Association
Claudia Shankher1752010-03-01Denver Roller Dolls
Claudia Stiffer042010-06-15Champaine-Urbana Rollers
Claudraphobia 2007-09-12Columbia QuadSquad
Clause n Effect862011-08-26Blue Water Derby Girls
Claw Dette72011-07-01Northern Rivers Roller Derby
Claw and Order10-42010-12-08Tragic City Rollers
ClawPeril Punishment (cleared)332010-07-06Wakey Wheeled Cats
Clawberry Shortcake112011-06-02Forest City Derby Girls
Clawd'ya Lestat8 Pints2012-04-13Confluence Crush Roller Derby
Clawdia Shiver1382010-07-09Paradise Roller Girls
Clawed Monet18742011-03-19New Hampshire Roller Derby
Claws von BulowH1N12009-08-31Durango Roller Girls
Clayremonkey192012-06-10Fierce Valley Roller Girls
Clays Pride5242006-04-08Dallas Derby Devils
Cleavage to Beaver 2010-04-21Potential Fresh Meat Practice Squad
Cleave Holt 2011-09-29GTA Rollergirls
Cleave YzermanRef2010-06-07Southern Illinois Roller Girls
Cleaver Claire272011-06-08Santa Cruz Derby Girls
Cleaverpatra272009-03-31Dutchland Rollers
Cleo KatraK802011-11-12Portneuf Valley Bruisers RDA
Cleo PassedYah12:412008-02-25Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Cleo Patricide47BC2011-08-16Northern Arizona Roller Derby
Cleo Patronize0732007-04-04Providence Roller Derby
Cleo Scratchya92008-12-04Riverside Rollergirls
Cleopatra Bones24K Gold Baby!2007-02-20Memphis Roller Derby
Cleopatra Catastrophe102007-06-20Santa Cruz Derby Girls
Cleopatra Jones5032011-06-06Darwin Roller Girls
Cleopunchya 2010-11-29Slaughterhouse Derby Girls
Cleoraptor80082012-04-10Dublin Roller Girls
Cleosmackya222010-02-12No Coast Derby Girls
Cleosplatra42 Minnesota Roller Girls
Cleothrashya152009-07-07Tri City Roller Girls
Cleveland 2011-05-06Memphis Roller Derby
Cleveland Roxy2162012-01-14Rocktown Rollers
Cleveland SteverREF2010-09-13Appalachian Rollergirls
Clever Derby Name122011-11-23HARBOR CITY ROLLER DAMES
Clever Girl602012-02-10Springfield's Queen City Roller Derby
Cleverly Crusher17012011-09-14Limerick Roller Girls
Click DastardlyStaff2009-02-23Dutchland Rollers
Clinically Wasted1112010-03-16Granite City Roller Girls
Clint Beastwood 2011-02-11AZ Derby Dames
Clint Taurus5082010-04-02Thunder Bay Roller Derby
Clippity Clobber50+2006-10-12Phoenix Rattleskates/Dry Heat Rattleskates
CliqueworkREF2008-02-17Demolition City Roller Derby
Clitastrophe 2010-09-14Terminal City Rollergirls
Cliterool Damagge8882011-04-21Mount Militia Derby Crew
Clitler  Philly Rollergirls
Clitoris3.26ly2010-12-08Lane County Concussion
Clitorisaurus Rex 2007-01-25Riverside Rollergirls
Clitty Clitty Bang Bang9mm2007-09-10Charm City Roller Girls
Clobberella86'd2008-03-25Ventura County Derby Darlins
Clobberin' Mame440-Big Block Rat City Rollergirls
Clock Cleaner3572009-01-05V-Town Derby Dames
Clock'Her Texas Rangerf2.82012-04-28Ventura County Derby Darlins
Clockwork Carnage 2010-09-22Undead Bettys
Clockwork Droid72010-01-19Barockcity Rollerderby
Clockwork Kitty132010-12-07Sinvercargill Savages Roller Derby
Clockwork Orangina9992012-06-05Alamo Submission
CloudyAnna ChansaPain1002011-06-08Santa Cruz Derby Girls
Clover Run Ya Over0132010-04-19Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Clown (The)Staff2011-06-07Charlotte Roller Girls
ClownPuncher132011-02-11Randall County Roller Dames
Clownsnack  Lonestar Rollergirls
Club BarsREF2011-05-30Central Michigan Roller Derby
Club-Her Duckie282011-04-18Bisman Bombshellz
Club-Her Lang1152011-07-15Jersey Shore Roller Girls
ClubbasealStaff2011-04-14Cherry City Derby Girls
Clum Zarella272008-11-17Hurricane Alley Roller Derby
Clumzy Luver412011-04-13Oil City Derby Girls
Cluster Bomb692011-03-31CCDD
Cluster Chuck182011-12-27No Coast Derby Girls
Cluster Duck1232011-06-04Long Beach Roller Derby
Clut-Z-N-Bus-T1822011-07-28NorCal Rollergirls
Clutch1/22010-07-05Peace Region Roller Dolls
Clutch Cannon6262011-05-01Halifax Roller Derby
Clutch Slayer1872012-06-11Rainy City Roller Dolls
Clutsy Springfield332010-09-10Tiger Bay Brawlers
Clyde Crash Cups32-B2012-04-2710th Mountain Roller Dolls
Cnap Shots 2011-08-13Shasta Roller Derby
Co-Cochina932006-09-21Lonestar Rollergirls
CoCo Jones162011-01-21Southern Belle's Roller Derby
CoCo K.O. 2012-04-18Niagara Roller Girls
CoCo Milf8oz.2009-01-03Atomic City Roller Girls
CoCo She'll Nail Ya192008-04-10Choice City Rebels
CoCo SheNailHer292012-03-15Brown County Derby Derbu'taunts
CoCo Sparx42006-04-21Burning River Roller Girls
CoCo Tough<32007-10-14Suburbia Roller Derby
CoCo-NuttaMay-002011-04-19Long Beach Roller Derby
Coach *SUPER* Coochcoach2011-05-24TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Coach 2 CheckCOACH2012-01-10Atomic City Roller Girls
Coach AwesomeCoach2010-10-29Roc City Roller Derby
Coach BabeCoach2010-09-21Dub City Derby Girls
Coach Bak'grr 2012-06-11Tokyo Roller Girls
Coach Ball Bricker13 Charm City Roller Girls
Coach Ben Jammin' 2009-02-24Renegade Rollergirls (So Cal)
Coach Burt ReynoldTCB2010-12-28Capital City Roller Girls
Coach Bushwacker 2007-06-11Richland County Regulators
Coach Caustic112009-12-30Bakersfield Diamond Divas
Coach Control Freak 2011-10-19Ventura County Derby Darlins
Coach Cpl Punisher100%2009-01-17Derby Revolution of Bakersfield
Coach D. Araque322011-02-08Ladies of Hell Town
Coach D2 2010-12-09Garden Island Renegade Rollerz
Coach Derbie CharmerCOACH2012-01-14Jellyfish Girls
Coach Ducnati9982009-07-07Bakersfield Diamond Divas
Coach Eh-HoleCoach2009-08-18Santa Maria Roller Girls
Coach FaMoUs 2010-07-28Des Moines Derby Dames
Coach GatorTD12011-10-16Texas Outlaws Roller Derby
Coach JT Slyde 2006-04-15Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Coach Jackyl Meoff 2011-02-10Norfolk Bruizin' Bettys
Coach Kilher 2008-09-05Lost Highway Roller Derby
Coach Kilta-BearCOACH2012-01-13Med City Mafia
Coach Klutz 2008-09-05Lost Highway Roller Derby
Coach Lou Kemia1872009-03-15Radioactive City Rollergirls
Coach Love692012-03-12Eastern Carolina Brawling Betties
Coach McLovin 2008-04-08Jacksonville Roller Girls
Coach NonsenseCoach2012-03-18Nidaros Roller Derby
Coach PStaff2006-12-06Fort Wayne Derby Girls
Coach P.I.3,142012-01-14Jellyfish Girls
Coach PappyRef2011-01-29Assassination City Roller Derby
Coach RinkCoach2010-03-05Vette City Roller Derby
Coach SmoachCoach2011-04-26Junction City Roller Dolls
Coach Spanks Givens"5" of em2010-01-28CoMo Derby Dames
Coach T38D2010-01-15Black-n-Bluegrass Rollergirls
Coalminer's Slaughter650 WSM2007-07-13Big Easy Rollergirls
Cobra24/72009-06-14Rat City Rollergirls
Cobra Camanda332008-06-24Atlanta Rollergirls
Cobra Choke-Her962011-02-22Hollister Derby Girls
Cobra Kai 2006-06-17No Coast Derby Girls
Cobra Scarship712010-03-19Rose City Rosebuds
Cocahontas42010-09-14Kallio Rolling Rainbow
Cocaine Cait862011-04-11Northland Nightmares
Cocaine Chanel52011-07-05South Island Sirens Roller Derby
Cocamotive92009-11-05Emerald City Junior Gems
Cock Blocker2 legit2008-08-20Coos County Rollergirls
Cockroach 2011-09-01Minnesota Roller Girls
Cocky Ambition 2012-02-25Assassination City Roller Derby
Cocky Balboa32007-05-03Dutchland Rollers
Cocky McBlock2682010-10-16Roller Girls of the Apocalypse
Coco422012-03-06Mad Wreckin' Dolls
Coco "The WifeBeater"4Sho2010-04-06Bayou Outlaw Rollergirls
Coco A-Gogo1620 Boston Derby Dames
Coco Bang Bang77 Windy City Rollers
Coco Ca-slammer682011-11-03Brisbane City Rollers
Coco Cabana842011-06-22Evolution Rollergirls
Coco Caine5942010-12-11Helsinki Roller Derby
Coco CarnageNo.52007-07-05River City Rollergirls
Coco Chabang552010-08-13Van Diemen Rollers
Coco Chahell (okay by WCRR)XXX2006-05-02Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Coco ChanelbowNo.52010-06-08Tiger Bay Brawlers
Coco Clobbers832010-09-20Lakeland Ladykillers Roller Derby
Coco Cream-Ahoe21 ounces2012-05-30Demolition City Roller Derby
Coco Crusher772009-11-12Walla Walla Sweets Roller Girls
Coco De Maul002010-06-17Hellfire Harlots
Coco Dean200mg2010-03-08Croydon Roller Derby
Coco Deathknell52011-03-18Traverse City Roller Derby
Coco Janelno.52010-09-13Appalachian Rollergirls
Coco LaRue 2011-02-20Arizona Rollergirls
Coco Loco82012-04-25Veteran City Rollers
Coco Motion992007-02-01TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Coco Power9112011-04-05Royal City Rollergirls
Coco Pox762009-09-22Glasgow Roller Girls
Coco Punch192012-06-13Tar Sand Betties Roller Derby
Coco RebelleNO52011-12-04Copenhagen roller derby
Coco Rupted35/1/12Whidbey Island Roller Girls
Coco-Drilla862011-12-20Central California Area Derby
Cocoa Bootyexit 2472007-06-11Central Arkansas Roller Derby
Cocoa Thunder22010-11-20580 Roller Girls
Cocodrikill212012-02-20Santiago Roller Derby
Coconut Rough002009-03-09Adelaide Roller Derby
Code 99 HerS72011-07-28East Side Roller GirlZ
Code AdamREF2009-04-23Chicago Outfit
Code Green5N22012-02-04DuPage Derby Dames
Code Red3432012-03-19Resurrection Roller Girls
Code V8982011-12-31MTL Roller Derby
Codie Blue5022010-05-07West Coast Derby Knockouts
Cody Pendant 2007-07-23Carolina Rollergirls
Coffey Break-her242010-03-29Twin City Derby Girls
Coffey Grinder9th inning stretch2011-01-14Enid Roller Girls
Coffin Baby892010-05-18Toxic Lima City Rollergirls
Coffin Banger882010-01-15TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Coffin Blood 2009-10-07Oxnard Derby Dames
Coffin Candy7192009-12-10Pikes Peak Derby Dames
Coheed and Canbeatcha 2010-02-28Acadiana Good Times Rollers
Coitus C. CallREF2011-12-06Pile O'Bones Derby Club
Coitus Interruptus of the Roman Empire302010-08-27Space Coast Rocket Jockeys
Coky Sarli9112011-02-032x4 Roller Derby
Col LisionREF2010-10-29Roc City Roller Derby
Col. AngusREF2008-01-28Molly Roger Rollergirls
Col. Sherman Slaughter40772010-12-21Harrisburg Area Roller Derby
Cola Runt 2010-02-15Sydney Roller Derby League
Cold Bloodead31/105/4/12Sulphur City Steam Rollers
Cold Chill Jill322009-11-21Derby City Roller Girls
Cold CrusHer922008-05-25Charm City Roller Girls
Cold Ethel32¡ Assassination City Roller Derby
Cold Fourty Jive452010-10-03Queen City Roller Girls
Cold Fusion1(one) Detroit Derby Girls
Cold Gin592011-01-28Kansas City Roller Warriors
Cold Hard Ca$$ 2010-09-17Sun State Roller Girls
Cold Hard Crash$68K2009-08-07Emerald City Roller Girls
Cold Hard Kaffiend415/8/12Swamp City Roller Rats
Cold Shoulder-30 degrees2009-12-16Magnolia Roller Vixens
Cold War032010-01-18Ithaca League of Women Rollers
Cold_edCupcake350¡2010-12-11One World Roller Derby
Coldwell Spanker1312010-02-16Gainesville Roller Rebels
Cole Cocked3572008-07-22Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Cole D. Clox9112010-10-26Eerie Roller Girls
Cole Hearted272011-07-11Dockyard Derby Dames
Cole Lot 'O Pain 2011-07-07Hellfire Harlots
Cole Miner512007-05-02Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Cole Slaughter 2008-02-25Dutchland Rollers
Cole'd Cut Slam Witch86'd2011-10-26TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Cole'n CleansHerREF2011-08-29Columbia QuadSquad
Colene Oscopy22008-06-01Three Rivers Roller Derby
Coletta L. Damage512011-08-22Birmingham Blitz Dames
Colette Off 2012-02-17Jet City Rollergirls
Colette Razor Cat.38 cal2011-04-11Arizona Rollergirls
Colin Cthulhu 2009-11-04Hudson Valley Havoc
Colin EwoutREF2011-01-03Muddy River Rollers
Colin FoulsRef2012-03-07One World Roller Derby
Colin M. FairlyREF2012-04-18Sacred City Derby Girls
Colin MajorsREF2010-01-20Atlanta Rollergirls
Colin Mayhem 2010-04-05Dead Girl Derby
Colin ShenanigansREF2011-06-24Steel City Derby Demons
Coll'n U OutStaff2011-03-28Lehigh Valley Rollergirls
Collater-Roll Damage9152011-12-20Central California Area Derby
Collateral Cleavage642012-03-19Dom City Dolls
Collateral SamageGX1202012-01-04West Kentucky Rockin Rollers
Colleen U. Abitch19352010-07-21Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Collen A. MedicD5W2010-11-09Eastside Derby Girls
Collete RL Jammage192011-02-07Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Colletteral Damage (cleared)72012-02-10Norfolk Brawds Roller Derby
Collida Star42012-01-13Mac Town Rebel Rollers
Collide-o-Scope Kid32008-10-29Terminal City Rollergirls
CollideascopeS8-102008-10-02Pacific Roller Derby
Collides Dale4-8L/min2010-03-10B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Collin Ambulance9112010-11-13West Coast Derby Knockouts
Collin DeShotzREF2008-02-08Wasatch Roller Derby
Collision Corpse882011-01-09Sioux City Roller Dames
Colly Power112011-08-10Haunted City Rollers
Colombian (The) 2011-05-28Montreal Mens Roller Derby
Colonel (The) 2006-03-28Houston Roller Derby
Colonel CuntrollerREF2011-01-27Clarksville Roller Derby
Colonel Heavage1082010-07-13Greensboro Roller Derby
Colonel Kaos!6012012-02-08Adelaide Roller Derby
Colonel Panic0xFD3094C22007-04-04TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Colonel Skirts1112007-03-25Wasatch Roller Derby
Colonel SlandersREF2011-07-25Muddy River Rollers
Colt45452011-09-10Sacred City Derby Girls
Coltrane911 Philly Rollergirls
Columbeatya 2009-02-16Duke City Derby
Columbian Carnage4K2011-04-14Cherry City Derby Girls
Com-busta-ball4962009-03-29Slaughterhouse Derby Girls
Coma N. Ducer3152010-03-28Blue Ridge Rollergirls
Coma Splice 2011-04-28Cenla Derby Dames
Coma-Kazi32011-03-10Columbia QuadSquad
Comanche RedFF00002007-01-24Nashville Rollergirls Revolutionaries Rec League
Combat Baby0002011-11-01Wasatch Roller Derby
Combat Barbie7872012-03-12Hulls Angels Roller Dames
Combat Blondie162012-01-12Ridge Meadows Roller Derby
Combat Booty882010-08-06North Star Roller Girls
Combat Cat7282008-10-17Detroit Derby Girls
Combat Cupcake12011-07-17Gothenburg Roller Derby
Combats Domino112009-12-03Big Easy Rollergirls
Comedeua Ex MachinaStaff2010-09-02Hard Knox Roller Derby
Comet Atcha432006-02-18Rat City Rollergirls
Comic Ozi Moxie 2012-06-02Lakeshore Misfits
Comin' in-hot 2011-01-05Tournament City Derby
CommandHerM162010-11-28Sun State Roller Girls
Commanda 'N Chief5092010-07-02Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
Commander BoxM162011-07-26GTA Rollergirls
Commander Cupcake3502012-03-26Greensboro Roller Derby
Commander Manders472010-11-15Hillsdale Roller Derby Girls
Commander NixD12010-09-29Minnesota Roller Girls
Commander Will Wrecker12011-04-01GTA Rollergirls
Commando Kat772011-12-05Towns Villains Roller Derby
Commando Kim262012-02-25Rum City Derby Dolls
Commando Momma3382011-04-19Limestone CrusHers Roller Derby
Commiekaze272008-03-31Forest City Derby Girls
Commishioner (The) 2010-09-24Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Commodore6'42012-03-05Terminal City Rollergirls
Compact Pushycat52010-12-26Buenos Aires Roller Derby
Compact Risk 2011-05-11Bundaberg City Rollers
CompliKate1382010-01-21Team Elite
Compound Fracture 2012-02-29Rose City Rollers
Compredhitter400 kta's2011-09-16DC Rollergirls
Compton Creek2132011-02-11Shadow City Rollers
Compton's Most Wanted112006-11-28Jacksonville Roller Girls
Con E. Carnage222012-01-12Ridge Meadows Roller Derby
Con-Cuss-Her 2007-12-29Hammer City Roller Girls
Con-Tagious3.142010-11-29Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
Con-artist1212008-07-03Upstate Roller Girl Evolution
ConAir11252011-10-08Peterborough Roller Derby League
ConJobbf/2.82012-06-11Drive-By City Rollers
ConTORQUEtionist×2011-02-16Brazos Valley Derby Girls
ConVicious 2010-04-08Richter City Roller Derby
Conads the Ballbearian0102011-01-02Rock City Riot
Conan O'SpyinStaff2011-04-14Cherry City Derby Girls
Conan the Librarian7962010-02-15Duke City Derby (Taos)
Conan the Vegitarian  Angel City Derby Girls
Conasse La Barbare5A72011-12-31MTL Roller Derby
Concealed Weapon882010-08-18Black Hills Derby Girl League
Concrete Blondie62011-09-07Central California Area Derby
Concrete Candi91/22008-01-17Dead City Rollers
Condesa Sangrienta662011-07-08Tacones Bandidos
Condoleeza Slice2022006-07-18DC Rollergirls
Coney Island Chaos592012-02-04DuPage Derby Dames
Conflicted Angel6762009-12-15Assassination City Roller Derby
Conine the Barbarian53092011-04-03Charlotte Roller Girls
Connie B Good 2011-10-17Valleys Roller Dolls
Connie Cussion7132010-08-06North Star Roller Girls
Connie Cut n' Gut$1.99/lb2011-07-21Rocketeer Rollers
Connie Fracas3692008-01-30Northern Brisbane Rollers
Connie Kazi 2009-11-19Dead City Derby
Connie KnoxvilleN0X2010-06-28Otautahi Roller Derby
Connie Lingus692007-05-27Sacred City Derby Girls
Connie Magic<.001 KC Roller Warriors
Connie Pinko19622006-09-10Dockyard Derby Dames
Connie Rotten19992009-02-04Boston Derby Dames
Connie Sewer80082012-02-23Shadow City Rollers
Connie Torturous882007-01-27Jet City Rollergirls
Connie Vict3152011-01-23Central New York Roller Derby
Conniving Miss Daisy 2007-11-30Lincolnshire Bombers
ConnjugalREF2010-04-09Rollergirls of Central Kentucky (ROCK)
Conny Ram Boo672010-11-29Red Lion Roller Derby
ConquistAdorable8182010-09-22Hurricane Alley Roller Derby
Conquista Dora 2011-01-10Morgantown Roller Vixens
Conquistawhore1512011-04-17Juneau Rollergirls
Conspiracy Fury19472010-11-05DC Rollergirls
ConstableREF2008-01-19Rage City Rollergirls
Constace Lee Smashed162011-05-20Furness Firecrackers
Constance Chaos72011-05-26Barry County Black Heart Maidens
Constance Swearing4 letter2010-03-13Molly Roger Rollergirls
Constance Threat3.142011-08-02Rat City Rollergirls
Constance Truggle19202011-10-26Assassination City Roller Derby
Constance X. Cravings1-9002011-05-02Suburbia Roller Derby
Constant Patient22010-10-03Queen City Roller Girls
Contact Linz86'd2006-08-04Cape Fear Roller Girls
Contessa Danager 2010-09-07Salt City Derby Girls
Contortionhits3292011-01-30Jet City Rollergirls
Contr4band Anna 2010-01-28CoMo Derby Dames
Contra372008-04-10The Fanny Pack
Contusions of Grandeur96962012-03-06Mad Wreckin' Dolls
Convicted Fallon 2011-12-23Gold Rush Rollers
Convicted Melons002010-06-23Palmetto State Rollergirls
Convicted Valon3 Strikes2009-06-30Rage City Rollergirls
Convictina Brawl 2006-04-08Tallahassee Rollergirls
Conway Hitty6 string2010-01-11Greenville Derby Dames
ConzillaPop 02010-02-03South Texas Rolleristas
CooGrr Bit'cha292011-08-10Lilac City Rollergirls
Cooch 2011-10-17Namur Roller Girlz
Cooch De Grace 2011-09-16Rose City Rollers
Cooch Willis042012-03-26Alberni Valley Roller Girls
Coochie Carnage692010-04-17WI River Valley Rollergirls
Coochie Coup3332006-10-06Minnesota Roller Girls
Coochie Crusher962012-03-05Scenic City Roller Psychos
Cook Ass732011-03-11Dundee Roller Girls
Cookey Monstrous492010-03-28Newcastle Roller Girls
Cookie Crackhouse1062012-03-04South Sea Roller Derby
Cookie Crusher3502010-11-06Choice City Rebels
Cookie Cut Her Heart Out 2009-04-06Pacific Roller Derby
Cookie Cut-Her Killer9142010-04-13Green Valley Rollergirls
Cookie Cutlass9032010-07-02Leeds Roller Dolls
Cookie Cutter452007-02-11Sun State Roller Girls
Cookie Dozer002011-03-29Kitsap Derby Brats
Cookie Mobster262012-03-05Scenic City Roller Psychos
Cookie Momster102011-10-10Strong Island Derby Revolution
Cookie MonScare5AM2012-04-30709 Derby Girls
Cookie Monstrosity 2011-02-01Diamond State Roller Girls
Cookie Push617 Boston Derby Dames
Cookie Rumble33.33 Detroit Derby Girls
Cookie Snatcher122011-06-24Happy Valley Derby Darlins
Cookie Stackhouse132011-02-05Potential Fresh Meat Practice Squad
CookiesAlways 1 More2011-10-07One World Roller Derby
Cookies & MILF0U8122007-03-27Dockyard Derby Dames
Cookies 'n Scream5252009-09-10Minnesota Roller Girls
Cookies N. Cream142009-05-26TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Cool Hand DukeREF2011-01-25Appalachian Rollergirls
Cool Hand Juke422011-09-29Paper Valley Roller Girls
Cool Mo T52009-02-17Jersey Shore Roller Girls
Cool WhipN202008-06-11Detroit Derby Girls
Cooney Cooco1232006-08-01Big Easy Rollergirls
Coop De Vil19492011-02-23Renegade Rollergirls West Virginia
Coop de Loop 2010-06-28Kingston Derby Girls
Coopers Chaos6pack2011-07-03Toowoomba City Rollers
Coopertron772012-04-11Bedfordshire Rollergirls
Coors Lightning222010-04-03Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
Coors LightyearStaff2010-11-13West Coast Derby Knockouts
Cooter the Greaser MonkeyMascot Rat City Rollergirls
Cop A. Phil5-Oh2007-11-14Rat City Rollergirls
Cop E Cat192012-01-12Seaside Siren Roller Girls
Copa KaBANGya 2012-04-15Diamond State Roller Girls
CopacaBAM!a782011-03-27Greenville Derby Dames
Copen Hatin'102012-03-08Heart of Appalachia Roller Derby
Coperna Cuss3652012-04-20Treasure Valley Rollergirls
Copernicrush2.722010-07-16Angel City Derby Girls
Copper Chaos292011-12-28Gainesville Roller Rebels
Copper Penny411 Alamo City Rollergirls
Copper- Top292007-11-21Philly Rollergirls
Copperhead222008-01-03Houston Roller Derby
Cor-upt24/72012-03-14Foothills Roller Derby Association
Cora Borae Alis232010-10-04Ohio Valley Roller Girls
Cora Nary19962011-04-10Decatur Derby Dames
Coral Fang652011-03-18Ume Radical Rollers
Coral GreefH2O2010-09-26Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Corazone232011-06-08Santa Cruz Derby Girls
Corbin Cojones 2007-11-26Houston Roller Derby
Corbin MaliceREF2012-01-22Classic City Rollergirls
Cordelia Chase Her5n0b2010-02-20Assassination City Roller Derby
Cordewa Miau17N2011-03-30Barcelona Derby Dolls
Core Rage132011-07-07Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
Corey Maim2892010-09-13Liverpool Roller Birds
Cori Heartless19842007-08-15Memphis Roller Derby
Cork Rebel322012-06-11Suburbia Roller Derby
Corky Screw 2010-03-22TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Corn Smut782009-04-12Chattanooga Roller Girls
Corndog 2006-10-18Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Corner Pocket 2009-05-09Tallahassee Rollergirls
Corni Ray8:92011-07-25Terrassa Derby Rockets
Corona Crash51502012-03-12Eastern Carolina Brawling Betties
Corona Slamher212011-01-29Central Coast Roller Derby
Corpes Callosum 2011-07-14Soul City Sirens
Corporal Crush6495/10/12Viva Roller Derby
Corporal Killah5562010-12-29El Paso Roller Derby
Corporal PunishmentCoach Rat City Rollergirls
Corpse Carbie1862011-07-21Murder City Roller Girls
Corpse Queen6232010-12-20Central New York Roller Derby
Corpse Slide182¡2011-07-23Tiger Bay Brawlers
Corpses Chris T.772011-02-22Brandywine Roller Girls
Corpsie Cherry19875/15/12Cannibal Marmots
Corpus KristyREF2010-03-29Twin City Derby Girls
Corpus SubstantiaStaff2011-08-01Twin City Derby Girls
Corre Caminos1042009-08-03Rat City Rollergirls
Correctional Felicity132007-03-22London Rollergirls
Corrina Corona40 oz2006-10-22Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Corrosiveover 90002011-01-06Independent (TBD 12/31/13)
Corrupt Cake9192008-10-06Potential Fresh Meat Practice Squad
Corrupted Violence162.2952011-04-14Cherry City Derby Girls
Corset Hurts32F2007-07-26Charm City Roller Girls
Cortini Creeps282011-10-12Saskatoon Roller Derby
Corvis Bellator52011-10-16Tarragona Roller Derby
Cory Pain 2006-10-14Jet City Rollergirls
CosMo Pain32007-11-14Sick Town Derby Dames
Coshiina182011-07-02Metropolitan Roller Derby
Cosmic Bombshell932010-01-05Rollin' Roulettes Roller Derby
Cosmic CalamityN72011-02-11Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
Cosmic Chaos8132008-10-24TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Cosmic Girl19462011-07-07Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
Cosmic Rae3602012-04-18Niagara Roller Girls
Cosmo CrakHer92010-12-30V Town Derby Dames
Cosmo Disco92010-02-23Des Moines Derby Dames
Costa Lotta Chaos 2008-02-28Grand Raggidy Roller Girls
Cotton Fire100%2008-03-26Lansing Derby Vixens
Cotton Rocket2532011-04-14Cherry City Derby Girls
Cotton de Tulee Turpaan912012-02-12Lahti Roller Derby
CottonCandy Princess~^~72010-10-12Bath City Roller Derby
Coucou KhanRetired 1/23/142011-04-29Stockholm Roller Derby
Cougar 2007-10-22Mad Rollin' Dolls
Cougar BaitREF2009-07-27Denver Roller Dolls
Cougar Bom52012-04-23Central Oregon Coast Roller Derby
Cougar Candy182011-03-27Spoon River Speed Demons
Cougar Crush18-242010-04-28Treasure Valley Rollergirls
Cougar Fanny12-GA2010-06-27Dodge City Rollers
CougarVicious422010-06-27El Paso Roller Derby
Cougarlicious3692011-03-05Fort Wayne Derby Girls
Cougarnator35/222011-04-02Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Cougz692011-09-18Northern Brisbane Rollers
Could Stand To Lose A Few Tony 2012-01-07Kansas City Banked Beauties
Count Calgar02012-06-10Fierce Valley Roller Girls
Count Dredd112011-02-07Race City Rebels Roller Derby
Count Flatt Racula18972010-11-04Winnipeg Roller Derby
Count Funkadelic1382010-11-09Darlings of Destruction
Count Rock-U-La 2009-11-17Terminal City Rollergirls
Count TrackulaREF2010-11-23Munich Rolling Rebels
Count TroversialREF2006-12-28Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Count deBumps1232012-02-08Adelaide Roller Derby
Countess Bashory 2009-07-10Winnipeg Roller Derby
Countess Bloody Bathory (The)007age2011-01-11Viagros
Countess Mark-Ya Bitch24.102011-08-08Dublin Roller Girls
Countess Von Bonebrake222012-01-31San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Countess de Cyanide 2007-05-18GTA Rollergirls
Countess of Crush 2011-11-30Seattle Derby Brats
Countessa LePain32009-04-16Reno Roller Girls
Country Bruz-her7772010-09-26Greenville Derby Dames
Country Bumpkin752009-04-23Cherry City Derby Girls
Country Strong7X702011-09-18West Kentucky Rockin Rollers
County Monty Disco 2011-03-17Southern Illinois Roller Girls
Coup D'etalia732010-09-05Pirate City Rollers
Coup d'eTatas34C2008-01-07Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Coup de Cas422010-05-04Crime City Rollers
Coupe DeEvilV82008-05-19Muddy Water Murder Dolls
Coupe de Villain337 cu in2010-01-25Castle Rock N' Rollers
Coupon CutHer2-4-12009-07-31Jacksonville Roller Girls
Court MarshallSect 82011-07-03Independent (TBD 8/9/13)
Court Sin Session2262010-12-15LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Courtizone 2011-10-26Sun State Roller Girls
Courtnasty552011-01-01Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Courtney Cocks292010-12-25Evolution Rollergirls
Courtney Copain4082010-02-12No Coast Derby Girls
Courtney Hate55912010-01-06Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Courtney Ketchup572011-01-29Kitsap Derby Brats
Courtney Love Bite71952011-01-26Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby
Courtney Love-Loss982011-05-01Bruising Banditas Roller Derby
Courtney Loveless232011-03-11Wicked Wheels of the West
Courtney Shove832010-12-07Key City Roller Derby
Courtney Smash 2012-01-27Tallahassee RollerGirls
Courtney West182011-07-08Tacones Bandidos
Covalent BondageC-142008-11-03Central Arkansas Roller Derby
Covert Hooker6962011-03-16Randall County Roller Dames
Cow Attack6022012-03-26Whitsunday Derby
Coward HosellCoach2011-06-07Battle Creek Cereal Killers
Cowboy 2011-09-28Peoria Push Derby Dames
Cowboy CassanovaRef2012-03-06Rockford Rage
Cowgirl5152006-02-28Tragic City Rollers
Cowgirl ShinKickYa962011-03-24Bakersfield Rollergirls
Cowgirl from Hell282010-09-05Royal Windsor Roller Girls
Coxy & I know it000h5/14/12Grin 'n Barum
Coyote Lovely232011-07-09Magic City Rollers
Cozza Commotion 2009-09-23Big Bucks High Rollers
Cozza Frenzy232011-09-16Gem City Rollergirls
Cpl. PunisherCoach2009-03-01Derby Revolution of Bakersfield
Cptn Bstd12T2009-10-23Central City Rollergirls
Cr8v Thug142012-04-18Niagara Roller Girls
CrAzy Janie2.5 TBD (delete 6/12/13)
CrUsH n DyE112011-12-20Grand Junction Roller Girls
Cra$h Money15042009-06-02Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Cra-C 2008-12-17Assassination City Roller Derby
Crabbie Panties10242011-10-19Ventura County Derby Darlins
Crabby Patty862008-04-09Glass City Rollers
Crack Attackdeuce deuce2007-12-18Rainy City Roller Dolls
Crack Fox3502010-02-08MTL Roller Derby
Crack the Lipper62011-08-25Darwin Roller Girls
Crack-Herz01.772011-02-22Hollister Derby Girls
CrackHer Box 2011-10-05North Coast Nightmares
Cracker Betty662007-07-24Denver Roller Dolls
Cracker Bones882011-01-25Ocala Cannibals Roller Derby
Cracker Jass7CS2011-12-31MTL Roller Derby
Crackerjack100 Texas Rollergirls
Crackin'51502012-01-244 Corners Rollergirls
Cracklin' Rosie8882011-02-12Reef City Roller Girls
Cracky Rizzo9112010-02-23Adelaide Roller Derby
Cradle Robbin182011-06-16SoCal Derby
Cradle of Milf5552011-01-16Perth Roller Derby
CraftaBitch 2006-04-08Charm City Roller Girls
Crafty Brewz 2011-09-07Twin City Derby Girls
Crafty Cockney12010-03-09Triple Sword Roller Girls
Crafty Crush Her332011-11-29Wichita Falls Derby Dames
Crafty K.O.672012-04-10Illinois Derby League
Crafty VixenSTAFF2011-11-20Des Moines Derby Dames
Crafty Wrought Iron1162011-01-06Bellingham Roller Betties
Craic McRaeneum17122012-02-08Adelaide Roller Derby
Craig BastardStaff2010-04-09Mountain City Rollers
Craig Christ (Referee)REF2011-11-29Red Stick Roller Derby
CraigsfistC-952008-08-15Ventura County Derby Darlins
Crampbone3.142007-10-23Mason Dixon Roller Vixens
Cranium CrusHerD0A2009-12-05Old Capitol City Roller Girls
Crank SkiceREF2009-03-11Barockcity Rollerderby
Crankie Bear3332010-12-03Route 66 Derby Chix
Cranky Frankie18a2010-03-28TBD (delete 6/12/13)
CrankypantsAnnouncer2008-05-13Toronto Roller Derby
Crannberry13372011-10-22Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Crash Aralla2 much2011-05-24Bakersfield Rollergirls
Crash Baby7 Republic of Korea Derby
Crash Bandi-Cute302010-08-08Victorian Roller Derby
Crash Bandicooch52011-04-29Springfield's Queen City Roller Derby
Crash Bandicooter6122012-04-10SoCal Derby
Crash Bandicute (cleared) 2011-01-24London Rollergirls
Crash Bang Boom412011-07-12Granite State Roller Derby
Crash Bang Trollop792010-08-22Portsmouth Roller Wenches
Crash Bansheekoot1.21 GW2011-03-22Brandywine Roller Girls
Crash Brownie325F2012-01-14South Simcoe Rebel Rollers
Crash Candy Boot2292011-04-21Mount Militia Derby Crew
Crash Carrelli2xjr2009-12-05Old Capitol City Roller Girls
Crash City Rock-her12342011-03-24South Simcoe Rebel Rollers
Crash Code792011-05-06Okanagan Shuswap Roller Derby Association
Crash Cookie4202011-08-31Otautahi Roller Derby League
Crash Corpse6ft2007-06-07CT RollerGirls
Crash Course 2010-02-24Tallahassee Rollergirls
Crash Crash Revolution252011-09-29Salisbury Rollergirls
Crash Cuntess4962012-04-23The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Crash Cymbal442010-03-16Hard Knox Roller Derby
Crash Daily 2006-07-06Providence Roller Derby
Crash Dance19822007-05-16Denver Roller Dolls
Crash Die't50lbs2011-12-15Rainy City Roller Dolls
Crash Down5132011-05-16Ottawa Roller Derby
Crash Gordan25 Rat City Rollergirls
Crash Hartless.382006-05-23Omaha Rollergirls
Crash Kalwa752011-12-29Harm City Homicide
Crash Karma3332010-12-20Rideau Valley Roller Girls
Crash Kill More1232011-08-07Ballarat Roller Derby
Crash Landon262011-03-07Eastside Derby Girls
Crash McCrasherson9812010-04-28TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Crash McQueen28.042006-09-11East Texas Bombers
Crash Menagerie19442011-11-14Circle City Derby Girls
Crash N Carrie322010-10-12Albany All Stars Roller Derby
Crash N Prizes91752010-07-09Twin City Derby Girls
Crash N. Brawl202011-02-04Angels of Anarchy
Crash N. Burnadette22 Alamo City Rollergirls
Crash N2U7892011-03-05Fort Wayne Derby Girls
Crash Nasty832006-08-04Cape Fear Roller Girls
Crash Override 2009-03-05Pile O'Bones Derby Club
Crash Pebbles102010-10-13Harbor Girls e.V.
Crash R. Sovertits872010-03-09Hudson Valley Horrors
Crash RegisterXIII2008-08-26Jacksonville Roller Girls
Crash Sprawldisplat8102010-01-02Suburbia Roller Derby
Crash Star1382012-06-07Olympia Underground Derby
Crash Tag1015/14/12Grin 'n Barum
Crash Test Barbie1002010-07-26Bradentucky Bombers
Crash Test Bunny88 mph2011-10-22Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Crash Test Caity1022007-08-02Assault City Roller Derby
Crash Test Cajun4842011-01-13Gas City Rollers League
Crash Test Chloe132012-04-16Revelstoke Roller Derby Association
Crash Test DummyREF2010-09-09West Coast Derby Knockouts
Crash Test Mummy 2010-03-28E-Ville Roller Derby
Crash Test RefREF2009-07-28Terminal City Rollergirls
Crash Vegas212011-09-15Fair City Rollers
Crash Von D8342011-03-10Long Beach Roller Derby
Crash Whiplash2682008-09-28Twin Cities Terrors
Crash matt13372010-07-02Leeds Roller Dolls
Crash n Turn962011-11-12Dieppe Roller Derby
Crash'n Kelly100%2007-01-16Riverside Rollergirls
Crash-O-Holic32012-06-13Bakersfield Diamond Divas
CrashHella4442008-05-10Sault Roller Derby
CrashLeen5102007-02-01B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Crashalicious2n12011-01-27Kokeshi Roller Dolls
Crashasaurus Rex882010-11-02Connecticut Death Quads
Crasher187 Naptown Roller Girls
Crasher Corbett6272009-09-28Rubber City Rollergirls
Crasher Von Razor1382008-07-18Disaster City Roller Girls
CrashiopeiaM522010-11-06Charlottesville Derby Dames
Crashley Von Rotten682012-01-04NOtown Roller Derby
Crashley Wholesome412011-05-29Antihero Derby Alliance
Crashmanian Devil2732010-08-11Quad City Rollers
Crashputin232012-01-17Oklahoma City Wolf Pack
Crashtastic792010-11-25Flint City Derby Girls
Crashtastic Cate132011-03-25Long Island Roller Rebels
Crashtest Dolly342012-04-02Stockholm Roller Derby
Crass Hysteria 2010-02-25Sun State Roller Girls
Crass Knuckles552006-04-15Eves of Destruction Roller Derby
Craven Cadavers6162010-04-02AZ Derby Dames
Craven MoorhedREF2010-02-28Acadiana Good Times Rollers
Cravens Nightmare3am2009-05-29Hudson Valley Horrors
Cray Cray Sarah J 5/8/12Mid-Hudson Misfits Roller Derby
Cray DelRobberREF2008-01-23Chinook City Roller Derby
Crazed Haze 2012-06-02Coastal Assassins Roller Derby
Crazed and Confused11872010-09-21Hurricane Alley Roller Derby
Crazed-n-DefuzedLMN82009-12-29Beach Brawl Sk8r Dolls
Crazee Asp2X42011-08-23Watertown Roller Derby
Crazee Bitch812010-11-30Illinois Valley Vixens
Crazee Onyun6.272010-06-02Peoria Push Derby Dames
Crazy 88882007-11-08Randall County Roller Dames
Crazy Anya19772011-01-19Cape Girardeau Roller Girls
Crazy Bacon14 oz.2010-06-21Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
Crazy Buchanan1920s2010-11-10Maine Roller Derby
Crazy CHI 2012-06-11Tokyo Roller Girls
Crazy Cajun412006-02-28East Texas Bombers
Crazy Cardy822012-01-27Whistler Roller Girls Society
Crazy Cat Sadie332010-04-05GTA Rollergirls
Crazy Chica142010-11-09Darlings of Destruction
Crazy Coco52012-02-07Carson Victory Rollers
Crazy Cooter10-42009-01-12No Coast Derby Girls
Crazy Cracker102012-01-05Tulare Roller Derby
Crazy Crash Her CarrieRetired 10/19/132011-08-23Rockin' Rural Roller Girls
Crazy CreecherDV82012-02-16Columbia QuadSquad Rollergirls
Crazy Diamond422008-06-11Black Mamba Junior Derby
Crazy Diva Train 2010-12-29Okanagan Roller Derby Girls
Crazy Duke022008-09-06Texas Rollergirls
Crazy Feat 2010-01-25Port City Roller Girls
Crazy Frog 2009-10-23Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Crazy Guera 2012-03-28Jackson Hole Juggernauts
Crazy Hellcat732010-10-13Harbor Girls e.V.
Crazy Ho Davola 2011-04-11Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Crazy Ivan742010-06-07Cherry City Derby Girls
Crazy Kris 2010-04-26Copenhagen Roller Derby
Crazy Legs242008-08-14Queen City Roller Girls
Crazy Tool122011-07-02Thunder City Derby Sirens
CrazyMag.netREF2012-02-04Ladies of Helltown
Crazy_ChopSticK422012-02-14Zombie Rollergirls
Crazydaisy72006-05-07Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Crazytrain132006-09-10Spokane's Outlawed Roller Derby
Cream DreamBbl. Dip2011-02-05Potential Fresh Meat Practice Squad
Cream Ur Soda12oz2011-02-10Norfolk Bruizin' Bettys
Cream of Sum Tye Guy 2011-05-12Unforgiven Roller Girls
Cream-U-Latorn3vr2011-04-28Enchanted Mountain Roller Derby
Cream8er18002011-11-07Dallas Derby Devils
Creamola D' Ville762007-11-21Sheffield Steel Rollergirls
Creature10312012-02-10Springfield's Queen City Roller Derby
Creature Chaos222012-03-26Mean Valley Roller Girls
Creature Feature10232010-05-04Reno Roller Girls
Credit Crunch992011-11-20Sirens Of Smash Roller Derby Nelson Bays
Creecher Discomfort1432011-03-18Palmetto State Rollergirls
Creep Nugget 2010-07-22Romsey Town Rollerbillies
Creep Suzette132010-11-12Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
Creepheart7312011-09-12Renegade Derby Dames
Creepievee4912011-06-16San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Creepin Deaf46162011-06-26Assassination City Roller Derby
Creeping Beauty1512007-01-24Houston Roller Derby
Creeping Myrtle5x52008-11-19Charm City Roller Girls
Creepshow772006-04-15South Texas Rolleristas
Creepsy802008-12-03Red Deer Roller Derby Association
Creepy Bonnie712012-03-27Cordoba Roller Derby
Creepy Gall72011-08-06Royal Victory Derby Girls
CremateHer 2011-11-22Salt City Derby Girls
Crews'n and Brews'n6 pack2011-10-26Assassination City Roller Derby
Crickett 2006-04-28Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Crime Minister6112007-01-24Cornfluence Crush Derby
Crime Scene Instigator1.212012-01-14Renegade Rollergirls (So Cal)
Crimes New Roman12pt2010-08-17NJ Hellrazors
Crimes of Thrashin382008-08-14Queen City Roller Girls
Crimin Al98182011-07-25Muddy River Rollers
Criminal Intent142006-12-13Calgary Roller Derby Association
Criminal Jamage182011-07-23Tiger Bay Brawlers
Criminal Mind145 1/22011-04-05Pound Cakes
Criminal Miss Chief1452010-08-18Crown City Rollerz
Criminal Violet892011-04-25Cannibales Dolls
Criminally Insane2132009-10-26Tulsa Derby League
Crimson Asylum 2011-11-16Rose City Rosebuds
Crimson Avenger0002011-05-29Twin Town Derby Brats
Crimson Bitch00.02007-09-14Rideau Valley Roller Girls
Crimson ChaosK052011-08-12Granite City Roller Girls
Crimson CobraCOACH2011-12-22Kansas City Banked Beauties
Crimson Dyed Vixen78612011-09-12Marietta Derby Darlins
Crimson Ghost1382012-02-29Red Rock 'N Roller Derby
Crimson KaamosK732011-12-01Switchblade RollerGrrrls
Crimson Menace292011-04-01Twin City Derby Girls
Crimson N Clobber 2012-03-05Terminal City Rollergirls
Crimson Pride3232011-02-13Battle Born Derby Demons
Crimson Reign112007-12-30Eves of Destruction Roller Derby
Crimson Slay-Her 2011-05-20Cowtown Butchers Mens Roller Derby
Crimson Splat-HerSR182011-08-02A-Town Roller Girlz
Crimson Storm882010-10-13Billings Roller Derby
Crimson Valkyrie92010-05-27Monterey Bay Derby Dames
Crimson and CleavHer422009-12-03Undead Bettys
Cripple BypassPH0T02012-02-01Assassination City Roller Derby
Cripple me Elmo 2011-09-04Hertfordshire Helles Belles
Crippler (The) 2006-03-29Steel City Derby Demons
Cripplin Clamity1822011-02-08Mid Iowa Rollers
Cris Affliction3:162009-05-15LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Crisco Disco792010-12-08Portland Men's Roller Derby
Crisgo WhipHer 2010-10-15MO-KAN Roller Girlz
Crisis32009-09-22Prison City Derby Dames
Crispy Saltbush1/5th2009-03-09Adelaide Roller Derby
Crispy Suzy122011-05-09One Love Roller Dolls
Criss Catastrophe272007-11-11Jerzey Derby Brigade
Criss D. CrowbarF82011-12-31MTL Roller Derby
Criss X Bunz1432011-05-24OKC Outlaws Roller Derby
CrissXcrass appleSASS71"2011-09-16DC Rollergirls
Crissy Bang Bang.45acp2011-01-14Mission City Brawlin Betties
Crissy Creeper132011-03-17Cal Skate Roller Derby
Crissy Crossbones9232012-02-04DuPage Derby Dames
Crissy Crushmore 2008-04-24Rushmore Rollerz
Crissy-fix592010-03-11Darwin Roller Girls
CristAttackHer82011-12-11Columbia QuadSquad Minis
Cristal RoxSK82011-03-21Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Cristina AppleSKATESK82011-06-01Mission City Brawlin Betties
Critical ErinAR152011-04-11Rodeo City Rollergirls
Critical HitD202009-02-02Dockyard Derby Dames
Critical Rumbled202012-03-03Surrey Rollergirls
Critical Sass62007-11-01Oklahoma Victory Dolls
Critter1512008-12-01Spokane's Outlawed Roller Derby
CrixxxSTAFF2012-01-14Jellyfish Girls
Cro-Barb9.02010-04-17WI River Valley Rollergirls
Croation Sensation72009-06-09Riverside Riptides
Crochete1872011-12-01Black-n-Bluegrass Rollergirls
CroodilocksAu792012-01-22LOCO Roller Derby
Crooksie Contraire212011-01-08Oly Rollers
Crop Duster742011-01-24San Diego Roller Derby
Crosby, Wheels and Smash1272011-04-05WestSide Derby Dollz
Cross Ida20/202011-04-02Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Cross-Bo Derrick 2010-12-29Okanagan Roller Derby Girls
Cross-Fire872010-10-08South Florida Rollergirls
CrossBone Cutie2132009-10-05NEO Roller Derby
Crossbone Sally 2010-12-22Mississippi Brawl Stars
Crossbones Jones9412009-10-05Durango Roller Girls
Crosshair.3082010-11-09Brewcity Bruisers
Crotch Rock-itREF2009-07-22Pearl River Roller Derby
Crouching Cougar 2009-12-31Santa Cruz Derby Girls
Crow JaneR6662010-09-02Rebel County Rollers
Crow Magnum.3572012-01-10New York Shock Exchange
Crowella De Vil1012011-12-27Charm City Roller Girls
Crowley4032012-01-09Killa Hurtz Roller Girls
Crown Joules1Nm2009-02-04Boston Derby Dames
Crown Victoria4042012-02-27Queen City Roller Girls
Crown'd Royal802011-03-20Classic City Rollergirls
Cruces Criplher5752011-04-19Crossroads City Derby
CruciVix312010-05-19Royal Windsor Roller Girls
CruciVixen6662011-08-09Pottstown Roller Derby Rockstars
Crucial Taunt92010-09-07Wreckin Roller Rebels
CrucifiHer11342009-05-04Salt City Derby Girls
Crucio 2010-09-07Salt City Derby Girls
Crucuial Fix 2008-01-14Lonestar Rollergirls
Crude Burymore102011-11-21GRITS
Cruel Britannia17762006-05-07Harrisburg Area Roller Derby
Cruel Candy 2009-04-30Assassination City Roller Derby
Cruel Hand LukeREF2008-09-28Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Cruel Hella DimplesSHE6662011-03-20Mouse River Rollers
Cruel Heller DeVil1012011-01-21Central City Rollergirls
Cruel La La33172011-08-04Twin City Derby Girls
Cruel Runnings1732011-04-18Norfolk Brawds Roller Derby
Cruel Summer 2007-07-17Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Cruel Whip16 oz2010-01-06Windy City Rollers
Cruel of Thirds 2010-04-27St. Cloud Area Roller Dolls
Cruel' Aundra D'ville332010-03-04Rogue Roller Derby
CruelAnne Unusual3332009-02-28Sick Town Derby Dames
Cruelianna 2012-02-01Mountain Derby Girls
Crueliette Lewis2072011-03-31New Hampshire Roller Derby
Cruella Border0772010-12-26Buenos Aires Roller Derby
Cruella De Gill1012012-03-19Belfast Roller Derby
Cruella De Pain1012009-09-08Long Beach Roller Derby
Cruella De Violent2572010-04-08Sin Cal Derby Vixens
Cruella DeKill1012009-05-31Rollergirls of Southern Indiana
Cruella DeMille9 AZ Derby Dames
Cruella DePain1012009-08-25Long Beach Roller Derby
Cruella DuVal1012008-07-31Jacksonville Roller Girls
Cruella E. Vil1012010-01-21Rubber City Rollergirls
Cruella IntentionsSK82011-01-30Dakota Derby
Cruella Lestrange 2011-05-16Garden State Rollergirls
Cruella Von Wolfenstein132010-09-27Cheyenne Capidolls Roller Derby
Cruella de Wheelz222009-01-14Van Diemen Rollers
Cruely SueXO2008-11-14Rated PG Rollergirls
Cruise 'N Bruise80 proof2012-06-11Tokyo Roller Girls
Cruise Bruzy772010-11-23Harbour City Rollers
Cruisin B. Anthony 2010-03-26Steel City Derby Demons
Cruisin Cougar6652011-09-06TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Cruisn' 4a bruisn652006-04-21Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Crum N' Punishment246012010-11-10Free State Roller Derby
Crumble Bee (cleared) 2011-02-28Red Stick Roller Derby
Crunch Thymek822010-11-28Northern Brisbane Rollers
Crunch Yo Numbaz72010-11-02NorCal Rollergirls
CrunchLady Doris13372008-10-24Victorian Roller Derby
Crunchberryz762009-11-05Santa Maria Roller Girls
Crunk E. Bruister7572008-07-18Disaster City Roller Girls
Crunk N Roll002007-10-19Black-n-Bluegrass Rollergirls
Crunk Soul Mutha8082010-08-09Peoria Push Derby Dames
Crush 2006-03-21Houston Roller Derby
Crush 'n' Kiklevitichs 26:82009-04-21Northern Brisbane Rollers
Crush Limb-Brawl 2009-06-19Spindletop Rollergirls
Crush N. Slayedher 2007-07-22Santa Cruz Derby Girls
Crush Station692011-08-29Alachua County Rollers
Crush'er Ramone53/32011-07-21Murder City Roller Girls
CrushStacean1782011-10-03Bay State Brawlers
Crushcake862011-01-01Antihero Derby Alliance
Crushed Red Pepper2262011-03-25Oz Roller Girls
Crushelle802012-01-18Saint Cloud Area Roller Dolls
Crushendou-flat2010-07-28Brighton Roller Dollz
Crusher Corbin6272010-01-21Rubber City Rollergirls
Crusher Dreamz 2011-04-20North Louisiana Roller Dollz
Crusher Frequency44.1 kHz2011-02-05Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
Crusherella812010-10-09North Coast Roller Derby
Crushin CUBAN712009-12-20San Diego Roller Derby
Crushin Dior24k2009-06-19Steel City Derby Demons
Crushin Ky 2012-06-11Big Island Babes
Crushin' Doll48 pieces2010-09-02Charlottesville Derby Dames
Crushin' Louboutin1072011-03-31New Hampshire Roller Derby
Crushin' Russian 2011-05-17North Star Roller Girls
Crushing Co-Go-Nutz692010-11-23Copenhagen Roller Derby
Crusin Susan3022011-02-06Bismark Capital City Roller Girls
Crust Almighty40 oz2006-09-25North Star Roller Girls
Crustella Deville42011-05-01Halifax Roller Derby
Crusty JohnsonU8122011-05-18Siskiyou County Roller Derby
Crusty McKnuckle272006-08-01Big Easy Rollergirls
Cruz Control-her 2010-01-20Emerald City Roller Girls
Cruz Hater (The)132011-03-10Pensacola Roller Gurlz
Cruz McPain772012-01-23Roller Derby Porto
Cruz MissleM802011-10-03Worcester Roller Derby
Cruzan Crush442012-06-11Central New York Roller Derby
Cruzzer Bruzzer342010-06-25Randall County Roller Dames
Cry-Baby Blocker042011-05-01Halifax Roller Derby
Cry-Sis9-1-12008-03-31Pacific Roller Derby
Crybaby1 ¢2008-01-27Lonestar Rollergirls
Cryma Passion52102011-01-25Tahoe Derby Dames
Crymea River982008-10-29Mad Rollin' Dolls
Cryo3202010-11-22West Texas Roller Dollz
CryoGirl-3202008-03-29Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Cryssy Chaos3372006-08-04Jacksonville Roller Girls
Crystal Beth262010-06-07Bay Rollers
Crystal Brawl392010-01-27Wasatch Roller Derby
Crystal Carnage482008-04-29Sioux City Roller Dames
Crystal Catastrophe9112010-09-08Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby
Crystal Clean Up4092012-03-17Desert Dolls Roller Derby
Crystal Cutt2172009-01-19Columbia QuadSquad
Crystal Deth79 LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Crystal Diva1312011-11-01East Vic Roller Derby
Crystal Fear10252012-01-07Bruising Banditas Roller Derby
Crystal Lake 2011-08-07Puget Sound Vintage Derby
Crystal Smashles112011-03-21Leeds Roller Dolls
Crystal Steph2032010-10-29B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Crystal Whip.542009-10-26Maine Roller Derby
Crystal-the-Pistol7472011-02-02Paradise Roller Girls
Crystalizer5032006-10-12AK Roller Derby League
Crytical Kondition22011-02-07Bayou Outlaw Roller Girls
Cryzee Mama 2008-07-13Oil City Derby Girls
Crme Brisee122010-02-15Duke City Derby (Taos)
Crme BruiseSlay500F2010-07-24Reno Roller Girls
Crme Brtale24502010-03-09Dutchland Rollers
Crme Melee7092010-10-04709 Derby Girls
Cthulhu Lemon442011-01-16LOCO Roller Derby
Ctrl-Alt-Defeat1-up2011-08-18Middle Georgia Derby Demons
Ctrl-Alt-Delete10112009-02-26Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Cuata Hell1/32009-02-16Sun City Roller Girls
Cuata Phuck3/32009-02-16Sun City Roller Girls
Cub La Khan422011-05-15Liverpool Roller Birds
Cuban712012-04-10SoCal Derby
Cuban Menstrual Crisis282011-11-30Hellgate Rollergirls
Cuban Mistress Crisis2242010-10-03Queen City Roller Girls
Cubeicidal Tendencies 2011-02-28Dixie Derby Girls
Cuboose (The) 2010-04-13New River Valley Rollergirls
Cuckoo Chanel52008-07-16Charlotte Roller Girls
Cuff Her Up38162011-03-27Black Rose Rollers
Cuff me Kate112009-03-30Red Deer Roller Derby Association
Cuft N. Stuft6pk2007-10-19Rose City Rollers
Cuja 2012-03-17Castle Rock N' Rollers
Cujo Attack!9%2011-09-03Pirate City Rollers
Cul-de-Sac 2011-05-28Montreal Mens Roller Derby
Cultivator (The)2272011-02-14Dorset Rollergirls
Cumpulsive PayneNC-172011-07-13Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
Cunnilicious75-25-12Mitten Mavens
Cunterstrike262012-04-23The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Cuntess Bashory (cleared)1382012-03-02Crescent City Derby Devils
Cuntessa(The)SW1A 1AA2007-03-18Oil City Derby Girls
Cuntry Ham1650mg2011-07-18Greensboro Roller Derby
Cuntry Tyme012006-09-25River City Rollergirls
Cunty McTaintStain  Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Cupcake Barbie 2010-07-17Sisterhood of Steel
Cupcake Cadaver 2011-07-29Beckley Area Derby Dames
Cupcake CrusherD-502010-11-12Dallas Derby Devils
Cupcake Frostitute12DZ2011-04-03Hermiston Roller Divas
Cupcake Killa7132009-05-22Rideau Valley Roller Girls
Cupcake Smasher832010-01-27Kansas City Roller Warriors
Cupcakes O'Dread1CUP5/10/12W.A. Roller Derby
Cupcakey McSkatey172012-02-19York Minxters Roller Derby
Cupid Stunt02008-10-30Severn Roller Torrent
Cuppa Conkrita62012-01-27Whistler Roller Girls Society
Cupples SK8 2007-03-19Rose City Rollers
CurVicious Chaos0072011-09-29Crime City Rollers
Curb Stompin' Coleshaw2012011-10-12Saskatoon Roller Derby
Curl Jam102011-02-23MK Roller Derby
Curl Up & Dye122012-04-04A-Town Roller Girlz
Curls Gone Wild992011-01-29Southern Oregon Rollergirls
Curly Camikaze4092011-12-12Iowa Rollin' Aces
Curly Hell7th Heaven2010-11-14Nidaros Roller Derby
Curly Hr1002011-09-29Crime City Rollers
Curly Mae332009-03-05Pile O'Bones Derby Club
Curly Scrue1132011-11-23Long Beach Roller Derby
Curly Sue 2011-11-19Greenville Derby Dames
Curly Suicide 2010-08-14South Jersey Derby Girls
Curly SuturesTV32011-01-21Des Moines Derby Dames
Curry Fury32009-08-25Cherry City Derby Girls
Curry Plowd'Her1172008-11-01Central New York Roller Derby
Curse Practitioner 2011-09-11Nashville Rollergirls
Curtankerous042011-02-01Lakeland Ladykillers Roller Derby
Curtis E. LayREF2007-12-19Rat City Rollergirls
Curv Vicious2122008-08-20Retirement Association for Derby
Curvaceous Queen51502010-02-19Ventura County Derby Darlins
Curvacious B 2008-03-19Black Hills Wildfire Roller Derby
Curve Appeal92012-01-02Maine Roller Derby
Curvette'76 Texas Rollergirls
Curvicious Rock112009-01-21Richter City Roller Derby
Curvinator (The)800!2010-12-06Northside Rollers
Curving Klaw42008-06-02Rated PG Rollergirls
Curvy Dog612008-06-12Grand Raggidy Roller Girls
Curvy Killa19752008-06-09Battle Born Derby Demons
Curvy Purrrvy32011-04-18Bisman Bombshellz
Curvy Q312011-02-12Central Michigan Roller Derby
Cuss Muffin6662008-08-13Roc City Roller Derby
Cussed'em Chop Her3232009-05-13Blue Ridge Rollergirls
Cussy O'Cursey522012-03-11North Texas Derby Revolution
Custard Scream 2010-11-08Lincolnshire Bombers
Cut Like Crazy102012-03-19Dom City Dolls
Cut Off7062007-12-14Belle City Roller Girls
Cut Throat ConroySN1P2011-07-06Perth Roller Derby
Cut Throat Kitty112010-08-05Chippewa Valley Roller Girls
Cut Throat Maniac272011-05-11Hellmilton Roller Ghouls
Cut Throat Xtina7772011-03-05Desert Dolls Roller Derby League
Cut-Lass Supreme21122010-10-06West Kentucky Rockin Rollers
Cut-N-Dye132009-09-11Hard Knox Roller Derby
Cut-Ya50 ft2011-11-14Crime City Rollers
CutThroat Cathy11 B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Cute Butt Psycho42-OD2009-03-12Rocket City Roller Girls
Cute'n'Terrortino1602011-11-01East Vic Roller Derby
Cuteney CutThroat2152009-10-21Sarasota Roller Girls
Cutsie Bootsie1262011-01-05Durham Region Roller Derby
Cutthroat Cypher 2006-11-20Sioux Falls Roller Dollz
Cutthroat Darling1462007-01-24Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Cuttin' Candy75c2009-04-06Aloha City Rollers
Cuttles02011-07-07Thunder Bay Roller Derby
Cutty Clark682006-11-30Cape Fear Roller Girls
Cuz I said so732011-08-29Paradise Roller Girls
Cuzaye SeisoREF2011-04-19Inland Empire Derby Divas
Cuzondruhh-son8172011-11-07Dallas Derby Devils
Cy Borgv222010-10-16Mad Rollin' Dolls
Cy D. Fect2012012-02-03Memphis Roller Derby
Cy Kosis 2008-03-03Mason Dixon Roller Vixens
CyCo Rev. Rex4112011-03-05Desert Dolls Roller Derby League
Cya Maeker1122010-07-23Harrisburg Area Roller Derby
Cyan Aura242008-11-18TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Cyan Eyed99 Chi*Town Sirens Roller Derby
Cyan Kali132011-12-08Kassel Roller Derby
Cyanide Assassin92011-12-15Rainy City Roller Dolls
Cyanide Cookie151-50-82007-09-11Sthlm Bstrds
Cyanide Couture4122010-11-20580 Roller Girls
Cyanide Cynder BlockHer3602012-04-26Port Scandalous Roller Derby
Cyanide Kisses 2007-12-18Long Island Roller Rebels
Cyanide Kitty5552011-02-02Paradise Roller Girls
Cyanide Lollipop02011-07-13Dolly Rockit Rollers
Cyanide Ride3062009-01-13Paper Valley Roller Girls
Cyanide Sally152009-12-23Okanagan Roller Derby Girls
Cyanide Sam20202009-07-27London Rollergirls
Cyanide Squirrel672011-03-10North Texas Derby Revolution
Cyanide Sweetie 2009-05-19Killamazoo Derby Darlins
Cyber Jammer402011-02-23MK Roller Derby
Cybil Disobedience3.142006-11-26Harrisburg Area Roller Derby
Cybil Enforce'Her14082011-04-13Hellfire Harlots
Cybil Injustice19th2012-03-16Cowboy Capital Rollergirls
Cybil War5032010-02-27Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Cybill Dizorder10-202006-09-01TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Cyclone Casey99nots2010-08-13Diamond Valley Roller Derby
Cyclone Celiacat52010-08-14Twin Cities Junior Roller Derby
Cyclone Racy742011-02-14Daylesford Derby
Cyclops112012-01-26COMO Derby Dames
Cyclops Rodeo 2011-09-18Derby Lite
Cyco Sam782010-12-30Undead Bettys
Cycrone! (The)632007-12-04Philly Rollergirls
Cyd Vycious 2010-06-27Dodge City Rollers
CylonNo 62011-04-05Victorian Roller Derby
Cyn City6662010-01-21Rubber City Rollergirls
Cyn D. McClobber862006-08-04FoCo Girls Gone Derby
Cyn Tax1040EZ2006-12-21Santa Cruz Derby Girls
Cyn'Da Ambulance500ft2012-04-11Twin City Knockers
Cynder 2thehospital5002010-07-09Paradise Roller Girls
Cynder Hell-Yeah 2010-02-06Houston Roller Derby
Cynderblock6655321 Duke City Derby
Cyndi BopHer80's2010-01-11South Side Roller Derby
Cyndi Lager 2011-10-14Brewcity Bruisers
Cyndi Launch'er532010-07-02Leeds Roller Dolls
Cyndi Lawbreaker872010-09-08South Sea Roller Derby
Cyndi Slaughter832011-02-18Sheffield Steel Rollergirls
Cyndi Vortex3.162009-07-01Central City Rollergirls
Cyndy Licious92010-02-22Albany All Stars Roller Derby
Cynep232012-03-27Cordoba Roller Derby
Cynister Siren10552010-11-30Sac City Rollers
Cyr Kus MaximusCOACH2011-11-09Jet City Rollergirls
Cyrstal Crash122011-10-11Athens Ohio Roller Derby
Cyrus Da Virus5072012-01-13Med City Mafia
Cystic Ferocious30k2010-11-20Olympia Underground Derby
Czar 2009-08-14New River Valley Rollergirls
Czech 1 2122010-01-14Oklahoma Victory Dolls
Czech Mate 2010-05-27Emerald City Roller Girls
Czech Ya Head122012-03-09Omaha Rollergirls
Czech Yo'Self779842012-03-23Dallas Derby Devils
CzechZilla 2011-06-20Magnolia Roller Vixens
Czechs Mix11Pvz2011-10-12Dominion Derby Girls
D Cup-Cake38D2011-11-16First Settlement Derby Dames
D J Demolition782010-12-07Sinvercargill Savages Roller Derby
D Lo3112012-02-09Fabulous Sin City Roller Girls
D Major3.142012-03-12Light City Derby
D NickREF2011-04-24Northside Rollers
D Punish Hercode 2422012-01-17E-Ville Roller Derby
D Sassy Apache262009-01-30Dixie Derby Girls
D Tain Her48hrs2010-01-25Lehigh Valley Rollergirls
D for Danger12010-09-13So Cal Junior Rollergirls
D!Stain2102010-09-05Pirate City Rollers
D' Luca Brassie422008-11-06Central Coast Roller Derby
D'Aja VooDat5042011-01-02Big Easy Rollergirls
D'Amanda Quadshot20oz2011-08-22Shoreline Roller Derby
D'Amanda Revolver 2011-05-04Tri-County Rolling Militia
D'Ange'gerous 2011-03-16Gold City Roller Girls
D'Arcy Wrecksky 2011-09-14North Texas Derby Revolution
D'BombShellB525-22-12HBC Rollers
D'BriefherREF2009-09-01Lava City Roller Dolls
D'Coy4172010-11-04Sacred City Derby Girls
D'Cup Runith Ov'r33D2009-04-06Orange County Roller Girls
D'Elusive Del542011-03-29Central City Rollergirls
D'Em'olishHer192010-03-29Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
D'Feet Her4x42009-08-14New River Valley Rollergirls
D'Jenn Irate372010-06-21Long Beach Roller Derby
D'Juana Fightme20472010-02-23Adelaide Roller Derby
D'Lemma422011-02-14Daylesford Derby
D'Luxe222012-01-244 Corners Rollergirls
D'Manda Flambeaux182011-03-19TBD (delete 6/12/13)
D'Manda KissXOXO2008-11-17Hurricane Alley Roller Derby
D'Manda Satisfaction6112010-10-12Bath City Roller Derby
D'Manding5-112011-10-17Hereford Roller Girls
D'Naille inya Coffin6FT2010-01-03Omaha Rollergirls
D'Ranged Kill Billy12252011-03-25Oz Roller Girls
D'Shiznit2422007-04-19Des Moines Derby Dames
D'Vicious Infliction51-502011-01-02Umpqua Valley Roller Vixens
D'Vine Vengeance2222010-12-13Pottstown Roller Derby Rockstars
D'Wicked PirateR2008-05-22Cornfluence Crush Derby
D'andromeda2.62012-06-03Hulls Angels Roller Dames
D'evil'D Meggs882010-07-09Paradise Roller Girls
D'ice Queen 2011-01-02Chippewa Valley Roller Girls
D'lish2cc2012-02-26Big Bucks High Rollers
D'lish Deestruction3012011-02-03Bunbury Roller Derby
D'manda HitR0K52011-03-01Wheat City Roller Derby
D'meaner352010-06-23Palmetto State Rollergirls
D'mon DivaD25-23-12Bethel Derby Divas
D'niiied42009-06-16Fargo Moorhead Derby Girls
D'srucTion DiVa 2010-05-24Skee Town Skirtz
D'vine furie62007-05-31Carolina Rollergirls
D-Ball19732007-04-03Long Island Roller Rebels
D-Bird202011-01-05Durham Region Roller Derby
D-Bomb8 Oly Rollers
D-Cup Chopra36D2011-08-29Paradise Roller Girls
D-Day  Rose City Rollers
D-Day Doll 2010-11-29Slaughterhouse Derby Girls
D-Frost322009-07-30Sick Town Derby Dames
D-Lite19412011-01-02Rock City Riot
D-Machine152008-02-14Penn Jersey Roller Derby
D-Mann05-Dec2008-02-09LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
D-MinusREF2012-01-30Hammer City Roller Gilrs
D-Pain11:112011-09-28Thunder City Derby Sirens
D-Rex732009-10-05West Coast Derby Knockouts
D-TekREF2009-03-06Hidden City Derby Girls
D-Town DiscipleSTAFF2007-09-10Detroit Derby Girls
D-Volver432011-12-17San Fernando Valley Roller Derby
D-WEEZI Da Squeezer072007-07-05River City Rollergirls
D-mon77342008-02-28Beach Brawl Sk8r Dolls
D. Billie Tate832011-05-09Mid-State Sisters of Skate
D. Catitat'her222011-08-03Tupelo Honeys Roller Derby
D. Clare Mayday8-142012-04-01Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
D. Enforcer11:112007-04-30Sonoma County Roller Derby
D. Fine Knockout68 KO'D2011-06-15Lakeland Ladykillers Roller Derby
D. Konstructor2 x 42006-06-07Rose City Rollers
D. Luxe Interior26.22012-06-07LA Derby Dolls (Trademarked Name)
D. Molly Schur9.8m/s^22010-03-10B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
D. Monique Persuasion62011-05-23Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz
D. Spicable882011-01-27Kokeshi Roller Dolls
D. Train372010-04-05Gotham Girls Roller Derby
D.A. Daruckus 2010-10-25Terminal City Rollergirls
D.C. Slammer(202)2010-11-12Dallas Derby Devils
D.D. Cupquake382011-03-18Lansing Derby Vixens
D.D. Diamond882011-04-02Red Rockettes Recreational Roller Derby
D.I. Die422009-11-01Ruhrpott Roller Derby
D.L..ZeDub13:182010-04-05Haunted City Rollers
D.O.A.6125-18-12Abilene Derby Dames
D.Range 2007-12-27Rainy City Roller Dolls
D.T. RefREF2012-01-09Ring City Rollergirls
D.V.S. DicerC402009-01-26Rainy City Roller Dolls
D.Viant.Dee22010-09-16South West Sydney Rockets
D.X. Zone1282008-02-14Calgary Roller Derby Association
D.r.e.a.d ZepplinZ0S02011-05-20Mississippi Brawl Stars
D/Vide-N-Stomp-Herle 5/102012-06-09Angel City Derby Girls
D2 Skatetrash 2009-09-29TBD (delete 6/27/13)
DAMONISCH0062012-02-20Santiago Roller Derby
DANGEROUS GOODS-62008-10-29Eves of Destruction Roller Derby
DASHes O'Hoolihan4042010-07-09Paradise Roller Girls
DASIT302007-04-18Texas Rollergirls
DAWN-ABLO6662012-05-31Winnipeg Roller Derby
DC Debrii572010-06-27Dodge City Rollers
DD112010-01-05Rollin' Roulettes Roller Derby
DD Doomz2182010-06-08Houston Roller Derby
DD Gunnz.452011-10-11West Yellowhead Roller Derby
DD Hunter12 gauge2007-11-11Rockford Rage
DD'Amour6662011-08-22Birmingham Blitz Dames
DD'ulce19422010-02-16Sugartown Rollergirls
DD-Danger3102012-04-20Outlaw Renegade Roller Girls Orange County
DDT19622012-02-27One World Roller Derby
DE' CLAIRE WAR 2008-06-02A-Town Derby
DEMENCE PLECTRUDE9722012-01-16B.M.O. Roller Derby Girls
DEMOLISH'EM3512011-08-29South Sea Roller Derby
DEMONATRIX132012-01-06Bellingham Roller Betties
DEVILMAMA (The)6662007-03-03Harbor City RollerDames
DEZdispenseHer7772010-01-14Oklahoma Victory Dolls
DFiant 2009-05-10Sydney Roller Derby League
DG Ozsome2472011-07-01Cornfed Derby Dames
DGAF Dixie9mm2011-07-09Magic City Rollers
DIAMOND DUST2X22009-01-28Quad City Rollers
DIEmond Bite3ERN2011-07-06Perth Roller Derby
DIGITSStaff2011-06-08Midnight Sun Roller Girlz
DINAH KILLYAH2122008-09-10Soul City Sirens
DIVINE NUS172007-08-27Forest City Derby Girls
DIZentary78012012-04-05Charlottesville Derby Dames
DJ DreaD 2011-10-11Kingston Derby Girls
DJ Dropabitch 2009-08-05Garden Island Renegade Rollerz
DJ HookYah45rpms2010-05-28Rollergirls of Southern Indiana
DJ Jazzy ReffREF2008-09-22Atlanta Rollergirls
DJ PainB Side2009-04-01Lowcountry Highrollers
DJ Scooby91.92012-03-17Pair O' Dice City Derby
DJ-TJStaff2012-03-23Cajun Rollergirls
DNR4272011-06-07City of Fists Rollergirls
DOA Schwartz1875/12/12Jr. Jacksonville Rollergirls
DOCTOR B000M9092011-11-12St. Cloud Area Roller Dolls
DURNFORD322011-12-20Pacific Roller Derby
DUTCH DANGLERREF2008-10-29Eves of Destruction Roller Derby
DVS1312006-05-05Carolina Rollergirls
DVS DanREF2011-08-02A-Town Roller Girlz
DVS Dragonfli13802011-04-19Crossroads City Derby
DVious Dame0032010-12-29El Paso Roller Derby
DWI182010-06-07Cherry City Derby Girls
Da Barge10/62011-01-23Mississippi Valley Mayhem
Da Big Block4542010-12-20Rideau Valley Roller Girls
Da Big C13372008-04-29Sthlm Bstrds
Da Boss100% Bossy2008-08-21Assassination City Roller Derby
Da Bra Snapper36H2011-11-15Prairie Fire Roller Girls
Da Dan Da Dah4d2010-05-26Pile O'Bones Derby Club
Da Fisty382011-03-15Crime City Rollers
Da Gooch 2012-04-05Lane County Concussion Men's Roller Derby
Da Kine242011-06-12Energetic City Roller Derby
Da Kraken7-112010-07-09Paradise Roller Girls
Da Little Waster52011-12-03Tyne and Fear Roller Derby
Da Rollwilder36 Chambers2008-12-17Otautahi Roller Derby League
Da Silva Bullet47 Providence Roller Derby
Da Smash Kidd8885/8/12Swamp City Roller Rats
Da Thrilla Ice6662010-02-22Eastern Iowa Outlaws
Da War Dan232011-03-11South East Saskatchewan Roller Derby
Da Warboss362012-03-19Dom City Dolls
Da butcherette6/92012-01-23Roller Derby Porto
Da'GreaseREF2009-05-05TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Da'Ville'Ann5022008-08-11Derby City Roller Girls
DaMADmanwolfCoach2011-06-29Mildura Roller Derby
DaMMIT GRL5.02009-07-09Pearl River Roller Derby
Daanoontje Powerrr172011-07-31Pink Peril Roller Derby
Dada Asada132008-05-30Oxnard Derby Dames
Daddy Boom ButtREF2011-02-07Ohio Roller Girls
Daddy Danger1.6182012-01-18Lane County Concussion
Daddy DarkoREF2012-01-11Reno Roller Girls
Daddy DaycareREF2010-04-09Palm Beach Rollergirls
Daddy DykaliciousLM2008-08-15Ventura County Derby Darlins
Daddy O.Staff2012-03-07One World Roller Derby
Daddy Skittles 2012-03-17Desert Dolls Roller Derby
Daddy StarbucksANNOUNCER2007-08-22T-Town Derby Grrls
Daddy Von DestructionRetired 3/12/142009-03-03Sauk Valley Sirens
Daddy's AngelREF2011-05-23Dallas Derby Devils
Daddy's Girl532006-08-22Sacred City Derby Girls
Daddy's Lil Cannibal 2011-08-29Alachua County Rollers
Dae TripHer 2010-02-26Mid Iowa Rollers
Daemon Mistress02011-10-06Hudson Valley Horrors
Daemonika Greschen 2011-08-15Rose City Rollers
Daff O'Drill4:202010-02-20Maui Roller Girls
Daffodelinquent9/102011-02-09Mountain Mauler's Roller Derby
Daffodil Death542010-04-23Rocketeer Rollers
Dafny Punk86er2008-02-10Denver Roller Dolls
Daft Maneuver 2010-06-08Central Mass Roller Derby
Daft Spunk 2009-12-14Atlanta Rollergirls
Dag Nabbit40oz of Awesomeness2012-02-17Kokeshi Roller Dolls
Dag Nessie472011-02-13Gray City Rebels
Dagger DallasSTAB2010-08-23Desert Dolls Roller Derby League
Dagger Deb5" Texas Rollergirls
Dagney Taghurt$2006-11-25Burning River Roller Girls
Dahli Mamma0hm2010-09-18Arizona Rollergirls
Dahlia Brusque162010-10-18Lahti Roller Derby
Dahlia Killespie372012-02-29Roller Derby Hannover
Dahmernatrix17 San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Daikini Wench202010-10-12Albany All Stars Roller Derby
Dailey Beatings7"8"92007-05-29Houston Roller Derby
Daily Dread602011-02-13Rebel County Rollers
Dainty Butt Deadly322011-01-29Mainland Misfits Roller Derby Association
Dainty Dares You 2010-04-24Redditch Rebel Rollers
Dainty Disaster692011-06-23Grays Harbor Roller Derby
Dainty Inferno9th circle2008-04-09Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Dainty VILLAIN0oK2011-03-10North Texas Derby Revolution
Dairy Doll8622009-05-12Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Daisey Duker#012007-10-14Harbor City RollerDames
Daisey Fluke 2009-03-23Rated PG RollerGirls
Daisey Mae 2011-11-15Cenla Derby Dames
Daisey Rockett18362011-09-01Dead Girl Roller Girls, Kansas City
Daisy Ann Deranged1152011-05-16Whidbey Island Roller Girls
Daisy Block52012-02-29Roller Derby Hannover
Daisy Chained 2008-06-02Halifax Hellcats Roller Derby
Daisy Chainsaw 2008-04-21Cape Fear Roller Girls
Daisy Chainsaw (cleared)L72011-11-16Newcastle Roller Girls
Daisy Crusher7262010-03-02Central New York Roller Derby
Daisy Cutter262011-08-12Granite City Roller Girls
Daisy Dagger2+72012-05-31Winnipeg Roller Derby
Daisy Darko552011-03-09Dublin Roller Girls
Daisy Dashing-Hell252011-03-21Leeds Roller Dolls
Daisy De La Whorya30 KO2010-08-23Desert Dolls Roller Derby League
Daisy Deadline62010-11-14Plymouth City Roller Girls
Daisy Deathrattle222010-06-07Bay Rollers
Daisy DeathstarIG882011-01-18Space Coast Rocket Jockeys
Daisy Destroy82012-02-04BlackLand Rockin'K-Rollers
Daisy Destructo 2008-03-16Lehigh Valley Rollergirls
Daisy Dillinger42010-07-05Peace Region Roller Dolls
Daisy Dioxin262008-09-12London Rollergirls
Daisy Dirt Nap72012-04-09Central New York Roller Derby
Daisy Disintegrate-her872010-07-15Royal City Rollergirls
Daisy Diva 2010-11-14Mississippi Brawl Stars
Daisy Do-Wrong372010-01-11Greenville Derby Dames
Daisy Does Derby21122009-09-23Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Daisy Doom62011-05-25TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Daisy Duke-Nukem1012009-08-10Elm City Derby Damez
Daisy Duke-ya12010-11-28Skyland Roller Girls
Daisy Dukes-A-Lot 2010-04-12Rushmore Rollerz
Daisy Dukes-It-Out012008-09-02GTA Rollergirls
Daisy DukesUp38D2009-04-29Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Daisy DynamiteAK472012-01-30Hammer City Roller Girls
Daisy Fever132006-08-01Girls Rollin in the South (GRITS)
Daisy Freight Train252011-03-25Long Island Roller Rebels
Daisy Graves132011-05-13Heart of Appalachia Roller Derby
Daisy Hatchet 2008-02-28Grand Raggidy Roller Girls
Daisy Jones ClockHer7 Seas2010-01-21Jacksonville Roller Girls
Daisy JukeCJ-72011-09-04Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
Daisy Mae Damage67 Lonestar Rollergirls
Daisy Mae Duke-HerCJ72011-10-11Angels of Anarchy
Daisy Mae Shock Ya!9vlt2011-12-18Aloha City Rollers
Daisy Mayhem6652006-08-27Omaha Rollergirls
Daisy MeRollin262011-11-22Cardiff Roller Collective
Daisy Nuke222007-05-16Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Daisy Pain052011-04-28Imposters Rollergirls
Daisy Pukes150cc2008-08-12South Side Roller Derby
Daisy Pusher6ft under2008-05-21Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Daisy Rage1/1372006-09-01Carolina Rollergirls
Daisy Shoots0.3572009-12-15Assassination City Roller Derby
Daisy Slay1872011-03-11Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
Daisy Wallbanger1262011-07-21Murder City Roller Girls
Daizee Haze602009-10-14TBD (delete 8/29/13)
Daizee Haze * 2009-04-23Three Rivers Roller Derby
Daizy Blow002011-06-22Evolution Rollergirls
Daizy Chainz15 Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Daizy Derailment19172011-11-16Black Rose Rollers
Daizy Maim162010-06-04Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
Dakota D. Stroya7012008-03-17Dockyard Derby Dames
Dakota Slammingzer02009-06-19Steel City Derby Demons
Dakota Terror102011-12-01Switchblade RollerGrrrls
Dalai Harmer (The)1082010-09-10London Rollergirls
Dalai Slam'er2772010-05-23Canberra Roller Derby
Dale Caa Terete!772011-09-01Barcelona Roller Derby
Dalektable LuLu8052011-11-11Mouse river rollers
Daley Dose800mg2011-07-27Steel City Derby Demons
Dali D272012-02-05Enchanted Mountain Roller Derby
Dali Madison18k TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Dali Ram-Ya (The)54462010-11-18Border City Brawlers
Dalill Crusher000h2010-03-29Okanagan Shuswap Roller Derby Association
Dallas MaliceOld No. 72006-10-05Star City Rollergirls
Dallas Scars1 _ in2011-11-21Dallas Derby Devils
Dam Derby Doll 2010-07-10La Crosse Skating Sirens
Dam Doll6082010-10-13LaCrosse Skating Sirens
Damage Director 2011-08-29Sis-Q Rollerz
Damage Inc.11112011-09-01Chinook City Roller Derby
Damage Lolita10112011-10-13Smokin' Diablas Derby Girls
Damage Magnet21212011-07-27Latrobe City Roller Derby
Damage Noted796.212010-08-04Flint City Derby Girls
Damage Patch Doll9912010-05-24Dragon City Derby Dolls
Damage Patch Kid 2011-11-16Jet City Rollergirls
Damage dahlxoxo2006-05-12Steel City Derby Demons
Damage, Incorporated 2011-05-04Red Stick Roller Derby
Damanda Respect6752010-01-15W.A. Roller Derby
Damanda Tension12007-05-27Humboldt Roller Derby
Dame Bramaged780.012008-11-19Charm City Roller Girls
Dame Deviant796.212006-04-21Lava City Roller Dolls
Dame Duke19795/14/12Copenhagen Roller Derby
Dame Edna Hemorrhage19552010-12-09Brussels Derby Pixies
Dame Fear Her Limbs19422011-06-28Seaside Siren Roller Girls
Dame Fear O'Lynch452011-08-05TBD (delete 8/29/13)
Dame Gerous.38 Special2007-09-26Burning River Roller Girls
Dame Grohl952011-02-11NJ Hellrazors
Dame Ian<20252012-03-06Mad Wreckin' Dolls
Dame Judi BenchM2011-11-26Mad Rollin Dolls
Dame Judi WenchREF2010-03-11Jet City Rollergirls
Dame Mustaine5022010-08-11Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Dame O'Shame19902011-01-09South Central Roller Girls
Dame Over 2010-09-28Windy City Rollers
Dame Right 2010-04-21Lowcountry Highrollers
Dame Rumble8792011-04-05Bay City Rollers
Dame Sangre02011-12-02Twin City Derby Girls
Dame Shirley Bashey332010-02-20Brisbane City Rollers
Dame ThrowerM12011-02-22Brandywine Roller Girls
Dame Visceral Flux 2010-06-07Southern Illinois Roller Girls
Dame Von Pain632011-10-11Athens Ohio Roller Derby
Dame of Doom34DD2010-12-02MTL Roller Derby
Dame of PainSTAFF2011-12-05Towns Villains Roller Derby
Dame of Reckoning 2010-06-23FoCo Girls Gone Derby
Dame of Thrones332012-01-12Seaside Siren Roller Girls
Dame of the Grohl1x12011-12-15Burn City Rollers
Dames BondStaff2010-09-02Charlottesville Derby Dames
Damiana Devilhorns495-30-12Albany All Stars Roller Derby
DamitYimmy 2011-08-17Brighton Roller Dollz
Dammed Beaver6662011-10-26Rez City Rollers
Dammit Jammit7112012-04-20Treasure Valley Rollergirls
Dammit JaneUBJ-42008-09-05Lost Highway Roller Derby
Damn Neesia532011-04-14Cherry City Derby Girls
Damn Right!42010-08-08Northern Rivers Roller Derby
Damn Yankee18652008-11-15Soul City Sirens
Damnaged Goods80 Brewcity Bruisers
Damnit Janet*692007-12-26Black-n-Bluegrass Rollergirls
DamnzelSly462009-09-10Minnesota Roller Girls
Damona Dangerous5235/16/12West Texas Roller Dollz
Damsel172006-06-01Dead City Rollers
Damsel Doomsday 2012-06-06Prairieland Punishers
Damsel FliesREF2008-05-02Gainesville Roller Rebels
Damsel Mass Occur12342012-04-13One World Roller Derby
Damsel N'Detest22011-07-13Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
Damsel giv'n DistressSoS2011-09-16Suburbia Roller Derby
Damsel in Dis' DressG62011-12-19Peterborough Roller Derby League
Damsel in Disgrace192011-08-27Northern Lightning Rollergirls
Damsel of D'Tension442008-02-06Kansas City Roller Warriors
Damsel of Destruction4042012-06-13Twin State Derby
Damsel of Distress13372012-01-20Gold City Roller Girls
Damya Bagley352012-02-01Hel'z Belles
Damzel Dozer 2006-04-28Grand Strand Rollergirls
Dan Archy9992011-06-15Kansas City Banked Beauties
Dan Da ManSTAFF2011-11-08Fort Wayne Derby Girls
Dan Gelah472012-02-29Roller Derby Manchester
Dan GleibitzSTAFF2012-01-12Seaside Siren Roller Girls
Dan Halen19842011-08-15Richter City Roller Derby
Dan Sin Queen192010-11-28Northern Brisbane Rollers
Dan-J-Err80862011-04-04Preston Roller Girls
Dan-O-Manic-12007-11-23Indian River Derby Girls
DanNoWarREF2010-11-04Winnipeg Roller Derby
DanZigZag10-312011-07-11Angel City Derby Girls
Dana Bebitched12042011-04-05Sugar Loathe Derby Girls
Dana BeckD132011-03-09Assassination City Roller Derby
Dana Insana472009-08-16Rideau Valley Roller Girls
Dana Mexicana 2011-10-05Ruhrpott Roller Girls
Dana Reece402011-12-01Carolina Real Steel Rollergirls
Dana Scullcrusherarea512012-04-18Niagara Roller Girls
Dana Skully51502010-09-29Siskiou Roller League
Danamite Blow732011-06-07Central Coast Roller Derby
DanatelloREF2011-02-17Clarence Valley Roller Derby
Dances With Zebras 2011-08-21Brussels Derby Pixies
Dandy Whorehole22010-05-24Dragon City Derby Dolls
DandyLion 2011-10-11Kingston Derby Girls
Dane JerisREF2009-09-05Glass City Rollers
Daneurysm862009-05-18Wakey Wheeled Cats
Dangel Rock'n'Roll6662009-11-04Graveyard Queens
Danger Agent992011-07-21South Sea Roller Derby
Danger Ally112007-03-03The Fanny Pack
Danger Babe172012-03-08River Demons Roller Girls
Danger Chic72011-09-21Suncoast Quad Squad
Danger Curvesahead362008-09-17Denver Roller Dolls
Danger DangerREF2008-11-16Richter City Roller Derby
Danger Dani0072011-09-13Bash Valley Clobber Girls
Danger Darling192006-10-25Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
Danger DaveREF2010-03-29Okanagan Shuswap Roller Derby Association
Danger Duck2732011-05-01Hot Wheel Roller Derby
Danger Fling565/14/12Copenhagen Roller Derby
Danger GirlL8R2008-04-25Triple Threat Derby Girls
Danger Graves 2012-04-18Emerald City Roller Girls
Danger Jane6662011-04-03Ark Valley High Rollers
Danger Kitty9Lives2009-09-08Mission City Brawlin Betties
Danger Meowch 2011-05-06Darwin Roller Girls
Danger Mouse142006-08-04Hammer City Roller Girls
Danger Mouth552008-07-14Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Danger Muffin3752011-02-04B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Danger Prone DaphneStaff2011-03-25Long Island Roller Rebels
Danger Ranger122011-07-28Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby
Danger Sister132011-04-28Bembel Town Rollergirls
Danger Skates!2652011-05-04E-Ville Roller Derby
Danger SkullypH 1.02010-03-11Towns Villains Roller Derby
Danger Spouse 2011-08-15Richter City Roller Derby
Danger ZoneREF2007-06-09Arizona Rollergirls
DangerUSdani4802010-11-15Hillsdale Roller Derby Girls
DangerX TrickX 2011-11-20Undead Bettys
DangeraffeREF2011-10-17North East Roller Derby
Dangerass112012-02-21Newcastle Roller Derby
Dangercat60 elite2011-01-02Calgary Roller Derby Association
DangeresqueMC52009-08-25Cherry City Derby Girls
Dangerous Beans182011-06-04South West Angels of Terror
Dangerous Curves55mph2009-10-29Western NJ Outlaws
Dangerous Dahlia 2007-09-06Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Dangerous Danger8832009-02-12London Rollergirls
Dangerous Daugharthy32007-04-19Mid Iowa Rollers
Dangerous Dave ZellersCoach2012-03-08River Demons Roller Girls
Dangerous Devochka38DD2011-05-13Bisman Bombshellz
Dangerous Leigh A'zon50731452007-09-08Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Dangerous Person9992010-11-29Seaside Siren Roller Girls
Dangler (The) 2010-12-06Hard Knox Roller Derby
Dangling Chad 2008-05-21Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Dani Dangerously7132006-09-21Arizona Rollergirls
Dani De Vil152011-05-16Republic of Korea Derby
Dani DeBeatoDrrty 302010-07-08Cedar Valley Derby Divas
Dani Demolition722010-05-12Brisbane City Rollers
Dani Demonic6662011-02-18Fiend Queens Roller Derby
Dani Destroy'er 2011-04-28Imposters Rollergirls
Dani Dynamite3-2-12010-01-03Columbia QuadSquad
Dani Get Your Guns 2011-01-26Windy City Rollers
Dani Hellrazor 2011-05-15Margaret River Roller Derby
Dani Killafornia49er2008-09-25Dutchland Rollers
Dani Kommando30 odd 62011-05-24Kingsford Krush
Dani L Bo Hitz7472011-07-07Prince Albert Roller Derby
Dani Lion102011-10-15Lansing Derby Vixens
Dani Longlegs 2010-10-25Terminal City Rollergirls
Dani Maul19162007-06-19San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Dani Ocean18752010-01-27Chesapeake Roller Derby
Dani Rockets332009-06-06Mid-State Sisters of Skate
Dani of the Dead 2012-04-16Tallahassee Rollergirls
Danica McKiller3142010-02-15Naptown Roller Girls
Danica SmacktrikIndy 5002010-11-12North Texas Derby Revolution
Danicatastrophe-30-2012-01-07Crown City Rollerz
Danie Crush'em23072010-04-13Green Valley Rollergirls
Daniel BoomREF2011-06-24OKC Wolf Pack
Danielle Ruckus999 Providence Roller Derby
Danielle SteelToe 2007-04-10Columbia QuadSquad
Danimal the Animal132011-04-14Palm Coast Roller Derby
Danimite 2011-11-15Cenla Derby Dames
Danke Shame9992011-11-11Oklahoma Victory Dolls
Danky Nuggz4202011-07-15Gulf Coast Roller Girls
Danni Danger4812008-01-18Molly Roger Rollergirls
Danni Defeato262011-01-03Jacksonville Roller Girls
Danni Sinferno1342011-03-08Flathead Valley Roller Derby
Dannii Miknockhers 2011-10-20Coffs Coast Derby
Danny Doom112011-03-20Nashville Rollergirls
Danny Fair PlayREF2012-02-05Casper's Deadly Ghosts Roller Girls
Dante 2011-01-12Walla Walla Sweets Roller Girls
Danya-DEE-licious36DD2011-07-09Magic City Rollers
DanzigerREF2010-02-15Naptown Roller Girls
Daphne Du Maulier2422011-03-09Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Daphne Von Danger240.082011-05-10Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Daphne du Gorier9052011-08-22Birmingham Blitz Dames
Dapper As' RefREF2011-10-26San Angelo Roller Girls League
Daq in the Box62011-03-01Rolling Hills Derby Dames
Dar the Star172010-11-23Harbour City Rollers
Dar2 D2Episode IV North Texas Derby Revolution
Dara Devil 2006-11-26Sac City Rollers
Dara Licks67 Philly Rollergirls
Dara Sheblows2535-29-12Dockyard Derby Dames
Darby Dagger51502012-06-09Angel City Derby Girls
Darby Doll312010-01-20Lake City Roller Dolls
Darby O'Kill452011-04-12Prison City Derby Dames
Darby Smash772010-03-11Hellgate Rollergirls
Darby Thrash172010-05-27Monterey Bay Derby Dames
Darc Ally Kat682009-08-07TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Darcey Hustle282007-11-08Middlesbrough Milk Rollers
Darci Danger16952011-02-21Naughty Pines Derby Dames
Darcy Cash 2008-03-25Pacific Roller Derby
Darcy Rant23 Rat City Rollergirls
Darcy Smash772011-01-03South Coast Roller Derby
Darcy Van Deelen65/15/12SINtral Valley Derby Girls
Dare E Eryn772012-02-21Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls
Dare E. Air Damager352011-01-04NV East Roller Girls
Dare For Moorestaff2009-08-11Fort Wayne Derby Girls
Daredevil Dani23jr2009-01-27Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Daria Blake422011-04-11Brussels Derby Pixies
Daria Organ Duffer 2011-10-16Valleys Roller Dolls
Dark Raider472011-10-31Squamish Roller Derby
Dark Angel772011-08-13TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Dark Crystal0002009-02-10Atlanta Rollergirls
Dark Empress-6'2007-02-24Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Dark Enigma32008-09-02Rogue Rollergirls
Dark Horse 2011-03-23Ark Valley High Rollers
Dark Matter-12011-12-03Tyne and Fear Roller Derby
Dark Passion Play112011-04-28Hammer City Roller Girls
Dark Phoenix1592012-03-27Flathead Valley Roller Derby
Dark Princess0252011-07-02Buenos Aires Roller Derby
Dark RiderREF2008-08-15Northern Brisbane Rollers
Dark Side of the Womb 2011-05-17Rose City Rollers
Dark Slide2 fer2008-10-03Green Mountain Derby Dames
Dark Star152011-02-02Paradise Roller Girls
Dark Vader542012-03-05River City Rollergirls
Dark WolfREF2006-11-13LOCO Roller Derby
Dark n Stormy100 proof2010-04-15Providence Roller Derby
Darkness Visible622009-10-02Green Mountain Derby Dames
Darkside Roller472011-03-11Eastern Iowa Outlaws
Darla DaredevilV82009-05-12LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Darla Darkside9022010-12-24CCDD
Darla DeVill192010-06-27Orange County Roller Girls
Darla Derringer222010-02-11Fog City Rollers
DarlaMay Kickass6222011-12-20Grand Junction Roller Girls
Darlene Carnage6662011-08-08Dublin Roller Girls
Darlin DeVicious4445-25-12Mother City Mayhem Roller Derby
Darlin Devaskate442011-07-28NorCal Rollergirls
Darlin Dixie72007-12-14Honolulu Derby Girls
Darlin Gory2.02012-02-01Hel'z Belles
Darlin' Clementine 2007-01-25Riverside Rollergirls
Darlin' Macfarlane122012-04-16Revelstoke Roller Derby Association
Darling Decay 2009-01-07Renegade Rollergirls (Rogue, OR)
Darling Doom302011-09-21ToadSuck Derby Dames
Darling Dotty 2011-04-15Harbour City Rollers
Darling Nikki14 Mad Rollin' Dolls
Darmonatrix 2008-12-12Romsey Town Rollerbillies
Darrah-lict 2007-06-28Emerald City Roller Girls
Darrel Good Calls 2010-12-22Jet City Rollergirls
Darryl B. PayneStats2009-11-06Darlings of Destruction
Dartful Badger (The) 2011-06-18LOCO Roller Derby
Darth Bob0072011-05-26Antihero Derby Alliance
Darth Brawl11382009-10-15Renegade Rollergirls (CA)
Darth Hater13 Philly Rollergirls
Darth HeadWreckerDL-442012-04-02Stockholm Roller Derby
Darth Invader42007-03-23New York Shock Exchange
Darth JaggerREF2011-09-30NEO Jr. Roller Derby
Darth Maul'Her11382007-03-16Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Darth Maul'icious19832007-09-17Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Darth MaullyVIII2008-11-12Radioactive City Rollergirls
Darth ShannonigansV8R2011-11-20Undead Bettys
Darth SkaterVIII Rat City Rollergirls
Darth VidaV82010-11-27W.A. Roller Derby
Darth Vixen52007-02-20DC Rollergirls
Darth VladR22011-10-13Charlottesville Derby Dames
Darth WicketStaff2010-08-19Gulf Coast Rollergirls
Darth Zombie9122010-01-27Star City Rollergirls
Darth ada19772010-07-14Northside Rollers
Darthsebious132011-04-19Manchester Roller Derby
Dartzy Crash1012008-12-04Rose City Rollers
Darva Cet500mg2009-05-11Southern Oregon Rollergirls
Darwin's Wrath2pr2011-05-01Oakland Derby Diamonds
Darwinian Fury98.772011-05-06Rodeo City Rollergirls
Daryk Valkyrie62010-12-10Assassination City Roller Derby
Das Baroness772006-09-25River City Rollergirls
Das Bich632010-05-21Lilac City Rollergirls
Das Boot-y64oz2010-11-20Olympia Underground Derby
Das Id272006-12-14Reedy River Roller Girls
Das Wunderkind 2010-11-29Jet City Rollergirls
Dash Assault1/8 tsp2008-11-03TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Dash Brand-A-Hooch 2010-11-17Richland County Regulators
Dash Punk 2009-05-02Austin Derby Brats: Texas Rollergirls' Junior League
Dashing DeMenaceREF5-22-12Black Diamond Dames of PA/NY
Dasterdly D172011-01-18Sintral Florida Derby Demons
Daterape Dawn 2008-05-14Magnolia Roller Vixens
DauFiend3182009-12-03TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Daughter of Slaughter792007-11-26Summit City Rollers
Daurty Jewelz11142011-12-28North Texas Derby Revolution
Dave Atonement122011-03-07Race City Rebels Roller Derby
Dave BrawlingsREF2010-02-24San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Dave Growl3692011-11-10Wakey Wheeled Cats
Dave Thisb00m2011-04-13Cardiff Roller Collective
Dave the Ravenone Derby Rotten Scoundrels
Dave-a-StratorAM3182011-01-02Rock City Riot
Davey Blockit9292007-02-15Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Davey Bones 2011-07-07Mountain Gateway Sisterhood of Steel
Davey Jones' Blocker36-D2007-08-15Molly Roger Rollergirls
David Awesome Explosion92008-07-10Man's Ruin Roller Derby
David Copafeel 2006-11-22TBD (delete 6/27/13)
David Deck'em6192010-07-02Leeds Roller Dolls
David Feck'emREF2011-02-02Burning River Roller Girls
David Hassle Her OffREF2009-05-21Jersey Shore Roller Girls
David Smashelhoff19822010-06-21Twin Cities Terrors
Davie DarkoREF5-22-12Roc City Roller Derby
DavisREF2011-09-30TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Davy Jones782006-08-04Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
Davy Rock-Hit2142011-03-14Snake Pit Derby Dames
Dawn B. Cruel322011-04-05Royal City Rollergirls
Dawn Cherry13132011-12-20CCDD
Dawn Corleone4-56202006-09-25River City Rollergirls
Dawn Draper492011-05-01Halifax Roller Derby
Dawn Gin Masterd202010-01-11Southern Illinois Roller Girls
Dawn K Kong8bit2010-05-02Lansing Derby Vixens
Dawn L tramp1872008-09-28Disaster City Roller Girls
Dawn Mower (The)112010-03-01Chicago Outfit
Dawn Raid5AM2012-04-30London Rollergirls
Dawn Razor 2010-09-17Victorian Roller Derby
Dawn Solo11382011-04-11Rat City Rollergirls
Dawn Ting 2011-03-27Windy City Rollers
Dawn U Go122009-08-28Santa Maria Roller Girls
Dawn of Valhalla72011-12-05Harrisburg Area Roller Derby
Dawn of the Shred46&22009-03-25Treasure Valley Rollergirls
Dawn-A-Roll882011-03-03Timber Town Derby
DawnTaze Inferno77342010-03-10Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
Dawna D. GenerateDGNR82011-09-23Dead Girl Derby
Dawna Despair432010-02-20Olympia Underground Derby
Dawna Destruction 2007-09-24Lonestar Rollergirls
Dawnie Brasco502012-04-26Grey Bruce Roller Derby
Dawny Darko2862006-09-25Retirement Association for Derby
Dax Wilphall 2007-05-11Lonestar Rollergirls
Day O' WreckoningREF2009-01-23Humboldt Roller Derby
Day Z Duk'em3652008-10-29Pikes Peak Derby Dames
Day'tona5002010-04-26South Jersey Derby Girls
DayGlo Divine 2007-03-12Charm City Roller Girls
Dayglo Dago47 Windy City Rollers
Daytona Beotch3862006-05-12Jacksonville Roller Girls
Dayzee A'Dare14DD2010-01-15W.A. Roller Derby
Daze X. Machina 2011-05-02Wreckin Roller Rebels
Daze YaBoo00695/6/12City of Fists Rollergirls
Dazed and Contused 2010-08-13McLean County MissFits
Dazer 2007-01-18Sioux Falls Roller Dollz
Dazey Confused232011-06-01Royal Windsor Roller Girls
Dazey Lovedirt0072011-10-11Athens Ohio Roller Derby
Dazey Thunder272010-06-29Sheffield Steel Rollergirls
Dazy Disaster532009-04-08Naptown Roller Girls
Dazzle Spank252012-02-07Carson Victory Rollers
Dazzler1302011-11-13Calgary Roller Derby Association
De La Morte882010-07-14Victorian Roller Derby
De Lirium301.92008-11-19Chinook City Roller Derby
De Ranged272007-12-25Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
De Sade Her (The)REF2008-02-05Slaughter County Roller Vixens
De Tail Her282012-06-07West Kootenay Women's Roller Derby
De ja noo2222012-02-13Bristol Roller Derby
De'Clared Violent812010-11-13TBD (delete 8/29/13)
De'vicious Rock052010-06-30Madison Junior Derby Divas
De-Bri7372012-02-21Newcastle Roller Derby
De-Icide3.62009-11-24Van Diemen Rollers
De-Virginator6972011-10-08Peterborough Roller Derby League
DeAnarchy 2011-05-26Barry County Black Heart Maidens
DeBella DeBall12am2009-01-27Texas Rollergirls
DeBitche Mode3132009-05-03Winnipeg Roller Derby
DeCapiLady992010-12-13Pottstown Roller Derby Rockstars
DeClaire da Pain0002011-04-05Victorian Roller Derby
DeFemme-AtionP32011-06-20Fair City Rollers
DeJennerative Disease922011-11-12Inland Empire Derby Divas
DeL'Stroy1552011-05-10Tiger Bay Brawlers
DeManda Brawl142010-02-16Winnipeg Roller Derby
DeRange DeFrange642012-06-07Clarksville Roller Derby
DeSepticon19842011-02-26Eerie Roller Girls
DeViant BehaVior282006-12-17Jacksonville Roller Girls
Dea Tha Dead11012011-10-27Hell Rio Rollers
DeaLyn Daisies132011-05-26Barry County Black Heart Maidens
Deacon Taminate 2012-01-22Classic City Rollergirls
Dead Beat Daisy192010-03-22Dead End Derby
Dead Betty132010-04-15Crossroads City Derby
Dead Brownie232011-10-16Tarragona Roller Derby
Dead Carolina9m2011-07-04River City Rollers
Dead Disco40oz2010-01-21Saskatoon Roller Derby
Dead End Allie2x42006-10-20TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Dead Eye Dukes02012-01-04NOtown Roller Derby
Dead Eye HuntHer6822010-07-21Rubber City Rollergirls
Dead Fall42011-04-29Mountain Mauler's Roller Derby
Dead Girl Superstar952011-08-16Apple City Roller Derby
Dead Hooks11382011-08-11Angel City Derby Girls
Dead Kennah D.7x702010-06-29Burlington Bombers Roller Derby
Dead Lee52007-08-29Bexar County Roller Girls
Dead Lee Danni9112009-03-04Eastern Iowa Outlaws
Dead Pan Lil 2012-04-05Shanghaied Roller Dolls
Dead Poet6862010-03-29Okanagan Shuswap Roller Derby Association
Dead Prudence1872010-11-02Cape Fear Roller Girls
Dead SeriousREF2012-02-13Savannah Derby Devils
Dead Skin912012-01-19Savanna Foxes Roller Derby Bras'lia
Dead Wreckoning6662010-10-04Ohio Valley Roller Girls
Dead Wringher3942010-06-09Fort Myers Derby Girls
Dead Zepplin202011-03-21Cheyenne Capidolls Roller Derby
Dead'lee Red232011-09-18Northern Brisbane Rollers
DeadLila62010-08-06North Star Roller Girls
DeadMeat6682007-07-16Northern Brisbane Rollers
Deadamame16oz2011-06-24Tahoe Derby Dames
Deadeye Knight422008-01-09Ohio Roller Girls
Deadie Page992009-09-25Naptown Roller Girls
Deadlee Lil Secret 2011-11-16Alamo City Rollergirls
Deadlie MercuryD202010-06-21Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
Deadliest Snatch222008-09-24Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Deadline 2010-04-09Jet City Rollergirls
Deadlock Doe333 Oly Rollers
Deadly Aim.222007-01-10Oly Rollers
Deadly Ass-assin 2010-03-02Palmerston North Roller Girls
Deadly Belladonna3492011-10-06BoomTown Brawlettes Roller Derby
Deadly Boop902011-11-01Wasatch Roller Derby
Deadly Carm1052011-09-05Croydon Roller Derby
Deadly Curves452008-08-11Belle City Roller Girls
Deadly Cyn07 Texas Rollergirls
Deadly DeVito0.52010-02-10London Rockin Rollers
Deadly Diva 2012-01-25Bundaberg City Rollers
Deadly Double D1172012-01-14South Simcoe Rebel Rollers
Deadly Drag-on9992012-01-16Bin City Brutalion
Deadly Gear<32010-10-04709 Derby Girls
Deadly Iris92010-02-10Green Country Roller Girls
Deadly Jenzyme232008-02-14Tri City Roller Girls
Deadly Longlegs2X42010-07-14Victorian Roller Derby
Deadly Loxx6662009-10-27Red Deer Roller Derby Association
Deadly Lynds72011-07-27Latrobe City Roller Derby
Deadly Nedly6612008-09-22Leeds Roller Dolls
Deadly NightshadeN-CH32007-02-01B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Deadly Pace122006-03-01Sintral Florida Derby Demons
Deadly Sindy0072011-05-10Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Deadly Swallows16192012-01-01K-Town Derby Dolls
Deadly Sweet24/72010-10-12Bath City Roller Derby
Deadly Wheels222011-07-02Metropolitan Roller Derby
Deadlycious Skullcake992012-02-04BlackLand Rockin'K-Rollers
Deadspou595/6/12Oxford Roller Derby
Deadstiny4192012-02-29Prison City Derby Dames
Deadtime Story192010-08-13Central New York Roller Derby
Deadw8 Po10t8REF2010-11-10Maine Roller Derby
Deadwood6052012-06-11Lincoln Land Roller Derby
Deaf Jam922012-01-26Charm City Roller Girls
Deaf Rattle 2011-07-12Hard Knox Rollergirls
Deafiant Diva1112010-05-27Long Beach Roller Derby
Deafleopard 2011-08-12North Texas Derby Revolution
Deagan Graves6' under2008-11-06Bellingham Roller Betties
Dean Ranged (cleared)Coach2008-04-17Palm Beach Rollergirls
Deana Mean4.02009-04-29Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Deanna Brawl762009-02-02Olympia Underground Derby
Deanna Destroi17012010-02-10CCDD
Deanne T Krist102009-02-05Rogue Rollergirls
Death Angel1132009-07-17Gold Coast Roller Derby
Death Ann Devastation20122010-03-06Elm City Derby Damez
Death Beat'her72011-08-26Capital City Rollers
Death Blossom0072010-03-05Vette City Roller Derby
Death By Charlotte 2011-10-16Valleys Roller Dolls
Death By Chocolate69 Houston Roller Derby
Death By Kitty1872008-05-02Green Country Roller Girls
Death By Sexy1.21 Gigawatts2007-10-14Man's Ruin Roller Derby
Death By Sparrow0072008-11-25Battle Born Derby Demons
Death Cab Dixie 2010-11-29Jet City Rollergirls
Death Cab for Traci4052012-01-22Texarkana Roller Derby League
Death Cake For Cutie7LYR2009-06-19Steel City Derby Demons
Death D'FireM1A12011-04-29Beach Brawl Sk8r Dolls
Death D. Moana1112010-06-07Bay Rollers
Death Ditto44Q2011-03-13Severn Roller Torrent
Death HekeE9952011-08-15Richter City Roller Derby
Death Knellie 2011-07-25Windy City Rollers
Death LeporardRetired 3/12/142008-01-23Sacred City Derby Girls
Death Magnet692010-12-07Sinvercargill Savages Roller Derby
Death Metal Dozer1872011-02-20Arizona Rollergirls
Death Note352009-03-18Central Oklahoma Roller Derby Assoc.
Death PenaltyREF2011-09-06Nantes Derby Girls
Death Petal772012-01-16Bin City Brutalion
Death Proof 2008-10-15Burning River Roller Girls
Death Race Darby132010-11-04Reign Valley Vixens
Death ReaperREF5/4/12Sulphur City Steam Rollers
Death Ro862006-08-01Duke City Derby
Death Rochelle62011-09-21Shoreline Roller Derby
Death Rogue152011-06-30Green Country Roller Girls
Death Row Doll1872009-06-14Newcastle Roller Derby
Death Schrader7892011-05-06Okanagan Shuswap Roller Derby Association
Death Song Corbie 2011-08-24NV East Roller Girls
Death Toll Diva682009-12-05Vidor, Texas Roller Derby League
Death Trace20002011-02-23MK Roller Derby
Death Trap Diva772012-01-12Whiskey Renegade Rollers
Death Valee1062011-01-10Springfield Rollergirls
Death Vallery451F2006-04-21Lonestar Rollergirls
Death Valley O'Malley9992010-06-21Croydon Roller Derby
Death Wish Doll7052009-11-17Derby Revolution of Bakersfield
Death and Tactless102011-10-22Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Death by Cheese13X2012-04-13L.A. Junior Derby Dolls
Death by Daisy12010-09-15South Sound Sk8rgirlz
Death by Design20002007-12-14Pacific Roller Derby
Death by Disco542010-02-23Adelaide Roller Derby
Death by Dollface152007-09-17Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Death by Ginger172011-04-13Portland Men's Roller Derby
Death by Roxy6962008-10-03Green Mountain Derby Dames
Death from Below5.22008-10-08Rideau Valley Roller Girls
Death n D'Kay13372010-04-19Swansea City Slayers
Death of All Proportions52010-08-14Twin Cities Junior Roller Derby
DeathBot 2010-11-04Lane County Concussion
DeathPlague28 days later2012-01-31Hartford Area Roller Derby
DeathRae82009-02-03Fort Myers Derby Girls
DeathStar3472009-02-11Jacksonville Roller Girls
DeathalizerPlan 92007-09-13Denver Roller Dolls
Deathany6662006-07-23Charm City Roller Girls
Deathbird99%2012-01-29Rock Island Rollers
Deathclutch3332011-10-12Saskatoon Roller Derby
Deathica Steele2132007-08-01Arch Rival Roller Girls
Deathither19982011-10-07One World Roller Derby
Deathly Harlow11-52011-06-26Assassination City Roller Derby
Deathly Innocent 2010-10-25Terminal City Rollergirls
Deathro Tull1872008-12-31Twin Cities Terrors
Deathrollher172011-11-20Sirens Of Smash Roller Derby Nelson Bays
Deathrose282009-06-14Rainy City Roller Dolls
Deathrow BethRetired2008-02-14Tri City Roller Girls
Deathrow Dutchess 2008-02-18South Jersey Derby Girls
Deathskull82008-06-19Atlanta Rollergirls
Deathwish Dena 2009-10-13Lonestar Rollergirls
Deb Arkle 2011-03-20Northern Rivers Roller Derby
Deb Autry 2008-10-21Windy City Rollers
Deb Crush01012008-09-14Assault City Roller Derby
Deb U Taunt14k2007-04-04Big Easy Rollergirls
Deb-o-Lition 2009-05-10Sydney Roller Derby League
Debaser662006-04-28Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Debaucherous Prime112010-04-16Stl Gatekeepers Roller Derby
Debbie D'Bruisa162011-04-27Ballarat Roller Derby
Debbie Darko002010-12-30Cornfed Derby Dames
Debbie Does Damage3D2007-11-11Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Debbie Does Malice3692008-05-13London Rollergirls
Debbie Downer972006-04-21Dallas Derby Devils
Debbie Getsome 2007-06-25South Jersey Derby Girls
Debbie Hatcher92010-10-04Ladies of Hell Town
Debbie Krueger14282008-11-04Central City Rollergirls
Debbie Scary222010-10-04Ohio Valley Roller Girls
Debbie TauntHer372011-06-20Albany All Stars Roller Derby
Debbieland19592012-03-22Orange County Roller Girls
Debby To Rumble552012-06-07West Kootenay Women's Roller Derby
Debby does 'D' Block692010-10-10Clarence Valley Roller Derby
Debi Does Dulles5712010-10-16NOVA Roller Derby
Debilit-Hater5362012-04-2710th Mountain Roller Dolls
DebinatorW6WI2012-04-20North Idaho Roller Derby
Debo-Lishun8302008-01-22Panama City Roller Derby
Debolition Dirty5942011-11-12Inland Empire Derby Divas
Deborah Hitz'em3122010-10-12Bath City Roller Derby
Debris Harry832011-03-09Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Debya Gore20002007-08-19Columbia QuadSquad
DecapKate5172010-07-16TBD (delete 7/5/13)
DecapitateHer222009-01-30Fort Lewis Bettie Brigade
Decepti Connie 2009-10-13Lonestar Rollergirls
DeceptiCat512011-01-03Muddy River Rollers
Deceptionist 2006-06-17Victoria Rollergirls
Deci-Belle1402010-08-11Fog City Rollers
Decidedly Unsweet9mm2011-02-02TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Decimator (The)REF2010-09-14Sis-Q Rollerz
DeckHerH8er7892011-03-22Brandywine Roller Girls
Decked'er MorganSuspicious 5042012-03-31Murder City Roller Girls
Deckher Wreckher252011-03-12Adelaide Roller Derby
Decon MoCoach2011-02-08Missile Mountain Roller Derby
Dede Truck'driver212012-03-14Di-Dollz Roller Derby
Dedly Weponz34DD Long Island Roller Rebels
Dee Activate Her19112010-12-08San Antonio Roller Derby
Dee B. Cooper200k2010-09-09Southern Illinois Roller Girls
Dee Bauchery40 oz. Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Dee Brawler5285-29-12Dockyard Derby Dames
Dee Bunz552011-01-09Sandusky Rollergirls
Dee Cap Attack-12011-04-11Rat City Rollergirls
Dee Cap-A-Skater8172006-10-02Rose City Rollers
Dee Ceiver 2007-04-11Fond Du Lac
Dee Composer802011-07-05South Island Sirens Roller Derby
Dee Deadpoint 2009-02-10Minnesota Roller Girls
Dee DeathorGlory0132011-10-02Tampere Rollin' Hos
Dee Dee A Mean 2008-08-12Eves of Destruction Roller Derby
Dee Dee Bustemup192010-03-17Mainland Misfits Roller Derby Association
Dee Dee Dynomite132012-02-03Rocket City Roller Girls
Dee Dee Lishous32011-12-05Towns Villains Roller Derby
Dee Dee Monic78 Rose City Rollers
Dee Dee O.S. Attack792012-02-25Assassination City Roller Derby
Dee Dee Smash142012-03-27Dunedin Derby
Dee Dee Tee742007-09-14Rideau Valley Roller Girls
Dee Dee X. Machina 2007-04-18Texas Rollergirls
Dee Fender262011-06-27Monterey Bay Derby Dames
Dee Fenestrate9.82008-11-11Roc City Roller Derby
Dee Fib360j2012-04-24Sis-Q Rollerz
Dee Fibrollater1_12008-12-17TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Dee Fightful 2008-01-31ICT Roller Girls
Dee Filer 2008-05-13Texas Rollergirls
Dee Grader1.02008-04-16Lafayette Brawlin' Dolls
Dee GreaserWD402009-12-16Detroit Derby Girls
Dee Injuria39 Adelaide Roller Derby
Dee Kay882010-08-10Wasatch Roller Derby
Dee Klair's War172010-06-09Dub City Derby Girls
Dee Klein222012-04-10SoCal Derby
Dee Kliner 2011-09-20GTA Rollergirls
Dee Krepid942010-03-22Rogue Rollergirls
Dee Lorean1.212010-04-21Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Dee LusionalH8U22009-04-11Hell City Rollergirls
Dee Merits1232008-11-11Rockford Rage
Dee Mon Eyez102012-03-26Whitsunday Derby
Dee Monica0.468055556 Windy City Rollers
Dee Moralizer.3572007-01-22Lava City Roller Dolls
Dee Mystify11022011-10-08Peterborough Roller Derby League
Dee NailerStaff2011-03-01Lehigh Valley Rollergirls
Dee Nasty9212009-09-29CT RollerGirls
Dee Nature272008-12-09Canberra Roller Derby
Dee Plorable992009-05-08Triple Sword Roller Girls
Dee Pravity4.02009-10-14Fox Cityz Foxz
Dee Ragon6dee32006-04-21Tragic City Rollers
Dee Railed92/962009-02-24Suburbia Roller Derby
Dee Rinkin'Old No. 7 Arch Rival Roller Girls
Dee SanguinateRetired 2/28/132010-01-08Chippewa Valley Roller Girls
Dee ShotcallaREF2008-07-22Savannah Derby Devils
Dee Sniper7.622006-04-21Oklahoma Victory Dolls
Dee Spies2 Cape Fear Roller Girls
Dee Stortion1 Louder2007-09-29Boston Derby Dames
Dee Stroya812007-01-15Reedy River Roller Girls
Dee StroyessF132011-05-15rocKArollers
Dee Struction862007-07-30Killamazoo Derby Darlins
Dee Strukt-Herr7772012-02-27Queen City Roller Girls
Dee Sturbed 2010-11-24Northern Brisbane Rollers
Dee Tension17 Rose City Rollers
Dee ToureI-942006-10-04Mad Rollin' Dolls
Dee ToxinREF Texas Rollergirls
Dee Troit8 mile2006-12-08San Diego Roller Derby
Dee Troit Diesel 2011-09-18Derby Lite
Dee Tsar Star1112011-11-10Wakey Wheeled Cats
Dee Viant187 Syndicate Roller Girls
Dee Vice232010-11-12Dallas Derby Devils
Dee Vine Proportions(1+5)/22008-03-21Providence Roller Derby
Dee Vious13372012-06-04Northside Fury Roller Derby
Dee Wrex8832011-08-01Junction City Roller Dolls
Dee ZastaCAT 52008-05-07Red Stick Roller Derby
Dee ZolvoRay+10XP2011-04-04Preston Roller Girls
Dee dee Hisser5652011-08-16SINtral Valley Derby Girls
Dee-Dee Dainja4112010-05-17Coastal Assassins Roller Derby
Dee-Dee Destroy-her1015sn2011-05-31Lowcountry Highrollers
Dee-Dee Speedy302011-07-02Metropolitan Roller Derby
Dee-Mise182009-06-23Rainy City Roller Girls
Dee-Threepio 2011-09-10Winnipeg Roller Derby League
Dee-daye Dolli4292010-11-13West Coast Derby Knockouts
DeeDee Longlegs32011-10-05Angel City Derby Girls
DeePraved2232010-01-17Rollergirls of Southern Indiana
DeeVent Diva10CT2011-01-02Eastern Iowa Outlaws
DeeVinyl Wreckords 2012-01-22Classic City Rollergirls
DeeWitcheD19682011-02-07Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
Deeder I do That 2011-01-21Roller Derby Anonymous Skate Club
DeedleJuice3332011-09-08Pikes Peak Derby Dames
Deemonseed3072010-12-12Belle City Roller Girls
Deep Dish Nitza3142010-08-17River City Rollergirls
Deep Fried Pixxie11022012-06-10Fierce Valley Roller Girls
Deep In Cider775 thrusts2009-10-29Central Mass Roller Derby
Deep Space Fine602011-12-28Molly Roger Roller Girls
DeepPSYXdarma62009-07-19SINtral Valley Derby Girls
Deer Head Joe 2010-04-05Dead Girl Derby
Deeva Coppafeel82010-06-27Dodge City Rollers
Deevil Ishhh6sixx62008-04-29Denver Roller Dolls
Deevil Knevil222012-01-04Gallatin Roller Girlz
Deevious DollB-122009-02-01Old Capitol City Roller Girls
Deevious Doxee1.2.52012-01-02Forx Roller Derby League
Deevious von Doom42008-03-07Man's Ruin Roller Derby
Deez Nutz56 Arizona Roller Derby
Def Jen Wreckers792010-11-17Bellingham Roller Betties
Def RefHardREF2010-03-15Free State Roller Derby
DefVon18242009-05-05TBD (delete 6/12/13)
DefeCaitlin22008-12-04Toronto Roller Derby
DefeKate 2011-08-08Walla Walla Sweets Roller Girls
Defeat Her Hayworth13312012-03-31Murder City Roller Girls
Deflower Power60s2009-01-20Demolition City Roller Derby
Defused Madness83 BPM2010-08-10Gothenburg Roller Derby
Degasaurus2372011-03-04Humboldt Roller Derby
DegreesMoon Tang60:122012-03-02Cedar Valley Derby Divas
Dehlia Dirty2222006-12-23Bellingham Roller Betties
Deicide Dollfie79/052009-01-29Torpedo Bay Roller Girls
Deirdra DeVour 2011-05-26Roaring Fork Roller Derby
Deity6662009-04-06Bedfordshire Rollergirls
Deja BruiseXX Southern Slayer Derby Dames
Deja Deadwards142010-02-26Mid Iowa Rollers
Deja Deja Vu11:112011-02-18AZ Derby Dames
Deja Dinger782010-12-07Eastern Iowa Outlaws
Deja VooDoo \992007-07-30Calgary Roller Derby Association
Deja Vu51502010-12-12Mid State Sisters of Skate
DejaBoo002010-12-01Cannibales Dolls
Dejenerate skate69 Inch nails5/2/12Assassination City Roller Derby
Dek_her50mu/mL2008-10-29Terminal City Rollergirls
Deka Dents1042007-05-07TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Del Bomber76 Detroit Derby Girls
Del DeckaHoe222011-05-23Southern Utah Derby
Delce DeLeche92010-06-10Rolling Hills Derby Dames
Delfin Punta03-Apr2009-03-29Demolition City Roller Derby
Deli Slicer082010-09-30Gold Coast Roller Derby
Delia Bruises6242012-02-24Flint City Derby Girls
Delia Damage332007-08-20Humboldt Roller Derby
Delia Death1872007-01-04KC Roller Warriors
Delia Doom92008-02-05Rocky Mountain Riot
Delia Pain24/72009-04-12Chattanooga Roller Girls
Delia VengeanceMinus 322008-04-08Dockyard Derby Dames
Delicate Flower10-42010-01-18Crown City Rollerz
Delicate Plow'herF-1502010-02-10CCDD
Delicately Devious822010-10-18A'Salt Creek Roller Girls
Delicious Demon0072011-08-09Hellgate Rollergirls
Delicious Malicious222011-03-12Furness Firecrackers
Delightfully Sinful7 Deadly Sins2012-01-14Hellions of Troy
Delilah Danger1872006-09-01Grand Raggidy Roller Girls
Delilah Decider19682012-01-12Angel City Derby Girls
Delilah Dread232010-11-22CT RollerGirls
Delilah Von Doom13132009-01-21Richter City Roller Derby
Delinquent Dollie40DD2010-08-19Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
Delirium Deluxxx8.5%2011-10-18Riverside Roller Belles
Delirium Dive912009-11-27Leeds Roller Dolls
Delirium Trigger21132010-03-15Cajun Rollergirls
Delirium of the Endless02011-04-20River Region Rollergirls
Delish Arse002012-03-12Light City Derby
Deliverer (The)102010-09-14Southern Oregon Rollergirls
Dell CaminoREF2011-05-16Whidbey Island Roller Girls
Dell from Hell 2010-08-11South Sound Sk8rgirlz
Della Destroyer 2010-11-24Monadnock Region Roller Derby
Della Terious 2007-12-19Rat City Rollergirls
Delmar the Disruptive12122011-01-21Girls Rollin in the South (GRITS)
Delta BadHandAA882011-03-03McLean County MissFits
Delta Blow36DD2008-11-11Dallas Derby Devils
Delta Indigo Echo132011-01-21Coffs Coast Derby
Delta Quad Runt7of92011-07-23Tiger Bay Brawlers
Delta Strike4X2010-09-01Bristol Roller Derby
Delta Tango2232011-11-01East Vic Roller Derby
Deltabred1-Twof2011-12-14Kokeshi Roller Dolls
Delux Racer 2011-05-28Montreal Mens Roller Derby
Deluxe Brutal762010-11-24Northern Brisbane Rollers
Delyria1032011-03-01Vette City Roller Derby
Demalecia Derby 2011-07-14Twin State Derby Upper Valley Vixens
Demand A Party24-72008-10-28Sudbury's Rock City Rollers
Demanda Answer3212011-10-12Burlington Bombers Roller Derby
Demanda Beatin'892006-03-07TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Demanda LashingS332011-12-31MTL Roller Derby
Demanda Lotta42010-10-03Capital City Rollers
Demanda Riot0:002007-02-01B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Demanda Rumble10.0+2007-06-05Atlanta Rollergirls
Demanda Slammin1162011-10-31VAN DIEMEN ROLLERS
Demanda Whippin'92010-06-08Houston Roller Derby
Demander2472010-09-08Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby
Demented Diva662010-01-12Cenla Derby Dames
Demented Little VillainDLV2011-03-19Big Easy Rollergirls
Dementia132005-01-20Assassination City Roller Derby
Dementia Darling342011-09-01Minnesota Roller Girls
Demeter Maid6:582008-01-17Indian River Derby Girls
Demi Automatic9mm2007-01-24Memphis Roller Derby
Demi Demon952011-07-26Rainy City Roller Dolls
Demi Gore1428 Atlanta Rollergirls
Demi Lition842008-10-10Kent Roller Girls
Demi Morgue11 Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Demirep762012-01-03Liverpool Roller Birds
Demo Blue Bus232009-11-19Dragon City Derby Dolls
Demo Darc102012-03-08River Demons Roller Girls
Democracy Inaction5382010-01-04Infinite Mass Roller Derby
Democrashe19742011-06-07Diamond Valley Roller Derby
Demolicious1 LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Demolissa 2010-05-27Sis-Q Rollerz
Demolition Barbie19592010-10-05Treasure Valley Rollergirls
Demolition Curvy882012-02-04Gem City Rollergirls
Demolition D'Bree1872011-09-23Red Bank Roller Vixens
Demolition Darcy5002012-02-27London Rockin Rollers
Demolition Dawn362006-03-29Toronto Roller Derby
Demolition Debby6003 Duke City Derby
Demolition Deedee34D2009-04-16Suncoast Quad Squad
Demolition Devilin 2011-08-20POW! TOWN ROLLER DERBY
Demolition Herbie532011-09-01Chinook City Roller Derby
Demolition Lover 2012-03-11North Texas Derby Revolution
Demolition Man 2011-03-24Portland Men's Roller Derby
Demolition PlanC42011-02-16Charlottesville Derby Dames
Demon A Lisa82008-07-22Dreadford Derby
Demon Buttercup82012-01-05Shrewsbury Roller Derby
Demon Cleaner (The)252011-07-17DuPage Derby Dames
Demon Core86G2012-04-01Birmingham Blitz Dames
Demon Dame50mgs2007-11-11Skyland Roller Girls
Demon Darlin'92008-10-16Junction City Roller Dolls
Demon Duck162011-12-04River Demons Roller Girls
Demon Screamin782010-07-05Peace Region Roller Dolls
Demon TT422011-11-12Mean Valley Roller Girls
Demon Wheels Dexter 2012-01-17Riptide Rollers
Demon all Burn29522011-03-01Seattle Derby Brats
Demon in the Rough 2010-03-29Harbour City Rollers
DemonEyezherREF2011-10-13Charlottesville Derby Dames
Demona912008-10-17Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Demona Dracule712008-10-01Rainy City Roller Girls
Demona Driver 2011-02-02Burning River Roller Girls
Demoness 2009-03-22Nashville Rollergirls
DemoniCally 2011-11-03Terminal City Rollergirls
Demonic Antidote6662009-03-18Green County Roller Girls
Demonic DelightT35K2010-03-06Elm City Derby Damez
Demonic Fry-Day132011-05-01Morgantown Roller Vixens
Demonica Lee472011-10-26San Angelo Roller Girls League
Demonica Lewinsky1182007-05-15DC Rollergirls
Demonica Mars292007-04-05Grand Raggidy Roller Girls
Demonik62009-02-24Northern Brisbane Rollers
Demonika Deckher6662009-04-16Mendocino County Roller Derby
Demonique Deluxe6662008-04-14Geelong Roller Derby League
Demonoid Phenomenon8152008-11-25Battle Born Derby Demons
Demonomia1382008-01-19Gainesville Roller Rebels
Demonyst662012-02-04BlackLand Rockin'K-Rollers
Demsel Destroyer3652010-01-21Spindletop Rollergirls
Demzie Hammer882012-01-12Parliament of Pain
Denali DiscoStaff2011-05-01Denali Destroyer Dolls
Denali Doom242011-03-25Pacific Roller Derby
DeniREF2007-11-11Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Denialator (The)8502011-07-07Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
Denim Destructor552007-05-21Victorian Roller Derby
Dennis The Red Menace32012-02-21Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
Dennis the Menace to Society 2006-11-06Chi*Town Sirens Roller Derby
Denominator (The)222006-09-10DC Rollergirls
DenominatrixxxStaff2010-03-05Vette City Roller Derby
Denouncer DudeStaff2010-05-12Northern Brisbane Rollers
Deny-Ya Twain192011-12-17San Fernando Valley Roller Derby
Depeche Mand1012010-12-25Evolution Rollergirls
Depeche Maud13372011-03-09Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Depraved Mourning232011-04-18Bisman Bombshellz
Depravid Bowieħ2010-06-21Twin Cities Terrors
Deputy Dirrty6-1-72008-04-01Jersey Shore Roller Girls
Deputy Drop Ya4802011-09-02Dead Girl Derby
Der T Dexter22011-02-07South County Derby Girls
Der Untergang92012-06-02Bodo Roller Derby
Deranged Phenomenon132011-08-11Tokyo Roller Girls
Derb-E-Holic222011-05-24Bayou Outlaw Roller Girls
Derbie Monster002011-09-12Twin Cities Terrors
DerbinatorBRB2009-11-12Demolition City Roller Derby
Derbius RefiusREF2011-04-01Twin City Derby Girls
Derbutante Diva272011-08-29Paradise Roller Girls
Derby Ash-HoleREF2009-08-20Energetic City Roller Derby
Derby Bitch692011-02-18Fiend Queens Roller Derby
Derby Blonde062011-04-13Monashee Roller Girls
Derby Crockett 2010-07-21Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Derby D's 2009-12-31Santa Cruz Derby Girls
Derby Dancer 2011-02-11Razor City Dolls
Derby Debri7772007-07-06Blazin' Banditas Roller Derby
Derby Deeds 2008-10-20Rated PG Rollergirls
Derby Devil Dog 2009-01-16Jacksonville Roller Girls
Derby Diggler 2011-12-21Red Stick Roller Derby
Derby Do-RightREF5-23-12Canberra Roller Derby
Derby DoggRef2010-08-13McLean County MissFits
Derby Dollface 2011-03-01South Island Sirens Roller Derby
Derby Duchess 2007-11-11South Dakota Roller Derby
Derby Gibson 2011-03-31Hub City Derby Dames
Derby Girl KillaREF2009-01-19Gold Coast Derby Grrls
Derby HowserMD972010-09-08McLean County MissFits
Derby Love! 2009-04-06Mid Michigan Derby Girls
Derby Martini5:002008-12-16MO-KAN Roller Girlz
Derby McGee72011-03-29Brighton Rockers Roller Derby
Derby MomStaff2010-09-14Southern Oregon Rollergirls
Derby Nerd (The)Staff2011-03-13Toronto Roller Derby
Derby No Name 2009-11-10Syndicate Roller Girls
Derby Old Man 2008-03-08Dixie Derby Girls
Derby Rodriguez02010-07-03Hawke's Bay Roller Derby
Derby Sanchez227 Philly Rollergirls
Derby ScarRef2012-03-19Black Mamba Junior Derby
Derby Spice52892010-08-12Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
Derby Stopout042009-05-10London Rockin Rollers
Derby Whisperer 2009-02-20Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Derby does Dallas34C2008-02-05Dutchland Rollers
Derby l!l Bytch36F2011-02-25Eastern Carolina Brawling Betties
DerbyRazziREF2011-09-30El Paso Roller Derby
DerbyliciousG62011-02-07TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Derek CheatHer 2007-08-29San Antonio Roller Derby
DerpetteOver90002012-04-18Niagara Roller Girls
Derrieress7172008-03-14Fox Cityz Foxz
Derringer.44 Texas Rollergirls
Des Demona11342006-08-04Cherry City Derby Girls
Des Troyher1872010-11-22Bayou Outlaw Roller Girls
Desecrator Dawn5222011-03-31Dirt City Roller Rats
Desert Demon312010-10-13Harbor Girls e.V.
Desgracia 2012-04-16Tropic Terrors Derby League
Desi Cration222 Texas Rollergirls
Desi Deathwish9992011-12-06Pile O'Bones Derby Club
Desi Dukes 2007-11-23Rat City Rollergirls
Desi Scarnaz90mi2009-06-26Atlanta Rollergirls
Desirage382011-09-20Varsity Derby
Desire DIE-r17192008-01-24Providence Roller Derby
Desire T'opposition6.92010-12-06Kokeshi Roller Dolls
Desiree Heltipay 2010-03-05Hub City Derby Dames
Desmo Destroyher9162010-08-16Cedar Valley Derby Divas
Desolation Rose02011-04-12Okaloosa Rollers
Desperada 2006-10-02Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Despiadada52011-07-02Metropolitan Roller Derby
Despicable D405/9/12Tweed Valley Rollers
Despicable Mimi332010-06-25Rideau Valley Roller Girls
Desquiciada 2010-11-13Anfetamina Roller Girls
Dessemation692010-02-06Rollergirls of Southern Indiana
Destiny Blaze4202007-07-07Pikes Peak Derby Dames
Destral172011-10-16Tarragona Roller Derby
Destroi!oi!oi!er1.52008-02-03Pacific Roller Derby
Destroya Jackson472011-02-22Brandywine Roller Girls
Destroying Miss Daisy1162011-03-30High City Derby Divas
Destroyovsky 2011-06-22Quad City Rollers
DestrucTiff ForceC42009-09-13Fairbanks Rollergirls
Destruction Junction202011-01-29Bash Valley Clobber Girls
Destructive Criticism>9k2011-05-07Peoria Push Derby Dames
Destructive D-Lite 2007-06-14Sioux Falls Roller Dollz
Destructive Diva 2010-07-27Sydney Roller Derby League
Destructive Starr432010-06-28Swansea City Slayers
Destructo Kid 2011-03-01South Island Sirens Roller Derby
Destructo Kitty122007-04-04Arizona Roller Derby
Destrudo592011-06-03Wicked Island Roller Derby
Detention Hall212011-02-11Cornfed Derby Dames
Dethblok6662007-05-24CoMo Derby Dames
Dethjock72011-04-12Salt Spring Island Roller Derby
Detonate8882010-09-25Bay Rollers
Detonation Zone002012-01-06Bangor Roller Derby
Detoxing Liberty132007-07-20Harbor City RollerDames
Detra Mental772008-03-05Harrisburg Area Roller Derby
Detriot Block City3135-22-12Rosebud Rebels Roller Derby
Detroit Dangeross3132011-06-20Fair City Rollers
Detroit DollyDD Lonestar Rollergirls
Detroit Funk3132009-04-01Lowcountry Highrollers
Detroit Iron662011-06-21El Paso Roller Derby
Detroit Rock Cindy3035/2/12West Coast Derby Knockouts
Detroit Rock Kitty3132009-03-02Reno Roller Girls
Detta WalkerXIX2008-06-03Harbor City RollerDames
Dette Collector$150 million2011-09-18Northern Brisbane Rollers
Deuce Bagalow 2009-11-16Mission City Brawlin Betties
Deuce Bomber22011-06-19Arch Rival Roller Girls
Deuce Derbylo 2008-03-19Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz
Deuce Gunner.502007-05-30Rage City Rollergirls
Deuce Ickys88ci2010-01-27Chesapeake Roller Derby
Deuce McMaliceher262008-06-12Big Easy Rollergirls
Deuce Willis22012-01-30Hammer City Roller Gilrs
Deuces Holla 2009-10-13Lonestar Rollergirls
Deuces Wild22222007-05-31Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Deuces the Bruiser222012-03-05Scenic City Roller Psychos
Deus Ex Knockin'Ya6X9?2012-03-06Mad Wreckin' Dolls
Deutschbag 2007-03-12DC Rollergirls
Deutschmachine152007-05-24Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Dev Null012010-03-26Chinook City Roller Derby
Dev-Lyn 2011-02-18Tar Sand Betties Roller Derby
Deva Skashan72011-01-18TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Deva StateHer792011-05-21One World Roller Derby
Devask8Her 2008-03-16Nashville Rollergirls
Devaskating Deva582009-05-10Rose City Rollers
Devassa472011-01-18Wasatch Roller Derby
Devastatia40 to 52006-03-17Renegade Rollergirls (OR)
Devastatin' DottiB172010-11-23South Sea Roller Derby
Devi Lish SMiles23742012-02-23Shadow City Rollers
Devi Metal172011-10-02The Aurora 88s
Deviant Desire2062011-03-21TBD (delete 8/29/13)
Deviant Dixie750ml2011-08-26Capital City Rollers
Deviant Dutchess 2010-05-07Lava City Roller Dolls
Deviant Monkey762FMJ2010-07-07Sandusky Rollergirls
Deviant Unicorn (The)10-42010-07-23Suburbia Roller Derby
Devil Anne Hatfield3192009-02-26Mid Iowa Rollers
Devil Bitch17752007-01-15River City Rollergirls
Devil Bunny20122009-10-16Richmond Derby Demons
Devil Doc6662009-07-08Fort Wayne Derby Girls
Devil Dog'n Her 2008-03-17Bradentucky Bombers
Devil Grrl6662007-04-18Texas Rollergirls
Devil Kitty20 Detroit Derby Girls
Devil Loxxxm240g2010-06-21Ohio Roller Girls
Devil Mae Clare7022011-05-15Liverpool Roller Birds
Devil Rae682009-11-27Leeds Roller Dolls
Devil Rebel132006-04-15South Texas Rolleristas
Devil Taz082011-02-22Roller Derby Toulouse
Devil Woman 2008-12-21Naptown Roller Girls
Devil Zone6662008-01-29Sault Roller Derby
Devil or Nothing2x3332011-12-17San Fernando Valley Junior Derby
Devil'an Durga21gms2010-09-01Humboldt Roller Derby
Devil'n Laces6x32010-06-21Old Capitol City Roller Girls
Devil's Daughter34DD2008-01-14Atlanta Rollergirls
Devil's Dimes10 102006-03-13TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Devil's Doll212011-07-21Oz Roller Girls
Devil's Iris11212011-11-29Wichita Falls Derby Dames
Devil's Little Sister 2009-11-19Black Hills Derby Girl League
Devil's Plaything6662008-08-07Springfield Rollergirls
Devil's SailorREF2011-12-05Towns Villains Roller Derby
Devil's Whip13mm2009-04-06Bedfordshire Rollergirls
DevilDelish272011-07-07TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Deviled Ham 2009-10-05South Jersey Derby Girls
Deviled Legs82006-12-29Carolina Rollergirls
Devilena42009-04-27Bear City Roller Derby
Devilicious6962009-08-15TBD (delete 8/29/13)
Devilicious Candy372011-12-27Zombitches
Devilina Detail4302011-09-16Suburbia Roller Derby
Devilique132009-04-08Little City Roller Girls
Devilish Daisy6662011-10-02The Aurora 88s
Devilish Diva6162011-02-12Reef City Roller Girls
Devilish Vixen702011-02-03Peoria Push Derby Dames
Devilish Wayz0072011-04-07Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz
Devils Advo Kate96692011-04-22Crown City Rollerz
Devils Cake75-18-12Abilene Derby Dames
Devils Curse6662010-09-27Cheyenne Capidolls Roller Derby
Devils Reject 2011-01-04Fox Cityz Foxz
Devilyn Mee 2007-12-18Torpedo Bay Roller Girls
Devilyn MonroeM442009-12-09Reno Roller Girls
Devilynne Syde 2009-06-19Jet City Rollergirls
Devine Intervention 2009-05-10Sydney Roller Derby League
Devine Madness 2010-06-02Rose City Rollers
Devine Miss Em4442011-01-24Northern Brisbane Rollers
Devine Retribution2352010-09-01Bristol Roller Derby
Devious Darling182009-07-07Bakersfield Diamond Divas
Devious Dolly882009-02-24V-Town Derby Dames
Devious Duchess42009-05-22Ventura County Derby Darlins
Devious Ducky262011-05-26Barry County Black Heart Maidens
Devious Dunny732010-05-24Dragon City Derby Dolls
Devious Red252008-04-03Rushmore Rollerz
Devlena Horns 2008-03-24Southwest Missouri Roller Girls
Devlin Carnate7<0>42008-11-06Bellingham Roller Betties
Devlin D. Flesh6192011-06-14Clarksville Roller Derby
Devlin Deskyze1382011-05-26Voodoo Derby Dollz Roller Derby Association
Devlin Devotchka 2010-09-18Manchester Roller Derby
Devlin Syder77342008-03-14Charlotte Roller Girls
Devlin' Blue Eyesi2008-01-27Man's Ruin Roller Derby
Devlyn Angel6s & 7s2009-01-27Texas Rollergirls
Devlynne Dahouse80HD2008-03-07Garden State Rollergirls
Devo Koochy732011-12-31MTL Roller Derby
Devochka1382011-10-08Peterborough Roller Derby League
Devoida Mercy2472009-07-15Philly Rollergirls
Devoida Taste672009-08-18Mainland Misfits Roller Derby Association
Devonatrix112011-06-12Mendocino County Roller Derby
Devotchka DeLarge6553212011-08-12Arizona Derby Dames
Devoted Ta-Smashya135/9/12Tweed Valley Rollers
Devouher8882010-10-12NEO Roller Derby
Devyn DelaneyRetired2008-09-09Tri City Roller Girls
Devyne Massacre 2011-11-16Comox Valley Rink Minx Rollergirls
Dew DropHer82011-03-31Rebellion Roller Derby
Dewey Decibel792009-12-31Santa Cruz Derby Girls
Dewey Decimator306.7752011-08-31Assassination City Roller Derby
Dewey Decimatrix 2011-11-26Mad Rollin Dolls
Dewey Decimauler796.212010-07-28Brighton Roller Dollz
Dewey Decks' Em All1/42012-02-09Fabulous Sin City Roller Girls
Dewey Rock272011-02-22Hollister Derby Girls
Dex Pistol 2011-04-30Wolverhampton Honour Rollers
Dexi Libris305.42011-10-11West Yellowhead Roller Derby
Dexter52009-09-17Race City Rebels Roller Derby
Dexter Morgue-Ann1/22010-01-11South Side Roller Derby
Dextroza Dora102011-07-02Metropolitan Roller Derby
Deyanira von Kirsche902011-03-30Barcelona Derby Dolls
Dez AssterisRetired 3/12/142006-03-17Sacred City Derby Girls
Dezdemona Lott0002008-09-03Jersey Shore Roller Girls
Dezi Von DropyaV82010-06-28TBD (delete 6/12/13)
DezicrateHer72011-02-22Rocketeer Rollers
Dezmadre82011-04-12Prison City Derby Dames
Dezzy Deckher34DD2011-02-17Twin City Knockers
Dhalia Dagger222009-06-15Bremen Rollergirls
Dhampir Perra Viciosa132010-12-01Cannibales Dolls
Dharma Gedden3 Denver Roller Dolls
Dharma Punk182011-01-09Skate the Wilderness
Dharma SutraDV82006-11-03Zurich City Rollergirlz
Di Azepam10mg2011-11-12Wirral Whipiteres Roller Derby
Di Bitch Di0072011-04-03Ark Valley High Rollers
Di Brarian 2008-04-14Jet City Rollergirls
Di Di Destruction 2011-07-07TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Di Di My Darling 2009-09-16North Star Roller Girls
Di Hard7772010-03-30Perth Roller Derby
Di N. Dekill4102010-02-01Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
Di Richmond22006-03-11Windy City Rollers
Di Section882008-06-20Green Mountain Derby Dames
Di YoungL72010-02-13Severn Roller Torrent
Di' ButterfliD-12010-02-13Flint City Derby Girls
Di-Arana852011-01-17Corpus Christie Maiden Texas Derby
DiDi Die Nasty3 SUM2009-08-20Gas City Rollers League
DiNasty 2011-09-23Red Bank Roller Vixens
DiSciple3:162012-02-29Red Rock 'N Roller Derby
Dia Molish 6/86/82012-01-18Bisman Bombshellz
Dia Vanna Die9992010-09-27Liverpool Roller Birds
Diabetic Demon2102011-01-25Ocala Cannibals Roller Derby
Diabla Blanca2462011-04-13East Central Roller Derby
Diabla Café Dulce242011-05-06Rodeo City Rollergirls
Diabla Devine6362010-07-27Heart of Appalachia Roller Derby
Diabla Diaz642010-05-23Little City Roller Girls
Diablo (Madre)54-462006-09-21Lonestar Rollergirls
Diablo Codeine6122011-03-14Angel City Derby Girls
Diablo Dash3122011-04-02Second City Slaughter Junior Roller Derby
Diablo Jones6662011-04-01NPT Roller Derby
Diablo Kitten222009-10-27Red Deer Roller Derby Association
Diablo Leche2%2009-05-11Southern Oregon Rollergirls
Diablo Loca7472011-02-22Hollister Derby Girls
Diabolical Missy262011-07-01Orange County Roller Girls
Diabolikal Briotch1112011-12-14A'Salt Creek Roller Girls
Diabolita212 degrees2010-11-30Sac City Rollers
Diabolus Rutilus552009-02-07Birmingham Blitz Dames
Diabolyz262011-12-31MTL Roller Derby
Diagnosis Maul'er9992010-09-12Kent Roller Girls
Dial Emily for Murder 2007-01-25Riverside Rollergirls
Diamanda 2012-02-08Rodeo City Rollergirls
DiamonDies882011-01-17Corpus Christie Maiden Texas Derby
Diamond CrushHer72006-08-18Queen City Roller Girls
Diamond D'Ville162010-10-08MK Roller Derby
Diamond D. Boneya 2011-07-10Pow! Town Roller Derby
Diamond Dallas DaneREF2011-02-13Iron Mountain Roller Girls
Diamond Dandi002011-12-29Cowboy Capital Rollergirl_s
Diamond DaveCoach2010-03-02Cape Fear Roller Girls
Diamond Dee18ct2009-01-07Rubber City Rollergirls
Diamond Derby Dave 2007-03-02DC Rollergirls
Diamond Destroyher672009-02-25Bakersfield Diamond Divas
Diamond Dis-assed-herRetired2009-02-02Reno Roller Girls
Diamond Flayme292011-06-07Diamond Valley Roller Derby
Diamond Grrrl140 cts2006-10-16TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Diamond Knuckles2.84ct2008-03-28Suburbia Roller Derby
Diamond Lil14 Denver Roller Dolls
Diamond Rough 2008-10-06Minnesota Roller Girls
Diamond Stalker0.015/12/12Jr. Jacksonville Rollergirls
Diamond Tiara 2011-03-23Tallahassee Rollergirls
Diamondback Belle772008-04-28Oxford Roller Derby
Diamondback Dawn7772011-01-03Traverse City Roller Derby
Diamondback Desire'452010-08-30Eastern Iowa Outlaws
Diamonds & Rust882008-01-19Gainesville Roller Rebels
Diana Boss012010-11-13West Coast Derby Knockouts
Diana Floors842011-10-11Dolly Rockit Rollers
Diana Hoss 2010-11-22Windy City Rollers
Diana Saurus Wrexx52006-08-04Arizona Roller Derby
Diana de Jales 2010-11-13Anfetamina Roller Girls
Dianasaurus RossR04R2011-05-08Chicago Outfit
Diane Beatin'1992006-08-22Naptown Roller Girls
Diane DeFight1012006-10-08River City Rollergirls
Diane Decay142010-09-24LOCO Roller Derby
Diane Rött78 Barcelona Roller Derby
Diane Tosmackya2472011-09-12Renegade Derby Dames
Dianna Brawl172006-04-01Hammer City Roller Girls
DiapaMilla10 mg5-17-12Kouvola Rock n Rollers
Diazeslam10mg2011-09-20Varsity Derby
Dice N. SliceREF2008-10-17Coastal Plains Derby Dames
Dicey 2006-08-15Hammer City Roller Girls
Dicey Die692012-03-12Vasteras Rollerderby
Dick DastardlyREF2010-08-19Gulf Coast Rollergirls
Dick Derby 2006-05-30Pikes Peak Derby Dames
Dick Dimond 2011-06-17North Texas Derby Revolution
Dick DragonAnnouncer2008-11-24Cedar Rapids Rollergirls
Dick Dungeonmaster 2011-07-22B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Dick Joke12"2011-06-30"Quadfathers, The
Dick LiciousREF2009-01-13Paper Valley Roller Girls
Dick Magoo20202011-11-29580 Roller Girls
Dick MoveREF2010-10-29Roc City Roller Derby
Dick Patther-AssCoach2010-11-22Dominion Derby Girls
Dick Pounder 2007-11-11Chinook City Roller Derby
Dick Quad8=D2010-08-08Dry Heat Militia
Dick Smack 2007-02-02Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls
Dick Stryker13372011-07-23Infinite Mass Roller Derby
Dick Tater:0)2006-10-10South Side Roller Derby
Dickhead Jane132011-05-17Durango Roller Girls
Diddo242012-03-15Brown County Derby Derbu'taunts
Didgeri Doom 2010-11-29Terminal City Rollergirls
Die Again Allie 2010-02-06Houston Roller Derby
Die Anna13372009-05-23Hurricane Alley Roller Derby
Die Anne Isis492007-09-22Minnesota Roller Girls
Die Anne Scream88.52010-05-06Charlottesville Derby Dames
Die FlederMAUZ6-5K2011-12-14LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Die Little Pony1822011-04-04Murder City Roller Girls
Die ManGrl 2009-07-13Hell City Rollergirls
Die Pfeife002011-05-15rocKArollers
Die Sharona7172010-03-29Okanagan Shuswap Roller Derby Association
Die Wrecktor of Mayhem 2010-06-15Sun State Roller Girls
Die!go Rivera 2007-01-25Riverside Rollergirls
Die'anGrenade382012-04-2710th Mountain Roller Dolls
Die-Anna Prince2012010-08-07Whidbey Island Roller Girls
Die-Na-Mighty 2011-05-17Bear City Roller Derby
Die-abolical D92006-09-28Beach City Roller Derby
Die-lon3152009-07-17Quadfathers, The
Die-namite Smack92009-04-06Pacific Roller Derby
Dieann 2 BeatUU2009-10-07Sugartown Rollergirls
Dielean Deathrocker9992010-05-27Long Beach Roller Derby
Dielila Bones3012010-11-29Coastal Assassins Roller Derby
Diemond DimplesR1P2011-03-23Nanaimo Nemesis Roller Girls
Diepolar Bitch-852011-02-12Reef City Roller Girls
Diesel662007-07-15Long Beach Roller Derby
Diesel 'N Gin252008-09-09Central Mass Roller Derby
Diesel BurnerCoach2009-06-19Gulf Coast Rollergirls League
Diesel Dame11232009-08-23Camel City Thrashers
Diesel Diva 2007-11-17South Jersey Derby Girls
Diesel DollI-75 Detroit Derby Girls
Diesel Jenni Jetson8882012-06-07Cape Breton Roller Derby
Diesel Killya3972010-12-29Ring City Rollergirls
Diet Choke52010-04-07Big Easy Rollergirls
Diet Spite002012-01-22Classic City Rollergirls
Diezaster4rad2009-06-15Emerald City Roller Girls
Diffendal6152008-02-27Nashville Rollergirls
Dig Mike Rave8008s2011-02-11Shadow City Rollers
Digger Grave3132010-10-19LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Digger I. Zout 2010-11-22Windy City Rollers
Diggity Dalex 2007-10-25South Dakota Roller Derby
Digi Beater82012-04-10Dublin Roller Girls
Digital Doll 2010-02-15Western Sydney Rollers
Dii Mented882011-11-12Dieppe Roller Derby
Dilia De'evl 2012-06-11Big Island Babes
Dill Dough4U2011-01-10Morgantown Roller Vixens
Dill Dozer12"2008-12-21Lonestar Rollergirls
Dill Hero 2006-04-15Naptown Roller Girls
Dill Vicious222010-06-03Central Vermont Roller Derby
Dilla3332009-03-01Texas Rollergirls
Dillar Dollar812012-02-27Queen City Roller Girls
Dillinkwent812008-10-09Denver Roller Dolls
DillionaireRef2010-06-15Tahoe Derby Dames
Dilliverance9112011-10-11Girls Rollin in the South (GRITS)
Dills Spears70202012-02-04DuPage Derby Dames
Dilly DallyCOACH2012-04-26Port Scandalous Roller Derby
Dima Ho26382009-05-06Lost Highway Roller Derby
Dimakazee12:122011-05-30Black Diamond Roller Derby
Dime DestroyerD22012-04-23North Cheshire Victory Rollers
Dimebag CherylThng 12008-04-20Reno Roller Girls
Dimestic Violence2422011-02-28Central Oregon Coast Roller Derby
Dimples Diablo212011-04-29Squamish Women's Roller Derby
Dimples Rolowski6062011-03-21Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Dina Crisis36952011-11-10Wakey Wheeled Cats
Dina Discipline3:302006-04-28Windy City Rollers
Dina Sore Jr.182008-04-17Suburbia Roller Derby
Dina de Las MuertasStrych92011-07-15Gulf Coast Roller Girls
Dinah Beatcha883 LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Dinah D'Plague9112009-10-27Red Deer Roller Derby Association
Dinah Fight 2008-07-23Whip It
Dinah Fire7N72012-03-26Boulder County Bombers
Dinah Party24 hours2008-04-09Windy City Rollers
Dinah Soars65mil2011-11-20Des Moines Derby Dames
Dinah Wont'cha BlowREF2010-10-12Albany All Stars Roller Derby
Dinah-Mite00 Texas Rollergirls
Dine n'Dash Tash$0.002012-01-14South Simcoe Rebel Rollers
Diner-Mite Doll6T92011-10-10Battle Creek Cereal Killers
Ding-Dong AV-ON Calling242011-10-16Bow Valley Roller Derby
DingDingDing562007-12-14Pacific Roller Derby
Dingo 8 My Baby (The) 2011-01-25Jet City Rollergirls
Dingosaurus Wrecks66,000,000 BC2010-05-27Long Beach Roller Derby
Dino Cakes312008-09-14Mission City Brawlin Betties
Dino la Rouge372012-02-21Newcastle Roller Derby
Dino!!REF2012-01-02Cedar Rapids Rollergirls
Dino-D542007-05-26AK Roller Derby League
Diny-Sore 2010-09-07Rockriver Rollers
DipSchmidtREF2011-10-15Central Michigan Roller Derby
Dippin Dot 2010-01-26Richland County Regulators
Dipsycho Billy35/4/12Toxic Lima Roller girls
Dipsycho Doll182011-01-31Terrassa Derby Rockets
Dir T Ninja357Mag2011-02-15Iowa Rollin' Aces
Dir T. Samurai86'd2011-01-17Corpus Christie Maiden Texas Derby
Dir-T Diana 2010-01-21Dead Girl Derby
Dire Betty19002009-07-06Van Diemen Rollers
Dire Dispatch132010-04-01Choice City Rebels
Dire LictREF2010-11-23TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Dire Rita 2012-01-20Alamo City Rollergirls
Dire Wolff6002011-08-10Gent GO-GO Roller Girls
Direct DebHit172011-03-07Oxford Wheels of Gory
Director's Cut102010-08-27Dundee Roller Girls
DirgeS10W2011-08-01W.A. Roller Derby
Dirk Digla4692011-12-13North East Roller Derby
Dirrty on tha RoxPoint 082011-06-26Assassination City Roller Derby
Dirt Diggler1302012-02-21Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls
Dirt Diver 2009-10-30Hard Knox Roller Derby
Dirt E Girl79XXX Dallas Derby Devils
Dirt E KT32009-04-02Red Deer Roller Derby Association
Dirt Monkey 2007-06-14Denver Roller Dolls
Dirt Nap11-442008-03-14Central Arkansas Roller Derby
Dirt Road Diva532012-01-05Peoria Push Derby Dames
Dirt T. Baller 2008-04-07Rushmore Rollerz
DirtBag 2009-01-18Calgary Roller Derby Association
Dirtalicious 2011-06-22Quad City Rollers
Dirteee Lil' Dawn512011-02-10Norfolk Bruizin' Bettys
Dirti Sherri44 Mag2010-08-16Spindletop Rollergirls
Dirty AliceXXX2008-10-20Rated PG Rollergirls
Dirty Ann Rotten282009-12-03Rose City Rollers
Dirty Anne Rack'em0062011-04-18Bisman Bombshellz
Dirty Arrie442010-10-27Gladstone Roller Derby
Dirty Beets1/2 off2011-04-12Crossroads City Derby
Dirty Bess650cc2009-02-16Sydney Roller Derby League
Dirty Bird682006-06-25Redding Rollergirls
Dirty Bit3185/15/12Lake City Roller Dolls
Dirty Blonde9 Lonestar Rollergirls
Dirty Britches2 KC Roller Warriors
Dirty CSTAFF2011-11-08Fort Wayne Derby Girls
Dirty Candy282011-02-24Roller Derby Toulouse
Dirty Carie.442010-05-26Resurrection Roller Girls
Dirty Cash1002011-04-19Atlanta Rollergirls
Dirty Cassius3112011-12-27Zombitches
Dirty Cate Caliber 2010-10-12Windy City Rollers
Dirty Century202011-09-06Nantes Derby Girls
Dirty Cheetah0002009-07-06Convict City Roller Derby
Dirty ConstanceAgent 992011-05-06Memphis Roller Derby
Dirty Cowgirl22011-01-15M.I.A. Derby Girls
Dirty Crack0102010-07-10Van Diemen Rollers
Dirty D 2006-11-23Sacred City Derby Girls
Dirty DarbiM162010-01-19A'Salt Creek Roller Girls
Dirty DaveStaff2010-03-17River Valley Roller Girls
Dirty DawnieI gOT 82007-11-01Independent (TBD 3/31/14)
Dirty Deborah Harry442006-11-26Orange County Roller Girls
Dirty Deeds22 Texas Rollergirls
Dirty Deeds (Louise)4202011-12-04Copenhagen roller derby
Dirty Deeds (cleared) 2011-10-11Kingston Derby Girls
Dirty DemolisHERKODE 992009-08-20Gas City Rollers League
Dirty Derby Dame 2010-02-18Slaughterhouse Derby Girls
Dirty Devil572009-07-20Saskatoon Roller Derby
Dirty Diabla5052011-11-07Dallas Derby Devils
Dirty Diego  CT RollerGirls
Dirty Dillz812012-01-06Humboldt Roller Derby
Dirty Dis-Grace272007-07-30M.I.A. Derby Girls
Dirty Disco Diva9992010-02-13Nottingham Roller Girls
Dirty Diva212011-02-17Twin City Knockers
Dirty Duchess5052008-10-22Arizona Roller Derby
Dirty Duke3-6-0h2011-04-07TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Dirty Flema992011-07-02Metropolitan Roller Derby
Dirty Flirtini100proof2008-11-21Pikes Peak Derby Dames
Dirty Girl Scout25262011-12-05Harrisburg Area Roller Derby
Dirty Girl Sunday36C2011-03-01Rodeo City Rollergirls
Dirty Goddess3162011-04-07Single Handed Roller Derby
Dirty Harriet.44 San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Dirty HarrisREF2011-10-11Dolly Rockit Rollers
Dirty Hoe 2007-08-28Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Dirty Huckabee11-D72011-03-10North Texas Derby Revolution
Dirty Hrry222007-01-25Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz
Dirty Jane772006-06-01Dead City Rollers
Dirty JeffREF2011-10-26Juneau Rollergirls
Dirty Jersey187 Charm City Roller Girls
Dirty Jerz602012-01-09Ring City Rollergirls
Dirty Job152011-05-27Amsterdam Derby Dames
Dirty KO7192009-06-13Perth Roller Derby