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Skater NameSkater NumberDate AddedLeague
Annapocalypse Pow!2010-12-15LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Skunk-O-Rella!2008-11-25Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Sister Danger!!2011-05-10West End Waywards
Coach Spanks Givens"5" of em2010-01-28CoMo Derby Dames
LA Lawless"52"2007-11-11Darwin Roller Girls
Rebelline"snake eyes"2006-07-17Oklahoma Victory Dolls
Castanetta Payne#2008-04-23The Fanny Pack
Ninja Moon#2010-09-29Girls Rollin in the South (GRITS)
Jesta Menace# _2008-12-21Lonestar Rollergirls
Pixie Pounder## Tallahassee Rollergirls
Megahurtz (notified)#00 Rose City Rollers
Daisey Duker#012007-10-14Harbor City RollerDames
Seka Destroy#03 Toronto Roller Derby
Public Enemy#12008-09-23Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz
Weavin' Kohl Bear#1 Threat2008-05-22Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Molotov M. Pale#1 with a Bullet2006-11-22Texas Rollergirls
Lamborgenie#132008-05-05Soul City Sirens
Mojo'n Jet#1Crush2011-05-21Ladies of Hell Town
Snow Blight#422008-11-13Rose City Rollers
Wonton Hammer#6 with egg roll2009-12-10Mid Iowa Rollers
Rosie the Ripper#622008-11-13Rose City Rollers
Holly Wanna Crackya#9...#9...#92007-01-10Carolina Rollergirls
Meow Ka-pow!#?+12010-07-16Mitten Mavens
Little Bo Bleep#@&%2008-09-29Mad Rollin' Dolls
Hex#F665AB2012-01-16Redding Roller Girls
Mourning After Kill#NAME?2009-03-27Mission City Brawlin Betties
6ft Fortress#U2009-12-17Dallas Derby Devils
Steely Danielle#hey 192007-09-21North Star Roller Girls
Dagney Taghurt$2006-11-25Burning River Roller Girls
Effin Money$2007-03-09Detroit Derby Girls
Maul St. Matthews$2006-11-14Derby City Roller Girls
Mo' Money, Mo' Problems$2010-08-23Desert Dolls Roller Derby League
Money Cuz$2007-05-27Humboldt Roller Derby
Treasure Box$2009-09-22Derby Revolution of Bakersfield
Pink FlameNgo$#12012-04-2710th Mountain Roller Dolls
Lotta Dinero$$ Lonestar Rollergirls
Heathen HookHer$$$2010-01-11South Side Roller Derby
Lisa Carr$0 down2010-05-04Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Bad Credit$0.002008-05-22Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Dine n'Dash Tash$0.002012-01-14South Simcoe Rebel Rollers
Penny Dreadful$0.012008-11-13Rose City Rollers
Rusty Nickel$0.052010-11-28Skyland Roller Girls
Chinese Take-Out$1.002006-10-13Minnesota Roller Girls
Yoshi Ground Pound$1.252010-11-28Skyland Roller Girls
Minnie Pearl Harbor$1.982007-01-27Northwest Skate Club
Peaches Will Cream$1.99#2012-03-06Mad Wreckin' Dolls
Connie Cut n' Gut$1.99/lb2011-07-21Rocketeer Rollers
Chynna Grrl$102010-04-21Potential Fresh Meat Practice Squad
Hookher Heather$102010-07-16LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Oh Nooooooooomes!$102011-08-03Soul City Sirens Roller Derby
Ali Mony$10,000 a month2006-11-17Lonestar Rollergirls
E Money$1005/15/12Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Faster Pussycat$100 B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Paris Tilt 'Em$100m2011-05-04Glasgow Roller Girls
La Jenn Fatale$11.002009-11-11Tahoe Derby Dames
Dette Collector$150 million2011-09-18Northern Brisbane Rollers
Loan Shark$1M2010-12-29Okanagan Roller Derby Girls
Dolla' Billen$1MIL2008-12-27Dallas Derby Devils
Bettie Off Dead$22008-04-16New Hampshire Roller Derby
Luv U. Longtime$22008-05-05B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Thomas Refferson$22008-04-29LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Two Dollar Bill$22011-03-05Sis-Q Rollerz
Harmin' Miranda$2 per pound2010-01-27South Sea Roller Derby
Buttons$2.002012-04-26Greater Sudbury Roller Derby
Kiki O'Keister$2.152007-05-25Emerald City Roller Girls
Slapajo Nation$2.252011-04-25TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Elle Iminator$2.502007-08-14Detroit Derby Girls
Sushi Slammer$2.502011-04-11Gold Coast Roller Derby
Envy Atoms$2.602011-04-05Monterey Bay Derby Dames
Mayhem N' Legs$2.992010-10-21NEO Roller Derby
Choctawesome$202006-12-18Texas Rollergirls
Holly Highrolla$212010-12-12Belle City Roller Girls
Argyle Spankr$252011-07-12Borderland Roller Derby
Mental Annie$252011-08-15Richter City Roller Derby
Mia Oww$29.95 TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Roxy Rampage!$3.502008-05-05Soul City Sirens
Scarbucks$3.85 + tax2007-05-15Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
Blue Skate Special$3.992006-04-21Tragic City Rollers
Dirty Mary$3.992009-01-26NEO Roller Derby
Donna Khebab$4.802007-05-21Victorian Roller Derby
Kocoa Krunch$4.992011-12-17San Fernando Valley Roller Derby
Holla$52009-10-19Long Beach Roller Derby
Lil Seize Her$52009-08-14New River Valley Rollergirls
Mother Lode$5 million2009-07-03Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
JamPants$5.34/hr5-23-12Canberra Roller Derby
Hot-n-Ready$5.552011-05-18Eerie Roller Girls
May Q. Holla$502008-10-01LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Shannon Shock$6.662009-10-19Long Beach Roller Derby
Lu Ann Splatter$6.992007-08-07Assassination City Roller Derby
Cold Hard Crash$68K2009-08-07Emerald City Roller Girls
Three Majors$6M2008-11-13Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Iez bionic$6mil2010-04-07Big Easy Rollergirls
Piston Vinegar$72007-01-07Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
Gloria Vanderbitch$7 million2006-10-16Assassination City Roller Derby
Wreckonomic Stimulus$787B2010-10-19LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Alessa Evil$9,1042008-05-27Philly Rollergirls
Dun Dirt Cheap$9.992009-12-10Rocky Mountain Riot
Pizza Slut$9.992010-03-25Ladies of Hell Town
ThaiFood Mary$9.992010-11-09Darlings of Destruction
BeBe Gunns$99 Dallas Derby Devils
May Q. Pay$992010-03-02Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Auntie War%992012-03-09Apple City Roller Derby
Anne Persand&2008-09-09Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
RoseThud& 5,6,7,82011-08-14GTA Rollergirls
Menace O'Venice&!@?2007-09-18Tallahassee Rollergirls
Depravid Bowieħ2010-06-21Twin Cities Terrors
Mutha Medusaé2006-08-22Dutchland Rollers
SnowStorm¡2006-05-26Lava City Roller Dolls
Aversion Maryπ2006-09-25River City Rollergirls
Interplanet Janetπ Rat City Rollergirls
Ivanna Vhistleπ DC Rollergirls
Ninja Knutπ2012-01-25Basingstoke Roller Derby
Poisonberryπ2008-05-13Texas Rollergirls
Rosie Thornπ2007-04-25ICT Roller Girls
Tuff Tiddyπ2008-08-15Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Anna Trocity×2006-08-04Cape Fear Roller Girls
Ashton Butcher×2010-10-16Roller Girls of the Apocalypse
BashAss WallopHer×2010-12-06Kokeshi Roller Dolls
Bruise Whisperer×2007-08-13Central Arkansas Roller Derby
Celestial Beatings×2011-01-05Tournament City Derby
Chaos Fury×2006-12-23Bellingham Roller Betties
ConTORQUEtionist×2011-02-16Brazos Valley Derby Girls
Groper Cleavage×2007-08-13Black Rose Rollers
Jenn-E-Diamond×2007-07-13Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Lady Killdacrew×2007-08-15Molly Roger Rollergirls
Lady Octopush×2011-07-20Monterrey Roller Derby
Machete Boop×2010-09-12Richmond Derby Demons
Neo-Fatal×2009-10-01Waco Rollergirls
Surly Q×2007-04-23Emerald City Roller Girls
Swede Jesus×2010-06-18South Island Sirens Roller Derby
Urrk'n jerk'n as booty block ya×2006-09-10FoCo Girls Gone Derby
Barberika× + 12007-03-09Lonestar Rollergirls
Behemoth Bettie× +12009-02-26Mid Iowa Rollers
Ina Infirmary' 972009-06-03Central Mass Roller Derby
C. DeVille'592006-03-28Rio Grande Valley Roller Derby
Trouble Loves Mimi'592008-03-13Rat City Rollergirls
Aunrey Hepburn'612008-11-13Rollergirls of Central Kentucky (ROCK)
Bam-Bam A Go-Go'732008-07-31Illinois Derby
Elle O'Kitty'742012-04-25Sintral Florida Derby Demons
Curvette'76 Texas Rollergirls
Pretty Sketchy'792008-06-18Rideau Valley Roller Girls
Bella Thorn'835/12/12Jr. Jacksonville Rollergirls
Killer Bee Cups(0)(0)2010-04-26South Jersey Derby Girls
Dee Vine Proportions(1+5)/22008-03-21Providence Roller Derby
D.C. Slammer(202)2010-11-12Dallas Derby Devils
La dolce beatah(207)2008-06-02Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
RollaReina(509)2006-10-02Rose City Rollers
J.B. Breckinribz(606)2011-03-20Kokeshi Roller Dolls
LaBratt Blue(716)2008-01-27Man's Ruin Roller Derby
Jersey Trouble(9O8) Denver Roller Dolls
Short Bus(:2008-11-25Mid Michigan Derby Girls
Howie Feltersnatch(I) support staff2009-04-03Houston Roller Derby
Packman(REF)2012-04-23Crime City Rollers
Atomic Hollycaust(Squareroot) 92011-12-21Tulsa Derby League
Bustyer Butt(_1_)2011-12-17San Fernando Valley Junior Derby
Gracie Spoon(a fork) Q2008-04-01TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Anne Arkie(anarchy) Windy City Rollers
Pussy Venom(every)28 Boston Derby Dames
MoraLee Bankrupt(infinity)2009-04-20Sonoma County Roller Derby
Jenuine Furie(psi) 7002009-02-16Newcastle Roller Derby
Louise Ze Animal(section symbol)19832007-04-04Big Easy Rollergirls
Liberty Valencezula(snake eyes)2006-10-12TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Shirley Trample(too long) Providence Roller Derby
Ariel Combatte(we are) 1382008-07-16Geelong Roller Derby League
Battlescar Galactica*2007-01-15Tallahassee Rollergirls
BUNNICULA***2007-11-15Providence Roller Derby
Jenneral Chatter**4**2011-11-29Wichita Falls Derby Dames
RAcing ButterFly*04*2011-06-05Central Chaos
Madame Midnight*1135/3/12Katherine Derby Dolls
Bustin' Morenose*252009-02-05Twin Cities Terrors
Ellipsis Pow*672011-07-09Magic City Rollers
Damnit Janet*692007-12-26Black-n-Bluegrass Rollergirls
Indy Cent*692007-01-19Windy City Rollers
PamOpticon*69 Rat City Rollergirls
Pippi Strongsocking*692010-04-05Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Pistols & Crystals*692011-07-09Magic City Rollers
Transplant Baby*8*2011-12-27Zombitches
Evilyn A. Heathen*9*2007-07-15Radioactive City Rollergirls
AmbuLance (The)*9112011-03-10Colorado Roller Derby
Roxy*Rolla*98*2012-06-13Tar Sand Betties Roller Derby
Six5onskates*this* many DC Rollergirls
Nurse Nasty+2008-01-28Lafayette Brawlin' Dolls
Madame Folle+02372012-01-16rocKArollers
BangHer Hard+12009-02-16Sun City Roller Girls
Capt'n Moobs+1+2010-07-13Greensboro Roller Derby
Roxy Rockabitch+10%2009-01-06Paper Valley Roller Girls
Dee ZolvoRay+10XP2011-04-04Preston Roller Girls
Hard'ass-ice+3542012-04-02Stockholm Roller Derby
Gingy SnapperNeck+3SD2011-04-05Fairbanks Rollergirls
Original Cyn+5DEX2010-06-04Southern Illinois Roller Girls
Ciderella- 3 C2008-07-14Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Fiona Fiasco-02006-09-01TBD (delete 6/12/13)
NDA Melisha-02011-04-05Pound Cakes
Professor Kaos-02006-03-17Dallas Derby Devils
Shellby Shattered-0 Boston Derby Dames
Steele Negative-02011-11-15Valdosta Venom
Sgt. Slappy-012010-10-27Gladstone Roller Derby
Busty Assfault-12008-03-05Rockford Rage
Dan-O-Manic-12007-11-23Indian River Derby Girls
Dee Cap Attack-12011-04-11Rat City Rollergirls
Eff in Aye-12010-02-23RockTown Rollers
Gangsta Trippin-12011-06-14Hot Wheel Roller Derby
Lexi Fatale-12006-12-03Calgary Roller Derby Association
Mary-Ate Ashley-12007-11-14Dallas Derby Devils
Moa-12010-04-09Mountain City Rollers
Robin DaPoints-12008-07-16Providence Roller Derby
Sasha Cheeky Bastard-12007-11-11Honolulu Derby Girls
Snake Bite-1 DC Rollergirls
Snow Plow-12007-04-26Bakersfield Rollergirls
Spazzy Smackahoe-12008-08-19Hudson Valley Horrors
VivA Violence!-12009-03-27Mission City Brawlin Betties
Typhoid Carrie-1.21-072008-12-02Star City Rollergirls
Gargamella-10 North Star Roller Girls
Madam Nuclear Winter-19 degrees2009-11-05Rocketeer Rollers
Carnage Sandiego-22011-08-04Twin City Derby Girls
Mole Grip-22010-09-01Portsmouth Pirates Scruvy Dogs
Killer PAIN-guin-21¡2008-06-24 
Iva Coalheart-2372009-04-20Tucson Roller Derby
Spry Icicle-2732009-10-26Maine Roller Derby
The Blot-2732012-04-16Aarhus Derby Danes
Polly Phenolic-273,152011-07-17Gothenburg Roller Derby
Brigid Fitch-273c2010-06-10Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Ionic Bondage-273c2010-01-06Naptown Roller Girls
Doomsday Deathika-275k2011-02-03Cheyenne Capidolls Roller Derby
Cold Shoulder-30 degrees2009-12-16Magnolia Roller Vixens
Danicatastrophe-30-2012-01-07Crown City Rollerz
Lois Slain-30-2006-07-23DC Rollergirls
Shovey Chase-30-2006-02-18Rat City Rollergirls
Spellcheck Her-30-2012-04-26Greater Sudbury Roller Derby
Jasmine Rice-3125-25-12Mitten Mavens
Mary Toothfairy-322011-05-17Bear City Roller Derby
Roxy Ruthless-322006-06-30Arch Rival Roller Girls
Itsy Bitsy Bang Bang-32.672011-12-19Mass Attack Roller Derby
CryoGirl-3202008-03-29Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Icy London-332006-06-01Dead City Rollers
Lady Kraken-42010-05-26Pile O'Bones Derby Club
Elle.Bobbitt-4"2006-10-02Molly Roger Rollergirls
BeruBitch-402011-02-24Roller Derby Quebec
Cabin Fever-402011-07-02Yukon Roller Girls
Forty Below-402011-02-15North Pole Babes in Toyland
Heidi Von Bruisen-402011-10-08Peterborough Roller Derby League
Stormy Sky-402007-04-11E-Ville Roller Derby
Mr. Fahrenheit-4602010-02-23Light City Derby
ElectricShockTherapy-480v2010-11-06Choice City Rebels
Lack-O-Booty-492011-09-12Tar Sand Betties Roller Derby
Erika Payne-52009-02-10Mid Michigan Derby Girls
Twisty HurtzMore-52008-10-29Terminal City Rollergirls
Maiden Orygun-5412011-11-07Confluence Crush Derby
DANGEROUS GOODS-62008-10-29Eves of Destruction Roller Derby
Moan Dieu-62010-03-29Twin City Derby Girls
Dark Empress-6'2007-02-24Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Mercy Danger-72011-10-12TBD (delete 8/29/13)
Pittie in pink-72008-12-10Fox Cityz Foxz
Jess Bandit-82007-01-17MTL Roller Derby
Diepolar Bitch-852011-02-12Reef City Roller Girls
KGBebe-89.22007-08-07Carolina Rollergirls
Negative Nancy-92007-11-26TBD (delete 8/29/13)
Van Pie Er-9¡2010-08-03Sugar Loathe Derby Girls
Bitchslap Barbie-982006-04-01Hammer City Roller Girls
Rhoda Badcheck-999.992006-09-25River City Rollergirls
Quarter-ER2010-01-27Kansas City Roller Warriors
Anna Phylaxis-O22009-11-06Darlings of Destruction
Suffah-Kate-O22006-09-10Suburbia Roller Derby
Slam-iel Tosh.02012-03-15Brown County Derby Derbu'taunts
Kiwi Herman.002009-09-22Long Beach Roller Derby
Millie Watt.001W2010-12-15Tucson Roller Derby
Honey Ryd'er.0072011-05-08South County Derby Girls
Penny Arcaid.012009-01-19SINtral Valley Derby Girls
Penny Punch Her.012012-01-17Soul City Sirens
Red Hot Penni.012008-11-11San Diego Roller Derby
Half Cut.052009-06-19Okanagan Roller Derby Girls
Tweeter Twatter.0512011-06-07Battle Creek Cereal Killers
Any Rant.05mm2011-05-17North Star Roller Girls
Muffy Stopheles.062009-02-25Roc City Roller Derby
Babyface Bam Bam.082009-08-20Gas City Rollers League
Busta Knee KC.082011-05-17Cornfed Derby Dames
C.Grim Seven.082008-06-13Pittsfield Panty Raid
Fuzz-kill.082008-07-04Jet City Rollergirls
Kil Karbashyain.082011-01-15M.I.A. Derby Girls
Mr. Drankenstein.082011-06-02Terrorz of Tiny Towns Roller Derby
Nerdy Martini.082011-03-09Elm City Derby Damez
Pabsty Cline.08 TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Pour Judgement.082011-06-30Peninsula Roller Girls
Ref-A-Lizer.082008-11-05Greater Jacksonville Roller Derby
Sexy Pistol.082008-07-17Pittsfield Panty Raid
Sorbiety Tess.082010-11-12Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
SwipeHer.082008-03-31South Side Roller Derby
Vicious Ness.082007-04-18Orange County Roller Girls
Absolutely Scabulous.08 BAC2009-11-30Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Pint Sized Prosecutrix.08%2010-04-19Bull Falls Roller Derby
Kick Me.08692010-08-08Dry Heat Militia
Lil' Tipsy G.102007-04-28Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Lindsay LoHits.152010-08-14South Jersey Derby Girls
Little Bitchard.15%2011-08-02A-Town Roller Girlz
Wanda Nuderum.22010-06-21Old Capitol City Roller Girls
Loni Lock N Load.202009-10-05West Coast Derby Knockouts
Deadly Aim.222007-01-10Oly Rollers
Lil' Killer.222007-11-20Hanging City Derby
Mary Hate Wholesome.222010-08-01Antihero Derby Alliance
Pink Mist.222009-06-25Canberra Roller Derby
Mia Culprit.22 Calibre Toronto Roller Derby
Cait of Spades.2232011-02-07Ohio Roller Girls
Calamity Cait.2232011-03-16Ohio Valley Roller Girls
Vanessaraptor.2232012-03-26Emerald City Roller Girls
Annie OakCliff.22cal2012-01-20Assassination City Roller Derby
Tucker Smacks.232010-06-21Twin Cities Terrors
Alevia Bleeding.252008-09-16Tri-County Rolling Militia
Candy Pants.252009-08-20Gas City Rollers League
Maim-y Fisher.25 caliber2007-07-02CoMo Derby Dames
Lotta Feinz.25/day2011-04-14Cherry City Derby Girls
Ms. PacMangler.25cents2010-08-01Sis-Q Rollerz
Feel DePain.2742009-06-30Rage City Rollergirls
Infinite Destruction.32011-05-05Nightmares on Main Street
Angst Muffin.30-062011-02-17Twin City Knockers
Major B. Hines.30-062009-07-29FoCo Girls Gone Derby
Miss CynAsster.30-062010-10-09North Coast Roller Derby
Sassy Slayher.30-06 B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Winnie Chester.30-062008-08-19FoCo Girls Gone Derby
Restraining Ordered.3032011-10-11Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
Amy Von Agony.3082010-12-03Route 66 Derby Chix
Crosshair.3082010-11-09Brewcity Bruisers
BombCat.322012-04-01NorSask Roller Derby
Chick Lilith.322012-04-12Les Quads de Paris
Kutthroat Krystal.322010-06-17Rockin' Rural Roller Girls
Little Piece.32 caliber2011-07-13Murray River Derby Dames
Andi Capps'em.3572006-08-04Jacksonville Roller Girls
Bad Catittude.3572007-11-08Springfield Rollergirls
Bubonic Blaise.3572012-02-07Carson Victory Rollers
Bullett WithaName.3572011-09-20Upstate Roller Girl Evolution
Californie Chaos.3572007-08-15Hammer City Roller Girls
Carrie Concealed.3572008-04-20East Texas Bombers
Crow Magnum.3572012-01-10New York Shock Exchange
Dee Moralizer.3572007-01-22Lava City Roller Dolls
Doli Derringer.3572010-02-21Columbia QuadSquad
Double Magnums.3572012-02-04DuPage Derby Dames
Dutchezz of Doom.3572007-01-29Hard Knox Roller Derby
Emma Geddon.357 LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Heidi Caliber.3572011-01-07West End Waywards
Hollow Point.3572007-01-19Bexar County Roller Girls
Ionna Gunn.3572011-07-17DuPage Derby Dames
Ivy Packin.3572010-08-13McLean County MissFits
Layla Lawdown.3572011-02-02Dockyard Derby Dames
Lola Migra.3572010-12-15TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Mag Love.3572011-01-18Three Rivers Roller Derby
Mrs. Brooklyn.3572011-08-22Shoreline Roller Derby
Pistol Kitten.3572006-05-24TBD (delete 8/29/13)
Puffy Bangs.3572006-10-26Hudson Valley Horrors
Raw Heidi.3572008-02-14London Rollergirls
Reno Revolver.3572010-09-30Angel City Derby Girls
Rollr Kill-Her.3572007-11-20Hanging City Derby
Twin Pistol.3572008-03-19NEO Roller Derby
Lola Pistola.357 mag2006-06-07Dockyard Derby Dames
Fear N. Loathin'.357 magnum2011-07-27Brandywine Roller Girls
Ladee Von Slaughter.357MAG2011-09-27Clarksville Roller Derby
Foxy Contin.37 Philly Rollergirls
BJ bad A.382011-10-24Red Rockettes Recreational Roller Derby
Carrie A. Pistol.382012-03-09Fairbanks Rollergirls
Crash Hartless.382006-05-23Omaha Rollergirls
Five Knuckle Bullet.382007-10-14Molly Roger Rollergirls
Hate.382007-09-26Pirate City Rollers
InstaKill.382010-12-11TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Pieces Of Hate.382006-08-27Pirate City Rollers
Pro-Agonist.382007-10-19Arch Rival Roller Girls
Saturday Night Special.382008-05-14Sugartown Rollergirls
Tank-N-Spank.382009-01-15Hurricane Alley Roller Derby
Velvet Assassin.382009-02-09Ohio Valley Roller Girls
Vixen B Wikid.382011-05-26Voodoo Derby Dollz Roller Derby Association
Dame Gerous.38 Special2007-09-26Burning River Roller Girls
Vibrant Thing.38 Special2009-12-17Charlotte Roller Girls
Cassassin.38 cal2007-11-14Rat City Rollergirls
Colette Razor Cat.38 cal2011-04-11Arizona Rollergirls
PepperBox.38 caliber2008-05-21Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Missy Sixguns.38 special2012-03-23Traverse City Roller Derby
Velvet Von Smack.38 special2010-09-30Angel City Derby Girls
Sloane Gunman..38 spl2008-04-16Assassination City Roller Derby
Bailey BrawlR.38spc2010-08-02Grand Junction Roller Girls
Yolanda B. Cruel.38spl2012-01-03Liverpool Roller Birds
Batterfly.3932009-06-17Little Steel Derby Girls
Princess Crush-Her.402011-02-22Hollister Derby Girls
The Tardis.402011-04-27Ballarat Roller Derby
Violence is Golden.402008-06-21Dead End Derby
Betty Beretta.40cal2009-04-01Detroit Derby Girls
Carrie A. Glock.40cal2007-07-17Derby City Roller Girls
Highway rAUBRY.40cal2011-10-12Burlington Bombers Roller Derby
Kimsa Kaos.412012-03-03Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
Chopper Bleed.4102009-02-10Atlanta Rollergirls
Ammie Oakley.442012-01-27Oz Roller Girls
Derringer.44 Texas Rollergirls
Dirty Carie.442010-05-26Resurrection Roller Girls
Dirty Harriet.44 San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Heartless Martis.442011-02-02Clarksville Roller Derby
JoJo Killabytch.442010-08-11Quad City Rollers
Johnny Pistol.442009-04-21Northern Brisbane Rollers
Montucky Lucky.442011-08-09Hellgate Rollergirls
Rat-A-Tat Kat.442007-07-11Independent (TBD 9/30/13)
Siren Gunn.442011-08-29Paradise Roller Girls
Texas Revolver.442010-07-11San Diego Roller Derby
Uma Vermin.442006-04-21Dallas Derby Devils
Wyld Earp.442011-11-29Tri Valley Roller Girls
Unknown Hitson.44 Special2011-02-24Rogue Rollergirls
Annie Anthrax.4442010-12-30Cornfed Derby Dames
Poise N' Blood.44cal2012-04-04A-Town Roller Girlz
Shellviolateu.44mag2011-03-03McLean County MissFits
DD Gunnz.452011-10-11West Yellowhead Roller Derby
Felony Assault-her.452009-10-23Coos County Rollergirls
Glock Blocker.452012-02-10Springfield's Queen City Roller Derby
Hitman.452011-04-20Slick City Rollerz
Iona Handgun.45 Charm City Roller Girls
L.A. Gunns.452008-01-28Terminal City Rollergirls
Lady Colt.452011-03-13Rodeo City Rollergirls
Mia Vendetta.452009-08-17Auckland Roller Derby
Natasha Fatality.452010-04-15CT RollerGirls
Quickshot Kitty.452010-01-02Charm City Roller Girls
ReVulva.452008-01-07Houston Roller Derby
Roxie Guns.452012-03-31Hartford Area Roller Derby
Shootin' Annie.452010-09-05Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Sylvia Bullet.45 No Coast Derby Girls
Thugz & Kissez.452010-10-15Springfield Rollergirls
Whiskey .45.452009-10-05West Coast Derby Knockouts
Babyface Nellie.45 caliber2008-01-21Angel City Derby Girls
5 lb. Fall.4542010-04-17WI River Valley Rollergirls
Tiki Torture.4542007-09-17Slaughterhouse Derby Girls
Lady Victim.4552012-03-21Assassination City Roller Derby
Crissy Bang Bang.45acp2011-01-14Mission City Brawlin Betties
All-Jack'd-up.472008-07-13Star City Rollergirls
Half Pint Brandi.52011-07-30Darkside Derby
Naughty Nickel.52011-03-27TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Siren Maiden.52009-02-09Gas City Rollers League
.50 Cal.502011-07-09Magic City Rollers
Berretta Barbie.502012-01-01Downriver Roller Dollz
Bullet Tooth Bombshell.502011-07-18Port Scandalous Roller Derby
Deuce Gunner.502007-05-30Rage City Rollergirls
Ma Deuce.502011-02-02Clarksville Roller Derby
PinBall Sniper.502011-11-12Mean Valley Roller Girls
Doc War.50 Cal2010-11-28Greensboro Roller Derby
Anita B. Chu.50 cal2011-04-29Renegade Rollergirls (CA)
Betty Barrrett.50 cal2009-12-16Magnolia Roller Vixens
Jammunition.50 cal2009-11-03Ottawa Roller Derby
Sarassasin.50 caliber2008-04-15Maui Roller Girls
Mimi Metal Storm.50 calibre2011-07-27Canberra Roller Derby
Mae Lay.5062008-03-29Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
Machine Gun Nelly.50MG2011-05-02Three Rivers Roller Derby
Syko Path.50c2006-04-10Green Country Roller Girls
Ivanna PoundU.50cal2008-09-05Dockyard Derby Dames
Major Hot Pants.50cal2011-04-03Hermiston Roller Divas
Skullbella.50cal2009-11-13Arizona Roller Derby
Snipress.50cal2011-01-03Muddy River Rollers
Crystal Whip.542009-10-26Maine Roller Derby
Metal Ed.72009-08-28Central City Rollergirls
Rambler.752011-06-29Catawba Valley Roller Girls
Siegfried Destroy.7562010-12-12Belle City Roller Girls
Supersize'n.792009-08-24San Diego Roller Derby
Redrum.7c2006-05-13San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Tastyskate.89 cents2009-06-02Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Lolly Pop Ya.992008-01-14Mid-State Sisters of Skate
24K Solid Cold.999fine2011-09-08Pikes Peak Derby Dames
Beat Boxxx McRocks.99cents2011-08-08Durham Region Roller Derby
Ally:Luia02008-09-12Rainy City Roller Girls
Anita Donut02007-01-02TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Anita Fingerbang02008-08-19North Star Roller Girls
Ann R Kissed02006-02-18Rat City Rollergirls
Ashtroid02011-11-21Mountain Maulers Roller Derby
Babeater02012-03-05Gray City Rebels
Baroness Von Bloodshed02011-04-15Harbour City Rollers
Benni Lugosi02011-03-25Hulls Angels Roller Dames
Beth Amphetamine0 Windy City Rollers
Betty Aim Fire02008-01-21Emerald City Roller Girls
Bloody Cupcake02010-11-09Brewcity Bruisers
Boston Brat Italiana02012-02-21Corpus Chrisite Maiden Texas Derby
Box Blocker02012-04-16Halifax Roller Derby
Buddha Boom02011-08-08Durham Region Roller Derby
Bulz02008-03-07Connecticut Death Quads
C.N. Starz02006-07-23Bradentucky Bombers
Candy Apple Krovvy02012-03-26Emerald City Roller Girls
Cherry Choke02006-07-14Cincinnati Rollergirls
Cherry Jamm02008-12-03Red Deer Roller Derby Association
Chibi Abuser02011-01-25Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz
Chole Ayka02011-09-12Jacksonville Roller Girls
Count Calgar02012-06-10Fierce Valley Roller Girls
Cupid Stunt02008-10-30Severn Roller Torrent
Cuttles02011-07-07Thunder Bay Roller Derby
Cyanide Lollipop02011-07-13Dolly Rockit Rollers
Daemon Mistress02011-10-06Hudson Valley Horrors
Dame Sangre02011-12-02Twin City Derby Girls
Dead Eye Dukes02012-01-04NOtown Roller Derby
Delirium of the Endless02011-04-20River Region Rollergirls
Derby Rodriguez02010-07-03Hawke's Bay Roller Derby
Desolation Rose02011-04-12Okaloosa Rollers
Donut Resuscitate02011-05-08Fargo Moorhead Derby Girls
Dunkin Nonuts02010-11-04TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Eclipse02007-02-05KC Roller Warriors
FLAMIN' Taco02011-07-09Magic City Rollers
Flash Goredom02010-02-11Lane County Concussion
Fly Strike02011-01-21Granite City Roller Girls
Fobiana Blowbone02012-02-12Lahti Roller Derby
Frodo Bashins02011-11-12Middlesbrough Milk Rollers
Frosty Mugg02008-05-08Bellingham Roller Betties
GemmaRoids02010-11-07Big Bucks High Rollers
Georgia O'Kweefe02011-04-04Harm City Homicide
Gilda Flattenher02010-11-23Lansing Derby Vixens
Grateful Dread02012-04-24Atomic Cupcakes Junior Roller derby
Haleigh O'Hooligan02012-01-12Angel City Derby Girls
Hannahsthetic02011-12-05Towns Villains Roller Derby
Haught Wheels02007-03-18LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Heartless Hotie02011-10-10Battle Creek Cereal Killers
Heavy Miss Gale02010-10-13Harbor Girls e.V.
Hippy Longstalker02010-07-03Sunshine Coast Roller Girls
Honey Blazed02011-01-02Calgary Roller Derby Association
Hot Wheels02008-11-17W.A. Roller Derby
Hurts Donut02008-02-03Rollergirls of Southern Indiana
J.Dead02009-11-19Black Hills BruiseHerz
Jack Squat02011-04-07Ozarks Derby Brigade
Kamakazi Kutie02009-01-15MO-KAN Roller Girlz
Karen NoMore02009-07-05Demolition City Roller Derby
Karma Apple02010-08-06Northern Arizona Roller Derby
Kim Mortal02007-10-19Chicago Outfit
Krispy Kreme-Her02010-09-29Gainesville Roller Rebels
LUV 2 H8 ME02009-07-07Blackwater Rollers
Lori Hole02011-09-01Chinook City Roller Derby
Lostina02010-03-09High City Derby Divas
Lowblo Van GoGo02012-02-13Savannah Derby Devils
Make ya Mona02011-05-17Durango Roller Girls
Mary PopEm (cleared)02010-09-26Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz
MatilDa Mollish02008-03-04Charlottesville Derby Dames
Maya Ruin02006-04-01Hammer City Roller Girls
Mean Little Mamma02008-06-03Hammer City Roller Girls
Mimi Lookamie02011-04-11Rodeo City Rollergirls
Mimi Ouch02006-09-07TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Miss Kat A'Kombs02006-11-21Hard Knox Roller Derby
Miss Nihilist02007-05-05Cherry City Derby Girls
Mistress Miter Saw02009-10-14Fox Cityz Foxz
Moira Lee Devoid02006-11-28Denver Roller Dolls
Mount Crushmore02006-07-17Oklahoma Victory Dolls
New Meat02010-07-10La Crosse Skating Sirens
Noodlez02011-01-18South Florida Rollergirls
Nurse Bettie Bloodbank02011-02-02Paradise Roller Girls
Obi mom kenobi02008-03-29Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Off the Hook02012-04-30Oakland Derby Diamonds
Ol' Dirty Pantz02011-05-23Portsmouth Roller Wenches
Olive Your Worst Fears02008-10-20Albany All Stars Roller Derby
Orla Nothin'02011-12-19Mean Valley Roller Girls
PK Muff-n-Stuff02007-07-23Dallas Derby Devils
Pablo Kickasso02010-09-17Reef City Roller Girls
Pandamonium02006-08-18Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Patience Zero02012-01-13Med City Mafia
Pippi Deathstalking02012-02-27Queen City Roller Girls
Polkadot Yr Eyeout02008-07-22Arch Rival Roller Girls
Red Tara02009-11-21Derby City Roller Girls
Rink Wraith02011-10-11Republic of Korea Derby
Sally Nightmare02007-01-05South Side Roller Derby
Samber Squatch02011-08-28Farm Fresh Roller Girls
Sandra Demolish02011-03-01Inland Empire Derby Divas
Scar Craw02012-03-14Di-Dollz Roller Derby
Scar Wilde02011-11-27Brighton Rockers Roller Derby
Shank Chinaski02012-01-12Parliament of Pain
Sharp Shooter02011-01-17TBD (delete 6/27/13)
ShitShow Shocker02010-11-04Whiskey Renegade Rollers
Shortbus02007-02-02Twin Cities Terrors
Sick Bubblegum02010-04-18Rebellion Roller Derby
Smirkcules02011-05-04Independent (TBD 9/30/13)
Smokin' S'more05/12/12Jr. Jacksonville Rollergirls
Snap Cackle Pop02010-09-24North Idaho Roller Derby
Sookie FangBangHer02011-10-04Charlotte Roller Girls
Sticki Vicki02006-05-10Bakersfield Rollergirls
Stuntman PsyK02011-12-15The Inhuman League
Sunni02008-05-27Sioux City Roller Dames
Synthetic Delusion02009-03-23Roc City Roller Derby
TabRRRKnuckle02010-05-26Pile O'Bones Derby Club
Taking Names02007-05-30NEO Roller Derby
Tastee Freeze02012-03-19Black Mamba Junior Derby
Theo Face02011-02-01Vette City Roller Derby
Thomas O'Feckett02011-09-22MK Roller Derby
Thrillhouse02007-04-13Garden State Rollergirls
Tia Tantra02008-06-30Molly Roger Rollergirls
Tommy Tsunami02011-03-24South Simcoe Rebel Rollers
Tragedy A. Skates02009-11-23Mobiles' Derby Darlings
Tricky Trollop02009-03-04Torpedo Bay Roller Girls
Trout Pout02010-07-10Van Diemen Rollers
Undead Zed02011-07-23Infinite Mass Roller Derby
Wild Zero02010-09-05Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Zero Cool02010-07-01Renegade Rollergirls (AZ)
Zero re'Morse02011-07-21Rocketeer Rollers
Lavn'drrBlu0 02011-04-05Royal City Rollergirls
Mad Maxine0 02008-01-16Mississippi Rollergirls
Zombie Jesus0 A.D.2010-01-04GateKeepers Roller Derby
Red Velvet0 Calories2007-09-27Western NJ Outlaws
Terry Belle Tendencies0 Cents2010-08-19Gulf Coast Rollergirls
Emma Scoldman0 Gods 0 Masters2009-02-09Ithaca League of Women Rollers
Major Explosion0 Tolerance2010-03-30Reign Valley Vixens
Molly McButtkicker0 Trans Fat2011-01-03Traverse City Roller Derby
Slick0 Yea2009-09-27Jet City Rollergirls
Swede 'N Low0 cal2009-04-29San Antonio Roller Derby
Freez'er Burn0 degrees C2010-04-21Forest City Derby Girls
Meana Sparker0 neg2009-10-09Magnolia Roller Vixens
Sookie Skankhouse0 neg2011-08-01Gold Coast Derby Grrls
Dread Pirate Clobbers0 survivors2011-04-15Collision Mens Derby
Impending Zoom0 to 602007-11-14Ring City Rollergirls
Rehabiliskater, The0 tolerance2007-07-27Maine Roller Derby
Domme Juan0'92012-02-09Fabulous Sin City Roller Girls
BB Sangre0+2012-01-30Sailor City Rollers
Blood Vixen0+2011-11-30Duluth/Superior Roller Derby
Fleur D'licious0+2010-03-25Arch Rival Roller Girls
Prairie Scorn0+5-23-12Canberra Roller Derby
Sookie Slaphouse0+2010-11-17Abilene Derby Dames
Venus Pie Trap0+112011-04-02Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Hemogoblin0-2011-08-09Hellgate Rollergirls
Sgt. Walker0-2012-02-11Low Down and Derby
Ballzonya0-02011-03-21Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Meg Phite0-0 Detroit Derby Girls
Abbey Rogue0-2-602008-04-29Denver Roller Dolls
Shaka Rocka Han0-2-602010-01-15Pacific Roller Derby
Shell I. Whoopya0-2-602008-05-01Castle Rock N' Rollers
LT. CUPCAKE0-32012-04-07Tri-County Rolling Militia
Full Throttle0-602009-03-29Demolition City Roller Derby
K. Lethal0-602008-03-31Cincinnati Rollergirls
Tara Nass0-602007-11-11Cen-Tex Sirens
Motorbreath0-682011-08-08Durham Region Roller Derby
Durty Lil Freak0-692011-03-10Reno Roller Girls
Ginger McShoveHer0-692011-08-09Pottstown Roller Derby Rockstars
Tiki-Bomber0-L02011-04-11Mississippi Rollergirls
Total Shakedown0-NO2012-01-10Atomic City Roller Girls
Dirty Petunia0-pp2011-02-24Route 66 Roller Derby
Lil Kandie Raver0.02012-02-06Rocketeer Rollers Roller Derby
Srs Biznis0.02010-10-12Rocketeer Rollers
Venis Demolish0.02009-08-24Garden State Rollergirls
Wall of Contusion0.02011-10-08Peterborough Roller Derby League
Millie Amp-Fuse0.0012012-01-02Bay State Brawlers
Diamond Stalker0.015/12/12Jr. Jacksonville Rollergirls
Penny McSquish0.012007-02-01B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Space Mutiny0.0492011-11-03Brisbane City Rollers
Chucky Mole0.052010-08-08Perth Roller Derby
The Chuggernaut0.05%2011-09-29Convict City Roller Derby
Alcoholly0.08 Suburbia Roller Derby
Bitchy Kitten0.08 LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Buzer0.082011-08-02A-Town Roller Girlz
JennaSydal0.082006-03-04Grand Strand Rollergirls
Jewell Getta Whippen0.082011-07-15Hermiston Melon Smashers
Lightweight Champ0.082010-06-02Peoria Push Derby Dames
Malibu Slay Breeze0.082011-03-18CT Rollergirls
Miller Lightnin'0.082010-07-13Greensboro Roller Derby
Miss Orderly Conduct0.082011-10-27Hell Rio Rollers
Nada Bremelo0.082007-03-27Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Punkin Disorderly0.082006-04-21Tragic City Rollers
Teq "Kill" Ya0.08 Rose City Rollers
Truth Adere0.082007-07-09Denver Roller Dolls
Ms. Demeanor Maven0.08%2009-08-06North Star Roller Girls
Pink Taco0.092009-01-07Lilac City Rollergirls
Jug O'naughts0.12009-11-24Van Diemen Rollers
Kmartyr0.1012012-03-06Mad Wreckin' Dolls
Mini Morbid0.112010-06-24Winnipeg Roller Derby
Westside Trouble0.112012-01-27Dirt City Roller Rats
Spanish Ass'assin0.2232008-10-17Detroit Derby Girls
Winchester Witch0.2432010-09-03St. Chux Derby Chix
Flustercluck0.3382011-09-01Chinook City Roller Derby
Daisy Shoots0.3572009-12-15Assassination City Roller Derby
DoubleTap0.3572012-06-08Thunder City Derby Sirens
Karma Shootya0.3572008-10-17Detroit Derby Girls
Lady Ricochet0.3572012-02-22Capital City Crushers
Random Freak0.3752011-02-12Reef City Roller Girls
SCARlett revolvHer0.38 Special2012-04-24Rodeo City Roller Girls
Alcoholocaust0.40%2011-08-02Unforgiven Roller Girls
Double Excel0.442010-01-04GateKeepers Roller Derby
Amberetta Pistol0.452012-04-26Port Scandalous Roller Derby
Izzy Dead0.452006-07-23Bradentucky Bombers
Dee Monica0.468055556 Windy City Rollers
Avenged Centerfold0.52011-11-29TBD (delete 8/29/13)
Back Alley Bruiser0.52008-08-07Sick Town Derby Dames
CheaZtee Cheetah0.52010-03-07SINtral Valley Derby Girls
Deadly DeVito0.52010-02-10London Rockin Rollers
Ethel Weapon0.55-25-12Mitten Mavens
Half Pint Dynamite0.52011-01-29Southern Oregon Rollergirls
Half Pint Horror0.52011-11-10Wakey Wheeled Cats
Hurricane Gussie0.52007-11-21New River Valley Rollergirls
Nick L. Bagg0.52011-03-16Gold City Roller Girls
Smackira0.52012-02-03Dub City Derby Girls
The Grouchy Lady Thug0.52009-01-07Mad Wreckin' Dolls
Trigger Trixie0.52011-11-29580 Roller Girls
Nurse Wretched0.5mg STAT2008-05-02Charm City Roller Girls
Eskimo Jo0.77342010-06-08GTA Rollergirls
Sticky Guns0.792012-05-31Winnipeg Roller Derby
Mini Menace0.8752012-04-21Brewcity Bruisers
Registered Nuisance0.9% NS2010-06-07Cherry City Derby Girls
Pied Typer0.9182012-03-06Mad Wreckin' Dolls
Adolla Doom002011-10-11Athens Ohio Roller Derby
Akilla Accalia002011-03-27Spoon River Speed Demons
Amelia Airhead002011-01-29Assassination City Roller Derby
Ana Bollocks00 Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Atilla da Hood002011-01-04NV East Roller Girls
Aurora Borey-ALL-ASS002011-09-16DC Rollergirls
B.A.T.s002008-01-25Central Arkansas Roller Derby
Bad As* Nat002012-02-02Long Island Roller Rebels
BagelHot002009-07-26Hammer City Roller Girls
Barracuda00 Cincinnati Rollergirls
Beaker002010-11-09Brewcity Bruisers
Beat Box LeRoux002011-02-18Fiend Queens Roller Derby
Beautiful Munster002010-06-17Sin Cal Derby Vixens
Belladonna BruzHer002011-01-10Cenla Derby Dames
Betty Bamalam002007-05-21Victorian Roller Derby
Betty Beatdown00 Charm City Roller Girls
Betty Swollox002009-05-10London Rockin Rollers
Big Kitties002010-01-21Saskatoon Roller Derby
BigTurtle002011-02-11Randall County Roller Dames
Blackout Brandi002010-03-05Vette City Roller Derby
Bloc Holliday002011-03-17Southern Illinois Roller Girls
Blondie Blood Soak002011-03-20Mouse River Rollers
Bombadee002006-10-22Houston Roller Derby
Boodles002010-05-21Red Deer Roller Derby Association
Boozy Suzy002010-03-03West Coast Derby Knockouts
Brianimal002011-04-12Prison City Derby Dames
Brik Wall002006-09-01Orange County Roller Girls
Bruiseberry jam002010-02-15Bemidji Babe City Rollers
Buffy The Bitch Slayer002008-01-11Atomic City Roller Girls
Bust N Booty002010-05-19Toowoomba City Rollers
Buster Skull002009-09-10Salisbury Rollergirls
Busty Knuckles002012-02-01Mountain Derby Girls
CC Boom002010-02-16Alamo City Rollergirls
CDBDEYES002012-01-25Toowoomba City Rollers
Cherry Twillight002010-02-08Second City Roller Bullies
Chick "The Ice Girl" Liddell002011-09-07Rome Rollergirls
Chicken on a Chain002010-11-16NEO Roller Derby
Christina Agro Roller002011-04-26Swansea City Slayers
Coco De Maul002010-06-17Hellfire Harlots
Coconut Rough002009-03-09Adelaide Roller Derby
Convicted Melons002010-06-23Palmetto State Rollergirls
Cookie Dozer002011-03-29Kitsap Derby Brats
Crunk N Roll002007-10-19Black-n-Bluegrass Rollergirls
Daizy Blow002011-06-22Evolution Rollergirls
Debbie Darko002010-12-30Cornfed Derby Dames
DejaBoo002010-12-01Cannibales Dolls
Delish Arse002012-03-12Light City Derby
Derbie Monster002011-09-12Twin Cities Terrors
Detonation Zone002012-01-06Bangor Roller Derby
Diamond Dandi002011-12-29Cowboy Capital Rollergirl_s
Die Pfeife002011-05-15rocKArollers
Diet Spite002012-01-22Classic City Rollergirls
Dinah-Mite00 Texas Rollergirls
Double 00 Nuts002010-09-22SINtral Valley Derby Girls
Double O No002010-11-02Connecticut Death Quads
DoubleO'Reffin002011-10-15Lansing Derby Vixens
DozeHer Tiffany002012-03-05Scenic City Roller Psychos
Dr. Dementer002006-08-01Twin City Derby Girls
Dreaded Kat002012-04-22Northern Rivers Roller Derby
Duckshot002011-01-02Olympia Underground Derby
Eastside002007-11-24Mid Iowa Rollers
El Tannant002011-02-24Roller Derby Quebec
Element Zero002011-11-16Athens Ohio Roller Derby
Emerson Biggins002010-07-16TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Erin No Bragh002009-02-12London Rollergirls
Evil-Liza002011-02-17Tri City Roller Girls
Ex-Rae002011-03-10Pensacola Roller Gurlz
Fairy Zilla002011-07-04River City Rollers
Fatal Lee002008-02-01Sudbury's Rock City Rollers
Flauren Invasion002011-06-09East Lansing Roller Riot
French Revolution002011-05-05Oxford Roller Derby
Frida Fallout002009-08-28Central Coast Roller Derby
Gash Talker002011-03-28Suburbia Roller Derby
Ginger Rum Punch002007-08-15Molly Roger Rollergirls
Gingerdead Man002010-11-14Red Deer Roller Derby Association
Gravel Gertie002011-04-27Rotterdam Death Row Honeys
Great Bolz O'Fire002009-05-10Sydney Roller Derby League
Grrr Rawr Rawr002011-03-03Jet City Rollergirls
Hell Brent002009-08-27Flathead Valley Roller Derby
Hellion Keller002010-03-17Burlington Bombers Roller Derby
High D-Fence002010-09-19Gent GO-GO Roller Girls
HooDoo Laveau Hoots002010-08-19Gulf Coast Rollergirls
Hooten Annie002010-12-30San Angelo Roller Derby
Humpme Bogaert002011-09-27One Love Roller Dolls
Ida Watchit002010-04-05Dead Girl Derby
Indycent Xposur002012-04-01West Kentucky Rockin Rollers
Iron Bunz002011-09-26Derby Revolution of Bakersfield
IsaHella Vicious!002010-11-24Bellingham Roller Betties
Jac Nippleson002011-09-03Tweed Valley Rollers
Jello Go Nuts002012-03-16Southern Delaware Rollergirls
Jenny Bang Bang002006-04-21Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Jilly PopHer002012-02-28Tri Valley Roller Girls
Jingle E. Balls002010-03-28North Pole Babes in Toyland
Johnny Trash002007-11-11Palmetto State Rollergirls
K.O. Mama002008-03-10Slaughterhouse Derby Girls
Kamikaze Kim00 Rat City Rollergirls
Kamrat Kobra002011-08-25Crime City Rollers
Kelly Ripa-Nipelov002006-03-30No Coast Derby Girls
Ker Ruption002011-01-08Oly Rollers
Killbo002010-12-20Central New York Roller Derby
Kim Oh No002010-05-04Sheffield Steel Rollergirls
Kimmie Knockers002010-03-08Renegade Rollergirls (So Cal)
Kinky Tuscadero002006-03-29TBD (delete 6/12/13)
KneeCaps Nikki002010-09-29NV East Roller Girls
KrQQl-Aid002010-02-18Walla Walla Sweets Roller Girls
LA Ricochet002011-09-01Benton County Derby Dames
La Ragazza002012-01-23Roller Derby Porto
Lez Roll002009-11-06Flint City Derby Girls
Lil Bit002007-12-08Capital City Crushers
Lil Orphan Agony002011-01-20Rocky Mountain Riot
Lita Revolution002010-11-28Greensboro Roller Derby
Little Jackie Devastation002012-03-07Arnhem Fallen Angels
Lock N' Roll002006-09-21Niagra Roller Girls
Lolita Lip Stick002010-02-16Sugartown Rollergirls
London Derriere002010-10-16Roller Girls of the Apocalypse
Love "NOT"005/13/12Beet City Bombers
LudaKrit (cleared)002011-03-31Pottstown Roller Derby Rockstars
Luna Lonestar002010-09-20Lakeland Ladykillers Roller Derby
Lup LaBAM002011-02-22Hollister Derby Girls
Mad Libby002010-01-20Atlanta Rollergirls
Mali Bruise Barbie002010-03-24San Diego Roller Derby
Mama Hell Razor002009-02-16Sun City Roller Girls
MamaG002010-12-07Snake Pit Derby Dames
Manditory Azkickin'002011-06-21River Demons Roller Girls
McSassy002010-09-08Derby Revolution of Bakersfield--Derby Brats
Mental Block002007-05-30NJ Hellrazors
Mia Booty Buster002011-03-31Missile Mountain Roller Derby
Miss No Name002010-09-13So Cal Junior Rollergirls
Monkey Brains002011-10-14Hartford Area Roller Derby
Moody Suz002010-05-06Voodoo Derby Dollz Roller Derby Association
Moore than a Woman002011-12-03Tyne and Fear Roller Derby
Morgen Terror002011-10-16Tarragona Roller Derby
Napalm Ref002010-05-19Bear City Roller Derby
Naughty Kitty002006-12-28Minnesota Roller Girls
Naughty Nana002008-01-23Dockyard Derby Dames
New Mexico002011-01-03Jacksonville Roller Girls
Nic Dastardly002010-09-18North Cheshire Victory Rollers
OEO002011-01-28Tallahassee Rollergirls
One Nate Stand002010-11-06Race City Rebels Roller Derby
Oxyjen002010-07-09Paradise Roller Girls
Pink Lady002011-07-25Terrassa Derby Rockets
Polygamy Winehouse002010-09-14Stockholm Roller Derby
Pontchartrain BeAtch00 TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Prissy McLaughlin002010-09-29Siskiou Roller League
Professor Booty002006-08-13Burning River Roller Girls
Punkin YoNuts002009-08-19Charm City Roller Girls
Pyscho Syd002011-02-03Cheyenne Capidolls Roller Derby
Rag Doll00 Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Raspberry Nipple002010-11-11Northampton Shoetown Slayers
Raven Maven002007-11-20Halifax Hellcats Roller Derby
Red Hot Chili Mama002008-03-24Rockford Rage
Regret Butler002012-04-13L.A. Junior Derby Dolls
Renegade Roller002010-11-29Wasatch Roller Derby
Revenga d'Nerd002011-01-17RockTown Rollers
Riff Scandell00 Texas Rollergirls
Rock Bottom002010-01-01Red Stick Roller Derby
Rock N Romeo002010-04-18Eastern Iowa Outlaws
Rogue Vogue002010-11-10Capital City Rollers
Rolley Moley002010-04-09Geelong Roller Derby League
Ron Spawn002011-01-02Rock City Riot
Rosey Graves002009-06-21Hidden City Derby Girls
Roy DestROYer002011-02-17Twin City Knockers
Roy Von Minotaur002009-06-29Thunder Bay Roller Derby
Ruby KahBOOM002011-06-14Dire Skates
S. Scar Go002011-10-06Hudson Valley Horrors
Sentinel002011-02-14Dorset Rollergirls
Sheriff of Reffingham002010-08-09Peoria Push Derby Dames
Shlee Z002011-02-11Shadow City Rollers
Shock-A-Gone002010-09-24LOCO Roller Derby
Shredda-malicious002011-07-09Gladstone Roller Derby
Sinna Mean Rolls002009-10-23TBD (delete 8/29/13)
Sister Sledgehammer00 Windy City Rollers
Skylar002007-11-11Treasure Valley Rollergirls
Slim Hitman002011-02-16Electric City Roller GrrrlZ
Smacksaw Jim Duggan002012-02-29Okanagan Roller Derby
Southern Misfit002012-03-23Five 40 Roller Girls
Sparkle Plenty
  + Sparkle Motion
00 Texas Rollergirls
Stabbie Enyaback002010-01-27Kansas City Roller Warriors
Sunshine Burns002011-11-19Greenville Derby Dames
T.T. Twister002009-06-04V-Town Derby Dames
TBC002011-01-26Central City Rollergirls
Tamale Hatchet00 Blazin' Banditas Roller Derby
Tess-Tease002012-03-26Whitsunday Derby
Titan Tiny002011-03-31Grand Strand Rollergirls
Titty Kitty002009-10-07Ventura County Derby Darlins
Titz-N-Giggles002011-02-28Eves of Destruction Roller Derby
Toot A. Lou002008-06-14Rainy City Roller Dolls
Toxic Moss002010-02-23Des Moines Derby Dames
Tsunami Tsue002006-06-08Gold Coast Derby Grrls
Val Catraz002006-03-06Cape Fear Roller Girls
Vendetta VanGo002008-03-14Arch Rival Roller Girls
Vixen Van GoGo00 Philly Rollergirls
Wax Job002007-10-14Oly Rollers
Wyatt Riot002006-10-30Deja Vu Roller Derby
Zombiegirl00 Rat City Rollergirls
Remington Rampage00 buck2010-11-20580 Roller Girls
MK Ultra00 mind control2010-10-26Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
Nova Starr00-72011-01-21Des Moines Derby Dames
FRO-ROCIOUS00-FRO Houston Roller Derby
Starstrucker00-NO2011-03-08A'Salt Creek Roller Girls
Crimson Bitch00.02007-09-14Rideau Valley Roller Girls
A.V.O.0002010-09-08Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby
Anabolic0002010-06-07Bay Rollers
Audrey Heartburn0002010-03-09Triple Sword Roller Girls
Bettacall0002011-11-03Brisbane City Rollers
Betty Believit0002011-11-28Lethbridge Roller Derby Guild
Big in Japan0002010-04-13Durango Roller Girls
Blazen Siren0002011-04-04Murder City Roller Girls
Bone Dancer0002011-11-11Blue Mountains Roller Derby
Brickhit. House0002011-05-16 
Combat Baby0002011-11-01Wasatch Roller Derby
Crimson Avenger0002011-05-29Twin Town Derby Brats
Dark Crystal0002009-02-10Atlanta Rollergirls
DeClaire da Pain0002011-04-05Victorian Roller Derby
Dezdemona Lott0002008-09-03Jersey Shore Roller Girls
Dirty Cheetah0002009-07-06Convict City Roller Derby
Dispencer (The)000 No Coast Derby Girls
Estella Virgin0002010-08-30San Antonio Roller Derby
Fanny Fister0002006-03-06Pikes Peak Derby Dames
Flame N Lane0002007-11-21New River Valley Rollergirls
GabSMACKED0002011-01-21Diamond Valley Roller Derby
Godjammit0002011-05-04Duke City Derby
JerZee Stinga0002011-03-27Devil Dog Derby Dames
Leavem Tender0002010-01-15TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Les Braul0002012-01-04Tampa Bay Men's Roller Derby
M. Gina Hurtz0002011-05-25Rollergirls in Pagosa
MT Soul0002011-12-30Lilac City Pixies
Mona Littlemore0002009-03-05Lonestar Rollergirls
Painadoll0002010-09-30Gold Coast Roller Derby
Pastor Icepax0002011-02-14Dorset Rollergirls
Precious Venom0002011-01-21Coffs Coast Derby
Reptar0002011-09-21Girls Rollin in the South (GRITS)
Strawberry I. Scream0002007-08-10Northern Brisbane Rollers
Suzy Chapstick0002011-08-29Paradise Roller Girls
Three Wheeler0002011-02-20Resurrection Roller Girls
Tic Tac Flo0002011-04-26Junction City Roller Dolls
Tumbaleena0002011-02-22Hollister Derby Girls
Vivi VanDamage0002010-08-11Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
White Winged Shove0002012-04-03Dutchland Rollers
Silent Stalker00002011-01-06Green Valley Roller Girls
Jude O'Wantis000062010-08-02Sun City Roller Girls
Flo-bot #000100012011-11-09Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz
Pomp Adorable00042007-01-10Port City Roller Girls
All that Chaz00072010-01-17Hellfire Harlots
Blood Storm000782008-05-28Dallas Derby Devils
Coxy & I know it000h5/14/12Grin 'n Barum
Dalill Crusher000h2010-03-29Okanagan Shuswap Roller Derby Association
Bashley Blaze0012007-07-17Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Bourbon Legend0012008-04-18Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
Ella-Bella Bang Bang0012008-07-14Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Jeanne Dark0012010-10-13Harbor Girls e.V.
MAB0012011-02-22Roller Derby Toulouse
Sophatron0012011-11-11Hellfire Harlots
Suzie Streaker0012010-04-06Wilkes Barre Roller Radicals
Vital Sadistic0012009-03-17London Rollergirls
Whiskey Lullabye0012010-05-02Hudson Valley Horrors
Zombiae Furiae001.ZOM2011-07-27Latrobe City Roller Derby
VicGoria001010102008-01-02Reno Roller Girls
Roxy McSoxoff00132012-03-11North Texas Derby Revolution
Whip HurlLee00132011-02-07Ohio Roller Girls
Tricky Bobbi001st2011-08-09Alamo City Rollergirls
NutteButter MILFshakes0022011-09-06Heart of Appalachia Roller Derby
Shy Vilonce0022011-07-18Port Scandalous Roller Derby
Double~Oh~TuTu00222010-12-15North Texas Derby Revolution
Jam Morbidson00272011-02-03Cheyenne Capidolls Roller Derby
McKilla Guerilla00272011-12-14Chemical Valley Rollerigirls
Sling Glade00272011-08-16Northern Arizona Roller Derby
Agent Cherry Maim'her0032011-10-04Charlotte Roller Girls
Bitch Please!!!0032006-04-28Duke City Derby
CandySlam0032011-01-15Olympia Underground Derby
DVious Dame0032010-12-29El Paso Roller Derby
Ebby F*ing Star0032010-09-27Cheyenne Capidolls Roller Derby
FN CLASSY0032012-01-07Echo City Knockouts
Slamberry Shortcake0032010-04-18Eastern Iowa Outlaws
Tash-ya 'Round003 Rat City Rollergirls
Ivanna Trip-her00312010-03-02Skate of Jefferson
Mel Feasance0042011-01-17Lake City Roller Dolls
Mile Heidi0042009-09-08Angel City Derby Girls
Mom-A-Nator0042012-03-07Demolition City Roller Derby
Trig-Hur0042009-10-01Cen-Tex Sirens
Mercedes Bends00492008-05-19Philly Rollergirls
Bacardi Bruiser0052011-01-21Sydney Roller Derby League
Finn Furious0052010-02-22Hellfire Harlots
Hellya Berry0052011-09-18Northern Brisbane Rollers
Kickyn Buttz0052010-05-02Long Island Roller Rebels
Lexxinattor (Thee)0052008-04-29Sioux City Roller Dames
Freeze Baby00542010-09-29Minnesota Roller Girls
6ft one-der0062011-01-02Umpqua Valley Roller Vixens
A'Sassin Spitfire0062012-04-16Halifax Roller Derby
DAMONISCH0062012-02-20Santiago Roller Derby
Dirty Anne Rack'em0062011-04-18Bisman Bombshellz
Harlot Havok0062010-12-07Sinvercargill Savages Roller Derby
Heather Havokk0062012-03-15A'Salt Creek Roller Girls
Pinky and the Pain0062010-08-16Jersey Shore Roller Girls
Rio Degenerate0062011-03-14TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Scrappletini0062011-08-01W.A. Roller Derby
Pretty Pushy006.92010-08-26Pushy Cats Roller Derby
Daze YaBoo00695/6/12City of Fists Rollergirls
Irn Brus Her00692009-02-10Houston Roller Derby
Jessy the Body00692011-08-08Durham Region Roller Derby
Strawberry Punch!00695-23-12Canberra Roller Derby
Agent Cody Spanks0072012-04-01Birmingham Blitz Dames
Alien Assassin0072010-11-30Sac City Rollers
Alise T'kill0072011-11-12Dieppe Roller Derby
Anya Badside0072009-02-09Lowcountry Highrollers
Asia Minor0072010-08-24TBD (delete 9/27/13)
AssassCin0072007-08-27LOCO Roller Derby
Assie Gallore0072010-05-25Cape Fear Roller Girls
Bangkok Blondie0072010-10-28Three Rivers Roller Derby
Bash'r Fanyc N.H.C.0072012-04-20Golden State Roller Girls
Bella DeRink0072007-09-19Atlanta Rollergirls
Bettie Bond0072006-10-10Molly Roger Rollergirls
Blaque Eyed Affair0072012-04-11Balsam Mountain Roller Girls
Blonde Assassin0072011-02-18Bakersfield Junior Roller Derby
Blondie Knocks0072009-10-23CoMo Derby Dames
Blunt Damage0072010-06-21Twin Cities Terrors
Boioioioing0072011-07-09Magic City Rollers
Bond Fury0072010-01-11Texas Outlaws Roller Derby
Bond Girl0072009-02-25Bakersfield Rollergirls
Boo D. Brewser0072011-09-20Redding Rollergirls
Boom Boom Martini0072007-05-12Rockford Rage
Booty CrackHer0072011-09-10TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Bubble Gun0072012-03-05Gray City Rebels
BustHer Bunny0072011-03-17Southern Illinois Roller Girls
CBlast0072010-12-21Long Beach Roller Derby
CaRambo0072009-12-15Bear City Roller Derby
Cassie Crusher0072011-01-17TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Celtic Raider0072010-09-19Nickel City Roller Derby
Chasey Lane0072011-01-08Oly Rollers
Cheetah Vicous0072011-03-20South Texas Rolleristas
CurVicious Chaos0072011-09-29Crime City Rollers
Danger Dani0072011-09-13Bash Valley Clobber Girls
Darth Bob0072011-05-26Antihero Derby Alliance
Dazey Lovedirt0072011-10-11Athens Ohio Roller Derby
Deadly Sindy0072011-05-10Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Death Blossom0072010-03-05Vette City Roller Derby
Death By Sparrow0072008-11-25Battle Born Derby Demons
Delicious Demon0072011-08-09Hellgate Rollergirls
Devilish Wayz0072011-04-07Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz
Di Bitch Di0072011-04-03Ark Valley High Rollers
Dirty Little Secret007 Rat City Rollergirls
Domino ---0072008-10-24Brewcity Bruisers
Double-D007 LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Doubleott Buckshot0072011-01-02Eastern Iowa Outlaws
Duff as Nails0072011-01-12City of Fists Rollergirls
Dynamite Dee0072011-02-18Bakersfield Rollergirls
EVL*EVE0072009-09-16South Florida Rollergirls
Fara Fubar0072010-06-06OKC Outlaws Roller Derby
Foxy Vicious0072007-11-16San Diego Roller Derby
Fun-da-Mental Faith0072012-01-29Bay Rollers
Funkadelic Adel0072010-11-02TBD (delete 6/27/13)
GLADi8HER0072009-02-01Old Capitol City Roller Girls
Ginga 'Sassin0072011-06-20Independent (TBD 7/31/13)
Golden Death0072010-09-20Lakeland Ladykillers Roller Derby
Goldie BloXX007 Houston Roller Derby
Hammer Assassin0072012-01-31San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Helga Might0072012-03-08Heart of Appalachia Roller Derby
Hooshier Bruiser0072010-02-20Lea County Roller Wenches
I Spy0072011-01-06Dom City Dolls
Ice Storm0072011-02-15North Pole Babes in Toyland
Indie Skies0072010-06-07Charm City Roller Girls
JAXX MAXXIM0072010-04-08Richter City Roller Derby
James Bondage0072011-12-13North East Roller Derby
Jamz Bond0072006-12-28Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Jane Bond0072009-01-15ManchVegas Rollergirls
Jane Bondage0072011-08-05Vero Beach Rollergirls
Jane Danger007 Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Judge Jammin0072010-03-12Fargo Moorhead Derby Girls
Kellastrophe0072011-06-29Catawba Valley Roller Girls
Lady B0072009-10-01Waco Rollergirls
Leila Loveless0072012-04-02Florence's Cirque Du Pain
Lemon Zinger0072012-01-22LOCO Roller Derby
Lethal Von Smack0072011-07-12Reef City Roller Girls
Levit Tbevr0072008-11-21Quad City Rollers
Lil Ninja0072012-03-17Desert Dolls Roller Derby
Lil ScHmldT0072012-03-14Foothills Roller Derby Association
Lil Vixen0072009-07-01Green Mountain Derby Dames
Liv N. Letdie0072008-09-04Santa Cruz Derby Girls
LoLo Seven0072010-08-07Whidbey Island Roller Girls
Lok'd & Loaded0072011-05-31Echo City Knockouts
Maims Bond0072011-01-10Morgantown Roller Vixens
Malice Looming0072010-08-01Taranaki Roller Corps
Marilyn MonstrAHHsity0072012-03-26Fargo Moorhead Derby Girls
Marvel S. Martini0072011-10-07One World Roller Derby
Maza Rotti0072011-02-16Brazos Valley Derby Girls
McDangerous0072010-10-06Ohio Roller Girls
Michella Ring UR Bella0072009-06-30Rage City Rollergirls
Missile Shell0072010-05-06Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Mission Impassable0072008-05-11Steel City Derby Demons
Mother CuttHer0072011-08-14Eastern Carolina Brawling Betties
Ms Pummel Her0072010-06-07Cherry City Derby Girls
Nat Stalker0072007-09-24Disaster City Roller Girls
Naughty by Tourture0072011-06-19Olympia Underground Derby
Octopushy007 Mad Rollin' Dolls
Ophelia Burn0072011-09-06Sauk Valley Sirens
Pebblz the Punisher0072010-08-17Pacific Roller Derby
Perra Clandestina0072011-04-16Helsinki Roller Derby
Pierce Broadside0072006-10-16Cape Fear Roller Girls
Pistol Hips0072010-02-20Circle City Derby Girls
Poison Red0072011-06-20Fair City Rollers
Quad Junkie0072010-07-02Bayou Outlaw Rollergirls
Ragdoll Arrowsmith0072012-04-20Middle Georgia Derby Demons
Red (k) Lipstick0072012-02-20Santiago Roller Derby
Research and Destroy0072010-05-06Charlottesville Derby Dames
Roxi Barracuda0072009-11-16Deja Vu Roller Derby
RubHer Bullets0072011-08-31Maui Rollergirls
Ruby Woo0072009-05-15Dirty Verde Roller Derby
Rudejude0072011-04-05Central Michigan Roller Derby
Sabbath Black0072007-10-14Molly Roger Rollergirls
Secret Asian Man0072010-01-29Central New York Roller Derby
Shaken and Stirred0072010-01-15Black-n-Bluegrass Rollergirls
Shotgun Shelby0072011-01-05Blue Water Derby Girls
Silverfern Fox0072011-08-31Otautahi Roller Derby League
Skeletor0072008-06-10Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Slaymaker0072010-02-28Central Arkansas Roller Derby
Smashed, not strrd0072010-02-12Stockholm Roller Derby
Sophie O'Path0072011-07-04River City Rollers
Spicy Tuna0072011-08-29Paradise Roller Girls
Spooky Bones0072011-10-13Smokin' Diablas Derby Girls
Spy Hunter0072011-08-22Assassination City Roller Derby
Ssmokin' Joe0072006-11-26TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Sues E. Galore0072011-02-04B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Sugar Brown Smackdown0072011-10-15Assault City Roller Derby
Super Freak0072007-08-08Wayward Rollergirls
Supernova0072006-10-12Queen City Roller Girls
Suzy Screendoor0072009-09-10Central Alberta Roller Derby Association
Tackle Your Fancy0072011-11-11Oklahoma Victory Dolls
Talibana0072011-07-02Metropolitan Roller Derby
Tamarra Neverdyes0072006-09-15Dutchland Rollers
ThumPer' TanTrum0072012-01-19South Central Roller Girls
Tripsey Trixie0072012-01-05Tulare Roller Derby
Twizted Tiffsta0072011-01-12Ohio Valley Roller Girls
UV Vixen0072007-07-16Freedom Fighter Derby Girls
Val DeLorean0072011-07-02Buenos Aires Roller Derby
Venus N. D'Skyes0072010-11-02South East Sask Roller Derby Association
Vesper Synd0072011-04-21London Rollergirl_s Rec League
Xenia Ona-blokk0072011-11-22Royal Windsor Roller Girls
Kay La'Karnage007 1/22007-10-14Molly Roger Rollergirls
Countess Bloody Bathory (The)007age2011-01-11Viagros
Bambootie0082011-07-18Echo City Knockouts
Getta Grip0082011-02-10Convict City Roller Derby
Hungry, Hungry Hipcheck0082011-07-07Thunder Bay Roller Derby
Looks That Kill0082010-02-11Glass City Rollers
Nin-Sanity0082011-10-31VAN DIEMEN ROLLERS
P.T. Burn'um008122011-07-11Arizona Rollergirls
Blonde Rambition0092012-01-13Med City Mafia
Circle Squirt0092008-03-10TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Italian Job0092010-02-02Route 66 Roller Derby
Kitty Cataclysm0092010-03-05Burn City Rollers
Miss Hitty Kitty0092010-07-10Van Diemen Rollers
Outlaw Woman0092006-10-06Central Arkansas Roller Derby
Rebel Angel0092011-05-11Cen-Tex Sirens
Strawberry Strangler0092011-01-21Des Moines Derby Dames
Wendy N Hit-Her0092010-09-22Derby Revolution of Bakersfield
Grimreaperess, The00:002009-06-25TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Jam Reaper00:002008-06-02Charm City Roller Girls
Tyma Wrecknin'00:002010-05-01West End Waywards
Vampire Panda00:002008-10-23Rainy City Roller Girls
Gunna Die00:012009-05-03Winnipeg Roller Derby
Betty Gauge00B2007-12-14Hammer City Roller Girls
Blue Skittles00F2012-03-13Ridge Meadows Roller Derby
Agent H00H2011-09-18Radioactive City Rollergirls
Double D'Viant00H2010-09-27Victorian Roller Derby
Baby Daddy00HN002011-03-19Big Easy Rollergirls
Party Foul00P52008-09-26Arch Rival Roller Girls
Fannie Mayhem00PS2009-06-19Steel City Derby Demons
Smacka Khan00h2011-05-16Sheffield Steel Rollergirls
Stat Damon00k2011-10-31Leeds Roller Dolls
Trixy Tripavitch00p52012-02-24Flint City Derby Girls
Whoop C. Daisy00ps2008-11-18OKC Outlaws Roller Derby
Tripsy Daisy00psy2009-06-18Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
Armed Bandit012010-04-01Glasgow Roller Girls
Athora T.012009-12-08Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Black Bliss012011-07-08Tacones Bandidos
Cuntry Tyme012006-09-25River City Rollergirls
Daisy Dukes-It-Out012008-09-02GTA Rollergirls
Dev Null012010-03-26Chinook City Roller Derby
Diana Boss012010-11-13West Coast Derby Knockouts
Dixie Rebel012010-03-13SinCal Derby Vixens
Dixxie Hazard012009-03-18Little Steel Derby Girls
Dosa Badazz01 Charm City Roller Girls
Dottie A. Rebel012009-11-19Columbia QuadSquad
Duke 'N Daisy012010-11-09Dirty Verde Roller Derby
Dukes Hazzardous012008-03-08Dixie Derby Girls
Fearce012011-03-10Mississippi Rollergirls
Gambit012012-03-12Light City Derby
General Lee Feisty (colorado?)01 Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Happy Hands Kringle012011-05-13Heart of Appalachia Roller Derby
Home Skillet012010-03-10Dominion Derby Girls
IBDaBadest012010-07-14Beach Brawl Sk8r Dolls
Johnny "Pocket" Rocket012009-04-22Twin Cities Terrors
Kat Von Diva012012-01-24Central Kansas Derby Coalition
Kill Dozer012011-07-23Infinite Mass Roller Derby
Lillte Miss Bullet012010-06-24Bedfordshire Rollergirls
Lucky Penny012008-02-10DC Rollergirls
Lucy Dynamite012011-04-13Monashee Roller Girls
MACE m. dixon012008-08-20Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Miss Poison012012-03-05Scenic City Roller Psychos
N-Jen012009-09-09Gent GO-GO Roller Girls
Raggaty Andi012011-02-15North Pole Babes in Toyland
Sweaty Betty012006-08-22Sandstone City Roller Girls
Fiona O'Felony01! Atlanta Rollergirls
Margy Bargy01!2007-08-07London Rockin Rollers
Cass Warfare01-May2012-04-30B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Crack-Herz01.772011-02-22Hollister Derby Girls
AL B. Nasty0102009-03-05Lonestar Rollergirls
Abe Froman0102010-10-19The Regulators
Conads the Ballbearian0102011-01-02Rock City Riot
Dirty Crack0102010-07-10Van Diemen Rollers
Draggin Balls0102012-01-18Lane County Concussion
Forna Kate0102008-04-22Saskatoon Roller Derby
G-Banger0102007-12-01Victorian Roller Derby
Go Nads0102010-03-11Towns Villains Roller Derby
Heidi Doomm0102011-04-27Rotterdam Death Row Honeys
Hoof Hearted0102007-12-14Hammer City Roller Girls
Moustasha0102012-04-18Anarchic Die Hard Derby
Noafantastica0102011-08-31Maui Rollergirls
Phallic Baldwin0102011-12-15The Inhuman League
Rusty Nutz0102011-02-02Dockyard Derby Dames
StEve0102012-01-13Med City Mafia
Bot Bot Bot010012006-03-21Duke City Derby
Ada Bloodlace01012011-06-24Steel City Derby Demons
Deb Crush01012008-09-14Assault City Roller Derby
Megatron010101 Denver Roller Dolls
Rowdy Rip-Her01022011-02-21Black-n-Bluegrass Rollergirls
Floozy Ramrod01072010-09-21Northern Arizona Roller Derby
Baby Nuclear0112011-02-11Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
Bye Nary01102011-07-23Infinite Mass Roller Derby
Janie Trashmouth01102011-01-04NV East Roller Girls
Mystic Blaze01102011-11-29Tri Valley Roller Girls
Optimiss Crime01102006-10-06Minnesota Roller Girls
Woah-Bot01102012-03-29Shore Points Roller Derby
BeatHer Bailey011000102007-05-16Pacific Roller Derby
ChamPain Menace01112011-02-10Convict City Roller Derby
Suga-in-da-Raw01182011-06-30Northshore Roller Rebels
Sookie Sock'em0122011-07-26Rainy City Roller Dolls
Evil Ethics01202010-12-15Tucson Roller Derby
Paige Bleed01252009-10-28Ohio Roller Girls
Aimless0132011-02-17Clarence Valley Roller Derby
Clover Run Ya Over0132010-04-19Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Dee DeathorGlory0132011-10-02Tampere Rollin' Hos
Left Eye Murphy0132011-02-22Hollister Derby Girls
Mary Fagdelene0132011-01-16Perth Roller Derby
Mel Nino0132010-06-29Burlington Bombers Roller Derby
Kat Skratch Kim01302011-08-08Durham Region Roller Derby
Slamonica01312010-11-18Border City Brawlers
Bonnie Bashford01412012-04-11Bedfordshire Rollergirls
Smack Dahlia, The01472007-07-14Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Cherry Slapstick015oz2011-03-19Circle City Derby Girls
Sweet D'Zasta0162008-10-04Treasure Valley Rollergirls
Viewtiful Butz0162011-05-28Spoon River Speed Demons
Leotard O'da Pinchme01:01.65-23-12Bethel Derby Divas
Big Country01N82010-11-22Cen-Tex Sirens
Angel of Beth022010-08-11Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Auttomic02 Renegade Rollergirls (AZ)
Bad, Bad Lexy Brown022011-04-13Monashee Roller Girls
Bam B Smears022011-03-03McLean County MissFits
Blue ThunderStorm022012-02-20Santiago Roller Derby
Cat Fatale022011-03-16Rosebud Rebels Roller Derby
Crazy Duke022008-09-06Texas Rollergirls
Harm Many022010-03-11Towns Villains Roller Derby
Hellga022011-01-27Forx Roller Derby
IRA FUSE022009-11-03Savannah Derby Devils
Jolly Mean Giant022007-11-11Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Mighty Mouse022010-05-27Blackwater Rollers
Rambo Brite022006-10-10Molly Roger Rollergirls
Robogeisha022011-07-02Sailor City Rollers
Servin' Justice02 Brewcity Bruisers
Shiny Toy Buns022010-03-22CT RollerGirls
Skaty Perry022009-02-17Inland Empire Derby Divas
TITAN Uranus022012-04-18Niagara Roller Girls
Xenia Xavage022009-06-15Bremen Rollergirls
No2Morrow02-042012-06-11Tokyo Roller Girls
Inskatiable0202008-05-05Soul City Sirens
Barbarian Librarian020.922007-07-22Santa Cruz Derby Girls
Library Fine020.922011-10-03WestSide Derby Dollz
Punk Sue Tawney02022009-02-23Dutchland Rollers
Sinful n Sk8tz02032010-03-01SinCal Derby Vixens
Gingerslice02042011-02-04West Kentucky Rockin Rollers
Killah Cleta02072010-04-04Harbor City RollerDames
Metal Delishia02082012-04-20Outlaw Renegade Roller Girls Orange County
Midnight Brawler02122010-03-01SinCal Derby Vixens
Bust-Her Ballz02142011-03-23Cajun Rollergirls
Star Thrust02192010-12-31Oklahoma Victory Dolls
Piper Hotpants0222011-02-06Bismark Capital City Roller Girls
Shermaike02312012-02-20Santiago Roller Derby
Goldie Haunting0242011-10-26Assassination City Roller Derby
Dark Princess0252011-07-02Buenos Aires Roller Derby
Maelee West0252011-11-11Oklahoma Victory Dolls
Cathy Gibbet0262012-03-07Arnhem Fallen Angels
Chezbomb0262011-08-10Nepean Derby
Thunder Honey0262011-09-29Crime City Rollers
Elsie YaLater02602012-04-04Providence Roller Derby
Mullet Bullet026D52007-03-19Rose City Rollers
Alex Mode032012-03-22Mambas Negras Roller Derby
Atomatrix032008-12-29Oly Rollers
Avyshankher032011-04-07Single Handed Roller Derby
Billie L. Riot032011-10-17Namur Roller Girlz
Block Booty032011-05-06Cardiff Roller Collective
Box Stompin' Betty032011-07-07Prince Albert Roller Derby
Bruise Mo'Chine032012-04-11Balsam Mountain Roller Girls
Bullet Tooth Tracy03 Texas Rollergirls
Carrera-Soreass-Wrecks032011-08-25Alberni Valley Roller Girls
Cold War032010-01-18Ithaca League of Women Rollers
Donna Fookwifme032009-07-16Fairbanks Rollergirls
Donnie Sparko032010-06-24Bedfordshire Rollergirls
Goody Goody Toe Stops032011-02-04West Kentucky Rockin Rollers
Hannah Von Slam-her032011-10-16Valleys Roller Dolls
Irish Yeti032012-01-20Tall City Roller Betties
Jelly Jawbreakz032009-06-15Bremen Rollergirls
Joan Jolt032011-11-30Hellgate Rollergirls
Kate Gnash032011-01-21Dark River Derby Coalition
Kourtionless032012-01-01K-Town Derby Dolls
Laudominator032010-04-13Durango Roller Girls
Lotus Warrior032012-03-31Murder City Roller Girls
Madame Fatale032011-10-13Smokin' Diablas Derby Girls
Minx03 Fort Wayne Derby Girls
Mis B'Havin Betty032011-02-22Hollister Derby Girls
Miss Bea Trippin032009-03-13River City Rollergirls
Modesty Blaze032008-06-20Green Mountain Derby Dames
Nancy Drew-Blood03 B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Nutty Ginger032010-07-09Twin City Derby Girls
Officer Pain032009-01-15Grand Raggidy Roller Girls
Raggedy Angst035/7/12Hellmilton Roller Ghouls
Ramona Rocket032010-11-13Kamloops Roller Derby Association
Runaway Bunny032011-08-10NJ Hellrazors
Shel B RioT035/10/12W.A. Roller Derby
Shred-it Wheatly032011-04-21Newcastle Roller Girls
Skunk Punk032012-04-22Taranaki Roller Corps
Slick Mouth032009-11-20Palm Beach Rollergirls
Spark L. Vixen032011-04-19Pensacola Roller Gurlz
Squeaks Bye!032010-02-15Hawkesbury/Hills Area Roller Derby
SunnyD-Stroyer032012-03-05Scenic City Roller Psychos
Trail Trash032011-03-10Emerald Coast Roller Derby
Vicious V032011-05-25Southern Tier Savages Roller Derby
Yankee Bruister032007-11-21New River Valley Rollergirls
Delfin Punta03-Apr2009-03-29Demolition City Roller Derby
Gorram Reaver (The)03-K64 Mad Rollin' Dolls
Lady N Red03.03.032011-03-27Devil Dog Derby Dames
Stark Raving Maddie03082010-12-11Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls
Epic Damage03092011-08-07Northshore Roller Derby
All-in0312011-08-25Gothenburg Roller Derby
WestCoast Ma Fia03132008-03-11Rogue Rollergirls
Anita Zombie03212011-04-22Rome Rollergirls
Gin N Jukes03232011-08-08Rome Rollergirls
Grim Burton0332010-12-25Evolution Rollergirls
Napalm Nymph03302008-11-25Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
BruizEasy0362011-01-21Coffs Coast Derby
Quadracer0372011-10-17Kouvola Rock n Rollers
Leavu Stranded03872010-02-20Columbia QuadSquad
B-Dazzled042009-09-09Gent GO-GO Roller Girls
Beefcake Bettee042012-01-16Powder River Rousta 'Bout It Betties
Bell Lashings042011-05-03Bay Rollers
Cat's Osogood042010-01-05Rollin' Roulettes Roller Derby
Claudia Stiffer042010-06-15Champaine-Urbana Rollers
Cooch Willis042012-03-26Alberni Valley Roller Girls
Cry-Baby Blocker042011-05-01Halifax Roller Derby
Curtankerous042011-02-01Lakeland Ladykillers Roller Derby
Derby Stopout042009-05-10London Rockin Rollers
Eve Viscerate (cleared)042011-01-29Perth Roller Derby
Flaming Flower042008-09-12Emerald City Junior Gems
Fox Ache042012-03-15Richter City Roller Derby
Fox Sake042007-05-31London Rollergirls
Glitta Hitta042011-07-04River City Rollers
Kara-lyz'her042012-02-29Red Rock 'N Roller Derby
Killer Brunette042011-07-02Metropolitan Roller Derby
Kinky Stuntz042011-08-01Southern Discomfort Roller Derby
Knuckle Bunny042010-01-20Lake City Roller Dolls
Korn Star042010-03-13Olympia Underground Derby
Little Disaster042011-05-02Rome Rollergirls
Mad As Sin04 Renegade Rollergirls (AZ)
Mrs. SeXyPaNts042010-08-04Flint City Derby Girls
Shipwreck Siren042008-09-18Victoria Rollergirls
Taren Maim042011-06-15Lakeland Ladykillers Roller Derby
Twisted Pixie042006-09-01TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Vegantino042012-04-18Niagara Roller Girls
Vixen Addiction042011-11-07Dallas Derby Devils
C-N-DBL04'2010-06-17Sin Cal Derby Vixens
Elle Nino04-122011-02-23Charm City Roller Girls
Toast-Her Ass04-37-0-V2011-11-07Dallas Derby Devils
Alotta Riot0402011-03-15Crime City Rollers
Free State Bomber0402008-04-29Green Valley Rollergirls
Janey Destruction0402011-01-24Rockcity Rollers
Skeeri0402008-09-16Richmond Derby Demons
April Fools04012006-04-28Central Coast Roller Derby
Lost Boi04032010-10-21Derby Revolution of Bakersfield
Roxy Carolla04052009-11-27Leeds Roller Dolls
Guns A GoGo0412011-12-16North Idaho Roller Derby
Holly Heartless04162010-01-11South Side Roller Derby
Luscious LuLu04162010-01-16Sac City Rollers
Dirty Lou Auburn04242010-11-10Maine Roller Derby
Oxidizing Angel04402011-02-09Molly Roger Rollergirls
Abnorman0452010-12-23Low Down and Derby
Smok'n Colt0452011-10-02San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Belle Guinness0492009-09-21Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
Abandon Whips052011-09-18Bedfordshire Rollergirls
Baby "T"052011-02-01Lakeland Ladykillers Roller Derby
Bayshore Bruiser052012-01-17Riptide Rollers
Chelsee Stars052011-02-22Belle City Roller Girls
Chicken Joe052010-03-10Basin Breaker Babes
Daisy Pain052011-04-28Imposters Rollergirls
De'vicious Rock052010-06-30Madison Junior Derby Divas
Hellbilly Blonde052011-09-07Central California Area Derby
Hip Check-Her052011-09-27Riptide Rollers Association
Hurricane Hori052009-06-22Dead End Derby
Jezibelle N. Hell052012-04-01Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
Kaba Toxika052011-07-02Metropolitan Roller Derby
Krafty Minx052011-11-11Blue Mountains Roller Derby
La Fourde052011-10-16Tarragona Roller Derby
Lil Smasher052012-02-25Rum City Derby Dolls
Mini Vandal052009-09-27DC Rollergirls
Penelope ToeStop052006-07-13Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Quad Z. Mojo052011-10-04Charlotte Roller Girls
Ramjam Wrightly052011-10-08Peterborough Roller Derby League
Smashing Skittlez055/12/12Jr. Jacksonville Rollergirls
Starbuck052007-01-14Lava City Roller Dolls
Strawberry Sour052008-06-13Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz
Sweet Enemy052009-04-21Sun State Roller Girls
Swiss Missconduct052007-05-20Emerald City Roller Girls
TansterDammm052011-08-25Alberni Valley Roller Girls
Terry T-bone052009-06-15Bremen Rollergirls
Tomcat05 Texas Rollergirls
Total Frey-Hem052011-05-12London Rollergirls
VixxyRose052012-03-01Reading Derby Girls
Whoopi Nass052007-11-08Randall County Roller Dames
D-Mann05-Dec2008-02-09LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Boo Boo Bushee05-Feb2009-04-01Five 40 Roller Girls
Girl Fawkes05-Nov2007-03-16CT RollerGirls
C for Vendetta05.112011-02-16Electric City Roller GrrrlZ
General Strike05/012011-01-01Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Lady Rah! Rah!0502011-02-04Jet City Rollergirls
Randy Bichova0502010-11-27W.A. Roller Derby
Nya Late05052008-10-15Rogue Rollergirls
Al Exicutioner05122010-02-15Jerzey Derby Brigade
Sugar Britches05182010-07-11San Diego Roller Derby
Maimin Moxxi05282011-11-14Chocolate City Cherry Bombers
Kink n' Ginger05392012-02-29Red Rock 'N Roller Derby
Miss DairyAir0542010-01-01Green Mountain Derby Dames
Cemetery Mary0572008-08-17Undead Bettys
Annie Oops062009-10-01Cen-Tex Sirens
Bex-Hit Wounds062010-06-24Bedfordshire Rollergirls
Bloody Egg062011-07-02Buenos Aires Roller Derby
Busty BraBender062010-01-04Windy City Rollers
Buzza062010-05-17Coastal Assassins Roller Derby
Derby Blonde062011-04-13Monashee Roller Girls
Foxy Peril062011-07-28Blue Mountains Roller Derby
Heartless Amazona062011-10-13Smokin' Diablas Derby Girls
Holly Hot Tamale062010-08-30TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Huevo062011-07-19Sailor City Rollers
JuneBug062011-02-18Bakersfield Junior Roller Derby
M. Castro062008-08-26Philly Rollergirls
Motley Cruz06 B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Necrophilly Her062010-04-26Pirate City Rollers
Nucklebump Nikki062011-03-31Dirt City Roller Rats
Phoebe phlebotobitch062011-02-07South County Derby Girls
Sic Shooter06 Texas Rollergirls
Slim I. Smash-U-N062010-08-17Pacific Roller Derby
Violet Temper06 Philly Rollergirls
Iron Candy06/065/8/12Swamp City Roller Rats
Jack Hearse0602009-12-13Little Steel Derby Girls
Bohemian Bruisin Bombshelle06022012-03-09Omaha Rollergirls
Blood Flowers06092012-01-14South Simcoe Rebel Rollers
Reff Sex060902012-02-23Battle Creek Cereal Killers
Button Buck06182011-03-27Black Rose Rollers
Mazz Destruction06262009-09-22Croydon Roller Derby
Bertha Mae Breakya06302011-01-29Assassination City Roller Derby
Black Widow06602012-02-06LOCO Roller Derby
Hannibal LictHer0682011-06-07Southcentral Michigan Renegade Rollitia
Bomb Dolly0692011-04-13Cardiff Roller Collective
Hippies Revenge0692011-10-02Arizona Rollergirls
Rebel ChargHer0692009-03-04Memphis Roller Derby
Yulla Nita Surgerita06:00 manana2009-09-22Jacksonville Roller Girls
Anna Turny072012-02-12Toronto Roller Derby
Belle Bleeder072012-03-28Emerald Coast Roller Derby
Bully (The)072008-08-12Eves of Destruction Roller Derby
CandyApple Chaos072010-07-09Paradise Roller Girls
Cherry Moshpit072010-07-20One Love Roller Dolls
Claire Bangs072010-05-20Champaine-Urbana Rollers
D-WEEZI Da Squeezer072007-07-05River City Rollergirls
Deadly Cyn07 Texas Rollergirls
Double U Jay072010-04-19Gent GO-GO Roller Girls
Drunken Fist072010-03-09Tulsa Derby League
Elly Gone Gonzo072010-11-20580 Roller Girls
Foxy Pound072009-04-29Charlotte Roller Girls
G-Wrex072012-04-01East Vic Roller Derby
GB Aitch072011-10-08Furness Firecrackers
Helen Stellar072012-03-30Emerald Coast Roller Derby
Helena Hancart072008-10-24Rebellion Roller Derby
I.V. Hawthorne072012-03-26Cirque Du Pain
Jenny Vidi Vici072011-10-22Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Julietta Payne072011-11-15Prairie Fire Roller Girls
Kerrisma Kevorkian07 Houston Roller Derby
Lilly Vista072006-04-21Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Lollygag-Her072008-10-28Emerald City Junior Gems
Meg Arunfrit072010-03-11Towns Villains Roller Derby
Mo'Thunder072010-07-08Cedar Valley Derby Divas
Mr. Midnite072011-07-16Mountain Mauler's Roller Derby
Pin-up Killer072010-12-22Paris Rollergirls
Psycho Thrasher072011-02-032x4 Roller Derby
Random Heroine072011-06-16Spokannibals
Rebella Rotten072010-03-21Graveyard Queens
Rocka Hillbilly072011-03-27TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Rockem Shockem072010-07-16Detroit Derby Girls
Rollin-Shea-D072010-09-09Tall City Roller Betties
Sammy Sucker Punch072010-07-05Peace Region Roller Dolls
Sirius Block072012-02-29Red Rock 'N Roller Derby
Slayer Barea072012-03-15Cornwall Roller Derby
The Jedi072011-02-14Hurricane Honyiez
Tokyo Cowgirl072009-01-10Camel City Thrashers
Vodka 'N Punch072010-04-26South Jersey Derby Girls
War Bride072007-05-24DV8 Derby Skaterz
A Jent0702010-08-11Quad City Rollers
Chelsea Manhandler07042009-09-26Rockford Rage
Double D. Vour07042011-02-02Savannah Derby Devils
Michelle O' She'll Bomb Ya07042011-03-21Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Sinful Lee07072011-02-22Oklahoma City Roller Derby
Dita Von Death Muffin07092010-11-15Pearl River Roller Derby
Mojo Killer07092012-04-22Northern Rivers Roller Derby
Genie in a Battle07112011-05-02Rome Rollergirls
Princess Pummel07132010-08-08Junction City Roller Dolls
Outta Daway07152012-01-18Crown City Rollerz
AgroPelter07222011-11-12Wirral Whipiteres Roller Derby
Puncher Out07272010-01-25Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Cleo Patronize0732007-04-04Providence Roller Derby
Automatic Pain07302012-03-18JBLM Bettie Brigade
CanuckHerBlockOff0752011-07-28Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby
Cruella Border0772010-12-26Buenos Aires Roller Derby
Fair Fangit0772011-02-10Convict City Roller Derby
Elizabeth Berserkley07722012-03-30CCDD
Wes Cravin Brainz077342011-01-31NEO Roller Derby
Rocks no Cocks0782011-04-27Rotterdam Death Row Honeys
B. Trix Rotter0792011-09-22MK Roller Derby
Yer Mum Says Hi07972010-11-15Nottingham Roller Girls
Miss Jam$amWitch07x32010-11-18Cardiff Roller Collective
8 Track08 Texas Rollergirls
Anita Tuf-Moth'r082009-02-12Killamazoo Derby Darlins
Deli Slicer082010-09-30Gold Coast Roller Derby
Devil Taz082011-02-22Roller Derby Toulouse
Doctor CC KaBoom082011-11-30Hellgate Rollergirls
Dolly Darko082006-08-27Lonestar Rollergirls
Erin Watershow082009-04-23Chicago Outfit
Grace Smelly082009-09-09Gent GO-GO Roller Girls
Harlot Church082011-10-16Valleys Roller Dolls
Jac Her Up082010-06-17Sin Cal Derby Vixens
Killotine08 Renegade Rollergirls (CA)
Kit Kruger082011-03-12Furness Firecrackers
Lane of Pain082006-11-26TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Lethal Darling082012-01-17Riptide Rollers
LexSTINGuisher082012-01-13Mac Town Rebel Rollers
Miz Diz082008-09-12Rainy City Roller Girls
Mo'Steph082010-06-07Charm City Roller Girls
Mocha Motion082009-02-04Port City Roller Girls
NOONSHINKA CHERRY082012-01-16B.M.O. Roller Derby Girls
Pirate Cherry082010-10-18Lahti Roller Derby
Ruby Riot082008-08-12Granite City Roller Girls
Slice Andice082007-01-10London Rollergirls
Smashley Drewblood082011-01-17Lake City Roller Dolls
Spider Cricket082006-06-06Bakersfield Rollergirls
Whine KrusHer085/15/12SINtral Valley Derby Girls
Shark Bite08/052012-04-11Twin City Knockers
Bloody Barbie08/152009-11-04Graveyard Queens
Blue Murder08/152011-01-21Granite City Roller Girls
Eve Volcano08/152011-05-15rocKArollers
Mrs. Sinnerella08/152011-10-27S'Kthchen Roller Derby
Skrat0802010-07-15Jerzey Derby Brigade
Vin Dekate0802006-07-13Port City Roller Girls
Bootie Bandit08052011-04-07Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz
Bekah Body Chekah08072011-01-29Kitsap Derby Brats
Tipsy Tease08082007-07-10Wasatch Roller Derby
Lauryn Drill0812012-01-19Zurich City Rollergirlz
Stopit n Tidyup0812010-08-10Dolly Rockit Rollers
Gas-E-line08102011-04-14Gent GO-GO Roller Girls
Strawberry Right Hook08112010-11-04TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Anjabolika08152012-03-05Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz
Fiest E. One08152011-01-13Boulder County Bombers
Jooligan08152009-12-15Bear City Roller Derby
ToxicKnockOut08192010-01-05Rollin' Roulettes Roller Derby
Gwen Stiffarmy08212010-10-06West Kentucky Rockin Rollers
Kandy Knocka-hoe08252010-09-22Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Scream Printer08282011-05-08Chicago Outfit
Stuicidal08452009-10-23Wolverhampton Honour Rollers
Etta NaPalm0852011-04-22Arnhem Fallen Angels
Rock a Tear0852011-11-01East Vic Roller Derby
Cici Fallenstar08982011-11-12Wirral Whipiteres Roller Derby
Pummel'er Anderson08982011-08-02Central City Rollergirls
Angel Dustt09 Windy City Rollers
BRUISE DEALER092012-01-16B.M.O. Roller Derby Girls
Be Bop A Lola092011-07-26Rainy City Roller Dolls
Black Eye Susan092006-04-21Philly Rollergirls
Chika mala092012-03-07Santiago Roller Derby
Eliza Bring It092011-12-15Burn City Rollers
Hell for Heather092011-03-12Furness Firecrackers
Ice Hurt092010-11-30Illinois Valley Vixens
Jdead Salinger092011-03-01SINtral Valley Derby Girls
Jem & Holojams092010-11-10Dead Girl Derby
Julie Jawbreaker09 Gent GO-GO Roller Girls
Kamikaze Kitten092007-09-16London Rollergirls
Katie Voort092012-03-26Alberni Valley Roller Girls
Kimical Addiction092011-05-16Dallas Derby Devils
Kisme Assets092010-12-15South West Sask Roller Derby
Kitty Militia092009-03-05Pile O'Bones Derby Club
Kosovo Hunter092011-07-02Buenos Aires Roller Derby
Lu Lasso092011-05-03Bay Rollers
Meanie Mischevious092011-11-07Vasteras Rollerderby
Metal Dragon092011-07-16Mountain Mauler's Roller Derby
Misty "Muffa" Muffdivah092010-05-04Crime City Rollers
Mona Vaydid092011-08-11Grand Raggidy Roller Girls
Nicky Hellcat092012-03-03Happy Valley Derby Darlins
Outer Spacey092011-09-16Gem City Rollergirls
Pepe Le Pewk092010-10-16Middlesbrough Milk Rollers
Polly Peckurizout092011-04-11Gold Coast Roller Derby
Prudence Pork092009-06-15Bremen Rollergirls
Rock N Riot092008-08-12Granite City Roller Girls
Sun Blister092011-02-16Watertown Roller Derby
SweetNess NoMore092011-03-29Hawkesbury/Hills Area Roller Derby
The Mad Impaler092011-10-08Peterborough Roller Derby League
Thigh Voltage09002010-01-24Richter City Roller Derby
Cattleya Labiata09082010-03-30Bedfordshire Rollergirls
Nutcase09092007-03-05Prison City Derby Dames
Missy Prissy09182011-01-19OKC Outlaws Roller Derby
Dita Gone Rotten09252007-02-28Alamo City Rollergirls
P!nk DePantsHer09252011-05-01Iowa Rollin' Aces
Mazy Mayhem09282007-10-19South Side Roller Derby
Madame Kingfusion09292011-07-21Rocketeer Rollers
Justine Credible09892008-04-28Birmingham Blitz Dames
Camala0992011-10-312x4 Roller Derby
Lilly Pain09er2011-07-17DuPage Derby Dames
Demanda Riot0:002007-02-01B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Mug'Em Fox0A02011-06-09Sheffield Steel Rollergirls
Stray Dog0E12011-04-21Mount Militia Derby Crew
Missy Nigma0G2010-05-02Long Island Roller Rebels
SK8 up Gangsta0G2011-04-11Arizona Rollergirls
The Bad Witch0H202011-10-22Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Madame BAMF0H82011-01-27Forx Roller Derby
Disaster Girl0HN02011-09-13Susquehanna Valley Derby Vixens
Mince Meat Molly0I2010-01-15W.A. Roller Derby
Thunder Enlightenin'0M2008-01-14Atlanta Rollergirls
Andy Molisher0MG2011-02-15Cedar Rapids Rollergirls
Trauma Queen0MG2011-11-09Brandywine Roller Girls
CLeo SlayHer0MP2011-04-21London Rollergirl_s Rec League
Teaches of Peaches0PI2012-04-22Wreckin Roller Rebels
Cookies & MILF0U8122007-03-27Dockyard Derby Dames
Toxic Mayhem0VX2011-06-15Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz
BRUTALULU0W2012-03-19Black Mamba Junior Derby
Gertrude Awakening0W2011-11-26Mad Rollin Dolls
Ruby O'rly0W12011-08-10London Rollergirl_s Rec League
Bruise Fairy (The)0W132011-06-19Cape Girardeau Roller Girls
Whips 'n Pains0WW2011-09-16DC Rollergirls
Pain-Tedd Lady0X2012-04-01Birmingham Blitz Dames
Katniss Killer-D0X0X2012-04-18New Tall City Roller Betties
My Lethal Pony0X2A2011-02-25Sheffield Steel Rollergirls
Kruel Aid0Yeah!2009-04-06Pacific Roller Derby
Whip-It Witch0Z5/9/12Granite State Roller Derby
La Princesa0_2008-12-21Lonestar Rollergirls
Q.Q. Moore0_02010-09-18Arizona Rollergirls
Dr. Wayne Kerr0bgyn2008-10-06Seatown Brothers of Banked
Hart Attack0bpm2011-02-12Capital District Mens Roller Derby
Mamma V0cd2010-11-18Border City Brawlers
Haze-n-Boots0ch02012-03-12Eastern Carolina Brawling Betties
Calamity Kraken0ct02011-12-09Bay Rollers
Ruth-A-Licious0g2012-03-17Desert Dolls Roller Derby
Girl Interrupted0h2010-02-12Stockholm Roller Derby
Slaybia Majora0hh2006-06-07B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Star Strangles-Banger0hi02010-08-07Whidbey Island Roller Girls
Dahli Mamma0hm2010-09-18Arizona Rollergirls
Molly Monroll0ne5/14/12Copenhagen Roller Derby
Blood Thirsty0neg2010-05-20Undead Bettys
Adele Linquent0o2010-09-01Bristol Roller Derby
Dainty VILLAIN0oK2011-03-10North Texas Derby Revolution
Hurtin' Cummings0t2012-05-31Winnipeg Roller Derby
Asher Dasher0to602011-07-08North Pole Babes in Toyland
Jenuine Pain0uch2010-01-11Greenville Derby Dames
Lickety-Splint0uch2011-09-06Demolition City Roller Derby
Ruby O'rll0v02011-09-11Croydon Roller Derby
Vi Polar0x02011-09-16Cardiff Roller Collective
Null ptr0x00 - REF2009-04-12MTL Roller Derby
TechKnuckle Nikki0x2A2011-02-22Oklahoma Victory Dolls
Bionic BabyDoll0x422007-09-23Silicon Valley Roller Girls
BethAnne DeStruction0xC00021A2008-07-24Minnesota Roller Girls
Colonel Panic0xFD3094C22007-04-04TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Bangers 'N' SMASH0y2011-01-20Missile Mountain Roller Derby
DropKick Dorothy0z2010-09-14Columbia QuadSquad
1 Hit Wonder12010-09-13Appalachian Rollergirls
Aerial Force12010-12-08San Antonio Roller Derby
Alpha Bitch12008-12-02Cajun Rollergirls
Alpha Kenny12009-06-30Suburbia Roller Derby
Annie Social12011-08-31Rockcity Rollers
Asa Diamonds12010-02-01Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
Asa Spades12011-02-12Amsterdam Derby Dames
Audrey Rinkburn12011-08-11Tokyo Roller Girls
B-Force12012-04-18Anarchic Die Hard Derby
Babygirl12011-11-21Mountain Maulers Roller Derby
Bad Mother12011-06-19Cape Girardeau Roller Girls
Bear Drylls12011-04-07Ozarks Derby Brigade
Big Show (The)12010-02-19Eastern Iowa Outlaws
Bondage Barbie12010-10-10Clarence Valley Roller Derby
Broad of War12011-03-01Torpedo Bay Roller Girls
C Anemone12010-02-15Duke City Derby (Taos)
Calamity Jen12011-04-04Fierce Valley Roller Girls
Candy Fatale12010-08-10Northern Brisbane Rollers
Captain Cut-Throat12011-02-14Hurricane Honyiez
Catie-Bug15-30-12Battle Creek Damzel Dollz Jr Roller Derby
Champ (The)1 Chi*Town Sirens Roller Derby
Chi-town Choker12011-04-02Chicago Riots Junior Roller Derby
Chick Norris12008-04-18Little City Roller Girls
Cia WoodNwanna-Bia12006-12-18Jet City Rollergirls
Combat Cupcake12011-07-17Gothenburg Roller Derby
Commander Will Wrecker12011-04-01GTA Rollergirls
Crafty Cockney12010-03-09Triple Sword Roller Girls
D for Danger12010-09-13So Cal Junior Rollergirls
Daisy Duke-ya12010-11-28Skyland Roller Girls
Damanda Tension12007-05-27Humboldt Roller Derby
Death by Daisy12010-09-15South Sound Sk8rgirlz
Demolicious1 LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Diva Lish Won12011-07-30Darkside Derby
El Don12011-01-02Rock City Riot
Electrocutionerd12010-12-08Tragic City Rollers
Ellie Mayhem12008-07-10AZ Derby Dames
Elliegator12012-03-03Surrey Rollergirls
Emmassacre12012-03-12Vasteras Rollerderby
First Class Private Nibbler12011-06-19Tulare Kings Roller Derby
FoMo Bret12011-06-22Dry Heat Derby
Gillie O'tene12011-05-31Lowcountry Highrollers
Golden Child12011-07-07TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Grace Killy12006-06-08Brewcity Bruisers
Hammerin' Dolly12011-11-01Wasatch Roller Derby
Haunting Hera12011-10-18Lule Roller Derby
Highlander12012-02-21Newcastle Roller Derby
Ida Punchter12009-09-25Pile O'Bones Derby Club
Janet Smackson12010-11-17Harbor City RollerDames
Johny HardCant12011-03-29Hawkesbury/Hills Area Roller Derby
Juan Meanvitch12012-01-04Prairieland Punishers
Juana Piece12010-04-02Thunder Bay Roller Derby
Justina Bruiser12012-03-15Omaha JR Rollergirls
Kara T. Chop12010-02-07New Hampshire Roller Derby
Kat Ass Trophy12008-10-28Sudbury's Rock City Rollers
Killerfornia12011-04-03Redding Rollergirls
Krazy Kraatz12012-04-30Gympie Helltown Rollerz Roller Girls
Krazy Kratz12012-04-15Gympie Helltown Rollerz
Kupcake12011-12-30Lilac City Pixies
Laura Mangles Wilder12006-08-10Choice City Rebels
Leah Knievel12009-01-02Castle Bombers Roller Girls
Little12009-12-31Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Liza Machete1 B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Mary Manglin'1 Arch Rival Roller Girls
Mary Slagdalene12011-06-30Portsmouth Roller Wenches
Maximum Kimpact12010-10-04709 Derby Girls
MaxxxTrouble12010-02-15Western Sydney Rollers
Meg-netic12012-06-06Rock City Rollers
Mercy1 Pacific Roller Derby
Mica Jackson12010-04-21Tucson Roller Derby
Miss Meouch12008-06-02Rated PG Rollergirls
Miss Thang 112010-05-23Little City Roller Girls
Mr. Skelter12010-04-17WI River Valley Rollergirls
Ms. Contrary12008-08-25Central Arkansas Roller Derby
Murder Urs12011-05-04London Rockin Rollers
Natastrophic12012-04-26Greater Sudbury Roller Derby
Neill n Weep12012-04-18Sacred City Derby Girls
New England Pat Riot12008-09-14Rage City Rollergirls
O So Petty12012-03-06Caspers Deadly Ghosts
Obey-1-Commander12012-04-13Rum City Derby Dolls
One Punch Bex15/14/12Grin 'n Barum
Only 112011-11-22Stockholm Roller Derby
Psycho Jaweeya12012-02-04New River Valley Rollergirls
Psycho One12011-01-12Walla Walla Sweets Roller Girls
Puddin Pops12010-01-11Rocket City Roller Girls
REBELena12011-11-07Confluence Crush Derby
Racy Rapidfire12010-05-30Convict City Roller Derby
Roxie Balboa (cleared)12010-08-06North Star Roller Girls
Rust in Peace12010-05-28Rollergirls of Southern Indiana
Sancha1 Lonestar Rollergirls
Sanctum12012-03-29Capital City Skull Crushers
Sara DontCara12011-04-03Charlotte Roller Girls
Sara Pain & Brawl12007-02-12Kansas City Roller Warriors
Sin Diesel12007-08-14Harm City Homicide
Slamrock12007-02-19CoMo Derby Dames
Spawna Chainsaw12008-05-17Austin Derby Brats: Texas Rollergirls' Junior League
Steph Vote for Pedro12012-03-17Forest City Derby Girls
Tanr Durdan12011-06-26TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Trick Pony12010-08-13Burn City Rollers
Truly F Obvious12006-04-15Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls
Twisted Tink12011-07-15Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Tyra Fangs12011-10-08Dundee Roller Girls
Urethra Franklin12009-12-01E-Ville Roller Derby
VIOLA D ROLLA12012-04-18Niagara Roller Girls
Valyrie Furie12011-07-08Oslo Roller Derby
Van Goutch12009-05-06One O'clock Gunners
Vendetta Valeska12010-03-21Graveyard Queens
Vital Idol12010-08-08Bakersfield Diamond Divas
Welder Girl12010-01-19A'Salt Creek Roller Girls
Whomping Wilma12012-01-12Ridge Meadows Roller Derby
Won-Dirty Woman12012-03-19Cen-Tex RollerGirls
Wrath of Kant12009-07-30Sick Town Derby Dames
Crybaby1 ¢2008-01-27Lonestar Rollergirls
Dutchess of Torch-Her1 (900)2008-09-21Gold Coast Derby Grrls
Fraulein Rotten-Meyers1 1/22011-05-15rocKArollers
BarraChuba1 Bite2010-11-07Oakland Derby Diamonds
Tasty Kates1 Bone2008-04-29Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Smack Kevorkian1 Conviction2007-06-21Providence Roller Derby
Killer Baker1 Cup2008-12-03Old Capitol City Roller Girls
Bear Lee Giveashit1 FTW2009-09-21Capital District Mens Roller Derby
Tee Kayo1 Hit2009-12-20Mainland Misfits Roller Derby Association
Billy Rae Siren1 Hit Wonder2007-04-06South Jersey Derby Girls
Foo Bar1 Left2011-02-09Peninsula Roller Girls
Dee Stortion1 Louder2007-09-29Boston Derby Dames
Twysted Desyre1 Luv2011-04-07Valdosta Venom Roller Derby
Frodo Smackins1 Ring2011-11-03TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Punchkin Pie1 Slice2007-03-15Duke City Derby
Dallas Scars1 _ in2011-11-21Dallas Derby Devils
Bad Penny1 cent Derby City Roller Girls
Dirty Penny1 cent2007-07-19Sac City Rollers
Penny Pistol1 cent2007-05-24Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Peaches Rodriguez1 half pint2006-08-12Crescent City Derby Devils
Dispy Ruinya1 in 02009-10-13Northwest Skate Club
La Chica Mala1 kilo2007-10-19B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Sugar N CreamHer1 lump or 22007-07-08Rat City Rollergirls
Sugar Shock1 lump or 2?2008-11-10Rollergirls of Central Kentucky (ROCK)
Flatline1 mg epi2008-02-22Suburbia Roller Derby
Hurt Nouveau1 of 22011-02-23MK Roller Derby
Pinkee B. Witch1 of 32008-01-22Rushmore Rollerz
Barry Fight1 on 12007-11-29Central City Rollergirls
Hazardous Dooks1 on 12008-06-15Demolition City Roller Derby
Lethal Lo1 on 12012-01-14Richland County Regulators
S'more Pleez1 on 12011-02-04Rocky Mountain Riot
Sexy Sadist1 on 12008-05-14Lost Highway Roller Derby
Summer Fling1 on 12006-09-21DC Rollergirls
Scream & Sugar1 or 2 lumps?2011-03-18Potential Fresh Meat Practice Squad
Jule C. Blood1 pint2008-05-05Soul City Sirens
Severe Lisa Distik1 pint2008-03-21Green Country Roller Girls
Honey Bunches of Chokes1 serving2010-08-23Desert Dolls Roller Derby League
Dollface Assassin1 shot2010-07-05Peace Region Roller Dolls
Johanna Crybaby1 tear2011-02-15Central Mass Roller Derby
Dred Fraggle1 that 12010-04-15Crossroads City Derby
Soledad1 to Life2009-05-02DC Rollergirls
Ima Brickwall1 ton2011-01-27Angels of Anarchy
Whiskey Tango1 too many2007-03-12DC Rollergirls
Big Bertha1 wood2009-12-29Worcester Roller Derby
Dr. Manflatten1 02011-04-15Collision Mens Derby
Trixie Gnosis1"2007-12-06TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Val Bleeding Bat1#52011-07-02Buenos Aires Roller Derby
Annie Biotix1%er2012-02-29Red Rock 'N Roller Derby
Evil Shine1&0nly2008-10-03Green Mountain Derby Dames
Aries Fury1's2006-08-27East Texas Bombers
Cold Fusion1(one) Detroit Derby Girls
Cherry F. Noblebooze1*2009-11-14Helsinki Roller Derby
Ima Gitcha'1* Atlanta Rollergirls
Miss Conception1*2011-04-29Springfield's Queen City Roller Derby
Sin*D Klauber1*112009-02-16Sun City Roller Girls
Accountabilabuddy1+12011-03-09Chocolate City Cherry Bombers
Jackin' Jill1+12007-06-07Texas Rollergirls
Jax Revenge1+12009-05-01North Texas Derby Revolution
Smackyo Mama1+12012-06-11Tokyo Roller Girls
Mina G. Trois1+1+12011-05-10Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Ditzy von Teeze1+1=32008-12-21Lonestar Rollergirls
Audrey Headburn
1+2+1+12007-01-07Jet City Rollergirls
Hillbilly1+2=42007-04-16Hammer City Roller Girls
Andicent Proposal1,000,0002008-10-24Brewcity Bruisers
Melagomaniac1,000,0002008-05-02Charm City Roller Girls
Mr. Awesome1,000,0002009-08-18Dry Heat Militia
Candy Vour1,2,32006-07-06Denver Roller Dolls
Smash Smash Ramone1,2,3,42010-09-01Portsmouth Pirates Scruvy Dogs
Sakura Quad Captors1,482012-03-05Gray City Rebels
Grumpy Doll1,732012-01-14Jellyfish Girls
Mseknuckle1-122010-02-22Capital District Mens Roller Derby
Babushkill1-152011-08-14Toronto Roller Derby
Moxie Balboa1-22009-03-28Red Stick Roller Derby
Bombtrack1-2-32010-04-21Cincinnati Rollergirls
Itzo EZ1-2-3 Rose City Rollers
Jaw-D1-2-32012-01-10Furness Firecrackers
PocaHotAss1-2-32008-08-13Thunder City Derby Sirens
Shawna the Hut1-2-32010-01-21Tri-County Rolling Militia
Skates With Fists1-2-32007-07-09Cincinnati Rollergirls
Revengela1-2-3-42006-03-06CT RollerGirls
Scrappers D'Lite1-2-3-42010-04-21Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
Blitzkrieg Bop-Her1-2-3-4!2009-05-21V-Town Derby Dames
Bad in Plaid1-2-82009-02-01Man's Ruin Roller Derby
Butternut Squasher1-2-Squash-U2011-02-17Twin City Knockers
Juke Highblocker1-2-Ten2011-05-25Tahoe Derby Dames
Whopping Widow1-282011-04-29Mountain Mauler's Roller Derby
Hurtz Jenerator1-342009-06-30Rage City Rollergirls
Dorian Von Bruisia1-4U2012-04-04Roller Girls of the Apocalypse
Tanker Power1-642011-08-18Middle Georgia Derby Demons
Godmother (The)1-8-7 Providence Roller Derby
RAW Footage1-8-72009-12-16Rose City Rollers
Donna Di Stradda1-8002008-01-30Molly Roger Rollergirls
Bawdy Slam1-9002009-09-27DC Rollergirls
Bombshell Betty1-9002008-01-31LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Carmeana Carrera1-9002009-02-16Sun City Roller Girls
Claire Voyant1-9002007-05-15Assassination City Roller Derby
Constance X. Cravings1-9002011-05-02Suburbia Roller Derby
Flora Goodthyme1-9002008-07-30CT RollerGirls
Jennacyde Jameson1-9002011-09-10Sacred City Derby Girls
Party Favor1-9002010-12-21Enchanted Mountain Roller Derby
Rink Rage1-9002008-02-28Okaloosa Rollers
Rushin'Bride1-9002007-07-07Pikes Peak Derby Dames
Scarrie Layne1-9002009-07-03Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Skank Spanker1-9002011-08-16Apple City Roller Derby
Snatch Bunny1-9002006-12-06Charm City Roller Girls
Break'her1-9er Renegade Rollergirls (AZ)
Bust E. Breaker1-9er2009-03-17Green Mountain Derby Dames
Deltabred1-Twof2011-12-14Kokeshi Roller Dolls
Ctrl-Alt-Defeat1-up2011-08-18Middle Georgia Derby Demons
Mama Meltdown1..2..32010-08-15Alamo City Rollergirls
Dee Grader1.02008-04-16Lafayette Brawlin' Dolls
Volker Racho1.02012-04-03Kassel Roller Derby
Lindsay Lohanded1.0 kilo2007-09-17Silicon Valley Roller Girls
La Femme Brutale1.062011-11-14Arctic Roller Derby
Patty Dukes1.082010-02-27Cen-Tex Sirens
Katy Mack Attack1.092012-01-18Crown City Rollerz
MasterGrief1.1.75/7/12Hellmilton Roller Ghouls
Lorem Whipsum1.10.32-332011-02-02Paradise Roller Girls
Enya Tink1.112011-01-17TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Maimosa1.112012-04-17Hidden city derby girls
Eliza Fisticuffs1.12.42011-11-16Black Rose Rollers
Trash n Smash1.18L2006-10-24MTL Roller Derby
Mia Go-Around1.192011-02-17Twin City Knockers
Rad Rotten Hood1.2.1.22011-06-09Bow Valley Roller Derby
Little Bo Freak1.2.32010-07-03Rainy City Roller Dolls
Testy Teacher1.2.32012-02-10Springfield's Queen City Roller Derby
Deevious Doxee1.2.52012-01-02Forx Roller Derby League
Bobby Light1.212010-06-15San Diego Roller Derby
Crime Scene Instigator1.212012-01-14Renegade Rollergirls (So Cal)
Dee Lorean1.212010-04-21Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Electric Fanny1.21 Rat City Rollergirls
Face or Kneecaps1.212011-07-20San Diego Roller Derby
Jigowatts1.212011-04-15Collision Mens Derby
Lo Rain Storm1.212009-02-09Rubber City Rollergirls
Sheila Tack1.21 Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Crash Bansheekoot1.21 GW2011-03-22Brandywine Roller Girls
Smarty McFly1.21 GW2008-09-25Arch Rival Roller Girls
Swillin T. Killya1.21 GW2010-11-28Skyland Roller Girls
Death By Sexy1.21 Gigawatts2007-10-14Man's Ruin Roller Derby
Kitty Clawberator1.21 gigawatts2008-06-03I-5 Rollergirls
Ginger DestroyHer1.21GW2012-04-18Niagara Roller Girls
Maga Lee1.21GW2011-03-122x4 Roller Derby
Meli Mc Sly1.21gw2012-02-13Newcastle Roller Girls
Smack to the Suture1.21gw2009-12-03Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Terroryaki Smak1.21gw2011-03-05Hellfire Harlots
WarHannah1.21gw2011-02-18Plymouth City Roller Girls
Little Derby Cake1.282011-12-24Kannapolis Rollergirls
Poka Haunther1.32010-12-13Route 66 Derby Chix
Explosive Ordnance1.42011-03-01Torpedo Bay Roller Girls
Chris Tease1.4.3.2009-11-28Columbia QuadSquad
Windsday1. Handed Roller Derby
Fire Kracker1.4G2006-11-28Dallas Derby Devils
Hazardous Material1.4c2009-11-19Black Hills Derby Girl League
Bitchin Spider1.52011-08-28Bay City Rollers
Destroi!oi!oi!er1.52008-02-03Pacific Roller Derby
Booty Knox1.5.12010-11-04TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Jessica Elbow1.592010-11-14Nidaros Roller Derby
Arsenic Martini1.5oz2009-09-09Rideau Valley Roller Girls
Golden Mean Libertine1.612011-05-20Rodeo City Rollergirls
Daddy Danger1.6182012-01-18Lane County Concussion
Esoterror1.6182010-11-22West Texas Roller Dollz
Ethyl Hurtz1.618 Charm City Roller Girls
Gold 'N' Mean1.6182011-12-14Cherry City Derby Girls
I.M. Pain1.6182009-08-14Charm City Roller Girls
Jasmina Poison1.6182010-11-23Cardiff Roller Collective
Lady Fang1.6182006-02-23Boston Derby Dames
Magnificent Bastard1.6182011-12-29Harm City Homicide
Megalingus1.6182010-09-17Reef City Roller Girls
Miss Maul-E1.6182006-11-06ChampPain Rollers
Moxie Rotten1.6182008-12-16Wasatch Roller Derby
Peachy Mean1.618 Lonestar Rollergirls
Pohutukarnage1.6182011-08-31Otautahi Roller Derby League
Roxxy Slide1.6182007-01-04Carolina Rollergirls
Sonoran Psycho1.6182010-11-12Dallas Derby Devils
The Diabolikel Snatchmo1.6182011-11-09Daylesford Derby
Velveteen Savage1.6182007-10-19B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Rose Creeper1.61802009-01-19Providence Roller Derby
Goldie Mean1.6182007-11-01Mad Rollin' Dolls
Joan of Arkham1.622010-02-22Albany All Stars Roller Derby
Pat the Brat1.622010-11-24Monadnock Region Roller Derby
Juan 2 Many1.752011-01-02Rock City Riot
Wasted Angel1.752012-02-17Salina Sirens Roller Derby
Stoli Stacy1.75 L2011-09-21Shoreline Roller Derby
Black Widder1.75 liters2011-02-22Hollister Derby Girls
Say Sum'n1.8.72010-02-22Lafayette Brawlin Dolls
Strawberry Short Sk81.9.802006-03-04Bradentucky Bombers
Muffy Del Taco1.992011-01-02Calgary Roller Derby Association
Nevada-Tan1/062011-07-08Tacones Bandidos
Daisy Rage1/1372006-09-01Carolina Rollergirls
1/2Xican1/22010-11-30Illinois Valley Vixens
9 lb Hammer1/22008-09-29Burn City Rollers
Bitty Bast'rd1/22010-04-09Rollergirls of Central Kentucky (ROCK)
Clutch1/22010-07-05Peace Region Roller Dolls
Dexter Morgue-Ann1/22010-01-11South Side Roller Derby
Harvey Dented1/22009-10-13River City Rollergirls
Kim Jong Kill1/22006-10-06Retirement Association for Derby
Lightenin Stick1/22009-11-30Single Handed Roller Derby
Paulina Pocket1/22011-05-17Bear City Roller Derby
Pynta Fury1/22011-05-06Okanagan Shuswap Roller Derby Association
Silent Soldier1/22011-01-12Dead End Derby
Skinhead O'Connor1/22010-09-14Kallio Rolling Rainbow
Taryn Hearts1/22008-01-18San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Venus Fly Gurl1/22011-02-08Mid Iowa Rollers
Y Que Kula1/22009-02-16Sun City Roller Girls
Milk Maiden1/2 & 1/22008-10-02Dutchland Rollers
Rosie D Kream-Her1/2 & 1/22009-03-02Seattle Derby Brats
Split P1/2 1/22007-03-21Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Myk Tytan1/2 1/2 1/22010-10-04709 Derby Girls
Thrashinista1/2 OFF2007-03-18E-Ville Roller Derby
Tiny Avenger1/2 Pint2011-05-25TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Two Beers1/2 Pint2009-03-11Blue Ridge Rollergirls
Prima Donatello1/2 Shell2011-08-16Apple City Roller Derby
Chachi O'Nasty1/2 Z's2008-05-05Soul City Sirens
Jenn Atomik1/2 a Lime2009-04-21Providence Roller Derby
Thrifty Cent1/2 cent2012-04-13Confluence Crush Roller Derby
Mother Clucker1/2 doz DC Rollergirls
Wonton Destruction1/2 doz2006-09-28Auckland Roller Derby
Chopper DixOlf1/2 nub2010-09-20Oakland Derby Diamonds
Dirty Beets1/2 off2011-04-12Crossroads City Derby
Katnip1/2 oz2010-05-01Toronto Roller Derby
Ine-Brie-Ated1/2 oz.2009-04-11Desert Dolls Roller Derby League
Sally Whacker1/2 oz.2011-10-14Arizona Rollergirls
Blackbury Clobber Her1/2 pint2011-02-16Brazos Valley Derby Girls
Dyke Turner1/2 pint2010-03-11Palmetto State Rollergirls
Imm Indoors1/2 pint2011-03-03Haunted City Rollers
Kale Amity1/2 pint2010-11-02South East Sask Roller Derby Association
Lil Mama1/2 pint2007-05-11MTL Roller Derby
Mary B. Clumbsey1/2 pint2009-10-07Sugartown Rollergirls
Micro Bruiser1/2 pint2008-01-17Rose City Rollers
Platinum Wrecker1/2 pint2012-04-03Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
Royal Pain1/2 pint2006-03-13Ohio Roller Girls
Squirtalicious1/2 pint2007-05-18Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
WoundHer1/2 pint2012-03-05Brandywine Roller Girls
2tiers1/2 pt2012-03-08Seaway Roller Derby Girls
Bella Fire1/2 pt2009-01-19Kansas City Roller Warriors
Kupcake Kamikaze1/2 pt2009-12-10Pikes Peak Derby Dames
Harley's Angel1/2 pt.2011-02-06Bismark Capital City Roller Girls
Janacious D1/2 quarter2011-02-01Thunder Bay Roller Derby
Frost*Sting1/2 tsp.2008-01-19Rage City Rollergirls
Hellfire & Tamnation1/2 way there2008-10-21Hard Knox Roller Derby
Impact Wench1/2"2010-09-07Wreckin Roller Rebels
Evil Jeffy Derby REFfy1/2at22009-10-10Harbor City RollerDames
Paula Mean1/2c2010-08-17San Angelo Soul Sisters
Beans1/2decaf2010-07-16Santa Cruz Derby Girls
Cuata Hell1/32009-02-16Sun City Roller Girls
Anna Salt1/3 tsp2008-05-04Calgary Roller Derby Association
Brass Brawls1/42011-04-05Royal City Rollergirls
Dewey Decks' Em All1/42012-02-09Fabulous Sin City Roller Girls
Evilyne Tensions1/42007-04-11Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
General Discomfort1/42010-04-07Okanagan Roller Derby Girls
Gertie Growler1/42007-04-19Mid Iowa Rollers
High Tessed1/4 Mile2011-08-08Durham Region Roller Derby
Cheeseburger1/4 lb2006-03-29Steel City Derby Demons
L. Mac1/4 lb-er2009-12-10Garden Island Renegade Rollerz
Dragstrip Dolly1/4 mile2008-02-14Calgary Roller Derby Association
HellBorn1/4 mile2007-10-02South Florida Rollergirls
Friday Special (The)1/4#her2011-07-12TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Skate Tastrophy1/4Gill2009-07-08Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Wenchburger w/Cheese1/4lb2010-11-30Sac City Rollers
Betty Oops1/52009-08-25Cherry City Derby Girls
Esther Gin n' Juice1/52009-04-16Bradentucky Bombers
Ginger Vixxxen1/52011-02-26Eerie Roller Girls
Iva Vengence1/52006-09-25River City Rollergirls
Focus Pocus1/5002009-11-29Cedar Rapids Rollergirls
Bonnie CrackHer1/552011-01-27rocKArollers
Crispy Saltbush1/5th2009-03-09Adelaide Roller Derby
Russian Rosette1/62011-05-18Pottstown Roller Derby Rockstars
Susan B. Bruisin1/72010-08-21Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Jane Dope1/82007-01-22Angel City Derby Girls
Natty Dread1/82010-09-01Bristol Roller Derby
Vixen Massacre1/82012-03-01Plap City Rollers
Vixen massacre1/82012-03-01Plap City Rollers
Dash Assault1/8 tsp2008-11-03TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Ms. Stash1/8/352008-04-04Jet City Rollergirls
Talibamma Slamma1/92010-11-23South Sea Roller Derby
Little Torsion Annie1/U2009-01-14Van Diemen Rollers
"Hawii"102012-03-19Cen-Tex RollerGirls
10 Cent102009-03-19Central Coast Roller Derby
10Acious-D102012-04-21Brewcity Bruisers
A Lethal Weapon10 TBD (delete 6/12/13)
ACUTE Discomfort102008-04-03Rose City Rollers
Abby Negative102009-11-01Mad Rollin' Dolls
Agent T. Bagher102006-08-01Duke City Derby
Alpaca Punch102011-09-24Chattanooga Roller Girls
Andi Struction102006-04-21Terminal City Rollergirls
Angry Weka105/7/12Hellmilton Roller Ghouls
Ann Thwacks102012-01-17Dolly Rockit Rollers
Anna Brasion102006-07-30Chi*Town Sirens Roller Derby
Annatilation102012-02-21Corpus Chrisite Maiden Texas Derby
Anne-grr Issues102010-12-25Evolution Rollergirls
Annie Reksic102009-01-22Sac City Rollers
AwFull Nelson102011-01-10Bakken Derby Girls League
Balboa's Bitch102011-02-06Loco Roller Derby
Bampf!102011-06-24Los Alamos Derby Dames
Bang-on102011-03-18Ume Radical Rollers
Baroness of Riot102011-02-01Chilli Padi Derby Grrrls
Barrelhouse Bessy102007-09-28Adelaide Roller Derby
Battle Cat Royale102011-11-14Arctic Roller Derby
Berlin Brawl102007-07-09Denver Roller Dolls
Beth Wish102010-12-08Royal Windsor Roller Girls
BitchKC102011-11-01East Vic Roller Derby
Bloodhoney102011-04-04Fierce Valley Roller Girls
Bo DeckHer102010-05-18Lakeland Derby Dames
Boi Division102010-05-28Lonestar Rollergirls
Bonster the Monster102011-01-02Umpqua Valley Roller Vixens
Boob Radley102011-07-15Jersey Shore Roller Girls
Brooke A. Nail102010-08-23Desert Dolls Roller Derby League
BruceLee-ah102012-06-13Bakersfield Diamond Divas
Bunny Massacre102011-01-26Central City Rollergirls
Buzz HighGear102010-01-25Rubber City Rollergirls
CC En Fuego102011-07-18Echo City Knockouts
Cajun Crusher102010-01-01Green Mountain Derby Dames
CarnEvil Ride102011-01-27Prince Albert Roller Derby
Cecilia Rivers102011-11-02Three Rivers Roller Derby
Chainsaw Lola102009-04-10Central Alberta Roller Derby Association
Chase'R 2-Mey102012-03-16Big Bucks High Rollers
Cherri Nova102007-05-22Toronto Roller Derby
Cherry KreamHer102011-11-09Reef City Roller Girls
Chip-Her Bones102010-08-01Sis-Q Rollerz
Choker Face102010-04-22Palmetto State Rollergirls
Cleopatra Catastrophe102007-06-20Santa Cruz Derby Girls
Cookie Momster102011-10-10Strong Island Derby Revolution
Copen Hatin'102012-03-08Heart of Appalachia Roller Derby
Crash Pebbles102010-10-13Harbor Girls e.V.
Crazy Cracker102012-01-05Tulare Roller Derby
Crude Burymore102011-11-21GRITS
Curl Jam102011-02-23MK Roller Derby
Cut Like Crazy102012-03-19Dom City Dolls
Dakota Terror102011-12-01Switchblade RollerGrrrls
Dani Lion102011-10-15Lansing Derby Vixens
Deanne T Krist102009-02-05Rogue Rollergirls
Death and Tactless102011-10-22Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Dee Mon Eyez102012-03-26Whitsunday Derby
Deliverer (The)102010-09-14Southern Oregon Rollergirls
Demo Darc102012-03-08River Demons Roller Girls
Dextroza Dora102011-07-02Metropolitan Roller Derby
Director's Cut102010-08-27Dundee Roller Girls
Diva of Darkness102006-04-21Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Doctor Ten-Hit102012-02-14Rock River Rollers
Dr. D. Zaster102010-02-10London Rockin Rollers
DropKick Smurphy102011-10-19Ventura County Derby Darlins
Duchess Von Damn102007-04-11Angel City Derby Girls
Duncan Disorderly102008-09-04Mens UK Roller Derby Association
Earl Jam102010-05-17Middlesbrough Milk Rollers
Eata Yer Brains102011-04-26Junction City Roller Dolls
Enigma102010-01-27Kansas City Roller Warriors
Eviction Vixen102006-11-11Torpedo Bay Roller Girls
Extermi-cate102011-10-27Rolling Hills Derby Dames
FINNIE102012-01-31Murder City Roller Girls
Fannie Liebohitz102011-07-19Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
Fantastic Mrs Foxy102011-03-04Sheffield Steel Rollergirls
Feral Fairy102009-03-04Leeds Roller Dolls
Fionna Trample102010-02-20Lea County Roller Wenches
Flash Flood102012-01-07Bruising Banditas Roller Derby
Force Ten Gail102010-02-10Seaside Siren Roller Girls
Foxyfeline102012-01-09Tri City Rolling Thunder
Frida Smashya102007-01-05Bellingham Roller Betties
Frisky Disco102010-06-02Peoria Push Derby Dames
GG Fox102010-03-28Newcastle Roller Girls
Gabzilla102010-11-14TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Ganesh-A-Liscious102012-03-27Flathead Valley Roller Derby
Ginger Snapz Yo Neck102012-03-15Brown County Derby Derbu'taunts
Go Go Beware102006-03-06Fort Wayne Derby Girls
Gorgon Roller102009-03-01Leeds Roller Dolls
Greta X102010-12-10Assassination City Roller Derby
Gwyneth Pout n Throw102011-01-23Utica Rollergirls
Haemmerage102012-04-22Taranaki Roller Corps
Hall of Flame102011-05-01Hot Wheel Roller Derby
Hangman's Honey102011-08-28Voodoo Derby Dollz Roller Derby Association
Harsh Marsh102010-09-27Cheyenne Capidolls Roller Derby
Helen Fury102007-04-25Severn Roller Torrent
Helen of Gore102011-08-14Philly Rollergirls
Helena Handbag102006-07-17DC Rollergirls
Hell-No Kitty102007-05-17Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls
Hillary Tuff102010-03-11Towns Villains Roller Derby
Hissy Fists102011-11-29Wichita Falls Derby Dames
Homo Plate102011-12-31MTL Roller Derby
Honey Jawbreaker102010-10-18Lahti Roller Derby
Hurricane Grace102011-01-04Three Rivers Roller Derby
Insanebow105/12/12North Texas Derby Revolution
Irate Pirate102008-09-09New Hampshire Roller Derby
Irish Scar Bomb102008-07-18Dry Heat Militia
Itsy Bitsy Fighter102008-05-05Maine Roller Derby
Jackie Russell Terror102012-01-24Marietta Derby Darlins
Jackrabbit Slams102009-04-20TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Jessica Aspiras102012-01-02Maine Roller Derby
Joey D'stroyer102012-03-08Seaway Roller Derby Girls
Jule Regretit102008-07-24Texas Rollergirls
Juliannarchy102012-04-18Niagara Roller Girls
Jumpin Jack Dash102012-02-21Newcastle Roller Derby
Kandi A$$ Kicke'r102012-03-02South County Derby Girls
Kannonball Kat-astrophe102011-04-01Oz Roller Girls
Kat Skinner102011-04-18Bisman Bombshellz
Katlynn Hypno102012-02-12Lahti Roller Derby
Kickin' Aces102012-01-17Casper's Deadly Ghosts
Kid Seditious102011-10-24Red Rockettes Recreational Roller Derby
Kiddo102010-05-19Bear City Roller Derby
Kilda Messenger102011-01-15No Coast Derby Girls
KillHer aKrylic102010-04-26South Jersey Derby Girls
Killa Thrilla102010-08-14Twin Cities Junior Roller Derby
Kim Kombat102009-10-26Tulsa Derby League
Kina Wahine102006-09-28San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Kitty Kitty Bang Bang102008-03-29Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Kitty O'Doom102007-02-14Rollergirls of Central Kentucky (ROCK)
Knock Out Knight102012-01-17Riptide Rollers
Kooky Batter102010-09-02Rebel County Rollers
Korn Holy-O102012-05-31Undead Bettys
LL Cool G102012-03-22Orange County Roller Girls
Lady Na-Palm102011-03-10Twin State Derby
Laly Bomb102011-10-13Smokin' Diablas Derby Girls
Lexisonfire102010-11-14Red Deer Roller Derby Association
Lil Ivy Thorn102009-08-14Green Valley Roller Girls
Lil Queen Bee102009-02-24Renegade Rollergirls (So Cal)
Lil Stun-Her102010-11-13Seacoast Roller Pixies
Lily Slaughter102011-02-18AZ Derby Dames
Lizzie Bytes102011-08-11Tokyo Roller Girls
Lonita Whipsalote102011-07-12Borderland Roller Derby
Lory Lambchop102009-06-15Bremen Rollergirls
Lotta Bottle102009-07-06Van Diemen Rollers
Luda Lou102011-02-05Olympia Underground Derby
M.C. Guillotine10 Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Maggie Fracture102010-03-08Croydon Roller Derby
Maiden Hell10 KC Roller Warriors
Manic Marz102009-12-30TBD (delete 8/29/13)
Mary Effn Poppins102011-10-23Granite State Roller Derby
Mean Deneen102010-11-30Arizona Roller Derby
Mega Watts102007-11-14Long Island Roller Rebels
Mexican Candy (The)102011-03-20Kokeshi Roller Dolls
Miss Anne Hit102007-09-06Demolition City Roller Derby
Mistress J102012-03-14Route 66 Roller Derby
Mistress May Eye10 Charm City Roller Girls
Molly Roger102012-02-13Albany All Stars
Mudflap Girl102007-07-28TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Navy Mary102012-02-04BlackLand Rockin'K-Rollers
Nerd Degree Burn102012-02-13Savannah Derby Devils
Nomi-Wan Kenobi102012-03-10Middlesbrough Milk Rollers
Nowellegance102010-12-16Rocky Mountain Rollerpunks
OohLaLa102006-08-27Duke City Derby
Ophelia Jawbreak102010-11-14Oslo Roller Derby
Outa My Wayman102010-10-06Ohio Roller Girls
Outlaw Murphy102010-10-19Barry County Black Heart Maidens
PainHer Girl102010-03-29Okanagan Shuswap Roller Derby Association
Paris Hittin'102011-02-23Renegade Rollergirls West Virginia
Pebbles Smashstone102010-11-06Cape Girardeau Roller Girls
Penny-Ten-Tree102012-01-05Tulare Roller Derby
Pickols102009-02-19Syndicate Roller Girls
Piece of Sass102012-01-02Cedar Rapids Rollergirls
PrinSAS warrior102011-10-31Haunted city Rollers
Princesa de mierda102011-07-02Buenos Aires Roller Derby
Prrfect Disaster102008-10-15Riverside Riptides
Psycho Peach102012-02-08Holy Wheels Menace from Liege
Purrfect102010-05-04Prison City Derby Dames
QWERTY102010-03-28Fairbanks Rollergirls
Ragged E. Anne102010-02-01Central Oklahoma Roller Derby Assoc.
Rainbow Spite105-23-12Canberra Roller Derby
Rani Daisy102008-07-18Austin Derby Brats: Texas Rollergirls' Junior League
Reindeer Roadkill102011-10-18Lule Roller Derby
Riot Ryder102011-10-16Tarragona Roller Derby
Rip-Her Slap-Her102010-12-21Enchanted Mountain Roller Derby
Rita Bandita102010-10-09Classic City Rollergirls
Roboflow102006-11-22Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Roxie Shocker102010-12-01Squamish Roller Derby
Ruby Revenge102007-12-01Queen City Roller Girls
SIM1102010-09-01Bristol Roller Derby
Sangria Punch102011-09-08Pikes Peak Derby Dames
Sassy Squash102007-11-01Windy City Rollers
Scrappy Chick102011-04-29Springfield's Queen City Roller Derby
Screaming Beaver102011-11-30Hellgate Rollergirls
Seamonster102006-03-28Minnesota Roller Girls
Sheesa Goner102012-02-08Woodstock Roller Derby
Sherry Knott102012-02-22Wicked Island Roller Derby
Shotgun Shirley102011-09-07Central California Area Derby
Show Stopper102010-02-23Des Moines Derby Dames
Sin Amen Whip102010-12-06Northside Rollers
Skate Pastor102010-02-21Tri City Roller Girls
Skid Ho102007-08-13Dutchland Rollers
Skullicious102011-01-17Corpus Christie Maiden Texas Derby
SmackDat Ash102012-01-24High City Derby Divas
Snoop Dodge102009-11-18London Rollergirls
Sookie Sledgeher102011-07-28Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby
Southern Belle Igerence102010-11-03Tokyo Roller Girls
Squeaky Van Hurtin102011-08-22Shoreline Roller Derby
Stache Rash102011-06-12Energetic City Roller Derby
Strawberry Jam102006-04-15Naptown Roller Girls
Strawberry Smack Cake102011-07-12Mobil's Derby Darlings
Super Tennatn102010-09-13Wolverhampton Honour Rollers
Surly Sioux102006-10-29Oly Rollers
Suzy Q102010-08-10TBD (delete 8/29/13)
Sweet 'N Sassy102012-03-26Fargo Moorhead Derby Girls
T-Bang102010-12-20Mainland Misfits Roller Derby Association
T. Bagher102006-04-28Duke City Derby
Tatanka102012-01-15Visby Valkyries Roller Derby
Tess Tackles102008-10-17Detroit Derby Girls
Thin Lizzy102012-04-30B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Toxic Frosting102010-12-23Low Down and Derby
Toxic Rox102011-04-29South Coast Roller Derby
Trixie Roll102011-05-25Tahoe Derby Dames
Trouble10 Texas Rollergirls
Truxtal102012-04-24Cincinnati Rollergirls
Uline102011-06-10West Virginia Roller Girls
Vandal Eyes102010-02-10CCDD
Vicious Vicki102010-09-22Hurricane Alley Roller Derby
VirginMarie102012-04-04A-Town Roller Girlz
Werefox (The)102010-01-29Charlottesville Derby Dames
Wheels102008-06-30Muddy Water Murder Dolls
Whippin' Red Siren102010-10-25Rotterdam Death Row Honeys
Whore-spower102011-04-13Monashee Roller Girls
Wicked Sassy Bea102008-10-18Slaughterhouse Derby Girls
Wild Bella102006-09-29Orange County Roller Girls
Willie McNasty102010-09-20Lakeland Ladykillers Roller Derby
Wine it Gal Trini102011-09-13Terrorz of Tiny Towns Roller Derby
Wylde Lil102011-08-25Southland Slashers Roller Derby League
Devil's Dimes10 102006-03-13TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Venus N. Vee10 1/22011-01-14Mission City Brawlin Betties
Skarlet Bekillyas10 1/32009-05-02Shore Points Roller Derby
Tempestua10 10 10 Houston Roller Derby
Fang Fiend10 112010-02-20Brisbane City Rollers
Miss Maulpractice10 2 Life2010-02-20Maui Roller Girls
Hardcore Hazard10 342011-04-26Forest City Derby Girls
MADame SLAMbulance10 402011-11-19Greenville Derby Dames
Rockasoreus Rex10 B.C.2011-08-23Monterey Bay Derby Dames
Needles N Pins10 Gauge2007-04-17Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
Hyden Kreep10 MS2012-03-10Bay State Brawlers Roller Derby
Nasty Norwegian10 below2011-05-11Oakland Derby Diamonds
Knuckle Baby10 cc's2011-05-28Brandywine Roller Girls
Jackie K. O.10 counts2009-12-31Boston Derby Dames
Mia Luv Ulong Ty10 dolla2010-12-30V Town Derby Dames
Southern Slasher10 feet2007-05-15Emerald City Roller Girls
Shotgun Shaheen10 guage2011-05-17Durango Roller Girls
DiapaMilla10 mg5-17-12Kouvola Rock n Rollers
Lexie Pro10 mg2008-04-24Flint City Derby Girls
Juke Nukem10 or popscorn2011-02-14Brisbane City Rollers
Edie Brickwall10 ton Rat City Rollergirls
Glamazon Painforest10 ton brick2009-08-19Mississippi Rollergirls
Arcane Sugar10!2010-01-11Arch Rival Roller Girls
Barrie DeHatchet10"2012-04-10Hereford Roller Girls
Bildo10"2006-08-27ICT Roller Girls
Russ T. Balls10"2011-02-10Northampton Shoetown Slayers
Pircilla gorilla10¢2012-02-07Florence's Cirque Du Pain
Ram Jam Jill10¢ Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Rock Candy10¢2006-04-15Detroit Derby Girls
Velvet Klaw10*312007-09-07San Diego Roller Derby
Pepper Grind-Her10+2006-06-02CT RollerGirls
Bad Karma Dharma10+12009-09-24Junction City Roller Dolls
Cave Man10,000 BC2011-04-23Devil Dog Derby Dames
StingRay10,000 Leagues2007-01-22Philly Rollergirls
Dr. Wheelgud10-012010-02-16Reno Roller Girls
BeeLicious10-102010-09-21Hurricane Alley Roller Derby
Dora Knockuondafloor10-102006-10-11Molly Roger Rollergirls
Joyful Pain10-102009-07-16Old Capitol City Roller Girls
Mata Scari10-102007-02-13Houston Roller Derby
Walk of Shane10-105/3/12NorCal Rollergirls
Cheekelicious10-122011-10-02East Texas Bombers
Finki10-132011-01-21Diamond Valley Roller Derby
Fat Ass Bitch10-152006-07-06Tallahassee Rollergirls
Jacked Hart10-152011-03-05Desert Dolls Roller Derby League
Roadhouse Bruise10-172011-01-02Calgary Roller Derby Association
Rapid Tranquilis'her10-22012-01-09Killa Hurtz Roller Girls
Ima Pepper10-2-42008-09-05Lost Highway Roller Derby
Cha Cha CRASH10-202010-07-21Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Cybill Dizorder10-202006-09-01TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Viking Valkyrie (The)10-202010-10-19El Paso Roller Derby
Reckless Endangerment10-20yrs2007-01-02Charm City Roller Girls
Kickin' Boo-Dee10-212011-01-20Bemidji Babe City Rollers
Skitzo Skater10-242010-07-26Bradentucky Bombers
Pandora Bloxxx10-302007-12-18Rainy City Roller Dolls
Shirley B. Brutal10-302008-09-27Jersey Shore Roller Girls
Extreme Takeover10-30 A2012-04-18Tournament City Derby Dolls
DanZigZag10-312011-07-11Angel City Derby Girls
Tammityville Horror10-312009-02-10Texas Rollergirls
Tempest Scorned10-312006-10-31Atlanta Rollergirls
SiXXX Base Alarm10-332012-03-23Five 40 Roller Girls
Splat10-342011-02-04Missile Mountain Roller Derby
Bettie Ballbuster10-352010-02-16Sugartown Rollergirls
Bandit, The10-4 Dallas Derby Devils
Brittknee Breaker10-42007-08-01Boston Derby Dames
Calamity Crush10-42007-09-22Pacific Roller Derby
Candie Necklash10-42011-03-03McLean County MissFits
Claw and Order10-42010-12-08Tragic City Rollers
Crazy Cooter10-42009-01-12No Coast Derby Girls
Delicate Flower10-42010-01-18Crown City Rollerz
Deviant Unicorn (The)10-42010-07-23Suburbia Roller Derby
Erika S. Trauma10-42010-04-01Crossroads City Derby
Fawn Dollz10-42010-06-25Eves of Destruction Roller Derby
Frida Destroyer10-42007-06-28Providence Roller Derby
Hillbillie Hustler10-42010-12-13Pottstown Roller Derby Rockstars
Iron Butterfly10-42011-12-12V Town Derby Dames
Izzy Loco10-42009-01-09Richmond Derby Demons
JENNeral Destroyher10-42011-08-30Downriver Roller Dollz
JackHerUp Rabbit10-42009-09-19Flint City Derby Girls
Jane Gutzall10-42010-12-12Mid-State Sisters of Skate
Kate Devious10-42010-11-30Illinois Valley Vixens
Nadine Wheeler10-42011-03-23Ark Valley High Rollers
Rage'N Saint10-42012-04-24Texoma Roller Derby
Raggedy Slamm10-42007-06-03Happy Valley Derby Darlins
Red BruzHer10-42009-09-28Rubber City Rollergirls
Seedy Elle10-42010-11-02Burn City Rollers
True Love Trucker10-42010-11-20Rage City Rollergirls
Twisted Peach10-42008-05-08Rogue Rollergirls
Twisted Trucker10-42010-08-29Eastern Iowa Outlaws
Wreckless Love Momma10-42008-06-20Green Mountain Derby Dames
*RockerCat*10-4!2012-02-20Hot Wheel Roller Derby
RockerCat10-4!2012-03-07Santiago Roller Derby
AmTastic10-432009-02-26Springfield Rollergirls
General Knocksem10-502011-07-26Camel City Thrashers
Knock Around Suzie10-55'd2007-04-19Mid Iowa Rollers
Beer N. Skittles10-562011-01-09Skate the Wilderness
Fonda Cuffs10-572009-02-01Old Capitol City Roller Girls
Glitter Skidder10-572010-12-28Brussels Derby Pixies
Luda Crash10-572010-06-02Peoria Push Derby Dames
Subpoena Envy10-572007-05-12Rockford Rage
Vixen von Bruizen10-572007-08-23Suburbia Roller Derby
Fatality10-72010-04-22Palmetto State Rollergirls
Madame Battery10-72011-06-04South West Angels of Terror
Pyro Maim Ya10-702006-10-16Assassination City Roller Derby
Gunnin' Geisha10-712006-07-06Wasatch Roller Derby
Lethal Booty10-712010-09-22TBD (delete 8/29/13)
Hook n' SlasHer10-752009-09-27DC Rollergirls
Smother Nature10-752009-12-21Rideau Valley Roller Girls
Gitter a Bodybag10-792011-04-05Fairbanks Rollergirls
Jeanine Dropaho10-792008-03-14Fox Cityz Foxz
Nitro Blisterin'10-792012-01-10The Greenvillains
Slasha Veinforya10-852010-08-06North Star Roller Girls
Trixy McGnarly10-872010-11-10Capital City Rollers
Baum Threat10-892009-10-02Hell Rio Rollers
Anesta TizHer10-9-82010-10-11High City Derby Divas
Jenni Machete10-962011-10-14Oakland Derby Diamonds
Neurotic Nightingale10-962009-03-04South Jersey Derby Girls
Silencer (The)10-962008-10-03Green Mountain Derby Dames
Sue Cidal10-962006-09-28Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls
Alli Catraz
(okay given by Val Catraz)
10-982006-03-17Ohio Roller Girls
J.L. Breaker10-982007-10-19Mad Rollin' Dolls
Law Baby10-99 Lonestar Rollergirls
Dorothy Pummel10.02007-07-09River City Rollergirls
Hell by Mel10.02011-05-16Ottawa Roller Derby
Mary Lou Wreckin10.02008-08-25Central Arkansas Roller Derby
Pummel Whores10.02011-05-19Naughty Pines Derby Dames
Demanda Rumble10.0+2007-06-05Atlanta Rollergirls
Mauly Mormon10.012009-08-31Jet City Rollergirls
El Veneno10.102011-08-21Brussels Derby Pixies
Pop Tart10.2 TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Kat Von Speed10.272007-11-28Lonestar Rollergirls
Jewel Suffer10.332011-09-14Limerick Roller Girls
Emunition10.52011-05-04Central Oregon Coast Roller Derby
Velvet Undercut10.52011-02-28Central Oregon Coast Roller Derby
Spin Cycle10.oh2008-06-26Resurrection Roller Girls
Certified Lunachick10/062007-11-11Arizona Roller Derby
Venus Von-murder Face10/06DD2011-07-26Lambton County Derby
Acute Pain10/102006-02-28Tragic City Rollers
Mayne Squeeze10/102011-09-01Chinook City Roller Derby
Morgue N. Donor10/182010-10-12NEO Roller Derby
Bianka Trohl10/312007-07-27Tucson Roller Derby
Candy Coronary10/312008-06-20Green Mountain Derby Dames
Cherry Timebomb10/312012-04-18Niagara Roller Girls
Duchess of Death10/312010-05-20Undead Bettys
Box Cutter10/62011-12-28Molly Roger Roller Girls
Brandi Savage10/62012-01-18Vero Beach RollerGirls
Cheshire Brat10/62009-11-28Sac City Rollers
Da Barge10/62011-01-23Mississippi Valley Mayhem
Drewbacca Whiskey10/62011-02-02Paradise Roller Girls
Empress Pain10/62010-11-15Palm Coast Roller Derby
FiFi La-Bash10/6 Renegade Rollergirls (AZ)
Furiouser'n Furiouser10/62011-04-05Royal City Rollergirls
Hatter L10/62011-02-22Belle City Roller Girls
Hella Good10/62011-01-02Cenla Derby Dames
Mad Hatcher (The)10/62009-12-16Detroit Derby Girls
Madd Alice10/62012-01-16Powder River Rousta 'Bout It Betties
Malice Alice10/62010-12-11TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Neuro Sis10/62010-02-23Des Moines Derby Dames
RaqHELL10/62007-06-09Humboldt Roller Derby
Alice in Malaceland10/92010-04-08Hidden City Derby Girls
Amy-nition1002012-02-09Catawba Valley Rollergirls
Big Money Honey1002010-10-13Billings Roller Derby
COOP2KILL1002010-03-13Olympia Underground Derby
Captain Cream Puff1002010-02-11Lane County Concussion
Cilla Smack1002011-01-06Hot Wheel Roller Derby
CloudyAnna ChansaPain1002011-06-08Santa Cruz Derby Girls
Crackerjack100 Texas Rollergirls
Crash Test Barbie1002010-07-26Bradentucky Bombers
Curly Hr1002011-09-29Crime City Rollers
Dirty Cash1002011-04-19Atlanta Rollergirls
Dr Pepper Spray1002009-12-31Boston Derby Dames
Dynomite Bo1002007-04-24Central City Rollergirls
Ecchi Killer1002010-09-10London Rollergirls
Fireweed1002009-05-29Saskatoon Roller Derby
Flocking Girl Scout1002009-09-07Queen City Roller Girls
Fraggle Block1002010-03-08South Florida Rollergirls
Gigi Von Roll Her1002010-03-12Red Deer Roller Derby Association
Grimson Gaymer1005-25-12Haunted City Rollers
Hexter Morgan1002011-07-27Steel City Derby Demons
Just Joe King1002011-01-02Rock City Riot
Kamakazi Cash1002012-03-05River City Rollergirls
Lights Out Buchanan1002010-09-22SINtral Valley Derby Girls
Moira Less1002012-02-17Seaway Roller Derby Girls
Mostly Harmless1002009-01-17Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls
Northern Discomfort1002010-06-29Burlington Bombers Roller Derby
Pink Slamminade1002011-08-14Renegade Derby Dames
Punish-Mint Patty1002007-09-22Minnesota Roller Girls
Rink E. Dink #1001002012-01-17New Jersey Roller Derby
Shear Chaos1002010-06-09Fort Myers Derby Girls
Shock and Awe1002010-09-20South Side Roller Derby
Shoots and Splatters (cleared)1002012-03-13New York Shock Exchange
Skarla1002012-01-30Hammer City Roller Gilrs
Skatie Kat1002009-07-07Shadow City Rollers
Candy Kick Ass100 Grand Cincinnati Rollergirls
Molotov Cupcake100 Proof2010-08-17Jerzey Derby Brigade
Electra Mayhem100 Watts2007-08-11Green Mountain Derby Dames
Winnie the Poon100 acre wood2011-02-12Central Michigan Roller Derby
Torture Twice100 days2009-05-10Sydney Roller Derby League
AllUpInYa Pepper100 degrees2010-12-30V Town Derby Dames
Duchess of Torque100 lb-ft2006-12-06Charm City Roller Girls
Candy Rocks100 mph2008-11-26Victorian Roller Derby
Handle Barz100 mph2007-01-22Ohio Roller Girls
Helen S. HazMat100 ppm2008-09-05Lost Highway Roller Derby
Dark n Stormy100 proof2010-04-15Providence Roller Derby
Misti Molotov100 proof2007-07-08Texas Rollergirls
Panda Gunz100 proof2009-08-24Garden State Rollergirls
Suri Bruise100 proof2009-08-23Columbia QuadSquad
Vodka Toxic100 proof2006-06-06LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Bruzez T'Pruvit100 proof evil2006-09-01TBD (delete 6/12/13)
All Beef Patty100%2008-12-22Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
BatAss100%2006-12-14Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Beef100%2010-04-04Texas Rollergirls
Cindy Weasel100%2010-10-19El Paso Roller Derby
Coach Cpl Punisher100%2009-01-17Derby Revolution of Bakersfield
Cotton Fire100%2008-03-26Lansing Derby Vixens
Crash'n Kelly100%2007-01-16Riverside Rollergirls
Ethel Noll100%2010-09-08South Sea Roller Derby
Eve L. Incarnate100%2008-03-29Rushmore Rollerz
Exfoliate her100%2012-04-26Greater Sudbury Roller Derby
Glam R Gal100%2011-04-01Dub City Derby Girls
Honey B. Trouble100%2012-02-12South Okanagan Roller Derby Association
Knixie Knox'em100%2011-03-14Van Diemen Rollers
Kut-N-SkinHer100%2012-03-26Girls Rollin in the South
Lil Red Vette100%2009-12-26Rage City Rollergirls
LuLA lipstick100%2011-05-09One Love Roller Dolls
Lucille Balls to the Wall100%2008-10-16Lowcountry Highrollers
Maid of Meat100%2011-10-11Dolly Rockit Rollers
Mental Mona100%2011-01-06Green Mountain Derby Dames
Miso Naughty100%2011-01-29Mainland Misfits Roller Derby Association
Miss O'Troll100%2011-07-02Metropolitan Roller Derby
Rosie the Rioter100% Charm City Roller Girls
Sassy B. Yatch100%2007-01-12Kansas City Roller Warriors
Shannibell LickedHer100%2011-02-26Vero Beach Rollergirls
Sunny Wytha Chansapain100%2010-11-12Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
Tamara Obscura100%2011-03-22Chattanooga Roller Girls
Tongan Kama-Kazee100%2011-02-02Clarksville Roller Derby
Uvetta Work100%2011-05-25Charm City Roller Girls
Da Boss100% Bossy2008-08-21Assassination City Roller Derby
UndieNiable100% rotten2011-08-22Shoreline Roller Derby
Gunshow Lolo100%NL2010-10-25Rotterdam Death Row Honeys
Siouxsie Tsunami100¡c2011-01-18Kent Roller Girls
RoxO Gene100+2011-02-09Peninsula Roller Girls
5WOUNDS10002011-07-14Tri-Valley Roller Girls
Bat R Up10002008-12-03Old Capitol City Roller Girls
Fishfighter10002010-11-14Nidaros Roller Derby
Flames Cagny10002008-09-18New York Shock Exchange
Helena De Stroy1000 Dallas Derby Devils
Jes D. Stroyher10002011-10-15Central Michigan Roller Derby
Lil Dolly Dynamo10002012-02-13Newcastle Roller Girls
Trips Ahoy10002010-11-10Free State Roller Derby
Yukon Kizmyas10002009-09-21Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
Princess Viking1000 AD2007-06-21Hammer City Roller Girls
Baby Fighterfly1000 Corpses2006-07-06Providence Roller Derby
Phoenix Hellfyre1000 Years2010-12-10Assassination City Roller Derby
Snob Zombie1000 corpses2010-05-21Dockyard Derby Dames
Smash'er 2 Smithereens1000 pieces2011-06-24Ark Valley High Rollers
Elektra Violette1000 volts2006-04-10Green Country Roller Girls
Beatrix Clobber1000%2011-09-13Terrorz of Tiny Towns Roller Derby
Chip Sawhore1000+2011-07-16Undead Bettys
Million Holler Baby1000K2012-04-23Crime City Rollers
J'Axe B. Swift1000fps2011-01-21Diamond Valley Roller Derby
Emmylou Harass1000hz2007-02-10Charlotte Roller Girls
Henrietta Kissingher10012011-06-20Albany All Stars Roller Derby
Mad Havoc10012011-05-28Capital City Skull Crushers
Shamless Hussy10012011-05-02South Side Roller Derby
Shooting Scar10012012-01-16Circle City Derby Girls
Silent Knight10012010-11-09Carolina Real Steel Rollergirls
Sugar Hits10012007-08-14Boston Derby Dames
Susie Bruisie10012010-11-11Toronto Junior Roller Derby
Wilma Breakbone10012010-02-10Seaside Siren Roller Girls
Thunder and Viking1001 A.D.2007-04-29Disaster City Roller Girls
Gigabite1001012011-02-09Molly Roger Rollergirls
Little Miss Konflict10010100112009-11-20Palm Beach Rollergirls
Viking Princess10022012-01-07Bruising Banditas Roller Derby
Nutin' but Trouble10032010-10-30Wilkes Barre Roller Radicals
Fridginator10042011-07-23Infinite Mass Roller Derby
Harley Skate N Sin10042012-01-14South Simcoe Rebel Rollers
Kimchi Killa10042012-03-18JBLM Bettie Brigade
Steve Money Flash10042010-12-09Cowtown Butchers Mens Roller Derby
Bar Fight Barbie10062010-09-24LOCO Roller Derby
Gil Tonic10062011-10-18Average City Rollergirls
Whoops C. Daizee (cleared)10062011-07-26Rainy City Roller Dolls
Betty.D.Bombshell10072007-01-16Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Maul T. Racial10082010-07-02Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
TJ Hax10082010-04-02Thunder Bay Roller Derby
Black N DeckHer10095/1/12North Country Lumber Jills
Ima Ninja10092011-02-02Dockyard Derby Dames
Irrational Velvet100:12007-04-27TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Talula Skoolya100A+2008-03-04Cape Fear Roller Girls
Toucan Slam100PY2010-11-10Slaughter County Roller Vixens
CeCe U l8ter100cc2012-06-13Bakersfield Diamond Divas
Dr Drew100cc's5/9/12Tweed Valley Rollers
Bruisy Couture100k2011-03-30High City Derby Divas
Insane Bolt100m2011-06-04South West Angels of Terror
Lola no Limits100m2010-08-03Sugar Loathe Derby Girls
Dirty Flirtini100proof2008-11-21Pikes Peak Derby Dames
Lil Punisher100proof2010-01-06Maine Roller Derby
Risky Chaser100proof2012-04-01Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
TazSlamian Devil100rpm2009-01-13Granite State Roller Derby
Grrrl Friday100wpm2010-01-06Houston Roller Derby
1 UP1012009-09-07Queen City Roller Girls
Ab-Salute Attitude1012008-03-19Rushmore Rollerz
Ali-Tude1012011-07-07TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Amboid1012011-07-12Valleys Roller Dolls
Anaïs Ninja1012009-03-09Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Ani DiShankAHo1012012-03-06Treasure Valley Rollergirls
Anonymoose1012012-04-10Illinois Derby League
Ass of Sin1012010-06-17Sin Cal Derby Vixens
Assault Disney1012011-02-12Reef City Roller Girls
Astronaughty1012007-10-19B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Babara Barfight1012011-03-15Crime City Rollers
Bad Kimestry1012007-03-03NorCal Rollergirls
Bad News Barbie1012011-04-04Nidaros Roller Derby
Bandsaw Betty1012010-11-29Coastal Assassins Roller Derby
Barbara Barfight1012011-09-29Crime City Rollers
Bee Sting1012007-11-15Redditch Rebel Rollers
Bee-Yatch1012011-10-08Nasty Nessies Roller Girls
Bella Spitfire1012011-06-06Dead End Derby
Bevienator1012012-02-25Rum City Derby Dolls
Bonanza Jellybean101 Dixie Derby Girls
Boot Kick-Her1012008-03-01Voodoo Derby Dollz Roller Derby Association
Bootylicious1012010-11-22Bayou Outlaw Roller Girls
Boxer Babe1012011-09-30Highland Roller Girls
Brookiller de Vil1012010-09-01Bristol Roller Derby
Bruisie Scarmichael1012011-10-18Quad City Junior Roller Derby
Ca Roller De Ville1012010-09-22Undead Bettys
Candie Lollirot1012010-12-07Snake Pit Derby Dames
Chronic Speed1012009-05-22Ventura County Derby Darlins
Clarifier (The)1012006-07-06NOtown Roller Derby
Claudia Ripper1012011-01-02Calgary Roller Derby Association
Crash Tag1015/14/12Grin 'n Barum
Crowella De Vil1012011-12-27Charm City Roller Girls
Cruel Heller DeVil1012011-01-21Central City Rollergirls
Cruella De Gill1012012-03-19Belfast Roller Derby
Cruella De Pain1012009-09-08Long Beach Roller Derby
Cruella DeKill1012009-05-31Rollergirls of Southern Indiana
Cruella DePain1012009-08-25Long Beach Roller Derby
Cruella DuVal1012008-07-31Jacksonville Roller Girls
Cruella E. Vil1012010-01-21Rubber City Rollergirls
Daisy Duke-Nukem1012009-08-10Elm City Derby Damez
Dartzy Crash1012008-12-04Rose City Rollers
Depeche Mand1012010-12-25Evolution Rollergirls
Diane DeFight1012006-10-08River City Rollergirls
Dolly Deville1012010-08-13Haunted City Rollers
Dottie Dynamite1012011-06-15Hellfire Harlots
Elle O. Elle1012011-06-08Rat City Rollergirls
Erinias1012012-03-27Cordoba Roller Derby
Evol Em1012010-11-30Arizona Roller Derby
Gem-eral Dizaster1012011-07-27Hertfordshire Roller Derby
Get Schooled1012011-02-28Rock Coast Rollers
Giggity Giggity1012009-11-05La Crosse Skating Sirens
Hack Her1012012-02-03Dub City Derby Girls
Hardwood Hussy1012011-09-21ToadSuck Derby Dames
Heat Miser1012011-02-15North Pole Babes in Toyland
Hellz Nellz1012010-01-25Tri-Valley Roller Girls
Her Royal Slyness1012012-02-06WestSide Derby Dollz
Hitney Houston1012012-06-15Vienna Rollergirls
Hitz & Glamour1012010-06-16Hudson Valley Horrors
I.C. Fanny1012011-11-08Fort Wayne Derby Girls
IMDemented1012011-10-12Saskatoon Roller Derby
Ile DeVile1012011-07-13Dolly Rockit Rollers
Ima Blowbya1012006-06-06Angel City Derby Girls
Injurina Jolie1012011-06-16San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Isa von Carnage1012010-03-05Forest City Derby Girls
JackAttack1012007-08-07London Rockin Rollers
Jess Decker1012011-01-28Kansas City Roller Warriors
Jewel Crush-Her1012012-01-16Bin City Brutalion
Jewels in the Rough1012011-04-28Imposters Rollergirls
Jiminy Whip It1012010-03-16Granite City Roller Girls
Joni Joking1012010-07-02MK Roller Derby
Juana B. Spanked1012011-09-07Central California Area Derby
Juana Pulmfinga1012011-12-20Central California Area Derby
Justice101 Northern Ohio's wRECk Roller Derby
Karmen Getme1012009-03-09Adelaide Roller Derby
Kat-a-pult (cleared)1012011-06-12Royal Windsor Roller Girls
Katjez Katapult1015-29-12Munich Rolling Rebels
Kiki de Vil1012011-03-10Dallas Derby Devils
KillerElla DeVil1012011-08-03Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Killmore Girls 5-22-12Dolly Rockit Rollers
Kitty Reckless1012011-03-10Birmingham Blitz Dames
Knockout Norrie1012012-03-14Foothills Roller Derby Association
Koolella DeVillain1012010-10-12Bath City Roller Derby
Leticia Lesson1012008-01-27No Coast Derby Girls
LiL' Murder-Made1012011-11-11Oklahoma Victory Dolls
Liberty Spykes1012010-11-06Circle City Derby Girls
Lil Minx1012011-03-13Severn Roller Torrent
Lola R.I.P Rola1012012-02-06Boomtown Brawlettes Roller Derby
Lou Ella D' Kill1012009-07-20Middlesbrough Milk Rollers
Lynn Dictive1012011-03-27Black Rose Rollers
MacGeek1015/14/12Rebellion Roller Derby
Mama Smash1012011-03-24South Simcoe Rebel Rollers
Margalicias Paisa1012010-06-07Cherry City Derby Girls
Maully O'ffender1012009-01-15Boston Derby Dames
Mickey Hard-Knox1012009-11-05Sheffield Steel Rollergirls
Mis Manners1012010-05-27Monterey Bay Derby Dames
Misery Mae1012010-08-31Toronto Roller Derby
Monty PipeBomb1012009-10-16NEO Roller Derby
Motormouth Mia1012012-04-13L.A. Junior Derby Dolls
Murderette Thatcher1015/10/12Barcelona Roller Derby
Nine Thumps1012012-06-03Clarksville Flat Track Roller Derby
Nunn-Ra1015/9/12Plymouth City Roller Girls
Off Ya Skates1012011-07-28Blue Mountains Roller Derby
Pain D. Piper1012011-07-19Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Pam Kneesya1012012-04-01Spa Town Roller Girls
Parma Violence1012009-01-31Sheffield Steel Rollergirls
Petra Mental1012010-06-18South Island Sirens Roller Derby
Philosofury1012012-04-16Halifax Roller Derby
PorkPie1012006-09-15Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
Private Pain1012011-12-04TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Problem Child1012011-04-17RockTown Rollers
Punk Rawk Princess1015/12/12Jr. Jacksonville Rollergirls
Punky booster1012011-12-27Zombitches
Purella Deville1012011-11-25Rideau Valley Roller Girls
Pygmi1012012-01-23Kallio Rolling Rainbow
Queen of Bad Karma1012012-06-02Hartford Area Roller Derby
Reath Metal1012011-05-11Eastside Rock'nRollers
Rich T. Biscuit1012009-07-01Central City Rollergirls
Robert Quadriguez1012011-10-17Wolverhampton Honour Rollers
Robo Boogie1015/8/12Helsingborg Roller Derby Club
Rochella De Ville1012011-01-03Small Town Roller Derby
RockUm SockUm StephBot1012011-03-31Dirt City Roller Rats
Roll Ella De'Vil1012007-04-30Resurrection Roller Girls
Ruby E Raze1012009-05-19Geelong Roller Derby League
Sa$$ n Hyde1012009-08-02Coffs Coast Derby
Salty Dawg1012008-08-27MO-KAN Roller Girlz
Samwise Banshee1012010-06-29San Diego Roller Derby
Screwella Deville1012011-03-21Cheyenne Capidolls Roller Derby
Sex Ed1012007-04-07Harm City Homicide
Sharon Misery1012006-07-06Omaha Rollergirls
Sienna Killer1012012-03-15Severn Roller Torrent
Sin Pixie1012011-01-19Severn Roller Torrent
Sister Stroke1012008-10-23Leeds Roller Dolls
Smooth Operator1012009-08-14New River Valley Rollergirls
Snowblood1012007-11-20Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz
Soni Soprano1012011-04-05Royal City Rollergirls
Spoiler Alert1012011-09-26Auckland Roller Derby
St. madness1012010-11-20Olympia Underground Derby
Stacie Jones1012008-02-14Tri City Roller Girls
Suburban Slayer1012007-04-14Sac City Rollers
Sue Killfester1012010-01-24Dublin Roller Girls
Suella De'ville1012011-07-26Camel City Thrashers
Sren Kickhard1012012-02-09Oxford Wheels of Gory
Tara Fire101 Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Tara Hole-Inu1012012-02-04Gem City Rollergirls
Tonka Martini1012012-04-22Taranaki Roller Corps
Tra-mi-doll1012011-04-04Preston Roller Girls
Trix Ruffley1012011-07-01Northern Rivers Roller Derby
Tuff Bikkies1012008-03-13Richter City Roller Derby
Unstable Betty1012010-02-01Helsinki Roller Derby
Vandalous1012011-11-27Brighton Rockers Roller Derby
Vault Girl1012011-06-21Gawler Roller Derby
Witchblade1012010-04-26Pirate City Rollers
Wonkey Kong1012012-01-17E-Ville Roller Derby
Wreck n' Brawl1012012-02-01Mountain Derby Girls
Yanita Slam1012012-02-01Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Roller Radicals
Hot Sauce101 degrees F2006-12-11Providence Roller Derby
Lalalalala101 mph2011-05-16TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Whiskey ShinDig101 proof2007-02-19CoMo Derby Dames
Kathryn Scratch101°F2012-04-13One World Roller Derby
Rapid ArrhythiaMia101+2011-11-04Brandywine Roller Girls
Dr. Smackher101.52009-08-25Cherry City Derby Girls
Askin Forit10102010-02-19Durham Region Roller Derby
Black Venom10102011-02-07Sacred City Derby Girls
Cathergory 510102011-04-05Royal City Rollergirls
Chelle F. Youup10102011-10-02Sick Town Derby Dames
Glam R. Gore10102011-01-23Central New York Roller Derby
Itza Trap10102011-06-18Portneuf Valley Bruisers
Mibbs Breakin'Ribs10102006-07-23Charm City Roller Girls
Olly on Octane10102011-02-17Clarence Valley Roller Derby
Rebel Scum10102010-09-14CoMo Derby Dames
Red Oktober10102011-03-10Mississippi Rollergirls
Soulrider10102011-05-01San Diego Roller Derby
Star10102011-02-18Bakersfield Junior Roller Derby
Stiffany10102011-02-04B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
R2 BeatU101012006-03-21Duke City Derby
Dragon Yerface10101012007-08-03TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Ctrl-Alt-Delete10112009-02-26Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Damage Lolita10112011-10-13Smokin' Diablas Derby Girls
Finite Skate Automaton10112011-06-22Tri City Roller Girls
Jen-A-Tration10112011-03-03McLean County MissFits
Tequila Ann Tix10112011-10-28Little Steel Derby Girls
Lulu Lemondrop10122008-12-08Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Blaze~n~Craze10132008-04-24Mid Michigan Derby Girls
Fox Smoulder10132010-11-01Tri City Roller Girls
Hoe-E-Ramone10132010-08-19Gulf Coast Rollergirls
Kill-Eatcha10132009-08-31Durango Roller Girls
Memfist10132010-10-28TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Paina Skully10132008-09-29Burn City Rollers
Red Tornad-ho10132009-11-28Sac City Rollers
Robo Toes10132010-03-09High City Derby Divas
Scarlett Joheadslam10132010-09-22Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Shanx-A-Lot10132010-12-17Lonestar Rollergirls
Stella Black-N-Blue10132011-08-03Tupelo Honeys Roller Derby
Aye Carlee10142010-11-13West Coast Derby Knockouts
Hot Pants Houlihan10142010-10-09North Coast Roller Derby
Jenny Hoffa10142011-12-28North Texas Derby Revolution
Carmen Slamdiego10152011-05-24TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Emerson Biggons (cleared)10152010-09-06No Coast Derby Girls
Gnarlicious10152011-05-25Rollergirls in Pagosa
Ms. Jackson If You're Nasty10152011-01-29Bash Valley Clobber Girls
Sushi Dive10152009-12-27Wasatch Roller Derby
Dee-Dee Destroy-her1015sn2011-05-31Lowcountry Highrollers
Buzz Tight Rear10162010-10-16Minnesota Roller Girls
Carnage 'N Cream10162012-06-01Wichita Falls Derby Dames
Doomstress10162010-05-05San Diego Roller Derby
Hobbles10162011-05-08South County Derby Girls
Injureneer10162010-08-17Morgantown Roller Vixens
Kilted Chaos10162010-07-23Jacksonville Roller Girls
Baby Frat10172011-01-11Totally Committed Derby Girls
Facilitator10172010-11-30Sac City Rollers
I-1010172010-01-11South Side Roller Derby
Shmoolie10172011-08-29Paradise Roller Girls
Maiden Maehem10182010-12-20Central New York Roller Derby
RaeJer1018 AZ Derby Dames
Terror A. Part10182008-01-27Gainesville Roller Rebels
Texas Terror10182010-11-22Ladies' Death and Derby Society
Tights N Sirens10182011-07-15Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Bhang Lassi10192011-09-30Highland Roller Girls
Charmer10192008-04-07Angel City Derby Girls
Doobie Trap10192011-10-10Battle Creek Cereal Killers
Fist n' Chips10192012-01-24High City Derby Divas
Heather Blocklear10192008-09-25Sick Town Derby Dames
Lady Cyanide10192012-01-03Fallen Brats Derby League
Slammy Con Paine10192011-07-27Brighton Roller Dollz
Sonja Mindbitch10192010-10-26Potential Fresh Meat Practice Squad
Stubborn Itch10192011-01-18Dire Skates
Grrrl Haggard101N2007-05-27Humboldt Roller Derby
Lieutenant Bully101st2008-04-10Man's Ruin Roller Derby
BadAss Baby1022011-11-14Arctic Roller Derby
Cha Chee1022006-05-26Dixie Derby Girls
Crash Test Caity1022007-08-02Assault City Roller Derby
Ivanna Klawovich1022011-04-26Columbia QuadSquad
J'Knee Dodgem1022011-08-15Richter City Roller Derby
Karmanatrix1022011-04-06Demolition City Roller Derby
Lil' Cridder Hitter1022011-07-12Borderland Roller Derby
Monlac1022011-06-15Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz
Moto Gutsy1022011-03-21Leeds Roller Dolls
Nikki Minajatwa1022011-07-18Columbia QuadSquad
Phantom Stalker1022012-01-12Parliament of Pain
Toxic D. Meaner1022009-04-16Bradentucky Bombers
True Pain1022010-04-11NEO Jr. Roller Derby
Pink - Koolaid10202008-10-14West Texas Roller Dollz
Infidela10212012-04-24Clarksville Roller Derby
Kila Kardeathian10215/9/12Oklahoma City Roller Derby
Nouvelle Nightmare10212011-02-02Savannah Derby Devils
Princess Sledge Rammer10212010-10-27Magnolia Roller Vixens
Brawley Double D10222012-02-21Corpus Chrisite Maiden Texas Derby
RedMaddness10222012-03-26Emerald City Roller Girls
Scarlett AnnihilateHer10222010-07-13Hellgate Rollergirls
Big League Chew10232011-02-04B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Creature Feature10232010-05-04Reno Roller Girls
General Melisha10232012-02-21Corpus Chrisite Maiden Texas Derby
J.D. Slamson10232012-03-26Greensboro Roller Derby
Maulecule10232012-02-15Lehigh Valley Rollergirls
Physical Terrorist10232011-02-09Peninsula Roller Girls
Sinphonic Asphyxia10232012-01-14Hellions of Troy
Sparkling Pink Slampain10232012-04-23Mainland Misfits Roller Derby
Twitch10232010-12-11Rome Rollergirls
Venomous DiMilo10232009-12-06Crossroads City Derby
Wicked Prada G10232011-05-18Eerie Roller Girls
Crabbie Panties10242011-10-19Ventura County Derby Darlins
Ginger Offender10242010-08-11Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Killer Bite10242011-06-28Seaside Siren Roller Girls
Lass Compactor10242010-12-12Belle City Roller Girls
Killabit1024kb2009-01-06Central Arkansas Roller Derby
Claire de Looney10252010-11-11Toronto Junior Roller Derby
Crystal Fear10252012-01-07Bruising Banditas Roller Derby
Megamanduh10252011-03-20South Texas Rolleristas
Lindsey Explosion10262011-03-31Dirt City Roller Rats
Miss Diagnosed10262008-01-11Inland Empire Derby Divas
Pound'er Ash10262011-07-08North Pole Babes in Toyland
DominaTrish10272011-07-17Hot Wheel Roller Derby
KRYPTONfITE10272012-02-27Queen City Roller Girls
Rida Rockstar10272009-10-14Sac City Rollers
Donita Dick10282011-10-24Red Rockettes Recreational Roller Derby
Hardley Sane10282011-01-29Kitsap Derby Brats
Hellspawn Nelly10282011-07-30Darkside Derby
Mambo BOOM10282009-09-26Rainy City Roller Dolls
Black Velvet10292012-03-06Mad Wreckin' Dolls
Soxx E. Beotch10292012-04-01West Kentucky Rockin Rollers
Belt-Her Face1032011-11-28Lethbridge Roller Derby Guild
Block N Tackle1032010-01-15TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Britt-Knee Basher1032011-02-16Electric City Roller GrrrlZ
CHAOS GUMMI1032012-01-16B.M.O. Roller Derby Girls
Calamity Cat1032011-12-27Arch Rival Roller Girls
Catch-La-Fever1032011-04-05Central Michigan Roller Derby
Delyria1032011-03-01Vette City Roller Derby
Haut Blooded1032010-11-29Fairbanks Rollergirls
Ida Backoff1032010-10-09Classic City Rollergirls
Jilla Thrilla1032012-03-19Gorge Roller Girls
Kiss-WidaFist1035/10/12W.A. Roller Derby
Krushinator (The)1032010-01-11Southern Illinois Roller Girls
Roachy1032010-01-15TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Sylvia Plastered1032011-05-08Chicago Outfit
Dr. Jenny Fever103 _2007-04-03Terminal City Rollergirls
Dirty Thirty10302009-01-26Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Autumn von Rotten10312006-11-13Terminal City Rollergirls
Bonecrusher Barbie10312009-12-27Salt City Derby Girls
Brawlberry Shortcake10315/3/12Northshore Roller Derby
Creature10312012-02-10Springfield's Queen City Roller Derby
Floozie Suzie10312011-03-13Omaha Rollergirls
Fonda Candy10312012-02-10Wichita Falls Derby Dames
HER A$$MINT10312010-04-13Durango Roller Girls
Holly Ween10312009-02-25Northern Arizona Roller Derby
Iva Vendetta1031 B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
KILLiopE sWitch10312011-10-06Wreckin Roller Rebels
La-Setty-Machete10312011-11-20Hidden City Derby Girls
Luna Graveyard10312010-09-09West Coast Derby Knockouts
Maul E. Hatchet10312008-03-19Chicago Outfit
Melistopheles10312011-11-02LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Monikilla shaniable lecta10312011-09-12Wichita Falls Roller Derby
Nekro Nancie10312012-03-21Assassination City Roller Derby
Poison Orchid10312012-03-16Denali Destroyer Dolls
Princess Roach10312012-02-03Shoreline Roller Derby
Scuzzberry Skankcake10312011-11-29580 Roller Girls
SwampGator10312008-08-19Cajun Rollergirls
Val O'Ween10312011-09-13Bash Valley Clobber Girls
Wicked Wen of the West10312011-06-18Orange County Roller Girls
Witch Wade Shego10312010-09-02Charlottesville Derby Dames
Heidi on Fire10332010-08-11Fog City Rollers
Moxie Riot10342011-12-15Rainy City Roller Dolls
Sweet Dee Bacle10342010-02-22Albany All Stars Roller Derby
Sur Li Mermaid10382010-09-19Reno Roller Girls
Trashy VonCrushmire10382010-05-04Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Beastly Bit10392011-04-13Cornfed Derby Dames
Sinister Sadie10392011-01-30Dakota Derby
Big Red Bloodshed1042009-04-17Gem City Rollergirls
Corre Caminos1042009-08-03Rat City Rollergirls
Deka Dents1042007-05-07TBD (delete 6/12/13)
HeartStopper1042008-08-27Randall County Roller Dames
Minimum Rage1042008-02-20Denver Roller Dolls
Smack Truck (cleared)1042010-10-12Albany All Stars Roller Derby
TT Anihilation1042011-12-13North East Roller Derby
Yvel Saint Laurent1042011-07-26Rainy City Roller Dolls
Kitty Hachett104 degrees2008-02-22Vette City Roller Derby
Velveteen Rabid104 degrees2009-01-13Demolition City Roller Derby
Auditor (The)10402012-03-06Mad Wreckin' Dolls
Betty Page-Turner10402010-01-03Omaha Rollergirls
Ida Myzer10402011-03-21Dutchland Rollers
Juju Eyeballs10402011-01-25Malice Springs Roller Derby
Sk8l Attraction10402012-01-27Kansas City Roller Warriors
The IRS10402011-05-16Cape Girardeau Roller Girls
Cyn Tax1040EZ2006-12-21Santa Cruz Derby Girls
Taxinator1040EZ2008-02-06Kansas City Roller Warriors
Smaxx Collector1040ez2012-04-13One World Roller Derby
Mean Mountain Boy10412010-07-30Green Mountain Derby Dames
Wheelma Mankiller10452010-08-31Long Beach Roller Derby
Jo-D Wan Kenobi10472012-03-26Emerald City Roller Girls
Kandy Box10472012-03-24Ottawa Roller Derby
Hayley Contagious104F2007-09-24Boston Derby Dames
Bam Bam Tiffalo1052011-01-02M.I.A. Derby Girls
Barbonic Plague1052008-09-28Rubber City Rollergirls
Chica Caliente1052006-06-25LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Deadly Carm1052011-09-05Croydon Roller Derby
Guy O. Tine1052009-09-07Queen City Roller Girls
Majestic1052006-08-10Naptown Roller Girls
Major Harlotte1052010-12-15Tucson Roller Derby
Red Bamma Lam1052011-08-06Olympia Underground Derby
SkidKnee Silver1055/12/12Spartanburg Deadly Dolls
Smurf and Destroy1052012-03-04South Sea Roller Derby
Furrrocious105 Kg2011-05-27Amsterdam Derby Dames
Shredwood10502011-11-21Mountain Maulers Roller Derby
Lorena Terror1050P.I.2007-11-11Rollergirls of Southern Indiana
Anita Nother10512009-08-25Long Beach Roller Derby
8Wheel Ambush10542011-05-30Black Diamond Roller Derby
Voo Doo Vixen10542011-05-17Resurrection Roller Girls
AbraKadaver!10552010-12-08Bellingham Roller Betties
Cynister Siren10552010-11-30Sac City Rollers
Judo No10552008-05-29Pikes Peak Derby Dames
Mosh Profanity10555/10/12W.A. Roller Derby
PoiZEN10552010-06-10Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Cherry Madness1055-U2008-11-19Sacred City Derby Girls
Slay Dunaway10562010-07-11South Bend Roller Girls
CarrieAnn O'Mosity10572011-12-28North Texas Derby Revolution
Sgt. SmackElroy10575-30-12Albany All Stars Roller Derby
MoraLei Corrupt10592010-10-27Demolition City Roller Derby
Alecto1062012-01-09Wheat City Roller Derby
Cookie Crackhouse1062012-03-04South Sea Roller Derby
Death Valee1062011-01-10Springfield Rollergirls
Fruitbat1062011-09-13Terrorz of Tiny Towns Roller Derby
Hysta Wreckingball1062011-10-07One World Roller Derby
Lickey Split1062012-02-05Enchanted Mountain Roller Derby
Malice Wonderpunch1065/8/12Helsingborg Roller Derby Club
Punch of Grace1062012-04-01Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
Rita Maneata1062011-04-03Charlotte Roller Girls
ScreamHer1062010-04-17WI River Valley Rollergirls
The Mad Hattress1065/12/12Spartanburg Deadly Dolls
Ray Gun Era106 J2010-11-22Dominion Derby Girls
Hellwood Booze106 miles2011-11-10Diamond Valley Roller Derby
Wackadoo10602010-08-01Cedar Valley Derby Divas
Lou Tenant10642011-02-17Tri City Roller Girls
Brad Pittiful10652012-01-08Fog City Rollers
Angla Vyle10662009-12-22Ohio Roller Girls
Ophelia Uplater10662008-09-07North Star Roller Girls
Trippin Dixie10665-18-12Abilene Derby Dames
Boston Terror1072011-09-27Columbia QuadSquad
Crushin' Louboutin1072011-03-31New Hampshire Roller Derby
Dr Grind'N'Stein1075/10/12W.A. Roller Derby
Fugitive1072009-05-11Derby Revolution of Bakersfield
Ginny daBeatin1072011-03-13Omaha Rollergirls
Isla Hurtya1072011-06-14Hot Wheel Roller Derby
Iva Headake1072012-01-20Tall City Roller Betties
Joana Sparks1072006-08-04NJ Hellrazors
Kaia Pilsen1072010-10-04Gray City Rebels
Lil'Assassin1072010-05-26Pile O'Bones Derby Club
Moroccan Roll1072009-04-16Mendocino County Roller Derby
Mya OH mya1072007-10-14Oklahoma City Roller Derby
Shotgun Shell1072010-08-09Grand Raggidy Roller Girls
Tadbit Nasty1072009-04-06Pacific Roller Derby
WereMILF1072010-12-07Snake Pit Derby Dames
Susan Slamberg107.92008-06-20Green Mountain Derby Dames
Border Roller10702011-05-02Rome Rollergirls
Doctor Dalektable10712011-09-04Rosebud Rebels Roller Derby
ShivaShankn10722008-09-07Minnesota Roller Girls
Roch Dee Taunt10732010-02-08MTL Roller Derby
Violent Bomb10792011-04-10Soy City Rollers
Infinite Pest1079 pp2010-10-19LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Beck-n-hateher1082008-08-15Wilkes Barre Roller Radicals
Busta Armov108 LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Charlotte de Berry1082011-02-09TBD (delete 8/29/13)
Cinnergy1082012-01-244 Corners Rollergirls
Colonel Heavage1082010-07-13Greensboro Roller Derby
Dalai Harmer (The)1082010-09-10London Rollergirls
Dr. Spill1082008-12-19Resurrection Roller Girls
Femininja1082010-05-23Little City Roller Girls
Fifi Nomenon1082010-10-19Angel City Derby Girls
Frosty Box1082011-09-01Chinook City Roller Derby
Katie Kat Sass1082011-10-08Peterborough Roller Derby League
Knutt Krackher1082011-12-06Pile O'Bones Derby Club
Krazy AzN1082011-01-02Olympia Underground Derby
Little Mz. Nasty1082011-08-09Pottstown Roller Derby Rockstars
Major Mac1085/3/12Katherine Derby Dolls
NamaSlay1082010-12-15LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Nitemare Hippy Grrl1082012-02-06LOCO Roller Derby
Olive Tahitcha1082010-11-04TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Princess Larvae1082010-10-26Eerie Roller Girls
Rack-n-Roll1082010-06-07Cherry City Derby Girls
Raven Noir1082012-02-13Savannah Derby Devils
Rosie D. Ribsplitter1082010-09-29Gainesville Roller Rebels
SUPERMASHANJA1085/14/12Copenhagen Roller Derby
Stormy Strike1082010-03-28Blue Ridge Rollergirls
Super Mel!1082010-07-11South Bend Roller Girls
Trixie Vontoxic1082007-08-24Boston Derby Dames
Twisted Wisty1082011-09-08Pikes Peak Derby Dames
Viki Vanish1082011-01-15No Coast Derby Girls
Zen Blaster1082012-04-2710th Mountain Roller Dolls
Zom B. Smasher1082012-03-04South Sea Roller Derby
Aunty Aggro10805-23-12Canberra Roller Derby
Carmela Carnage10802012-03-31Murder City Roller Girls
Dramatic Pyrony10802012-03-01Jackson Hole Juggernauts
Hi-Death10802011-03-18Lansing Derby Vixens
Ivanna Kilovitch10802011-04-10Prairieland Punishers
Mixi Ma Toestops10802010-08-13Van Diemen Rollers
Poison 108010802010-01-15TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Dixie Kicks10812009-12-31Boston Derby Dames
Lotta Leadpipe10852009-02-09NOtown Roller Derby
Button Doom10862012-01-03Liverpool Roller Birds
Wee Wee Her-Man10892010-09-21Lakeland Derby Dames
Shiv Asana108x2012-06-11Suburbia Roller Derby
Yellow Fever1082008-03-26Arizona Roller Derby
BOOM!!! Cupcake1092012-02-03Rocket City Roller Girls
Bullseye Bettie1092008-12-09Canberra Roller Derby
Canaryville Bomber1092011-09-23Red Bank Roller Vixens
Golly G Damme1092010-05-27Blackwater Rollers
Modesty Blast1092012-04-23The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Smack-A-Saurus Wrexx1092010-11-15Hillsdale Roller Derby Girls
Sour Cherry1092006-02-28Oil City Derby Girls
Stiffy Longstocking1092010-08-27Inland Empire Derby Divas
Tic Tactics1092010-03-13Molly Roger Rollergirls
Tiffany Tantrum1092010-12-11Helsinki Roller Derby
Tactical Nuclear Penguin10922010-11-17Sacred City Derby Girls
Reckless Infliction10942011-03-31Dirt City Roller Rats
Faerie Lethal10952008-03-27CoMo Derby Dames
Rosy Machete10952011-11-02LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Doc Cera Belum10962009-07-27Route 66 Roller Derby
Psykat-ic10962010-06-23Palmetto State Rollergirls
V. Killin'em10962011-08-22Decatur Derby Dames
Amy Spears10982009-12-22Ohio Roller Girls
MediKILL10992011-03-23Cajun Rollergirls
Bloody Knuckles Betty109TKO2010-03-05Maine Roller Derby
Texas Thai Foon109mph2009-07-19Beach Brawl Sk8r Dolls
Slam I Am10:102009-02-19New Hampshire Roller Derby
Dita Von Thrasher10:152009-02-09NOtown Roller Derby
Slammin Sam10:15Sat nite2007-12-08Outlaw Renegade Roller Girls Orange County
Champain Brunch10:302010-04-07One Love Roller Dolls
DeeVent Diva10CT2011-01-02Eastern Iowa Outlaws
DivaVicious10CT2010-08-30Eastern Iowa Outlaws
Blood Gin10E2011-04-13Oil City Derby Girls
Bank Roll10K2009-07-28Resurrection Roller Girls
Dottie Damage10K2007-04-17Albany All Stars Roller Derby
Hearse DieMond10K2007-08-29CoMo Derby Dames
MANI-AX10K2007-09-22Minnesota Roller Girls
Kittin Scarentino10SC2010-03-10Dominion Derby Girls
Surly Bashee10T2010-02-20Mid Wales Roller Derby
Elbow Grease10W302009-02-10Houston Roller Derby
Pinky Dontchadare-o10W402006-03-29Ohio Valley Roller Girls
Mega Jules10^62010-09-26Towns Villians Roller Derby
Velma Vex10^62009-02-09Ithaca League of Women Rollers
Molly Millions10^72011-05-14Fog City Rollers
Newbein Assassin10c2008-03-08Dixie Derby Girls
Nino Brown10c2010-10-14Jacksonville Roller Girls
Carmen Chameleon10cc2011-03-10Birmingham Blitz Dames
Dr. Merry Death Grey10cc2011-06-25Brazos Valley Derby Girls
Hot Beef Injection10cc2011-01-12Ohio Valley Roller Girls
Ivy Push-her10cc2007-09-07Pacific Roller Derby
Nurse Klora Forme10cc2011-04-19Limestone CrusHers Roller Derby
Nurse Stax10cc2011-01-16Perth Roller Derby
Ivy Toxic10cc's2011-07-14Sumter Fly Girls
Booty Garland10cm2010-06-17Flathead Valley Roller Derby
Midwife Crisis10cm2007-09-13TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Amelie Vilain10e2011-08-10Gent GO-GO Roller Girls
Scarla O'teara10fo2010-02-23Oklahoma City Roller Derby
Semi Precious10kt2007-12-01Rideau Valley Roller Girls
Di Azepam10mg2011-11-12Wirral Whipiteres Roller Derby
Diazeslam10mg2011-09-20Varsity Derby
Jean Claude Hot Damn10mg2011-04-17Juneau Rollergirls
MELaril10mg2011-05-17Circle City Derby Girls
Nurse Pain10mg2010-01-27Rosebud Rebels Roller Derby
LeeThal Inject-Her10mil2009-09-22Prison City Derby Dames
Vixen Hits 'em10n12010-06-24Bedfordshire Rollergirls
Tae Kwon HO10th Degree2008-07-16B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Hoytie Toity10th Doctor2010-07-11South Bend Roller Girls
Bunny Valentine10v32011-05-10Maine Roller Derby
Helda Pay10x2011-01-25Angels of Anarchy
Huck Sinn10x2012-04-30B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Sancha Soregasm10x2010-03-16Mission City Brawlin Betties
Edward Whistlehands10x22012-02-18Eastside Rock'nRollers
Tenacious Wrexx10xx2011-08-29Alachua County Rollers
2TimesQuick112008-04-29Sioux City Roller Dames
ANTI-SYL-CLONE112012-04-10Kent Roller Girls
AcciDent Plan112009-03-19Naughty Pines Derby Dames
Alda Wayupta112010-09-23Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Alexa Vendetta112012-03-05Hartford Area Roller Derby
AlterKATEshun112011-07-27Brighton Roller Dollz
Amy Pound112011-11-07Confluence Crush Derby
Amyn AtCha112008-09-29Burn City Rollers
Angel Maker112010-03-10B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Angel of Hursty112011-04-10Nanaimo Nemesis Roller Girls
Anita Destroy112008-05-28Geelong Roller Derby League
Anna Notherthing11 San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Annamaul "Wo-man!112010-11-09TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Anni Hilate115-29-12Munich Rolling Rebels
Assaultine Cracker Jackers112010-08-13McLean County MissFits
Atomic Von Vengeance112011-05-23Coventry City Derby
Autumn I. Way112009-08-06North Star Roller Girls
B-Train112006-11-26Angel City Derby Girls
BACON112010-01-15Harbor City RollerDames
Babe Ballistic112012-04-23The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Backstabbing Betty112009-08-18Mainland Misfits Roller Derby Association
Bad Plan112011-01-06Dom City Dolls
Bad-Elle Royale112009-11-27Hot Wheel Roller Derby
Balicarmen112011-07-02Metropolitan Roller Derby
Bam Bam Bambi112010-01-19Barockcity Rollerderby
Bambi Bruiser112012-04-22New Jersey Roller Derby
Bambi on Ice112010-11-24Rotterdam Death Row Honeys
Barbariane of El112011-11-12Dieppe Roller Derby
Barbrarian112010-01-27Kansas City Roller Warriors
Beanstalker112010-10-03Thunder Bay Roller Derby
Beast-Tamer112012-02-08Woodstock Roller Derby
Beatrix Bea Lawless112012-02-01Hel'z Belles
Belgian BeHELLa112012-03-27Eastside Derby Girls
Bella Knockarella112011-10-05Ruhrpott Roller Girls
Beth Sentence112009-11-30Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Betty Guns112010-11-18Border City Brawlers
Betty Machete112007-03-03Central City Rollergirls
Betty Rumble11 Greensboro Roller Derby
Beulah Ballbreaker112010-07-07Rebellion Roller Derby
Bif112011-09-22Rez City Rollers
Bitch Slap112008-12-03Red Deer Roller Derby Association
Blitzkrieg Foxx112012-01-19Savanna Foxes Roller Derby Bras'lia
Blizzard Warning112011-05-08Fargo Moorhead Derby Girls
Blon Noxious112010-02-27Cen-Tex Sirens
Blondefabulous112011-06-18Pasco County Derby Dollz
Blondomination112011-01-09G-Town Beat Down Derby
Blood Red Cherry112010-12-16Toto Destruction
Bollard112010-09-01Portsmouth Pirates Scruvy Dogs
Bone Snatcher112012-02-14Zombie Rollergirls
Bootillicious Broad112010-03-07TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Boston E. Legal112011-05-31Lowcountry Highrollers
Brass Tacks112011-04-13Portland Men's Roller Derby
Brat N' 1/2112007-01-12Spokane's Outlawed Roller Derby
Brawl Flanders112012-03-19Belfast Roller Derby
Brook Lynne Dodge-Her112011-10-03Floral City Roller Girls
Brun Hellda112009-11-12TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Brynn Reaper112007-02-24Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Buck Machine112012-04-15Gympie Helltown Rollerz
Buffy Von Trampslaya112012-01-13Far North Derby Dolls
Bull Lee11 Rogue Rollergirls
Bunny BarHopper112011-07-14Tri-Valley Roller Girls
Bunny Kill112010-12-01Cannibales Dolls
Buns of Fun112011-05-09Spindletop Rollergirls
Burley Quin112008-10-03Green Mountain Derby Dames
C-Roll11 Long Island Roller Rebels
C.C. DeKill112006-03-29Steel City Derby Demons
Carni Vore112010-02-01Inland Empire Derby Divas
Cathus Smaxus112011-07-28Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby
Caught N Candy112010-09-21Hurricane Alley Roller Derby
Cazaclysmic112009-11-24Van Diemen Rollers
Cee Lo Mean112011-05-15Liverpool Roller Birds
Chakra Rocker112011-11-25Rideau Valley Roller Girls
Charlotte's Dead112011-11-01Preston Roller Girls
Chell 'O' Shots112011-02-17Inland Empire Derby Divas
Chemical Candy112010-07-05Peace Region Roller Dolls
Cherry Blight112007-08-03GTA Rollergirls
Cherry Bloodssom112012-02-29Roller Derby Hannover
Cherry Napalm112009-09-08Mission City Brawlin Betties
Cherry-Block-ade112011-04-13Cardiff Roller Collective
Chi-Chi Vega112011-06-22Reign Valley Vixens
Chica Bomb112006-04-21Terminal City Rollergirls
Chico The Kid112007-11-23Renegade Rollergirls (CHI)
Chilli con Carnage112008-01-02Sydney Roller Derby League
Chronic Insomnia112011-08-17Central New York Roller Derby
Cimo D. Stroyin112011-04-21Kokeshi Roller Dolls
Clawberry Shortcake112011-06-02Forest City Derby Girls
Coach Caustic112009-12-30Bakersfield Diamond Divas
Colly Power112011-08-10Haunted City Rollers
Combats Domino112009-12-03Big Easy Rollergirls
Compton's Most Wanted112006-11-28Jacksonville Roller Girls
Count Dredd112011-02-07Race City Rebels Roller Derby
CrUsH n DyE112011-12-20Grand Junction Roller Girls
Crimson Reign112007-12-30Eves of Destruction Roller Derby
Crystal Smashles112011-03-21Leeds Roller Dolls
Cuff me Kate112009-03-30Red Deer Roller Derby Association
Curvicious Rock112009-01-21Richter City Roller Derby
Cut Throat Kitty112010-08-05Chippewa Valley Roller Girls
CutThroat Cathy11 B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Cyclops112012-01-26COMO Derby Dames
DD112010-01-05Rollin' Roulettes Roller Derby
Danger Ally112007-03-03The Fanny Pack
Dangerass112012-02-21Newcastle Roller Derby
Danny Doom112011-03-20Nashville Rollergirls
Dark Passion Play112011-04-28Hammer City Roller Girls
Dawn Mower (The)112010-03-01Chicago Outfit
Debaucherous Prime112010-04-16Stl Gatekeepers Roller Derby
Demi Morgue11 Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Devonatrix112011-06-12Mendocino County Roller Derby
Disco InSterno11 TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Dita Von Bruiser112010-08-17South West Sydney Rockets
Diva State11 Dockyard Derby Dames
Divine Disaster112011-08-11Stone Cold Foxes
Doc Mauliday112010-08-29San Angelo Soul Sisters
Dogpile diva112007-04-25ICT Roller Girls
Dormanatrix112012-03-14Foothills Roller Derby Association
Double Salt112010-09-29Monterey Bay Derby Dames
Dream E. Racer112011-10-20West Texas Roller Dollz
Drop Dead Blonde112012-01-19Mid-State Sisters of Skate
Drrty Grrl112006-06-01Ohio Roller Girls
Dubious Lou112010-06-17Flathead Valley Roller Derby
EB Whitesnake112012-03-17Greenbriar Roller Vixens
EarthQuake112010-09-09Southern Illinois Roller Girls
Ebbin Flow112006-05-26Dixie Derby Girls
Elbows Presley112008-09-08Roc City Roller Derby
Elegant Lee Violent112010-09-20Lakeland Ladykillers Roller Derby
Ella Va Shock112012-04-26Grey Bruce Roller Derby
Elle Fire112008-04-28Wolverhampton Honour Rollers
Emilynch112011-08-10Gent GO-GO Roller Girls
Evil Fairy112011-10-18Lule Roller Derby
Execution Idaho112011-12-04Copenhagen roller derby
Explosive Echo112011-02-11Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
Fairy FlickHer112010-08-30Port Scandalous Roller Derby
Felitia Fleshwound112009-06-15Bremen Rollergirls
Fembot Fury112008-07-21Rideau Valley Roller Girls
Flame112011-09-01Benton County Derby Dames
Flatinum Blonde112011-10-26TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Fluorine Fox112012-04-20White Horse Warriors
Foo Fighter112010-08-31Twin Cities Junior Roller Derby
Foxxy A. Barbella112011-05-24Lake City Roller Dolls
Fraulein F. Reckless112010-08-10Gothenburg Roller Derby
Freckles KaBOOM112009-07-15Greenville Derby Dames
French Lyck11 Arizona Roller Derby
Frieda Pain112012-03-26Mansfield Misfits
Ganja Smuggler112011-03-20South Texas Rolleristas
Georgia Gorwell112010-11-14TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Ghost Bust her112010-11-02South East Sask Roller Derby Association
Gin&Sonic112010-10-18Newcastle Roller Girls
Glamour Slasher112010-02-03South Texas Rolleristas
Global Warning112010-09-27Echo City Knockouts
GnarFox115/14/12North Texas Derby Revolution
Grand Master Slash112008-05-13Texas Rollergirls
Graveyard Sukie112010-11-29Red Lion Roller Derby
Guns n Rosie112011-11-25Gold Coast Roller Derby
Gyna Control112011-04-27Sis-Q Rollerz
H.R. Punch'n'Stuff112010-02-15Western Sydney Rollers
Halley Lose Ya112010-12-08Tragic City Rollers
Happy Go Hippie112012-01-25Tall city roller Betties
Hateful Hannah112010-07-05River Valley Roller Girls
Heartless B112009-04-13Lafayette Brawlin' Dolls
Heavenly Smash112011-09-27Riptide Rollers Association
Heidi Van Scorn112008-05-28Quad City Rollers
Hell 'N' Back112010-06-03Nottingham Roller Girls
Hella Marcella112010-10-04Ark Valley High Rollers
Hellbent Heather112006-08-15Renegade Rollergirls (AZ)
HighLight Her Up112012-04-28Ventura County Derby Darlins
Himmeli115-17-12Kouvola Rock n Rollers
Hit-Her-Box112011-08-25Southland Slashers Roller Derby League
HollaPain ~Yo112006-03-21Houston Roller Derby
Holland Ass112011-04-14Cherry City Derby Girls
Holly Apocalypse112010-09-05Pirate City Rollers
Holly Hobbler112008-03-27Rainy City Roller Dolls
Hustle Bunny112011-04-13Monashee Roller Girls
Hymen Danger112010-02-08MTL Roller Derby
I-PunchHer Barbie112011-08-14Ring City Rollergirls
Insana Scully112011-09-06Helltown Hellcats-Helsingborg Roller Derby Club
Inshanity112011-02-27Happy Valley Derby Darlins
Iron Giant112012-06-03Hulls Angels Roller Dames
Itzy Blitzy112011-04-13Oil City Derby Girls
Ivana Rock11 Philly Rollergirls
Ivanna GoBya112011-03-11Eastern Iowa Outlaws
Ivy Hellraizin112011-08-31Maui Rollergirls
Jacula112010-06-30Hellmilton Roller Ghouls
Jammineye112012-03-026 Cities Roller Kitties
Jan Hellswing112009-12-08Santa Maria Roller Girls
Jesskica Rabid11 KC Roller Warriors
Jewel Hurt112011-08-08Dublin Roller Girls
Jo D Kapitator112010-05-21Lilac City Rollergirls
Jonny Malice112011-02-12Capital District Mens Roller Derby
Judge Julz115/4/12Sulphur City Steam Rollers
Juice E. Ka112006-12-03DV8 Derby Skaterz
JumpeR Bonez112011-04-12Salt Spring Island Roller Derby
Junkyard Broad112011-11-10Flint Hills Fury
Juno EscareMe112008-11-19San Diego Roller Derby
Just Julie112011-10-26Juneau Rollergirls
K. Tankerus112012-04-16Halifax Roller Derby
KY KillBilly112012-01-04Stone Cold Foxes
Kannibal Kate112007-10-14Fort Myers Derby Girls
Karmaloca Crusader112011-07-30Lil Chicago Roller Derby
Keel Haul Kelly112007-08-15Molly Roger Rollergirls
Keke Van Bathory112007-12-10Indian River Derby Girls
Kenny Dodgers112011-07-07Orange Roller Derby League
Kickass Belette112011-12-01Switchblade RollerGrrrls
Kid Kaos112009-10-01Bay Rollers
KillaKaze112009-03-09Adelaide Roller Derby
Killary Spank112006-09-25River City Rollergirls
Killer Fizz112011-09-06Nantes Derby Girls
Killer Wheels112011-01-21Central City Rollergirls
Kim Burly112006-07-06Central California Area Derby
Kimi Karbashian112012-04-03Kassel Roller Derby
Kimmee Chaos112011-04-18Brandywine Roller Girls
Kit Fearsome112011-10-12Saskatoon Roller Derby
Kitty Cutya Deep112009-09-16South Florida Rollergirls
Klitty Litter112011-08-08Durham Region Roller Derby
Krash Kitten112007-04-20TBD (delete 8/29/13)
L'eggs N. Bacon112010-04-08SoCal Derby
LC Tan-Her112011-05-20Furness Firecrackers
La Asesina112011-01-18Dire Skates
Lacy Thunder Ware112006-04-28Central Coast Roller Derby
Lady Hawk112007-03-26Killamazoo Derby Darlins
Lady Redhand112010-12-13Route 66 Derby Chix
Ladykiller Lisa112007-08-21Sun State Roller Girls
LamBikini112010-06-15Reef City Roller Girls
Last Manning Standing112012-01-05Shrewsbury Roller Derby
Lavitika Lashout112011-02-24Route 66 Roller Derby
Legal Nightmare112010-07-28Des Moines Derby Dames
Leggs McMaux112009-02-20Western NJ Outlaws
LeidiAsfixya112012-02-25Rum City Derby Dolls
Lethal Legs112010-03-11Towns Villains Roller Derby
Lexi Leven112008-12-04Romsey Town Rollerbillies
Lianne 'Crazylegs' Parry112008-07-14Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Lil Whorefin Annie112012-03-05Scenic City Roller Psychos
Lil' Chazza112008-04-29Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Lil' Perks112011-12-30Lilac City Pixies
Linsay Ana Jones112009-07-13Hell City Rollergirls
LivingStun Gun112009-08-09Grand Raggidy Roller Girls
Llama Trauma112009-10-30Chattanooga Roller Girls
Loosely Brawlous112011-01-31Central Oregon Coast Roller Derby
Loretta Lynch11 LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Lucy Furr11 Windy City Rollers
Lux Runout112010-04-09Morgantown Roller Vixens
Lyte 'Em Up112010-09-05Atomic City Roller Girls
M-Forceher112011-05-02Clarence Valley Roller Derby
MadDog McGillicudy11 Angel City Derby Girls
Madame Superfly112011-08-10Tokyo Roller Girls
Mairi Danaxmurderer112011-06-20Fair City Rollers
Major Hattie Tude112011-06-19Cape Girardeau Roller Girls
Malady D'Amour112007-11-15Providence Roller Derby
Malicious Wishes112010-04-01AZ Derby Dames
Marko Rollo112007-10-19Flint City Derby Girls
MarshA Mellow112012-03-16Denali Destroyer Dolls
Master Deflect-her112010-02-10Twin City Derby Girls
Meagan U Beg112006-10-16Cape Fear Roller Girls
Mel-icious Mayhem112011-07-04River City Rollers
Melicious11 Texas Rollergirls
Misfit Kitteh112012-04-02Stockholm Roller Derby
Miss Take112006-12-06Junction City Roller Dolls
Mississippi Bruise112009-12-10Mid Iowa Rollers
Molly Pop112011-09-20Lambton County Derby
Mollytov Cocktail112011-11-07Vasteras Rollerderby
Mona Agony112007-12-16Rat City Rollergirls
Mors Malleus112011-04-19Crossroads City Derby
Mortal Cyn112010-11-10Capital City Rollers
Ms. Hate112011-01-03Muddy River Rollers
Myra Venge112007-06-06Richmond Derby Demons
Nadya Nyce112010-02-26TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Natural Spiller112012-01-27Whistler Roller Girls Society
Nicole Hitman112009-11-03RockTown Rollers
Nikilla112010-11-23Cardiff Roller Collective
Nikita Defeat'er112012-02-10Norfolk Brawds Roller Derby
Nita Chillpill112012-02-17Salina Sirens Roller Derby
No Eye Deer112012-01-18Gladstone Roller Derby
No Mercy Mercer112010-07-20Nickel City Roller Derby
Nora Morse112006-06-17Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
Oedipuss Wrecks112011-11-12Portneuf Valley Bruisers RDA
Oogie Boogie Brookie112011-08-21Decatur Derby Dames
Oopsie Bruisy112011-11-22Kallio Rolling Rainbow
Otter Chaos112012-02-04DuPage Derby Dames
Painmantress112010-11-05Clarence Valley Roller Derby
Pardon My French11 Arizona Roller Derby
Patches O'Houlihan112012-02-21Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls
Patella Crusher112011-04-29Dark River Derby Coalition
Peek A Bruiser112009-07-22Cornfluence Crush Derby
Peronica112011-02-26Eerie Roller Girls
Phenmyster112010-03-05Dallas Derby Devils
Philadeckya115-23-12Bethel Derby Divas
Pixie Storm112011-06-30Northshore Roller Derby
Pizazz112009-05-19Blackwater Rollers
Platinum Lightening112012-05-31Undead Bettys
Podri Disima112012-03-22Mambas Negras Roller Derby
Pollyanna Plague112010-04-26Pirate City Rollers
Power Kraut112010-09-01Bristol Roller Derby
Princess Paincakes112008-07-03Dead End Derby
Project Aurora112011-05-18Siskiyou County Roller Derby
Psycho Seamstress112007-07-12River City Rollergirls
Purple Kush112011-01-05Tournament City Derby
Purple People Eater112010-01-15Pacific Roller Derby
Queer Elizabeth112011-09-18Mid Wales Roller Derby
Rachalicious112010-07-09Paradise Roller Girls
Rainbow-Matic112011-01-17Corpus Christie Maiden Texas Derby
Ratty Roadkill112011-11-03Brisbane City Rollers
Rayne N' Blood112010-08-09WA Roller Derby
Razamanaz112011-01-27NorSask Roller Derby
Reckless B Havior112012-03-17Pair O' Dice City Derby
Reckless Rhonda112010-04-13Durango Roller Girls
Reverend Ripper Heat112010-09-18Arizona Rollergirls
Rinkworm112007-04-03New York Shock Exchange
Rita Dice112010-03-05Maine Roller Derby
Rita Lottabooks112009-06-01West Coast Derby Knockouts
Rob'n Ur Dignity112012-01-10Atomic City Roller Girls
Rock Hell Belch112008-05-23Sac City Rollers
Rocket Angel112007-12-07Halifax Hellcats Roller Derby
Rocksalt Ruckus112008-01-17Eves of Destruction Roller Derby
Rodeo Diablo112009-12-21Green Country Roller Girls
Rolling Pins112012-01-17Dolly Rockit Rollers
Rose From Hell112012-04-08Rotten Rebels
Rough Ann Tumble112009-11-13Boston Derby Dames
Roxburry Crunch112011-10-10Battle Creek Cereal Killers
Roxy Deruckus112010-11-29Coastal Assassins Roller Derby
SIDELICIOUS112009-11-30Dry Heat Militia
SaBOBtage112010-03-28Fairbanks Rollergirls
Sadie Rockins112011-04-14Cherry City Derby Girls
Saint Mary MacKiller112010-10-21Northern Rivers Roller Derby
Sal Gore112011-03-29Brighton Rockers Roller Derby
Sandy Kane112011-01-14Enid Roller Girls
Sapkos, Koto112012-01-03Fallen Brats Derby League
Sara Slaughter112011-03-13WI River Valley Rollergirls
Saw Red112011-09-30Highland Roller Girls
Scare Waldorf112011-08-22Birmingham Blitz Dames
Scarla Maim112006-08-22Calgary Roller Derby Association
Schizo Skank112010-09-13Appalachian Rollergirls
Scrap-ple Blossom112011-08-16Apple City Roller Derby
Shank N. Stein112011-07-29Beckley Area Derby Dames
She Hulk112008-05-29Denver Roller Dolls
Sicilian Slicer112008-12-11NEO Roller Derby
Sin D Doll112007-05-14London Rockin Rollers
Sin-a-Bunz112006-04-28Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Sister Hyde112011-09-07Tulsa Derby Brigade
Sister Scrape112011-08-26Flint Hills Fury
Sizzle Boogie112009-04-01Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Sk8r-Kinney112006-09-28Cincinnati Rollergirls
Skankasaurus Lex112010-10-04Ohio Valley Roller Girls
Skate Crasher112009-02-24Sheffield Steel Rollergirls
Skeev Jobs112011-01-18LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Skella Tins112010-09-22Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Skid112006-09-01Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Skye Skrapper112010-11-09Santa Cruz Derby Girls
Slamjelica112012-02-18Flint City Derby Girls
Slay-Her Kitten112009-08-14Green Valley Rollergirls
Sliver112012-06-13Twin State Derby
Snarlydog112010-08-21North Coast Roller Derby
Social Anxiety112009-12-05Vidor, Texas Roller Derby League
Sonya Wins112011-07-02Buenos Aires Roller Derby
Spank'n Hurt'er112011-06-30East Vic Roller Derby
Sparky Anderslam112011-03-07Bath City Roller Girls
Spex Offender112010-01-17Dundee Roller Girls
Staceballz112010-04-13Durango Roller Girls
Stan @ Arms112010-05-04Ballarat Roller Derby
Starbatt112011-01-06Burlington Bombers Roller Derby
Stiletto Queen112011-03-03Timber Town Derby
Sucka Punch112010-02-21Duluth/Superior Roller Derby
Sue Sideshow112011-04-16Helsinki Roller Derby
Sugar Savage112010-01-21Dirty Verde Roller Derby
Sugerlan Slam112010-11-17Okanagan Shuswap Roller Derby Association
Suntan Barbie112011-05-24Bayou Outlaw Roller Girls
Suss Penders112010-12-06Northside Rollers
Suzy Slaughtherdahl112011-01-20Rocky Mountain Riot
Suzz Spenders112011-02-12Northside Rollers
SweeT n SouWA112012-06-07Tampa Bay Men's Roller Derby
Sweet Insannety112011-09-27One Love Roller Dolls
Sweet Lucy112006-03-06Dixie Derby Girls
Sweet Venom112010-07-10La Crosse Skating Sirens
T'Naturoll112009-05-11Southern Oregon Rollergirls
Tackle Me Elma112011-05-29Antihero Derby Alliance
Tart of Darkness112006-09-29Palmetto State Rollergirls
Temper Temptress112011-04-24TBD (delete 9/27/13)
Terrible Tara112012-01-20Gold City Roller Girls
Thunder Kitten11 Mad Rollin' Dolls
Tick'D Off Teri112011-09-27Cal Skate Roller Derby
Titty Tally Ho112009-05-06Lost Highway Roller Derby
Toe Tagger Body Bagger112011-09-14Central New York Roller Derby
Triage Trina112011-05-01Halifax Roller Derby
Tricky Tracey112010-11-12Emerald Coast Roller Derby
TripMe Wrongstockings112011-01-25Adelaide Roller Derby
Trixie Von Teaze112010-11-29Slaughterhouse Derby Girls
True Grits112010-07-25Duke City Derby (Taos)
Tura Skatana11 Detroit Derby Girls
Twinkletoes (cleared)112011-02-18Garden Island Renegade Rollerz
Tyra Spanks112006-09-01Central Arkansas Roller Derby
Velvet Crush112008-04-15No Coast Derby Girls
Verde Villain112012-03-20Darwin Roller Girls
Vi Aggro112009-09-22Bedfordshire Rollergirls
Violent Van Gough112011-03-12Ottawa Roller Derby
Violet Vex112009-01-05Northern Brisbane Rollers
Viva KniEVIL112007-03-22London Rollergirls
Wheel Armstrong112011-09-12Twin Cities Terrors
Wheel Snatcher112011-08-06Olympia Underground Derby
Wheels McCoy112010-08-08Perth Roller Derby
Whiskey Galore112007-09-12Glasgow Roller Girls
Whyld Chyld112010-12-15South West Sask Roller Derby
WilaMEANa Skatespeare112011-01-18Three Rivers Roller Derby
Wrath of Tahn112012-03-19Gorge Roller Girls
You Killed Kenny112011-05-03Marfa Roller Derby
Zandy Zunder112009-04-27Vienna Rollergirls
HardWhere11 112009-03-23Mainland Misfits Roller Derby Association
Vivien Leigh-Em-Out11 122010-10-18A'Salt Creek Roller Girls
Molly Throttle11 lbs.2012-06-11Suburbia Roller Derby
GunsnRosie11 let die2011-02-07Gold Coast Roller Derby
EuthanizeHer11 mL2009-11-16Panama City Roller Derby
Sinister Stingher11 stings2009-03-24New Hampshire Roller Derby
Slam Grier11'4"2011-09-16DC Rollergirls
Artemisia Nova11,1 LY2010-01-24Richter City Roller Derby
White Chocolatizzle11-112011-01-11Totally Committed Derby Girls
Carnivorous_Licks11-142007-11-28Gold Coast Derby Grrls
Kris Myass11-162010-11-04Winnipeg Roller Derby
Dirt Nap11-442008-03-14Central Arkansas Roller Derby
Deathly Harlow11-52011-06-26Assassination City Roller Derby
Shirley Tarafying11-82009-05-22Ventura County Derby Darlins
Pain Killer11-802012-03-13Kansas City Banked Beauties
Remy Killjoy11-872011-08-28Farm Fresh Roller Girls
Dirty Huckabee11-D72011-03-10North Texas Derby Revolution
LibSmacker11-Jul2012-02-08Adelaide Roller Derby
Hits-n-Giggles11-teen2008-07-31NJ Hellrazors
Sandra Dee' spicable11.042012-03-28Nanaimo Nemesis Roller Girls
Liberty Risk11.112011-03-27TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Sugar Kaned11.112010-02-23Mid Iowa Rollers
Rink Floyd11.5"2006-08-15Minnesota Roller Girls
Jasynyster11.82011-10-18Quad City Junior Roller Derby
Virulent Viv11/052007-10-19Texas Rollergirls
Gia de los Muertos11/12007-10-14LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Kandy Kaos11/142009-07-17River Valley Roller Girls
Evil Genevil11/27/052010-10-19El Paso Roller Derby
Bunz N. Ammo11/872010-09-26Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz
Bear Kylls1102010-02-10Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
Buck Ten1102010-08-11Fog City Rollers
CJ Cyanide1102010-09-17Sun State Roller Girls
Game Over1102010-11-04Sacred City Derby Girls
Goin 4 Broke1102011-02-22Demolition City Roller Derby
Kitty Crowbar110 Carolina Rollergirls
Ovary Cheever1102011-03-18One World Roller Derby
Pee-Chee FoldHer1102012-03-22Orange County Roller Girls
Rue N. You1102010-05-19Redding Rollergirls
Screaming Swan1102010-07-09Paradise Roller Girls
Smashley "The Spaniard" Distructo1102007-10-19Chicago Outfit
Strawberry No-Brakes1102011-09-01MINOR THREAT JUNIOR ROLLER DERBY
Tenacious G1102010-04-03Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
Enya Biznass110%2007-07-09Denver Roller Dolls
Kim Possible110%2008-09-16Seattle Derby Brats
Mae Q. Sweat110%2009-12-19Bellingham Roller Betties
No-Holds Barbie110%2008-05-07Glass City Rollers
Pretty Intense110%2011-05-24Pirate City Rollers
T.K.Lo110%2011-11-01Rockford Rage
Amazon Dragstar11002010-03-30Croydon Roller Derby
Bachomp11002011-08-07Ballarat Roller Derby
JillSGT1100 RAH2011-02-15Cedar Rapids Rollergirls
Bear Keg1100cc2008-05-27Northern Brisbane Rollers
Ava Tarr11012011-02-07Ohio Roller Girls
Blue Scream of Death11012009-12-14Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Dea Tha Dead11012011-10-27Hell Rio Rollers
Diva de los Muertos11012010-01-27Kansas City Roller Warriors
Gill T. Pleasure11012011-02-14Dorset Rollergirls
I am a robot. pew! pew!11012009-03-17Green Mountain Derby Dames
Smack Factor11012012-04-13L.A. Junior Derby Dolls
Sweeney Broad11012008-06-09South Side Roller Derby
Burnin' Bridge110102011-05-23Missile Mountain Roller Derby
Dee Mystify11022011-10-08Peterborough Roller Derby League
Deep Fried Pixxie11022012-06-10Fierce Valley Roller Girls
Terrah Slam11022011-04-05Royal City Rollergirls
Nuke'em Nae Nae11052012-06-06Atomic City Rollergirls
Stabbie McJabbie11062011-05-04Ring City Rollergirls
Pao Moon11072011-10-312x4 Roller Derby
Hey Squirrel Hey11082011-08-05Vero Beach Rollergirls
Lacy underalls11082007-07-28Big Easy Rollergirls
Mathundra Storm11082009-02-10Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
Snatchmo11082012-03-02Crescent City Derby Devils
Truly Skrumshus11082010-08-08Long Beach Roller Derby
Val Killmore (cleared)11082010-03-09Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Lizzie LipSplitHer11092011-09-28Ocala Cannibals Roller Derby
Stilleto Strangler11092010-02-16Reno Roller Girls
Taff-in-Boots11092012-02-05Bourne Bombshells
Luciana Pulverotti110R2007-10-19CT RollerGirls
Speak'n Spanglish110mil2011-10-04Charlotte Roller Girls
Ali-Gato1112011-06-21El Paso Roller Derby
AllureNkill1112011-07-07TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Annie Maul111 Kansas City Roller Warriors
Arson Crafts1112010-08-12Philly Rollergirls
Aurora Whorealis1112007-07-20North Star Roller Girls
Bashin' Binky1112006-04-21Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Bea Nimble1112012-01-02Maine Roller Derby
Bella Slugosi1112010-07-11South Bend Roller Girls
Bella Stilleto1112010-10-03Queen City Roller Girls
Betsy Basher1112010-11-29Wasatch Roller Derby
Bikini Brawler1112009-09-15Hellmilton Roller Ghouls
Blonde Amazon1112006-08-07Dockyard Derby Dames
Capital K1112012-04-16Revelstoke Roller Derby Association
Check Meow't1112010-10-19LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Choppa Legzov1112011-01-24Northern Brisbane Rollers
Clinically Wasted1112010-03-16Granite City Roller Girls
Colonel Skirts1112007-03-25Wasatch Roller Derby
Deafiant Diva1112010-05-27Long Beach Roller Derby
Death D. Moana1112010-06-07Bay Rollers
Dee Tsar Star1112011-11-10Wakey Wheeled Cats
Diabolikal Briotch1112011-12-14A'Salt Creek Roller Girls
Dresden Pain1112006-07-14TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Fifi Fo Fum1112010-06-02Peoria Push Derby Dames
Geek Le Chic1112009-11-13Seaside Siren Roller Girls
Granmma Furious1112012-03-08Seaway Roller Derby Girls
Grin N' Tear It1112011-09-30Margaret River Roller Derby
Hattie Flattener1112012-02-13Bristol Roller Derby
Indiana Joney1112011-08-10Gent GO-GO Roller Girls
Jailbird Jenny111 Providence Roller Derby
Jamsterella1112009-05-22Fort Myers Derby Girls
Jenocide Trouper1112011-03-20Northern Rivers Roller Derby
Kawasakimomma1112011-01-04NV East Roller Girls
Kill Billie1112006-10-13Mad Rollin' Dolls
Knock Worst1115/9/12Tweed Valley Rollers
Knocker Walker Ext1112011-01-03Muddy River Rollers
Léti Thanos1112012-04-12Les Quads de Paris
Lady Quadiva1112012-02-10Norfolk Brawds Roller Derby
Lady Scorpious1112011-08-09Hellgate Rollergirls
Lindy Lu Lasher1112012-06-11Lincoln Land Roller Derby
Manda Moon1112010-03-29Okanagan Shuswap Roller Derby Association
Mary Lou Hittin1112009-06-23South Florida Rollergirls
Miss Priss You Off1112010-03-08South Florida Rollergirls
Molli Can???1112011-09-07Central California Area Derby
Morgan Le Faetal1112009-09-25Arch Rival Roller Girls
Mz Doom1112012-01-01K-Town Derby Dolls
Nina Nails1112011-08-04CCDD
One Up1112012-02-21Newcastle Roller Derby
Pope John Maul1112010-03-17Burlington Bombers Roller Derby
Raggedy Maggie1112011-02-20Arizona Rollergirls
Ruby Rehab1112011-02-10London Rollergirls
Rynosoris Ref1112011-07-04River City Rollers
Saffire the Storm1112010-02-15Sydney Roller Derby League
Sandra Muerte1112011-05-19Plymouth City Roller Girls
Santa Muerte1112010-08-31Toronto Roller Derby
Screama N. Yelling1112011-04-02Chicago Riots Junior Roller Derby
Serious Crash Unit1112011-08-31Otautahi Roller Derby League
Shankahontas1112011-03-16Syndicate Roller Girls
Smith & Reckon1112010-03-11West Texas Roller Dollz
Spanky Yoazz1112007-11-19Vero Beach Rollergirls
Spazz Attaque!1112007-01-25Atlanta Rollergirls
Stella McHurtYe1112010-08-31Lehigh Valley Rollergirls
Sugar N. Spikes111 Angel City Derby Girls
Suture Self1112010-05-27Long Beach Roller Derby
Sweet Madness1112011-04-21Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
Sweet Thunder1112006-09-10B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Sweety Perdition1112010-10-13Harbor Girls e.V.
Tank Her A1112007-03-22Hard Knox Roller Derby
Tawny Stark1112012-01-06Bellingham Roller Betties
Toxic Chaser1112010-09-26Towns Villians Roller Derby
Tripod1112012-03-27Mission City Brawlin' Betties
Valkyrie Vicious1112011-06-06Dead End Derby
Vegan Vendetta1112012-01-14Renegade Rollergirls (So Cal)
Vera Calavera1112010-10-21Stockholm Roller Derby
Vicious Gidget1112011-02-18Bakersfield Junior Roller Derby
Wet Virginia1112011-06-07Battle Creek Cereal Killers
Whip Stitch1112010-10-28Dutchland Rollers
WolveRina1112007-08-01Toronto Roller Derby
WolverMEAN1112010-12-03Naughty Pines Derby Dames
ZOMbree1112011-02-11Shadow City Rollers
Zen Lightning1112008-05-09Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
McKilla CutHer11102011-01-21Des Moines Derby Dames
Anabamma Slamma11112011-11-13Calgary Roller Derby Association
Bone Machine11112009-11-06MTL Roller Derby
Cheriff O. Swattinjam11112011-04-01Twin City Derby Girls
Cherry Blitz11112011-04-18Cornwall Roller Derby
CinderBlockerella11112010-01-18Ithaca League of Women Rollers
Cirque du Slay-her11112011-07-06Perth Roller Derby
Damage Inc.11112011-09-01Chinook City Roller Derby
Dreadly Diva11112008-01-30Northern Brisbane Rollers
Harleigh HeadHunter11112011-04-05Central Michigan Roller Derby
Heidi Gloom11112011-09-16Rome Rollergirls
Helraizin Angel11112009-10-19TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Henry Roll-ins11112006-10-16Big Easy Rollergirls
Howl'n Havoc11112010-04-15Providence Roller Derby
Jo Hurt11112012-06-11Rainy City Roller Dolls
Jolly Good Felon11112011-09-12Twin Cities Terrors
Killer Kimchi11112012-03-15Omaha JR Rollergirls
Killy KaPOWski1111 Windy City Rollers
Kimmie S'More11112008-01-14Circle City Derby Girls
Kiss my Lunt11112010-12-25Evolution Rollergirls
Lace E Lashes11112011-02-11Shadow City Rollers
Lady Jane11112010-05-27Long Beach Roller Derby
Lenacious11112011-10-04Dark River Derby Coalition
Lola LowDown11112010-01-11South Side Roller Derby
Meredeath Slay11112011-09-07Rome Rollergirls
Miss Claws11112010-11-01Fairbanks Rollergirls
Natural Born Chaos11112010-04-19Mid-State Sisters of Skate
Precious Peggy Pain11112011-06-20Eindhoven Rollers
Rhoda Hell11112009-03-04Mad Rollin' Dolls
Rosa Rie Venge11112011-01-11Lafayette Brawlin' Dolls
Sassy Fast11112011-10-11Athens Ohio Roller Derby
Scratch N Tiff11112008-02-06KC Roller Warriors
Shirley DuPayne11112010-01-03Omaha Rollergirls
Smack and Deckher11112008-03-18Wasatch Roller Derby
Sparkle Ninja11112006-10-13Minnesota Roller Girls
Terra None1111 B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Tigra11112011-09-23Blue Ridge Rollergirls
Vodka Bruiser11112011-03-16Rosebud Rebels Roller Derby
Ivory Tickler111112011-09-08Crammer Girls Roller Derby
Skeletal Remains111112011-05-05Nightmares on Main Street
Dolly De Los Muertos1112 AZ Derby Dames
WreckHell Welch11132006-09-21Houston Roller Derby
Daurty Jewelz11142011-12-28North Texas Derby Revolution
Nutmeg1114+2011-05-08Fargo Moorhead Derby Girls
Acid Pain11162011-01-06Hot Wheel Roller Derby
Breezin' ByYa11162010-09-01Naptown Roller Girls
EnTrudir11162011-06-14Dire Skates
AJ Panther11172012-03-12Eastern Carolina Brawling Betties
Brass Snuggles11172010-10-12Albany All Stars Roller Derby
Lola Goodpussy11172010-08-16Floral City Roller Girls
Louiville Slugga11172012-06-03Canberra Roller Derby
Val Sextomy11172011-03-25Long Island Roller Rebels
Skulz Out11182011-02-17AZ Derby Dames
Ammo Aimee111st2010-12-25Clarksville Roller Derby
Lt. Awesomesauce111th2011-06-25Brazos Valley Derby Girls
Alabaster Disaster1122012-04-22Wreckin Roller Rebels
Apple Cyanider1122012-06-02South Sea Roller Derby
Betty 'Brufen1122011-02-14Dorset Rollergirls
Blondie Deadhead1122011-09-29Crime City Rollers
Bom'chelle Fatale1122010-03-19Rose City Rollers
Captaine Cookie1122012-01-23Kallio Rolling Rainbow
Cat von Hurt1122012-01-23Gothenburg Roller Derby
Cya Maeker1122010-07-23Harrisburg Area Roller Derby
El Painya Kagan1122012-04-16COMO Derby Dames
Emma D. Ville1122011-11-07Confluence Crush Derby
Gore Gore Bordella1122010-07-11South Bend Roller Girls
Lexy Fracture1122010-06-23Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz
Liberty Hell1122011-08-14Northern Brisbane Rollers
Manic Medic1122011-10-18Lule Roller Derby
Mizzy D1122011-02-04Haunted City Rollers
Naughty Todd'I1122012-06-07Olympia Underground Derby
NutzDoc1122011-05-11Copenhagen Roller Derby
Preyin Mantis1122010-12-06Hard Knox Roller Derby
Rampage Renee1122011-04-27Rotterdam Death Row Honeys
Scary Mel1122012-02-11Zombitches
Scooby Dee1122012-01-23Roller Derby Porto
She'z Supafreakie1122011-07-07TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Sneaky Sweetheart1122011-01-06Dom City Dolls
Susi Blockwell1122011-05-17Bear City Roller Derby
Vick'n'Mix1122011-04-19Manchester Roller Derby
Chess T. James112 ci2010-02-13Flint City Derby Girls
Mon-Oxious112.82011-08-10Nepean Derby
Chic N Hunt N11205/15/12Lake City Roller Dolls
Mermaid Basher11202010-07-29Randall County Roller Dames
Olga Von Detta11202008-05-14Memphis Roller Derby
Vengeance Anya11202009-01-17Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls
Devil's Iris11212011-11-29Wichita Falls Derby Dames
Dixie Dash11212012-02-09Fabulous Sin City Roller Girls
Freegan Brutal11212010-05-11Central New York Roller Derby
Rose AnnThrax11212012-03-18Renegade Rollergirls
Sally SiXx Shooter11212011-12-11Wichita Falls Derby Dames
Spicy MMM11212010-03-13Tahoe Derby Dames
Elenor of AcutePain11222010-12-29Furness Firecrackers
Isis O'Smacky11222011-05-04TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Rage-rienne11222009-11-10Gainesville Roller Rebels
Wutda Pux11222010-09-09West Coast Derby Knockouts
Candy Cain11232007-11-23Indian River Derby Girls
Diesel Dame11232009-08-23Camel City Thrashers
Greek (The)11232011-03-10North Texas Derby Revolution
Mz. Vindictive11232008-01-02Reno Roller Girls
Frances Of Assassin112358132006-09-01Boston Derby Dames
Nina Nina Boom Boom11242011-04-07Harrisburg Area Roller Derby
ConAir11252011-10-08Peterborough Roller Derby League
FetishlyDevine11252006-09-26Queen City Roller Girls
Pamalamadingdong11252011-07-21TBD (delete 8/29/13)
Alotta Bottom11262010-10-12Albany All Stars Roller Derby
Elfa Vicious11262012-01-22North Pole Babes in Toyland
Mellon Collie11265/3/12Chocolate City Cherry bombers
Jonsey11272009-09-22Jacksonville Roller Girls
Merry Masochist11282008-10-20Southern Utah Derby
Santilly In Yo Face11292010-08-31Toronto Roller Derby
Caribbean Crusher1132011-02-15Okaloosa Rollers
Curly Scrue1132011-11-23Long Beach Roller Derby
Death Angel1132009-07-17Gold Coast Roller Derby
Ejit-N-Die1132011-05-11Bisman Bombshellz
Krazor1132011-03-05Fort Wayne Derby Girls
Lacerated1132009-05-29Hudson Valley Horrors
Lucious Gonzales1132011-05-16Republic of Korea Derby
Lux Breaker1132011-04-11Arizona Rollergirls
Mad Eye Milly1132011-10-12Saskatoon Roller Derby
Ms. Betty Luvsit1132007-08-29Savannah Derby Devils
Nemesistah!1132006-06-30TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Roll Fharris1132012-03-19London Rollergirls
Sally Sever1132011-11-14Arctic Roller Derby
Shorty Lockz1132012-02-10West Coast Derby Knockouts
Sprinterella1132011-09-30Bodo Roller Derby
Terra Doro1135/10/12W.A. Roller Derby
Vixenville1132010-06-10Rollergirls of Southern Indiana
Zorra Cabrona1132011-07-02Buenos Aires Roller Derby
Teryn Flesh113 Stiches2010-06-17Flathead Valley Roller Derby
Lil' Miss Beetlebomb11302011-04-02Reef City Roller Girls
Mimi Malicious11302010-01-11South Side Roller Derby
Hellbomb11322011-08-03Tupelo Honeys Roller Derby
Absinthe of Conscience11342011-02-25Billings Roller Derby
Audrey Hellborn11342007-10-19Toronto Roller Derby
Bloody Elle1134 Chicago Outfit
Bubblegum Ferocious11342009-11-23Chicago Riots Junior Roller Derby
CrucifiHer11342009-05-04Salt City Derby Girls
Des Demona11342006-08-04Cherry City Derby Girls
Drewraffe11342010-06-21Twin Cities Terrors
Fire Anne Brimstone11342008-09-24Naptown Roller Girls
Goody to Bruise11342010-06-16Hudson Valley Horrors
Joe Worst Nitemare11342010-05-07West Coast Derby Knockouts
Persnickety Jinx11342011-10-22Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Polly Annarchy11342012-03-21Assassination City Roller Derby
Siren Cutlip11342009-06-30TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Siren Nora11342010-12-15Tucson Roller Derby
Spaztastic11342011-08-29CoMo Derby Dames
Torya Anewone11342011-04-21Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
Union Jackie11342011-04-02Chicago Riots Junior Roller Derby
Vyolent GriMm11342010-02-26Mid Iowa Rollers
Madame Bumpsalot1134 on wheels2006-10-02Rose City Rollers
Beverly Eerie11382011-01-12Circle City Derby Girls
Cello Biafra11382010-06-17Enchanted Mountain Roller Derby
Darth Brawl11382009-10-15Renegade Rollergirls (CA)
Darth Maul'Her11382007-03-16Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Dawn Solo11382011-04-11Rat City Rollergirls
Dead Hooks11382011-08-11Angel City Derby Girls
Fun Size Pyscho11382011-10-19Macarthur Area Rolle Derby
Misfortune Cookie11382012-03-08Northshore Roller Derby
Obi-Wan Kenosebleed11382011-04-12Jersey Shore Roller Girls
R2-KillU11382011-10-18Quad City Junior Roller Derby
Rogue Leader11382012-02-04Gem City Rollergirls
Salacious T11382010-02-20Naptown Roller Girls
Shan Solo11382007-11-15West Kentucky Rockin Rollers
Shock Ti11382010-08-17Morgantown Roller Vixens
Tap That Asphalt11382008-10-15Lafayette Brawlin' Dolls
Uncle Jam11382012-02-14Zombie Rollergirls
Wookie Puss11382008-08-23North Star Roller Girls
YO!-duh11382011-10-15LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Dr. Spankenstein113v Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
Fran Deck-Her1142010-02-17Queen City Roller Girls
Jenna Tailya1142008-10-01TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Jiggsaw Jess1142009-07-27Denver Roller Dolls
Killing Zoe1142007-01-25Harbor Girls e.V.
Miss Sindependent1142011-09-12Free State Roller Derby
No Justice1142011-02-25Billings Roller Derby
Pixie-lated1142012-04-01Birmingham Blitz Dames
Professor Pain1142011-03-01Rodeo City Rollergirls
Sindanator1142010-01-25Rubber City Rollergirls
Switchblade Rosie1142007-06-18Oklahoma City Roller Derby
Ticking Tantrum1142011-10-19Mountain City Rollers
Wheel Rogers1142012-02-08OKC Wolf Pack
Mari McFierce11422009-07-07Blackwater Rollers
Shawnee Rotten11422006-05-01AZ Derby Dames
Ivana Embalmya11442007-03-24Redding Rollergirls
Scrappy Mae11442010-06-06North Coast Roller Derby
Aly-Kate Contusions11482010-08-26Killamazoo Derby Darlins
Alice Sin Thunderslam1152009-09-25Pile O'Bones Derby Club
CeCe Psyko1152010-08-24Coastal Plains Derby Dames
Champ Pain1152008-04-08Kitsap Derby Brats
Club-Her Lang1152011-07-15Jersey Shore Roller Girls
Daisy Ann Deranged1152011-05-16Whidbey Island Roller Girls
Honey B. Vicious1152010-11-12Emerald Coast Roller Derby
Hot Wheels Houlihan1152007-07-27TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Juris Prudence1152011-05-08Fargo Moorhead Derby Girls
Kanuckles1152012-02-29Prison City Derby Dames
Malice in Rollerland1152010-07-26Bradentucky Bombers
Mysteria1152011-07-07Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
Shove'Me Betty1152010-09-27Liverpool Roller Birds
Skullery Wench1152011-08-23Redding Roller Girls
Sly Foxx1152011-10-15LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Morgana Le Fray11552011-10-16Marietta Derby Darlins
Bettie Bangs115502011-03-10Long Beach Roller Derby
Janie Madrox115752009-06-29Thunder Bay Roller Derby
Whore Gasm11592011-01-02Umpqua Valley Roller Vixens
Fury Godmother1159pm2010-12-29Gainesville Roller Rebels
Areal Nighmare1162010-07-26Bradentucky Bombers
Bonecrusher1162006-12-15Bakersfield Rollergirls
Crafty Wrought Iron1162011-01-06Bellingham Roller Betties
Demanda Slammin1162011-10-31VAN DIEMEN ROLLERS
Destroying Miss Daisy1162011-03-30High City Derby Divas
JuWanna Ice Pack1162012-01-02Bay State Brawlers
Miso Bad1162012-04-2710th Mountain Roller Dolls
Miss A. Rae1162011-10-20West Texas Roller Dollz
Molly Musket1162011-01-21Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
Queen Bee Otch1162012-06-07Olympia Underground Derby
Sassy Lil Sweettart1162011-03-27Spoon River Speed Demons
Shirley Hurtin'1162010-10-29Roc City Roller Derby
Smart Cookie1162010-10-30Wilkes Barre Roller Radicals
Tantrum1162010-09-08Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby
Tara Ism1162008-05-20Syndicate Roller Girls
Jenghis Khan11622006-03-07TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Scourge of Quad11622012-04-02Perth Roller Derby
Ace Defective11672012-02-13Albany All Stars
Cheeky Vimto1172011-09-18Bedfordshire Rollergirls
Chop Chop1172009-11-01Sun State Roller Girls
Curry Plowd'Her1172008-11-01Central New York Roller Derby
Deadly Double D1172012-01-14South Simcoe Rebel Rollers
Hyper Crush1175/12/12Jr. Jacksonville Rollergirls
Lil' Red Collidinghood1172011-08-14Northern Brisbane Rollers
Love Hurts1172011-05-04Glasgow Roller Girls
Mary Lou Wretched1172010-01-14Kansas City Roller Warriors
Mimi Sha'Boom1172010-07-26Bradentucky Bombers
Poppy Fresh1172012-03-14Red River Roller Derby
Punkie Jukester1172009-02-16San Antonio Roller Derby
Sandy Hook-Her1172007-06-13Jersey Shore Roller Girls
Scream Roller1172011-03-01Kingsford Krush
Spartana1175/16/12Devil Dog Derby Dames
Splat Cat1172011-05-08Fargo Moorhead Derby Girls
Upsy Crazy1172011-07-28South Okanagan Roller Derby Association
Vicious MexiLicious1172012-06-15Thunder City Derby Sirens
Epic Fail Her11702012-02-09Fabulous Sin City Roller Girls
Anita Greencard11742009-03-05Renegade Rollergirls (CA)
Sylvia SqWheeler11742011-03-12Ottawa Roller Derby
Bullet Proof11752008-04-29Denver Roller Dolls
Bitch Amen11762011-09-01Chinook City Roller Derby
Smack N Dawall11772012-02-08Adelaide Roller Derby
Alice Verboten1182011-03-28Eves of Destruction Roller Derby
Bobby Smacks1182008-04-04Harbor City RollerDames
Demonica Lewinsky1182007-05-15DC Rollergirls
Evo Huntress1182010-11-29Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
French Curve1182010-07-26Bradentucky Bombers
Helga G. Pa-SMACK-i1182010-03-23Atlanta Rollergirls
Naz T. Bitch1182011-02-14Dorset Rollergirls
Sacred Harlot1182007-11-14MO-KAN Roller Girlz
Slambi Dextrous1182010-11-28Northern Brisbane Rollers
Smother Instinct1182012-03-03Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
Carr Wreck11802007-06-03Rage City Rollergirls
Khole Koncussion11802011-04-30Dutchland Rollers
Tara Dikov11805/3/12NorCal Rollergirls
Crazed and Confused11872010-09-21Hurricane Alley Roller Derby
Carm Elizher11882010-04-19Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Frillz & Spillz11882011-11-07Coastal Assassins Roller Derby
Brutal Bombshell118A2012-01-16Powder River Rousta 'Bout It Betties
JonBenet Slamsey118k2007-10-19Mad Rollin' Dolls
Adamantium1192012-04-30B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Adkins Riot (The)1192011-03-05Fort Wayne Derby Girls
Flat Nasty1192010-10-18Springfield Rollergirls
Flip-C1192010-03-13Route 66 Roller Derby
Frenzy Lohan-Slim119 Charm City Roller Girls
Hausa Pain1192006-04-28Windy City Rollers
Kelljoy1192009-06-23South Florida Rollergirls
Lil' Miss Tough Stuff1192011-07-15Jersey Shore Roller Girls
Osaka Punch!1192007-01-28The Fanny Pack
Saboteur1192010-11-23Copenhagen Roller Derby
Sam E. Savage1192011-10-12Forest City Derby Girls
Sass N' Bash1192008-10-21Jacksonville Roller Girls
Scarlett McCabre1192010-01-24Central City Rollergirls
Sheriff of Naughtyslams (The)11912011-09-20Varsity Derby
Whyterose11932012-03-09Omaha Rollergirls
Rev Limiter11982011-11-16Tyne and Fear Roller Derby
Angel a Mercy11:112011-01-03Traverse City Roller Derby
Anya the Bunny Slayer11:112007-05-27Humboldt Roller Derby
Apple Rumble11:112012-04-01East Vic Roller Derby
Batting Lashes11:112011-09-07Northampton Shoetown Slayers
D-Pain11:112011-09-28Thunder City Derby Sirens
D. Enforcer11:112007-04-30Sonoma County Roller Derby
Deja Deja Vu11:112011-02-18AZ Derby Dames
Doris D-Day Pickle11:112012-02-17Salina Sirens Roller Derby
Dude a-Rides (The)11:112010-04-27Salt Spring Island Rollergirls
Feral Maril11:112010-07-15Royal City Rollergirls
Foster the Grudge11:112012-03-01TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Freakenstein11:112008-11-07Nashville Rollergirls
Frumpy Scrumptious11:112011-04-13Dodge City Rollers
Full Klutch Nelson11:112010-10-18A'Salt Creek Roller Girls
Green Megs & Slam11:112011-10-05Sintral Florida Derby Demons
Grimm RipHer11:112012-03-27Flathead Valley Roller Derby
Jenni Rubskin11:112011-10-02Arizona Rollergirls
Karmaz Kuminforya11:112011-09-20Lambton County Derby
Knockers Senseless11:112010-09-10New Hampshire Roller Derby
Knut Kracker11:112009-02-17Preston Roller Girls
Le butcherette11:112011-07-03E-Ville Roller Derby
Lezzie Arnaz11:112011-01-01Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Lil' Red Ridemgood11:112009-12-13Garden Island Renegade Rollerz
Manda Tori Chaos11:112010-08-18Crown City Rollerz
Miss E. Cussalot11:112010-07-09Paradise Roller Girls
Miss-Siah11:112011-07-21Murder City Roller Girls
Miss.Pincushion11:112011-09-30Highland Roller Girls
Molotov Mike11:112010-07-14Victorian Roller Derby
Mya Mangleyou11:112009-12-31Boston Derby Dames
NightShade11:112012-03-17Desert Dolls Roller Derby
Pimpstress Jasmine11:112009-08-24Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Rainbow Bite11:112006-09-07North Star Roller Girls
Raised By Wolves11:112011-01-18Molly Roger Rollergirls
Scrape Myrtle11:112009-12-16Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Slaughtermelon11:112007-04-18Texas Rollergirls
Suenami Slayer11:112011-04-05Royal City Rollergirls
TramaKazie Red11:115-22-12Reading Derby Girls
Trish of Death11:112008-06-05Capital City Roller Girls
Xeppity Doo Dah11:112011-02-28Central Oregon Coast Roller Derby
Shutter Punch11:11:002011-09-14Limerick Roller Girls
Ruthless Prophet11:292008-05-07Disaster City Roller Girls
Hurricane Huckaby11:402009-05-27NOtown Roller Derby
Neva Soba11:50 am2007-11-14Paper Valley Roller Girls
Scream Winchester11:582010-11-25Kent Roller Girls
Slink'N'Park11:582011-02-04Haunted City Rollers
Payne N. Uranus11:592010-09-14Kallio Rolling Rainbow
RusHerella11:592009-03-21Fargo Moorhead Derby Girls
Smash Craft11:59 Memphis Roller Derby
Bleedin' Gums Murphy11D92008-03-07Garden State Rollergirls
Fista Krusher11G62012-01-30Hammer City Roller Gilrs
Hi Frequencey11Hz2011-08-03Tupelo Honeys Roller Derby
Czechs Mix11Pvz2011-10-12Dominion Derby Girls
Zed .Z. Sputnik11T22010-02-10London Rockin Rollers
Shock Kira11_12008-12-22Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Kiki Dee-struction11b2011-09-18Mid Wales Roller Derby
Smashtastic11d72011-01-21Des Moines Derby Dames
La'la-Bruise-her11ko2010-02-28Acadiana Good Times Rollers
Evilplans11t2012-01-26Treasure Valley Rollergirls
Hurl Madgesty11t2012-03-19Black Mamba Junior Derby
Jersey Jinx11t72011-08-18Middle Georgia Derby Demons
Dixie Bandit11teen2009-08-28Central Coast Roller Derby
Gypsy Road Rash11teen2011-03-02Mountain Derby Girls
Smacktacular11th Gen2011-05-10Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Ms. Maggotbone11ty2011-08-31Tall City Roller Betties
Sin on Wheelz11ty billion2006-10-30Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
A. Handful122010-10-04709 Derby Girls
AbraSHELdabra122011-02-25Billings Roller Derby
Adora-Bull122011-12-11Columbia QuadSquad Minis
Aine Ass122007-08-02Black-n-Bluegrass Rollergirls
Ali Von Damage122011-01-21Oxford Roller Derby
Anna Din122011-10-16Valleys Roller Dolls
Anya Knees12 Mad Rollin' Dolls
B-rock122010-03-07Wicked Wahine Derby Association
Baby Giraffe122012-02-06North Texas Derby Revolution
Backroad Barbie122011-01-09South Central Roller Girls
Bambitch122011-02-22Roller Derby Toulouse
Barrellyn Gunhoe122008-07-16Geelong Roller Derby League
Bashin Blondie125/4/12Zoo City Rollers
Bazooka Salt122011-04-21London Rollergirl_s Rec League
Beer Necessities122012-03-22Orange County Roller Girls
Benforcer (The)122011-07-13Westside Derby Dollz
Beryl Belligerent122011-07-14Tri-Valley Roller Girls
Berzerker12 Victorian Roller Derby
Bettie B. Goode122011-02-13Rebel County Rollers
Bettie Rage12 Texas Rollergirls
Betty Bones122008-01-15LOCO Roller Derby
Betty D. Reaper122011-07-08Oslo Roller Derby
Betty Ford Galaxy12 Rat City Rollergirls
Black Belt Barbie122010-05-12Northern Brisbane Rollers
Blazing Belle122012-01-10Furness Firecrackers
Blondie Clocks122010-06-27Orange County Roller Girls
Bobbie McBleed122011-03-05Fort Wayne Derby Girls
Bones Patrol122008-04-29Denver Roller Dolls
Boo gHURL122007-07-24Richland County Regulators
Boots Von Kapow122011-05-17Resurrection Roller Girls
Brawlita Haze122011-01-05Burn City Rollers
Braxton Kicks122010-01-24Richter City Roller Derby
Breeze Block122011-10-27Haunted city Rollers
Bridezilla122010-09-17Reef City Roller Girls
Brie Ban'Dcamp12 Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Broad Daylight122009-07-05Providence Roller Derby
Bruise Wheelies122012-01-25rocKArollers
Bruzin Brody122011-02-22Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Bubble of Mass Destruction122012-03-16Cowboy Capital Rollergirls
Buckie Rebel122006-08-04Jacksonville Roller Girls
Burly Sue122008-10-20North Idaho Roller Derby
Chassis Crass122010-04-05Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Cheat-Seeking Whistile122010-06-02Dublin Roller Girls
China Cat Sunflower122010-09-09Tall City Roller Betties
Clever Derby Name122011-11-23HARBOR CITY ROLLER DAMES
Cookie Snatcher122011-06-24Happy Valley Derby Darlins
Crazy Tool122011-07-02Thunder City Derby Sirens
Crispy Suzy122011-05-09One Love Roller Dolls
Crme Brisee122010-02-15Duke City Derby (Taos)
Curl Up & Dye122012-04-04A-Town Roller Girlz
Cyrstal Crash122011-10-11Athens Ohio Roller Derby
Czech 1 2122010-01-14Oklahoma Victory Dolls
Czech Ya Head122012-03-09Omaha Rollergirls
Danger Ranger122011-07-28Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby
Darlin' Macfarlane122012-04-16Revelstoke Roller Derby Association
Dave Atonement122011-03-07Race City Rebels Roller Derby
Dawn U Go122009-08-28Santa Maria Roller Girls
Deadly Pace122006-03-01Sintral Florida Derby Demons
Destructo Kitty122007-04-04Arizona Roller Derby
Dizzy Ruptive122011-03-03Haunted City Rollers
Dodge AWOL122008-08-22Jersey Shore Roller Girls
Dolores Blaze122010-02-15Western Sydney Rollers
Doom Raider122011-03-28Nottingham Roller Girls
Dotty De'struction122010-11-23Cardiff Roller Collective
Dougie Fresh122012-01-28Darkside Derby
Duchess VonBrusin122007-12-08Star City Rollergirls
Elle Izzo122007-10-19Southwest Missouri Roller Girls
Elmyra Tuff122010-07-11South Bend Roller Girls
Enya Ass122012-04-23The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Erin-Soc-a-Bitch122010-09-29NV East Roller Girls
FEARLYS12 Texas Rollergirls
Fey Tallistic122011-08-12Granite City Roller Girls
Fifi Le Fury122008-12-09TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Filipino Meano122012-04-02Florence's Cirque Du Pain
Floral Derangement122009-02-04Boston Derby Dames
Foxy Firebird122012-04-01West Kentucky Rockin Rollers
Foxy Fistfight122012-06-13Gothenburg Roller Derby
Freaka Kahlo122012-03-26Alberni Valley Roller Girls
Freaki Kiki122011-10-31Dorset Roller Girls
Genghis Blonde12 B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Girlie Bash'em122011-01-23Mississippi Valley Mayhem
Glora Fire122011-06-02Dark River Derby Coalition
Goddess of Smash122011-04-24TBD (delete 9/27/13)
Goldie Brawn122009-12-03Undead Bettys
Gritty Britty122011-02-17Tri City Roller Girls
Grizzler of Azkaban (The)122010-07-16TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Grrr Lesque122008-10-29Tri-County Rolling Militia
GrumpyCrump122011-05-27Parliament of Pain
GryffinGore122010-04-28Resurrection Roller Girls
Hacksaw122011-03-27Devil Dog Derby Dames
HardKor Girlie122012-04-18Niagara Roller Girls
Haulin Ass Hoagie125-17-12Barry County Black Heart Maidens
Heartless Evermean122012-04-22Palmetto State Rollergirls
Hedda Flame122012-01-06Bangor Roller Derby
Hell McFearsum122007-07-27Gold Coast Roller Derby
Hellatrix Lestrange122011-08-04Twin City Derby Girls
Hermione Danger122006-08-08Windy City Rollers
Hot Cross Bunny122011-07-30Van Dieman Rollers
Hot Wheelz Whipper122012-02-21Corpus Chrisite Maiden Texas Derby
HotXguns122011-03-12Adelaide Roller Derby
Hunny B Strings122011-05-09TBD (delete 8/29/13)
Husband Beater122011-08-05Vero Beach Rollergirls
I am AssCracker122011-08-25Crime City Rollers
I. L. Kuttabetch122009-12-19The Fanny Pack
Ichi Ni C122011-08-10Tokyo Roller Girls
Ida Rollbouncski122011-09-07Central California Area Derby
ImA Sinner122009-03-17Molly Roger Rollergirls
Ivana Schoop122011-05-08Chicago Outfit
Ivanna Black I122011-04-07Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz
Jackie Fox122010-12-29El Paso Roller Derby
Jaimie Lyn The Hell-Yan122011-10-08Peterborough Roller Derby League
Jennacologist12 B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Jo Me Whatcha Got122011-11-10Flint Hills Fury
Jukes122012-02-27London Rockin Rollers
K-reine122012-03-14Roller Derby Quebec
Kaotic Rampage122012-03-23Cajun Rollergirls
Karmen Getya122009-05-19Geelong Roller Derby League
Kat Strator122012-04-02Stockholm Roller Derby
Katana122011-03-30Barcelona Derby Dolls
Katherine Manslaughter122011-08-31Otautahi Roller Derby League
Katherine Zeta Bones122010-10-12Albany All Stars Roller Derby
Katniss Everspeed122012-02-04E-Ville Roller Derby
KicKassedy122009-02-09Rose City Rollers
Kill Kenny122011-02-01South West Sydney Rockets
Kim D'Kay122007-10-23Mason Dixon Roller Vixens
Kimokarzy122011-12-05Towns Villains Roller Derby
Kitty Liquorbottom122008-01-07Ohio Roller Girls
Knee-Hi Nightmare122011-02-17Inland Empire Derby Divas
Krack 'the Whip122011-03-01Kingsford Krush
KungFu Pamda122012-04-28Sauk Valley Sirens
Lady Glycerin122011-03-09Chocolate City Cherry Bombers
Lady Severin'122012-03-26Mean Valley Roller Girls
Last Jammurai (The)122008-01-08Treasure Valley Rollergirls
Lexistential Crisis122009-11-04Chicago Outfit
Lil Faith122011-02-18Bakersfield Junior Roller Derby
Lil' Bighouse122012-04-30Methow Valley Roller Girls
Lilly Lips122009-08-24Garden State Rollergirls
Lily N'Raged122007-08-08Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Little Bit Wicked122010-12-08Tragic City Rollers
Little Nicky122010-04-21Central City Rollergirls
Lola Slaughter'er122011-04-28Imposters Rollergirls
Lottie B. Bad122011-07-17Gothenburg Roller Derby
Loudmouth Sass122011-09-06Heart of Appalachia Roller Derby
Lulu Laserstorm122010-06-28Bemidji Babe City Rollers
MISS ROCK'N'FIRE122012-01-16B.M.O. Roller Derby Girls
Mac Attack122006-12-01Central Coast Roller Derby
Mad Eira125-17-12Kouvola Rock n Rollers
Magnum Maggie122010-11-10Capital City Rollers
Major Penalty122008-09-17Sydney Roller Derby League
Mandy Warhaul122011-08-28Voodoo Derby Dollz Roller Derby Association
Maul Flanders122010-09-05Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Mayhem A'Salts 12122011-10-25Darlings of Destruction
Mean Green Momma122011-01-23Utica Rollergirls
Medieval knieval122011-10-06Trinity Roller Derby
Merry X Miss122009-06-19Spindletop Rollergirls
Midnight Toker122009-11-28Sac City Rollers
Mighty Quinn122011-08-25Alberni Valley Roller Girls
Milkskates122008-02-14Tri City Roller Girls
Minion of Destruction122009-09-25Pile O'Bones Derby Club
Minxie Mayhem122011-03-18Bristol Roller Derby
Mischief Maker122009-12-16Magnolia Roller Vixens
Miss Dee Envy122010-07-18V-Town Derby Dames
Miss Dismember12 Rat City Rollergirls
Miss Yitadee122012-01-11OneWorld Roller Derby
Mon * Bash122012-01-01K-Town Derby Dolls
Ms. Blissfit122011-05-18Mississippi Rollergirls
Mudslinger122011-04-28Enchanted Mountain Roller Derby
Nelemination122011-06-24Graveyard Queens Cologne
Ness-T122008-12-14South Texas Rolleristas
Njoy Npain122010-08-14North East Roller Derby
Noam Bombsky122010-11-22Gainesville Roller Rebels
Nooner122010-11-13Seacoast Roller Pixies
Nothing Sweet About Bees122011-07-03Royal Windsor Roller Girls
Ovarian Cyster122009-07-15Philly Rollergirls
Painkiller Jane122011-09-15South Simcoe Rebel Rollers
Pandora Rox *****122009-04-11Hell City Rollergirls
Peaches & Poison122009-08-25Cherry City Derby Girls
Pervy Harvin122011-01-02Rock City Riot
Pink Noise122011-05-11Eastside Rock'nRollers
Priss Pot122012-02-04New River Valley Rollergirls
Punch-Her Patti122010-11-13Kamloops Roller Derby Association
Queen of Heartless122012-04-01Birmingham Blitz Dames
Quiche MeDeadly122011-08-25Chippewa Valley Roller Girls
Rae-Cing Havoc122010-08-07Jet City Rollergirls
Ratchet Roo122011-10-07Vendetta Vixens
RedDead Delahaye122010-10-18Lahti Roller Derby
Redhot Bitchslap122011-10-18Lule Roller Derby
Redneck WreckHer122010-08-18Crown City Rollerz
Riz-Vicious122009-07-20Rubber City Rollergirls
Rosalind Shanklin122010-08-06North Star Roller Girls
Rose Ruin122007-11-21Sun State Roller Girls
Rowdy Ra Rah122011-08-25Southland Slashers Roller Derby League
Rox Da Choniez122010-12-03Route 66 Derby Chix
Roxy Rouxlette122010-08-19Gulf Coast Rollergirls
Ruby Wreckage122011-03-31CCDD
Salty Manapua122011-08-29Paradise Roller Girls
San Choy Pow122009-11-24Van Diemen Rollers
Sand Hein Wreck122010-04-16Stl Gatekeepers Roller Derby
Serenity Slayer122007-12-14Pacific Roller Derby
Shay-Bay12 Big Easy Rollergirls
Shaynawhite Jawbreaker122010-05-04Crime City Rollers
Sierra Saw'd-off122010-05-02Lansing Derby Vixens
Silly Fox122012-03-24Ottawa Roller Derby
Sister Mary Hate122011-07-28NorCal Rollergirls
Skaten Baken122011-07-02Pueblo Devil Dollz
Skates with Scissors122010-12-16Rocky Mountain Rollerpunks
Slaymate of the Year122008-09-08Roc City Roller Derby
Slug Bug122008-10-23Mid Michigan Derby Girls
Smashley Juggs122011-10-10Snake Pit Derby Dames
Snow Mercy122011-11-27Brighton Rockers Roller Derby
Southside Slammer122011-01-02OKC Outlaws Roller Derby
Spannasaurus Rex122011-07-07Orange Roller Derby League
SpinZerElla122012-01-01Downriver Roller Dollz
Squee J122011-07-21Iron Mountain Roller Girls
Squirt Juice122012-01-24Nickel City Roller Derby
Sweet Havoc122011-12-16Dakota City Demolition Crew
Sweet Tee-Pain122010-08-11Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Swelsh122011-03-01Chesapeake Roller Derby
Tay-Dizzle125-30-12Battle Creek Damzel Dollz Jr Roller Derby
Teacher A. Lesson122007-02-23Philly Rollergirls
Temple of Doom122011-03-21Leeds Roller Dolls
Tessie Rex122012-03-12Vasteras Rollerderby
ThoroughBled122008-03-14Charm City Roller Girls
Thrashcart122010-11-29San Angelo Soul Sisters
Tiny Tyson122007-03-21TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Torch Her122007-01-23Green Country Roller Girls
Toxic Butterfly122007-06-22Southwest Missouri Roller Girls
Tramp-O-Lien122011-04-14Gent GO-GO Roller Girls
Trick Hip122011-01-02Umpqua Valley Roller Vixens
Trixxxie's Trash'n EM122006-10-20Jet City Rollergirls
Twelve Gage122007-05-30Rage City Rollergirls
Tyrannosaurus Bets122010-07-11South Bend Roller Girls
UBFawl'n122011-04-19Buff City Brawlers
V. vaVicious122011-01-05Tournament City Derby
Vampir Ella Bites122010-05-19Randall County Roller Dames
Varla Gunz122012-04-04Providence Roller Derby
Velawesomeraptor122008-09-09Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
Vixen 2 Rock122008-01-18ICT Roller Girls
Volcanic Audacity122012-02-22Wicked Island Roller Derby
Wallop N Vomit122011-11-11Blue Mountains Roller Derby
Whippity Split122010-05-31ManchVegas Rollergirls
Wicked Stella122007-04-04Providence Roller Derby
ZZ Top Heavy122010-07-15Jerzey Derby Brigade
Donna Diggler12 1/22008-02-22Angel City Derby Girls
RavinBubbles12 282010-02-11Glass City Rollers
Cheeky Cherry12 Bft2011-04-28Bembel Town Rollergirls
Leggs Over Easy12 Dozen2009-08-25Cherry City Derby Girls
Anthrax Annie12 Gauge2010-12-03Naughty Pines Derby Dames
Carmen Getsome12 Gauge2006-07-18Rat City Rollergirls
Pistol Grip Pumpkin12 Gauge2010-05-27Long Beach Roller Derby
Semi Ari-Matic12 Gauge2008-06-02Kitsap Derby Brats
Double-Barrel Bambie12 Guage2006-03-04Cape Fear Roller Girls
Super Collider12 Monkeys2009-12-16Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Sapphic Slammer12 Pack2011-11-28Lethbridge Roller Derby Guild
Ring Ya Bella12 Rounds2009-11-17New Hampshire Roller Derby
Rehabbey12 Steps2010-09-26Greenville Derby Dames
Lilly Lightning12 Volts2008-03-28Seattle Derby Brats
Whiskey Wheels12 Year2007-12-05Tahoe Derby Dames
Lady Gwen A Fear12 c.2010-04-02Angel City Derby Girls
Screaming Soda12 fl oz2010-06-07Bay Rollers
DD Hunter12 gauge2007-11-11Rockford Rage
Mossy Choak12 gauge Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Rowdy Redneck, The12 gauge2006-11-26TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Sally Sawed Off12 gauge2007-01-21Okanagan Roller Derby Girls
Slugs Bunny12 gauge2007-03-06Nashville Junior Roller Derby
Sproutin A Tail12 inches2009-10-14Mad Rollin' Dolls
Vitamin V12 inches2008-04-05Dockyard Derby Dames
Calendar Grrl12 months2011-03-19Circle City Derby Girls
Mary Pop'ems12 months2010-07-16Mitten Mavens
Double Trouble12 noon2010-03-23Classic City Rollergirls
Fruit Brute12 oz2011-02-28Rock Coast Rollers
Star TaFight12 oz2011-01-12Aurora 88s
Ivanna Beer12 oz.2011-02-20Arizona Rollergirls
Jager Schatz12 oz.2011-01-21Missile Mountain Roller Derby
RC Chola12 oz.2010-05-27Long Beach Roller Derby
Wing A Ding12 pc.2010-11-05DC Rollergirls
Slammer Puss12 rounds2009-08-25Central Mass Roller Derby
Betty ClockHer12 servings2009-02-12Demolition City Roller Derby
Wallop of Daisy12 servings2009-01-13Rollergirls of Southern Indiana
Rehabigail12 steo2009-10-17Assassination City Roller Derby
Borracha-cha12 steps2010-05-19Central Arkansas Roller Derby
Mike-A-Holic12 steps2010-03-29New York Shock Exchange
Not Guilty12 to 02009-07-28Golden State Rollergirls
Smacca12!5-23-12Bethel Derby Divas
Dick Joke12"2011-06-30"Quadfathers, The
Dill Dozer12"2008-12-21Lonestar Rollergirls
Knocksberry Harm12" to ride2009-09-08LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Pickle Joose12%2011-06-10Greensboro Roller Derby
Lake Effect12' drifts2011-02-09Peninsula Roller Girls
Rusty Kuntz12(b)(6)2008-05-21Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
LeVar Hurt'em12-122012-03-26Greensboro Roller Derby
Cougar Fanny12-GA2010-06-27Dodge City Rollers
Tanya B Hind12.22010-02-10London Rockin Rollers
Princess Paralyzher12.282008-07-13Star City Rollergirls
Little Itch12.52010-02-05ManchVegas Rollergirls
Madea Damage12.52011-01-21Floral City Roller Girls
Dwight Lightnin12.852009-11-30Phoenix Rattleskates/Dry Heat Rattleskates
Purple kittie12.92010-01-16Sac City Rollers
Kat Bash Beaver12/142011-01-31Soul City Sirens
Snow White The Fuck12/72012-02-07Brussels Derby Pixies
Barbie U H81202011-04-14Cherry City Derby Girls
Beautiful Dirty Rich1202011-09-23Maui Roller Girls
Bloodshed Bonnie1202007-04-09Dixie Derby Girls
Doll Vuis1205-25-12Mother City Mayhem Roller Derby
Dolly Popham1202010-06-07Cherry City Derby Girls
Energy Angel1202012-04-24Atomic Cupcakes Junior Roller derby
Holga Von Lomo1202009-03-09Adelaide Roller Derby
J1 Abrams (JABS)1202009-01-28Chicago Outfit
Markie D. Sod120 LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Rabid Rae Rae1202010-02-01Central Oklahoma Roller Derby Assoc.
Skatin's Reject1202011-11-23Resurrection Roller Girls
Steele Wench1202012-03-19Belfast Roller Derby
Supa Sixpack1202011-09-16Rose City Rollers
Vixen Price1202010-06-17Flathead Valley Roller Derby
Kim'N Tonic120 Proof2009-07-07TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Elsie D. Poundsystem120 bpm2010-02-15Randall County Roller Dames
Dsz Ruptive Thunder120 decibels2011-04-28One World Roller Derby
Helligator120 megatons2010-12-01Ladies of Hell Town
Absolut Khaos120 proof2011-01-29Assassination City Roller Derby
Hot Pocket120 sec2011-10-14Oakland Derby Diamonds
JennaRaider120 volts2006-08-22Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Euni Psycho12002011-03-27Spoon River Speed Demons
Mace Hindu12002011-01-03Traverse City Roller Derby
Rosie Rampage12002009-01-19Sacred City Derby Girls
Tifa Blockhart12002010-09-10Tiger Bay Brawlers
Nitro Nico1200 cc's2011-02-20Arizona Rollergirls
Harley VonCarnage1200cc2011-11-07Dallas Derby Devils
Wheelie Tuff1200cc2010-05-24Dragon City Derby Dolls
Axlegrinder McQueen12032011-08-02Central City Rollergirls
Volatile Vixen12032011-01-17Corpus Christie Maiden Texas Derby
Dana Bebitched12042011-04-05Sugar Loathe Derby Girls
Peg Thru UR Heart12042011-03-15Wilkes Barre Roller Radicals
Brat Worst12052012-04-20London Rollergirls Recreational League
May B. Lethal12052010-08-07Forest City Derby Girls
Renny Rumble12052011-03-24Renegade Derby Dames
Genghis Carnage12062011-05-04London Rockin Rollers
Genghis Connie12062008-01-14Assassination City Roller Derby
Lil Mo Reap12082011-11-12Inland Empire Derby Divas
WreckLIZ Cherry12082010-12-08San Diego Roller Derby
Badass Maggie12092011-02-07Killamazoo Derby Darlins
Doity Die12092012-02-04Gem City Rollergirls
Her Meechness12092008-03-10Rat City Rollergirls
Kell'd on Impact120mph2011-04-01Roc City Roller Derby
Goreville Shredenbacher120sec2011-10-05Angel City Derby Girls
1st Degree Marie1212006-10-16Cape Fear Roller Girls
B'Wrecka1212011-10-20Coffs Coast Derby
Bitch Cassidy1212009-03-09Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Blockkit Bardot1212011-08-05TBD (delete 8/29/13)
Blue Spark1212011-02-10Convict City Roller Derby
Boston Betty1212011-03-08A'Salt Creek Roller Girls
Con-artist1212008-07-03Upstate Roller Girl Evolution
Elektra Fly1212011-06-16San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Hanky Spanky1212010-12-02DC Rollergirls
Juno MacTuff1212011-01-19TBD (delete 6/12/13)
LEGO-BEAST1212011-11-10London Rollergirls
Liisa Saari1212009-05-11Helsinki Roller Derby
Lixxie Stixx1212007-12-17Garden State Rollergirls
Lucky Luciano121 Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Malice McFly1212011-11-03Roller Derby Quebec
Moscow Cruel1212010-12-20Portsmouth Roller Wenches
Rachel Tension1212010-02-01Fort Wayne Derby Girls
RedRum Rebel1212010-02-16Winnipeg Roller Derby
Rude D. Tootoot1212011-12-31MTL Roller Derby
Siren SlayerCa'Roll'ina1212012-02-29Roller Derby Hannover
Skatebreed1212008-03-07Connecticut Death Quads
Storm'n'fury1212011-02-11NJ Hellrazors
Witch Hazell1212011-09-06Royal Windsor Rollergirls
Zallie Rumble1212012-03-14Di-Dollz Roller Derby
Donna Blitzen121 Gigawatts2011-10-16Marietta Derby Darlins
Booty BasHer12105/3/12NorCal Rollergirls
Ella Whirled12102012-04-05Charlottesville Derby Dames
SHEERHELL12102007-07-23Hammer City Roller Girls
Prime Suspect12112011-08-29Paradise Roller Girls
Sassy SmearYerFace12112011-06-10Bayou Outlaw Roller Girls
Aerial Strike12122007-04-14Emerald City Roller Girls
Amanda Spank12125/1/12Paper Valley Roller Girls
Delmar the Disruptive12122011-01-21Girls Rollin in the South (GRITS)
Dolly Whip12122011-03-08Central City Rollergirls
Knockers U Out12122010-07-18V-Town Derby Dames
Liv N Fear12122010-09-10New Hampshire Roller Derby
Lola Whip12122011-04-19Central City Rollergirls
Madness Evermean12122012-03-08Heart of Appalachia Roller Derby
Point Setta12122011-11-12Salisbury Rollergirls
Skatespeare12122010-04-09Geelong Roller Derby League
Bonnie Irate12132012-03-02Crescent City Derby Devils
BrewsMaster12132012-01-06Crown City Rollerz
Knockingjay12132012-03-06Mad Wreckin' Dolls
Cha Cha Wheels12142007-03-11Queen City Roller Girls
Chick Liddell12142011-05-20Sumter Fly Girls
Tricks E. Kitty12142012-01-19Mid-State Sisters of Skate
Infinite Jam12152011-01-18TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Mindy Malicious12162010-02-28Acadiana Good Times Rollers
Suzi SlamAhoe12165/15/12Lake City Roller Dolls
Tre Booshay12162010-03-23Classic City Rollergirls
Shawanna Fightme12172010-09-29Iron Mountain Roller Girls
Hillbilly Hellcat12182006-07-01Dutchland Rollers
Sam Antixxx121802009-04-18Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
Hannahbal DeckedHer1222011-04-07Big Bucks High Rollers
Kassi Nova1222006-06-25Arizona Rollergirls
Poison Envy1222011-08-23Redding Roller Girls
Red Ranger1222009-06-02Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Riley Coyote1222007-01-19Windy City Rollers
Tequila Black Eyes1222009-10-29Western NJ Outlaws
Tortuga N. Fuego1222011-10-02San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Toyko Rose1222012-03-06Mad Wreckin' Dolls
Elle Indio122¡2012-06-11Suburbia Roller Derby
Mazie'n Bruise12202011-10-22Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Boney M12212011-04-12Salt Spring Island Roller Derby
Punk N. Da Trunk12212007-04-15San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Rev Your Injun12212012-01-20Alamo City Rollergirls
Ring D. Belle12212012-03-09Omaha Rollergirls
Shrimp Trampi1221 Mad Rollin' Dolls
Torque & Mindy1221 T2011-11-20Des Moines Derby Dames
Baks Treat12242011-11-13Calgary Roller Derby Association
Pushy Willow12242010-12-31Garden State Rollergirls
A Piece of Merry12252011-10-12Central Michigan Roller Derby
D'Ranged Kill Billy12252011-03-25Oz Roller Girls
Killeen T-Bones12252009-11-17New Hampshire Roller Derby
Worst Noel (The)12252012-03-26Greensboro Roller Derby
Gem Genosyde12262011-06-16Jacksonville Roller Girls
Harlow Whip Lass12262012-04-08Santa Cruz Derby Girls
Box Rocker12272008-02-07Hammer City Roller Girls
Carrie Finish-Her12272011-03-21Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Genghis K. Hunt12272011-05-06Memphis Roller Derby
Lego BlockHer12275/15/12Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Matron Malice12272011-01-28Kansas City Roller Warriors
Blocky Balboa12282011-04-22Crown City Rollerz
Lady of Blocksley12282008-03-05Harrisburg Area Roller Derby
Juicy J12292007-03-01Dallas Derby Devils
1080'sKaty1232011-09-20Varsity Derby
Ally Kazaam1232008-07-04Jet City Rollergirls
Amber Slam'er1232011-03-02Pirate City Rollers
Ass PincHer1232011-11-14Arctic Roller Derby
Cluster Duck1232011-06-04Long Beach Roller Derby
Cooney Cooco1232006-08-01Big Easy Rollergirls
Count deBumps1232012-02-08Adelaide Roller Derby
Crash Kill More1232011-08-07Ballarat Roller Derby
Dee Merits1232008-11-11Rockford Rage
Eville Ducky1232010-01-17Rollergirls of Southern Indiana
Flaming Gypsy1232012-03-26Cirque Du Pain
Freaky Streak1232012-04-16Halifax Roller Derby
Hidee Zoom1232012-01-18Bisman Bombshellz
Hurtin' Ernie1232007-10-14LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Jackie Ow1232011-09-01Dead Girl Roller Girls, Kansas City
Jaquee DaRipper1232011-05-05Cedar Rapids Rollergirls
Jessyka Ruption1232010-07-25Duke City Derby (Taos)
KCDC1232011-06-20Angel City Derby Girls
Lady Gotcha1232010-03-05Vette City Roller Derby
Liza Lil' Bit1232011-04-19Long Beach Roller Derby
Mack Smack Her1232010-11-17TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Mad Flasher (The)1232011-05-18Eerie Roller Girls
NatomicBomb1232011-02-01South West Sydney Rockets
POW-OW1232007-04-23Central Coast Roller Derby
PSI Chick1232012-04-28Ventura County Derby Darlins
Pain by Numbers1232011-03-18Bristol Roller Derby
Pinky the Insane1232010-12-27Omaha Rollergirls
Punk Ass1232010-08-01NOVA Roller Derby
Queen Amibrawla1232012-03-11North Texas Derby Revolution
Rumblin' Rogue1232011-08-07Ballarat Roller Derby
Sass Transit1232012-01-24Suburbia Roller Derby
Savory Snaps1232011-11-12Mean Valley Roller Girls
Sesame Street Fighter1232010-11-06Cape Girardeau Roller Girls
Smasha Hoe Dawn1232010-05-20Harbour City Rollers
Soph o'Clash1232012-03-19Dom City Dolls
Spazzberry1232012-02-04Gem City Rollergirls
Star Trouble123 Philly Rollergirls
T-Reckless1232011-03-28Eves of Destruction Roller Derby
Toby O'Bayd1232011-07-06Perth Roller Derby
Tonka1232010-09-08Black Diamond Roller Derby
Uno Dos Traci1232011-07-09Magic City Rollers
Warria Est'daBomb1232011-01-09No Coast Derby Girls
Lovie Dovie12312011-11-07Dallas Derby Devils
Allie B. Bashin'12322010-08-11Fog City Rollers
Bruise Clues12342010-06-06OKC Outlaws Roller Derby
C: Squared12342011-05-04Circle City Derby Girls
Crash City Rock-her12342011-03-24South Simcoe Rebel Rollers
Damsel Mass Occur12342012-04-13One World Roller Derby
Fury S. Fox12342011-03-10Twin State Derby
Lemmy Destroyer12342010-03-01Chicago Outfit
Lous ur pants12342011-10-08Peterborough Roller Derby League
Sarge Barge12342012-02-21Newcastle Roller Derby
Sesame Streetwalker12342010-12-11Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls
Stick Shift12342011-04-21Oklahoma Victory Dolls
Teacher 'F'ights12342011-07-01Orange County Roller Girls
Ziggy Pop12342007-11-15Suburbia Roller Derby
Christina Scrapplegate123452008-02-08River City Rollergirls
Flower Face Killah123452011-10-02San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Freddy Cruiser123452010-10-27Gladstone Roller Derby
Truffle Shuffle123452010-07-07Sandusky Rollergirls
Fibonacci Sequins12352011-06-30Peninsula Roller Girls
Dividen Konkher123572008-06-09Battle Born Derby Demons
MaDamage12362011-08-01W.A. Roller Derby
Grimm Reality12392011-10-11Athens Ohio Roller Derby
Teachy McKill123ABC2010-07-08Plattsburgh Roller Derby
Rum N. Choke123floor2007-02-24Dutchland Rollers
Blitz Cadaver1242012-04-20Outlaw Renegade Roller Girls Orange County
Eluceive1242012-01-12Seaside Siren Roller Girls
Gratuitous Violet1242007-06-28Arizona Roller Derby
Maully Malone124 TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Black Francis1252011-02-22Hollister Derby Girls
Bruisin Bourbon1252012-02-22Capital City Crushers
Caffeine Crash1252011-03-25Gold Coast Derby Grrls
G Hard1252010-01-31Taranaki Roller Corps
Georgia O'Kleave1252012-01-19Mid-State Sisters of Skate
Hefty Harlot1252010-09-13Appalachian Rollergirls
Prudence1252009-07-07Blackwater Rollers
Sick Horni Beaver1252011-08-04Twin City Derby Girls
Skitoette1252011-08-03Tupelo Honeys Roller Derby
Slammy Hagar1252011-02-15Sandusky Rollergirls
Truculent Ash1252011-03-20South Texas Rolleristas
Moe Cheezmo125 dB2010-02-22Albany All Stars Roller Derby
Slamburger Patty125 lbs2010-04-21Dockyard Derby Dames
Minnie Piledriver125 psi2007-07-26Charm City Roller Girls
Silent Slam125CC2011-04-13Monashee Roller Girls
Velocity Kendal125cc2011-12-25London Rollergirl_s Rec League
Arie Hell1262012-04-13rocKArollers
Blox & Knox OYA1262011-12-30Lilac City Pixies
Cutsie Bootsie1262011-01-05Durham Region Roller Derby
Daisy Wallbanger1262011-07-21Murder City Roller Girls
Joy Kill Her1262008-04-01Jersey Shore Roller Girls
Maniac Mamma1262008-11-25Mid Michigan Derby Girls
Moody Bruiser1262011-07-01Orange County Roller Girls
Whip Her1262010-10-03Queen City Roller Girls
Shelby Cummingtonite126 degrees2010-12-08Bellingham Roller Betties
Ivana Impaler12602010-06-03Harrisburg Area Roller Derby
Babydoll-Gone Wrong12662012-02-07Carson Victory Rollers
Hostile Hook Her12692011-03-21Slaughterhouse Derby Girls
Be Bop-Her Lula1272011-02-10Convict City Roller Derby
Betty Barracuda1272010-08-02Garden State Rollergirls
C.Z. Rider1272011-05-16Ottawa Roller Derby
Chest-Nutz1272008-04-03Rose City Rollers
Crosby, Wheels and Smash1272011-04-05WestSide Derby Dollz
Fire Flyby1272012-04-01Birmingham Blitz Dames
Green Venom1272007-02-23Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Jaded Jane1272010-06-16San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Moon Howler1272012-04-23The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Moxie Oxenfree1272012-02-14Camel City Thrashers
Rachel Wild1272012-04-16Halifax Roller Derby
Tokyo Rollz1272010-11-10Maine Roller Derby
Ms. Sasha Nyst127.0.0.12006-10-11Molly Roger Rollergirls
Jimmy Rage12752010-03-29New York Shock Exchange
Koffen Kandie (cleared)127grams2012-03-04South Sea Roller Derby
D.X. Zone1282008-02-14Calgary Roller Derby Association
Eva Serrate1282006-08-08Chi*Town Sirens Roller Derby
FayeGo1282010-03-10TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Fire in the Box1282011-02-09Molly Roger Rollergirls
Fishnet Starlet1282008-11-26Green Valley Rollergirls
Koko Rolla Diva1282010-05-20Pikes Peak Derby Dames
Maple Kicks1282011-11-23Long Beach Roller Derby
Minnie Malice1282008-11-22Sac City Rollers
Oh Feel Ya1282011-10-26Assassination City Roller Derby
Penny Splain1282011-11-01Wasatch Roller Derby
Seoul Irresistible1282011-04-01Roc City Roller Derby
Slam-n-Legs1282007-01-10Garden State Rollergirls
Zona Danger128¡2011-03-05Desert Dolls Roller Derby League
Bone Digger1280AD2012-01-244 Corners Rollergirls
Sarah Painlynn12822012-04-26Decatur Derby Dames
The Anarkrist12895/12/12Spartanburg Deadly Dolls
Raven Tildawn128BPM2011-06-21Cedar Rapids Rollergirls
BlockaBitch1292009-08-01Desert Dolls Roller Derby League
Emerald LaGhastly1292010-04-07Big Easy Rollergirls
Jul BN Payne1292011-03-03Columbia QuadSquad
Maddam Mimme1292012-01-16Powder River Rousta 'Bout It Betties
Ruby McMorbid1292012-02-29Ume Radical Rollers
Starla Mint1292009-02-06St. Chux Derby Chix
Liberty Violence12:002008-06-18Wilkes Barre Roller Radicals
Joanie Loves Debauchery12:00 Rock Naptown Roller Girls
Cinderswella12:00am Philly Rollergirls
Dimakazee12:122011-05-30Black Diamond Roller Derby
Bellicose Blondie12:22009-05-22Fort Myers Derby Girls
Saintly Vicious12:212010-11-02Burn City Rollers
Mess d'Upp12:222012-04-23The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
BDI12:34AM2009-11-13Toronto Junior Roller Derby
Cleo PassedYah12:412008-02-25Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Grimmace (The)12:512010-05-27Long Beach Roller Derby
Cinder Fn Rella12AM2007-12-04Central Coast Roller Derby
Cupcake Frostitute12DZ2011-04-03Hermiston Roller Divas
Cherry Vaudevillain12F82012-02-13Newcastle Roller Girls
Bettie 12GAGE12G2007-04-11West Coast Derby Knockouts
Shootin' Shananigans12Ga2010-01-01Green Mountain Derby Dames
Knightfire12K2010-01-14Battle Born Derby Demons
Nita Beer12OZ2011-04-03Charlotte Roller Girls
MC Fyte12ROUNDS2007-09-11Carolina Rollergirls
Cptn Bstd12T2009-10-23Central City Rollergirls
Varla Volt12V2009-04-06Van Diemen Rollers
Bounty Hunter12X2012-01-04Tampa Bay Men's Roller Derby
Lady Deathstrike12XU2011-12-04Copenhagen roller derby
Liz Nailer12XU2011-01-03Muddy River Rollers
Major Threat12XU2006-11-01Lowcountry Highrollers
DeBella DeBall12am2009-01-27Texas Rollergirls
Rebel Yellow12am2007-11-01Atlanta Rollergirls
Sin DeRail Her12am2009-12-29Beach Brawl Sk8r Dolls
The clap12cc's2009-03-23Mainland Misfits Roller Derby Association
JunkPunch McDuff12er2011-06-13Pottstown Roller Derby Rockstars
Harmacist (The)12fl. Oz. Rose City Rollers
Trixie Twelve Guage12ga2010-06-03Harrisburg Area Roller Derby
Skunky Nancy12inch2011-08-08Dublin Roller Girls
SheWolf12midnight2011-03-17Cal Skate Roller Derby
Hydro Jenna Bomb12mt2007-05-15Terminal City Rollergirls
Cream Ur Soda12oz2011-02-10Norfolk Bruizin' Bettys
Eve-iction12oz2010-02-15Duke City Derby (Taos)
Jenni Smallz12oz2011-02-07Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Tara LadyUp12oz2011-05-09Flathead Valley Roller Derby
Stella Ar-twat12pk2009-03-27Mission City Brawlin Betties
Crimes New Roman12pt2010-08-17NJ Hellrazors
Slam Serif12pt2009-02-05Twin Cities Terrors
Ali Mae12s2010-12-12Belle City Roller Girls
Smashing Booty12s2011-02-22Belle City Roller Girls
ShoveAholic12step2011-12-05Boom Town Derby Dames
Lana Del Flay12t2012-03-03Surrey Rollergirls
June Spark-her12tee2011-08-09Middlesbrough Milk Rollers
Blue 'Chelle12th2011-03-25Long Island Roller Rebels
Shivas Regal12yrs2011-02-04TBD (delete 6/12/13)
1/2 Nelson Nellie132011-08-09Crossroads City Derby
A Bout To Snap132012-01-17Riptide Rollers
A Precious Mess132011-07-08North Pole Babes in Toyland
AC Skater132007-06-29Jersey Shore Roller Girls
AL- Driver- mad132008-10-03Lincolnshire Bombers
AZ Riot132008-12-12NOVA Roller Derby
Abby McStabby132010-02-28Acadiana Good Times Rollers
Abby Sessive132011-03-24Southland Slashers Roller Derby
Abra Macabre132011-03-12Furness Firecrackers
Ace S. Wild132007-07-23Mad Rollin' Dolls
Aimee T. VilHorror132007-02-24Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Alabama Hurley132010-06-18South Island Sirens Roller Derby
Alice Undead132012-03-09Omaha Rollergirls
Allison Wonderslam132010-04-02Angel City Derby Girls
Amelie BombsHell132011-07-25Terrassa Derby Rockets
Amy the RipHer132010-10-18Lahti Roller Derby
AmyLe Wilde132012-02-01Mountain Derby Girls
Ana Knockee132012-03-17Greenbriar Roller Vixens
Anarchick132008-07-14Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Angelina Gotti132010-07-05Peace Region Roller Dolls
Annabel Leethal132012-04-25East Coast Devastation
Anne Shank132006-08-11Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Anya B Hinds132008-01-14Fox Cityz Foxz
April Arsekick132012-04-23North Cheshire Victory Rollers
Arachna132012-04-16Aarhus Derby Danes
Astranomic Assault132007-11-14Vero Beach Rollergirls
Avenger Snowflake132010-09-02Rebel County Rollers
Ayn Rancid132010-08-18Ottawa Roller Derby
B CZAR132008-01-29Sault Roller Derby
B-FLATtened132011-05-17Cornfed Derby Dames
Baby Fuck Off132010-05-24Dragon City Derby Dolls
BabyWantsBlood132012-02-14Zombie Rollergirls
Babyface Basher132009-12-10Mid Iowa Rollers
Badass Babuska132011-10-18Lule Roller Derby
Badluck Schleprock132011-08-02Unforgiven Roller Girls
Bambi CrushBone132009-11-14Helsinki Roller Derby
Bar Scar Sally132006-11-26Winnipeg Roller Derby
Barberry132010-08-03Sugar Loathe Derby Girls
Batsy Thunderbolt132010-09-22Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Batty Belfry132007-12-07Sac City Rollers
Bealzabub Betty132008-09-05Lost Highway Roller Derby
Beki Band-Aid132010-03-25Ladies of Hell Town
Bella Backstabber132010-05-13Randall County Roller Dames
Bella Doom132010-03-07SINtral Valley Derby Girls
Belle-istic132008-11-09Rainy City Roller Girls
Bettie Bootheel132010-11-06Cape Girardeau Roller Girls
Betty Byebye132012-02-23Nidaros Roller Derby
Betty Harlot132011-03-15Wilkes Barre Roller Radicals
Betty Lu Tattoo132011-09-07Central California Area Derby
Betty Rocker132007-05-15NOtown Roller Derby
Bex-plosion132007-01-24CoMo Derby Dames
BezZombie132009-04-19Ballarat Roller Derby
Big Chees132008-05-27Toronto Roller Derby
Big Vinny's Kid132006-05-26Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
Black Cat132007-08-08South Side Roller Derby
Blackcat Karnage132011-07-03Toowoomba City Rollers
Blackout Susan132009-02-19Rideau Valley Roller Girls
Blitzen132011-06-08Midnight Sun Roller Girlz
Block Mafia132011-10-11Angels of Anarchy
Blonde Mayhem132011-02-22Brandywine Roller Girls
Bloody Death132010-11-24Monadnock Region Roller Derby
BludVayne132012-04-04A-Town Roller Girlz
Boba AmFettamean132011-07-02Galway Roller Derby
Bodacious TaTas132012-06-07Clarksville Roller Derby
Bode Lee Harm132012-03-29Capital City Skull Crushers
Body Bag Betty132010-01-15Perth Roller Derby
Bonnie Black & Blue132011-03-26Abilene Derby Dames
BoomShockaBlocka132011-04-25Cenla Derby Dames
Booty Waves132011-04-28Chesapeake Roller Derby
BootyVicious132007-12-19Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Boulder Over132012-04-26Grey Bruce Roller Derby
Brandi Danger132008-04-16Dallas Derby Devils
Brass Kicker132009-07-09Pearl River Roller Derby
Brat Poison132007-02-13Crude City Roller Derby
Brat Tastrophe132011-12-20Grand Junction Roller Girls
Broke Ash Mountain132008-09-16Tri-County Rolling Militia
Broke White Boy132012-02-21Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
Bruise Willis132009-11-02Southern Middle Tennessee Roller Derby
Bruiser Ego132011-04-02Wasatch Roller Derby
Bull DozinHer132008-11-25Mid Michigan Derby Girls
Bunkey Bloodbath132011-09-18Northern Brisbane Rollers
Bunny Slugga132008-05-05Pile O'Bones Derby Club
Bunnysher (The)132011-01-27rocKArollers
BurnKnees OnHell132011-04-11Brussels Derby Pixies
C'annan Ball132008-06-19Central Oklahoma Roller Derby Assoc.
C-No Fear135-22-12Reading Derby Girls
C.U. Hittheground132011-01-02Rock City Riot
CHAD D. COMPOSE132009-05-19Crude City Roller Derby
Calamity Cut Throat132009-06-14Newcastle Roller Derby
Camacho132010-08-24Columbia QuadSquad
Canusa132011-10-11West Yellowhead Roller Derby
Capital Barbosa132012-01-30Sailor City Rollers
Cardinal Sin132007-03-04Derby City Roller Girls
Carrie Cyanide132010-04-05Hellfire Harlots
Carrie Okie132008-04-17Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz
Cass Knuckles132010-01-15Pacific Roller Derby
Cat Atrophy132010-09-27Liverpool Roller Birds
Catt Scratch Diva132010-09-29NV East Roller Girls
Chaos Faerie132011-01-29Fierce Valley Roller Girls
Chaos-eris132012-06-11Lincoln Land Roller Derby
Cheap Trixie13 Texas Rollergirls
Cherry Blunt132008-06-21Dead End Derby
Cherry Chainsaw13 Lonestar Rollergirls
Cherry Massacre132010-08-22Portsmouth Roller Wenches
Cherry Stone132012-04-26Rollergirls In Pagosa (R.I.P.)
ChoXXXy132011-04-03Redding Rollergirls
Chrissy Fiction132007-01-19Windy City Rollers
Chucky Strong132012-02-20Santiago Roller Derby
Cinister Rose132011-02-12Reef City Roller Girls
Classy Horror132011-05-08Fargo Moorhead Derby Girls
Clockwork Kitty132010-12-07Sinvercargill Savages Roller Derby
ClownPuncher132011-02-11Randall County Roller Dames
Coach Ball Bricker13 Charm City Roller Girls
Cookie Stackhouse132011-02-05Potential Fresh Meat Practice Squad
Core Rage132011-07-07Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
Correctional Felicity132007-03-22London Rollergirls
Crash Test Chloe132012-04-16Revelstoke Roller Derby Association
Crashtastic Cate132011-03-25Long Island Roller Rebels
Crazytrain132006-09-10Spokane's Outlawed Roller Derby
Creep Suzette132010-11-12Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
Crissy Creeper132011-03-17Cal Skate Roller Derby
Cruella Von Wolfenstein132010-09-27Cheyenne Capidolls Roller Derby
Cruz Hater (The)132011-03-10Pensacola Roller Gurlz
Cut-N-Dye132009-09-11Hard Knox Roller Derby
Cyan Kali132011-12-08Kassel Roller Derby
DEMONATRIX132012-01-06Bellingham Roller Betties
Dada Asada132008-05-30Oxnard Derby Dames
Daisy Fever132006-08-01Girls Rollin in the South (GRITS)
Daisy Graves132011-05-13Heart of Appalachia Roller Derby
Danger Sister132011-04-28Bembel Town Rollergirls
Danimal the Animal132011-04-14Palm Coast Roller Derby
Darth Hater13 Philly Rollergirls
Darthsebious132011-04-19Manchester Roller Derby
DeaLyn Daisies132011-05-26Barry County Black Heart Maidens
Dead Betty132010-04-15Crossroads City Derby
Death Race Darby132010-11-04Reign Valley Vixens
Dee Dee Dynomite132012-02-03Rocket City Roller Girls
Delta Indigo Echo132011-01-21Coffs Coast Derby
Dementia132005-01-20Assassination City Roller Derby
Demonic Fry-Day132011-05-01Morgantown Roller Vixens
Deranged Phenomenon132011-08-11Tokyo Roller Girls
Detoxing Liberty132007-07-20Harbor City RollerDames
Devil Rebel132006-04-15South Texas Rolleristas
Devilique132009-04-08Little City Roller Girls
Devoted Ta-Smashya135/9/12Tweed Valley Rollers
Dhampir Perra Viciosa132010-12-01Cannibales Dolls
Dickhead Jane132011-05-17Durango Roller Girls
Dire Dispatch132010-04-01Choice City Rebels
Dirty Rottenstana132008-01-11Atomic City Roller Girls
Dispikable Darling132010-10-13Billings Roller Derby
Distrubance in the Force132011-02-09Molly Roger Rollergirls
Dita Mal132011-07-02Buenos Aires Roller Derby
Dita de Los Muertos132008-03-25Mission City Brawlin Betties
Diva D'Lish132011-03-16Gold City Roller Girls
Diva Satanica132007-01-02Hammer City Roller Girls
Dizzy Devil132007-03-12Syndicate Roller Girls
Doc Doc Noose132010-03-30Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls
Dollface Massacre132006-11-13Forest City Derby Girls
Dolly Del TerRoar132011-08-09Middlesbrough Milk Rollers
Dolly Demented132007-02-15Coos County Rollergirls
Dolly Minx132012-03-26Mansfield Misfits
Donnapalooza132011-01-29Bash Valley Clobber Girls
Doobie Snatch132010-12-03Route 66 Derby Chix
Doomcake132006-03-17CT RollerGirls
Dr. Pain132007-04-10Wasatch Roller Derby
Dr. Shovago132011-03-17Southern Illinois Roller Girls
Dra.Matica P'ligrosa132011-07-20Monterrey Roller Derby
Duby Sosa132006-03-29Philly Rollergirls
Dykimus Prime132011-03-31Florence's Cirque Du Pain
Earth Child132011-02-08TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Eeka13 TBD (delete 7/5/13)
El Pollo Loakley132012-04-28Ventura County Derby Darlins
Elle Mariachi132010-11-29Red Lion Roller Derby
Ellen Ram Page132011-03-31New River Valley Rollergirls
Ellota Madness132009-02-10Mid Michigan Derby Girls
Elwood J. Bruized132012-01-25Tall city roller Betties
Erin Grenade132007-02-14Pikes Peak Derby Dames
Eva Lye13 Carolina Rollergirls
Eve'il X132011-09-27One Love Roller Dolls
Evil Shenanigans132009-08-25Sacred City Derby Girls
Evl Grl132007-01-30Rogue Rollergirls
Evol Ernie132012-06-11Drive-By City Rollers
Far Beyond Vixen132011-01-04NV East Roller Girls
Fast Bettie132009-07-16Old Capitol City Roller Girls
Fatality Salley132011-01-11Lambton County Derby
Fishy McFisty132011-12-20River Valley Rollergirls
Fitch Bace132011-03-09Sac City Rollers
Flat Enya132006-07-30Boston Derby Dames
FoXglove135/16/12Devil Dog Derby Dames
Four Wheel Clover132010-07-08Cedar Valley Derby Divas
Foxxy Cleoblastya132011-01-09Sandusky Rollergirls
Foxy Sinatra132006-09-21Toronto Roller Derby
Fozzie Fu132012-03-27Flathead Valley Roller Derby
Frankenstina132011-03-10North Texas Derby Revolution
Free Bird132007-05-30Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Freeky Peeky132010-06-07Bay Rollers
Friday132012-02-11Low Down and Derby
Full Blooded Irish132010-11-11Toronto Junior Roller Derby
GLR Stop-O132011-09-27Electric City Roller GrrrlZ
Gert-Rude132011-06-30South Sea Roller Derby
Ghetto Cat132010-04-08Sin Cal Derby Vixens
Ghoulita132010-08-05Chicago Outfit
Ginger De Kill132010-04-08Hidden City Derby Girls
Glamour Hammer13 Rose City Rollers
Gone with the Sin132008-11-21Coastal Plains Derby Dames
Gordon Slamsey132012-01-08Fog City Rollers
Gore Grrl132010-03-08Croydon Roller Derby
Gory Lori132011-02-22Hollister Derby Girls
Graceful Disaster132010-02-10Green Country Roller Girls
Grave Disorder132010-01-08Undead Bettys
Graveyard Gertie132011-03-19Circle City Derby Girls
Gretel Von Slap132006-11-14Derby City Roller Girls
Gwen Reaper132011-05-04TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Gypsy Punk132009-02-11Kootenay Rollergirls
HWY 13 Hellraiser132011-07-30Lil Chicago Roller Derby
Hamzilla Da'Killa132012-01-13Mac Town Rebel Rollers
Han Cholo132010-12-08Lane County Concussion
Hannah Monslamma132008-05-17Austin Derby Brats: Texas Rollergirls' Junior League
Harley B Haven132010-01-25Port City Roller Girls
Hattie Nuff132010-08-10Camel City Thrashers
Havoc Moon132011-04-25Dark River Derby Coalition
Hazardass132010-04-27Amsterdam Derby Dames
Hellbat132008-07-21Toronto Roller Derby
Hellin Felon132007-08-29Charlotte Roller Girls
Hells Cowgirl132012-01-09Tri City Rolling Thunder
Hex Kitten132006-08-04Greenville Derby Dames
HighHeel'd HandGrenade132011-01-30Dakota Derby
Hipswitch132010-08-18Crown City Rollerz
Hits-it Van Gogh132011-07-09Lehigh Valley Rollergirls
HobbleBelle132010-09-26Towns Villians Roller Derby
Hodi Chitt132010-01-04Grand Raggidy Roller Girls
Holly GoBiteMe13 Dominion Derby Girls
Holly Havoc132010-09-04BoomTown Brawlettes Roller Derby
Holly Homicide132009-04-11Hell City Rollergirls
Hollywood Diva132011-11-10LOCO Roller Derby
Honey Bone13 Dixie Derby Girls
Honey Hex132007-07-05Humboldt Roller Derby
Honey Punches of Throats132008-12-07Denver Roller Dolls
Honey von smash'her132011-12-27Zombitches
Horribell132007-08-16Barockcity Rollerderby
Horrorshow13 Lonestar Rollergirls
Hot Rod Hell Kitten132011-03-13WI River Valley Rollergirls
Hot Rollz132012-02-10Springfield's Queen City Roller Derby
Huckleberry Slam132010-08-30Bexar County Roller Girls
Hungarian Devil132006-05-30Angel City Derby Girls
Hungarian Hell Cat132007-09-11Sthlm Bstrds
Hunterish HurlHer132012-01-04Stone Cold Foxes
Hurtin Burton132011-01-02Umpqua Valley Roller Vixens
I'd Hit That132011-11-12Dieppe Roller Derby
Ibeatya Amber132006-11-22TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Ice Tease132011-01-25Malice Springs Roller Derby
Icky Thump132010-06-17Enchanted Mountain Roller Derby
Ida Crazy Mama132011-02-22Salisbury Rollergirls
Ima Screamer132010-06-10Rolling Hills Derby Dames
Ink Flamingo132008-07-07TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Institution Aliza132011-08-16Apple City Roller Derby
Intensive Carrie132007-08-13GTA Rollergirls
Irish Rouletta132010-11-19TBD (delete 9/27/13)
Irush N. Heat132011-07-25Hellgate Rollergirls
Ivanna Bruiser132006-10-10Mississippi Rollergirls
Izzy Rational132012-04-03Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
J.Bee Hi Fly132011-07-13Westside Derby Dollz
J.Whoa132012-01-22LOCO Roller Derby
Jack'll Cracka132011-02-20Northside Rollers
Jane Dare132012-03-02Dom City Dolls
Jane Doe Maker132011-09-02Bow Valley Roller Derby
Jasa Voorhees132009-02-09Energetic Cit Roller Derby
Jason Scoorhees132010-12-09Cowtown Butchers Mens Roller Derby
Jenny from the Block132011-10-10Strong Island Derby Revolution
Jersey Joykill132006-07-01Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Jerzey Jezebel132007-07-26South Jersey Derby Girls
Jesse Jameson13 TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Jessica Riot132011-05-01Hot Wheel Roller Derby
Jeze Bella Donna132010-04-21Potential Fresh Meat Practice Squad
Jinx LaRue132010-01-07Valdosta Venom Roller Derby
Jinx Z. Minx132010-05-05Pushy Cats Roller Derby
JinxyDoll132011-03-29Naptown Roller Girls
JuJu Kitty132011-04-14Cherry City Derby Girls
Julia Ghoulia13 Arch Rival Roller Girls
Juno Doom132010-08-11Fog City Rollers
KDHD132011-08-10Tokyo Roller Girls
Kahula Shaker132011-02-14Dorset Rollergirls
Kamikaze Kerry13 Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Kat A. Wall132011-09-20Varsity Derby
Kat Vicious132011-07-01Plattsburgh Roller Derby
KatKlaz Fever132010-10-12Bath City Roller Derby
Katallica Pearl Slam132012-03-22Voodoo Derby Dollz
Kate Ambush132011-06-15Blackwater Roll-Her Derby
Katie Chingas132006-08-01Alamo City Rollergirls
Katie Karnage132011-09-01San Angelo Roller Girls League
Kell on Wheels132010-09-22South Florida Rollergirls
Keltic Klash132012-06-11Tokyo Roller Girls
KiKi Ka-Boom132012-03-15Severn Roller Torrent
KiMY La Cazadora132010-05-01GTA Rollergirls
Kiki Torch132008-11-25Sick Town Derby Dames
Killer Kitty132010-10-26Eerie Roller Girls
Killer Miller132009-09-26SinCal Derby Vixens
KillerKiwi Land132012-03-26Whitsunday Derby
Killvira132010-09-19Nickel City Roller Derby
Kinky Klaws132012-02-25Rum City Derby Dolls
Kirsten Swore132011-01-31Three Rivers Roller Derby
Kitten Von Scratchereyzout135/12/12Jr. Jacksonville Rollergirls
Kitty Kamikaze13 Rat City Rollergirls
Kitty Long Legs132008-12-03Red Deer Roller Derby Association
KittyCake Killer132008-06-20Green Mountain Derby Dames
Kurupted Flesh Cutie132011-02-18Bakersfield Junior Roller Derby
Kym KarShashUin132010-01-06Houston Roller Derby
L.L. Mean132011-02-09Peninsula Roller Girls
La Pequena Bestia132011-03-27Spoon River Speed Demons
Lady Bellum132011-11-11Oklahoma Victory Dolls
Lady Blackheart132006-12-23The Fanny Pack
Lady Deevious132009-01-30Renegade Rollergirls (CA)
Lady Fairy Floss132010-02-15Western Sydney Rollers
Lady GoreGore132009-11-13Seaside Siren Roller Girls
Lady Slayer132011-07-03Cardiff Roller Collective
Laquesis132012-03-27Cordoba Roller Derby
LeAnn Crimes132007-05-07Nashville Rollergirls
Leggy Lolita132010-10-10Sintral Florida Derby Demons
Legz Loca132012-04-01NorSask Roller Derby
Lethal J.A.B.132010-08-07Imposters Roller Girls
Lethal Ladybird132012-04-22Northern Rivers Roller Derby
Lethal LeeLee132011-01-09Sioux City Roller Dames
Lethal Lorelei132010-10-29Roc City Roller Derby
Lil Mz. Sinshine132011-10-02The Aurora 88s
Lil Sistah132010-11-02Central Vermont Roller Derby
Lil' Dead Red132006-09-15Dockyard Derby Dames
Lil' Mz Wrecken Ball132011-08-01Tulare Kings Roller Derby
Lil' Nitro132010-03-05Vette City Roller Derby
Lili St. Smear132007-06-06Killamazoo Derby Darlins
Lily La Rouge132011-01-10Bakken Derby Girls League
Lily Malicious132012-02-05Bourne Bombshells
Lindsane Asylum132012-04-30Oakland Derby Diamonds
Little Slice of Satan132010-03-06Elm City Derby Damez
Liv Wreckless132011-10-06Wreckin Roller Rebels
Liz Dexic132008-10-26Mason Dixon Roller Vixens
Lizzie Wrexx132011-06-16San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Lizzy Luscious132011-01-03Traverse City Roller Derby
Lobanegra132011-03-20South Texas Rolleristas
Lois Fast Lane132009-04-30Brisbane City Rollers
Lola Coaster132010-12-15Tiger Bay Brawlers
Lola La Chola132009-02-24Renegade Rollergirls (So Cal)
Lola Spanks Lucky132009-12-05Vidor, Texas Roller Derby League
Lola-Steam-Rolla132011-06-30Northshore Roller Derby
Loudi McRowdy132007-04-17MO-KAN Roller Girlz
Low Lita132009-02-10Atlanta Rollergirls
Lucky LoLo132011-01-095 Cities Roller Kitties
Lucky Scarrs132008-04-07Ring City Rollergirls
Lucky Thirteen132011-01-05Tournament City Derby
Lucy Ball Buster132011-03-01Rodeo City Rollergirls
Lyka Vyse132012-04-2710th Mountain Roller Dolls
MEDUSA132006-09-28Minnesota Roller Girls
Macho Mexi-CAN132010-02-11Lane County Concussion
Mad Mountin' Mama132008-03-04Charlottesville Derby Dames
Mad Snatch132010-02-15Sydney Roller Derby League
Madam Guillotine132011-02-01River Region Rollergirls
Madam Massika132011-05-30Black Diamond Roller Derby
Madam Misery132012-04-11Balsam Mountain Roller Girls
Madam Swifty132011-09-30Margaret River Roller Derby
Maid Of Steel132009-01-14Sheffield Steel Rollergirls
Maim E. Van Gore'n132006-03-21Cincinnati Rollergirls
Major Chaos132008-11-19Paper Valley Roller Girls
Malibu Candy132011-05-27Murray River Derby Dames
Malice Nutter132011-03-15Daylesford Derby
Malisyn Wonderland (cleared)132009-09-15Hellmilton Roller Ghouls
Mandy Bull132010-02-20Lea County Roller Wenches
Manopla on Wheels132011-06-03Tropic Terrors Derby
Mary F'N Sunshine132007-09-14E-Ville Roller Derby
Master Kitty132011-07-30Darkside Derby
Maykilla the Hun132008-06-21GTA Rollergirls
McBelle Ditto132012-01-30Cranium Basher Dolls
Meg U. Miserable132010-09-14Squamish Roller Derby
Mega Chaos132011-10-19Mountain City Rollers
Megan A. Mess132011-01-18Three Rivers Roller Derby
Megaphone132011-01-27Forx Roller Derby
Megative132010-07-09Paradise Roller Girls
Merv the Perv132006-10-16Dutchland Rollers
Mia Savage132010-04-07Okanagan Roller Derby Girls
Michelle Knife-Her132011-04-10Nanaimo Nemesis Roller Girls
Mine Fuhrer132010-09-09Tall City Roller Betties
Mink Stole13 Phoenix City Rollers
Misdirect132006-06-01Dead City Rollers
Miss Anthropy13 No Coast Derby Girls
Miss Frankenspine132012-02-29Roller Derby Hannover
Mo'Blood Mo'Bruisin132012-02-18Eastside Rock'nRollers
Mollie Cosh132008-05-24Romsey Town Rollerbillies
Molly Shenanigans132008-02-26Green Country Roller Girls
Monstar132009-11-01Sun State Roller Girls
Morticia Mynx13 Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Morticia Von Glitzngloss132010-10-09Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
Mortu Mary132007-08-16Red Deer Roller Derby Association
Moshing Molly132010-06-02Ruhrpott Roller Derby
Moshpit Molly132011-04-27Rotterdam Death Row Honeys
Moxie McMurder132011-07-27Hertfordshire Roller Derby
Ms. Eerie132008-06-02Rated PG Rollergirls
Muttrocker132009-04-20TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Nadine Nefarious132010-08-24Coastal Plains Derby Dames
Nautical Nuisance132008-01-19Rage City Rollergirls
Nekro-Maniac132012-02-21Corpus Chrisite Maiden Texas Derby
Neon Trix Star132011-07-07Prince Albert Roller Derby
Nici Knocksville132009-11-04Graveyard Queens
Nickstart My Heart132011-04-05West Kentucky Rockin Rollers
Nightwatch132010-06-28Swansea City Slayers
Nikki Lee Lovely132011-04-05Royal City Rollergirls
Nikks & Stones132011-06-25Brazos Valley Derby Girls
Nina Cochina13 Hurricane Alley Roller Derby
Nomora Nice Girl132012-02-03Terrorz of TIny Towns Roller Derby
Numb Chuck132010-03-30Bedfordshire Rollergirls
O'Gara132012-02-16Namur Roller Girls
Olive Cupcakes132011-02-28Rock Coast Rollers
Ol dirty B132011-11-07Vasteras Rollerderby
Pablo Diablo132011-12-03Tyne and Fear Roller Derby
Pamm*Tastic132011-11-20Hidden City Derby Girls
PantericA132008-04-09Glass City Rollers
Parker Posey-a-Risk132011-04-29Springfield's Queen City Roller Derby
Patchwork Chaos132008-07-16Rollergirls of Southern Indiana
Penny Mayhem132011-06-14Jyvskyl Roller Derby
Penny Royalty132010-03-07Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Pernicious Violet132009-11-17Shore Points Roller Derby
Pink Devil132008-04-29Sacred City Derby Girls
Pinky Bruised-Her132010-09-03Sarasota Roller Girls
Pinky Glee132006-02-28Tragic City Rollers
Pint Size Villain132011-04-17Juneau Rollergirls
Pippi Leatherstalking132011-01-23Ladies' Death and Derby Society
Piranha132010-09-14Jefferson State Rollers
Piranhasaurus132011-01-29Southern Oregon Rollergirls
Pirty Sanchez132008-05-05B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Pistol Packin' Lacey Bottoms132007-09-16Northern Arizona Roller Derby
Pixie Headbanger132009-11-19Dragon City Derby Dolls
Pixie Howl135/9/12Granite State Roller Derby
Poison Ink132010-11-21Tri-County Rolling Militia
Poison Sue Smac132007-01-10Blue Ridge Rollergirls
Polly Gone132008-04-09Texas Rollergirls
Polly Purgatory132007-01-25Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz
Pottsie Roller132009-05-03Winnipeg Roller Derby
Princess Punisher132011-02-03Bakersfield Rollergirls
Princess Scythe-ya132011-05-16Republic of Korea Derby
PrinciPezza132012-06-15Vienna Rollergirls
Principal Sinner132010-09-05Pirate City Rollers
Professor Z132012-01-29Rock Island Rollers
Psychedelic Relic132012-01-05Tulare Roller Derby
Psychobilly13 New York Shock Exchange
Psychopants132008-02-19Glasgow Roller Girls
Puddles132007-08-12Twin City Knockers
Pumpkin-Carvher132011-05-12Central Vermont Roller Derby
Purple People Beater132009-08-28Santa Maria Roller Girls
Pushy Brat132010-03-07Wicked Wahine Derby Association
QT Booty132010-12-16Rocky Mountain Rollerpunks
Quadelia Chase132011-08-22Birmingham Blitz Dames
Rain blows brite132010-02-21Tri City Roller Girls
Ramona Glowers (cleared)132012-03-03Surrey Rollergirls
Rebbles Flintstone132011-11-28Lethbridge Roller Derby Guild
Red Rocket132006-06-11Naptown Roller Girls
RedruMMassacre132010-05-19Randall County Roller Dames
Ref-her-end'em132011-06-18Adelaide Roller Derby
Repunz Kill132011-03-10Twin State Derby
Rhon Da'Voo132010-03-15Cajun Rollergirls
Riffy Urfaceoff132009-11-23Chicago Riots Junior Roller Derby
Rip Chick132010-01-21Dirty Verde Roller Derby
Rip Lashes132008-01-14Birmingham Blitz Dames
Rockalishous132010-07-11San Diego Roller Derby
Rocket Queen132009-01-21Richter City Roller Derby
Rogue Pix-C132011-08-16Apple City Roller Derby
Rolla Junky132007-12-06Adelaide Roller Derby
Roller Rae132011-06-12Mendocino County Roller Derby
Rollin Red Nek132011-10-08Peterborough Roller Derby League
Rollin' Polanski132010-01-18Ithaca League of Women Rollers
Rollo Veruca132011-01-11TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Rosa Mayhem132010-03-17Burlington Bombers Roller Derby
Roxy Moron132010-08-14North East Roller Derby
Ruby Ramjet132010-11-27TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Rudyard Crippling132010-09-01Portsmouth Roller Wenches
Ruff Tough Creampuff132010-11-30Yukon Roller Girls
RumPunched132012-04-18Niagara Roller Girls
Runnie Blade132012-04-12Les Quads de Paris
Russ T. Hook132008-08-19Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Rusty Bearings132010-12-20Mainland Misfits Roller Derby Association
Ryder Die132008-02-18Rollergirls of Central Kentucky (ROCK)
Ryder Down132006-12-18Texas Rollergirls
SGT PainFaul132010-10-21Buff City Brawlers
SIMPLYM3ANT2B132009-10-21Derby Revolution of Bakersfield
SQWHEELAHH135/10/12W.A. Roller Derby
Salma Havoc132011-09-21ToadSuck Derby Dames
Sandra Dee'struction132011-07-13Westside Derby Dollz
Sarahcuda132008-04-15Maui Roller Girls
Sargeant StrikeHer132011-01-02Eastern Iowa Outlaws
Sass Afrass Bash132012-01-04Gallatin Roller Girlz
Sassy Smalls132008-12-24Quad City Rollers
Scarlette Fever13 Detroit Derby Girls
Scarlette Killjoy135/2/12Tall City Roller Betties
Scarred Pretty132009-06-25TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Schizo-Brandia132011-08-03Tupelo Honeys Roller Derby
Scrappy Go Lucky132007-01-22Rose City Rollers
Secretia Noxious132010-07-16TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Serenity Now132009-08-11Fort Wayne Derby Girls
Sergeant Harms132012-03-26Alberni Valley Roller Girls
Several Stitches132009-06-15Bremen Rollergirls
Sex-on Fire135/14/12Grin 'n Barum
Shakin' Blayke132010-11-29Cold'n Heart Junior Derby
Shankee Doodle132011-10-02Sick Town Derby Dames
Shantabuse132011-02-05M.I.A. Derby Girls
Shear Awesomeness132011-04-20Razor City Roller Dolls
Sheena Shocker132006-04-08Burlington Skyway Roller Derby
Sherbet Whip132010-03-24Hull Kingston Roller Girls
Sherriff (The)132011-04-05Bay City Rollers
Shirley Meanie132010-01-05Rollin' Roulettes Roller Derby
Shoot'er Axx132009-03-15Route 66 Roller Derby
Shove-Her-Ness132010-11-13Seacoast Roller Pixies
Shreddie Van Halen132011-12-17San Fernando Valley Junior Derby
Silver Hammer132007-12-10Saskatoon Roller Derby
SkHATER132006-09-24Far North Derby Dolls
Skatie Did132010-07-03Sunshine Coast Roller Girls
Sky Bomber132011-01-05Durham Region Roller Derby
Slay West132008-09-16Central New York Roller Derby
Sleeping Booty132008-05-18Long Island Roller Rebels
Smashin' Kali132010-11-22Assault City Roller Derby
Smashire Cat13 Providence Roller Derby
Smokin Mary Jane132008-05-07Disaster City Roller Girls
Snakebite Strike-her132011-12-18Aloha City Rollers
Snick-Her Doodle132010-09-30Angel City Derby Girls
SoSueMe132006-11-18Victorian Roller Derby
Soc Her Ballz132010-10-04Ark Valley High Rollers
Social Miss-Fit132009-02-01Man's Ruin Roller Derby
Soule Spankin132010-11-28Skyland Roller Girls
South Side Susie132011-03-16Syndicate Roller Girls
Space Case132008-10-22Dry Heat Militia
Spanky Valkyrie132012-04-22Switchblade RollerGrrrls
Speeds Kate132012-02-04DuPage Derby Dames
Spookie Sprainer132006-06-01Smokey Mountain Derby Rogues
Spot O'Bovver132012-04-10Hereford Roller Girls
Stiletto Stalker132011-10-03Bay State Brawlers
Stina Zombean132009-03-06Coastal Plains Derby Dames
Stinger132007-03-20Sac City Rollers
Stranger with Candy132010-05-21Lilac City Pixies
Strawberry Switchblade132006-09-29Palmetto State Rollergirls
Streeperella132009-01-29Dockyard Derby Dames
Strimlaren132012-04-23The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Sukkubus Strixe132007-09-20Dutchland Rollers
Suzie Bonebreaker132008-08-13Gainesville Roller Rebels
Suzie Switchblade132010-09-03St. Chux Derby Chix
Sway132006-09-25River City Rollergirls
Sweet Bia132010-03-13Olympia Underground Derby
Sweet Insane132012-03-11Roller Derby Caceres- Destroyer Dolls
Sweet Scream132011-01-21Coffs Coast Derby
T-Rix132011-02-23Royal Windsor Roller Girls
T-Wolf132011-04-18Duluth/Superior Roller Derby
T. Hooligan132011-12-19Mass Attack Roller Derby
Tattooed Terror132010-09-01Bristol Roller Derby
Taybie Cakez132010-09-14South East Sask Roller Derby Association
Techno132010-07-09Twin City Derby Girls
Terror Swift132010-04-26South Jersey Derby Girls
Tha TRUTH135/10/12Chocolate City Cherry Bombers
Thirteen132009-01-05Geelong Roller Derby League
Thrash-Ann132011-01-09Skate the Wilderness
Thunder Mental132010-11-14TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Tic Tac Hoe132010-04-13New River Valley Rollergirls
Tiffany Twisted132010-11-10Free State Roller Derby
Tiki Von Sexron132007-03-16Black-n-Bluegrass Rollergirls
Tink Pink132011-09-12Renegade Derby Dames
Tits Mcvenom132006-08-04Cape Fear Roller Girls
Tough Soles132008-01-08San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Trixi Sixx132006-07-18DC Rollergirls
Trixie LaRude132011-10-14Arizona Rollergirls
Trixy No Treat132011-11-20Bellingham Roller Betties
Tsunami Siren132007-12-14Pacific Roller Derby
Turbo Bustier132009-07-03Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Tweeeeeee132012-03-22Orange County Roller Girls
Twisted Halo132009-10-14Mad Rollin' Dolls
Unruly Red132011-01-29Central Coast Roller Derby
Up Ya'Jonesy132010-11-23Cardiff Roller Collective
Upchuck Norris132010-07-19Race City Rebels Roller Derby
Ursula Kaaos135-17-12Kouvola Rock n Rollers
VEGGIE GAGA132012-01-16B.M.O. Roller Derby Girls
Vagn8r132010-09-30Gold Coast Roller Derby
Val Killer132010-04-19Gent GO-GO Roller Girls
Van Hellsey132011-02-18Fiend Queens Roller Derby
Veggie Tales132011-11-23The Regulators
Vendetta von Dutch132009-03-01Texas Rollergirls
Vertical Vortex132011-04-13Monashee Roller Girls
Vexine132007-04-06Emerald City Roller Girls
Vicious Valkyrie132011-08-26South Florida Rollergirls
Vicious Venom132008-07-02Granite City Roller Girls
Victoria Von Frankenstein132012-02-19York Minxters Roller Derby
VioLindC132011-07-10Bad Bunny Roller Menen
Violently Jill132011-03-31CCDD
Violet Behavior132007-08-23Stockton Derby Dames
Violet Nature132011-03-08Central City Rollergirls
Violet Rage132011-08-08Central City Rollergirls
Vivienne Deathwood132010-04-09Palm Beach Rollergirls
Vix Viking132010-05-04Crime City Rollers
Von Blondie132012-01-01Downriver Roller Dollz
Voodoo Nightmare135/4/12Toxic Lima Roller girls
Waltzin Mckilla132009-11-24Van Diemen Rollers
Warrior Rainbow132011-08-31Otautahi Roller Derby League
Whiskey River132011-05-17Resurrection Roller Girls
Wicked Wish132011-11-27Glass City Rollers
Wiky Woop Ass132011-02-04Haunted City Rollers
Wild Card Jackie132008-11-18Greenville Derby Dames
Wise Guy132011-06-04Chautauqua County Roller Derby
Wombat132011-12-15Rainy City Roller Dolls
Wonder Witch132011-02-14Brisbane City Rollers
Wu-Pinggg132011-03-18The Fallen Brats
Wytchy132008-03-05Oil City Derby Girls
Yastalker132011-10-312x4 Roller Derby
Yvonne YourSkull132011-04-28Minot Misfits
Zim Zam132011-10-22Bayou Outlaw Roller Girls
Zipp Gunn132009-02-18TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Zipper Spark132010-03-09Tulsa Derby League
Zo D. Ax132007-12-08Star City Rollergirls
Zombie Queen132011-02-04Missile Mountain Roller Derby
Half Pint O'Rage13 1/22010-09-10New Hampshire Roller Derby
Pink Widow13 1/22011-06-03Randall County Roller Dames
Bam Bam Hot Damn13 132010-04-15Providence Roller Derby
Lexis Maxamis13 132007-07-05Suburbia Roller Derby
Nati Kabum13 132011-07-02Metropolitan Roller Derby
Feral Carole13 Baby2010-11-11Toronto Junior Roller Derby
Bonnie Crash13 Hits2010-09-08Northside Rollers
Twitch Blade13 Inch2010-03-26Calgary Roller Derby Association
HIP-notik13 Proof2009-02-23No Coast Derby Girls
RoxCutter13 Stepper2012-03-16Southern Delaware Rollergirls
Eulle Cee Starz13 billion2010-07-07Sandusky Rollergirls
Dyke Diggler13"2009-09-27DC Rollergirls
Pearl Reckless13" Atlanta Rollergirls
HO Canada!13#!&%2011-11-10Mackay City Roller Maidens
Byers Remorse13% APR2012-02-21Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Mina Injuries13-42010-10-09Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
Violet Heart-Breaker13-72009-04-12Chattanooga Roller Girls
Noxious Nikko13.45-29-12Worcester Roller Derby
Pippi Stongblocking13.52011-05-11Dead Girl Derby
Betty Blitzkrieg13.6eV2009-08-23Albany All Stars Roller Derby
Basket Case Betty13.72010-12-15Crossroads City Derby
Big Banger13.72011-03-21Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Pegasister13.72011-03-31New Hampshire Roller Derby
ZoeKat Karma13.7 Lives2010-11-12Dallas Derby Devils
Kit Khaos13/1382012-06-03Clarksville Flat Track Roller Derby
Swearin' Saylor13/142011-04-05Pound Cakes
Marri MurderDoll13/172008-01-30Molly Roger Rollergirls
Auda Belle Payne1302010-05-23Little City Roller Girls
Burns Bayou1302012-04-01NorSask Roller Derby
Dazzler1302011-11-13Calgary Roller Derby Association
Dirt Diggler1302012-02-21Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls
Killin'er Escape Plan1302011-10-14Hartford Area Roller Derby
RJ Shuv n Stuf1302008-03-31South Side Roller Derby
Schnott Nose Kid1302006-04-21Tragic City Rollers
Cali BurnYa130 degrees2011-04-11Arizona Rollergirls
Ashes Boomstick13002012-01-24Marietta Derby Darlins
Blood Countess13002010-02-13Stockholm Roller Derby
Han Stilletto13002009-12-23Assassination City Roller Derby
Katarina Hit13002007-09-15North Star Roller Girls
Quarter Pound'er13002011-11-03Brisbane City Rollers
Napalm Mourning1300*C2011-02-20Resurrection Roller Girls
Cerebrawl Vortex1300g2010-07-02MK Roller Derby
Duchess of FUBAR13025/16/12Devil Dog Derby Dames
Forbid N. Fruit13032011-03-13Omaha Rollergirls
Mercedes Bender13032011-06-07Diamond Valley Roller Derby
Sneaky Reaper13035/10/12Port City Roller Girls
Wendy Pigs Fly13052010-11-28Skyland Roller Girls
Alabama Gamma13062011-05-04Glasgow Roller Girls
Jane Scare13062009-12-15Canberra Roller Derby
Beau Luxe13072012-01-12Seaside Siren Roller Girls
Venom de Plume13092011-08-15Richter City Roller Derby
Theda Barium130Ba2010-01-11Southern Illinois Roller Girls
Guano Loco130D2012-01-16Circle City Derby Girls
Lone Deranger (The)130db2011-07-28Blue Mountains Roller Derby
CAT-a-TONIC cRUSH1312012-02-13Savannah Derby Devils
Coldwell Spanker1312010-02-16Gainesville Roller Rebels
Crystal Diva1312011-11-01East Vic Roller Derby
DVS1312006-05-05Carolina Rollergirls
Domino Brasco1312010-05-26Regina Roller Derby League
Genuine Risk1312010-08-31Toronto Roller Derby
Joy Incision1315/9/12Tweed Valley Rollers
Judzilla1312009-06-29Thunder Bay Roller Derby
Konichi-Wa-Pow1312011-12-09Bay Rollers
Mauly Tov1312006-10-06Mad Rollin' Dolls
Pin-up Pussycat1312006-10-27Black-n-Bluegrass Rollergirls
Roar Em Motion1312011-09-20Varsity Derby
SHERMAINE TANK1312006-07-13Jersey Shore Roller Girls
Trace of Death1312007-05-23Hard Knox Roller Derby
Fairuza Hulk13102008-09-17Sydney Roller Derby League
Molly MedicateHer13102011-10-08Peterborough Roller Derby League
Neighbourhood Psycho13102012-01-12Seaside Siren Roller Girls
Speedy Gun Haul-Ass13102007-07-13Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Farrah Force-It (cleared)13112011-11-10Diamond Valley Roller Derby
Gore Jones13112011-11-15Valdosta Venom
1,000 Hurts13132008-11-01Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Angel N Havok13132008-09-17Inland Empire Derby Divas
Betsy Boombox13132010-09-19Gent GO-GO Roller Girls
Bettie the Bruiser13132011-06-21Gawler Roller Derby
Bloody Kisses13132010-11-19Central New York Roller Derby
Dawn Cherry13132011-12-20CCDD
Delilah Von Doom13132009-01-21Richter City Roller Derby
Draco13132011-04-07Valdosta Venom Roller Derby
Edith My Payne13132011-06-30Angels of Anarchy
Em Jekill13132011-11-12Dieppe Roller Derby
Fearless Faery13132010-06-15San Diego Roller Derby
Ferocia Fierce13132009-03-29Rollergirls of Southern Indiana
Fly Bye Birdie13132010-01-16Sac City Rollers
FrankenCrunt13132011-11-03Brisbane City Rollers
Haunt Whore13132009-06-17Junction City Roller Dolls
Herman Munster13132009-10-16Richmond Derby Demons
Hoochie Mama13132006-03-28Independent (TBD 8/9/13)
J Smack13132011-11-15Prairie Fire Roller Girls
Kat Van MeOuch13132011-04-05Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Kerrie Abig Styx13132011-04-05Monterey Bay Derby Dames
Kick Face Trace13132006-02-23Dallas Derby Devils
Liat13132012-06-04Mambas Negras Roller Derby
Lily Monzter13132011-11-01Prison City Derby Dames
Lily MustHurt13132009-10-05West Coast Derby Knockouts
Lily Punchter1313 Atlanta Rollergirls
Maulin Munster13132010-09-02Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Misfit Miraje13132011-10-02Sick Town Derby Dames
Muscles Marinara13132009-01-01Long Island Roller Rebels
Painiac13132011-05-09MK Roller Derby
Princess Panic13132007-03-07Oklahoma Victory Dolls
Satans Sinseeker13132010-06-16Independent (TBD 8/9/13)
Scary Keri13132007-05-12Billings Roller Derby
Scream Queen13132007-09-11Radioactive City Rollergirls
Spooky Spiky13132010-10-13Harbor Girls e.V.
Stiletto Zombie13132010-07-05Peace Region Roller Dolls
Taboo13132008-06-19Mainland Misfits Roller Derby Association
Tatty Munster13132010-06-10Emerald City Roller Girls
Tower of Power13132011-08-16TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Vi=na carver13132011-05-22Royal Windsor Roller Girls
Whamsday Addams13132008-03-27Kitsap Derby Brats
Battle Bee13142011-01-29Fierce Valley Roller Girls
Graveheart13142010-04-15Providence Roller Derby
Racey Lane1314 Resurrection Roller Girls
Two Bob Hit13142012-03-31Murder City Roller Girls
Lady Dissector13162010-01-24Richter City Roller Derby
Rebel Scardust13162011-08-14Northern Brisbane Rollers
Pin-Up Ghoul13172010-06-16Hudson Valley Horrors
Southern Spitfire13172012-01-27Dirt City Roller Rats
Sugar Me Sweet13192011-04-05Victorian Roller Derby
Bloody2Shoes1322011-02-27Happy Valley Derby Darlins
Eleanor Blows B. Dealt1322010-04-13New River Valley Rollergirls
Monster Mary1322011-09-08Rotterdam Death Row Honeys
Shirley Mowyadowney1322012-04-22Wreckin Roller Rebels
Spuds MacFrenzie1322012-06-11Drive-By City Rollers
Sucka Tash1322011-06-24Oklahoma City Roller Derby
You++1322011-07-11Boston Derby Dames
Bone Punks-N-Harm Her Knee132 killories2011-10-14Oakland Derby Diamonds
Mighty Menace13202011-02-20Arizona Rollergirls
Meow Wallace13212011-06-22Tri City Roller Girls
Poca Hunts'em'down13212010-11-23TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Cherry jam-Her13252011-12-02Sis-Q Rollerz
Henna Ho Crusher13252011-02-13Battle Born Derby Demons
French Tickler13262007-08-19Rose City Rollers
Jekah Wrekah Yo Ask13262010-08-19Gulf Coast Rollergirls
Twizted Burdy13272010-08-23Desert Dolls Roller Derby League
Trixie Von Smash13282010-01-09Forest City Derby Girls
Aeroswift1332012-02-22Wicked Island Roller Derby
Allah Inyahbiz1332011-02-08Missile Mountain Roller Derby
Bear Claw1332011-06-16San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Bloody Mum1332012-04-12Les Quads de Paris
Charlapayne1332011-09-06Sauk Valley Sirens
Hothead Paisan1332006-09-25Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
Pocket Punch1332011-09-08Pikes Peak Derby Dames
Sepultara1332011-07-11Bay Rollers
Thorpedo1332011-01-28Kansas City Roller Warriors
Bedlam Belle13302009-02-04Boston Derby Dames
Calico Jacky Rack'em13302011-07-11V Town Derby Dames
Bajagitty Ann13312010-12-07Eastern Iowa Outlaws
Defeat Her Hayworth13312012-03-31Murder City Roller Girls
Monster-Rat13312011-09-01Barcelona Roller Derby
Needle Fever13312008-05-22Central Coast Roller Derby
Severe Turbulence13312012-04-10St. Cloud Area Roller Dolls
Tiny-tempah13312012-02-21Newcastle Roller Derby
Zena Zom B13312011-10-26Assassination City Roller Derby
Layne Smackdown13332012-03-29Capital City Skull Crushers
Miz Formaldehyde13342006-05-24South Texas Rolleristas
Ada Hatelace13372007-01-19Windy City Rollers
Angry Nirds13372011-07-11Angel City Derby Girls
Apocalipstick!13372006-07-14Rose City Rollers
Arya Hurtin13372012-02-23Shadow City Rollers
Barbalicious13372006-09-21Jet City Rollergirls
Bebe Banger13372009-05-20FoCo Girls Gone Derby
Biff Quick13372011-01-02Rock City Riot
Black and Blue Jean13372009-03-11Albany All Stars Roller Derby
Bottle Rocket13372009-02-02Reno Roller Girls
Braids of Wrath13372011-11-23Resurrection Roller Girls
Bridget Pwns13372011-02-07TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Bubonic Peg13372010-01-27Kansas City Roller Warriors
Carrie Fissure13372010-08-08Perth Roller Derby
Crannberry13372011-10-22Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Crash matt13372010-07-02Leeds Roller Dolls
CrunchLady Doris13372008-10-24Victorian Roller Derby
Da Big C13372008-04-29Sthlm Bstrds
Damsel of Distress13372012-01-20Gold City Roller Girls
Death n D'Kay13372010-04-19Swansea City Slayers
Dee Vious13372012-06-04Northside Fury Roller Derby
Depeche Maud13372011-03-09Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Dick Stryker13372011-07-23Infinite Mass Roller Derby
Die Anna13372009-05-23Hurricane Alley Roller Derby
DoS Attack!13372008-11-11Dallas Derby Devils
Dot Slash13372007-10-19South West Angels of Terror
Ebola Iris13372008-09-02TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Ella Mehfayo13372011-06-07Southcentral Michigan Renegade Rollitia
Eminomaly13372011-08-31Maui Rollergirls
Evaden Xploit13372011-10-13Charlottesville Derby Dames
FR3AK N'Rabbit13372010-09-23Shore Points Roller Derby
Frag Doll13372008-10-03Green Mountain Derby Dames
Freudian Slit13375-23-12Canberra Roller Derby
Froom Vroom13372011-11-13Calgary Roller Derby Association
Heidi Contagious13372011-08-15Richter City Roller Derby
Honey Hellbilly13372012-01-03Barry County Black Heart Maidens
Ice Queen13372011-02-22Roller Derby Toulouse
Incredible Hulse13372009-06-10Central City Rollergirls
Indiana Pwns13372010-03-09Killa Hurtz Roller Girls
Inigo MonToyWithYa13372011-08-18TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Jayne Maneater13372010-03-11Fog City Rollers
Joan of ARRGH13372010-11-11Toronto Junior Roller Derby
Killer Kootch13372009-01-07Assault City Roller Derby
Kitty Crossbones13372010-02-22Lafayette Brawlin Dolls
Kiyomi Killstreak13372011-12-28Pottstown Roller Derby Rockstars
Lethal Lolita1337 Rose City Rollers
Lil' Pwny13372008-09-25Sick Town Derby Dames
Limey-Nigma13372011-05-24Pirate City Rollers
Logistic Aggression13372011-04-05Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
Lolcat13372008-09-29Mad Rollin' Dolls
Lollerskates13372007-04-18Orange County Roller Girls
Major Collider13372011-09-05Southern Discomfort Roller Derby
Maura Gressive13372009-02-18B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Mickispeedia13372008-08-21LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Mooks13372010-09-18Manchester Roller Derby
Mr Sparkle13372012-02-08Adelaide Roller Derby
N3rdy Grrl13372010-11-20Rage City Rollergirls
Newks Kaboom13372011-03-03Central New York Roller Derby
Pain Gretzky1337 Minnesota Roller Girls
Paloma Faithless13372011-10-08Dundee Roller Girls
Pebbles the Rebel13372011-08-08Dublin Roller Girls
Pew-Pew!13372011-06-18Light City Derby
Pwnin O'Brien13372011-04-07Harrisburg Area Roller Derby
Ra-Ra Rasputina13372012-03-19Belfast Roller Derby
Richie Frangiosa13372008-12-16Philly Rollergirls
Rollin' in the Geek13372012-03-26Mean Valley Roller Girls
Scabigail1337 TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Skullmonkey13372011-11-14Arctic Roller Derby
Sweet Action13372011-09-26Auckland Roller Derby
Sweetzilla13372011-06-18LOCO Roller Derby
Terror Byte13372006-07-12Windy City Rollers
Tjutet13372011-09-29Crime City Rollers
Toto Lee Violent13372012-03-26Fargo Moorhead Derby Girls
Tricky Mick13372009-07-05Dockyard Derby Dames
Ultra Lilac13372011-08-12Granite City Roller Girls
Violet Offender13372007-11-14San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
War War Binks13375/8/12Helsingborg Roller Derby Club
Weston-Super-Clare13372012-04-07Dolly Rockit Rollers
Wip3r13372011-01-25Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz
AnnaBaslamma13392009-04-16Reno Roller Girls
Aim 'n Halle Lewya133:12008-12-19Resurrection Roller Girls
Bat Runner133Mhz2012-01-30Cranium Basher Dolls
Pwn Star133t2009-06-10CoMo Derby Dames
B.J. HARMstrong1342009-09-07Queen City Roller Girls
Danni Sinferno1342011-03-08Flathead Valley Roller Derby
Five Penny Nail'er1342012-04-26Big Easy Rollergirls
Pandora Doom1342010-11-29Wasatch Roller Derby
Sue Bonic Plague1342011-03-20Royal Windsor Roller Girls
Zebra: Warrior Princess1342011-03-31New Hampshire Roller Derby
Lickity Blitz13462011-01-01Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
PunisHer Page13462010-10-18Casper's Deadly Ghosts
Babeonic Plague13482010-08-08Perth Roller Derby
Amelia Dareheart13492012-03-12Eastern Carolina Brawling Betties
Katy Peril13492010-09-10London Rollergirls
Morbid Angel13492010-04-09Palm Beach Rollergirls
Razor Wrecked It13492010-03-12Red Deer Roller Derby Association
Brains & Booty1352010-07-25Memphis Roller Derby
Ossa Rotti1352011-09-18Bedfordshire Rollergirls
Abrasion Ivy135 decibels2010-09-22Sintral Florida Derby Demons
Heidibusa1350cc2007-07-24Radioactive City Rollergirls
Perpetual Mo'Tion13522011-03-21Cheyenne Capidolls Roller Derby
Hock (The)13572011-07-01Plattsburgh Roller Derby
Angel DeFright1362010-07-02Wakey Wheeled Cats
Pink Pansydropper1362011-11-15Bellingham Roller Betties
Red Blaze1362011-02-14Dorset Rollergirls
Nellie Nialator13632011-01-09Cedar Rapids Rollergirls
Stellaonia13662011-04-17Taranaki Roller Corps
Battle-Ax Barbie13692010-08-27Space Coast Rocket Jockeys
Blazin' Bran 136913692012-01-17Girls Rollin in the South (GRITS)
Blue Falcon13692012-02-21Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls
Dirty Larry13692008-12-31Twin Cities Terrors
Hellbilly Lily13692009-01-29Torpedo Bay Roller Girls
Lil Miss Stuffit13692010-03-13Olympia Underground Derby
Misty Manding13692010-11-02TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Sawd'off13692006-12-01Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Wendy Whiplash13692006-05-18Philly Rollergirls
Bella Bedlam1372008-12-08Reno Roller Girls
Butterfly Effect1372012-02-05A'Salt Creek Roller Girls
Eggysan1372010-01-04GateKeepers Roller Derby
Malevolent Morgan1372012-03-05River City Rollergirls
Pebbles1372010-06-28Bemidji Babe City Rollers
Roar1372009-06-17South Side Roller Derby
Rosie Toes1372009-04-02Lilac City Rollergirls
SRVixen1372012-03-21Assassination City Roller Derby
Sam Bam1372011-07-11V Town Derby Dames
Barium137.332007-11-21New River Valley Rollergirls
Rhayfen13742010-11-23Valleys Roller Dolls
Frou Frou Larou13752011-03-16Gold City Roller Girls
Blue Suede Bruise13792012-01-12Seaside Siren Roller Girls
Wheel N Deal13792011-07-20San Diego Roller Derby
AfterDoom DeLight1382011-09-21ToadSuck Derby Dames
Angelethal1382007-01-11Renegade Rollergirls (AZ)
Anita Riot138 Dallas Derby Devils
Ann 'Oi1382011-10-18Riverside Roller Belles
Archbitch of Slamterbury1382010-07-15Royal City Rollergirls
Astra Zombie1382006-11-06Long Island Roller Rebels
Battle Ready Betty1382006-06-01Hard Knox Roller Derby
Bettie Munster1385/1/12Paper Valley Roller Girls
Bomb*Shell*Blitz1382009-04-17Independent (TBD 9/30/13)
Brigg em down1382009-08-24San Diego Roller Derby
Brutal Birdie1382011-09-04Junction City Roller Dolls
Brutal Vroom1382010-01-18Assault City Roller Derby
Buzz Bomb1382010-08-12Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
Cannibal Carrie1382010-01-19Casper's Deadly Ghosts
Carson B. Demented138 Duke City Derby
Catrina Wormit1382012-01-17Barcelona Roller Derby
Cement Kiss1382008-01-17Victoria Rollergirls
Cemeterri Jane1382010-01-24709 Derby Girls
Cherry Only1382007-07-05Suburbia Roller Derby
Clawdia Shiver1382010-07-09Paradise Roller Girls
CompliKate1382010-01-21Team Elite
Count Funkadelic1382010-11-09Darlings of Destruction
Crash Star1382012-06-07Olympia Underground Derby
Crasher Von Razor1382008-07-18Disaster City Roller Girls
Crimson Ghost1382012-02-29Red Rock 'N Roller Derby
Cuntess Bashory (cleared)1382012-03-02Crescent City Derby Devils
Demonomia1382008-01-19Gainesville Roller Rebels
Devlin Deskyze1382011-05-26Voodoo Derby Dollz Roller Derby Association
Devochka1382011-10-08Peterborough Roller Derby League
Dr. Frankenhurter1382007-12-10Radioactive City Rollergirls
Dr. Skully Bones1382007-08-16S'Kathchen Roller Derby
El VISIOUS1382007-09-16Hellfire Harlots
Elbow Brite1382011-06-26Happy Valley Derby Darlins
Errrka Deetz1382009-06-09Riverside Riptides
Eve Almind1382008-11-11Rockford Rage
Evie McSkeevy1382008-05-14Angel City Derby Girls
Evilyn Sidher1382011-01-17Lake City Roller Dolls
Fiend Club1382009-09-29River Region Rollergirls
General Disappointment1382012-02-01Hel'z Belles
Ghola Lola1382008-06-11Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Grim Lee Fiendish1382011-02-01Vette City Roller Derby
Gunn1382011-03-21Leeds Roller Dolls
Gunner Hands Off1382010-01-06Maine Roller Derby
Gwen Danzig1382006-11-03River City Rollergirls
Hellvira1382011-11-20Hidden City Derby Girls
Holly Grail1382010-09-21Hurricane Alley Roller Derby
Honey St. Claire138 Philly Rollergirls
Hy DeMonic1382010-10-29Roc City Roller Derby
I-SCARly1382010-07-26Bradentucky Bombers
Ivanya Skulz1382011-01-29Central Coast Roller Derby
JJ Jik'-_-sh_'1382010-03-01Denver Roller Dolls
Jacki Voorhees1382012-03-29Shore Points Roller Derby
Jane Doe1382009-06-17Brazos Valley Derby Girls
Jerk Alert1382008-04-13DC Rollergirls
Junkyard Doll1382006-04-22Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Katarina Van Rotten1382007-04-20Emerald City Roller Girls
Kid Wreck1382011-01-21Coffs Coast Derby
Killah Illah1382010-08-25RockCity Rollers
Killy Idol1382006-11-14Derby City Roller Girls
Kitty Twister138 Boston Derby Dames
Knucklehead McSpazitron1382006-09-25River City Rollergirls
Kozmo Trouble1382010-06-10Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Kryptina1382007-02-24Rollergirls of Central Kentucky (ROCK)
Kylie Volatile1382008-08-03Birmingham Blitz Dames
La Pistola1382006-05-01Renegade Rollergirls (OC)
Lily The Kid1382007-04-26Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Lola Lobotomy1382010-09-01Bristol Roller Derby
Magnolia Cut'her1382011-08-03Tupelo Honeys Roller Derby
Mammapoison1382009-03-02Reno Roller Girls
Marquee de Squad138 Mississippi Rollergirls
Mental Bento1382008-03-25Pacific Roller Derby
Merewolf1382011-04-05Royal City Rollergirls
Mina Munster1382011-01-05Durham Region Roller Derby
Miss Fit Murphy1382012-03-18JBLM Bettie Brigade
Miss Ghoulina1382009-05-15North Jersey Roller Derby
Mistits1382007-07-14Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Morbus DeMonsta1382011-05-15rocKArollers
Mrs. Knuckles1382011-03-18Ume Radical Rollers
Natasha Vilkildavich1382010-11-13West Coast Derby Knockouts
Negative Nancy (cleared)1382011-11-13Calgary Roller Derby Association
Nicki Fury1382010-01-23Sheffield Steel Rollergirls
Nike-A-Go-Go1382011-11-01Wasatch Roller Derby
Nova Kane Jane1382010-09-29Iron Mountain Roller Girls
Pain-Galaura1382007-04-30Sonoma County Roller Derby
Panda Von Massacre1382009-11-01Northern Brisbane Rollers
Pat Smear Dribblin1382009-02-07MTL Roller Derby
Peaches Plotter1382011-04-24Jyvskyl Roller Derby
Pearl Rogi1382009-12-22Ohio Roller Girls
Pomona Bomber1382011-03-02Greensboro Roller Derby
Prin-Up!1382010-12-26Buenos Aires Roller Derby
Psyko Kupkake1382011-03-10Long Beach Roller Derby
Quirk The Jerk1382008-01-30Molly Roger Rollergirls
Rainbow Dash1382012-04-15Royal Windsor Rollergirls
Resident Kenevil1382011-11-29Drive-By City Rollers
Reyna Destruction1382006-12-03Confluence Crush Derby
Rockets Dead Glare1382011-01-12City of Fists Rollergirls
Rosario Dodge-Em1382011-03-31Dirt City Roller Rats
Rosie the Inhibitor1382011-03-10North Texas Derby Revolution
Rowdy Crimson1382012-03-07Arnhem Fallen Angels
Roxie Riot138 Harrisburg Area Roller Derby
Sabotash the Cunt1382011-08-15Richter City Roller Derby
Satin Burnout1382008-09-19Sintral Florida Derby Demons
Scara Way1382012-04-16Halifax Roller Derby
Shanatarium1382008-01-30Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Shawna Th'Dead138 Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Sheer Tara1382006-09-15Queen City Roller Girls
Shelby Unkonshus1382009-06-02Black Diamond Roller Derby
Shock Hop1382008-05-04Circle City Derby Girls
Sidney Vicious1382007-01-10SINtral Valley Derby Girls
Skate Bambino (The)1382011-04-19Inland Empire Derby Divas
Smorgas Morgue1382011-06-16San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Spank N. Bury1382011-03-16San Angelo Soul Sisters
Suzy Tsunami1382011-01-09Skate the Wilderness
Sven Ghoulia1382011-10-02The Aurora 88s
Swish Cariboom1382009-12-07Victorian Roller Derby
Terminatrix138 Tallahassee Rollergirls
Toxic Avenger1382010-05-04Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
True Bruiser1382011-02-18Fiend Queens Roller Derby
Vicious1382007-07-08TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Vicious Kali1382010-08-10Gothenburg Roller Derby
Victator, The1382006-10-20Memphis Roller Derby
Vivien Leigh-thal1382011-07-26Rainy City Roller Dolls
Von Savage1382009-03-13Liverpool Roller Birds
Whorrid Heather1382011-11-23HARBOR CITY ROLLER DAMES
Roaring Totta138 bpm2012-06-13Gothenburg Roller Derby
DVS Dragonfli13802011-04-19Crossroads City Derby
War-Burton13812012-01-07Bruising Banditas Roller Derby
Hell Louise13842006-08-22Santa Cruz Derby Girls
Hailey Havoc13852011-06-16San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Angles Shacgyver1392011-06-19Arch Rival Roller Girls
Bru-Tillie Divine1392011-03-29Hawkesbury/Hills Area Roller Derby
Joy Buzzkill1392010-01-27Kansas City Roller Warriors
Jumpin' Jules Flash1392011-01-27Forx Roller Derby
Miso Special1392011-01-17TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Stevel Knievel1392008-08-28Central City Rollergirls
Tangles1392011-03-19Big Easy Rollergirls
Witch DR1392012-01-10Furness Firecrackers
Spar-Kill & Shine13:132011-01-25Ocala Cannibals Roller Derby
D.L..ZeDub13:182010-04-05Haunted City Rollers
Bad Dirt13:72009-06-27Rideau Valley Roller Girls
Guera Loca13A2011-05-13Long Beach Roller Derby
Dread-E Krueger13ELM2012-02-11Kansas City Banked Beauties
Nursie Knockout13G5/9/12Viva Roller Derby
Shake N'Break13Klg2012-04-03Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
Logi Block-N-Bangher13L2009-04-14Rockford Rage
Dotcha I13R2012-02-17Salina Sirens Roller Derby
Death by Cheese13X2012-04-13L.A. Junior Derby Dolls
Poll E Block'it13a2011-04-11Cardiff Roller Collective
Pinky Nails13d2011-10-14Hartford Area Roller Derby
Miss Cassidy13itch2011-07-31Naughty Pines Derby Dames
Killah Joules13kJ2008-05-18Ithaca League of Women Rollers
Devil's Whip13mm2009-04-06Bedfordshire Rollergirls
Snapper Turtle13mph2010-02-11Glass City Rollers
Scar Mitzvah13th2010-12-03Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Spookie Stackhouse13th2009-11-10Palm Beach Rollergirls
She-Ra Noveru13x2011-01-29Mainland Misfits Roller Derby Association
A'Doll Essence142012-04-03Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
A-Bombinatrix142010-08-17Pacific Roller Derby
AJ Dropavich14 Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Abby Cadabra142007-11-14Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Acid Burn142011-06-24Happy Valley Derby Darlins
All-In Apocalypse142011-04-26East Coast Devastation
Angel of Shove'n You145-18-12Ark Valley High Rollers
Angela smAshes142010-12-12Mid-State Sisters of Skate
Anita Applebomb14 Windy City Rollers
Anita Smack142011-05-19South Bay Derby Mizfitz
AnneSleaze142011-03-11Northern Lightning Rollergirls
Apex142011-03-30High City Derby Divas
Autopsyana142011-11-05North Coast Roller Derby
B.A.M!142010-11-30Illinois Valley Vixens
BONNIE CANFLY142012-01-16B.M.O. Roller Derby Girls
Beat Rose142010-04-21TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Beat'em Juice142011-01-06Dom City Dolls
Betta Watch'it142009-11-30Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Bettie Plague142007-10-22Hidden City Derby Girls
Big Willie Style142010-11-28Greensboro Roller Derby
Blackeye Fairy142011-02-12Reef City Roller Girls
Blew Raven142012-06-13Tar Sand Betties Roller Derby
Bloody Valentine142007-05-14London Rockin Rollers
Brawla Abdul142010-12-20Central New York Roller Derby
Bullet La Vulva142010-04-06Cape Fear Roller Girls
Bustin Beaver142010-12-15Crossroads City Derby
Butch Bombshell142010-09-22Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Candy Stroya142010-08-01Sis-Q Rollerz
Canuckle Therapy142012-04-10Illinois Derby League
CarrJack-Her142012-01-22Classic City Rollergirls
Cat Clash142011-02-23MK Roller Derby
Cherry Brutal142011-04-12Salt Spring Island Roller Derby
Chi Chi Roni142006-07-06Phoenix City Rollers
Christy Demons142009-03-28Northern Brisbane Rollers
Chunky Thunda142010-09-29NV East Roller Girls
Cookies N. Cream142009-05-26TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Cr8v Thug142012-04-18Niagara Roller Girls
Crazy Chica142010-11-09Darlings of Destruction
Criminal Intent142006-12-13Calgary Roller Derby Association
Danger Mouse142006-08-04Hammer City Roller Girls
Darling Nikki14 Mad Rollin' Dolls
DeManda Brawl142010-02-16Winnipeg Roller Derby
Dee Dee Smash142012-03-27Dunedin Derby
Deja Deadwards142010-02-26Mid Iowa Rollers
Diamond Lil14 Denver Roller Dolls
Diane Decay142010-09-24LOCO Roller Derby
Discombobulator (The)142011-07-05South Island Sirens Roller Derby
Dublin D'Pain142011-11-29580 Roller Girls
E=MC Scared142011-02-10Plymouth City Roller Girls
ERR LINE FRACTURE142011-06-14Dire Skates
Eevil Weevil142010-12-20Rideau Valley Roller Girls
Elfin Fierce142011-12-15Rainy City Roller Dolls
Elle Capone142010-02-22Springfield Rollergirls
Epic Fail.atio145-29-12Munich Rolling Rebels
Fancy Grace142012-03-05Scenic City Roller Psychos
Feral Kat142011-11-29Charm City Roller Girls
Fighting Mongoose (The)142011-07-02Yukon Roller Girls
Fire Child142008-09-30Calgary Roller Derby Association
Flea Bitten Kitten142009-08-25Cherry City Derby Girls
Flew the Coop145/15/12Lake City Roller Dolls
Foxy Hard Knox142011-11-27Brighton Rockers Roller Derby
Freyja the Fearless145/3/12Chocolate City Cherry bombers
Gégé La Brute142011-09-06Nantes Derby Girls
Gainous Points142011-03-24Panama City Roller Derby
Ginger Avenger142009-01-14KC Roller Warriors
Ginger Fury142012-02-08OKC Wolf Pack
Glory Daze142008-10-01Renegade Rollergirls (So Cal)
Gnome Ercy142009-03-04Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
Halli Pena-Popper142008-03-21Santa Cruz Derby Girls
Hannah Wanna Slam Ya142012-04-13L.A. Junior Derby Dolls
Hap Hazard142011-02-22Salisbury Rollergirls
Hardbody142011-04-07Valdosta Venom Roller Derby
Hell B. Elby142010-05-18Key City Roller Derby
Hell Mary full of Malice142008-11-19Northern Brisbane Rollers
Hell's Belle14 Lonestar Rollergirls
Honey Hartwheels142009-09-10Central Alberta Roller Derby Association
Ivanna Makercry142011-10-02The Aurora 88s
Jack Splat142010-07-15Royal City Rollergirls
Jack TripHer142011-02-11Shadow City Rollers
Jagged Little Pill142012-04-17Big Bucks High Rollers
JeeJee145-17-12Kouvola Rock n Rollers
Jillbee Stingz142011-08-07Ballarat Roller Derby
Jinx Murphy142012-01-22LOCO Roller Derby
Joan Ranger142008-04-22Chicago Outfit
Joy Recc-Her142012-02-19Sumter Swarm Roller Derby
Juno LaFlor145/4/12Zoo City Rollers
KP's Nuts142011-06-20Fair City Rollers
Keister Bunny142012-03-06Mad Wreckin' Dolls
Keli Fiasco142011-11-10Flint Hills Fury
Kidmc142008-01-27Man's Ruin Roller Derby
Kika Maxwell142011-11-07Rock & Roller Queens Bogota
Killshot142011-01-21Southern Belle's Roller Derby
Kinky Honeydew142010-07-21Tampere Rollin' Hos
Kitty Violent142011-09-29Crime City Rollers
Knuckles Dragon142012-04-26Grey Bruce Roller Derby
Kourtney Kar-BASH-u-in142011-02-02Paradise Roller Girls
LIE-LOW LILITH142012-04-10Kent Roller Girls
Ladyee Mc Biatch142012-02-11Tweed Valley Rollers
Le Danse Macabre142012-03-03Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
Lethal Limey142010-05-20Undead Bettys
Lex Luther142012-04-30Methow Valley Roller Girls
Lilly Zom-Bee142010-04-16Belfast Roller Derby
Lisa Bashes142011-04-28Imposters Rollergirls
Livid Lola142006-09-25River City Rollergirls
Lolita Daze142011-11-01East Vic Roller Derby
Lone Rider (The)142010-11-24Rotterdam Death Row Honeys
Lulu Lightning142012-02-18Flint City Derby Girls
MOrocko142010-11-10Capital City Rollers
Major Mischief142011-04-21Mount Militia Derby Crew
Mars Attack142012-04-30B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
MassaKOR142011-03-01Pottstown Roller Derby Rockstars
Maulin' Brando142007-05-26New York Shock Exchange
Max Fracture142012-01-25Basingstoke Roller Derby
Mayhem Daze142010-05-23TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Megan A. Scene142010-11-13Seacoast Roller Pixies
Miss Addicting142006-04-28Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Miss Hellcity Lemon142012-03-18Nidaros Roller Derby
Miss Killer Kat142011-12-04Copenhagen roller derby
Missy Mayhem142010-08-17South West Sydney Rockets
Mistress Moxi142008-01-21Assault City Roller Derby
Mmm Bop-Ya142010-08-02Grand Junction Roller Girls
Moe YaDown142007-01-10Rat City Rollergirls
Molly McCrushin142011-02-07South County Derby Girls
Mother Bones142010-11-10Maine Roller Derby
Motorshred142012-03-26Alberni Valley Roller Girls
Mystique N' Destroy142011-07-30Lil Chicago Roller Derby
MzSNOWmer142006-07-09Dockyard Derby Dames
NarLee142009-08-25Long Beach Roller Derby
Nasty Nads142011-03-16Gold City Roller Girls
Naughty Angel142011-02-18Bakersfield Rollergirls
Nicki Heat142012-04-04A-Town Roller Girlz
Oi! Rish142010-11-17Detroit Derby Girls
Olive A Sudden142012-01-09Sheffield Steel Rollergirls
Ophelia Wrath142011-03-21Leeds Roller Dolls
Oscar de la Hurtya142011-06-24Steel City Derby Demons
Outlaw Hacksaw142012-01-10Havasu HitGirls
Over EZ142010-08-26Killamazoo Derby Darlins
P.S. I Shove You142011-01-14Mission City Brawlin Betties
PI No No142012-02-22Capital City Crushers
Patsy Stonewall142011-04-22Arnhem Fallen Angels
Patty Wack-Her142010-03-13Olympia Underground Derby
Princess of Wheels145-30-12Battle Creek Damzel Dollz Jr Roller Derby
Propaganda142010-12-31Lilac City Rollergirls
Reggie Mental142011-04-30Wolverhampton Honour Rollers
Risquée biznatch142008-10-29Terminal City Rollergirls
Rocky Rhoda142009-04-06Bedfordshire Rollergirls
Rough Lauren142010-02-01Duluth/Superior Junior Roller Derby
SKari Bomb142011-09-15South Simcoe Rebel Rollers
SM.A.C.M. Hard142010-11-29Cold'n Heart Junior Derby
Saint Demise142011-01-12Dead End Derby
Sam Jam142011-01-10Bakken Derby Girls League
Scandi Lust142006-12-13River Valley Roller Girls
Scar-let O'Hurtya142007-05-29Houston Roller Derby
SeBASHtian bach142012-04-16Halifax Roller Derby
Shae D. Character142011-01-25Carolina Rollergirls
Shorty Ounce142010-01-28Rat City Rollergirls
Shyster142011-03-09Missile Mountain Roller Derby
Siren SmashUp142011-01-27NorSask Roller Derby
Slameron Diaz142011-09-12Marietta Derby Darlins
Slammin Snook142012-01-25Escanaba Rollin Hellcats
Slaying Mantis142007-01-24CoMo Derby Dames
Slick E. Toffee142009-11-18London Rollergirls
Slick Nikki142007-11-01Fox Cityz Foxz
Smash Gordon142009-12-19Bellingham Roller Betties
Sonic the Trackhog142011-05-17Cornfed Derby Dames
Stone Face145-22-12Black Diamond Dames of PA/NY
Strawberry Shortbus142010-05-21Lilac City Pixies
Suspence Kill142011-09-30Highland Roller Girls
Sweeney Quad142010-01-14Oklahoma City Roller Derby
Sweet Skates142010-09-17OKC Outlaws Roller Derby
T Pain142009-01-02Oklahoma Victory Dolls
Tally Ho14 Chi*Town Sirens Roller Derby
Tanya HardON142010-03-10TBD (delete 6/12/13)
The Cramp142012-02-21Newcastle Roller Derby
Thundapuss142011-11-03Brisbane City Rollers
Tifa Skatehart142010-11-18Cardiff Roller Collective
Tigrrr-Bomb142010-11-23Harbour City Rollers
Tipper Over142012-02-20Naptown Roller Girls
Toast Her Oven142009-08-12Grand Raggidy Roller Girls
Toxic Waist142010-02-12Stockholm Roller Derby
Truth Hurtz142011-12-29Harm City Homicide
V for Vendetta142007-09-18Sonoma County Roller Derby
Valentine Crush142009-06-23Rainy City Roller Girls
Valentine Vixen142009-04-06Van Diemen Rollers
Villain Thomas142011-03-04Humboldt Roller Derby
Vulcan Deathgripper142011-11-14Arctic Roller Derby
Warden Ramsey142012-04-23The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Wings of Fury142010-10-09Reno Roller Girls
Y the Hellnaut142011-07-20South Bend Roller Girls
Zinger142012-06-06Rock City Rollers
Zoe Bowie14 TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Zoso Wicked145/1/12Whidbey Island Roller Girls
Nurse Thrashit14 G2010-01-28CoMo Derby Dames
IV Drop14 Gauge2007-11-08Suburbia Roller Derby
Olivia Neutron Bomb14 MeV2012-02-13Bristol Roller Derby
Rusty Needles14 gauge2006-03-28Renegade Rollergirls (OR)
Bunny Rabid14 karat2008-04-02Atomic City Roller Girls
Crazy Bacon14 oz.2010-06-21Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
Mike Oxlong14"2010-01-22Perth Roller Derby
.Vicious Vinifera14%2011-04-03Ithaca League of Women Rollers
Bitter Whine14%2009-08-18Mainland Misfits Roller Derby Association
Foxie Renard14.72008-04-10Providence Roller Derby
Anti Barbie (The)14.92010-08-10Murder City Roller Girls
Turn-N-Burn14.92011-09-06TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Squeaky14/222011-07-08Tacones Bandidos
Willow Rosen-blood14/72011-08-12Granite City Roller Girls
Brooklynbounce1402011-06-07Diamond Valley Roller Derby
Deci-Belle1402010-08-11Fog City Rollers
Maggie de Sade1402009-09-07Queen City Roller Girls
Missy Me's-on the Track1402011-12-31MTL Roller Derby
Naughty Courty1402011-09-18Northern Brisbane Rollers
Nurse Lithium1402009-03-15Undead Bettys
Radioactive I-So-Dope140 KeV2011-03-11CoMo Derby Dames
Diamond Grrrl140 cts2006-10-16TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Klymaxxx140 miles2008-12-17Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Smack Ya Sideways140 mph2008-01-17Rose City Rollers
Pushy Tushy140.62012-03-17Desert Dolls Roller Derby
Austin Plow-Her14002011-01-02Rock City Riot
Bubonic Paige14002010-07-16Mitten Mavens
Raina Violence14002009-04-02Carolina Rollergirls
Shock Therapy14002010-03-12Fargo Moorhead Derby Girls
Pixie Rott14025/14/12Grin 'n Barum
Leah Botomi14062010-08-13Hellfire Harlots
Guil0tina BoneAparte14072009-03-21Geelong Roller Derby League
Kaz Bashing-her14072010-03-30Bedfordshire Rollergirls
Pinky Gruesome14072010-01-11South Side Roller Derby
Satan's Muse14072010-11-29Seaside Siren Roller Girls
Cybil Enforce'Her14082011-04-13Hellfire Harlots
Ophelia Terror14082010-01-15W.A. Roller Derby
Pinup PunisHER14082012-01-24High City Derby Divas
Red Jackel (The)14082010-12-15Crossroads City Derby
Kim Bashing'er14092011-11-10Wakey Wheeled Cats
TDB dba Wrongway Feldman140W 10N2008-04-28Paper Valley Roller Girls
Sheree kin' Violent140db2010-09-08South Sea Roller Derby
Barbara Coa140lbs Alamo City Rollergirls
Ba Dum Tush1412012-01-12Angel City Derby Girls
Candy Crack Smacker1412010-06-07Bay Rollers
Bad Bird14115/14/12Copenhagen Roller Derby
Cheerbleeder14112011-08-24Atomic Cupcakes Junior Roller Derby
Lulu WondeRoo14112010-05-21Castle Rock N' Rollers
Lady HipCracker14122012-03-03Happy Valley Derby Darlins
Pixie Van-Slamme14122011-11-16Newcastle Roller Girls
Ms. Bad Azz Teach Her14152011-07-27Hurrican Alley Roller Derby
Vixen Von Smash14162012-02-06LOCO Roller Derby
Sue-age Spill1416212006-09-25River City Rollergirls
Savvy DeckHer1422011-05-08Fargo Moorhead Derby Girls
Skumrask1422012-04-23The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Sweet Revenge1422006-08-04Tri-County Rolling Militia
TropiKILL Mango1422009-01-19Greater Jacksonville Roller Derby
Eva Temptress14202011-05-02Rome Rollergirls
Hrtin Pre14202011-12-19Mean Valley Roller Girls
Stickki Nikki14212011-04-25Sin Cal Derby Vixens
Brandy Brews14222010-01-06Thunder Bay Roller Derby
Lady Snake14222011-07-02Buenos Aires Roller Derby
Mala Dama14222011-05-30Central Michigan Roller Derby
Maid Morrigan14235-23-12Latrobe City Roller Derby
Leg o' Lass14242011-09-30Highland Roller Girls
Sorah Bones14242010-02-22Lafayette Brawlin Dolls
Cannibal Cupcakes14282009-06-27Newcastle Roller Derby
Debbie Krueger14282008-11-04Central City Rollergirls
Demi Gore1428 Atlanta Rollergirls
Dita Von Terror14282011-05-23Gawler Roller Derby
Dremy Kruegar14282011-04-01Twin City Derby Girls
10 Guage Rage1432011-02-08Mid Iowa Rollers
A'blazin'Grace1432011-10-15Lansing Derby Vixens
Alot 2 Luv1432010-02-20Olympia Underground Derby
Ass-trology1435/3/12NorCal Rollergirls
BREWtal Hips1432011-08-28Bay City Rollers
Bam Bam Block-Her1432009-12-08West Texas Roller Dollz
Blaxican-Mamba1432012-06-09Angel City Derby Girls
Blazin' Fury1435-24-12Hard Knox Roller Girls
Brock'n'Roller1432011-05-10Tiger Bay Brawlers
Cee Know Evil1432011-10-02The Aurora 88s
Creecher Discomfort1432011-03-18Palmetto State Rollergirls
Criss X Bunz1432011-05-24OKC Outlaws Roller Derby
HaleFire1432011-03-17Southern Illinois Roller Girls
Happy Hooligan1432010-03-08South Florida Rollergirls
Helle SWATling1432010-09-13Appalachian Rollergirls
Hot Lips Hulagan1432012-01-01K-Town Derby Dolls
Lil Rage of Sunshine1432010-08-13Derby City Roller Girls
Lil Vietna-Teaze1432011-04-06Demolition City Roller Derby
Lusty Loveless1432008-07-16LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Mor T. Fy1432011-03-13Flint City Derby Girls
Ms. Ama Slamma1432007-11-08Route 66 Roller Derby
Philly Fatale1432011-05-03Pearl River Roller Derby
Pow-D-La Death Punch1432011-02-17Inland Empire Derby Divas
Rosie Givit2her1432010-01-16Sac City Rollers
Roxxy Fox1432010-02-28Lehigh Valley Rollergirls
Spoiled Rotten1432011-09-27Cal Skate Roller Derby
Sugar-Rae LeanHard1432012-01-16Hereford Roller Girls
Tig Ol Criddy1432010-05-01Mendocino County Roller Derby
Tink Again1432009-06-22Mississippi Rollergirls
Tropical Die-Zaster1432011-08-01Tulare Kings Roller Derby
Vengeful Vixen1432009-07-27Denver Roller Dolls
W!ck3d Wheel Ya Over1432011-03-03Green Valley Roller Girls
Judas Priestess14312008-10-16Lowcountry Highrollers
Vamp Hellsing14312011-03-21Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Calamity Wren14322009-11-28Sac City Rollers
Pammcakes14322010-03-12Red Deer Roller Derby Association
Psycho Beast14332012-03-23Cajun Rollergirls
Katie Bar the Door14372011-04-14Cherry City Derby Girls
Mad Kao14382011-09-03Pirate City Rollers
ButcherBird1442011-02-14Brisbane City Rollers
I. V. Overdose1442011-10-21AZ Derby Dames
Lipsmacker Lucy1442012-02-29Ume Radical Rollers
Memphis Belle1445/10/12W.A. Roller Derby
Raven de Range1442011-07-11Bay Rollers
NAPALM SUNRISE14442008-05-20Eves of Destruction Roller Derby
High Voltage144402009-05-16Lehigh Valley Rollergirls
Criminal Miss Chief1452010-08-18Crown City Rollerz
MegAeviL1452011-03-17Cal Skate Roller Derby
Sideshow Sally1452007-01-09Corpus Christie Maiden Texas Derby
Criminal Mind145 1/22011-04-05Pound Cakes
Paindexter145 IQ2010-11-04Winnipeg Roller Derby
Ruby Falls145 feet2011-12-14Shoreline Roller Derby Girls
Scarley Davidson1450cc2008-04-16Flathead Valley Roller Derby
Leona DaVicious14522010-03-05Vette City Roller Derby
Cutthroat Darling1462007-01-24Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Lucia Killa1462012-04-12Les Quads de Paris
Miss Paddy WhackHer1462010-03-23Worcester Roller Derby
ShookHer Skull1462011-06-12Mendocino County Roller Derby
Texas T1462009-05-19Crude City Roller Derby
Wanda Herchu1462010-07-02Boston Derby Dames
Sopher Ocious146.1 cm2008-10-28Emerald City Roller Girls
Dirty Punk (The)14602011-09-18Mid Wales Roller Derby
Wiggy Stardust14602012-06-10Fierce Valley Roller Girls
BiG DADDY'S ADDiCTiON14662011-08-29Paradise Roller Girls
Captain Guapo14695/9/12Granite State Roller Derby
Rhollanya14692012-03-09Omaha Rollergirls
Sugar'd Death Blondie14692011-06-14Broken Hill Roller Derby
Agreta Garbo1472011-10-312x4 Roller Derby
Betty Schnockered1472011-08-22Shoreline Roller Derby
CassoWary1472011-08-01W.A. Roller Derby
Dr. Psycho Cub1472010-01-12Gold Coast Derby Grrls
Ginger Midget1472010-03-25Gray City Rebels
I.M. Paler1472010-06-30Madison Junior Derby Divas
Sue Permann1472011-05-01Bruising Banditas Roller Derby
Tejastile1472011-11-07Dallas Derby Devils
Bonnie B. Morbid14762010-11-18Border City Brawlers
Afterburner14772010-03-01Central Michigan Roller Derby
Wendy Boughbreaks14782008-04-09Glass City Rollers
Bash Em Rouge1482012-03-15Bexar County Roller Girls
Jammin' Jenerator1482010-06-07Cherry City Derby Girls
Mitzi Matosis1482010-05-23Canberra Roller Derby
Naught So Delicate1482011-09-29Hollister Derby Girls
Viktory Lapp148.5'2011-08-14Toronto Roller Derby
Chocolat Salt N14802012-02-18Eastside Rock'nRollers
DracuLATTE14862012-01-26Treasure Valley Rollergirls
Blitzkrieg Bootgirl14882011-05-11Hellmilton Roller Ghouls
Homici-Doll14882012-02-09East Texas Bombers
SkullBashN Valkyrie14882011-11-23Rockin Rural Roller Girls
Brutal Killingsley14892012-02-04DuPage Derby Dames
Techno Prisoners148bpm2011-06-22Evolution Rollergirls
Windigo14912006-12-21Houston Roller Derby
O' Hail Mo14925/9/12Oklahoma City Roller Derby
Princess America1492 Carolina Rollergirls
Tip Toe Calypso14922011-05-20OKC Outlaws Roller Derby
Maddi Evil14992012-04-01East Vic Roller Derby
Lady Lucifer14:12:152010-05-24Dragon City Derby Dolls
Biff Breakit14BC2010-11-11Toronto Junior Roller Derby
Abadabadoo14D2010-11-23Cardiff Roller Collective
Dayzee A'Dare14DD2010-01-15W.A. Roller Derby
Full Tit14DD5-23-12Whenua Fatales Roller Derby
Keika Lottabutt14DD2011-04-10Sinvercargill Savages
Stromina G Cupp14GG2010-08-10Light City Derby
Missy Pow Pow14J2011-04-21Newcastle Roller Girls
Goldie Klox14K2008-07-16Rollergirls of Southern Indiana
Mocha Menace14ME2011-09-26Eastside Derby Girls
Markoleptic14PT2011-12-03Tyne and Fear Roller Derby
Saintly Sin14U2008-02-21Birmingham Blitz Dames
MC HamHer14U22010-01-25Rubber City Rollergirls
Ivanna Thump14ct2011-01-06Green Mountain Derby Dames
Deb U Taunt14k2007-04-04Big Easy Rollergirls
Scarracuda14k2006-09-25River City Rollergirls
Tiara Misu14kt2008-07-21New Hampshire Roller Derby
Nicotina14mgs2008-05-18Victorian Roller Derby
Hellvetica Bold14pt2011-09-01Minnesota Roller Girls
Pixie Bruiser14thousandft2008-11-20New Hampshire Roller Derby
Absolute Orkan152011-12-27Zombitches
Aerosmash152011-04-19Limestone CrusHers Roller Derby
Alda Sudden152009-09-22San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Ali Pocolypse152011-06-02Sheffield Steel Rollergirls
Amy Sweetheart152011-01-23Mississippi Valley Mayhem
Amy Warhol N.152008-10-31NEO Roller Derby
Angie O'Nasty152011-07-12Granite State Roller Derby
Aunt Slappy152011-02-13Rebel County Rollers
Axel Massacre152011-01-12Dead End Derby
Babracadabra152010-06-18South Island Sirens Roller Derby
Baby Beast152011-07-02Metropolitan Roller Derby
Bada Bing Bada Boom152010-02-15Duke City Derby (Taos)
Bet. T. Bomb152007-11-20Brisbane City Rollers
Betty Floored152008-11-17Glass City Rollers
BlackHyde Penelope152010-12-07Eastern Iowa Outlaws
Blind Sider152008-03-29Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Blood n bone barbie152009-07-06Van Diemen Rollers
Bolt Action152012-03-26Fargo Moorhead Derby Girls
Busty Urass155/11/12Thunder City Derby Sirens
California Roll152010-07-16LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Charlie Bronson152011-10-10Ark Valley High Rollers
Chewy152010-03-12Red Deer Roller Derby Association
ChickenHawk152010-12-07Snake Pit Derby Dames
Cleothrashya152009-07-07Tri City Roller Girls
Cyanide Sally152009-12-23Okanagan Roller Derby Girls
D-Machine152008-02-14Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Daizy Chainz15 Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Dani De Vil152011-05-16Republic of Korea Derby
Dark Star152011-02-02Paradise Roller Girls
Death Rogue152011-06-30Green Country Roller Girls
Death by Dollface152007-09-17Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Deutschmachine152007-05-24Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Dirty Job152011-05-27Amsterdam Derby Dames
Dollface Nutcase152011-01-11Lafayette Brawlin' Dolls
Drop Dead, Darling152007-08-19Oklahoma Victory Dolls
Elsa Smackarelli152011-03-10Twin State Derby
Evillynne Myheart15 Renegade Rollergirls (AZ)
Felicia Slay152009-11-21Derby City Roller Girls
Felonius Fox152011-04-03Ithaca League of Women Rollers
Friction VixXxen15 Steel City Derby Demons
GWENCH152011-08-29Paradise Roller Girls
Gator the Hater152011-12-18Aloha City Rollers
Gatorgirl152010-01-15Pacific Roller Derby
Grrrilla152007-09-18Sonoma County Roller Derby
Gumbat152012-04-23The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
H Bomb15 Duke City Derby
H.N. ICY152008-11-22Sac City Rollers
Hard Licker152006-05-07Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Hell E Bean152011-12-06Pile O'Bones Derby Club
Horror Chata152007-11-26TBD (delete 8/29/13)
Hot Ta Maule (cleared)152011-09-16Missle Mountain Roller Derby
ILL-NINJA152011-10-02Sick Town Derby Dames
Ice Rock-Her152011-02-22Hollister Derby Girls
Iona Hatchet152010-11-13Kamloops Roller Derby Association
Ivy Storm152010-06-25Eves of Destruction Roller Derby
Jackie Sparrow152010-11-09Brewcity Bruisers
Jamburglar152010-02-16Gainesville Roller Rebels
Jaz-Putin152010-04-01Crossroads City Derby
Jenacide15 Lonestar Rollergirls
Jerry Skids152011-01-09Sioux City Roller Dames
Jersey Jolter152011-08-31South Jersey Roller Derby, Derby Deviants
Jett Girl152006-04-01Hammer City Roller Girls
Jitterbug152011-01-17Cleveland Junior Roller Derby
Joy Stixx152010-11-17Detroit Derby Girls
K-Slice152012-03-17Space Coast Rocket Jockeys
KJ Blazer152012-04-15Gympie Helltown Rollerz
Kali Impentrable152012-04-03Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
KarFree152012-04-16Revelstoke Roller Derby Association
Ky-BoshHer152011-02-10TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Lady Black Scourge152012-04-04A-Town Roller Girlz
Lady Dee Dee152011-07-02Buenos Aires Roller Derby
Lady Florence Fightin' Gal152011-03-25Long Island Roller Rebels
Liquid Courage152007-10-22Queen City Roller Girls
Loco Monkey152012-04-23The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Lotta Knox152009-08-24Central City Rollergirls
Lovetts Villain152012-03-19Black Mamba Junior Derby
Lucky Chuck152011-02-16Electric City Roller GrrrlZ
Lucy Lowblows152008-05-28Sioux City Roller Dames
Mack the Knife152006-10-11Mad Rollin' Dolls
Maiden Japan152011-07-21South Sea Roller Derby
Mako Offonyou152007-06-21Houston Roller Derby
Min Diesel152011-02-09TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Miss Taken152007-05-06Derby Revolution of Bakersfield
Missy Vermassacre152010-04-19Gent GO-GO Roller Girls
Molly Mongoose152011-05-04Tragic City Rollers
Moloko Vellocet152010-05-10Ladies of Hell Town
Mommy Fearest152007-02-27Houston Roller Derby
Mona Lethal152006-03-18Rat City Rollergirls
Morgan Affray152011-10-10Belfast Roller Derby
Murdella152010-11-05Richland County Regulators
Murphy's Law152008-02-06Kansas City Roller Warriors
Murphy's Outlaw152009-03-12CT RollerGirls
Nekro Felicia155/3/12Chocolate City Cherry bombers
NeverMore Lenore152011-11-29580 Roller Girls
Paraliza Minelli152008-09-08Roc City Roller Derby
Patsy Crime15 Houston Roller Derby
Peril Strawberry152012-01-04Gallatin Roller Girlz
Pohlverine152012-03-19NWO Roller Girls Association
Rage N. Angel152011-03-21Bakersfield Diamond Divas
Reba McEnSlaughter152010-05-20Undead Bettys
Rebel Rebel152012-02-27London Rockin Rollers
Reckless Wrangler152011-01-10Bakken Derby Girls League
Red Hot Chili Peppa'152010-03-30Randall County Roller Dames
Retox Fox152009-01-26Ohio Roller Girls
Rid A Cruel152009-06-04Naughty Pines Derby Dames
Rocky Bashova152012-02-05Bourne Bombshells
Rocky I'llThrowYa152011-10-03Central Mass Roller Derby
Roffe152012-04-02Stockholm Roller Derby
Rosemary's Rabies152011-01-08GTA Rollergirls
Rox Yorr Soxov152009-07-29FoCo Girls Gone Derby
Sadistic Sugar152012-02-12Lahti Roller Derby
Sandy Cupcake152009-11-14Helsinki Roller Derby
Scott Red Handed152011-02-07Race City Rebels Roller Derby
Seismic Destruction152011-01-04NV East Roller Girls
Seora Gunaflorya152010-08-18Crown City Rollerz
Shanghai Lily15 TBD (delete 6/27/13)
She Ra-Riot152010-10-27Gladstone Roller Derby
Short Sk8152006-09-25FoCo Girls Gone Derby
Silens Tempestas152011-09-18Bedfordshire Rollergirls
Skatey and the Tramp152011-05-01Halifax Roller Derby
Skinnie Minnie152006-07-17Black-n-Bluegrass Rollergirls
Sleazy Rider152007-04-24Birmingham Blitz Dames
Smooth Criminal152007-09-14North Star Roller Girls
SonfisKaTer152011-04-14Cherry City Derby Girls
Spade152006-09-21Tri-County Rolling Militia
Squeals on Wheels152011-07-07Northside Rollers
Stamper152006-12-01Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Steffinately Maybe152012-01-05Furness Firecrackers
Stink-ER-Destroy152011-07-27Hurrican Alley Roller Derby
Strikin Stella152010-11-23Copenhagen Roller Derby
Super Skarr152009-12-13Garden Island Renegade Rollerz
Surly Grrly152011-01-04NV East Roller Girls
Sushi QuadRow152012-03-05Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz
Sweet Patty Payne152010-09-29Capital City Rollers
Switchblade McCutty152011-02-20Resurrection Roller Girls
T-Bone152006-04-08Burlington Skyway Roller Derby
TammyMae-Hem152012-04-05Charlottesville Derby Dames
Taylor Swiftkick152012-02-09Fabulous Sin City Roller Girls
Terrorr Nova152011-10-16Valleys Roller Dolls
Tornado Tink152010-09-13Wolverhampton Honour Rollers
Toxic T15 Denver Roller Dolls
Tricky Barmby152011-03-25Hulls Angels Roller Dames
Twisted Curves152010-10-19Barry County Black Heart Maidens
U.S.S. Iowa152011-03-09Blue Water Derby Girls
Vashti Pride152010-09-27Paradise Roller Girls
Wicked Curves152011-05-26Barry County Black Heart Maidens
Wonder Cookie152011-06-03Wicked Island Roller Derby
Zom B. Blokr152009-12-05Old Capitol City Roller Girls
Zombilina152008-02-19Glasgow Roller Girls
Emerald Cutt15 carats2012-01-13Dockyard Derby Dames
Killary Hit'n15 cents2008-06-19Central Oklahoma Roller Derby Assoc.
Ida Capitate15 seconds2010-05-27Long Beach Roller Derby
Rosie Runnin' Late15 to Life2011-10-11Athens Ohio Roller Derby
Bacon Bergina15%2011-07-02Yukon Roller Girls
Bianca Dunk15¡2009-03-07Charm City Roller Girls
Psycho doll15+82012-03-07Santiago Roller Derby
Ashley Catch'em1502008-03-09Rollergirls of Southern Indiana
Bloody Del Fire1502010-07-06Wakey Wheeled Cats
Evol Kitty1502006-12-23Wilkes Barre Roller Radicals
Iva Attitude1502012-03-15Omaha JR Rollergirls
Poundy Lou1502012-03-05Brandywine Roller Girls
Swedish Fist1502010-10-12Albany All Stars Roller Derby
Venus Speedtrap1502011-04-19Long Beach Roller Derby
Lady Scorcher1500¡C2009-05-29Toronto Roller Derby
Whip Laceration1500mg2011-10-26Assassination City Roller Derby
Rydher Wildly15022010-08-08Perth Roller Derby
Asajj Skatress15032012-04-01West Kentucky Rockin Rollers
Cra$h Money15042009-06-02Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Ronja Randale15085-29-12Munich Rolling Rebels
2-Stroke150cc2012-03-06Mad Wreckin' Dolls
Daisy Pukes150cc2008-08-12South Side Roller Derby
Mia Fisturface150cc2011-01-05Durham Region Roller Derby
Rx 4 Destruckshun150mg2011-02-09Molly Roger Rollergirls
Acute Toxicity1512011-03-21Dutchland Rollers
Al Cohaulin1515-18-12Abilene Derby Dames
Amber Ail1512007-01-23Battle Born Derby Demons
Anya Kankels1512009-03-29Slaughterhouse Derby Girls
Attaxyl Rose1512006-03-29Steel City Derby Demons
Azz Catch-Em1512010-12-11Dead Girl Derby
Bad Ass Mo' Foe1512009-02-18B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Body Shot1512011-06-25Brazos Valley Derby Girls
Born Ready1512010-10-13LaCrosse Skating Sirens
Bully Von Beat'em1512011-09-24Chattanooga Roller Girls
Cha Cha La BORRACHA1512011-06-04Long Beach Roller Derby
Conquistawhore1512011-04-17Juneau Rollergirls
Creeping Beauty1512007-01-24Houston Roller Derby
Critter1512008-12-01Spokane's Outlawed Roller Derby
Grim Lusty1512010-11-28Northern Brisbane Rollers
Hard Bop1512010-07-14Springfield Rollergirls
Ima RackSmasher1512011-01-14Snake Pit Derby Dames
Ivanna Booze Cruise1512011-03-23Ark Valley High Rollers
Jampon1512011-01-10Morgantown Roller Vixens
JessMASHer1512009-11-18Jacksonville Roller Girls
Juju Doll1512008-05-13Emerald City Roller Girls
Kimtoxicating1512012-06-07Olympia Underground Derby
MC Slamma1512007-11-11Missile Mountain Roller Derby
Manic Hispanic1512006-08-04Cape Fear Roller Girls
Metal Kitty1512006-04-08LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Midnight Fury1512010-11-29Coastal Assassins Roller Derby
Pyrollmaniac1512010-08-08Bakersfield Diamond Divas
SUM MO PAYNE1512008-12-16Triple Threat Derby Girls
Sagiterrorist1512007-12-18Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls
Sassy Fracas1512008-03-14Charlotte Roller Girls
Seafury1512010-08-10Murder City Roller Girls
Sophia Pekillo1512010-12-08Tragic City Rollers
Spazmanian Devil1512010-06-03Harrisburg Area Roller Derby
Tekilla Momma1512011-02-07Green Valley Roller Girls
Tequila Derby Girl1512007-11-21New River Valley Rollergirls
Tipsi Turvi1512011-07-27Hurrican Alley Roller Derby
Twiztid Velocity1512008-10-24TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Venom 'n' Spice1512007-04-24Lava City Roller Dolls
Virginia Discharge1512012-01-30Greater Sudbury Roller Derby
Wasted1512011-12-15Rainy City Roller Dolls
WetNreckless1512010-03-13SinCal Derby Vixens
Xero Tolerance1512007-04-02New Jersey Roller Derby
Bacardi She-breeze151 dark2010-07-23Suburbia Roller Derby
LUSHious RAUCOUS151 proof2011-08-22Shoreline Roller Derby
Spice & Dice151° Atlanta Rollergirls
Cyanide Cookie151-50-82007-09-11Sthlm Bstrds
Knee of Steel15102011-09-14Limerick Roller Girls
Rita WifeBeater15102010-09-04BoomTown Brawlettes Roller Derby
Apollonia Thunderpussy15122009-02-16Sydney Roller Derby League
Ma' Rico Sauve15122012-02-02Alamo City Submission
Nelly Hurtado15132010-09-08Dutchland Rollers
Breaking Back Sunday1522012-02-01Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Roller Radicals
Brutiful1522011-04-04Adelaide Roller Derby
Melvin O1522011-07-23Infinite Mass Roller Derby
Miss Chetty Boop1522008-08-12Springfield Rollergirls
Violet Venom1522012-01-04Stone Cold Foxes
Ida B. Scrappin15202008-12-25Denver Roller Dolls
Anita Whacksa Beaver15232010-07-16Mitten Mavens
ASS-TEX- WARRIOR15242012-01-20Alamo City Rollergirls
Kitty Bee ViolinT15252011-09-27Pikes Peak Derby Dames
Jam Master Drey15282010-01-06San Diego Roller Derby
Tara-Bush-Apart15282011-09-15South Simcoe Rebel Rollers
Chick Jagger1532012-04-18Niagara Roller Girls
Ginga Khan1532008-06-20Green Mountain Derby Dames
Low-Hits Griffin1532012-02-27Queen City Roller Girls
Math Murderer1532009-01-17Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls
DisGrace O'Malley15302009-09-26Rockford Rage
Wretched Gretchen15322010-12-07GTA Rollergirls
Anne Brawlyn15332012-02-03Ottawa Roller Derby
Queen Anne Roll-Lynn15332009-02-26Mid Iowa Rollers
Anne Boleyn-You-Over15362009-11-10Gainesville Roller Rebels
Anne Brawl-in15362011-07-03Toowoomba City Rollers
Honey Nut Cheery-Ho153g Sugar2010-09-26Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Brontosaurus1542011-09-29Convict City Roller Derby
Vampress Child1542010-09-05Pirate City Rollers
Santa Demonica15422012-06-07LA Derby Dolls (Trademarked Name)
Sin Ickle15422011-02-22Brandywine Roller Girls
Stray Taco15452008-10-20Salt City Derby Girls
DeL'Stroy1552011-05-10Tiger Bay Brawlers
Edel Marie1552012-03-12Tiger Bay Brawlers
Fawney Kate1552012-02-08Adelaide Roller Derby
Hurrycane Jackie1555/12/12Twin City Derby Girls
Patty Larceny1552010-10-12Albany All Stars Roller Derby
Silent Storm1552010-11-09Ladies of Roller Derby
Hurricane Camille155 mph2009-04-01Lowcountry Highrollers
Isabelligerent15512012-06-03Canberra Roller Derby
Her Royal Heinous15532011-09-12Mason Dixon Roller Vixens
M'Liss Chief155A2011-04-13Cardiff Roller Collective
Gurl Blunder1562012-04-15Royal Windsor Rollergirls
Moleteaser1562010-11-24Northern Brisbane Rollers
Prunetucky Plucker1562011-04-05Monterey Bay Derby Dames
Queen Stryke1562010-11-22CT RollerGirls
Teargas Tamara1562008-02-14Tri City Roller Girls
Elizabitch Bashory15602012-04-18Sacred City Derby Girls
Karahh-Vette1572010-10-21Buff City Brawlers
Kat A. Strophic157 Renegade Rollergirls (AZ)
Little Lil1572011-06-18Red Lion Roller Derby
MacGyver1572011-04-13Oil City Derby Girls
PUSSY BUMPER1572008-07-03Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Pixy of Pain1572011-04-26Swansea City Slayers
Pocahuntress1572006-10-16Duluth/Superior Roller Derby
Rocker Bye-Baby1572012-01-07Bruising Banditas Roller Derby
Olive T. Smashum157082009-10-23CoMo Derby Dames
Psycho Brahe15722011-06-16San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Recyco1582012-03-24Ottawa Roller Derby
Rowdy Starlet1582012-02-01Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Roller Radicals
Sarin Gasp!158 degrees C2008-08-18Wasatch Roller Derby
Ivy Arrestinya15812010-09-26Houston Roller Derby
Mary, Queen of Bloxxx15832010-04-01Crossroads City Derby
Rage Against Marie15872010-01-29Central New York Roller Derby
Brianasaurus15882012-03-06Mad Wreckin' Dolls
Dark Phoenix1592012-03-27Flathead Valley Roller Derby
JJ Fury1592011-03-15Crime City Rollers
Miskaten Identity1592011-01-14London Rollergirls
Pink=Militia1592011-10-21Grand Valley Vixens
Kit Maul'O15932011-04-13Cardiff Roller Collective
EAZY E15:032008-10-28Renegade Rollergirls (OC)
Hott Poppy-Rotzi15:122011-08-16Apple City Roller Derby
WasonA15:462011-07-02Metropolitan Roller Derby
Stive Alive15MT2011-04-10Fog City Rollers
Nukly R. Assault15Mt2007-03-30Mid-State Sisters of Skate
Jenna Von Fury15W2006-07-06Garden State Rollergirls
Fizzy Lizzy Lemonraider15_2011-09-16DC Rollergirls
Short Stir-Up15hh2010-09-02Charlottesville Derby Dames
Fatal Plus15mL2006-05-10Dutchland Rollers
Almost Faye Mous15mn2009-07-16Castle Rock N' Rollers
Tased E. Bacon15pcs2011-11-24Peoria Push Derby Dames
Mommy Beerest15pk2012-01-01Downriver Roller Dollz
Howling Hogan15th century2012-01-10Alamo City Rollergirls
!Wolfespit162011-02-01Chilli Padi Derby Grrrls
4-Alarm Gilly162010-04-02Thunder Bay Roller Derby
Acid Amy162011-07-31Pink Peril Roller Derby
Alicia Slaughterstone162007-11-08Randall County Roller Dames
Alioop162010-06-28Otautahi Roller Derby
Amazonian162011-02-14Dorset Rollergirls
Ana Venger162011-02-28Rock Coast Rollers
Ann Killbiter (cleared)162010-04-30Tri City Roller Girls
Anne Spank162012-04-17Northampton Shoetown Slayers
Bad Daddy Yan162010-04-21Central City Rollergirls
Beastie Bob162011-02-13Copenhagen Roller Derby
Beaver Weaver162010-03-30Perth Roller Derby
Beckoning! (The)162011-06-28Seaside Siren Roller Girls
Beniote Sex-Teen162012-03-14Roller Derby Quebec
Bertha Victory162010-07-08Plattsburgh Roller Derby
Betty Swat162012-04-26Grey Bruce Roller Derby
Bi-Vacious162011-03-30Route 66 Roller Derby
Blade Runner162010-06-21Ohio Roller Girls
Blitz Bigelow162010-07-03Sunshine Coast Roller Girls
BlockYa Harding162011-12-05Cape Girardeau Roller Girls
Blondage162010-02-18Walla Walla Sweets Roller Girls
Blonde Force Trauma162011-01-28Kansas City Roller Warriors
Blue Eyed Monster162010-05-02Sac City Rollers
Boffaliscious162011-01-05Tournament City Derby
BooYaYa!162009-02-18B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Boom Choca162012-03-02South County Derby Girls
Brazilian Nut162011-02-22Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Britn*sty162010-02-11Glass City Rollers
Brown Eyed Hurl162011-08-29Paradise Roller Girls
Bruise Her Blue162011-10-26Juneau Rollergirls
Burnett Down16 Rat City Rollergirls
Captain Turdseye162010-03-28Newcastle Roller Girls
Carrot Topple162011-04-12Jersey Shore Roller Girls
Cecelila Kill Ya'162010-03-17Derby Revolution of Bakersfield
Chokecherry162010-03-23Atlanta Rollergirls
Chyna165/9/12Tweed Valley Rollers
Claud Van Daamn162011-05-20San Angelo Soul Sisters
CoCo Jones162011-01-21Southern Belle's Roller Derby
Combat Blondie162012-01-12Ridge Meadows Roller Derby
Constace Lee Smashed162011-05-20Furness Firecrackers
Dahlia Brusque162010-10-18Lahti Roller Derby
Daizy Maim162010-06-04Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
Debbie D'Bruisa162011-04-27Ballarat Roller Derby
Demon Duck162011-12-04River Demons Roller Girls
Diamond D'Ville162010-10-08MK Roller Derby
Dollface Diablo162009-06-23Rainy City Roller Girls
Dolly D Stroyer162010-05-21Lilac City Rollergirls
Domestic Blitz162011-07-21TBD (delete 8/29/13)
Doris Danger162011-12-08Tiger Bay Brawlers
Duracel162010-01-24709 Derby Girls
Emma Gunnagetcha162011-01-20Forest City Derby Girls
Fancy SheNaNigans162009-12-22Ohio Roller Girls
Five Speed162011-01-03Jacksonville Roller Girls
Freak'n Sweet162008-11-30New Hampshire Roller Derby
Frenzal Bomb162011-10-16Valleys Roller Dolls
Ginger Nuts162011-06-14Spa Town Roller Girls
Glitterotica162007-12-25Lonestar Rollergirls
Goldie Shocks!!162006-04-28Windy City Rollers
Green Demon162010-09-01Bristol Roller Derby
Gritti in Pink162007-10-14Limestone CrusHers Roller Derby
Habeas Corpsemaker162011-02-15Bay State Brawlers
Hacker TooPieces162007-03-10Arizona Roller Derby
Holly Terror16 B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Hugger-naut162011-08-12Granite City Roller Girls
Huntress, The162007-01-27Star City Rollergirls
I'feelya Payne162010-02-27Cen-Tex Sirens
Impact Donkey162011-10-12Forest City Derby Girls
J-Bone162009-06-09Strong Island Derby Revolution
Jac-Kill-N162011-07-28NorCal Rollergirls
Jackie Lantern162010-11-24Grand Raggidy Roller Girls
Jane Kill Eyre162010-11-02South East Sask Roller Derby Association
Jenny Knoxville16 Mad Rollin' Dolls
Juicy Jaimz162009-01-18Sun State Roller Girls
K-Jan-Qt162011-02-07Bayou Outlaw Roller Girls
K-SMAKher162011-02-14Pensacola Roller Gurlz
Karma Sabich162006-06-06Greater Illinois Rollergirl League
Keg Bundy162007-01-10Bradentucky Bombers
KickyrAss-trid162011-03-04One Love Roller Dolls
Killer Wiggles162012-06-14Tri Valley Roller Girls
Knock out Norma162010-08-13Van Diemen Rollers
Knotty Knockher162011-11-28Lethbridge Roller Derby Guild
Koko Kabama162010-02-09Dolly Rockit Rollers
Krash Krusty162010-04-09Geelong Roller Derby League
LA Duchessa162009-08-10Rainy City Roller Dolls
Laal Crash Lass162011-05-25Furness Firecrackers
Lady Collider162011-09-20Varsity Derby
Late T Bug162006-06-21Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Leapin' Booty162011-06-30East Vic Roller Derby
Little Frenesi162011-07-02Metropolitan Roller Derby
Long Island Rollita162010-11-08Jet City Rollergirls
Mach4162009-06-30Rage City Rollergirls
Maggie Kill-n-Haul162012-01-25Escanaba Rollin Hellcats
Magnolia Doom162011-05-31Lowcountry Highrollers
Margaret Choke162009-12-21Rideau Valley Roller Girls
Margaret Kill-Again162011-09-01MINOR THREAT JUNIOR ROLLER DERBY
Margaret Thrasher16 Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Mari Cone162007-11-23Chicago Outfit
Maulie MacKill'em162007-07-27Maine Roller Derby
Me VALE Madre162011-06-04Long Beach Roller Derby
Medusa Destruction162011-01-12Dead End Derby
Melvin Star162007-09-28Adelaide Roller Derby
Mia Malicious162010-10-29Central New York Roller Derby
Minnie Militia162010-02-07Dixie Derby Girls
Missy Ascrew162011-12-06Pile O'Bones Derby Club
Morocha162012-03-27Cordoba Roller Derby
Muffy T. Vanderpelt162011-02-13Battle Born Derby Demons
NO LOVE NINJA162011-08-15East Vic Roller Derby
Natalya Von Paine162010-06-07Southern Illinois Roller Girls
Nneka Touch162012-02-20Santiago Roller Derby
NomeWrecker162012-01-10Atomic City Roller Girls
Norma Jeane MORGUEnson162010-10-04Ohio Valley Roller Girls
Notorious K.A.T.162011-07-01Orange County Roller Girls
Noxious Donna162008-09-24Naptown Roller Girls
Panic Button162007-07-26Emerald City Roller Girls
Pepsi Rola162012-03-18Chester Roller Derby Girls
Pina Collision162011-01-21Coffs Coast Derby
Pink Dolly162011-11-14B.M.O. Roller Derby Girls
Pint-Size Surprize162011-06-20Albany All Stars Roller Derby
PixelHated162011-04-19Atlanta Rollergirls
Polly Phemus162012-04-13Confluence Crush Roller Derby
Pretty Bloody162010-09-24LOCO Roller Derby
Prue Helliwell162010-02-15Second City Roller Bullies
Quaddie Foul-Her162011-10-17Hereford Roller Girls
R2 D-fect162012-02-01Mason-Dixon Roller Vixens
Rapummel162010-10-13Billings Roller Derby
Rattleskate162009-11-05Emerald City Junior Gems
Renee Hellringer162011-11-02Columbia QuadSquad
Roller Vixen16 North Star Roller Girls
Roxy Rehab162009-11-14Helsinki Roller Derby
Roxy Von Carnage162009-12-30Bakersfield Diamond Divas
Rude McSlamahan162011-12-14Chemical Valley Rollerigirls
Ruth or Consequences162010-01-27Chesapeake Roller Derby
Ruthless Raven16 Treasure Valley Rollergirls
SINdrome162011-07-07TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Sacrivicious162011-06-13TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Scatter P162012-04-16Aarhus Derby Danes
Scrapes Suzette162010-06-25Eves of Destruction Roller Derby
Sheara Knifely162010-05-05DC Rollergirls
Sheila Tekil'er162010-11-15London Rollergirl_s Rec League
Sin D Syko162012-02-25Rum City Derby Dolls
Sister Spank162007-11-17Molly Roger Rollergirls
Sonya Chain Saw162012-02-12Lahti Roller Derby
Stabbey Road162010-06-09GTA Rollergirls
Star Fire Steph162011-08-26Blue Water Derby Girls
Statutory Rage162009-04-14Quad City Rollers
Stone Cold Stina162011-07-08North Pole Babes in Toyland
Sweet Fanny Adams162009-08-20Brisbane City Rollers
Sweet Strychnine162011-06-04Somerset and Exeter Derby Girls
T-Wrexxx16 Renegade Rollergirls (AZ)
Tail Gator162012-03-08Seaway Roller Derby Girls
Tammer the Hammer162010-07-15Royal City Rollergirls
Tatty Addy162010-09-03St. Chux Derby Chix
Teaze the Tiger162009-06-22Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz
Teazer162007-01-25Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz
Teeny Flirtini162011-06-14Central Coast Roller Derby
Tels it ly it is162011-07-18Echo City Knockouts
Texas Jumble162012-01-23Gothenburg Roller Derby
That's Boss162007-03-11Burlington Skyway Roller Derby
Thunder Pants!162008-10-24Brewcity Bruisers
Tiny Monster162012-03-15Omaha JR Rollergirls
Tootie Brutie162010-02-27Morgantown Roller Vixens
Two Stroke162009-11-30Dry Heat Militia
VeloSidy162009-07-08Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Vera Vamp162010-05-30Convict City Roller Derby
Violat-Her165-24-12Clarksville Roller Derby
Violent Disco162012-04-20London Rollergirls Recreational League
Violet Attack162006-12-23Birmingham Blitz Dames
Violet Vertigo162012-04-15Brighton Roller Dollz
Whistle Wetter162008-06-10West Coast Derby Knockouts
Wiccan Vic-Sin162012-06-08Veteran City Rollers
Wicked Evil Step Mom162009-01-15ManchVegas Rollergirls
Wrecca162012-02-08Woodstock Roller Derby
Yak Attack162010-08-02Garden State Rollergirls
Zettabal Lector162010-08-16Spindletop Rollergirls
Glitter Pop16 1/22008-12-29South Texas Rolleristas
Stevie Nixher16 3/42012-02-01Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Roller Radicals
Mos Deathly16 Blocks2007-04-06South Jersey Derby Girls
Molley Rink Mauled16 Candles2010-07-11San Diego Roller Derby
Mika L'Angelo16 Chapel2011-01-30Dakota Derby
Dread Savage16 bit2011-03-30V Town Derby Dames
Julianne Bruise16 going on 172011-10-06Potential Fresh Meat Practice Squad
Highland Hammer16 lb2012-04-18Niagara Roller Girls
Bambi Bloodlust16 oz2012-03-12Tiger Bay Brawlers
Betty Cracker16 oz2007-05-14Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Cruel Whip16 oz2010-01-06Windy City Rollers
Brewella De-Vil16 oz.2011-07-27Hurrican Alley Roller Derby
White Thrash16 oz.2006-10-11Dutchland Rollers
Paula Bunion16 tons2007-02-13Peoria Push Derby Dames
Trailer Trish(approved)16-762007-03-18Greater Edmonton Junior Roller Derby Association
Luscious Lynn16.22012-03-14Foothills Roller Derby Association
Bananna Slugger16.5cm/min2012-01-06Humboldt Roller Derby
Vegan Freak16/252011-10-12Saskatoon Roller Derby
Cute'n'Terrortino1602011-11-01East Vic Roller Derby
Peppermint Scabby1602011-04-14Roller Derby Anonymous Skate Club
Scary Pants1602010-09-13Appalachian Rollergirls
Barbara AmBush16002007-04-08Texas Rollergirls
Pocahontas16002009-12-07Renegade Rollergirls (OC)
Monica Lewhipsky1600 PennAve2011-10-02The Aurora 88s
James The Fist16035-25-12Haunted City Rollers
Gunpowder Dot16052009-07-22Middlesbrough Milk Rollers
JENNAssassin16052009-02-10Wasatch Roller Derby
Sir Nixalot16052010-02-20Circle City Derby Girls
Ditzy McSmashy16062011-06-07Diamond Valley Roller Derby
Smacbeth16062008-02-02Charm City Roller Girls
Shrieking Violet160db2007-11-15TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Roxy Cotton160mg2007-02-24LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Angrea 'n' Angrea1612011-02-01South West Sydney Rockets
Bitter-Sweet Heart1612011-06-06Dead End Derby
Neve R Stop #1611612011-10-17Valleys Roller Dolls
Bundy Nelson16102012-02-07Brussels Derby Pixies
Miss Erotica DeVille16142008-11-17Perth Roller Derby
Bettie Stitch'em16162011-03-11Olympia Underground Derby
Dru BuryMore16162008-10-12Eastern Iowa Outlaws
Elixir of Strife16182011-06-20Albany All Stars Roller Derby
Hustle Rose16182010-02-08Terminal City Rollergirls
Katabolic Wrath16182012-04-26Big Easy Rollergirls
SylvestHer StallOwn16182012-06-07West Kootenay Women's Roller Derby
Beaver Trapper16192010-03-03West Coast Derby Knockouts
Belle RIGHT hooks16192008-03-10B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Deadly Swallows16192012-01-01K-Town Derby Dolls
Corrupted Violence162.2952011-04-14Cherry City Derby Girls
Coco A-Gogo1620 Boston Derby Dames
Gin and Chronic16202011-04-07Vette City Roller Derby
Orville WreckNBlockHer16205-22-12Black Diamond Dames of PA/NY
Ace Bandage16212008-03-15Queen City Roller Girls
Jamie Foxx U Up16232008-06-13Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz
Kandy Kowgirl16232012-03-06Mad Wreckin' Dolls
Snazzie Mapa Tassie16252011-12-13North East Roller Derby
Catastrophe Therae1627 BCE2011-12-17San Fernando Valley Roller Derby
Ana-kill Skyroller1632012-04-23The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Dita Von Dangerness1632010-09-08Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby
Krool Mo'D1632011-09-29Salisbury Rollergirls
Lula Brawl1632011-09-23Red Bank Roller Vixens
Vexation1632010-11-04Winnipeg Roller Derby
Ima Stalker163.7322007-05-15Emerald City Roller Girls
Mizz Nashty16312007-02-07AZ Derby Dames
Kyminal Mischief1642011-12-14Cherry City Derby Girls
Nauti Roller1642012-01-02Maine Roller Derby
Nicole Skidman1642011-07-27Hertfordshire Roller Derby
Nitro Ingine1642011-03-21Bakersfield Diamond Divas
Fat Louie16402012-03-02Cedar Valley Derby Divas
Leannarchist16422011-08-01W.A. Roller Derby
Lady Pain Grey1652011-12-08Tiger Bay Brawlers
Near Death Happiness1652012-01-19Mid-State Sisters of Skate
Sneaky Pete1652012-01-27Kansas City Roller Warriors
Think Tank1652009-06-03Central Mass Roller Derby
Tuff Nutt Tilly1652012-01-24Nickel City Roller Derby
InSINerator1650 Atlanta Rollergirls
Cuntry Ham1650mg2011-07-18Greensboro Roller Derby
Moral D. Lemma16512011-03-20Classic City Rollergirls
Shiv1662006-03-30Angel City Derby Girls
Beertester16642011-05-04London Rockin Rollers
Biertrix16642008-09-12Rainy City Roller Girls
Mumbles16645/14/12Grin 'n Barum
Queen Horny Bee(tch16642012-03-14Di-Dollz Roller Derby
Eerie Indy Anna166612011-12-25London Rollergirl_s Rec League
Smash Urash1672010-08-26Killamazoo Derby Darlins
Thee-Sting-Her1672011-04-07Cenla Derby Dames
Bella Mafia1682009-04-18Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
Rowdy Roulette1682006-02-28AZ Derby Dames
Scoldilocks1682007-04-19Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Suzie SkinHer1682010-02-11Fog City Rollers
Virginia Woolferine1682007-10-19TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Cheshire Catfight16872011-01-18Molly Roger Rollergirls
Amelia Bravehart1692012-01-04Monterey Bay Derby Dames
Angelous of Me1692012-06-07Olympia Underground Derby
Charl Shred1692011-03-03Plymouth City Roller Girls
Final Destination1692008-11-26New River Valley Rollergirls
Finger Lickin' Hood1692011-05-20Mississippi Brawl Stars
Mary Jane Choker1692012-03-22Columbia QuadSquad
Mommy Masacre1692010-07-07Sandusky Rollergirls
Nora Epinephrine1692011-05-06Memphis Roller Derby
Olive Pain1692008-08-05NEO Roller Derby
SMEG1692010-01-15TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Skinny Chicken1692008-06-20Omaha Rollergirls
Unit of Pain1692011-04-11Northland Nightmares
Whack-Em-All1695/3/12Katherine Derby Dolls
Fonda Kiknbutz16922009-03-18Naptown Roller Girls
Salem BitchHunter16925/2/12Assassination City Roller Derby
Salem Graves16922011-11-07Dallas Derby Devils
WitchCrafty16922009-05-02DC Rollergirls
Darci Danger16952011-02-21Naughty Pines Derby Dames
Doris Daymolisher16992012-04-18Niagara Roller Girls
Turbanator (The)16992010-01-28Twin Cities Terrors
Sarah Doc16:592011-08-05Vero Beach Rollergirls
Kamikatze16:92009-04-27Bear City Roller Derby
Pixel Vixen16bit2012-06-03Hulls Angels Roller Dames
Pixen Vixen16bit2012-03-12Hulls Angels Roller Dames
Molly Ringurneck16candlz2009-02-16El Paso Roller Derby
Mekana Kill16e92010-02-14Windy City Rollers
Inkabelle16g2010-01-27South Sea Roller Derby
Mary P. Boppins16hp5/2/12Tall City Roller Betties
Salty Demise16kts2010-10-04709 Derby Girls
Cecelia B. Demented16mm2010-11-12Dallas Derby Devils
Chica Go Lightning16mm2009-09-08Angel City Derby Girls
Deadamame16oz2011-06-24Tahoe Derby Dames
L.I. Tease16oz2012-04-04Roller Girls of the Apocalypse
Mistilla "the killa"16oz Houston Roller Derby
Nilla WasteHer16oz2009-07-27Charlottesville Derby Dames
Oblivia16oz2012-03-15Omaha JR Rollergirls
Oreo SlamHer16oz2006-12-06Fort Wayne Derby Girls
Pint Sized Problem16oz2011-01-20Tri-County Rolling Militia
Steak Knife16oz2011-03-01Chesapeake Roller Derby
T-bone Skate16oz2009-10-23SoCal Derby
Tawl Glass o' Wadda16oz2010-02-21Tri City Roller Girls
Vixen Von Hellwhip16oz2011-11-20Sirens Of Smash Roller Derby Nelson Bays
Grace Slaughter16oz.2010-11-02Central Vermont Roller Derby
A. Jiffy172011-06-30Quadfathers, The
Ali McBrawl172007-07-30GTA Rollergirls
Amanda Smash N Burn172009-08-25Route 66 Roller Derby
Amandageddon172011-12-02Twin City Derby Girls
Amazon Chic172010-06-14North Coast Roller Derby
Anarchy Fetish172010-06-30Hellmilton Roller Ghouls
Angie Action172010-08-10Gothenburg Roller Derby
Angry Beaver172007-06-19Garden State Rollergirls
Anisu172011-07-02Metropolitan Roller Derby
Annabel Apocalipstick172009-11-14Helsinki Roller Derby
Arm & Slam'er172011-01-02Chippewa Valley Roller Girls
Arson Fire172011-10-04South East Saskatchewan Roller Derby Association
Arya Dunne172009-12-21Rideau Valley Roller Girls
Aurora Brutalis172007-10-19Rose City Rollers
Azzy Starr175-25-12Mother City Mayhem Roller Derby
B-17172006-09-26Queen City Roller Girls
Babylonian SlammerlBE172011-09-21ToadSuck Derby Dames
Barber Chop172010-06-09Mason Dixon Roller Vixens
Barbie Turik172011-02-032x4 Roller Derby
Beaut Vicious172006-03-07Summit City Rollers
Beaver Canoe172007-12-30Eves of Destruction Roller Derby
Bella Barbie172012-03-14Red River Roller Derby
Bella Sol172009-09-26Rainy City Roller Dolls
Belly Roller172012-01-19Savanna Foxes Roller Derby Bras'lia
Big City Fights172011-03-15Wilkes Barre Roller Radicals
Big Ka-Luna172011-04-07Ozarks Derby Brigade
Black and Blue Belle172010-04-06Alamo City Rollergirls
Blaze N. Confused172008-04-18Assault City Roller Derby
Blitz'n Vixen172007-08-05Sun State Roller Girls
Blonder Bruiser172012-04-18Beckley Area Derby Dames
Blood-Stained Angel172011-02-01South West Sydney Rockets
Blow Bye172011-01-29Mainland Misfits Roller Derby Association
Boody Boombostic172010-02-28Acadiana Good Times Rollers
Bossy Flossy172009-10-26Tulsa Derby League
Brezz by You172010-08-29San Diego Roller Derby
Brickhouse Bronte172012-02-17Salina Sirens Roller Derby
Bruise Almighty172009-12-14Dutchland Rollers
Bruisin' B172007-07-17Muddy Water Murder Dolls
Brutal DeLuxe172010-02-22TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Bubba Thump172012-06-11Drive-By City Rollers
Cabronazza172012-03-06Santiago Roller Derby
Caddy Compton172009-07-31Star City Rollergirls
Camelon Diaz172012-06-10Fierce Valley Roller Girls
Candy Kills172012-02-14Zombie Rollergirls
Captain Smack Sparrow172011-07-11Bay Rollers
Carnage Queen172006-04-10Greenville Roller Girls
Cass B Wary172010-05-12Northern Brisbane Rollers
Casstrator172011-04-20Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Catt R. Waul172011-10-08Dundee Roller Girls
Chiquita 2BeeCha172011-11-26Bemidji Babe City Rollers
Chlorine172010-09-24Halifax Roller Derby
Clarice The Silencer172012-04-18Niagara Roller Girls
Clarrissa Pain It All172012-01-14Rocktown Rollers
Cupcakey McSkatey172012-02-19York Minxters Roller Derby
DIVINE NUS172007-08-27Forest City Derby Girls
Daanoontje Powerrr172011-07-31Pink Peril Roller Derby
Dahmernatrix17 San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Damsel172006-06-01Dead City Rollers
Danger Babe172012-03-08River Demons Roller Girls
Dar the Star172010-11-23Harbour City Rollers
Darby Thrash172010-05-27Monterey Bay Derby Dames
Dasterdly D172011-01-18Sintral Florida Derby Demons
Death by Ginger172011-04-13Portland Men's Roller Derby
Deathrollher172011-11-20Sirens Of Smash Roller Derby Nelson Bays
Dee Klair's War172010-06-09Dub City Derby Girls
Dee Tension17 Rose City Rollers
Destral172011-10-16Tarragona Roller Derby
Devi Metal172011-10-02The Aurora 88s
Dianna Brawl172006-04-01Hammer City Roller Girls
Direct DebHit172011-03-07Oxford Wheels of Gory
Dirty Knees Lou-eez172011-03-09Dublin Roller Girls
Diss Missle17 Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
Dissin'kari17 Charm City Roller Girls
Dit172007-03-11Burlington Skyway Roller Derby
Diz C. Rascal172010-11-29Seaside Siren Roller Girls
Doozer172006-08-27Omaha Rollergirls
Dot Matrix172006-03-20Skee Town Skirtz
Dr. Rob172011-03-10Colorado Roller Derby
Dru Killa172011-01-18Perth Roller Derby
Duck Bitch172012-02-08Elm City Derby Damez
Dustin Fools172011-10-21AZ Derby Dames
E.D. Sledgewick172011-03-14Salisbury Rollergirls
Ellie Slay172006-11-28Rollergirls of Central Kentucky (ROCK)
Etcha-Sketch172009-10-27Red Deer Roller Derby Association
Eva Destruction17 LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Eva Knievel17 Lonestar Rollergirls
Falkor172009-11-13Worcester Roller Derby
Feisty Filly172010-11-30Flint City Derby Girls
Fifi 4x4172010-10-13Tournament City Derby
FireFightHer172011-03-10Alachua County Rollers
Flamin' Dr. Pepper172010-08-11Snake Pit Derby Dames
Flannery O'Slaughter172010-04-21Cincinnati Rollergirls
Flash Bang Wallop172010-02-10London Rockin Rollers
Fleur d'Lethal172007-04-08Big Easy Rollergirls
Flexx172011-02-07TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Foxy FUBAR172006-05-18Terminal City Rollergirls
Freaky Dee172012-01-17Riptide Rollers
Fright Knight172011-01-11Totally Committed Derby Girls
Gizmo KnockOut172011-07-21Iron Mountain Roller Girls
Go Faster Swipes172010-03-16Granite City Roller Girls
Grabber Grandma172008-09-12Rainy City Roller Girls
Gracey Fitch172012-02-12Lahti Roller Derby
Gypsy Trample172012-01-13Athens Ohio Roller Derby
Hailey Wallbanger172010-03-03West Coast Derby Knockouts
Harry Clock Her172011-09-02DubCity Derby Devils
Hazel Nut172010-02-27Dockyard Derby Dames
Hiki Pop172011-11-22Kallio Rolling Rainbow
Hippie Longstockingz175/2/12Naughty Pine Derby Dames
Holly Hotrod172010-06-10Sheffield Steel Rollergirls
Honey Slyder172011-08-09Middlesbrough Milk Rollers
Hostile Honey172006-09-01Treasure Valley Rollergirls
Hyjax172011-08-13Taranaki Roller Corps
Hyrule the Track172011-02-04Portsmouth Roller Wenches
I. Ownya172012-03-09Apple City Roller Derby
Ima Handful172008-07-21Rat City Rollergirls
Irish2HitU172012-03-05Killamazoo Derby Darlins
IrishJustice172011-10-15Lansing Derby Vixens
Izonurazz172009-05-11Southern Oregon Rollergirls
Jemma Dodger175/14/12Grin 'n Barum
Jeopardy Jinx172010-03-08Croydon Roller Derby
Jess Business172008-04-18Gold Coast Derby Grrls
Jule_BreakHer172011-12-05Towns Villains Roller Derby
Julie Ruin172007-09-13Suburbia Roller Derby
Justine Sane172010-02-10Belle City Roller Girls
KaKa Caliente172008-02-05Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls
KaraZeewon172010-11-02South East Sask Roller Derby Association
Karma Get her172010-12-11Kansas City Banked Beauties
Kathleen Hamma172010-11-14Plymouth City Roller Girls
Kay Hoenaze172009-09-28Orange County Roller Girls
Kill E. La Block172011-06-23Grays Harbor Roller Derby
Killer Style172011-09-04Rosebud Rebels Roller Derby
Killjoy Division172010-07-14Victorian Roller Derby
Kitten Affliction172009-03-09Adelaide Roller Derby
Knives KPOW172010-09-14Unrelated Girls Comic
Knockout Nelson172010-05-07River Valley Roller Girls
Knotty Knox172009-03-05Pile O'Bones Derby Club
Lady Vermassacre172010-04-19Gent GO-GO Roller Girls
Lamanna-Piece-of-This172011-08-16Apple City Roller Derby
Leggy Bomb172010-10-03Bay Rollers
Lei Gogo172010-08-17River City Rollergirls
Lil' Lioness172012-02-29Red Rock 'N Roller Derby
Lipstick Poundher+paint172011-06-04Somerset and Exeter Derby Girls
Little SNARLing172008-09-14Circle City Derby Girls
Liv Fast172009-11-21Bristol Roller Derby
LucretiaD'ville172006-09-01DV8 Derby Skaterz
Lullaby Blue172011-12-01North Cheshire Victory Rollers
MAE COZHARM172011-10-24Dockyard Derby Dames
Machete Go-Go172011-03-28Heart of Appalachia Roller Derby
Magenta Mayhem172010-11-14Wicked Wheels of the West
Malice Cullen (cleared)172010-09-23Memphis Roller Derby
Mama Jo Mayhem172011-05-10Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Mandatory Thrash'er172010-08-10Camel City Thrashers
MaulTeaser172010-11-30Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Mayhemily17 Renegade Rollergirls (AZ)
Mean Janine172008-01-17South Florida Rollergirls
Mi Na172008-11-17Glass City Rollers
Micki Dagger172007-09-07San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
MildreadSparrow172011-05-23Daylesford Roller Derby
Mina Narcotic172012-02-20Santiago Roller Derby
Miss Afliktion172008-09-19Geelong Roller Derby League
Miss n' out172012-02-25Beach Brawl Sk8r Dolls
Misstress Tarable172007-02-11Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Mollisol172010-03-12Fargo Moorhead Derby Girls
Molly Mohawk172012-01-24Nickel City Roller Derby
Molly Sunshine172011-05-07Oly Rollers
Mommacherry17 Rat City Rollergirls
Monster Trucks172011-07-02Galway Roller Derby
Mora Oral172006-07-14Western NJ Outlaws
Motor Ann172009-01-23B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Mouth of the South172009-07-29Toronto Roller Derby
Mr. Walrus172012-04-12Heart of Appalachia Roller Derby
Ms. Anthrope the Mordant17 Carolina Rollergirls
Ms. Boo Dreadful172007-04-07Southwest Missouri Roller Girls
Ms. Die'Mon Disaster172009-02-02Cal Skate Roller Derby
Muffstache172008-05-12Rat City Rollergirls
N. Joy Payne172011-11-27Bellingham Roller Betties
Nancy Seventeen172006-08-07TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Naner Naner Boo Boo172011-04-18Bisman Bombshellz
Nina Mala172012-02-02Long Island Roller Rebels
Ninja Minx172010-10-18Newcastle Roller Girls
NoMan Bates172011-07-01Plattsburgh Roller Derby
Northern Slice (The)172010-06-28Otautahi Roller Derby
Noxious Angel172007-10-19Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz
Nuclear Miss-ile172007-11-24Hot Wheel Roller Derby
Octubre172011-07-02Buenos Aires Roller Derby
Orpheus Faust172009-08-28Seatown Sisters of Slant
Oucho Marx17 KC Roller Warriors
Out-Break Meggo172009-05-02Shore Points Roller Derby
Pamtera172006-06-25Oil City Derby Girls
Pandora Pick-a-Fight172010-11-29Red Lion Roller Derby
Patience Payne172008-08-27Randall County Roller Dames
Patty O'Mean172006-09-24Maine Roller Derby
Pearl Evol172011-02-06Bismark Capital City Roller Girls
Pearl of DisOrient172008-09-16Tri-County Rolling Militia
Petra Veneno172011-10-13Smokin' Diablas Derby Girls
Psychora172007-07-29O-Town Derby Dames
Puertorrican Poison172006-04-08Tallahassee Rollergirls
Pyrate Me172012-02-16Rocky Roller Derby
Queen Cobra172011-01-19Cape Girardeau Roller Girls
Radiate172010-03-28High City Derby Divas
Rage Craze172010-04-28Green Country Roller Girls
Raging Bully172011-12-04Copenhagen roller derby
Ram Bam172011-01-25Malice Springs Roller Derby
Red Assassin172008-12-17Dead End Derby
Red Reaper172011-07-25Terrassa Derby Rockets
Robi Wan Kenobi172011-03-18South Side Roller Derby
RockHer-SockHer172012-02-03Terrorz of TIny Towns Roller Derby
Rogue Arrow172009-11-24Van Diemen Rollers
Rosa Lethal172011-01-18Kent Roller Girls
Rouge BruzHer172011-11-08Fort Wayne Derby Girls
Router Girl172008-09-09Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
Roxy D. Sniper172008-11-11Roc City Roller Derby
Ruby Trip'er172008-01-16Mississippi Rollergirls
Sailor Moonshine172010-03-26Calgary Roller Derby Association
Sallymangle Her172011-09-05Swansea City Slayers
Sassafrass172006-10-03Mad Rollin' Dolls
Sassy ShootHer172011-04-05Central Michigan Roller Derby
Scarlett No'SpareYa172010-10-03Capital City Rollers
Scary Wollstonecraft172010-09-18Manchester Roller Derby
Schlger Paula172012-02-01Barockcity Rollerderby
Sciko Doll172011-09-11Okaloosa Rollers
Scrawny Knoxville172011-05-04Glasgow Roller Girls
Sgt Soaps172010-09-27Liverpool Roller Birds
Shanonymous172012-05-31Undead Bettys
Sindy Anna Jones172009-10-18Central City Rollergirls
Sirius Black & Blue172011-11-06Antihero Derby Alliance
Skeeter Bite172011-04-14Cherry City Derby Girls
Sky Rockit172007-04-18London Rollergirls
Slammer Down Summers172011-07-28Penticton Pistoleras Roller Derby
Slave Driver172010-03-09Tulsa Derby League
Smash YoFacin172008-10-23Mid Michigan Derby Girls
Smokey B Ware172010-05-03Tri City Roller Girls
Sneaky Darkie172008-11-16Richter City Roller Derby
SockHer ToMe172010-08-30TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Sockhergawea172010-07-11South Bend Roller Girls
Solar Ray of Death172007-06-14Lilac City Rollergirls
Sourpuss172008-07-30Royal City Rollergirls
Speedy Girlzalez172009-04-30South Texas Rolleristas
Spicoli172007-02-05Beach City Roller Derby
Spind R Ella175/12/12Jr. Jacksonville Rollergirls
Squeelin' Wheelin' Kahilin172011-02-02Paradise Roller Girls
Steve Stifle'her172010-08-13Hellfire Harlots
Sting-Mae172011-04-10Nanaimo Nemesis Roller Girls
String Blade172011-01-05Durham Region Roller Derby
Succubuster172011-06-09Ring City Rollergirls
Sue Dat172012-03-02Crescent City Derby Devils
Sugar Magmaulya172007-03-25Nashville Rollergirls
Sunflower Plow Her172011-03-25Dallas Derby Devils
Sweet Valley Die172011-07-02Vendetta Vixens
Syko Staci172011-02-24Route 66 Roller Derby
Synyster Sk8z172011-05-01Gold Coast Roller Derby
Ta Ra Boom D A172010-11-10Free State Roller Derby
Taelor Swiftkick172010-08-07Whidbey Island Roller Girls
Tami Friborg Clumbsarina172010-06-28Bemidji Babe City Rollers
Tangy Skittles172009-08-01Desert Dolls Roller Derby League
Teenage Hurtbag172011-02-17Tri City Roller Girls
Thunder Thai172011-04-17Juneau Rollergirls
Tienty Deville172008-01-27Man's Ruin Roller Derby
Tin lizzy17 North Star Roller Girls
Tonka Tuff172012-02-10Moreton Bay Roller Derby
Tough Dixie172010-11-04Winnipeg Roller Derby
Trash Can Baby172010-04-22Zurich City Rollergirlz
Ultrafox172010-07-31Grand Raggidy Roller Girls
Val Halla17 Philly Rollergirls
Valerie Vantral172009-06-15Bremen Rollergirls
Violet No-Regard172008-09-12Emerald City Junior Gems
Vivacious Vixen172012-03-23Dallas Derby Devils
Volturia172010-01-14Central Mass Roller Derby
Voodoo Vitriol172010-12-07Sinvercargill Savages Roller Derby
Will on Wheels172011-02-04San Angelo Roller Derby
Windjammer172011-05-25Rollergirls in Pagosa
Yo-Yo172009-04-01Detroit Derby Girls
Zisa Spires172011-11-07Arch Rival Roller Girls
Ss175-17-12Kouvola Rock n Rollers
Secret Distruction17 Dead2010-10-19NEO Jr. Roller Derby
Xtreme Squirrel17+152012-03-07Santiago Roller Derby
Mae B. Legal17.52011-08-02O-Town Derby Dames
Stocky Balboa1702008-03-26Gainesville Roller Rebels
Sugar Pusher1702009-02-18B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Fast Lane170 mph2007-04-17Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
7mm Maggie17012012-02-07Carson Victory Rollers
Asstronutcrusher17012010-01-16Sac City Rollers
Boss Vulcana17015-22-12Reading Derby Girls
Bunny Thump17015-23-12Canberra Roller Derby
Captain Kick'ard17012011-03-10Birmingham Blitz Dames
Cleverly Crusher17012011-09-14Limerick Roller Girls
Deanna Destroi17012010-02-10CCDD
Hambassador Spock17012011-07-21Murder City Roller Girls
Jams T Kirk17012011-12-03Tyne and Fear Roller Derby
Jean-Juke Picard17012012-02-03Ottawa Roller Derby
Jean-Luc Pack Guard17012010-03-10B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Leeloo Callous17012011-01-02Olympia Underground Derby
Lieutenant I'llHurlya17012011-02-15Cedar Rapids Rollergirls
Photon Torpedo17012010-07-02Leeds Roller Dolls
Renegade Riot17012011-10-19Ventura County Derby Darlins
Ruby Roughhouser17012010-12-29Okanagan Roller Derby Girls
T'Pow17012012-04-23Demolition City Roller Derby
Blue Beat-her17032010-03-09Triple Sword Roller Girls
Ina Gadda Da Beatcha17052009-06-19Steel City Derby Demons
Miss Treater1705 Alamo City Rollergirls
Miss Tea Maven17062012-02-02Long Island Roller Rebels
Sunny Staxxed17062009-10-19Memphis Roller Derby
Electric Angel1712012-01-14South Simcoe Rebel Rollers
Fleur Rocious1712011-05-16Sheffield Steel Rollergirls
Lil Red Devil1712012-02-08Adelaide Roller Derby
Craic McRaeneum17122012-02-08Adelaide Roller Derby
Arni Ged Um17172011-07-07Hellfire Harlots
Big Momma17172010-05-10Syndicate Roller Girls
Queen Anne's Revenge17172006-06-11Salt City Derby Girls
Purl Peril17182010-09-22Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Desire DIE-r17192008-01-24Providence Roller Derby
Shelbasaurus Rexxx17192011-05-20San Angelo Soul Sisters
Lady Sega1722011-12-27Zombitches
Poise'n'die Zee1722011-07-06Perth Roller Derby
Pirate Cut-lass17202009-09-22Adelaide Roller Derby
Krazi Bones17222010-01-31Taranaki Roller Corps
Pain in the Cass17232011-09-30Highland Roller Girls
Wicked Vixen17242011-01-20Bemidji Babe City Rollers
Smashberry Slamcake17262012-03-20Darwin Roller Girls
Cruel Runnings1732011-04-18Norfolk Brawds Roller Derby
Redd Dhalia1732010-08-02El Paso Roller Derby
Stormy Knight1732011-10-02The Aurora 88s
Meg A. RollManiac17315/3/12Chocolate City Cherry bombers
CRASH-A-NOVA17332011-09-26Derby Revolution of Bakersfield
Mad-E-Ator1733 1/22010-09-28Derby Revolution of Bakersfield--Derby Brats
Flora Burn17412007-02-24Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Turbonegra17442011-02-032x4 Roller Derby
Kylie of Backlash17462007-05-16Wreckin Roller Rebels
Ali Kaida1752007-01-02Charm City Roller Girls
Claudia Shankher1752010-03-01Denver Roller Dolls
Nancy Shrew1752011-11-10Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Dottie-Marie Decapitated17552010-03-31Burn City Rollers
Vigee Le'Bruise17552009-01-16LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Oh No! Lolo17572012-02-29Red Rock 'N Roller Derby
GUINNESS GRRRL17592007-11-15TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Hockey17592011-03-25Gold Coast Derby Grrls
Irish-I-Was Bashin' Ya17592010-07-09Paradise Roller Girls
Frizz Bee Rollin'175g2010-09-01Humboldt Roller Derby
Trackhoe175hp2012-01-244 Corners Rollergirls
Glam BAM1762009-01-16Mississippi Rollergirls
Jutland Jean1762010-03-14Aarhus Derby Danes
Katie Krush1762009-11-04Graveyard Queens
Rosvo1765-17-12Kouvola Rock n Rollers
Soozy Slugworth1765/10/12W.A. Roller Derby
Madame de Stompadour17642008-11-05Minnesota Roller Girls
Ginger Nut Risk It1772010-02-23Adelaide Roller Derby
Ness Up Yo Face1772012-03-18Renegade Rollergirls
Mighty Mo17702009-02-24Renegade Rollergirls (So Cal)
SS Trixie17722009-08-09New Hampshire Roller Derby
Boston TeaBagher17732010-03-02New Hampshire Roller Derby
Magnum P.E.I.17732010-12-02MTL Roller Derby
SweetCheeks17732006-09-21Sac City Rollers
Muay Die1774 A.D.2010-04-18Harm City Homicide
Devil Bitch17752007-01-15River City Rollergirls
G.I. J-Rome17752012-02-02Long Island Roller Rebels
Hooah!Girl1775 DC Rollergirls
Jane Oust'em17752012-03-19Dom City Dolls
Semper Fly17752010-06-13Magnolia Roller Vixens
Violent J17752012-02-22Capital City Crushers
AmErica The Bootyful17762008-09-23Dominion Derby Girls
AmeriKim17762011-03-08Royal Windsor Roller Girls
American Gravy17762010-04-16Stl Gatekeepers Roller Derby
Amy Sin Grace17762012-06-11Arizona Rollergirls
Barbie Beatdown17762011-09-04Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
Beatsy Ross17762011-01-25Soul City Sirens
Betsy Boss17762011-07-27Brandywine Roller Girls
Betsy Toss17762011-04-28Three Rivers Roller Derby
Boston MASS-hitter17762012-04-01NorSask Roller Derby
Cruel Britannia17762006-05-07Harrisburg Area Roller Derby
Duchess America17762007-08-04Dominion Derby Girls
Freedom Defender17762012-03-21Assassination City Roller Derby
Hex Bomb17762007-08-22T-Town Derby Grrls
Liberty or Death17762010-04-19Bull Falls Roller Derby
Maiden USA17762010-01-27Ring City Rollergirls
Philthy Delphia17762012-02-10Norfolk Brawds Roller Derby
Rebel With A Cause17762011-11-26Mad Rollin Dolls
Slam Adams1776 Atlanta Rollergirls
Star Spangled Mangler17762011-10-13Northside Rollers
Stephena ColRollbert17762009-07-20Black-n-Bluegrass Rollergirls
CrushStacean1782011-10-03Bay State Brawlers
Identity Crisis1782011-10-03Diamond State Roller Girls
Kitten De La Morte1782011-11-03Brisbane City Rollers
Little Miss Red Rock It1782007-06-07Battle Born Derby Demons
Srta. Kalamidad1782012-01-17Barcelona Roller Derby
Whiskey Drifter17802011-01-01Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Grim Nemesis17872008-09-02RockTown Rollers
Bravehurt17892011-02-22Roller Derby Toulouse
Golden Guillotine17892012-04-30Methow Valley Roller Girls
Marsha Squashington17892010-11-05DC Rollergirls
Izzy Board'EM1792011-04-13Oil City Derby Girls
ArkAngel De La Mort17902010-06-13Magnolia Roller Vixens
Ema Zon17902010-06-21Long Beach Roller Derby
Vee Paparazzi17902010-12-21Long Beach Roller Derby
Slamadeus17912011-03-09Central City Rollergirls
Whiskey Rebellion17912011-01-29Central Coast Roller Derby
Bloody Crumpet17922011-09-20Varsity Derby
Mary Wollstonecrash17922011-03-13Omaha Rollergirls
Slay la Vie17922009-12-16Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Alien Skate Fiend17932011-02-13Middlesbrough Milk Rollers
Leapin' Leprechaun17932011-10-03Central Mass Roller Derby
Melée Antoinette17932010-08-17Pacific Roller Derby
Notya Dame17932011-01-18Molly Roger Rollergirls
VooDoo Maul17942012-02-09Fabulous Sin City Roller Girls
Flying Dutchman17952011-12-15The Inhuman League
Stabigail Adams17972010-11-05DC Rollergirls
Sin O'Bite17:62008-03-29Texas Rollergirls
Referral Pain17:72011-08-14Northern Brisbane Rollers
Chrome Vixen17:7-82011-03-01TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Cordewa Miau17N2011-03-30Barcelona Derby Dolls
Folsom Bruise17b2012-01-08CT Rollergirls
Pistol Peak17ft2008-04-01ICT Roller Girls
The Blast Unicorn17h2010-03-19Rose City Rollers
Fly by Night17kHz2011-04-02DC Rollergirls
Billie Boilermaker17oz2006-04-08Rat City Rollergirls
1/2 Pint Painbuster182011-04-03Hermiston Roller Divas
8 Mean Wheeler182007-04-03Terminal City Rollergirls
Abbsolute182011-04-29Mountain Mauler's Roller Derby
Alison Thunderland182009-09-10Dundee Roller Girls
Anita B. Naughty182012-01-06Bangor Roller Derby
Anti-Krista182012-03-15A'Salt Creek Roller Girls
Arc-Flash182011-10-12Saskatoon Roller Derby
B.A. Block'us182011-08-08Dublin Roller Girls
BAILey Legal182012-03-02Crescent City Derby Devils
Badlicous182011-07-10Bad Bunny Roller Menen
BareLeigh Legal182008-02-14Tri City Roller Girls
Bestia Loca182011-02-22Roller Derby Toulouse
Betty Fright182010-11-21Central Arkansas Roller Derby
Betty Knox182010-07-02MK Roller Derby
Billie Evil182009-11-03Columbia QuadSquad
Blockabitch WheelHer182009-02-09South Side Roller Derby
Bomb Quad182010-12-04Atomic Cupcakes Junior Roller Derby
Bone-A-Part185/4/12Sulphur City Steam Rollers
Brawl Scholes182010-11-04Central City Rollergirls
Bruisie Sunshine182011-02-01Monterey Bay Derby Dames
Buggin Out182010-12-01Lakeshore Misfits
Bun E. Basher182011-01-02Umpqua Valley Roller Vixens
BustHer Cherry182012-02-07Florence's Cirque Du Pain
Butch Crashidy182011-11-14Crime City Rollers
Buxy's Minge182008-01-27Man's Ruin Roller Derby
Caelor Swift182011-02-18Bakersfield Junior Roller Derby
Cam ram Diaz182011-06-12Energetic City Roller Derby
Candi Camaro182012-04-03Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
Carysmatic182012-06-11NPT Roller Derby
Clam (The)182008-08-12Eves of Destruction Roller Derby
Cluster Chuck182011-12-27No Coast Derby Girls
Coshiina182011-07-02Metropolitan Roller Derby
Cougar Candy182011-03-27Spoon River Speed Demons
Courtney West182011-07-08Tacones Bandidos
Cradle Robbin182011-06-16SoCal Derby
Criminal Jamage182011-07-23Tiger Bay Brawlers
D'Manda Flambeaux182011-03-19TBD (delete 6/12/13)
DWI182010-06-07Cherry City Derby Girls
Dangerous Beans182011-06-04South West Angels of Terror
Dee-Mise182009-06-23Rainy City Roller Girls
Devious Darling182009-07-07Bakersfield Diamond Divas
Dharma Punk182011-01-09Skate the Wilderness
Dina Sore Jr.182008-04-17Suburbia Roller Derby
Dipsycho Doll182011-01-31Terrassa Derby Rockets
Enemy Bronte182010-04-26Pirate City Rollers
Eternal Shadow182010-10-10Clarence Valley Roller Derby
Evil April182008-10-27Morristown Madams
Farrah Nightmare-Ah182009-08-24Garden State Rollergirls
Fawn Stalking18 Denver Roller Dolls
Femme Fatale18 Oly Rollers
Ferox182009-11-17Harrisburg Area Roller Derby
Fine L. Sin182010-12-30Undead Bettys
Flatline Frenzy182012-03-01Duluth Superior Roller Derby
Fleetwood Smack182010-03-11Towns Villains Roller Derby
FokusFox182011-01-30Bath City Roller Girls
Full Frontal Jewdity182010-08-11Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
G Hottie182011-01-08Soul City Sirens
Gefilte Fists182007-02-23Philly Rollergirls
H-Two Oh No!182011-01-11Fog City Rollers
Har V. Wallbreaker182011-03-05Peoria Push Derby Dames
Hell'n HyJinx182012-01-08CT Rollergirls
Honey Bee182007-09-14Ottawa Roller Derby
Hope U. Fall182011-01-17TBD (delete 6/27/13)
HoriLori182010-02-20Maui Roller Girls
Horror Lulu182009-04-19Brisbane City Rollers
Hotheaded Ellie182011-10-02Tampere Rollin' Hos
Hurt Locker182010-12-14Atomic City Roller Girls
Hurtsula182006-09-21Charm City Roller Girls
Illegally Blonde Under182008-12-17Assassination City Roller Derby
Jack Beam182008-04-19Central City Rollergirls
Jack the Whistler182010-12-24Ruhrpott Roller Derby
Jamaican Kush182010-05-02Long Island Roller Rebels
Jammin' Gemini182011-03-21Cheyenne Capidolls Roller Derby
JesSmakin182010-07-09Paradise Roller Girls
Jessica Tastrophe182010-11-09Upstate Roller Girl Evolution
Jester Minute182011-09-18Bedfordshire Rollergirls
Jetfire182010-02-23Adelaide Roller Derby
Jewels Vengeance182011-08-31Otautahi Roller Derby League
Jonathan Lee182011-02-04B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Jule B. Hurtin'182011-03-23Ark Valley High Rollers
Just Plain Power182012-03-05River City Rollergirls
Karis Wheel185-30-12Battle Creek Damzel Dollz Jr Roller Derby
Kata Pulta182009-12-15Bear City Roller Derby
Katze Katastrophe182010-11-29Red Lion Roller Derby
Keira Fight-Me182010-05-31ManchVegas Rollergirls
Kid Dynamite18 TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Knock'r Down182007-12-18Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls
Lady Dodga182011-06-08Santa Cruz Derby Girls
Lee-Thal Wheels182012-04-18Niagara Roller Girls
Lex Celerator182010-03-09I-5 Rollergirls
Lfe Screamin Eger182011-01-21Dark River Derby Coalition
Little Miss Sew & Sew182011-01-25Malice Springs Roller Derby
Liza Pirelli182011-01-25Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz
Loaded Lozen182009-09-19Flint City Derby Girls
LuNaTtAcK182011-08-14Cape Fear Roller Girls
Lucyin Thesky182011-03-17Cal Skate Roller Derby
Lulu Lefthook182012-03-26Boulder County Bombers
Mala Yerba182012-01-17Barcelona Roller Derby
Malice Cooper18 Detroit Derby Girls
Mayhem Mandy182011-03-27TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Mazel Tov Cocktail182008-10-19Blue Ridge Rollergirls
Meana Maulher182011-09-02Dead Girl Derby
Mega Steph182012-04-15Royal Windsor Rollergirls
Megan M. Wett182008-05-21Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Ming Chung Chow182011-01-25Palmetto State Rollergirls
Miss Candy Savage182008-07-14Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Miss Wic Kid182010-04-04Harbor City RollerDames
Mudpuppy182009-07-07Blackwater Rollers
Muvva Plucker182011-07-27Hertfordshire Roller Derby
Nerd Damage182011-05-18Coastal Assassins Roller Derby
O2 TANK182011-02-16Electric City Roller GrrrlZ
OneTease185/8/12Helsingborg Roller Derby Club
Oy Fey182008-12-15Charm City Roller Girls
Panthera182011-05-01Halifax Roller Derby
Pepper Slay182007-02-14Pikes Peak Derby Dames
PepperSpray Pattie182012-03-26Greensboro Roller Derby
Pin-Up Funstration182012-04-11Twin City Knockers
Randy Rhoadkill182008-07-03Reno Roller Girls
Ratbag182011-07-07TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Raw Sugar182010-07-05Peace Region Roller Dolls
Red Roller182007-07-17Muddy Water Murder Dolls
Redeemed182012-04-16Greenbrier Roller Vixens
Reeces Tear Ya Pieces182010-01-25Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Rekker Roxy182011-08-08Durham Region Roller Derby
Roll'n w/the Homies182011-12-05Oklahoma City Roller Derby
Rolling Death182010-06-06OKC Outlaws Roller Derby
Roohide Ria182012-04-16Revelstoke Roller Derby Association
Rose bleed182010-05-07Brighton Rockers Roller Derby
Ruby Rawbones182011-04-25Pile O'Bones Derby Club
Ruby Rider182010-05-08South Sea Roller Derby
Saftey Hazard182011-08-06Olympia Underground Derby
Saint Luxxxia182011-07-02Buenos Aires Roller Derby
Salty Shaker (The)182011-02-01Harbor City RollerDames
Sandra Day O'Slaughter182010-09-14Springfield Rollergirls
Satan's Barbie182010-12-16Rocky Mountain Rollerpunks
Scarendipity182007-12-08Star City Rollergirls
Scarlett Letter Have-it182008-01-22Panama City Roller Derby
Semi Colon182012-02-27One World Roller Derby
Semi-Nutz182008-11-19Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
ShaBAM182011-02-22Hollister Derby Girls
ShaCoco182009-07-18La Crosse Skating Sirens
Sharkarella182011-12-04TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Shawanna Tattle Tale182010-06-18Girls Rollin in the South (GRITS)
Sinister Attraction182009-11-05Sintral Florida Derby Demons
Skanky182012-01-23Kallio Rolling Rainbow
Skaterine182011-08-10Gent GO-GO Roller Girls
Skayton Manning182011-01-19Cape Girardeau Roller Girls
Skulldozer182010-09-18Manchester Roller Derby
Slam Krunk182010-11-27W.A. Roller Derby
Snach Tastik182010-11-02South East Sask Roller Derby Association
Spunky Spider Monkey182010-01-21Tri-County Rolling Militia
Starstealer182011-03-01Kingsford Krush
Stepford Knife182009-03-28Sun State Roller Girls
Storm in a D Cup182012-02-10Moreton Bay Roller Derby
Strawberry Krush182006-03-18Tallahassee Rollergirls
Summer of Sam182011-02-16Central New York Roller Derby
Surfer Calavera182010-12-01Cannibales Dolls
Sweet Tease182008-01-14Providence Roller Derby
Temper Tangent182010-10-29Roc City Roller Derby
Texas Drop'em182010-08-01Taranaki Roller Corps
Tosh Pit182012-01-10Havasu HitGirls
Total Jen-o-cide182009-04-23Pacific Roller Derby
Trish Squish182007-08-01Boston Derby Dames
Trouble in Karadise182012-04-19Quad City Rollers
Turtle182006-12-01Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Twist'd Tulip182011-11-12Wirral Whipiteres Roller Derby
Unholy Trinity182010-07-09Champaine-Urbana Rollers
V-Diva182009-02-17Philly Rollergirls
V-Train182009-12-05Old Capitol City Roller Girls
Vil Cruela182011-07-02Metropolitan Roller Derby
Violet Intentions182007-09-13Queen City Roller Girls
Whiplash Kitty182010-04-30Gulf Region Roller Leauge
Wicked Wagner182010-04-13Durango Roller Girls
Wickedslam182010-08-30Port Scandalous Roller Derby
Wrath of Connie182011-11-28Sac City Rollers
Xanaduel185-22-12Tucson Roller Derby
Yucky Tori182011-11-20OKC Outlaws Roller Derby
Venus De Pileup18 BC2009-11-27Leeds Roller Dolls
Faithality18 Dummy2010-02-16Reno Roller Girls
Allie Gator18 Ft Long2007-10-19Mad Rollin' Dolls
My Tai Smashya18 N'Legal2007-03-27Dockyard Derby Dames
Squid Roll18 and Life2010-03-25Ladies of Hell Town
Robin and Stealin18 and up TBD (delete 7/5/13)
IV Therapy18 guage2011-04-01Dirty Verde Roller Derby
La Tormenta18 lashes2006-03-28Inland Empire Derby Divas
Mo Brewster18 pack2011-10-14Oakland Derby Diamonds
Optimus Prim18 wheeler2007-05-22Okanagan Roller Derby Girls
Cherry Axe-Wound18+2008-12-09Canberra Roller Derby
Malice Munro18+2010-11-06Circle City Derby Girls
Petallica18+2011-01-17Darwin Roller Girls
Bona Lisa18,0002010-03-29Twin City Derby Girls
Cougar Crush18-242010-04-28Treasure Valley Rollergirls
Alotta Moves1802010-03-04San Fernando Valley Junior Derby
Bootsy Killins1802010-02-23Pair 'O Dice City Derby
Bruise Buffer1802009-05-18Wakey Wheeled Cats
Dr. Molly Cruel1802011-05-17Resurrection Roller Girls
Flame Throw-Her1802007-09-14Queen City Roller Girls
Frisky Sour1802007-12-18Rose City Rollers
Killing Spree1802011-04-21Mount Militia Derby Crew
Magic pony1802012-02-29Red Rock 'N Roller Derby
Maim Event1802012-01-09Varsity Derby League
MonoKnocky1802010-11-27TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Nollie Packside1802012-03-15Severn Roller Torrent
Ogre1802009-03-19Naughty Pines Derby Dames
Pippi Gone Stalking1802010-08-14Twin Cities Junior Roller Derby
Pound Anya1802006-04-28Brewcity Bruisers
Precious McKenzie1802011-11-20Sirens Of Smash Roller Derby Nelson Bays
Roll'er Over1802007-11-14Dallas Derby Devils
Savage Lucy1802007-01-26Pikes Peak Derby Dames
Stella Moves1802012-01-02Maine Roller Derby
Str8e 1801802011-08-31Otautahi Roller Derby League
Toe Up1802009-05-04Cape Fear Roller Girls
Zorroe1802012-03-05River City Rollergirls
Scarla O'Horror180 (degrees symbol following)2012-04-26Big Easy Rollergirls
Roy G Biv180 Clinger2009-03-05Columbia QuadSquad
The Bermuda Tri-Mangle180°2011-12-14TBD (delete 8/29/13)
Flippin' Beck!180¡2012-04-01Birmingham Blitz Dames
RuthLizz180¡2008-01-21Derby City Roller Girls
Citrus Tart180¡C2011-10-13Northside Rollers
Cream8er18002011-11-07Dallas Derby Devils
KAT-A-BOX18002011-09-29Convict City Roller Derby
Kitty Kiljoy18002010-05-25Cape Fear Roller Girls
Mummy Dearest18002007-04-10Lonestar Rollergirls
Rachael Wrecker18002010-10-06Ohio Roller Girls
T'Killya Silver18002008-01-30Molly Roger Rollergirls
Takillya Sunrise1800 Atlanta Rollergirls
Top Shelf18002010-02-01Fort Wayne Derby Girls
Josephine BoneApart18012008-09-02Naptown Roller Girls
Smackajawea18042008-05-09Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Betty Da'BAMF18052011-10-26Assassination City Roller Derby
Bombora18052011-02-14Brisbane City Rollers
Miss Ire180bpm5/8/12Swamp City Roller Rats
Lancashire Hotpot180deg2010-11-28Northern Brisbane Rollers
Fenix Fortsomfan180km/h2010-09-07Crime City Rollers
Vipah180mg2010-12-10Assassination City Roller Derby
Buxom Wench1812010-10-03Northern Rivers Roller Derby
Feminati1812007-12-26Cape Fear Roller Girls
Fifi-Knuckles1812011-08-15Coastal Assassins Roller Derby
HEXray Spex1812012-02-01Hel'z Belles
Honor Rampage1812012-03-21Central City Rollergirls
Ina Pickle1812009-04-26Prison City Derby Dames
Knit Trix1812011-08-27Coventry City Derby
La Tueur E-Vil1812011-05-11Cen-Tex Sirens
Lush Fatale1812007-05-18Crescent City Derby Devils
Mass Hysteria1812012-01-25Toowoomba City Rollers
Naughty Claudy1812010-03-01SinCal Derby Vixens
Pandora Peroxide1812010-09-27Liverpool Roller Birds
Paradox Loup1812012-02-09Monterrey Roller Derby
Punch N BeatHer1812011-02-12Reef City Roller Girls
TN-TLO1812008-01-16Sault Roller Derby
Vega Vendetta181 Detroit Derby Girls
Whiskey Knight1812011-07-02Yukon Roller Girls
Widow Bittie1812009-11-04Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Yada Yada Lara1812011-02-13Gray City Rebels
Yvonne the Terrible1812011-01-05Tournament City Derby
Ortega Chile18102010-08-29San Diego Roller Derby
Rip Torn18102012-01-01Downriver Roller Dollz
Dolly Radison18122010-05-04Reno Roller Girls
Francis Skate Key18122007-08-07Charm City Roller Girls
General Panic18122009-03-21Victorian Roller Derby
GoGo Tenebaum18122011-03-27Black Rose Rollers
Heidi Bang Tidy18122012-01-07Bruising Banditas Roller Derby
Henry Slay18122011-09-12Twin Cities Terrors
Manx18122011-09-18Northern Brisbane Rollers
Rockets Redglare18122006-08-18Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Rosa Ruckus18122010-11-28Skyland Roller Girls
Sergeant Pecker18122010-03-17Burlington Bombers Roller Derby
G. I. Jane Austen18132011-12-27Hellions of Troy
Slap n' Slide18132010-02-15Bemidji Babe City Rollers
Ada Loveless18152010-06-02London Rollergirls
Duchess of Hellington (The)18152011-03-01Seattle Derby Brats
Doctor Funkenstein18182011-04-30Cincinnati Rollergirls
Mary Helley18182011-01-05Burn City Rollers
Rhoda Rash18182009-08-06Retirement Association for Derby
Fro Serious18192010-11-02Connecticut Death Quads
Banana Slamcakes1822011-08-31Maui Rollergirls
Candi Casualty1822011-12-16Heart of Appalachia Roller Derby
Cap'n NoseCandy1822007-07-24Hanging City Derby
Chiva Loca1822011-09-07Central California Area Derby
Clut-Z-N-Bus-T1822011-07-28NorCal Rollergirls
Cripplin Clamity1822011-02-08Mid Iowa Rollers
Die Little Pony1822011-04-04Murder City Roller Girls
Fightcub1822010-09-05Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Fire Feet Ace1822011-11-16Peoria Push Derby Dames
Judge Juicy1822010-06-10Rolling Hills Derby Dames
K'lick K'lick Boom1822011-01-26Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby
Marily Mon-Rage1822010-10-19El Paso Roller Derby
Mary Bo Reap1822012-01-06Bangor Roller Derby
New Pound Glory1822010-10-13Springfield Rollergirls
Rhi-Mix1822011-05-12Dolly Rockit Rollers
Roby Catfish1822012-02-05Bourne Bombshells
Rushin' Roulette1822009-11-23Chicago Riots Junior Roller Derby
Spink!1822011-10-13Northside Rollers
Corpse Slide182¡2011-07-23Tiger Bay Brawlers
Ichabod Lang18202012-04-16Halifax Roller Derby
KickaBroad Crane18202010-02-15Naptown Roller Girls
Mexi-Go18212008-10-17Detroit Derby Girls
Obi Wanna Blowmi18242012-03-08San Angelo Soul Sisters
Dismemberist (The)18252011-03-11CoMo Derby Dames
Pessa Mystik18252007-11-08Suburbia Roller Derby
Ch'uckin F'armin18262011-01-16TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Lethal Cupcake18282011-02-05Houston Roller Derby
Glamzilla1832011-05-16Republic of Korea Derby
Mr Incredibrawl1832011-03-18Bristol Roller Derby
NATralbrn Killa1832009-10-26Tulsa Derby League
Raging Bulmer1832011-03-10Birmingham Blitz Dames
Rock Bottom Bandit1832012-03-13Rotterdam Death Row Honeys
Lil indGIN18302007-07-30Phoenix City Rollers
Lenore Gore18312009-05-02DC Rollergirls
Bloody Penny18322011-03-29Hawkesbury/Hills Area Roller Derby
Emm-Raa18322012-03-21Central City Rollergirls
Daisey Rockett18362011-09-01Dead Girl Roller Girls, Kansas City
Made 'n Texas1836 Dallas Derby Devils
Madison Avin'U18362011-08-12Sheffield Steel Rollergirls
Texas Hurt'em18362010-09-26Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Texas Twist-her18362011-12-13Pottstown Roller Derby Rockstars
Caustic Judge18372011-04-03Ithaca League of Women Rollers
Jane Deere18372008-04-04Killamazoo Derby Darlins
Motte Crisser Une Bine18372011-12-31MTL Roller Derby
Tartlet Dodger (The)18372011-01-20New Hampshire Roller Derby
Audi- Yos1842012-01-14South Simcoe Rebel Rollers
Bermuda Thigh Tangles1842012-02-21Newcastle Roller Derby
Jenn-o-toxic1842011-03-01Wheat City Roller Derby
Sylvia Smash18422010-11-06Cape Girardeau Roller Girls
Alias Graceless18432010-07-11South Bend Roller Girls
Ragin' Scrappy18432011-01-03Jacksonville Roller Girls
TexSin Grrl18452011-03-10North Texas Derby Revolution
Donna Party18472006-04-28Windy City Rollers
Dubliner Broozes18472010-11-10Maine Roller Derby
Jane Ire18472006-06-06Naptown Roller Girls
Jane SkEyre18472010-09-02Charlottesville Derby Dames
Pain Eyre18472010-11-18Border City Brawlers
Brody Brixton18482009-09-19Flint City Derby Girls
Goldrush18482007-06-19DC Rollergirls
Kimbeaux Spice18482010-01-30Magnolia Roller Vixens
Mandi Festo1848 B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Miranda Wrights18482006-02-18Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Snarl Marx18482008-09-02Ithaca League of Women Rollers
DoomGirl18492010-09-14Kallio Rolling Rainbow
Fairy Brutal185 Carolina Rollergirls
Ginger Spite1852011-03-03McLean County MissFits
J'Ho Getting' Hi!1852011-10-02Tampere Rollin' Hos
Killer Kupcake1852011-09-21ToadSuck Derby Dames
Panda Bomb1852011-04-21London Rollergirl_s Rec League
Slingin' Grits1852009-02-13New River Valley Rollergirls
Hang'em Heidi18512011-04-11Rodeo City Rollergirls
Harriet Beecher Ass18522009-03-23Roc City Roller Derby
Malice (From Hell) Liddell18522010-12-12Belle City Roller Girls
Vicious Van Go-Go18532007-04-18Texas Rollergirls
AccostHer Wilde18542008-07-13Acadiana Good Times Rollers
Rainier Ruckus18542007-07-22DC Rollergirls
Lady Vendetta18552010-10-09Reno Roller Girls
Nenookaasi18552011-01-20Bemidji Babe City Rollers
Hyde Spark18572011-03-21Leeds Roller Dolls
Mo'hitya Gandhi18572011-05-17Reno Roller Girls
Billie D. Kiddo18592009-06-10CoMo Derby Dames
Evil Lucian18592010-04-01Moab Roller Derby
Harper Lethal18592008-02-05Atlanta Rollergirls
Rollosapien18592012-06-03Hulls Angels Roller Dames
Angela Slamsbury1862010-04-05Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Corpse Carbie1862011-07-21Murder City Roller Girls
El Gore1862010-02-11Ballarat Roller Derby
HR Smash'N'Stuff1862009-11-19Dragon City Derby Dolls
Rocky Roadrage1862006-05-12Syndicate Roller Girls
Blood Thirsty Drusilla18605/12/12Spartanburg Deadly Dolls
General Leigh18632009-10-02Seaside Siren Roller Girls
The Red Bearing18632011-11-20Bellingham Roller Betties
Blood Duchess18652011-12-23Northampto_n Shoetown Slayers
Captain Lidocaine Jane18652011-09-01Minnesota Roller Girls
Damn Yankee18652008-11-15Soul City Sirens
Mad March18652011-02-07Sacred City Derby Girls
Scarlett O'Terror1865 Lonestar Rollergirls
Jabberwockette1865AiW2012-04-28Chesterfield Twisted Roller Vixens
Killer Kanuck18672011-08-28Voodoo Derby Dollz Roller Derby Association
Maple Lethal18672011-07-13Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
B.B. Burlesque18682009-05-11Southern Oregon Rollergirls
Lolita LeBruise18682006-10-26Hudson Valley Horrors
Big Benny186K2011-07-01Plattsburgh Roller Derby
Speedy Nyx186Km/s2010-12-17Lonestar Rollergirls
2Pacalypse1872011-04-10Prairieland Punishers
ALLgore Morguen1872010-09-21Lakeland Derby Dames
Agent Skullie1872006-12-10Rubber City Demolition Dolls
Agony1872009-12-30Bakersfield Diamond Divas
Alpha Cat1872010-11-30Illinois Valley Vixens
Amanda Tori Massacre1872011-08-25Southland Slashers Roller Derby League
AmandeStroyer1872007-07-19Sac City Rollers
Amityville Floorher1872011-11-02Central New York Roller Derby
Amunisha1872009-11-13Arizona Roller Derby
Angel Grinder1872009-09-15Hellmilton Roller Ghouls
Annathrax1872011-03-27Greenville Derby Dames
B MURDA1872008-10-15Slaughter County Roller Vixens
B'Dunkadunk1872006-10-02Mad Rollin' Dolls
B.T.K1872009-01-08Dead End Derby
Backwoods SLASH-her1872012-01-31Hartford Area Roller Derby
Badda Doom1872011-07-01Northern Rivers Roller Derby
Baddkompany1872009-11-30Single Handed Roller Derby
Barbicide187 Tucson Roller Derby
Belle Tabitch1872011-01-14Snake Pit Derby Dames
Betty Wreckognize1872009-01-17Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls
Block Lesnar1872011-06-04Chautauqua County Roller Derby
Bone Kollector1872011-08-31Otautahi Roller Derby League
Bootiful Banshee1872011-12-19Mass Attack Roller Derby
Brat Capone1872010-05-21Dockyard Derby Dames
Brooklyn Barmade1872009-03-11Grand Strand Rollergirls
Busty A Move1872008-06-19Molly Roger Rollergirls
C. Murder1872006-11-14Derby City Roller Girls
CRAKALOTAPUS1872011-07-03Toowoomba City Rollers
Carmen MurderYa1872010-08-17Athens Ohio Roller Derby
Chocolate t'RUFF'le1872012-02-11Tweed Valley Rollers
Cholita de Knox1872011-05-21Northern Brisbane Rollers
Cindy Clawford1872010-09-13Appalachian Rollergirls
Clutch Slayer1872012-06-11Rainy City Roller Dolls
Coach Lou Kemia1872009-03-15Radioactive City Rollergirls
Crasher187 Naptown Roller Girls
Crochete1872011-12-01Black-n-Bluegrass Rollergirls
DOA Schwartz1875/12/12Jr. Jacksonville Rollergirls
Daisy Slay1872011-03-11Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
Dawn L tramp1872008-09-28Disaster City Roller Girls
Dead Prudence1872010-11-02Cape Fear Roller Girls
Death By Kitty1872008-05-02Green Country Roller Girls
Death Metal Dozer1872011-02-20Arizona Rollergirls
Death Row Doll1872009-06-14Newcastle Roller Derby
Deathro Tull1872008-12-31Twin Cities Terrors
Dee Viant187 Syndicate Roller Girls
Delia Death1872007-01-04KC Roller Warriors
Delilah Danger1872006-09-01Grand Raggidy Roller Girls
Demolition D'Bree1872011-09-23Red Bank Roller Vixens
Des Troyher1872010-11-22Bayou Outlaw Roller Girls
Dirty Jersey187 Charm City Roller Girls
Dollface DeVille1872010-07-20Lakeland Ladykillers Roller Derby
Dolly Chingasos1872012-04-06Alamo City Rollergirls
Doom dee Doom1872006-08-01Duke City Derby
Double Homicide1872012-03-26Fargo Moorhead Derby Girls
Duckit1872011-03-21Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Elvira Kneival1872011-04-10Fog City Rollers
Emma Pistol1872011-09-29Dutchland Rollers
Empress Explosiva1872007-11-17New Hampshire Roller Derby
Erica Bad-Do1872011-07-20South Bend Roller Girls
Erin Knock*a*Bytch*Out1872010-04-08Sin Cal Derby Vixens
Eva Seration1872008-06-02Soul City Sirens
Eva War1872009-05-19Geelong Roller Derby League
Evil-Lynn1872007-01-25Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz
Faye Talblow1872008-04-28Paper Valley Roller Girls
Freda Mercury1872011-07-26Southern Tier Savages
Grapple Ownya1872011-01-25Soul City Sirens
Hatchet Girl1872008-10-04TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Havenomarci1872009-05-15Dirty Verde Roller Derby
HazMat Honey1872011-07-12Mobil's Derby Darlings
Holly HollowPoint1872012-02-10Springfield's Queen City Roller Derby
Hollywood Homicide1872008-12-03Red Deer Roller Derby Association
Homicidal Barbie1872010-10-03Queen City Roller Girls
Homicidal Half Pint1872011-06-14Whidbey Island Roller Girls
Honey Homicide187 Lonestar Rollergirls
Houmacidal Kat1872008-08-01Cajun Rollergirls
Icey Deadgurrlz1872011-04-20North Louisiana Roller Dollz
Ivanna Skate1872008-10-27Lowcountry Highrollers
Jackie 'O' Blivion1872011-01-19Severn Roller Torrent
Jennafierce1872012-04-06Alamo City Rollergirls
Jenny Chingasos1872012-04-06Alamo City Rollergirls
Jensurgency1872006-10-08Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Jock the Ripper1872010-01-05GateKeepers Roller Derby
Julie Jailbird1872012-02-29Roller Derby Hannover
Jupiter1872011-05-01Bruising Banditas Roller Derby
Justifiable1872011-02-16Brazos Valley Derby Girls
KILLson1872007-08-27Forest City Derby Girls
KaNak attack1872011-08-29Paradise Roller Girls
Kadence Killer1872011-03-27TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Kamilla Bloodspilla1872006-10-16Pikes Peak Derby Dames
Kandee CapitatHER1872007-04-09South Side Roller Derby
Katie Mae Kill U1872011-04-14Cherry City Derby Girls
KemiKill Kamikaze1872009-03-18Little Steel Derby Girls
KillHER Kennedy1872012-02-01Hel'z Belles
Killa Girlilla1872012-04-2710th Mountain Roller Dolls
Killa Magilla1872008-01-19Rage City Rollergirls
Killah Ice1872010-01-14Springfield Rollergirls
Killer Tomato187 TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Killo Kitty1872007-04-29San Fernando Valley Roller Derby
Kimmie Krusher1872012-04-11Balsam Mountain Roller Girls
Kine Lee Killz1872009-05-07Gold Coast Derby Grrls
Kitty Black1872008-10-11NEO Roller Derby
Kitty Coroner1872006-04-21Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Kitty O'Slay1872010-04-12DC Rollergirls
LIL TNT1872011-09-07Central California Area Derby
LaChola Loca1872012-04-13Confluence Crush Roller Derby
Lacy Brawls1872012-05-31Mother City Mayhem Roller Derby
Lady Jezebel1872008-09-24Derby Revolution of Bakersfield
Leannimal1872009-09-19Flint City Derby Girls
Lei D. Lethal1872009-12-13Garden Island Renegade Rollerz
Lexus Chainsaw1872010-11-14Wicked Wheels of the West
Lil Miz PoundHer1872012-02-29Prison City Derby Dames
Littlered Riding Wood1872011-07-31M.I.A. Derby Girls
Locked Up1872009-06-18Humboldt Roller Derby
Loose Cannon1872006-03-13VIVA Roller Derby
Lyrical Gansta1872006-08-10Boston Derby Dames
MI$$ TNT1872011-12-20Central California Area Derby
Martha Focker1872011-02-17Inland Empire Derby Divas
Master Gunz Ma Deuce1872011-08-01Tulare Kings Roller Derby
Mauly Whopper1872011-10-28Unforgiven Roller Girls
MeGun O'Killya1872010-05-27Monterey Bay Derby Dames
Meanfeldt1872012-06-13Gothenburg Roller Derby
Messy MurderHer1872009-06-03Worcester Roller Derby
MetalFace1872010-09-27Cheyenne Capidolls Roller Derby
Mia Von Carnage1872010-03-01Renegade Rollergirls (CA)
Minista of da Fist1872010-01-19A'Salt Creek Roller Girls
Miso Rowdy1872009-02-27Pacific Roller Derby
Miss Ghia Teane1872007-01-02Beach City Roller Derby
Mo Murda1872008-06-18TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Mo'Licious1872010-01-24V-Town Derby Dames
Mochahontas1872009-03-05Pile O'Bones Derby Club
Mollye Murder1872009-02-10Atlanta Rollergirls
Morticia D. Kay1872011-10-15Assault City Roller Derby
Mother Fighterfly1875/2/12Assassination City Roller Derby
Motor Goddess1872008-01-26Fort Myers Derby Girls
Motor Mama1872009-12-08Santa Maria Roller Girls
Murder by Proxy1872011-10-22Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Muscle Sprout1872010-11-14Plymouth City Roller Girls
Necro Nympho1872008-06-09Battle Born Derby Demons
Nockka Ho Down187 TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Nuckin Futz1872009-12-09Charm City Roller Girls
PITBULL1872009-04-21Columbia QuadSquad
Panama Crack1872009-03-04Central Arkansas Roller Derby
Pandemic Pearl1872010-09-15Tri City Roller Girls
Penny Nartsy1872009-06-02Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby
Propapanda1872011-02-06Lahti Roller Derby
Psycho Senorita1872010-03-28Fairbanks Rollergirls
Pussa1872012-01-25Toowoomba City Rollers
Rajun Cajun1872007-03-14Rogue Roller Derby
Rancid Kitty1872010-10-04Ohio Valley Roller Girls
Raw Dog1872008-05-09Adelaide Roller Derby
Rebel Renegade1872010-01-05Rollin' Roulettes Roller Derby
Redum Ridinghood1875-24-12Clarksville Roller Derby
Reese Killersoon1872010-04-17AZ Derby Dames
Rojo Wrecksy1872011-12-15Burn City Rollers
Ruthlesskilla187 San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
SFYA1872011-10-28Little Steel Derby Girls
Sadie G.1872009-03-05Northern Ohio's wRECk Roller Derby
Scarlet Scrapper1872011-09-11Bismark Capital City Roller Girls
Scarlett Siren1875/15/12Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Scarstruck1872007-11-08Randall County Roller Dames
Schindler's Fist1875/9/12Tweed Valley Rollers
Shady Skatey1872010-11-22Dominion Derby Girls
Shiny Object1872011-08-29Paradise Roller Girls
Shotgun Shanny1872010-10-06Route 66 Derby Chix
Skella Donna1872011-09-25Central Kansas Derby Coalition
Skitzin Vixen1872011-07-13Murray River Derby Dames
Slavic Slayer1872009-12-21MTL Roller Derby
Sleezy Hollow1872011-10-02San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Slim-Slam Mayhem1872009-03-29Slaughterhouse Derby Girls
Smasholina Jolie187 TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Sneak Her Box1872009-11-12Eves of Destruction Roller Derby
Stabbity Ann1872008-11-11Roc City Roller Derby
Swiss Mistress1872007-09-18Resurrection Roller Girls
Systa Wrecktomy187 No Coast Derby Girls
T-Bone Snake1872007-04-19Mid Iowa Rollers
Tallulah Whoop1872011-06-20Fair City Rollers
Tara Rize1872007-10-19Demolition City Roller Derby
Thrustin Beav'r1872012-03-28Nanaimo Nemesis Roller Girls
Toxic Illumination1872011-01-20Tri-County Rolling Militia
Vagil Annie1872009-10-23Coos County Rollergirls
Veronica BruiseHer1872009-06-30MO-KAN Roller Girlz
Vixen T'Killya1872008-07-29Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
War Bunny1872011-10-11A'Salt Creek Roller Girls
Wax Assassin1872008-03-13Richter City Roller Derby
Wrath of Reaper1872011-07-15Undead Bettys
Yvonna Die1872012-03-05Rockin Rural Roller Girls
Eve L. Muerto187.52009-07-08Dusseldorf Devil Dolls
Bettie Lockdown18702010-11-14New River Valley Rollergirls
Luce Fiasco18712011-10-09Gainesville Roller Rebels
Whistler Smother18712010-11-17Detroit Derby Girls
Scary Ann Cotton18732010-11-06Cape Girardeau Roller Girls
Clawed Monet18742011-03-19New Hampshire Roller Derby
Dani Ocean18752010-01-27Chesapeake Roller Derby
Retro Ton18752012-04-01Birmingham Blitz Dames
Lil' Daisie Wilde18762009-02-25Dirty Verde Roller Derby
Mizz Call Her Rad O18762010-10-04Ark Valley High Rollers
Bronte Sore-arse18792011-01-16Perth Roller Derby
C'Ma Halo18792011-10-27Hell Rio Rollers
Lady in Dread187c2011-08-15Richter City Roller Derby
Scarlet Fierce187c2010-07-29Oklahoma Victory Dolls
Phalanx18802011-04-15Collision Mens Derby
Painful Grace18812009-09-28Rubber City Rollergirls
Red Cross18812007-10-22Seatown Sisters of Slant
Roc Holliday18812008-12-27Rollergirls of Central Kentucky (ROCK)
Annie Ouchley18852010-08-28Marietta Derby Darlins
Bristol Smashin'18852011-02-28Rock Coast Rollers
Hyde N Shriek18862011-11-27Brighton Rockers Roller Derby
Jack The Whipper18862008-05-22Phoenix Rattleskates/Dry Heat Rattleskates
Red Emma18862006-11-21Black-n-Bluegrass Rollergirls
Roxie Moxie18862010-10-16Mad Rollin' Dolls
Score of Babylon18872010-04-05Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Jackie Reaper18882011-06-01Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
London Mauling18882011-05-04Tragic City Rollers
Revenant Nightmare18882011-07-19Mitten Mavens
Belle Starr1889 Texas Rollergirls
Eiffel Terror18892009-04-19Western Jersey Outlaws
Liz Slaiborne1892011-08-09Pottstown Roller Derby Rockstars
Mebust U Up1892010-05-06Lehigh Valley Rollergirls
PaciFIST1892011-10-22Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Tabu Guru1892010-03-09Tulsa Derby League
Miss Katonic18902009-07-03Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Miss Pain Marple18902012-02-26Big Bucks High Rollers
Jess of the D'Erbykills18912009-07-25London Rollergirls
Tess D'Urb-Evil18912010-08-31Toronto Roller Derby
Tess Derbyvillian18912010-05-28Victorian Roller Derby
Double Destroyer18932006-03-29Steel City Derby Demons
Philthy Phanatic18932012-03-07Tampa Bay Men's Roller Derby
Franki May Adair-Ya18952011-08-09San Antonio Roller Derby
Effi Biest18962012-01-16rocKArollers
Count Flatt Racula18972010-11-04Winnipeg Roller Derby
Drakecula18975-23-12Canberra Roller Derby
Lady DraKillher18972011-02-01South West Sydney Rockets
Nosferatutu18972009-05-26Central City Rollergirls
TracKilla18972011-07-26Camel City Thrashers
Papaya on Fiyah18982012-03-02Crescent City Derby Devils
Moxy18992011-12-28Gainesville Roller Rebels
Kittie Killuall18=92007-03-12Southwest Missouri Roller Girls
El Spooky18A2007-11-11Hammer City Roller Girls
LABIAtch18A2010-07-03Sunshine Coast Roller Girls
Lady Lewd18A2012-03-14Foothills Roller Derby Association
Sadie Slasher18A2008-11-04E-Ville Roller Derby
Tight-Laced Tylene18A2011-04-05Royal City Rollergirls
Lillian Axe18E2010-03-02Carolina Rollergirls
Nurse Inject Her18G2009-04-11Hell City Rollergirls
Cranky Frankie18a2010-03-28TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Heartless Harlot18c. BC2010-11-29Fairbanks Rollergirls
Diamond Dee18ct2009-01-07Rubber City Rollergirls
KC KaYos18gauge2012-02-12South Okanagan Roller Derby Association
Passe-K.O.18h2011-04-28Roller Derby Quebec
Dali Madison18k TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Jiminy Quick Hit18kt2012-01-04Monterey Bay Derby Dames
Barbie Biturate18mg2008-03-21New Hampshire Roller Derby
Valcoholic Rage18th2011-09-16DC Rollergirls
Block & Decker18v2012-04-20London Rollergirls Recreational League
9.mmel192011-02-12Reef City Roller Girls
A Nuffsaid192012-03-24Ottawa Roller Derby
A'fric A. Nature192009-08-23Dominion Derby Girls
Agata Ch_kabitchski192008-07-16LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Agrippa S'Mass192011-01-25Rockford Rage
Alehya Bruised192011-05-27Killamazoo Derby Darlins
All Beef Ambie192011-03-01Kingsford Krush
Amelia Boomer192011-11-20Des Moines Derby Dames
Angry Penguin192012-02-02Long Island Roller Rebels
Anktion192011-09-09Vienna Rollergirls
Ann O'War192011-07-11South West Sydney Rockets
Apes of Wrath192011-08-22Shoreline Roller Derby
Apollo's Mistress192011-05-11Nightmares on Main Street
Argo192008-06-17Queen City Roller Girls
Asphalt Amazon192010-11-23TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Assault M. Boca192012-04-28Bay State Brawlers Roller Derby
Aussie Ausborn192012-03-19Gorge Roller Girls
BAMphetamine192010-03-11Hellgate Rollergirls
Bandysnatch192012-02-20Santiago Roller Derby
Barbecutioner192012-03-28Nanaimo Nemesis Roller Girls
Beata Blauen192011-07-08Tacones Bandidos
Betty Jukes195/12/12Jr. Jacksonville Rollergirls
Biffany & Co192011-02-10Convict City Roller Derby
Biffany & Co.192011-02-17Convict City Roller Derby
Big Bop Her (The)192011-05-01Halifax Roller Derby
Bobbi Slamher192010-09-03St. Chux Derby Chix
Boo Bash'er192011-08-22Birmingham Blitz Dames
Boosty "Eh" Bombshell192011-07-30Lil Chicago Roller Derby
Brandy BadKnockers192011-06-14Dire Skates
Brown Eyed Bullet192011-07-12Mobil's Derby Darlings
Brute Sixty Kixs192009-02-03Little Steel Derby Girls
Candy Darling192010-05-19Bear City Roller Derby
Chelsea Dagger192011-02-01Vette City Roller Derby
Cherry Swipe192009-09-19Geelong Roller Derby League
Cirkle Jerk192008-03-07Connecticut Death Quads
Claire Sullivan192011-07-03Toowoomba City Rollers
Clayremonkey192012-06-10Fierce Valley Roller Girls
CoCo She'll Nail Ya192008-04-10Choice City Rebels
Coco Punch192012-06-13Tar Sand Betties Roller Derby
Collete RL Jammage192011-02-07Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Cop E Cat192012-01-12Seaside Siren Roller Girls
D'Em'olishHer192010-03-29Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Damsel in Disgrace192011-08-27Northern Lightning Rollergirls
Dan Sin Queen192010-11-28Northern Brisbane Rollers
Danger Darling192006-10-25Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
Darla DeVill192010-06-27Orange County Roller Girls
Dead Beat Daisy192010-03-22Dead End Derby
Deadtime Story192010-08-13Central New York Roller Derby
Dee Dee Bustemup192010-03-17Mainland Misfits Roller Derby Association
Deny-Ya Twain192011-12-17San Fernando Valley Roller Derby
Doctor Potter192011-05-04Central Michigan Roller Derby
Donkey Punch19 Philly Rollergirls
Doxie Roller192012-02-08Woodstock Roller Derby
Duncan Hines192011-01-31Unforgiven Roller Girls
Elbow Nita192011-07-20South Bend Roller Girls
Ella Phunk192010-10-03Thunder Bay Roller Derby
Elle McFierce19 Houston Roller Derby
Emrolled192012-01-29One World Roller Derby
EskiMaul192011-11-15Prairie Fire Roller Girls
Ethyl Agitate192008-05-05Soul City Sirens
Evilyn Deed192009-01-20Eves of Destruction Roller Derby
First Blood192011-01-30Dakota Derby
Fischer Price192010-06-29Eastern Iowa Outlaws
Fiver192009-10-27Red Deer Roller Derby Association
Flamingo Jones192008-04-29Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Freakincide192012-04-07Dolly Rockit Rollers
FrostBite192011-09-29Convict City Roller Derby
FunkEpunkEmonkE192009-07-05Providence Roller Derby
Giggle Boxer192011-02-03Peoria Push Derby Dames
Gliding Angel192012-04-01NorSask Roller Derby
Glitter Hitter192012-04-18Sacred City Derby Girls
Goldieboxxx19 Philly Rollergirls
Gorie DeTails192007-04-26Derby City Roller Girls
Gory Grungskin192009-06-15Bremen Rollergirls
Grimm Rekha192011-10-12Saskatoon Roller Derby
Grindhouse Hussy192007-07-13Hammer City Roller Girls
Gwen Tsunami192009-06-01West Coast Derby Knockouts
Hails deNile192012-02-25Rum City Derby Dolls
Happyland Horror192011-11-07Vasteras Rollerderby
Harriet the Sly192009-12-16Rose City Rollers
Heavenly Paingel192011-11-25Rideau Valley Roller Girls
Heavy Metal Heather192007-10-19West Texas Roller Dollz
Helectric Shock192011-02-23MK Roller Derby
Hi-Fructose192012-03-06Mad Wreckin' Dolls
Hot Mess Little192011-09-20Varsity Derby
Hyper Bully192010-08-11Fog City Rollers
Hyperlite Betty192012-04-2710th Mountain Roller Dolls
Ida Slapter19 Rat City Rollergirls
Ima Jam By Ya192010-05-21Lilac City Pixies
Iso H195-17-12Kouvola Rock n Rollers
Ivanna Slayer192011-11-12St. Cloud Area Roller Dolls
Ivy Getu192010-04-09Geelong Roller Derby League
J.D. Slaminjure192010-04-03Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
J.Loca192010-07-09Paradise Roller Girls
Jean Jammer192010-08-14Twin Cities Junior Roller Derby
Jengerbread19 Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Jo-licious192010-05-27Monterey Bay Derby Dames
Johnie Blocker192010-08-18Black Hills Derby Girl League
Justin Hale192010-09-01Independent Ref
K-Oz Kitten192010-11-24Pensacola Roller Gurlz
Karla Marx19 TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Kay Jones192012-01-20Alamo City Rollergirls
Kick Butterfly192009-09-01Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz
Killypso192009-08-11Fort Wayne Derby Girls
Knuckle Bones192010-01-21Saskatoon Roller Derby
Kris Chasey192010-09-27WestSide Derby Dollz
Kris P. Cream192010-01-15Black-n-Bluegrass Rollergirls
Kymmy Kickass192010-09-02Border Brats Adult Derby
Lawdawg192009-11-19Black Hills Derby Girl League
Lil'Punk192006-09-21Sac City Rollers
Lippy Wrongstockings192008-03-07Tri City Roller Girls
Live Wire192010-04-21Cincinnati Rollergirls
Locko Liz192012-04-23Crime City Rollers
Lola Vulkano192008-02-14London Rollergirls
Mamasita Steele192008-09-25Sick Town Derby Dames
Marla Slinger192011-11-12Wirral Whipiteres Roller Derby
Martha Mangler192006-07-01Boston Derby Dames
Maus Trap192012-01-27Kansas City Roller Warriors
Maya Flixion192011-03-20Assassination City Roller Derby
McHavoc192012-04-18Niagara Roller Girls
Megalops192010-04-13Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Miss Collie-Check192011-03-09Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Miss Crunchbull192011-05-11Hellmilton Roller Ghouls
Miss Hollywood192010-04-07Green Country Roller Girls
Mistress Domina Trix192011-08-03Tupelo Honeys Roller Derby
Moaning Hurtle192011-02-04Middlesbrough Milk Rollers
Moo'Vova192010-08-07Imposters Roller Girls
Musfallan Mary192011-04-29Stockholm Roller Derby
Nah T.192012-03-09Apple City Roller Derby
NataLow192012-04-24Atomic Cupcakes Junior Roller derby
Neon Night Stalker192012-03-31Murder City Roller Girls
Nike Kuraiko San195-29-12Munich Rolling Rebels
Nikki Noxem192012-01-01Downriver Roller Dollz
Ninja Bear192012-01-06Bangor Roller Derby
NokMNess192011-07-07Orange Roller Derby League
Nuke192006-08-04Jacksonville Roller Girls
Olga Ogilthorpe192007-09-14Minnesota Roller Girls
Paramenace192011-01-29Sis-Q Rollerz
Paulatron192010-07-15Royal City Rollergirls
Peachy Keen192009-06-25Canberra Roller Derby
Penultimutt192011-07-13Westside Derby Dollz
Perpetrator Pinky192007-04-07MO-KAN Roller Girlz
Poisonette192010-08-08Bakersfield Rollergirls
Polly Wanna Smack Her19 Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
PollyPyro192011-05-18Newcastle Roller Girls
Psycho CA192011-04-29Renegade Rollergirls (CA)
Punch Yer Ole192010-08-11Snake Pit Derby Dames
RIOT! atchya192011-03-21Treasure Valley Rollergirls
Rabid Kitten192009-04-03Sheffield Steel Rollergirls
RaeDiation192010-07-13Greensboro Roller Derby
Raina Fury19 San Antonio Roller Derby
Rainbow of Chaos192011-12-11Columbia QuadSquad Minis
Reapercussion192006-10-29Denver Roller Dolls
Rebellika19 Texas Rollergirls
Redhead Redemption192011-04-11Nottingham Roller Girls
Reign O' Payne192011-03-22Dakota Derby
Reject Sinner192011-07-18Port Scandalous Roller Derby
Rhymes W/Death192009-02-05Savannah Derby Devils
RitaPloy19 KC Roller Warriors
Robin Hoodlum192011-03-21Leeds Roller Dolls
Robynd'Cradle192011-10-15Lansing Derby Vixens
Rue DeDaye192009-05-18Grand Raggidy Roller Girls
RuthLeslie192011-12-06Pile O'Bones Derby Club
Sally SkullKrusher192010-07-11South Bend Roller Girls
Sam Wow192012-04-10SoCal Derby
Shake n Bake192006-09-21Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Shannan Fisher192012-02-03Memphis Roller Derby
Shannibal WreckHer192008-05-03Port City Roller Girls
Shaygerbomb192012-04-03Charlottesville Derby Dames
Sheena Trash192012-02-29Roller Derby Hannover
Shelby Toast192012-03-08River Demons Roller Girls
Shiner Block192010-02-20Maui Roller Girls
Sinorita Von Doom195/3/12Chocolate City Cherry bombers
Slick Tracy192010-02-05New Hampshire Roller Derby
Smash Atoms192011-07-12Granite State Roller Derby
Smokin Purple Punch192011-05-23Southern Utah Derby
Sneaky Badger192012-03-27Mission City Brawlin' Betties
Sookie Smashhouse192011-01-10Cenla Derby Dames
Southern Vixen192010-05-19River Valley Roller Girls
Spice Hurl192011-11-03Brisbane City Rollers
Spike Moen192007-02-24Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Squeak E. Clean192011-11-07Coastal Assassins Roller Derby
Stars 'N' Strike192010-12-24CCDD
Steel Candi192009-03-23Roc City Roller Derby
Steely Jan19 B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Stick Up Kid192012-06-02Hartford Area Roller Derby
Stonehouse Becca192010-11-28Skyland Roller Girls
Strate Lace192009-08-25Cherry City Derby Girls
Strawberry Shortspank192011-03-01SINtral Valley Derby Girls
Suze'n Abuse192011-03-20Northern Rivers Roller Derby
Sweet Moxxy MauLone192011-02-17Inland Empire Derby Divas
Taryn A. Round192010-12-16Rocky Mountain Rollerpunks
Tasj Mahal192011-03-04One Love Roller Dolls
Temporary Sanity192008-06-04Rogue Rollergirls
Texas Chainsaw Sasskicker192010-10-06Ohio Roller Girls
Thai-Grrr (cleared)192011-10-03Missile Mountain Roller Derby
Tito Torpedo192010-05-20Champaine-Urbana Rollers
Tori Adore192007-01-19Windy City Rollers
Tow Goddess192011-01-11Totally Committed Derby Girls
Tricksy Tantrum192011-03-02Pirate City Rollers
Trixie Tre' LaTrash192012-04-30Methow Valley Roller Girls
Trixxy Rabbit192011-03-29Naptown Roller Girls
Vendetta von Bang192008-01-28Terminal City Rollergirls
Vera Horrific195/8/12Swamp City Roller Rats
Vodka Sour192011-04-02Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Wild Nikstar192011-07-28Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby
X-tremme Carnage192010-07-10Van Diemen Rollers
Yaya woosh195/14/12Copenhagen Roller Derby
Juke Shywalker19 BBY2011-01-19Cape Girardeau Roller Girls
Boston WhaleHer19 kts2011-01-14Jersey Shore Roller Girls
Lord of the Bearings19+12011-11-11Chesapeake Roller Derby
MISSY HAMMER19.12012-01-16B.M.O. Roller Derby Girls
Slam Wow19.952010-03-02Toronto Roller Derby
Slap Chop19.952011-01-02Calgary Roller Derby Association
ShamWow19.992010-11-17Detroit Derby Girls
Stalkher19/202010-10-03Northern Rivers Roller Derby
Eva Clear1902008-02-11Lafayette Brawlin' Dolls
Manda Villain1902010-03-15Pearl River Roller Derby
Roxy Ramjett1902006-02-28Tragic City Rollers
Tabitcha1902009-07-22Red Stick Roller Derby
Edgar Allen pwned190 Prf2011-10-10Battle Creek Cereal Killers
Sourgirl190 Proof2008-04-07Rogue Rollergirls
Sharon Moonshine190 proof2008-09-18Rollergirls of Central Kentucky (ROCK)
Zoya Destroyya190 proof2006-03-21DC Rollergirls
Dire Betty19002009-07-06Van Diemen Rollers
Krash Test Debbie19002010-02-04Paper Valley Roller Girls
Luna Rocks19002010-02-24San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Madame J19002011-04-11Arizona Rollergirls
May Q. Panic19002009-02-11Columbia QuadSquad
Ruby D Vixen19002007-12-30Eves of Destruction Roller Derby
Intensive Claire1900 nurse me5-23-12Canberra Roller Derby
Alice Cull'em19012010-08-04Cardiff Dragon Dolls
Bella Cull'em19012011-06-15Newcastle Roller Girls
Marlene Diebitch19012007-10-14TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Penny Banger19012010-04-09Geelong Roller Derby League
Wildcat19012009-06-19Spindletop Rollergirls
Beatrix Got'er19022012-03-15Severn Roller Torrent
BlueBury Ruffin19022011-03-10Alachua County Rollers
Mandytory Payne19022007-07-25Hammer City Roller Girls
Alex Calibur19032012-04-12Les Quads de Paris
Bruiseanne Con-her19032009-09-26Rainy City Roller Dolls
Snarley Davidson19032010-11-29Seaside Siren Roller Girls
Splat'Em Curie19032009-07-27Confluence Crush Derby
Storm E. ThrowHer19032011-03-01Kingsford Krush
Blades of Payne19042011-05-23Killa Hurtz Roller Girls
K.Y. Julie19042011-11-26Mad Rollin Dolls
Kit Curry19042011-03-11Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
La Cuete19042008-12-01Renegade Rollergirls (CA)
Latin VooDoo19042012-01-31San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Sailor's Ruin19042010-12-24Ruhrpott Roller Derby
Shifty Caliber19042011-09-10Sacred City Derby Girls
Smack! Gregor19042011-10-02San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Smackerly19042012-02-01Bakersfield Rollergirls
Wicked Angel19042010-01-06San Diego Roller Derby
Clara Path19052008-10-07Mad Rollin' Dolls
Lil Bit O Hell19052011-03-08A'Salt Creek Roller Girls
Maiden Alberta19052006-04-08Oil City Derby Girls
Regreta Garbo19052009-02-10Atlanta Rollergirls
Tree Slugger19052011-01-11Lafayette Brawlin' Dolls
Northwest Smashage19062012-03-06Mad Wreckin' Dolls
Journo Fist19082010-02-28Acadiana Good Times Rollers
Amerykah Trevino-Martinez19092010-02-27Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Jessika Rakkit190db2010-11-18Border City Brawlers
The F-Bomb190proof2009-03-11Grand Strand Rollergirls
Kwisatz Skaterach1912012-06-11Lincoln Land Roller Derby
Slickroxy1912012-02-13Moab Roller Derby
Spank Zappa1912010-08-02Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby
Frida Brawlo19102010-12-30Cornfed Derby Dames
Frida K.O.19102011-04-21London Rollergirl_s Rec League
Heartless Nobody19102012-02-04DuPage Derby Dames
Rhythm N Bruz19102011-01-16Perth Roller Derby
St Pauli Girl19102012-01-07Bruising Banditas Roller Derby
Tan-Ya Ass19102011-07-07Orange Roller Derby League
Carry Anne Conceal19112010-02-21Columbia QuadSquad
Dee Activate Her19112010-12-08San Antonio Roller Derby
Madame Scurrie19112010-06-06New Hampshire Roller Derby
Madison Pain19112012-01-07Bruising Banditas Roller Derby
Milk Juggz19112008-02-28Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Nocturna Storm19112010-02-07Dixie Derby Girls
SIG SAUERpuss19112012-06-03Clarksville Flat Track Roller Derby
Flay Wray19122011-06-04South West Angels of Terror
Grunt of the Litter19122011-11-26Bemidji Babe City Rollers
Kilty-As-Sin19122010-01-24Richter City Roller Derby
Muahahastash19122012-01-06Humboldt Roller Derby
THIGH TANIC19122011-05-10Maine Roller Derby
Tipanic19122009-11-12Demolition City Roller Derby
Bet Meddler19132010-08-04Flint City Derby Girls
Miss Shiner19132010-02-03South Texas Rolleristas
Ana Warpath19142006-06-30TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Idle Vice19142008-10-08Middle Georgia Derby Demons
Tenderize Her191472008-03-02Classic City Rollergirls
Billie Clobberday1915 Atlanta Rollergirls
Dani Maul19162007-06-19San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Irish Ice19162011-10-18Quad City Junior Roller Derby
Daizy Derailment19172011-11-16Black Rose Rollers
H!t D!sturber19172011-10-12Saskatoon Roller Derby
K.G.B.east19172011-10-22Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Minxy Mae Lix19172011-01-03Memphis Roller Derby
October Revolutions19172011-05-17North Star Roller Girls
Olive Mayhem19172009-10-27Bemidji Babe City Rollers
Phearless Diller19172008-12-19Jet City Rollergirls
Rosa Deluxe19172009-03-21Victorian Roller Derby
Rushin' Revolution19172010-04-05Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Bambi Blackheart19185/10/12W.A. Roller Derby
Dutchie Conqueror19182011-12-19Mass Attack Roller Derby
Morgana RamYa19182012-02-22Capital City Crushers
Sin Girl19182011-09-20Lambton County Derby
Snark de Triomphe19182010-11-24LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Tragedy Ann19182010-01-16Sac City Rollers
Von Reftonven19182011-10-26San Angelo Roller Girls League
Brawlin Nawlin19192009-12-16Magnolia Roller Vixens
Liberator, The19192009-04-13Lafayette Brawlin' Dolls
Puncher Villa19192010-04-01Crossroads City Derby
Abi Fury1922011-05-24Haunted City Rollers
Choke on D'Z1922010-03-01SinCal Derby Vixens
Kimvoluntary Manslaughter1922008-08-27Team Elite
Milani Mangle1922011-08-12Arizona Derby Dames
Rogue State1922009-12-26Rage City Rollergirls
Sparkle-icious1922011-02-18Bakersfield Junior Roller Derby
Bloody Dublin19205/10/12Peoria Push Derby Dames
Bruisin' B. Anthony19202010-01-29River City Rollergirls
Constance Truggle19202011-10-26Assassination City Roller Derby
F. Scott Hitzgerald19202012-01-08CT Rollergirls
Ghetto Rican19202012-01-01K-Town Derby Dolls
Hella Abzug19202012-03-06Mad Wreckin' Dolls
Iron Jawed Angel19202012-01-07Crown City Rollerz
Joan O'Farc19202012-04-22Northern Rivers Roller Derby
Nixie Noir19202010-11-27W.A. Roller Derby
Rosie the Retaliator19202011-01-17RockTown Rollers
Rosie the Ribhitter19202007-02-27Houston Roller Derby
Tease M. Nitely19202008-12-19Resurrection Roller Girls
Crazy Buchanan1920s2010-11-10Maine Roller Derby
La Chulis19212009-10-07Oxnard Derby Dames
Lana Left Turner19212010-06-07Perth Roller Derby
Molly McBrawly19212010-11-24TBD (delete 8/29/13)
Roxie dieHart19212012-06-03Canberra Roller Derby
Stompin Anya19212012-06-11Arizona Rollergirls
Betty White Stripes19225/9/12Granite State Roller Derby
Hissy Hit Em19222010-03-24Macarthur Area Roller Derby
Lee-Animator19222010-08-11Fog City Rollers
Skate Gatsby19222012-03-22Orange County Roller Girls
Toole of Torture19222007-02-05Salt City Derby Girls
*Pinky* The *Glitterator*19232012-04-21Brewcity Bruisers
Banshee Killdare19232012-04-09Central New York Roller Derby
Bludgeon Malone19232011-04-06Inhuman League
Doris Gay19242012-01-12Seaside Siren Roller Girls
Lil' Orphan Slammie19242009-09-04Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
JC Superscar19252012-02-05New Hampshire Roller Derby
TechniKiller Warrior19252011-07-12Mobil's Derby Darlings
Smashlyn Monroe19262012-02-17Dolly Rockit Rollers
Champain Supernova19272010-12-15LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Emmeline Pancakehurst (cleared)19282011-07-26Rainy City Roller Dolls
Lady Slatternly19282011-08-04CCDD
Pyschobilly Sam19282012-02-01Mountain Derby Girls
Shirley Tumble19282010-07-14Northside Rollers
True D. Grit19282011-05-03Marfa Roller Derby
Bad Asset19292009-09-27DC Rollergirls
Electric Bombshell19292012-03-02Crescent City Derby Devils
Elle Liberator19292012-02-29Red Rock 'N Roller Derby
Ginger Rogered19295/10/12W.A. Roller Derby
Haddie Hodozer19292010-10-15Tahoe Derby Dames
Hostile Takeover19292012-03-19Black Mamba Junior Derby
Jeneva Confliction19295/2/12Tall City Roller Betties
Mabel Stark19292009-04-19Ballarat Roller Derby
Roadrash Rosie19292010-11-18Border City Brawlers
St.Val Massacre19292008-09-19Disaster City Roller Girls
Louis HITon1935/10/12W.A. Roller Derby
Louise1932011-11-03Brisbane City Rollers
Venus De Maul'r193 LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Bettie J. Angel19302011-11-16Hartford Area Roller Derby
Bunny Yeager Bomb19302010-11-02Central Vermont Roller Derby
Star Spangled Hammer19312010-04-16Stl Gatekeepers Roller Derby
Double Delux19322011-04-18Brandywine Roller Girls
MaHotma Blondhi19322010-04-26South Jersey Derby Girls
Wampus Cat19322006-07-01Greater Jacksonville Roller Derby
Adolf Hits Her19332009-10-19Long Beach Roller Derby
Intoxikate19332008-08-07Derby Revolution of Bakersfield
Murderanne Moore19332011-01-01Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Oscar Vile19332012-02-22LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Punchy Chee19332009-07-01Western Jersey Outlaws
Bonnie Badass19342012-01-13Dockyard Derby Dames
Freckles McNasty19342009-12-20TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Luce Bandit19342009-04-20Texas Rollergirls
Colleen U. Abitch19352010-07-21Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Margaret Bleed19352010-01-11Southern Illinois Roller Girls
Rabie Doll19352011-09-08Pikes Peak Derby Dames
Skulletta Lynn19352012-04-18Beckley Area Derby Dames
Billy Foulplay19362010-09-26Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz
Scarlett O'Heretic19362011-10-19Ventura County Derby Darlins
Thyla Obscene19362010-06-18South Island Sirens Roller Derby
Amelia R.I.P Heart19372011-02-22Salisbury Rollergirls
Jean Harlot19372006-03-21Providence Roller Derby
Miss Handlung19382008-04-15Barockcity Rollerderby
Abby Arsenic19392010-04-01AZ Derby Dames
Bliss ~ Krieg19392012-02-12South Okanagan Roller Derby Association
Peterbilt19392011-05-17Rocket City Roller Girls
Wild-Fire Sandy1942010-06-28Unforgiven Roller Girls
Tone Death194 dB2008-03-13Lilac City Rollergirls
Amy Whackhouse19402011-03-29TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Lily of the Valium19405/6/12Oxford Roller Derby
PitBull PinUp19402012-01-12Angel City Derby Girls
D-Lite19412011-01-02Rock City Riot
Hitizen Kain19412011-12-16Suburbia Roller Derby
Kiaya-Kaze19412011-04-05West Kentucky Rockin Rollers
Pearl Harbor19412007-03-13Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Veronica Spanks19412012-03-08Northshore Roller Derby
Bambi. thumpHer19422011-08-29South Sea Roller Derby
DD'ulce19422010-02-16Sugartown Rollergirls
Dame Fear Her Limbs19422011-06-28Seaside Siren Roller Girls
Kaiser Siouxie19422011-04-21London Rockin Rollers
Marlene D. Trix19422010-08-31Long Beach Roller Derby
Richie The Riveter19422011-11-04Brandywine Roller Girls
Roxie the Riveter1942 Monterey Bay Derby Dames
Rue Bea Rockett19422007-01-09Desert Dolls Roller Derby League
Veronca Dodge19422010-02-15Naptown Roller Girls
Crash Menagerie19442011-11-14Circle City Derby Girls
Kili St. Cyr19442006-08-06North Star Roller Girls
MC Glamour19442011-03-21TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Atomic Bombino19452009-06-19Steel City Derby Demons
Hitcha Hardy19452010-10-21Derby Revolution of Bakersfield--Derby Brats
KAtom Bomb19452010-12-11Lansing Derby Vixens
Kammi Kazi1945 LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Sally Jupiter19452011-03-21Bakersfield Diamond Divas
Busty Siegal19462011-06-01Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Cosmic Girl19462011-07-07Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
Conspiracy Fury19472010-11-05DC Rollergirls
Honey Suckit1947 Detroit Derby Girls
Karen Bout-cha19472011-04-13Cornfed Derby Dames
Lotus Bomb19472012-03-14River Regions RollerGirls
Shove-A-War19472011-03-05Fort Wayne Derby Girls
Coop De Vil19492011-02-23Renegade Rollergirls West Virginia
Geneva Conviction19492010-05-04Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Hell Virus19492012-01-14Renegade Rollergirls (So Cal)
Kitty Kutabitch19492010-11-19TBD (delete 9/27/13)
Kustom Maid19492011-07-07TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Peryl Streep19492010-12-01Gray City Rebels
Pix E. Booger19492010-08-11Snake Pit Derby Dames
Simone de Booyah19492010-08-16Jersey Shore Roller Girls
Tasty Pastry19492011-10-08Peterborough Roller Derby League
Tormentia1949 London Rollergirls
Buxom Basher1952007-08-15Molly Roger Rollergirls
CinderBrawlla19502011-07-01Orange County Roller Girls
Clare de Lunatic19502010-07-15Royal City Rollergirls
Ghouligan19502011-04-02Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Lana Churner19502011-08-09Pottstown Roller Derby Rockstars
Marilyn Mayhem19502010-02-16Reno Roller Girls
Miss Disruption19502011-03-21Bakersfield Diamond Divas
Rita Killsworth19502011-06-04Long Beach Roller Derby
Sandi Hell Santo19502007-07-12London Rockin Rollers
Stoodie Baker19502011-02-04B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Tranquilizer Tart19502010-01-31Oxford Roller Derby
Machete Page1950s2006-08-08Windy City Rollers
Bruisey Ricardo19512010-12-30Cornfed Derby Dames
Hellatrixx Noir19512011-12-14LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Queen Elizadeath II19522009-01-16LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Shaidomasocist19522011-03-10North Texas Derby Revolution
Toni the Tiger19522011-03-01Seattle Derby Brats
Touche' Boucher19522011-01-21Des Moines Derby Dames
Breckin U. Down19532011-04-21Cornfed Derby Dames
Your Mom (cleared)19532010-11-22CT RollerGirls
Bang Crosby19542008-03-29Big Easy Rollergirls
Belle of the Brawl1954 Atlanta Rollergirls
Chevi BumpHer19542011-12-07Illinois Valley Vixens
Edna Gein19542007-02-19TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Kamzilla19542009-02-24Richmond Derby Demons
Rockabilly Rock Her19542009-09-26SinCal Derby Vixens
Anchor Wench19552011-12-31Rock Island Rollers
Dame Edna Hemorrhage19552010-12-09Brussels Derby Pixies
Edith Shred19552010-03-10B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Etta Jams19552008-03-18Long Island Roller Rebels
Lottie Dah19552010-07-16LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Marilyn Monthrow-down19552012-01-18Bisman Bombshellz
Marty McFlyer19552011-06-04South West Angels of Terror
Meanie Mouse19552011-04-11Arizona Rollergirls
Pink Tatillac19552008-01-04Sacred City Derby Girls
Rack to the Future19552011-02-15Central Mass Roller Derby
Rock'n Roll Ruby19552009-10-23Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Rollin' Redshirt19552006-08-27Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
Vladimir Naboobkov19552011-10-05Angel City Derby Girls
What the Steph19562011-11-23HARBOR CITY ROLLER DAMES
Peggy Suplex19572009-12-31Boston Derby Dames
Sue-aside-mama19572010-01-15Jerzey Derby Brigade
Reading Rambo19582009-09-21Suburbia Roller Derby
Tullulah Hula1958 trademark2012-01-10Alamo City Rollergirls
Barbie McAssKICKER19592008-09-08Assassination City Roller Derby
Buckwyld Barbie19595/15/12Lake City Roller Dolls
Cat O'Mighty19592009-06-12Worcester Roller Derby
Debbieland19592012-03-22Orange County Roller Girls
Demolition Barbie19592010-10-05Treasure Valley Rollergirls
Graveyard Queen19592011-04-05Victorian Roller Derby
Guantanamo Babe19592006-05-11DC Rollergirls
Laverne N. Surly19592006-04-11Dutchland Rollers
Pocket Monster1962010-11-16Hellfire Harlots
Eileen Left19602007-02-20Oklahoma Victory Dolls
Hard Core-vette19602008-04-17Suburbia Roller Derby
Hipsy Gypsy19602012-03-10Fiend Queens Roller Derby
Knox-U-Dizzy19602010-08-24Columbia QuadSquad
Floozy Homemaker1960's2012-01-10Alamo City Rollergirls
Ciditious19612011-11-07Confluence Crush Derby
Lady Gagarin19612010-01-25Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Mersamary19612011-12-23Wasteland Derby Dames
Connie Pinko19622006-09-10Dockyard Derby Dames
DDT19622012-02-27One World Roller Derby
Human Missile Crisis19622011-03-20Classic City Rollergirls
Marilyn Gun-Hoe19622008-08-22Jet City Rollergirls
Marilyn Monroadkill19622011-05-04London Rockin Rollers
Monroe Mutiny19622010-04-09Geelong Roller Derby League
Murder Monroe19622010-02-10Seaside Siren Roller Girls
Stella Stitch'er19622010-06-03Harrisburg Area Roller Derby
American Pie19632011-01-09Cedar Rapids Rollergirls
Bamabell19632011-04-03Charlotte Roller Girls
Jackie O'No19632007-06-26Rock River Rollers
JenRL Damage19632008-08-01Cajun Rollergirls
Lady Burn Johnson19632009-07-08DC Rollergirls
Medusa Cascade19632011-08-01W.A. Roller Derby
Patsy Climax19632012-03-05River City Rollergirls
Queen Goriana19632011-03-10Oxford Roller Derby
Skatum O'Neal19632008-06-13LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
AK Cupquake19642011-02-02Rage City Rollergirls
Abbey Roadkill19695/2/12LA Derby Dolls
Axtual Malice19642010-03-23Atlanta Rollergirls
Booty Pop19642011-10-28Unforgiven Roller Girls
Hangin' Judge19642010-02-01Fort Wayne Derby Girls
Mary Stoppins19642007-11-01Oly Rollers
Ringo Starrdust19642011-05-31Lowcountry Highrollers
The Skatus Quo19642012-01-12Seaside Siren Roller Girls
Yoko Slammo19642010-05-06Inland Empire Derby Divas
Cha Cha Cherrybomb19652011-04-21Oklahoma Victory Dolls
Mustang Stella19652011-04-03Charlotte Roller Girls
Roger Assaultrey19652008-01-08LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Steel Bullitt Stella19652008-04-29Sioux City Roller Dames
Austin19662011-10-02San Diego Roller Derby
Chef Gorgeous Rammy19662010-07-11South Bend Roller Girls
La Toast19662011-12-31MTL Roller Derby
Miss Bonejam-Carver19662012-01-16rocKArollers
Ol' Blighty19662011-03-31New River Valley Rollergirls
Spun Honey19662011-08-29Paradise Roller Girls
Asian Orange19672007-05-07Disaster City Roller Girls
Beatwood Mac19672012-01-15Cape Fear Roller Girls
Beltane Wytch19672010-03-30Bedfordshire Rollergirls
Loretta Gogetta1967 Philly Rollergirls
Penny Maim19672010-05-19Brewcity Bruisers
Shelby Musting19672011-12-05Windy City Rollers
Slammy Winchester19675-17-12Panama City Roller Derby
Spanish Tapass19672011-08-07Ballarat Roller Derby
DeeWitcheD19682011-02-07Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
Delilah Decider19682012-01-12Angel City Derby Girls
Ida the Living Dead19682012-04-13Confluence Crush Roller Derby
Lil Bit Disturbed19682009-07-27Denver Roller Dolls
Missy Wrighteous19682011-02-28Rock Coast Rollers
Mrs. McVicious19682011-08-31Lea County Roller Wenches
Mrs. Vicvicious19685/2/12Tall City Roller Betties
Orangyna19682006-09-25River City Rollergirls
Pixie Yerbattles19682010-08-05Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Truly Thumptious19682010-11-29Seaside Siren Roller Girls
Vandal Liza19682008-09-22Bruising Banditas Roller Derby
Zombie Dearest19682011-10-02San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Abattre19692011-08-23Monterey Bay Derby Dames
Belle Bottom19692011-03-18Dockyard Derby Dames
Blondie Bardot19692011-07-01Orange County Roller Girls
Boris Snarloff19692009-06-15Leeds Roller Dolls
Bully Julie19692006-06-07San Diego Roller Derby
Bustang Sally19692010-11-14TBD (delete 6/27/13)
E. Velma Chine19692011-10-06Potential Fresh Meat Practice Squad
Freedom Fyta19692009-02-10Birmingham Blitz Dames
Ginger Break-Her19692010-05-05Mid Iowa Rollers
Homicidal Hippie19692009-06-27Rideau Valley Roller Girls
I "FEAR" a Jeannie19692011-04-19Inland Empire Derby Divas
Iggy Bloc19692012-06-03Canberra Roller Derby
Jimi HitTrix19692008-08-11Derby City Roller Girls
Manson's Maiden19692009-01-16Gem City Rollergirls
Nicky Wired19692011-10-16Valleys Roller Dolls
Psycho A Go Go19692012-01-02Bay State Brawlers
Queen Latina1969 TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Rockquelle Damage19692010-09-07Wreckin Roller Rebels
Rotten Apple19692009-12-17Dallas Derby Devils
Sheitzmann19692011-01-25Central New York Roller Derby
Shrew B. Doo19692010-02-21Columbia QuadSquad
Sister Mercy19692012-04-22Northern Rivers Roller Derby
Tazmanian Diva19692011-03-24Southland Slashers Roller Derby
Velvet De Vochka19692012-03-24Ottawa Roller Derby
Zoom Zoom Mama19692011-07-07Prince Albert Roller Derby
Belle Camino19702011-02-18Tar Sand Betties Roller Derby
Frida Runamok19702010-04-08Hidden City Derby Girls
Harriet the Thighs19702010-09-22Oakland Derby Diamonds
Hippy Stardust19702010-09-13Wolverhampton Honour Rollers
Ja'Main Fear19702010-12-09Perth Roller Derby
Mr Void19705/6/12Oxford Roller Derby
Neuralize-HER19702011-01-24San Diego Roller Derby
Smacker Jack Suzie19702011-10-16Pensacola Roller Gurlz
Udder Bitch19705/15/12Hellfire Harlots
Zoe Ringurbell19702010-06-17Flathead Valley Roller Derby
Vanna Rockin'1970's2006-10-16Assassination City Roller Derby
Baby Splice19712008-10-20Rated PG Rollergirls
Fantastic Slams19712009-09-23Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Herr O.19712010-04-19Gent GO-GO Roller Girls
Mz Foxy Bash'em19712011-06-16Ocala Cannibals Roller Derby
Not So Mello Elo19712011-08-09Crossroads City Derby
Owen Meanie19712010-01-06Race City Rebels Roller Derby
Sin D. Brady19712011-01-29Bash Valley Clobber Girls
Sophia Ann Loathing19712011-04-21London Rollergirls
Welcome Back Slotter19712012-03-24Ottawa Roller Derby
B.A. Douglas19725/6/12Oxford Roller Derby
Bobbi Gore19722011-08-22New Hampshire Roller Derby
Ecko19722007-07-07Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Farrah Fracture19722011-11-08Naptown Roller Girls
Goria Frankensteinem19722011-04-10Soy City Rollers
Heleanor Throosevelt19722010-08-05Chicago Outfit
Poppet Rocket19722012-04-01Birmingham Blitz Dames
The Candy Coroner19722011-12-15Burn City Rollers
Ziggy (eat my) Stardust19722010-10-29Roc City Roller Derby
Alassin Sane19732008-01-14Atlanta Rollergirls
Bad Monkey19732012-01-13Med City Mafia
D-Ball19732007-04-03Long Island Roller Rebels
Dodge Swinger19732008-11-04Tri City Roller Girls
Miss Scarah19732010-09-13Appalachian Rollergirls
Shaw No Fear19732011-03-13Omaha Rollergirls
Tennel Aidie19732010-09-18Manchester Roller Derby
Bratti LaBelle19742010-11-09Darlings of Destruction
Broken Cherry1974 Windy City Rollers
Bruise Mobile (The)19742010-08-10North East Roller Derby
Democrashe19742011-06-07Diamond Valley Roller Derby
Disco Diablo19742006-09-01TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Fly Girl1974 TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Heatherface19742008-04-29Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Jrorocks19742012-04-22Wreckin Roller Rebels
New Killerdonian19742012-02-02Brisbane City Rollers
RG Bar G19742011-04-11Cardiff Roller Collective
Rollemite19742010-11-09TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Siddy Scent19742012-04-01Birmingham Blitz Dames
Speedie Sedgwick19742010-12-12Belle City Roller Girls
Vidar Cerberus19742009-02-14Richmond Derby Demons
Bettie Batter19752011-10-05Angel City Derby Girls
Bohemeth Rhapsody19755-23-12Canberra Roller Derby
Curvy Killa19752008-06-09Battle Born Derby Demons
Jamie Hoffa19752010-07-24Reno Roller Girls
La Sucia19752007-02-24Memphis Roller Derby
Lynyrd Skyn Her19752009-02-26Castle Rock N' Rollers
Moxxie Horror19752011-06-07City of Fists Rollergirls
Nurse Ratchet19752007-09-07AZ Derby Dames
Peg O' My Heartless19752011-05-04Oakland Derby Diamonds
Ruby Hart19752008-07-14Western Sydney Rollers
Scarrie ChokeHer19752011-07-20San Diego Roller Derby
Woman 2 Blame (The)19752011-06-19Cape Girardeau Roller Girls
Beater Pan-Tease19762007-02-06MTL Roller Derby
Bella Disastro19762011-08-22Assassination City Roller Derby
Cakeface Killa19762008-03-08Dixie Derby Girls
Charlie's Mangel19762010-11-29Rome Rollergirls
Disco Chris19762011-04-24Limestone CrusHers Roller Derby
Disco Tex19762008-01-08LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Lean Mean Norma Jean19762010-04-19Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
StraitJackie19762011-03-24Southland Slashers Roller Derby
Boba Phatt19772012-04-28Chemical City Derby Girls
Boomslang19772010-06-18Lea County Roller Wenches
Buxom Buxcey19772011-02-08Oxford Wheels of Gory
C-3P-HO19772010-12-21Long Beach Roller Derby
Cherry on Top19772009-02-19Fort Myers Derby Girls
ChewWacca19772011-06-07Middlesbrough Milk Rollers
Crazy Anya19772011-01-19Cape Girardeau Roller Girls
Darth ada19772010-07-14Northside Rollers
Disco Doll19772011-07-09Magic City Rollers
Elvis Deadly19772010-11-29Seaside Siren Roller Girls
Heart likea Wheel19772010-03-07TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Jenny Rotten19772008-03-09Albany All Stars Roller Derby
Lush-iss Stompson19772011-06-07Central Coast Roller Derby
Maya Prerogative19772012-06-07LA Derby Dolls (Trademarked Name)
Panda Demic19772009-11-23Chicago Riots Junior Roller Derby
Punk Rotton19772010-11-22Appalachian Rollergirls
R2-Smack-U19772012-02-12Toronto Roller Derby
Ram Jam Betty19772007-07-05River City Rollergirls
Reagan Riot19772010-12-11Kansas City Banked Beauties
Sincerely, Val19772010-02-24Chattanooga Roller Girls
Sparky Ram-one19772011-08-14Northern Brisbane Rollers
Tammy Terror19772007-08-15Molly Roger Rollergirls
White Riot19772012-02-13Bristol Roller Derby
Freak Le Chic19782011-05-19Central City Rollergirls
Ginsu Slice19782012-02-21Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls
Junestown Massacre19782010-04-04Harbor City RollerDames
Road Rage Barbie19782012-03-14Route 66 Roller Derby
Silver BullHit19782011-10-10Ark Valley High Rollers
Space Invader19782010-03-23Boston Derby Dames
Tammy Faye Breaker19782008-03-14Charlotte Roller Girls
Thrashquatch19782010-02-24Mason Dixon Roller Vixens
Tippi Tantrum19782011-09-08Route 66 Roller Derby
Zommbie Princess19782011-09-08Route 66 Roller Derby
Bonehew Breaker19792010-11-13West Coast Derby Knockouts
Bully Corgan19792010-02-12LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Chyna Syndrome19792008-11-11Rockford Rage
CinderWrecker19792012-04-01Birmingham Blitz Dames
Dame Duke19795/14/12Copenhagen Roller Derby
E. Vader19792009-09-22San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Fun on Wheels19792011-01-20Bemidji Babe City Rollers
I owe a beatin'19792011-11-06Enid Roller Girls
Jesse Jecther19792010-03-01Denver Roller Dolls
Krystal Vice19792012-01-12Seaside Siren Roller Girls
Maggie Snatcher19792008-09-02Perth Roller Derby
Norma Rage19792011-04-24Jyvskyl Roller Derby
Ruffian (The)1979 Atlanta Rollergirls
Smashing Pumpkin19792007-07-11Suburbia Roller Derby
Soul Whacks19792011-12-25London Rollergirl_s Rec League
The PhilosoFear19792011-11-27Brighton Rockers Roller Derby
Too Short19792008-11-22Sac City Rollers
Knoxxy Brown197fo2010-05-04Old Capitol City Roller Girls
Bitzy Flash1982007-09-07Suburbia Roller Derby
Blackrock Bruiser1982012-02-27Queen City Roller Girls
Bobbi Fett1982010-09-27Liverpool Roller Birds
Diva Desire1982009-01-15ManchVegas Rollergirls
Tuesday Welts1982010-05-04Ventura County Derby Darlins
Weeping Angel1982011-07-21Murder City Roller Girls
Hellda Reckonwith19802012-02-04Gem City Rollergirls
Kill-Her Kowalski19802007-06-21Hammer City Roller Girls
Lola Bloom19802011-09-14Limerick Roller Girls
Lulu Smashface19802012-01-01K-Town Derby Dolls
Magma Force19802011-12-25London Rollergirl_s Rec League
Megan Formor19802006-04-28Windy City Rollers
Metal Maiden19802007-01-04Tucson Roller Derby
Mount Saint Helen19802007-06-14CT RollerGirls
Nando Calrissian19802012-01-25Basingstoke Roller Derby
Phunky Phresh-Bread19802011-11-29580 Roller Girls
RaPAINzel19802011-02-03Bunbury Roller Derby
Redneck B. Yotch19802007-06-26Rockford Rage
Roller Troll19802009-08-11Crown City Rollerz
SK80 Sadie19802012-02-25Assassination City Roller Derby
Shiva Diva19802010-02-15Naptown Roller Girls
Sk8 Grinder19802011-10-12Forest City Derby Girls
Smackeroni N Cheese19802012-04-16Halifax Roller Derby
Squirrel Smutkin19802009-10-19Middlesbrough Milk Rollers
XanaDoom19802007-03-19Assassination City Roller Derby
Xanadu Me19802009-03-04Houston Roller Derby
Panty Christ (The)1980 A.D.2007-09-10Pikes Peak Derby Dames
Bare-Grillz1980AD2011-02-20Northside Rollers
OCDC1980s2010-08-17NJ Hellrazors
AriVederci19812011-03-01Seattle Derby Brats
Bella Rage19812008-03-26Sonoma County Roller Derby
Brutal Silent19812009-10-26Tulsa Derby League
Buck Nasty19812006-12-02Battle Born Derby Demons
Sailor Nelly19812010-11-04Central City Rollergirls
Smashley Wheel'ams19812011-05-23RockTown Rollers
Stevie Nicks & Licks19812009-12-15Assassination City Roller Derby
Toe-Stop Believin19812011-06-19Arch Rival Roller Girls
Va Joy Joy19812011-01-10Morgantown Roller Vixens
Cheeseriot19822011-04-11Queen City Roller Girls
Crash Dance19822007-05-16Denver Roller Dolls
David Smashelhoff19822010-06-21Twin Cities Terrors
Fer Sure Fer Sure19822010-11-06Choice City Rebels
HoneyB Scared19822011-02-14Brisbane City Rollers
Ida Smackta19822011-02-14Daylesford Derby
MissyMatic19822012-06-07LA Derby Dolls (Trademarked Name)
Petal to the Metal19822008-01-12Black-n-Bluegrass Rollergirls
PiPPi No StoPPinGs19822011-02-22Geelong Roller Derby League
Pippi Gone Syko19822011-03-10North Texas Derby Revolution
Scream Crackers19822011-03-18Bristol Roller Derby
The Baronmess19822012-01-10Alamo City Rollergirls
Tyrannosaurus Bex19822010-09-26Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz
Altitude Adjustment19832012-01-14Rocktown Rollers
BambiBomber19832010-04-21Jacksonville Roller Girls
Beelzebunny19832011-07-07Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
Cindi Loper Headoff19832011-01-20Tri-County Rolling Militia
Darth Maul'icious19832007-09-17Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Eschaton-ya Harding19832012-02-10Springfield's Queen City Roller Derby
Hurricane Alicia19832007-10-19Wayward Rollergirls
KrushNer19832011-02-12Central Michigan Roller Derby
Madame Ant19832010-11-24Glasgow Roller Girls
Marisky Bizness19832011-03-10Twin State Derby
Minor Threat19832009-05-11DC Rollergirls
Rub-Her Ducky19832008-04-25Dominion Derby Girls
Scriminal Mastermind19832011-04-19Manchester Roller Derby
Sin D Drop-Her19832010-03-02Toronto Roller Derby
Thriller Jackson19832010-10-06West Kentucky Rockin Rollers
Tits N Assphault19832010-03-19Rose City Rollers
"Bobby" Val Halen19842011-02-24Roller Derby Quebec
Ann Halen19842007-02-13E-Ville Roller Derby
Aurore Brawlealis19842010-08-02Birmingham Blitz Dames
Becka the Wrecka19842006-04-28Dominion Derby Girls
Blue Monday19842006-04-21Dallas Derby Devils
Candy Grrl19842011-09-07Northampton Shoetown Slayers
Cindy Whop-Her19842011-01-19Renegade Rollergirls (AZ)
Claire D. Way19842006-07-01Boston Derby Dames
Cori Heartless19842007-08-15Memphis Roller Derby
Dan Halen19842011-08-15Richter City Roller Derby
DeSepticon19842011-02-26Eerie Roller Girls
Dykel Jackson19842011-01-21Diamond Valley Roller Derby
Frances Harmer19842006-10-05Star City Rollergirls
Gretel von Metal19842011-10-13Charlottesville Derby Dames
Grievous Bodily Charm19842007-12-09London Rollergirls
Harriet of Fire19842007-02-18Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls
Isla Fister19842011-07-15Undead Bettys
Jackin' Your Spleenstalk19842010-11-29Seaside Siren Roller Girls
Jager Bombshell19842010-10-12Abilene Derby Dames
Jan Halen19842009-01-05London Rockin Rollers
Joz of Life19842011-10-02San Diego Roller Derby
Karma Chameleon19842008-10-31Lafayette Brawlin' Dolls
Kilgrim19842010-12-12Belle City Roller Girls
Kung Fu Gripka19842011-03-14Springfield Roller Girls
Luna C19842007-12-07Halifax Hellcats Roller Derby
Main-Bow Brite19842011-09-01Kingsford Krush
Nancy Slew19842010-05-24Dragon City Derby Dolls
Ref Jam19842011-03-02Pirate City Rollers
Rock the Vogt19842008-01-30Molly Roger Rollergirls
Scout Flinch19842008-06-02Alberni Valley Roller Girls
Shelly Shankya19842006-12-16ICT Roller Girls
Slamantha Breaker19842011-12-14Chemical Valley Rollerigirls
Snarky Brewster19842012-03-19Black Mamba Junior Derby
Special Ethel19842009-01-05Geelong Roller Derby League
Tesla Spoils19842012-03-26Greensboro Roller Derby
Tits n' Tofu19842008-08-07Sick Town Derby Dames
Tormanator19842010-05-27CoMo Derby Dames
Van Caylen19842011-03-02Mountain Derby Girls
Whoremoan Al19842011-02-14Pensacola Roller Gurlz
Booty White19852011-05-16Garden State Rollergirls
Bunz N Roses19852012-02-21Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls
Chesty Copperpot19852007-04-29Rollergirls of Southern Indiana
Chupa Ka Blam19852011-06-19Rollergirls in Pagosa
Julezz Slambino19852011-01-21Basin Breaker Babes
Neon Vamp19852009-09-07Queen City Roller Girls
Olive Spoil19852010-08-08Perth Roller Derby
Pino Gringo19852009-11-03Savannah Derby Devils
Rose Dielund19852011-06-09East Lansing Roller Riot
Sharin Beatings19852008-09-10West Coast Derby Knockouts
Smash N'Gabs19852012-02-21Newcastle Roller Derby
Tarty McFly19852010-09-01Bristol Roller Derby
Toyah Killcox19852011-08-22Birmingham Blitz Dames
Cherry Von Sin19862010-02-16Junction City Roller Dolls
Gitmo Bitch19862010-08-01Gainesville Roller Rebels
Hell Toro19862011-07-01Orange County Roller Girls
Mask A Raid19862012-03-08Northshore Roller Derby
Master of Ruckus19862012-02-16Columbia QuadSquad Rollergirls
Molly Rinkwall19862012-03-22Orange County Roller Girls
Rosie Ferocious19862010-04-17Killamazoo Derby Darlins
Sicky Nixx19862008-05-13Charm City Roller Girls
Corpsie Cherry19875/15/12Cannibal Marmots
Grins N' Roses19872010-11-09Brewcity Bruisers
Hoofinator19872011-12-15The Inhuman League
Shark Week19872009-12-31Boston Derby Dames
Shoot EM Up19872010-07-05Big Bucks High Rollers
Claire-Lee Deranged19885/15/12Dolly Rockit Rollers
Ghetto Fairy19882008-11-26Rainy City Roller Girls
Holla Abghoul19882012-01-14South Simcoe Rebel Rollers
Rei-Jing Ninja19882012-02-07Cape Girardeau Roller Girls
Surfer Rosa19882009-02-10Atlanta Rollergirls
Fajita Fiesty19892010-11-04TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Lita Fuse19892011-02-20Arizona Rollergirls
Rocket Kitty19892011-09-24Chattanooga Roller Girls
Sk8erson19892011-06-16San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Atomic Sass1992010-05-05Mid Iowa Rollers
Big Smack & Fries1992010-10-18Newcastle Roller Girls
Diane Beatin'1992006-08-22Naptown Roller Girls
Krashmir1992011-09-10River Demons Roller Girls
Lina Ginster1992010-04-21TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Miss Be Meaner1992011-08-05Vero Beach Rollergirls
Rocky Explosion1992010-03-03West Coast Derby Knockouts
Slammibal Lecter1992011-07-12Mobil's Derby Darlings
Feline Fatale199 lives2009-05-18Wakey Wheeled Cats
Haulin' Hot Cakes199¡F2010-12-15Tucson Roller Derby
Betty White Knuckles19902010-09-23Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Dame O'Shame19902011-01-09South Central Roller Girls
Edward Slaughterhands19902011-02-03Perth Roller Derby
Nicki Karnaj19902012-02-27One World Roller Derby
Ratchet Wrench19902009-07-22Springfield Rollergirls
Ross-Spur Redneck19902012-06-07West Kootenay Women's Roller Derby
Elbow McFearson1990's2010-03-08Des Moines Derby Dames
Bustup Bamby19912008-02-07Victorian Roller Derby
Mc Bitch-wich19912011-01-27Prince Albert Roller Derby
Robbin' Sparkles19912011-05-04E-Ville Roller Derby
Hell's Heroine19922011-01-28Kansas City Roller Warriors
Ish Bish Bash Bosh19922011-07-27Hertfordshire Roller Derby
Miss Mimi Masher19922011-04-19Long Beach Roller Derby
Y-ASBO19922011-04-04Croydon Roller Derby
Yasbo19922011-09-05Croydon Roller Derby
A.C. SleighedHer19932011-01-02Big Easy Rollergirls
Autolux19932010-09-08Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby
Bratislava Bruiser19932008-05-23Ohio Roller Girls
Jurasskick Park19932008-02-25Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
Hurt Cobain19942011-03-01Seattle Derby Brats
Oniguiri Bomb19942012-03-05Gray City Rebels
Gnarly Quinn19952009-11-06Darlings of Destruction
Snooze Ya Bruise19952011-10-18Quad City Junior Roller Derby
Cora Nary19962011-04-10Decatur Derby Dames
Payne Seymour19962011-08-29Alachua County Rollers
Pleasure 2BeatYa19962007-08-29Alamo City Rollergirls
JK Rowl Ya19972011-07-17DuPage Derby Dames
Notorious N.A.T. (The)19972011-04-05Royal City Rollergirls
Chop n'Bangs19982010-03-08Capital City Rollers
Deathither19982011-10-07One World Roller Derby
Inspektor Spaceman19982012-04-05Lane County Concussion Men's Roller Derby
Brawlly Rogers19992011-02-02Clarksville Roller Derby
Connie Rotten19992009-02-04Boston Derby Dames
Drama on Wheels19992011-02-18Bakersfield Junior Roller Derby
Felon Mirren19992011-03-03Haunted City Rollers
HeadLoch Ness19992012-03-21Assassination City Roller Derby
Monster Mayhem19992010-11-11Toronto Junior Roller Derby
Munchy Mayham19992011-11-16First Settlement Derby Dames
Party Pants19992010-01-14Oklahoma Victory Dolls
Pussycat Kill Kill19992012-02-07Brussels Derby Pixies
Rowdy Reeta Richochet19992007-10-25Magnolia Roller Vixens
Mother Trucker199er Harrisburg Area Roller Derby
Bloody Destroyed199mm2012-01-30Cranium Basher Dolls
Holly Louya19:12010-07-18V-Town Derby Dames
Amethyst Uzbrukums19:192011-03-31Suburbia Roller Derby
AudBrawl19nb2010-05-27CoMo Derby Dames
Cybil Injustice19th2012-03-16Cowboy Capital Rollergirls
Izzy Pop19th2010-01-28Rat City Rollergirls
Jumpin Jackie Smash19th2010-11-18Border City Brawlers
Stompin' Lizzy Stanton19th Amendment2007-02-12Dutchland Rollers
HARMonica1:12010-01-18Ithaca League of Women Rollers
Towanda Steel1:162010-02-10Adelaide Roller Derby
Rezza Wrecked-Her1:182010-08-07Whidbey Island Roller Girls
Yo-Rage-E-N1:2-42012-04-26Jacksonville Roller Girls
Capt. Fantastic1:212011-11-26Bemidji Babe City Rollers
Sinead O'Rebellion1:375-29-12Saskatoon Roller Derby
Thrill Kill1:442007-09-11South Side Roller Derby
Mono Lith1:4:92012-02-19York Minxters Roller Derby
Bane-Ana1B2007-05-07New York Shock Exchange
Brutal Beach1BAB2011-11-11Southcentral Michigan Renegade Rollitia
Basher Barbie1BFF2009-03-17Green Mountain Derby Dames
Casey Slamthony1Baby2011-08-26South Florida Rollergirls
Dolce Dita1C0N2012-01-03Liverpool Roller Birds
Plaguey Sue1CKY2011-10-16Marietta Derby Darlins
Cupcakes O'Dread1CUP5/10/12W.A. Roller Derby
Stevie Thunder1DA5/10/12W.A. Roller Derby
Tricky La Rouge1DMC2009-04-19Red Stick Roller Derby
Jinja Nutty1DOZEN2011-09-30Margaret River Roller Derby
Jen O'Cyde Doll Behavior1F82011-12-14Kokeshi Roller Dolls
Whirly D'Meanor1G2B2012-05-31Undead Bettys
Holly Mad-as-Sin1GF2011-10-19Ventura County Derby Darlins
Five-Ho1H872007-06-19DC Rollergirls
Stevee1Durr1HIT2011-12-18Aloha City Rollers
The Pitcher1INU2011-07-23Infinite Mass Roller Derby
Las Pepe1Kilo2011-03-04Lakeland Ladykillers Roller Derby
Merchant of Menace1LB2008-01-14Atlanta Rollergirls
Bunny WailHer1LUV2012-02-12South Okanagan Roller Derby Association
Racked N Stacked1MHB2010-07-21Derby Revolution of Bakersfield
Pro Rogue1N12011-08-05West End Waywards
Inja Turtle1NJA2011-07-06Perth Roller Derby
Punches Pile-Up1NR12007-10-19Arch Rival Roller Girls
Crown Joules1Nm2009-02-04Boston Derby Dames
Jail Bait1O-2O Denver Roller Dolls
Essie Ecks1ON12007-07-29Charm City Roller Girls
Torque Chop1PSA2010-10-01Chesapeake Roller Derby
Kitty Kick Ass1R82010-06-28ICT Roller Girls
Randy Package1S2P2010-06-21Twin Cities Terrors
Bleed the 5th1St¡2010-04-19Bull Falls Roller Derby
Brooklyn BasHer1T1ME2009-07-07Blackwater Rollers
Bawlz1UP5/1/12Paper Valley Roller Girls
Eindbaas1UP2012-03-19Dom City Dolls
Leviathan1UP2011-04-19Manchester Roller Derby
Little Grrr-maid (The)1UP2010-05-07Middlesbrough Milk Rollers
Munchkin Sqwheelz1UP2012-04-08Santa Cruz Derby Girls
PLAYER 11UP2008-10-29Terminal City Rollergirls
Pony-Slay Station1UP2011-04-05Victorian Roller Derby
Keligula1V2007-12-06TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Mayday Va JJ1V2011-07-01Plattsburgh Roller Derby
Mange Moi el Cul1X2008-10-16MTL Roller Derby
Missie the Missile1X2011-07-15Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Dragon In Da Bones1X15/9/12Granite State Roller Derby
Dee Fibrollater1_12008-12-17TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Kyle Driver1_112007-04-16Hammer City Roller Girls
SoFonda Weave1b/402011-06-20Magnolia Roller Vixens
Dusty Muffin1cup2010-10-12Bath City Roller Derby
Mad Eye Moody1i2011-09-26Eastside Derby Girls
Roulette Rouge1in62008-12-09Canberra Roller Derby
Madraca Von Horror1iv3 3vi12010-11-14Nidaros Roller Derby
Boa Constrictor1mainsqueeze2009-03-18Little Steel Derby Girls
Panic Attack1mg B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Hellary Shank1mil2011-08-09San Antonio Roller Derby
Pepperann1mil2007-08-04Stockton Derby Dames
Shanks A. Million1mil2012-04-08Santa Cruz Derby Girls
Terence Trent Derby1mil2012-02-21Newcastle Roller Derby
Alpha Mail Me1million2011-02-13Gray City Rebels
Major Madness1min2010-06-02Ruhrpott Roller Derby
Mo B Locks1mo2009-12-30Fox Cityz Foxz
BLOODY PICKA1nce a mth2009-04-06Lonestar Rollergirls
Squirly Ninja1nut2011-04-26Columbia QuadSquad
TwoFace1of22011-02-22Rocketeer Rollers
Ms. Directed Hostility1oz2011-06-04Chautauqua County Roller Derby
Red Headed Slut1oz2006-03-13Ohio Roller Girls
Shot Calla1oz2009-07-09Northshore Roller Derby
Tequila SlamHer1oz2009-06-26Atlanta Rollergirls
The Smutty Professor1oz5/9/12Tweed Valley Rollers
Penny Bizarre1p2011-11-16Newcastle Roller Girls
Acourta Pain1q.t.2011-02-22Salisbury Rollergirls
7 Deadly Spins1ra2011-09-08Pikes Peak Derby Dames
Pisa Cake1slice2010-12-06Kokeshi Roller Dolls
King Cam1st2010-05-23Canberra Roller Derby
Michelle O'Bam Ya1st2010-03-30Camel City Thrashers
Siouxsie Slambo1st Blood2006-07-01Assassination City Roller Derby
Major Drama1st Klass2009-02-18B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Leika Virgin1st Time2009-08-25Cherry City Derby Girls
Ms. Hawaiian Trippabitch1st place2008-10-16Lowcountry Highrollers
Sugalumps1tsp2009-10-05Mad Rollin' Dolls
TSpoon1tsp2011-12-18Aloha City Rollers
Allie Whoops1up2011-05-10Maine Roller Derby
Aundie Bomb1up2012-02-16Central Kansas Derby Coalition
Medusa Oblongata1up2011-02-09Scenic City Roller Derby
Nass T Vixen1up2012-01-16Powder River Rousta 'Bout It Betties
Punk-O-Roller1up2011-06-03Wicked Island Roller Derby
Wrechnologic1up2011-01-21Des Moines Derby Dames
Trace of Terror1vm32011-04-19Limestone CrusHers Roller Derby
PacManda1vs42010-09-08Victorian Roller Derby
Ree ArrangHer1x2007-04-28Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Dame of the Grohl1x12011-12-15Burn City Rollers
Gypsy Rolls Lee1x2x2012-02-21Gotham Girls Roller Derby
SwingHer1~9002011-01-23La Crosse Skating Sirens
2 Buck Chuck $222008-01-11Atomic City Roller Girls
A Cute M I22010-12-16Rocky Mountain Rollerpunks
A.lice Murder22010-12-01Cannibales Dolls
AJ Renegade22011-12-12Iowa Rollin' Aces
ASBO Amber22011-04-28Imposters Rollergirls
Ace of Skates (cleared)22011-02-08New York Shock Exchange
Alice En'Rage22009-10-06Dublin Roller Girls
Amelia Airfart22011-01-03Traverse City Roller Derby
Anal Abreu25-17-12Kouvola Rock n Rollers
Anita Spankya22008-08-17Undead Bettys
Assassin Asian22011-11-16Black Rose Rollers
Asylum Alice22011-01-05Tournament City Derby
Bad Seed (The)22006-09-21DC Rollergirls
Bad to the Bonita25/12/12Twin City Derby Girls
Banana Splitz22010-11-30Illinois Valley Vixens
Bash N. Onya22009-02-17Jersey Shore Roller Girls
Betty Bollocks22010-05-21Lilac City Rollergirls
Betzy Poop22011-12-15Appalachian Rollergirls
Biggy Deez22010-12-13Pottstown Roller Derby Rockstars
Bitchy Longstockings22010-11-10Capital City Rollers
Bleeder of the Pack22011-08-21Coastal Assassins Roller Derby
Bloody Laces22011-11-03Brisbane City Rollers
Bruce Knuckle22008-12-31Twin Cities Terrors
Bruise Control22008-06-20Green Mountain Derby Dames
Bubba Dump22011-08-02Unforgiven Roller Girls
Bugsy C-gal22011-05-11Copenhagen Roller Derby
Busty Bloodvessel22007-05-14London Dolls Roller Derby
COMMANDER!22009-02-16Sun City Roller Girls
Caperucita22012-02-20Santiago Roller Derby
Carmage22011-10-27Ventura County Derby Darlins
Carnivore Carman22011-04-03Hermiston Roller Divas
Carrie Deez22010-09-14Columbia QuadSquad
Cherry Dread22011-11-12Dieppe Roller Derby
Cocoa Thunder22010-11-20580 Roller Girls
Colene Oscopy22008-06-01Three Rivers Roller Derby
Constant Patient22010-10-03Queen City Roller Girls
Crytical Kondition22011-02-07Bayou Outlaw Roller Girls
D.Viant.Dee22010-09-16South West Sydney Rockets
Damsel N'Detest22011-07-13Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
Dandy Whorehole22010-05-24Dragon City Derby Dolls
Dee Spies2 Cape Fear Roller Girls
DefeCaitlin22008-12-04Toronto Roller Derby
Der T Dexter22011-02-07South County Derby Girls
Deuce Bomber22011-06-19Arch Rival Roller Girls
Deuce Willis22012-01-30Hammer City Roller Gilrs
Di Richmond22006-03-11Windy City Rollers
Dirty Britches2 KC Roller Warriors
Dirty Cowgirl22011-01-15M.I.A. Derby Girls
Dixie Sanchez22006-09-21Lonestar Rollergirls
Do or Dyduch22011-09-05Croydon Roller Derby
Don Diago22010-02-11Lane County Concussion
Donna Matrix22005-03-01Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Dr C'Nister22012-01-10Hellfire Harlots
DrewDrew Be22008-04-19Kitsap Derby Brats
Dutch Oven2 Mad Rollin' Dolls
Elle Frozen Over22011-03-08Muddy River Rollers
Emma Hurtin'U22007-09-10Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Empailer22011-07-04River City Rollers
Erinstein22011-09-12Renegade Derby Dames
Evil Petting Zoo22011-04-15Collision Mens Derby
Explosive Daria22010-10-12Albany All Stars Roller Derby
Fannie Tanner22011-09-01Minnesota Roller Girls
Fatty Dook22011-04-17Juneau Rollergirls
Fearne Rotten22010-11-20Swansea City Slayers
Fiddler Fingers22010-02-11Ballarat Roller Derby
Fling'n Poo22011-08-05Vero Beach Rollergirls
Formita Poupon2 Arizona Roller Derby
Furious Georgia22008-05-15Toronto Roller Derby
General Clobber22006-05-24Boston Derby Dames
Georigia O'Grief22006-07-13Rat City Rollergirls
Girl Wonder22010-09-01Humboldt Roller Derby
Gory Killmore22009-08-02Gold Coast Roller Derby
Grace N Motion22008-02-03Reno Roller Girls
Grey duck22010-08-06North Star Roller Girls
HAM Slamwich22011-03-11CoMo Derby Dames
Handy Dufresne22009-07-31Star City Rollergirls
Head Wound Harriot22011-09-09South Florida Rollergirls
Headbangin' Headly22011-01-04NV East Roller Girls
Hearno Evil22010-04-15Crossroads City Derby
Hedda Lead22008-08-13Roc City Roller Derby
Heffer22007-10-14Oly Rollers
Hershey Skirts22010-11-09Fort Wayne Derby Girls
Hit Happens22010-11-02Connecticut Death Quads
Holli Cidal25/1/12Blackwater Roll-Her Derby
Holly Ifyahearme22011-08-12Derby City Roller Girls
Honeysickle22011-01-29Central Coast Roller Derby
Hugh Jackedmann22011-06-07CenMo Men's Roller Derby
Hula Tula22010-05-12Sun State Roller Girls
I Guana Getcha22012-04-25Veteran City Rollers
I Vil Bite22010-10-12Santa Maria Roller Girls
I'llbruisa Peach22006-07-23Choice City Rebels
Icecube22008-04-13Orange County Roller Girls
Iron Manson22010-12-20Chinook City Roller Derby
Jacknife Jilly22011-10-02The Aurora 88s
Jager Junkie22011-09-05Helltown Hellcats-Helsingborg Roller Derby Club
Jen E. Twolips22009-05-03Winnipeg Roller Derby
Jen Eh! Saisquoi22009-07-16Fairbanks Rollergirls
Jezebel Justice22012-04-30Methow Valley Roller Girls
Joey Crash22012-02-29Roller Derby Hannover
Jugs Macguyver22010-04-14Croydon Roller Derby
Kat Girl22012-06-03Hulls Angels Roller Dames
Kish of Death22010-11-02South East Sask Roller Derby Association
Kozmik Blue22010-11-02TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Kung Pow! Kim22008-06-04Rage City Rollergirls
Kwubz25/12/12Jr. Jacksonville Rollergirls
Lady Caca22010-08-04Decatur Derby Dames
Lady Fawndle22010-03-29Okanagan Shuswap Roller Derby Association
Land Tuna22011-10-02Sick Town Derby Dames
Lane Pipe22010-03-09Tulsa Derby League
Legs 2 Long22011-04-19Long Beach Roller Derby
Lexi Tive22009-08-01Desert Dolls Roller Derby League
Lil' Chop of Horror22011-04-10Fog City Rollers
Lilith immaculate22011-03-11Northern Lightning Rollergirls
Liv n Loca22011-01-17Lake City Roller Dolls
Lock Stock LuLu22011-07-07TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Lucy Deuce22008-05-14Oklahoma Victory Dolls
Mae Kadoodie22011-03-24South Simcoe Rebel Rollers
Major Puddles22009-06-27Newcastle Roller Derby
Mama Lisa22008-09-30Little City Roller Girls
Mancakes22009-11-30Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
Master Blaster22009-04-27Bear City Roller Derby
Mayatollah22010-04-27Amsterdam Derby Dames
Meg Citrate22010-08-09Peoria Push Derby Dames
Mega-Low Maniac22007-09-16Northern Arizona Roller Derby
Megan M. Hurt22008-06-11Demolition City Roller Derby
Merry Skankster22011-03-23Ark Valley High Rollers
Merryskatin' Bashley22010-11-09Darlings of Destruction
Mikillya22006-05-16Omaha Rollergirls
Minerva Min22011-05-01Halifax Roller Derby
Miss Crasherella22010-04-12Girls Rollin in the South (GRITS)
Miss Jif22007-04-24TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Miss Thang 222010-05-23Little City Roller Girls
Miz Construde22011-09-12Tar Sand Betties Roller Derby
MolotovBitch22010-02-01Helsinki Roller Derby
Napalm Nette22010-07-03Sunshine Coast Roller Girls
Nduce N Agony22011-08-22Shoreline Roller Derby
Nekra Nomicon22007-11-15TBD (delete 8/29/13)
Nitro Netty22012-03-05Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz
Nurse Batty2 Penn Jersey Roller Derby
O'Chit22007-12-31Charm City Roller Girls
O.M.G. Booty22011-01-06Bayou Outlaw Rollergirls
Olive Torture22008-08-01Cajun Rollergirls
P.B. Arson22010-03-10B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Peg Legs22006-03-21Windy City Rollers
PhDiesel22011-11-10Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Pho Kyu2 Denver Roller Dolls
Pill kill22012-02-20Santiago Roller Derby
Pink Cat22011-07-02Metropolitan Roller Derby
Pinkerocious22012-05-31Zoo City Rollers
Pinky Swears22006-06-25Hudson Valley Horrors
Pippi Hardknocking22010-09-02Central New York Roller Derby
Poke Her Face22009-02-19Red Deer Roller Derby Association
Poopmuffin22012-03-08River Demons Roller Girls
Powell Driver22010-08-17Morgantown Roller Vixens
Preparation acHe22011-02-25Gallatin Roller Girlz
Princess PulveriseHER22011-10-16Pensacola Roller Gurlz
Princess Whackaho22008-05-05Soul City Sirens
Pseudo Wren22012-04-01East Vic Roller Derby
Psych-Lone Bola25/8/12Swamp City Roller Rats
Psychopomp22012-02-08Nottingham Roller Girls
Pt Bruza22008-11-17Perth Roller Derby
Queen Kong22008-11-26New River Valley Rollergirls
ROXY HEARTBREAKER22008-08-15Assassination City Roller Derby
Rad To The Maxine22007-04-28Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Radioactive Barbie22010-07-23Harrisburg Area Roller Derby
Ram Skillet22010-12-30Dark River Derby Coalition
Random Kaos22010-09-10Tiger Bay Brawlers
Rebellious Raven22010-11-24Emerald Coast Roller Derby
Red D. 2Riot22010-09-30Angel City Derby Girls
Ree-Possessed22011-07-12Reef City Roller Girls
Regina SP.E.C.T.R.E22011-03-22Chattanooga Roller Girls
Roxanne Mudd22009-06-02Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Sabrina Latrina22007-08-22Victorian Roller Derby
Sassy2 Oly Rollers
Scare A. Connor22010-12-28Peoria Push Derby Dames
Scarlet Fire22008-04-19Tahoe Derby Dames
Sergeant Larry Potter22008-04-16FoCo Girls Gone Derby
Shady Mabel22012-02-01Dutchland Rollers
Sheeza Teeza22011-01-10Bakken Derby Girls League
Showgirl22010-03-13Taranaki Roller Corps
Sinthia Pain22008-09-12Rainy City Roller Girls
Sista Shove Child22011-04-30Cincinnati Rollergirls
Sister Stitch22011-03-15Crime City Rollers
Slinky Pinky22009-10-23Coos County Rollergirls
Sly and the Family Jewels22011-04-24Limestone CrusHers Roller Derby
Smackadamia Nut22011-01-27Margaret River Roller Derby
Smith N Messin22012-03-09Apple City Roller Derby
Sneaker Streaker22011-03-12Adelaide Roller Derby
Sniper Viper22010-10-18Newcastle Roller Girls
Soxy Lady22010-05-27Long Beach Roller Derby
Spots of Khaos25/3/12Northshore Roller Derby
Square Peg22011-03-25Aloha City Rollers
Storm Dancer22012-03-19Dom City Dolls
Sue the Poo22010-10-28Skagit Roller Grrls
Sushi Roll22006-06-01Hard Knox Roller Derby
Sweet D'Cay22010-09-22Undead Bettys
Syd Deuce22009-08-18Jerzey Derby Brigade
Taminator22006-11-03Penn Jersey Roller Derby
Tatted Bunny22011-03-17Cal Skate Roller Derby
Teenie Bash22011-06-20Fair City Rollers
The Quick Brown Fox22012-01-12Parliament of Pain
The WEEDwacker22011-08-09Pottstown Roller Derby Rockstars
Thigh Candy22010-03-30Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls
Tiny Tornado22010-01-25SINtral Valley Derby Girls
Toe Stop MOSKI22009-02-19Prison City Derby Dames
Tumblina22011-02-16Electric City Roller GrrrlZ
Twisted Armani22011-05-13South Central Roller Girls
Vanilla Bruise22010-07-11South Bend Roller Girls
Vulgarity Jane22011-02-14Daylesford Derby
Whip 'n Snap Brat22011-08-14Northern Brisbane Rollers
Wonderpance22008-04-24Pikes Peak Derby Dames
Yo, Adrian!22011-06-19Cape Girardeau Roller Girls
Federal Kill2 & heif2008-11-19Charm City Roller Girls
Penny Lane2 ¢2006-07-30Beach City Roller Derby
ScorpMama2 (pi symbol) r2012-01-27Shadow City Rollers
RJ2 = ?2011-08-19West Michigan's Rolling Militia
Sparkills (cleared)2 Ag2010-01-29Charlottesville Derby Dames
Bout Love2 All2010-01-01Red Stick Roller Derby
Butterface2 Bags2012-02-10Potential Fresh Meat Practice Squad
Syd Rock2 Bells2007-01-04TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Harmageddon2 Die 42009-12-01E-Ville Roller Derby
Lou Suffer2 Fingers2009-10-20Rollergirls of Southern Indiana
Sinnamon Tart2 Hot2008-09-17Orange County Roller Girls
Sp!ce Rack2 Hot 4 U2010-09-03Arch Rival Roller Girls
Me Shove You Long Time2 Live Chu2009-12-16Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Bad Mo Flo2 Low2009-12-17Dallas Derby Devils
Flirt in a Skirt2 Much 2 Handle2011-11-07Dallas Derby Devils
Otto Erotic2 SXY2007-04-07Harm City Homicide
Josie Dirt2 Stroke Change2007-05-25Battle Born Derby Demons
Letty Machete2 Whacks2011-11-07Dallas Derby Devils
Canna Whoopass2 bfc2007-12-18Atlanta Rollergirls
Toldya Twice2 blk eyes2009-08-12Battle Born Derby Demons
Smashin' Pop2 buck chuck2010-07-14Victorian Roller Derby
Cherry Pop Tart2 cents2006-12-22Dallas Derby Devils
Getapov DeFleur2 cents2009-11-28Columbia QuadSquad
Penny Pound-Her2 cents2012-03-31Hartford Area Roller Derby
Birchslap2 cord2010-04-04Harbor City RollerDames
Ma Baker2 cups2011-01-21Eastside Rock'nRollers
ZackaRonni N' Cheese2 cups2008-12-10Jacksonville Roller Girls
Miso Honey2 dolla2009-08-06Sacred City Derby Girls
Poison Styck2 dyefor2012-01-18Bisman Bombshellz
Dark Slide2 fer2008-10-03Green Mountain Derby Dames
Smackie Chan2 for flinchin Memphis Roller Derby
Zooey Dash'in'hell2 he112012-03-06Mad Wreckin' Dolls
Lipstick Massacre2 hrs2011-07-26Rainy City Roller Dolls
Buzz Lightbeer2 infinity2010-05-27Long Beach Roller Derby
Cock Blocker2 legit2008-08-20Coos County Rollergirls
Hammer Time2 legit 2 quit2008-11-19Charm City Roller Girls
Scary Clam2 lips2008-08-26Lehigh Valley Rollergirls
Optimus Time2 mins2011-08-16Reign Valley Vixens
Simon LeBomb2 minutes later2011-02-05Jet City Rollergirls
Shelby Brusin2 morrow2007-10-22Providence Roller Derby
Crash Aralla2 much2011-05-24Bakersfield Rollergirls
S. Tabitha Cleaver2 o'clock terror2010-02-06Rollergirls of Southern Indiana
Hyper Wyper2 ply2010-01-21Tri-County Rolling Militia
Jackie Lation2 pump chump2008-11-11Dallas Derby Devils
Cereal Killer
2 scoops2007-07-23Naptown Roller Girls
P'nut butta Jilly2 slice2012-03-05Arizona Rollergirls
Utter Woman (The)2 teats2011-06-20Duluth/Superior Roller Derby
Zapp & DidgeHer2 the oz.2010-09-14Slaughter County Roller Vixens
Pimpin' D'Longstockins2 thl2006-12-23The Fanny Pack
Bitch Stolma2 times2011-02-27Portsmouth Roller Wenches
D. Konstructor2 x 42006-06-07Rose City Rollers
Nasher the Smasher2"x4"2007-05-22Toronto Roller Derby
Careen-N-Suga2%2007-04-06South Jersey Derby Girls
Cheez Liz2%2012-01-04NOtown Roller Derby
Diablo Leche2%2009-05-11Southern Oregon Rollergirls
Farm Fresh2%2009-03-19Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz
Muscle Milf2%2011-01-09Sandusky Rollergirls
Sour M.I.L.F.2%2009-12-04Hell Rio Rollers
Vanilla Creamher2%2009-03-22Lehigh Valley Rollergirls
Shocker Khan2&12009-03-19Rage City Rollergirls
Cheapskate Lonestar Rollergirls
MzNYoFACE2011-09-29Whidbey Island Roller Girls
Afronaut2011-07-13Dolly Rockit Rollers
Sugarplum Scary2'2011-04-02Red Rockettes Recreational Roller Derby
Bitchie Valens2*3*522007-01-24Dixie Derby Girls
Warrior Pooka2+2011-10-07One World Roller Derby
Jenny Hate2+22009-10-30Chattanooga Roller Girls
Auntie Psykottek2+2=JELLO2009-08-25Cherry City Derby Girls
Daisy Dagger2+72012-05-31Winnipeg Roller Derby
BendHer Blackenblue2+7=92009-03-19Naughty Pines Derby Dames
Isis Slices2,000BC2012-01-17E-Ville Roller Derby
Knotty Wench2,3,5,82011-04-25SINtral Valley Derby Girls
Scapegrace2-132008-04-30Molly Roger Rollergirls
Dixie Heartless2-14 Ohio Roller Girls
Mamarazzi2-142009-10-15Renegade Rollergirls (CA)
Shelbeast (The)2-162007-02-28Ventura County Derby Darlins
Lolly CLOBBER Pop2-172008-04-29TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Alex Tricity2-22012-03-07Bayou Outlaw Roller Girls
Apple Jacked2-22011-04-25Dark River Derby Coalition
Citizen Toxie2-22012-04-04Providence Roller Derby
Tina the Brawlerina2-22010-05-04Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Arson Tina2-2 tango2011-02-22Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Scarlett Knockout2-222010-04-17AZ Derby Dames
Barbie Q2-32006-10-06TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Punky Plow-Her2-3 floor2010-09-01Humboldt Roller Derby
Tanya Backside2-42009-09-25Pile O'Bones Derby Club
Chase Spanks2-4-12010-04-03TBD (delete 7/5/13)
Coupon CutHer2-4-12009-07-31Jacksonville Roller Girls
Fist Pump2-4-12011-01-25Ocala Cannibals Roller Derby
CA$$HOLE The BOMBED blondeshell2-4-1's2008-11-17Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Trina Trioxin2-4-52009-03-24New Hampshire Roller Derby
Trouble-dutch2-4-6-82011-07-15Rat City Rollergirls
Cheeky2-62006-11-28E-Ville Roller Derby
Prone T'Violence2-62007-12-10Saskatoon Roller Derby
Trailer Park Tracy2-62007-05-01Calgary Roller Derby Association
Go Go Ren2-72010-09-13Appalachian Rollergirls
Tramp Stamper2-EZ2009-03-10San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Nelly Knuckles2-KO2006-06-02TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Dorothy Hammer2-Legit2006-05-13Terminal City Rollergirls
Rogue Wave2-Overhead2011-12-14Kokeshi Roller Dolls
John Smacknroll2-love2009-12-17Dallas Derby Devils
Gidget Guttersnipe2-on-u2009-10-25Charm City Roller Girls
A Price2-pay2009-05-22Fort Myers Derby Girls
WEEDwacker (The)2-stroke2010-12-13Pottstown Roller Derby Rockstars
Batty Acid2.02011-07-02Thunder City Derby Sirens
Darlin Gory2.02012-02-01Hel'z Belles
Fingaz Feltersnatch2.02011-01-25Ocala Cannibals Roller Derby
Hack N Stack2.02011-12-06Valley Rollergirls
Jelly Juggernaut2.02012-04-03Kassel Roller Derby
Justine Bleeder2.02012-01-07Bruising Banditas Roller Derby
Pequena Maravilla2.02011-07-02Metropolitan Roller Derby
RockHound2.02011-10-03Bay State Brawlers
Ruff Draft2.02008-04-13Kansas City Roller Warriors
Sweeet Laydee2.02012-03-08Seaway Roller Derby Girls
Kamel Torpedo2.12011-06-16Ocala Cannibals Roller Derby
Bang-a-Rang Faye2.102011-05-19Naughty Pines Derby Dames
TekTonik2.112011-08-14Northern Brisbane Rollers
TekTonik Drift2.112011-09-18Northern Brisbane Rollers
Dottie Doom2.132007-06-21Hammer City Roller Girls
Greg Bladey2.13.612008-05-05Soul City Sirens
Snatchalicious2.142007-02-06Riverside Rollergirls
Massacre Marie2.14.292009-02-01Star City Rollergirls
Mia Meanie2.192009-08-23Camel City Thrashers
Frida Beast2.22010-01-08Chippewa Valley Roller Girls
Rotten O2.22006-09-26Orange County Roller Girls
Slaughterhouse Chives2.22012-01-13Med City Mafia
Snatch Candy2.22011-03-10Reno Roller Girls
Marty Punch2.21gw2012-03-14Di-Dollz Roller Derby
E.V. Wonder2.3.42010-07-20Brussels Derby Pixies
Mil Fee (cleared)2.3.72010-10-20Albany All Stars Roller Derby
Lady G Slip'er2.42012-02-29Red Rock 'N Roller Derby
Miss I'LL Attack2.42011-11-14Wolverhampton Honour Rollers
Sassy Scissorhands2.42010-07-02Northampton Shoetown Slayers
Twisted Britches2.42012-01-20Twin State Derby Upper Valley Vixens
Na'Dynamite2.4.62010-12-26Buenos Aires Roller Derby
Sis Boom Bonnie2.4.6.82007-11-15Mass Attack Roller Derby
Black Donna-Lee2.4.802006-08-13Hammer City Roller Girls
Blood DIEmond2.422012-03-27Eastside Derby Girls
CrAzy Janie2.5 TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Mamakaze2.52006-09-21Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Miss Break-A-Leg2.55/14/12Copenhagen Roller Derby
Nani Knocksville2.52006-05-12Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Sparx2.52007-12-29Charm City Roller Girls
Little Sassy Bonebreaker2.5 Kids2008-01-09NEO Roller Derby
X-Sperminator (The)2.5cc2011-10-12Burlington Bombers Roller Derby
Helvetica Bold2.5em2012-01-26Lethbridge Roller Derby Guild
D'andromeda2.62012-06-03Hulls Angels Roller Dames
Dixie Stampede2.662007-05-15Albany All Stars Roller Derby
Psychokinesis2.72012-03-19Gorge Roller Girls
Stomp-Her Texas Ranger2.72010-10-25Independent (TBD 10/31/13)
Ohphischall2.712012-04-22Redding Roller Girls
Bad Brains Betty2.71 lbs2011-02-02Paradise Roller Girls
Suplexxx2.7182007-04-04Providence Roller Derby
Copernicrush2.722010-07-16Angel City Derby Girls
Flawed Capri2.82008-04-01London Rollergirls
Flippin' Lori Meyer2.82011-04-16Helsinki Roller Derby
Racer McChaseHer2.82007-03-09Detroit Derby Girls
Diamond Knuckles2.84ct2008-03-28Suburbia Roller Derby
Shudder2.92011-09-03Pirate City Rollers
Gillette2.992007-12-04Sick Town Derby Dames
Dreadly Weapon2.9FT2012-04-03Green Mountain Derby Dames
Nisfit Hussy2.Oh52010-12-28Brussels Derby Pixies
Spider Lily2/122011-09-29Convict City Roller Derby
St. Violentne2/142012-04-07Angel City Derby Girls
Valentina Slaughter2/142007-04-09Emerald City Roller Girls
Dr Dreidel2/182011-09-12Twin Cities Terrors
Treble Composer2/22011-12-03Paper Valley Roller Girls
Blammo!2/32007-05-22Durham Region Roller Derby
Parker Paxa Punch2/52008-12-22Lehigh Valley Rollergirls
Ole Juve2/752011-07-27Hurrican Alley Roller Derby
Alexacuted202012-03-15A'Salt Creek Roller Girls
AmsterSlam205/8/12South Side Roller Derby
Amtrack Ashley205-30-12Battle Creek Damzel Dollz Jr Roller Derby
Annarchy in the Dbq202011-01-02Eastern Iowa Outlaws
Aztek Lunatik202010-02-01Inland Empire Derby Divas
Ballistic Whistle202007-02-05London Rollergirls
Barbie the WildChild202012-01-05Tulare Roller Derby
Barbwire Barbie202011-09-01Randall County Roller Dames
Barrie Slamders202011-10-14Oakland Derby Diamonds
Beaver Bandit (The)202010-01-24709 Derby Girls
Beth Adder202010-06-15Northern Brisbane Rollers
Bettie the Kid202010-07-16Monterey Bay Derby Dames
Billie Whizz202008-10-18Central City Rollergirls
Binty Vicious202011-04-16Wolverhampton Honour Rollers
Bomber Boyle202011-07-02Galway Roller Derby
Book'R'Tea Smashington202011-02-26Eerie Roller Girls
Boston Bruze-Her202012-04-22Palmetto State Rollergirls
Bruiser Bishop202011-05-26Barry County Black Heart Maidens
Butchie McStraight202008-04-17Suburbia Roller Derby
CUTThER202012-06-11Tokyo Roller Girls
CarolDactyl202011-07-27Brighton Roller Dollz
Cat Scratch Beater202011-01-06Central New York Roller Derby
Charmean202012-03-22Orange County Roller Girls
Cheetah Slayworth202008-06-02Rated PG Rollergirls
Cherry Smash20 KC Roller Warriors
Crash N. Brawl202011-02-04Angels of Anarchy
D-Bird202011-01-05Durham Region Roller Derby
Daikini Wench202010-10-12Albany All Stars Roller Derby
Dead Zepplin202011-03-21Cheyenne Capidolls Roller Derby
Destruction Junction202011-01-29Bash Valley Clobber Girls
Devil Kitty20 Detroit Derby Girls
Dirty Century202011-09-06Nantes Derby Girls
Down Under Road Runner202008-07-02Sun State Roller Girls
Dungeon Mistress202011-05-01Halifax Roller Derby
Energizer Hunny202009-08-20OKC Outlaws Roller Derby
Evil Barbie202012-02-29Roller Derby Hannover
Exor'Séisme202011-12-01Switchblade RollerGrrrls
Eye-Roll 20's202010-01-06Race City Rebels Roller Derby
Fée Paschier202012-04-22Switchblade RollerGrrrls
Gilded Lily202012-01-25Escanaba Rollin Hellcats
Ginger Business202012-03-06Mad Wreckin' Dolls
Havinna Fit202010-01-20Lake City Roller Dolls
Heidi Strife202010-06-18South Island Sirens Roller Derby
Helliot Reed202011-10-15Central Michigan Roller Derby
Hellz Diva202011-01-12Dead End Derby
Holly Diver20 TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Hussy Havoc202011-07-28Gold Coast Roller Derby
Jammin Jane202011-04-21Oklahoma Victory Dolls
JawBr8ker Jess202011-10-13Charlottesville Derby Dames
Juana la Loca202012-04-02Stockholm Roller Derby
Juicy McLovin'202008-07-09Tri-Valley Roller Girls
Killa Pino202010-01-25Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Kit-Kat Kalamity202009-08-14New River Valley Rollergirls
Krussia Bonez202009-06-08Old Capitol City Roller Girls
La Vaquera202012-04-16Tropic Terrors Derby League
Lap' Dancer (The)202010-04-17AZ Derby Dames
Laryn Kill202010-11-06Cape Girardeau Roller Girls
Lil Jinxd202011-03-055 Cities Roller Kitties
Lil' Miss MuffBuster202010-08-19Gulf Coast Rollergirls
Lindsay Lawless202012-04-25Veteran City Rollers
Lo Checkski202010-12-03Route 66 Derby Chix
Lolita Vicious202010-10-18Lahti Roller Derby
Lolli Crusher202010-01-27Kansas City Roller Warriors
Lou Lou Kaboom202012-01-12Seaside Siren Roller Girls
Louis Strongarm202011-03-20Classic City Rollergirls
Lovely Bones202009-08-24Garden State Rollergirls
LynnSane202008-05-29Denver Roller Dolls
Macinsquash202011-05-04Tragic City Rollers
Mad Scratter (The)202010-11-13Hulls Angels Roller Dames
Mama's Wild Child202011-11-26Bemidji Babe City Rollers
Mandi Mooreblood202008-01-27Man's Ruin Roller Derby
Mara Marrowbone202009-06-15Bremen Rollergirls
Maria Ann Dreddy202010-12-16Rocky Mountain Rollerpunks
MattaFact AzzSlap202010-10-21Rocketeer Rollers
Metal Momma202006-04-21Philly Rollergirls
Miss DerbyHerby202010-10-13Harbor Girls e.V.
Mojo Vixen202006-06-06Santa Cruz Derby Girls
Mom Bomb (The)202006-07-12Maine Roller Derby
Monica Lewinskate202011-03-08Flathead Valley Roller Derby
Nicfit #20202011-12-15Rainy City Roller Dolls
Nita Lover202010-01-24V-Town Derby Dames
NitroGlisten202010-01-30Magnolia Roller Vixens
Ooma Verde202011-11-15Valdosta Venom
Petrafyin202006-09-28Beach City Roller Derby
Pinky Mingo202010-01-21Team Elite
Pip-bull202012-04-20London Rollergirls Recreational League
Poppy Cox202010-08-31Cape Fear Roller Girls
President Garfield202010-09-22Croydon Roller Derby
Rapsodia202011-07-02Metropolitan Roller Derby
Red Hellion202010-09-19Gent GO-GO Roller Girls
Rita Queen of Bleed202008-10-17Ottawa Roller Derby
Rock the Casper202008-10-24Victorian Roller Derby
Rocochet Suave202010-06-30Madison Junior Derby Divas
Roller Mortis202012-04-24Cincinnati Rollergirls
Rosso Savage202012-03-07Santiago Roller Derby
Rosso savage202012-02-20Hot Wheel Roller Derby
Scandela202010-03-13M.I.A. Derby Girls
Shampow202010-06-02Peoria Push Derby Dames
Shandibal Lector202011-01-27Forx Roller Derby
Sid Fish-ous202009-10-27Lambton County Derby
Signal202006-08-13Bradentucky Bombers
Slaughter Potter202010-08-11Quad City Rollers
Smackmeister202009-08-31Harbor City RollerDames
Smooth Move Grace202011-05-09Flathead Valley Roller Derby
Sophie Ellis Decks Her202012-04-15Royal Windsor Rollergirls
Sweeney Tox202010-06-02Ruhrpott Roller Derby
SweenyTox202010-02-16Ruhrpott Roller Derby
Ta Ta Payne202010-10-29Roc City Roller Derby
Teddy Rough-skin202010-04-09Palm Beach Rollergirls
Thor's Valkyrie20 North Star Roller Girls
Throbbing Whistle202010-08-13Hellfire Harlots
Tina TurnOn202012-03-19Dom City Dolls
Trigger Mortis202007-02-11Assassination City Roller Derby
Tumbling Tootsie Roller202011-04-27Darlings of Destruction
Twilight Zone202007-12-11Northwest Arkansas Roller Derby
VORPALE FURY202012-01-16B.M.O. Roller Derby Girls
Vegas202008-01-07LOCO Roller Derby
Vicious vivacious vera202007-08-07Boston Derby Dames
Wicked Game202011-12-04Copenhagen roller derby
Yank-her-bomb202011-04-11Queen City Roller Girls
Yoda Bomb202011-03-01Kingsford Krush
Yoko Onoudi'nt202010-06-26Rat City Rollergirls
Soviette Suzette20 3/42009-04-06Pacific Roller Derby
Neil N. Bob20 4 162007-04-25Western NJ Outlaws
Shocka Conduit20 Amps2006-07-30Windy City Rollers
BoomBoxx20 D Energizers2008-07-16Providence Roller Derby
Moxie Blitz20 Hz2008-04-06Glasgow Roller Girls
Duck Duck Bruise20 Vol2008-09-17Inland Empire Derby Divas
Lions' Jen20 claws2007-10-22Providence Roller Derby
Helza Bruin'20 past Luongo2011-08-22Shoreline Roller Derby
Beep Beep20 sixXx2011-10-22Bayou Outlaw Roller Girls
Sweats20 top 202011-01-17Corpus Christie Maiden Texas Derby
Body Drop20"2006-12-06Summit City Rollers
Rainbow Danger Dash20%2012-01-08Fog City Rollers
Chuck-Town Bruiser20+52009-11-28Columbia QuadSquad
Cap'n Sal20,0002006-11-23Sacred City Derby Girls
Blocktopus20,000 leagues2009-01-26TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Walker D. Plank20,000 leagues2010-01-27Chesapeake Roller Derby
Audacious Rebel20-1402007-09-13Indpendent 4/25/13
Felony O'Connor20-life2011-04-25Dark River Derby Coalition
Bar Belle20.4 kilos/45 lbs2009-07-03Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Blindside20/202007-07-12Houston Roller Derby
Cross Ida20/202011-04-02Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Dr. Win, MadasSin Woman20/202010-12-20Rideau Valley Roller Girls
Eye Drop Her20/202009-01-15Paper Valley Roller Girls
Four-Eyed Fury (The)20/202011-10-11Tilted Thunder Rail Birds
Mad Dawg20/202008-05-04Pueblo Derby Devil Dollz
Malocchia20/202011-10-19Strong Island Derby Revolution
Nitro-Zilla20/202012-01-04Hell Rio Rollers
Punchy Brewster (cleared)20/202010-11-12Dallas Derby Devils
Seymour Evil20/202007-01-09TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Shred Eye20/202012-04-05Lane County Concussion Men's Roller Derby
Sissy Fit20/202006-05-12Queen City Roller Girls
Specs Offender20/202010-01-04GateKeepers Roller Derby
Viki VanGo20/202006-07-23Bradentucky Bombers
Tai Toretto20/92011-10-27S'Kthchen Roller Derby
B. Longinazoo2002009-11-30Phoenix Rattleskates/Dry Heat Rattleskates
Betty Bout It2002009-02-03Little Steel Derby Girls
Buzz Fight'yer2002011-05-18Newcastle Roller Girls
Cinnamon Bones2002011-02-02Dockyard Derby Dames
Clara Form2002010-08-17NJ Hellrazors
Eve L. Genius2002009-12-21Assassination City Roller Derby
Freddie Mercenary2002011-07-12Granite State Roller Derby
Kato Chick2002011-09-18Northern Brisbane Rollers
Mistress Fahrenheit2002012-03-02Cedar Valley Derby Divas
Posi Bruiser2002012-02-17Salina Sirens Roller Derby
Waxey McBush2002010-04-05MTL Roller Derby
Hannacaine200 MPH2011-06-08Midnight Sun Roller Girlz
Tart Attack200 bpm2007-05-24Texas Rollergirls
Parrot Trooper200 mph2012-06-11Suburbia Roller Derby
Stuck McWhiplass200 proof2011-06-14Dire Skates
Lucy Texorcist200 proof evil2007-02-01B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Sweetie Gonzalez200%2012-02-01Squamish Roller Derby
Sass Knuckles200¡2006-03-03Detroit Derby Girls
Lame Tyrant200+2011-02-28Phantom Canyon Roller Derby
MAMA GRRRIZZ200+2010-06-02Peoria Push Derby Dames
Ashinator20002010-09-13Appalachian Rollergirls
Astro Creep20002011-08-22Shoreline Roller Derby
Bad Kitty20002010-08-13Van Diemen Rollers
Bully Mia20002007-08-14Boston Derby Dames
Death Trace20002011-02-23MK Roller Derby
Death by Design20002007-12-14Pacific Roller Derby
Debya Gore20002007-08-19Columbia QuadSquad
Havina Blast20002011-03-15Wilkes Barre Roller Radicals
Killbot20002009-01-20Rubber City Rollergirls
Konky 200020002008-05-06Tri City Roller Girls
Mac Give Her20002010-12-02Phunky Bladz
MotoCrusher20002011-11-20Hidden City Derby Girls
Refbot20002010-09-19Nickel City Roller Derby
Robo Stott20002012-04-23North Cheshire Victory Rollers
Semper Fiesty20002011-06-08Monterey Bay Derby Dames
Strawberry Deathcake2000 Assassination City Roller Derby
Strippling Warrior20002012-03-03Happy Valley Derby Darlins
Alexa-Cute-Her2000 Voltz2008-03-28Seattle Derby Brats
Volcanic Ash2000¡ F2010-10-19Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls
Karrcrash2000mph2011-07-17Gothenburg Roller Derby
Mega Star20012011-02-18Bakersfield Junior Roller Derby
Scarzilla20012011-08-29Paradise Roller Girls
Silence of the Jams20012010-08-08Junction City Roller Dolls
Skate Oddity20012009-08-25Cherry City Derby Girls
Stace Odyssey20012012-04-30B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Skate Middleeton2001-03-025-17-13Kouvola Rock n Rollers
Sue Z. Shortfuse2001-03-022011-11-29Wichita Falls Derby Dames
Kraut Scout20022010-06-17Rockin' Rural Roller Girls
London Iris20022010-08-02Birmingham Blitz Dames
Category One20032007-10-19Wayward Rollergirls
Lady Trampler20062012-06-05Alamo Submission
Anthrobrawlogist (The)20072011-04-01Twin City Derby Girls
Art*Attack20072012-02-20Santiago Roller Derby
Dis Grace Full20082007-12-07Indian River Derby Girls
Elizabitch The Gr820082008-04-04Arizona Roller Derby
Killary Clinton20082009-02-04Gainesville Roller Rebels
Eduskating Rita20092007-04-16Angel City Derby Girls
Killer Kindness20092007-06-16Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls
Stinkbomb200T2008-06-19Sydney Roller Derby League
Dee B. Cooper200k2010-09-09Southern Illinois Roller Girls
Wench Press200lbs2011-03-19Elm City Derby Damez
Causey O'Problems200mg2010-05-04NOtown Roller Derby
Coco Dean200mg2010-03-08Croydon Roller Derby
Meltdown Marilyn200mg2008-07-17River City Rollergirls
S.S. Ketamean200mg2011-05-18Coastal Assassins Roller Derby
Titanium Pain200mg2011-11-25Gold Coast Roller Derby
Curb Stompin' Coleshaw2012011-10-12Saskatoon Roller Derby
Cy D. Fect2012012-02-03Memphis Roller Derby
Die-Anna Prince2012010-08-07Whidbey Island Roller Girls
Jet Reckless2012012-02-13Bristol Roller Derby
Joy Z. Bruiser2012010-08-18Castle Rock N' Rollers
Judge Booty2012006-10-20Memphis Roller Derby
Nina's Flytrap2012011-01-31TBD (delete 8/29/13)
Push La Tush2012009-12-16Rose City Rollers
Sweet Sherry Pie2012006-03-28Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Zoom Kaboom2012011-01-29Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls
Anna PocoLips20102008-10-04TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Bobbi Pin20102010-12-30Cornfed Derby Dames
Duchess Destruction20102010-08-14North East Roller Derby
Judy Jettison20102008-04-29Sacred City Derby Girls
Julia Killhard20102010-12-07Perth Roller Derby
Karma Collision20102009-12-20TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Miss Whirl20102010-02-23Adelaide Roller Derby
Rosie the Pivoter20102010-10-26Central Michigan Roller Derby
Too Tsunami20102011-11-28The Regulators
NiCold N Deadly20115-23-12Ohio Roller Girls
A-Block20122006-07-12Maine Roller Derby
Ambergeddon20122010-01-24V-Town Derby Dames
Amygeddon20122012-03-04South Sea Roller Derby
Ann Sane20122007-11-08Suburbia Roller Derby
ApocaLoops20122010-05-04Prison City Derby Dames
Banguerang20122010-12-02MTL Roller Derby
Battle Angel20122010-08-02El Paso Roller Derby
Becky Bulldoz-Her20122011-01-09South Central Roller Girls
Bloody Cianci20122007-03-12Providence Roller Derby
Busty McGee20122012-03-31Murder City Roller Girls
Captain Maggot20122010-11-09Darlings of Destruction
Cherry Cherry Garcia20122010-05-18Lakeland Derby Dames
Death Ann Devastation20122010-03-06Elm City Derby Damez
Devil Bunny20122009-10-16Richmond Derby Demons
Doomsday Diva20122012-03-28Nanaimo Nemesis Roller Girls
Eve Anne Hellical20122010-08-06Naptown Roller Girls
Evolution20122010-01-27Kansas City Roller Warriors
Goodnight Gracie20122008-05-06Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Guns N Bruises20122009-01-26CT RollerGirls
Hyena Xena20122012-01-02Forx Roller Derby League
Ida Stroya20122010-05-02Lansing Derby Vixens
Indy Sneer20122012-04-26Big Easy Rollergirls
Inferno20122009-11-28Sac City Rollers
Jahrmageddon20125-25-12Mitten Mavens
LaBomb Von'MeekyerMaker20122011-03-23Ark Valley High Rollers
Lipstik Bandita20122007-07-14Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Mary Day20122011-03-28Eves of Destruction Roller Derby
OOOCucuy20122007-01-10Alamo City Rollergirls
Red Fuerza20122006-03-11Blazin' Banditas Roller Derby
Reese Lightening20122010-08-19Gulf Coast Rollergirls
Reggie Rocket20122011-11-10Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
Requiem20122009-12-16Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Rockher Whirl20122010-01-21Dirty Verde Roller Derby
Rogue Roulet20122009-12-03Big Easy Rollergirls
Ruby DoomsDay20122010-04-18Eastern Iowa Outlaws
Sarah Impale 'Em20122008-09-14Rage City Rollergirls
Soul Demise20122010-02-27Dockyard Derby Dames
Swiss Missery20122010-11-17Sacred City Derby Girls
Telephone Man20122010-01-12Cenla Derby Dames
Thumper Good20122008-01-30Charm City Roller Girls
Val Gore20122011-09-15Fair City Rollers
Wetback Attack20122007-08-28Rose City Rollers
X-Wing20122011-02-22Roller Derby Toulouse
Zombette Slammie20122011-02-21Naughty Pines Derby Dames
Endis Near2012 A.D.2008-10-28Sudbury's Rock City Rollers
Haydees Kadet20132011-05-08Chicago Outfit
Slamrock Saucier20132010-01-12Cenla Derby Dames
Back Hand Bella20152011-04-28Hammer City Roller Girls
Ms. Treatment20152007-03-05Houston Roller Derby
Sonic Euthanizer20152009-02-10Green Mountain Derby Dames
Baba Yaga2022011-02-17Clarence Valley Roller Derby
Condoleeza Slice2022006-07-18DC Rollergirls
Don Carnage2025/2/12Rum City Derby Dolls
Frida Beater2022006-10-06Rocky Mountain Rollergirls
Hydro-Jenn Peroxide2022012-01-12Seaside Siren Roller Girls
JoJo Jitt2022012-03-19Cen-Tex RollerGirls
Joey F'n Stacey2022010-03-05Maine Roller Derby
Kamikazi Barbi2022011-05-06Clarence Valley Roller Derby
Kissin Kaos2022011-10-27Hell Rio Rollers
Malignant Rumor2022009-08-19Torpedo Bay Roller Girls
Nameless Whorror2022008-04-14MTL Roller Derby
Thai-GRR2022010-03-28Rage City Rollergirls
Aimzz 2 Kill2020 Atlanta Rollergirls
BlueberryCrush20202011-04-02Red Rockettes Recreational Roller Derby
Cyanide Sam20202009-07-27London Rollergirls
Dick Magoo20202011-11-29580 Roller Girls
Eva Menace20202012-04-30B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
EvilEye Cherry20202011-11-20Undead Bettys
Holly Hindsite20202010-03-02Durango Roller Girls
Iris Die-Later20202012-06-13Manchester Roller Derby
MadMaxx20202009-01-27Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Stumblin Dumplin20212010-03-09Tulsa Derby League
Soylent Mean2022 Minnesota Roller Girls
Steal Your Face20222011-04-05Royal City Rollergirls
Jackie O'Snatches20262011-02-22Brandywine Roller Girls
Rachael DeathRay20272012-01-20Assassination City Roller Derby
RebELLE Grrl20292012-01-12Seaside Siren Roller Girls
Belle Wringer2032009-08-07Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Cannabel Lee2032012-02-06Iron Mountain Roller Girls
Cat Tastic2032011-01-02Umpqua Valley Roller Vixens
Chuck Nukem2032012-03-03Quad State Derby Dames
Crystal Steph2032010-10-29B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Faux Paul2032011-03-24Portland Men's Roller Derby
Groucho skidMarx2032011-12-04Copenhagen roller derby
Imaginary Friend2035/12/12Twin City Derby Girls
Jack E. RIPher2032010-09-09Cajun Rollergirls
Liz E. Lemondader2032011-03-10North Texas Derby Revolution
Marilyn Makeumoan Roe2032011-06-08Midnight Sun Roller Girlz
Miniature Pinch-Her2032009-08-14New River Valley Rollergirls
Nikki Knuckles2032006-06-11Philly Rollergirls
Pain Du Jour2032012-01-06Humboldt Roller Derby
Piece Lova2032011-11-07Coastal Assassins Roller Derby
Smoosh Smash2032011-07-02TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Trauma Llama2032011-12-02Twin City Derby Girls
Bibbity Bobbity Bruise2042011-09-30Derby Revolution of Bakersfield--Derby Brats
Chick staa2042008-11-11Jersey Shore Roller Girls
Jenuksuk2042010-08-13Van Diemen Rollers
Jostlynn Hoes2042010-02-15Naptown Roller Girls
Lex Go2042012-05-31Winnipeg Roller Derby
Motorhead Molly2042008-02-14Tri City Roller Girls
Neon Jenesis2042011-03-14Van Diemen Rollers
Vonna Wang Chung2042010-05-26Regina Roller Derby League
Refachu20402012-01-09Varsity Derby League
D'Juana Fightme20472010-02-23Adelaide Roller Derby
AlaBAMison2052010-11-28Greensboro Roller Derby
Alabama Slammer (The)2052009-12-10Rocky Mountain Riot
Big Dan Hero2052011-06-16NEO Roller Derby
Endorfina Salander2052011-07-02Metropolitan Roller Derby
Lyn-da-licious2052006-08-27Memphis Roller Derby
OOPsee BOOPsee2052011-04-19Inland Empire Derby Divas
Razorblade Kisses2052006-10-23Mason Vixxen Rollergirls
Attackagawea20502009-04-01Lowcountry Highrollers
Jinx a belle20502011-07-27Hertfordshire Roller Derby
Betty Biteme20582012-01-09Ring City Rollergirls
Bella Bombetta2062010-10-10Clarence Valley Roller Derby
Bone Diggity2062011-04-25Pile O'Bones Derby Club
Bones E. Bruiser2062011-04-07Harrisburg Area Roller Derby
Breakin_ Zem Bones2062012-01-30Decatur Derby Dames
Candi Kissoff2062012-06-03Clarksville Flat Track Roller Derby
Cindy Lou Screw2062007-11-26Providence Roller Derby
Deviant Desire2062011-03-21TBD (delete 8/29/13)
FMJ2062011-12-15Rainy City Roller Dolls
Frau Fracture2062007-05-16Rollergirls of Southern Indiana
Funny Bone Crusher2062009-11-20Palm Beach Rollergirls
Hurts Like Kell2062012-04-16Halifax Roller Derby
Ivona Brakebones2062008-02-08Bellingham Roller Betties
Lil' Timex2062011-09-30Derby Revolution of Bakersfield--Derby Brats
Lolita Bonez2062009-12-10Missile Mountain Roller Derby
Machete Vedder2062011-12-28Assassination City Roller Derby
Mia Zapatista2062010-03-10Jet City Rollergirls
Momma Bones2062012-04-08Santa Cruz Derby Girls
Pain Goodall2062012-05-31Winnipeg Roller Derby
Peaches N. Creamator2062010-01-15Pacific Roller Derby
Ruthless Benedict2062010-01-11Southern Illinois Roller Girls
Skellyton2062011-02-09Peninsula Roller Girls
Smash Test Dummie2062011-11-02LA Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Styx N Stones2062008-03-31DC Rollergirls
Sugar n Strife2062012-03-26Whitsunday Derby
T-Bone Shake2062011-05-27Killamazoo Derby Darlins
Trauma Broad2062010-11-10Tiger Bay Brawlers
Vertabrat2062012-01-08Fog City Rollers
Moody Jetson20622008-10-06Morristown Madams
Lady Moody20652012-04-12Heart of Appalachia Roller Derby
Ann Tix2072007-11-11West Texas Roller Dollz
Babe View2072007-03-30TBD (delete 6/12/13)
Crueliette Lewis2072011-03-31New Hampshire Roller Derby
Ela NoRegrets2072012-01-19Zurich City Rollergirlz
Emily Scarr2072010-06-25Eves of Destruction Roller Derby
Jolly Wrencher2072012-01-22Classic City Rollergirls
Mama Sd Knockya Out2072011-01-31TBD (delete 6/12/13)
MoxieLocks2072011-12-02Twin City Derby Girls
Quick 'N Derby2072011-05-03Gold Pain City Derby Girls
Razberry2072012-01-31San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Stella Bomb2072011-11-12Wirral Whipiteres Roller Derby
Star Guard20702011-05-11Nightmares on Main Street
Amooze-Booche2082010-02-15Naptown Roller Girls
Fearless Rubz2082010-09-26Towns Villians Roller Derby
Hel's Bithchen2082011-11-12Mean Valley Roller Girls
Mortysha Maddams2082011-12-28Molly Roger Roller Girls
Signal 302082009-03-18Central Oklahoma Roller Derby Assoc.
Slammi2082012-02-14Camel City Thrashers
The Fly2082011-08-31Otautahi Roller Derby League
Toni Crush2082011-05-08Fargo Moorhead Derby Girls
UdaHo2082010-06-10Treasure Valley Rollergirls
VERMiN SkuM2082006-08-01Treasure Valley Rollergirls
Cherry Wunderlich20802011-01-18Tahoe Derby Dames
NekroMandi20842009-10-29St. Cloud Area Roller Dolls
Hannah Bulldozer20892011-08-12Spokannibals
Blitz Bits2092012-04-2710th Mountain Roller Dolls
Ella Gnaw2092012-01-12Seaside Siren Roller Girls
Jamn Jewlz2092007-09-12Sacred City Derby Girls
Mae B. Toxic2092010-09-28Snake Pit Derby Dames
Maximum Cazualty2092010-08-08Perth Roller Derby
Meg Ablast2092012-03-14Foothills Roller Derby Association
Mystic Knight2092012-02-04BlackLand Rockin'K-Rollers
Shere Carnage2092010-07-02Leeds Roller Dolls
AeroDIEpaniC20972011-12-17Plymouth City Roller Girls
Promise Payback20:202007-12-13Bristol Roller Derby
Madd Dog Mona20?202007-07-19Sac City Rollers
Captain Emo20K5/3/12Chocolate City Cherry bombers
Gita Kraken20K5-29-12Dockyard Derby Dames
Shock Cousteau20K2011-08-29Paradise Roller Girls
Ninja Skwidd20KL2007-05-24CoMo Derby Dames
Livid Red GRRL20MB2011-12-16Dakota City Demolition Crew
Dolly Wanna Machete20MG2011-12-29Cowboy Capital Rollergirl_s
Any Lethel20cc2010-02-15Florida Hardcore Derby League
Ivy Shots20cc2012-03-27Eastside Derby Girls
Golden Rough20g2012-02-21Newcastle Roller Derby
Blow Hole20k2010-09-30Angel City Derby Girls
Elise D'Kraken20k2011-10-26Assassination City Roller Derby
Get Kraken20k2011-01-08Oly Rollers
Nefarious Invertabritt20k Leagues2011-08-16Apple City Roller Derby
Buxom Booty20lbs2006-05-26Lava City Roller Dolls
Anita Sedative20mg2010-10-08Renegade Rollergirls (OC)
Paxil Rose20mg2009-05-11Southern Oregon Rollergirls
Pill PusHer20mg2011-03-27Greenville Derby Dames
Beef Benderloin20oz2009-02-25Philly Rollergirls
D'Amanda Quadshot20oz2011-08-22Shoreline Roller Derby
Guinness Wrecker20oz2009-08-07NOtown Roller Derby
Starbucks With a Whip20oz2011-06-18South Jersey Derby Girls
Shamblock20oz Guiness2009-03-05Providence Roller Derby
Uh O! Jilly O20til85-22-12Reading Derby Girls
AC Teasy212011-10-17Oslo Roller Derby
Alexis Bleedel212012-01-09Tri City Rolling Thunder
AliJ212010-04-19Gent GO-GO Roller Girls
Alisin Derbyland212010-11-09Brewcity Bruisers
All Bets Off212011-03-05Sis-Q Rollerz
Alota V212011-08-16Apple City Roller Derby
Alter Schwede212012-02-14Zombie Rollergirls
Anne Tastical212012-04-11Forest City Derby Girls
Arcane212009-01-15MO-KAN Roller Girlz
Atrevete212011-04-07Single Handed Roller Derby
Avakova Slapabich212009-12-05Old Capitol City Roller Girls
B'kini whacks212007-09-13Queen City Roller Girls
Baba GHOULash215/15/12Hellfire Harlots
Baby Back Bacon212011-02-18Bakersfield Junior Roller Derby
Bambi Bray212010-09-02Rebel County Rollers
Bear Paw212010-11-04Whiskey Renegade Rollers
Belle Anger212011-05-27Amsterdam Derby Dames
Belle Rebelle212012-01-17E-Ville Roller Derby
Belta Force212011-02-14Brisbane City Rollers
Best Bette212011-03-17Cal Skate Roller Derby
Beten Boppin212009-07-07Bakersfield Rollergirls
Big Jo Highwheels212012-01-23Roller Derby Porto
Black Calavera212011-02-22Roller Derby Toulouse
Black Jack Bettie212009-01-29Torpedo Bay Roller Girls
Black Jackie212008-03-31DC Rollergirls
Blackjack Belle212007-10-19Newcastle Roller Girls
Blaque Jac212009-04-16Bradentucky Bombers
Bombshell Gizmo212012-01-09Lake City Roller Dolls
Bonnie Dash212010-12-16Rocky Mountain Rollerpunks
Buckshot Betsy21 Texas Rollergirls
Burn'N'Kiln212011-10-21Watertown Roller Derby
Buttercup Brawler212012-04-18Niagara Roller Girls
Cannibal Cat212010-03-05Vette City Roller Derby
CassSmash212010-11-17Okanagan Shuswap Roller Derby Association
Cee N. Spots212012-02-05New Hampshire Roller Derby
Celtic Thunder212009-02-28Long Island Roller Rebels
Cha Cha Slice212010-07-02Bayou Outlaw Rollergirls
Charlize Throwdown212010-05-27Long Beach Roller Derby
Checker Boo212009-11-05Emerald City Junior Gems
Chuck'n Whorres212011-01-27NorSask Roller Derby
Clara Hester212010-05-03North Idaho Roller Derby
Cocodrikill212012-02-20Santiago Roller Derby
Corona Slamher212011-01-29Central Coast Roller Derby
Crash Vegas212011-09-15Fair City Rollers
Crooksie Contraire212011-01-08Oly Rollers
Dede Truck'driver212012-03-14Di-Dollz Roller Derby
Detention Hall212011-02-11Cornfed Derby Dames
Devil's Doll212011-07-21Oz Roller Girls
Dimples Diablo212011-04-29Squamish Women's Roller Derby
Dirty Diva212011-02-17Twin City Knockers
Dizzy Riot212010-01-21Dirty Verde Roller Derby
Dodge Viper212011-07-21South Sea Roller Derby
Dottie Demento212011-05-31Lowcountry Highrollers
Drunk Spice212010-03-05M.I.A. Derby Girls
DutchAss, the212009-06-25Canberra Roller Derby
Dyna Hurtcha212007-12-18Toronto Roller Derby
E.V. Extreme212011-10-03Cheyenne Capidolls Roller Derby
Elbow Kitty212010-05-30North Idaho Roller Derby
Elbows McCrackin212012-04-23The Royal Swedish Roller Derby
Ella Hitzgerald212010-02-16Winnipeg Roller Derby
Elle Lectrick212008-05-05B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Evie Von WhipHer212009-01-02Castle Bombers Roller Girls
Evil Swimmer212009-11-28Sac City Rollers
Fayetal Valentine212010-11-22Hartford Area Roller Derby
Flaming Warrior212010-05-30Convict City Roller Derby
Flash Gorgeous212011-04-21Mount Militia Derby Crew
Flava Train212011-01-02Chippewa Valley Roller Girls
Foxy Moneybags212010-11-19Central New York Roller Derby
Foxy Morgue-ans212012-03-26Whitsunday Derby
Freak Anna Leash212011-04-03Redding Rollergirls
Frida Fuerte212011-05-10Texas Rollergirls Recreational League
Frisky Risky212010-02-28Acadiana Good Times Rollers
Fu Fu Gazi212011-04-01Swansea City Slayers
Ginger Smack212009-05-05Western NJ Outlaws
Gitte212010-11-29Red Lion Roller Derby
Gretta Gamble212012-01-27Dirt City Roller Rats
Hanimal212012-04-18North Pole Babes in Toyland
Hellz Jezabell212011-10-06Lethbridge Roller Derby Guild
High Rolla Lola212008-08-21Star City Rollergirls
Holly Hacksaw212006-03-17Molly Roger Rollergirls
Huckle-Berry Spin212011-03-14Van Diemen Rollers
Hurricane Lilly21 Rat City Rollergirls
Hurrycane Heidi212012-04-18Niagara Roller Girls
J Stylez's212009-11-19Black Hills Derby Girl League
JELOshot212010-10-06Route 66 Derby Chix
Jackknife Macki212011-05-10Tiger Bay Brawlers
Jacks 2 Win212008-04-11Duke City Derby
Jane Von Slain212009-06-16Fairbanks Rollergirls
Jane Wreck212011-03-23Nanaimo Nemesis Roller Girls
Janice Chop'em212010-03-11Towns Villains Roller Derby
Jeckelyn Hyde21 KC Roller Warriors
Jekyll and Heidi212007-02-13Houston Roller Derby
Joni Bitchell212010-07-20Greater Sudbury Roller Derby
June With A Cleaver212008-03-31Cincinnati Rollergirls
Just Awesome212011-08-22Birmingham Blitz Dames
Karo.M.bolage212012-04-03Kassel Roller Derby
Kat Scratch Beaver212008-12-16Rage City Rollergirls
Katapult Kitten212012-01-23Gothenburg Roller Derby
Katastrophe212008-05-13Albany All Stars Roller Derby
Kelly Kreep Her212011-09-02DubCity Derby Devils
Kiera Twice Nightly212011-11-12Wirral Whipiteres Roller Derby
Kiki Legs212010-03-30Bedfordshire Rollergirls
Killa Jovovich212010-11-14TBD (delete 6/27/13)
Killer Bones212010-06-15Reef City Roller Girls
Kolcock-Her212008-05-28Sioux City Roller Dames
Kolossal Kate212012-03-26Girls Rollin in the South
LADY SEX'N'DESTRUCTION212012-01-16B.M.O. Roller Derby Girls
Lady Go-Die-Va212012-02-21Corpus Chrisite Maiden Texas Derby
Lady Rotten212009-12-13Central Arkansas Roller Derby
Lady Sockya212010-09-07Derby Revolution of Bakersfield
Lawless Lottie212011-10-16Valleys Roller Dolls
Le Tigre212011-11-01Wasatch Roller Derby
Lite Soc-it212009-01-05V-Town Derby Dames
Liza Spinnelli212011-07-30Van Dieman Rollers
LoCo Lisa212007-03-20Port City Roller Girls
Loki Motive212012-02-03Dub City Derby Girls
LuLu Lockjaw212007-05-18B.ay A.rea D.erby G.irls
Lucha Dora21 Blazin' Banditas Roller Derby
Maki Cabrakn212011-10-312x4 Roller Derby
Marki markitup212010-06-26Rat City Rollergirls
Master Shaker212010-11-03Green Valley Roller Girls
Matako212011-07-02Metropolitan Roller Derby
Mayhem N. Suze212006-06-25Nashville Rollergirls Revolutionaries Rec League
Meg A. Minx212011-07-02Galway Roller Derby
Mikamikaze212010-11-23Copenhagen Roller Derby
Misato Herdemise212007-11-14Lilac City Rollergirls
Miso Fresh21 Texas Rollergirls
Miss Function Elle212011-12-06Pile O'Bones Derby Club
Miss GoodWench212006-12-07Ring City Rollergirls
Miss Hades215-25-12Mother City Mayhem Roller Derby
Miss Muffit212011-09-03Pirate City Rollers
Miss Priss n'Vinegar212012-04-30Methow Valley Roller Girls
Miss. Combobulate212010-09-24North Idaho Roller Derby
Moto Mayhem212006-05-07San Diego Derby Dolls (trademarked name)
Mr. T212010-12-09Cir