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The FancyIndex templated is included with all of Bruji's *Pedia's applications. It is fully sortable, client-side searchable, and very high performance. You can see demonstrations for games, DVDs, books, and CDs.
Kantan LDAP Search Engine 1.03
The Kantan LDAP Search Engine is a simple, intuitive interface for browsing and searching amongst your LDAP directory servers. Requirements to run the tool are Python, python-ldap, and a web server capable of running CGI scripts. A demonstration is available here.
nagios_statd / netsaint_statd
This is my addon to the netsaint program. It is a Perl (version 2)/Python (version 3) daemon and scripts that plug-in to nagios(previously netsaint) and allow you to check remote host information (such as load, users, filesystems, etc.) Released under the BSD license, and supports the following OSes: AIX, BSD/OS, Cygwin_NT-5.0, FreeBSD, HP-UX, IRIX, Linux, Mac OS X, NetBSD, NEXTSTEP, OpenBSD, OSF1, SunOS/Solaris and UnixWare2.
PHP Fortune
A program written in PHP that can read the .dat files generated by strfile(8) for random access to fortune files. This is quite a bit faster than exec()ing it.
A program written in Python that mimics PHP's phpinfo() function. Demonstration available here.


Mmm, bash. The best shell of all. Here's my .bashrc to make my life a bit easier.
You are using vim for all your text editing, right? Here is my .vimrc, a culmination of years of hearty UNIX editing. This has some control characters - so just save the file - copy and paste might not work.
Caps Lock <-> Escape
If you use Windows 2000/XP, you can use this registry setting to switch your Caps Lock and your Escape key around. Especially useful for those fond of vim (you are fond of vim, aren't you?)
dvorak.xmodmap / dvorak2qwerty.xmodmap
If you're using X, and the dvorak layout, these are for you. Just run xmodmap <filename> and it'll switch it from the QWERTY layout to Dvorak, and visa versa. These files also switch around Caps Lock and Escape, so make sure to delete those lines if that isn't behaviour you want.


This is the typical 6x13 and 6x13(bold) font used by xterms, aterms, Eterms, etc. on X11. I love these fonts, you love these fonts, we all love it. But we just can't use it on Windows - nobody has ever taken the time to convert it to a fixed width monospaced TrueType font. That is... until now! To use these fonts in Windows, choose font size 9 when you select them. If you are using rxvt, the command to start it is:

rxvt -fn MiscFixedSC613-13 -fb MiscFixedB613-13

The line in my cygwin.bat to start everything up looks like:

start rxvt +sb -sl 10000 -fg white -bg black -fn MiscFixedSC613-13 -fb MiscFixedB613-13 -e /bin/bash --login -i

If you have trouble with these displaying correctly in rxvt and you are running Windows XP, make sure you turn off ClearType.
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